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Collection de 





Canadian Institute for Historical Microredroductions/lnstitut canadien de microreproductions historiques 


Technical and Bibliographic Notes / Notes techniques et bibliographiques 

The Institute has attempted to obtain the best original 
copy available for filming. Features of this copy which 
may be bibliographically unique, which may alter any of 
the images in the reproduction, or which may 
significantly change the usual method of filming are 
checked below. 





Coloured covers / 
Couverture de couleur 

Covers damaged / 
Couverture endommag6e 

Covers restored and/or laminated / 
Couverture restaur^e et/ou pellicul^e 

Cover title missing / Le titre de couverture manque 

Coloured maps / Cartes geographiques en couleur 

Coloured ink (i.e. other than blue or black) / 
Encre de couleur (i.e. autre que bleue ou noire) 

Coloured plates and/or illustrations / 
Planches et/ou illustrations en couleur 

Bound with other material / 
Relie avec d'autres documents 

Only edition available / 
Seule edition disponible 

Tight binding may cause shadows or distortion along 
interior margin / La reliure serree peut causer de 
I'ombre ou de la distorsion le long de la marge 

Blank leaves added during restorations may appear 
within the text. Whenever possible, these have been 
omitted from filming / Use peut que certaines pages 
blanches ajoutees lors d'une restauration 
apparaissent dans le texte, mais, lorsque cela etait 
possible, ces pages n'ont pas ete filmees. 

Additional comments / 
Commentaires supplementaires: 

L'Institut a microfilm^ le meilleur exemplaire qu'il lui a 
ete possible de se procurer. Les details de cet exem- 
plaire qui sont peut-etre uniques du point de vue bibli- 
ographique, qui peuvent modifier une image reproduite, 
ou qui peuvent exiger une modification dans la m6tho- 
de normale de filmage sont indiqu6s ci-dessous. 

I I Coloured pages / Pages de couleur 

I I Pages damaged / Pages endommagees 

□ Pages restored and/or laminated / 
Pages restaur^es et/ou pelliculees 

Pages discoloured, stained or foxed / 
Pages d6colorees, tachetees ou piquees 

I I Pages detached / Pages d^tach^es 

I y/j Showthrough / Transparence 

□ Quality of print varies / 
Qualit6 in^gale de I'impression 

Includes supplementary material / 
Comprend du materiel supplementaire 

Pages wholly or partially obscured by errata slips, 
tissues, etc., have been refilmed to ensure the best 
possible image / Les pages totaiement ou 
partiellemenf obscurcies par un feuillet d'errata, une 
pelure, etc., ont ete filmees a nouveau de fafon a 
obtenir la meilleure image possible. 

Opposing pages with varying colouration or 
discolourations are filmed twice to ensure the best 
possible image / Les pages s'opposant ayant des 
colorations variables ou des decolorations sont 
filmees deux fois afin d'obtenir la meilleure image 



This item is filmed at the reduction ratio checked below / 

Ce document est filme au taux de reduction indigue ci-dessous. 














The copy filmed here has been reproduced thanki 
to the generosity of: 

Literary and Historicdl Society of Quebec 

The images appearing here are the best quality 
possible considering the condition and legibility 
of the original copy and in keeping with the 
filming contract specifications. 

Original copies in printed paper covers are filmed 
beginning with the front cover and ending on 
the last page with a printed or illustrated impres- 
sion, or the back cover when appropriate. All 
other original copies are filmed beginning on the 
first page with a printed or illustrated impres- 
sion, and ending on the last page with a printed 
or illustrated impression. 

The last recorded frame on each microfiche 
shall contain the symbol — ♦- (meening "CON- 
TINUED"), or the symbol V (meaning "END"), 
whichever applies. 

Waps. plates, charts, etc., may be filmed at 
different reduction ratios. Those too large to be 
entirely included in one exposure are filmed 
beginning in the upper left hand corner, left to 
right and top to bottom as many frames as 
required. The following diagrams illustrate the 

Lexemplaire film* fut reproduit grace i ia 
gAn^rositA do: 

Societe litteraire et historique du Quebec 

Las images suivantes ont «tA reproduites avec le 
plus grand soin. compte tenu de la condition et 
de la nenetA de lexemplaire film*, et en 
conformit* avec les conditions du contrat de 

Les exemplaires originaux dont la couverrure en 
papier est imprimAe sont filmAs en commencant 
par le premier plat et en terminant soit par la 
derni*re page qui comporte une empreinte 
d'impression ou d'illustration, soit par le second 
plat, salon le cas. Tous les autres exemplaires 
originaux sont film«s en commenqant par la 
premi*re paqe qui comporte une empreinte 
d'impression ou d'illustration et en terminant par 
la darniAre page qui comporte une telle 

Un des symboles suivants apparaitra sur la 
derni*re image de cheque microfiche, salon le 
cas: le symbols — •> signifie "A SUIVRE le 
symbole V signifie "FIN ". 

Les cartes, planches, tableaux, etc., peuvent etre 
film*8 A des taux de reduction diffirents. 
Lorsque le document est trop grand pour etre 
reproduit en un seul clich*, il est filmd i partir 
de I'angle supArieur gauche, de gauche d droite, 
et de haut en bas. en prenant le nombre 
d'images nicessaire. Les diagrammes suivants 
illustrent la mAthode. 












I^ illi i 2.5 

I 3.2 

ill 3.6 




1 2.2 




':■"■■_. 10^'. Wg'" >treet 
Rochestef. New York '4609 USA 

n:^: 482 - 0300 - Phone 
( ^U/. 288 - S989 - Fax 


£>■ - '•-" 



\ w 





,. \ <.^ 

■ V 







vy • 











w- -> t 

^ JJL')^ ^^ ^ ^^ ' ^i}\ 

L/ *> 

Act. N». 3 3 7 8 











poryricAL works of 

robilrt browning 


— J- 




'^li -^rr'^-^si-T" 






KOHERT llRn\VM\(; 












REV. P:I)WARI) fredkrick hoernle 

M.B Ki)iN. 


^ ^'^-<S?^^ jf ^s 

McClelland, GOoncHLLD .^ stewart Ltd. 

266—268 K.L\G S'I'RKF.T WEST 




POKTIC excellence may be of two kinds. One poet is great on 
account of the perfection oifonn. What strikes us is not so much 
what he says, as how he says it. He is the great Master of Style. 
The other is great by reason of the subject-matter. He t<.o must 
know how to say it, else he would not be a poet at all ; but really im- 
portant is what he says. The first is simply artist. We aie chiefly 
concerned with the workmanship ; the personality disappears behind 
his art. His work we admire ; himself we do not miss. The second 
has something of the thinker in him ; or rather of the prophet, who 
has a message to tell. Also something of the hero, who leads. His 
work IS never complete. When he ceases to sing, we miss him ; 
and his place cannot be adequately filled by any other. Of this 
second order was Robert Browning. 


Of the life of Browning there is no need to say much. With one 
exception, it was an uneventful life. He was born at Camberwell 
on May 7, 1812. His father was a bank-clerk, as his grandfather 
before him had been : his mother was the daughter of a (German 
merchant who had sealed in Dundee, and had married a Scottish 
wife. He received a desuhory education : but from his father, who 
was well versed in the lore of many nations, he accjuired a great deal 
of out-of-the-way knowledge, and was well grounded in classical 
literature. Both parents fostered also in him the love of music and 
painting : and the love and the kno^\ledge of these ha\ e lefi their mark 
on his poetry. At the age of twenty he deliberately adopted, with his 
father's consent, the profession of literature. In 1832 appeared his 
first poem, J'au/iiic, which did not find much public favour, but whose 
excellence of promise was at once recognised by competent judges, 
amongst them J.^hn Stuart ^ti!!. !n <:--vift --lircession he wrote 
(1835-46) Paracelsus, Strafford, Pippa Passes, and eight numbers of 
Bells and Pome^^ranates containing several plays, and a long list of 
Dramatic Lyrics and Romances. Then occurred the great event of 







his life — his marriage to Miss Elizabeth Barrett, herself a poet of iu> j 
mean order. Slie was a contlrmed invalid, never icavin),' her housc, ' 
and rarely her couch ; and her father, a man of pcriiliar tempera- 
ment, hu},'ged, if I may say so, the idea of her being an invalid, and 
tyrannised oxer her with the tyranny of an unreasonable love. Robert 
Browning and Miss I'jarrctt first became acijuainted with one another 
through their poetry, and soon love met love. Presently the doctors 
declared that her only chance of recovery «as to go to Italy. Then 
the father's love resealed its selfishness — he absolutely forbade tlie 
journey. In this dilennna Browning steppe<l in. Me determined 
to take her there. And as they could only go as husband and wife, 
they were secretly married in St. Pancras Church (.September 12, 
1846), and .after a few days set out for Italy. The result justified the 
deed. Fifteen happy years they lived together — Mrs. Browning in 
very much better he.ilth than she had ever enjoyed before— mostly 
in Italy. Here she died (June 28, 1861) ; her memory an abiding and 
living treasure to her widowed husband. He set vigorously to work, 
pouring forth a large wealth of poetry, among others his masterpiece, 
/7te Ririi^ and the r<ooK\ enjoying both Society and his ever growing 
circle of friends. Until at last to him also came the appointed end ; 
and from the Italy he had always loved, he went to join his beloved 
wife (December 12, 1889). Only a few days before his death, he 
corrected the proof-sheets of his last volume of verses. Asolnndo. 
In the Epilogue, one of the noblest retrospects of life ever written 
by a brave man, he describes himself as 

One who never turned lii.s back but marched breast forward, 

Never doubted clouds would break, 
Never dreanii though right were worsted, wrong could triumph, 

Held we fell to rise, are bafHed to fight b( tter, 
Sleep to wake. 

In these words lives — still, among us— the whole Browning. 




g is p re-eminently th e poet of pa ss 
life, ancT tTie^passionaiO lo\e, wTietTT 

oet of passion. He sings of the 

passionate lite, and tne passionaiO love, wiietner the love of man for 
woman, or the love of ideals. Love is the central theme of Browning's 
poetry. Now all poets sing of love. And so much has been said 

by them on it, and has been well said, that it seems hardly possible 
to say anything new about it. The skill of the poet would seem to 
be this, to sing the old theme in new melocly ; his originality 
consists in the new form. But it seems to me Browning has suc- 
ceeded in really saying something new. Love is to most poets their 
central theme, because it r ..rupics their thoughts mure than unylhing 
else ; and also because it plays such an important part, for happiness 
or disaster, in men's lives. But to Browning love is more. Know- 




ledge comes from simplifyiiiK the manifold. So Newton reduced the 
movements of all bodies, celestial and terrestrial, to the cue primal 
force of gravitation. Some such reduction Browning has achieved 
with Love as the basal clement of all forn-s of the higher life. It is 
nf)t only the moving force of all forms of activity, but also the clue to 
every intellectual problem. Love holds together the Universe in 
rationality and beauty ; what the Ihiai were to Plato, or the Will 
to Schopenhauer, or-and this is perhaps more to the point— what 
Righteousness was to the Hebrew prophet, that Love is to drowning. 
It is the principle of intelligiliility in the world. Compare him 

with Tennvson. In verse of ext|uisite beauty and rare spirituality, 
does Tennyson too sing of the great master passion love ; the good it 
can do, but also the evil. There is with him always a distrustful note. 
Man must love wisely rather than strongly. Love must be tempered, 
and modified, by other things— reason, law, conscience. Left to itself, 
it is apt to go astray, f'or it is only one of the foundations of life. 
Now Browning too knows of the disastrous effects of a disordered love. 
But that is, he would say, not because you ha\ e loved too much (to the 
exclusion of other things^ but because you have loved too little— not 
loved enough. It is as with the sceptic uho asserts that the end of 
reason is doubt. His fault is not that he has reasoned too much, but 
too little ; if he will only think more, and more resolutely, he will pass 
beyond his scepticism into knowledge. So to Browning the cure of 
an ill-regulated love is not to love less, but to love more— more 
genuinely, more strongly. Let a inan throw himself unreservedly upon 
love, and the disturbing factors will disappear. Most people fail 

in love for one of two reasons. They fail because what they desire 
is rather the gratification of their love, and having got it they are not 
satisfied— for love, like all true life, has in it a true principle of a " pro- 
gressus in infinitum" ; step by step it leads into a larger life. Or 
they fail— more commonly — because they do not love resolutely, but 
feebly and haltingly ; are deterred by fear and doubt and convention- 
ality. But. says Browning, a man is truer to himself, and to the reality 
of things, if, having taken an aim, even though it be a wicked and 
unmoral aim, he carry it out boldly and resolutely, than if he leave 
it undone by hesitating and doubting. 

" I hear you reproach, ' lint delay was best, 
For their end was a crime . . .' 
The covnter our lovers staked was lost 
.As surely as if it were lawful coin. 
And the sin I impute to each frustrate ghost 
Is— the unlit lamp, and the ungirt loin, 
Though the end in sight was a vice, I say." 

The Statue and the Bust. 

Hence strenuousness, hopefulness, in short, a_h ealthy optimism, is an 
outstandmir n ote of Brownings poetry. btru|,^gie, battle, temptation, 
even rebuH and failure— all are good ; for in them is yet manifest 








life ; ;ind precisely because they are felt as struggle and even failure, 
there is in them the presa^^e of a fuller life. Brownintr deal s 

by chuico with the prnblenis of life ; tlie more complicated they are, 
the more is he drawn to them. Vet is he not primarily philosopjigr, 
still less uu-tapliVNician, but poet ; anil his writings have fflecTTst met 
note of poetry. For they are not only il'uminating, but inspiring. 
Poetry, one true poet has said, is criticism of life. Ikownin).^ is much 
occupied with the true values of life, and how the soul bears itself 
amidst the many demands and temptations of life. And another 
poet, a true poet and amon<.j the greatest (V\^)rdsworth), has said, 
that " I'oetry is the breath and finer spirit of all knowledge ; it is the 
impassioned expression which is in tlie countenance of all science." 
It is in this impassioned expression that Browning proves himself a 
true poet. There is apparently much argument in his poetry , but 
really it is an .appeal to the whole man ; appeal strong and stirring, 
evoking ready and triumphant response. And inasmuch as^ Jiiaju^u- 
ment is not about the small and fleeting concerns, but'ilie grc ataiul 
abiclin ^ i^ inten^sis ofjiils an d his app eni n.i.i.y< ;t;p=; n^fnot ^ ^^' 

^ "':'", nut ^mnpjTOl^lgn pr)s,j^^i-^^s 

ailTt~Tne besi se lf, he is something of prophet aswell as poet. \ There- 
lore has nispoeit-ybeen of real help to men on whom the problems of 
life and thought press heavily. Many there are who feel that to them 
the old answers of theologian and dogmatist are, if not exactly false, 
yet insuflicient — they do not satisfy the heart. These turn to the great 
poets, because it seems to them that great poets, like the authors of 
Job or of Faust, had truer insight into the heart of such problems as 
.''God's ways with man," than had the writers of religious treatises ; 
and that there is more genuine theology in Dante's Commedia than 
in the Summa of Thomas Aquinas. To such, l irowning comes with a 
•message ; and it is this : Life is good hecanse it is full of problems and 
— -tdiffic ulties a nd tem ptations. For in them a man "goes to prove his 
souT^' {I'aVacelsus). 1 hmk courageously, act bravely, love to the end, 
and you will find in the battle and struggle ii self the supreme great- 
ness and value of soul, and be in touch with the great soul-satisfying 
reality — Cjod. " He, at least, believed in Soul, was very sure of (}od ' 
(Z,£j Sa/s/its). 


A'i>/t: — The Browning Literature is vast. But indispensable is iMrs. 
Sutherland Orr's " Life and Letters of Robert Browning" (12s. 6d.). 
\'ery suggestive is " Robert Browning," by G. K. Chesterton (2s. net) ; 
and most illuminative and helpful '' Browning as a Philosophic.ii 
and Religious Teacher," by Prof. Henry Jones (6s. net). 

C O N T E N T S 

I'AULim:: a kragmknt 
of a confession . 



II. I'AKArKi.sT's Attains 

in. I'AKAiKI.SUS . 

\'. i'AKACF.i.srs Attains 

I -Continued. 



A( T I. 


., II. WllITKHAI.l. . 108 

Act II. 


Whitkhai.i. . 114 
„ II. Whiteiiai.i. . 116 
Act III. 



„ II. Whitkhai-I- . 124 
„ III. The Antecham- 
ber OK THE 
1 1 o i; S E OF 
I.OKDS . 129 

Act IV. 
Scene I. Whitehall . 132 
„ II. A Passage ad- 


;i; \\v.^x- 

minster Hall 135 

Act \. 

.Scene I. Whitehall . 141 

„ II. The Towek . 142 


I5uoK THE First . . 151 

I500K the Second . . 16S 

Rook the Thikh . 185 

Book the Fotrth . . 201 

Book the Fiith . .218 

Book the Si.xth . . 234 

I'li'i'v i'assf:s: a drama 


. 252 

Introduction . 

• 253 



II. Noon . 

. 264 


. 271 

IV. Night 

• 277 


FlKSr YEAR, 1730. — 

King Victor. 
King Victor. 

iicO.NlJ Yii.\r;. 

Part I. 285 
Part II. 291 





KiNt; Charles. Part I. 302 
King Charles. PartII. 310 


(\\VAI UK TlVK-i - 




litiur {. 


I. M \K( iiiNi; mom; . 319 

H. (ilVK A RmIsI, . JK) 

III. I!iiM| AM" SaDDI.K \2.0 

Mv I,A>r !)!( iii>s . .321 
(iiiNr (lis\i()M) . . 323 

InCIUKM Ol' '1 111. !■ Kl \i II 

("ami- .... 326 

.S(1I.II,< )i.i| V (11 1 IIK M' \\. 

I>11 Cl.OISlKK . . 327 

In a (loMioi.A . . . 328 
Aki'kmis I'R(ii.(1(;i'i/i.s . 352 
\Varin(; . . . -5 55 
RuDiu. ro riiK \.\\^\■ i>i- 

TuiiDi I . . . 53Q 

CkISTINA . . .340 

Madhoi'sk Cki.i - 


IX Mkditatkin . 341 
IF. r<iKi')ivRi\"s I,(nr.:< . 342 

Tiikoii.ii riiK Mktidjv 

TO Aiiii-i:i -Kadk . 343 

THK. I'IKI. I'llF.k OK . . . 344 
" How 1 -TKY likorcirr iHK 
(jooi. Nkws kkom 
GlIKNT TO Aix" 349 

PicTOK I(;ni)ti:s , . 351 

TlIK IlAlIAN IN K\i;i.ANl) 353 

Thk Enc I isii m an in 

IlAIV. . . .355 

Thk Lo>r Lkahkk . . 359 
Thk Ix)st Mistkkss . 360 

H(niK - TllOlClITS KKOM 

Ai;kOAi) . . . 361 
HoMK Tiioucin.s kkom 

THK Ska . , .361 
Thk Bishoi" okHKks his 

ToMHAi St. PkAXKn's 

Chukch . . . 362 

(.AKI)KN-FaN( IKS — 

I. TlIK Ki.oukr"s N'amk 


TlIK I.ahouaiokv 
Thk C"onki.ssi>)N.\i . 
Thk 1m iuh r hk riu 

IvVKTM's Immortm niKs . 
Siini; ..... 
Thk linv AM> TlIK An(;ki 
Mkkti.m; at Nkjht 

I'Akl IN<; Ar MORMNC, . 
. Al 1 

Timk's Kkvkm;ks 
The Gi.ovk 


I A<.K 











ACT 1 401 

11 II. . . . . 40S 

" "1 415 

>• I^ 421 

.. V 42S 


A( T I. 

.Scknk I. 'I'hkI.n iKkiokOK 
A L o 1 ) ( ; K I N 
Lord Trk.s- 
ham's Park . 436 


„ III. Ml i,i)k Kirs 

ClIAMBEk . 441 




clll ON: A TKAdKDV— 



A. r II. 

--, |,M.. Till. I.lliKAUY . 44'' 


I'AKI I. . 


A. r III. 

S. I. si. 

< ( '!.< I 

. 1. Till Kshoi iHi: 

\' K \V - I K K K 


Wis now . 454 

II. M IIUKll)^ 

• "llAMHhK . 45') 




l'\ 1; AN 1 1 

("ilki-i \i \^. I',\ K 
Kani Kk 1)av 



Ai I 1. Mi^KMM'.. 

Srl,\K. ACoRKIl'OK I.KAD- 

1 Nt; 

1.1 TlIK 


A I.ii\ Ik's ijr \KKKi. 
l.VKi.YN Hon; . 

AriJiKN. r.-iii \M- 


A' r II. Noon. 

Sm-.nk. Tiik Pkksknck- 


A( T III. Aftkknoon. 




SCKNE. Thk Vkstikui.k . 479 

A( I 



An Amkchamukk 486 

A<T V. Nic.iiT. 
Si KNK. Tiik IIait. 

Act I. MoKNiNc 

II. Noon 


V. NiCHT . 







I'l' Al A 

\'|l I A Dow N IN 

1 111: tri V 


,\ Woman's La-s Wokh . 504 

Kka I.irro Liiii 


A Ti •< r\i A or (.Ai rri'i's Ooj 

I'.Y 1 IIK llKK-SIDK . . (>03 

Any Win: 10 any llrs- 

HANIi . . , • f'O'i 

An l-".i'i-.i.i. .611 

Mksmkrism . . . 616 
A SKKKNADK a I 1 HI-. Vu.i.A 61S 

My Star . . . .619 
Indians Tyrannis . . 610 
A I'RKTiY Woman . . o-io 
••C', Koi.ANi) to i he 

Dark Towik Cami. " 621 

IvKSl'ECTAr.II 1 1 Y 

A Lu;irr Woman 



Thk SrATiK anu thk 
lU-sr . 



How rr SiRiKKs .-y Con- 


Thk LA>r Ridk roi;KTHKk 634 
Ti'.K !'.ArK!';'r . = - 636 
Mastkr Hucuks ok Saxk- 








\^^^y.\^ . 
ANDRI' A I. HI. S \k |. I 


Al II.K 

In Tiii;i i; I )\v. 

In a \i..\r 

(>l I' I'l. I (Rj . IV I-|„(, 

I-Ni K . 

In a Haii .),sv . 


" I)K (;iisiiiir> '• 

WOMI N ANI> Ki),K-> . 


IIolvCko-s Day 

TiiK Hkkkik 

. 640 

• 657 

699 I 

7(>i i 

. 711 
Trai;ki)v 712 
Two IN iiii: ("ami>ai;.na . 


Onk Wav 01 Li)\K . 
Anoihkk Wav oi- L"vk. 

■' TkAN;;CKM)KN1 Al.ISM " . 


Onk Word Moki: . 

7«7 I 

7 '9 

Hen Karsmook's \Vi-,i)nM 724 


Ja.mks Lkk's Will:-- 

I. Jamks Lkk's WllK 

Sl'KAK'^ AT llli; 

Window . . 725 
II- l>v I iiK FiKKSiOK . 725 




( 'ouliuiK ,1. 

HI- In I HI. Doorway . 

W. Alo\(; TIIK Hka( II 

V. On Till'. ('i.ii-K 

\I. RkaDINc; a li.K.K, 

'nkkr iiiiCi III 
\'n. Amoni; III;: Ru.ks 
\ III. Ri.>!i)i; iiiK Draw 

INi; ItoARII . 

I\. On Dm k 
Ooi.i. Hair : A Siorv ni 

Till. WORSI OK I I . 
Di^ Al.IIKR \'|SIM 
I.K hVKON \iV 
,I"tRS ... 
Too I,A I K .... 
Am \'u(;l.ER 

I-lAiini Hkn Kzra 

A DkAIH in llIK DksKRI 

Cai UiAN ri'oN SKiKiios: 
OR, Natitrai, Tiiko. 
i.or.Y IN IIIK Island 

Con KKs.s ions 

May and Dkaiii 

Di:ak and Dimk: A 

(iKOUl' II Y Wi.dl.MCR 

Trosi'ick .... 

r.l'RVDICE TO Oriiiki'.s : A 


Vol- 111 AND Ari 

A I'.MF. • . . . 


Mr. Si.ri)«;K, "TiiK Mk- 
Dir.M " . , _ 
AiiARKNr Fah.i'ri. . 
















'-<« I 

.j^..'^' -.^■/ **'-^7T^ vKimWf^^' 



r II 

■' 727 

(X KS 7^1) 



• 729 



• 7.5-* 












nos : 

1 KO- 












i: A 












Plus nc suis ce que jai lIi-, 
Lt ne le syaurois jamais ^tri\ 

— Makot. 

\i IN iluliiio. i|iiin inula-, 1-Iti Mi).,tri r:uilaU- suA (|U:mi[)lui iiiios aliiiMl 
ad 1i-l;''.ii1iiui ; inter (|U'i-i iii):i:i!i li (ibliqu.e opinioiiL^, moiUe lann'.niii, 
MiuUi ctiaiii !iiali,:,'iii. rt ia in-eiiiuin no truin iir.;rati aCL-<-(leiit, ([iii 
t'MUvari.i .-^lia i-uoraiitia, vix L-ons])OCto titu'.o clamalmiil : Nos vtiia 
(iocvre, h i-re^ium sciniiia j.icere : piis auriinis ot'f.-iuiiculo, privclari ; 
in-eni's scandalo esse : . . . ad u con~cienti:i' su.x consulentes, ut ncc 
Apollo, nee Mu-^a- onmes, nciiue .\n,L;-liis de ctlo nie ah illonun 
exeeraiione viiidieare (nieant : cjuilMi^ ct ego nunc consnlo, ne scripta 
nostra lega::!, nee inter.:t;aiit, nee nicniinerint : nam noxia snnt, venr- 
nosa snnt ; Aeiiorontiso.-tiunieit in loc !ii)ro, lapidci loiputur, caveant, 
nc cerebrum illiii '-xcutiat. \'os autein, qui a.'<iua niente ad let^endum 
venitis, si tantam pruilenti;ii discretionem adhibueritis, tpiantani in 
inelle le!;endo apes, iani -ecuri l(',!;ite. Puto nanique vos et utilitatis 
hand pan'nn ct \()Iupt,ais pluriniinn accepturos. (Juod si cuia re- 
pereritis, (|u:i; vobis non placeant, niittite ilia, ncc utiniiia. Nam f.t voius ll.l.A NON PkoHo, skd Xakkd. C'vtera tanien propterea 
non respuite. . . . Iden, si (juid liherius tlic'.uni sit, i;;noscite adoles- 
centix' nostr.i', qui minor ipiaiu adolescens hoc opus composui.— 
//. Cor. Ai^rippa, Df Urcult. Phil. 

LuNUON, January 1833. 
V.A. XX'. 



jrALi INK mine own, bend o'er me— Who learned the spell which can call 

I thy s^ft breast up the dead 

Shill i'lnt to niine— bend o'er mc— And then dcparted,smiling hkea hentl 

' lily sweet eyes, Who lias deceived God. If such one 

And loosened hair, and breathlni;lipN should seek , , , , 

,^i„[ ,^,.,„^ Again her altars, and stand robed and 

Drauiiiir me to thee— these build up crowned ^ ■ r , 

a screen Amid the faithful : sad confession first, 

To siiut me in with thee, and from all K-morse and pardon, and old claims 

fj^ir renewed, 

So that i mi-ht unlock the sleepless Kre I can be-as I shall oe no more 

l,f,„,j ^ I had been spared this shame, il 1 nau 

I (Jf fancier from my soul, their lurk- sate , r . • 

ill ' i)!ace, % ''i*-'^' ^'"^ '^^''-■'■> '''"""' "'^ ' '" 

Nor (liiibi that each would pass, ne'er place 

,,, return Of my wild dreams of beauty and of 

To one so watched, so loved, and so ^ood, . 

J;^.^;^^,.^.(]. Or with them, as an earnest ol their 

But w!iat can tiuard thee but thy truth. 

nake.ilove? N^> thnught nor hope, having been 

Ah, doaresl ! whoso sucks a poisoned shut fmm thee, 

„ , ,j„j J No vague w unexplained— no wan- 

r.nvenonis his >nvn veins,— thou art dering aim , ,, , . 

^,, ,„,^,^] Sent back to bind on I-ancy s wings. 

So calm if thou should'st wear a and seek 

liosv less li-ht Some strange fair world, where it 

I'\.r sunie wild thought which, but for might be a law; 

me, were kept But doubting nothing, had l)een led 

l-'rom out thy soul, as from a sacred by thee, 

^; ,r Thro' youth, and saved, as one at 

Vet till i have unlocked them it were length awaked, 

vain Who has slept thro a perd. Ah! 

To h"pe to sing; some woe would vain, vain ! 

light on me; ... 
Nature would [loint at one, whose Thou lovest me— the past is in Us 

(juiveriiig lip grave. 
Was bathed" in her enchantments— Tho' its ghost haunts us— sldl this brow l.;;r;.ct; niuc;^ v- ''■'■•■r'i, 
Heneath the crown, to which her To cast away restraint, lest a worse 

secrets knell ; thing 


Wait f'T us in the chirkiics.v Thou 

liivi ,^!. me, 
And lliuu art tu receive not luve, l.ut 

For wliich thou wilt i)e mine, ami 

smile, and take 
All shapes, and shames, and veil 

without a fear 
That form which nuisic f illows like a 

slave ; 
And I look to thee, and I trust in thee. 
As in a Xorthern night one looks 

Unto the East for morn, and spriu" 

and joy. ^ 

Thou seest then my aimless, hopeless 

And resting on some few old feelings, 

Hack by !' y beauty, would'st that ^ 

The task, which was to nie what now 

thou art : 
And why should I conceal one weak- 
ness more? 

Thou wilt remember one warm morn, 

when Winter 
Crept aged from the eartli, and 

Spring's first breath 
Blew soft from the mf)ist hills— the 

black-thorn boughs, 
So dark in the bare wood; when 

In the sunshine were white with com- 
ing buds. 
Like the bright side of a sorrow— and 

the banks 
Had violets opening from sleej) like 

eyes — 
I walked with thee, who knew not a 

deep shame 
Lurked beneath smiles and careless 

Words, which soiigl;t 
To hide it- till they'wand.ied and 

Were mute ; 
As we stood listening on a sunny 

To the wind murmuring in tiie damp 


T M 1 1 

Li;;e iKavy Dic.itiiings of scjmo hidden 

Betrayed by sleep— until the feelin 

That I was low iud. ed, yet not so Io\ 
As to endure the dmne.->s of thin 

eyes ; 
.\nd so I told thee all, while the coc 

I leaned on altered not its quiet beat 

And long ere words, like a hurt bird' 

Bade me look up and be what I ha( 

I felt despair could never live by thee 
Thou wilt remember:— thou art noi 

niore dear 
Than song was once to me ; and 1 

ne'er sung 
But as one entering bright halls, 

where all 
Will rise and shout for him. .Sure I 

must own 
That I am fallen— having chosen gifts 
Distmct from theirs — that I am s.-id— 

and fun 
Would give up all to be but where I 

was ; 

Not high as I had been, if fcithful 

found — 
But low and weak, yet full of hope, 

and sure 
Of goodness as of life— that I would 

-MI this gay mastery of mind, to .sit 
Once more with them, trusting in 

truth and love, 
And with an aim— not being what I 


Oh, Pauline ! I am ruined ! who be- 

That tlio' my srjul had floated from its 

Of wide dominion into the dim o.b 

Of self— that it was str>.ng and free as 
ever : — 

It has conformed itself to th.,t dim 

Refleciing all its shades and shapes, 
aiid now 

-Must stiy where it al me can be 


I have feit this in dreams — in dreams 

in %v!.it!i 
I sconicil the f.iie from whic!i I 

llc.l; I K'lt 
A siranL^o <lc!iL;ht in causinLj my 

der:iy ; 
I \va^ a liciul, in darkne-s cliaiticd for 

Within sunie ocean-cave; and ages 

Till thri>' the cleft rock, like a nioon- 

hcani, came 
A wh'nc swan to remain with me ; 

and aL;es 
U'jjled, yet I tired not of my first juy 
la i^a/inLj on tb • jieace of its pure 

And tlien I said, " ''. is most fair tome, 
'■ \'et its Soft w t,'s must sure have 

Miti'ered chanj^e 
" ] roni the thick darkness— sure its 

eyes are dim — - 
"Its silver pinions must he cramped 

and numhed 
"With sleeping ages here; it cannot 

leave me, 
"For it would seem, in light, beside 

its kind, 
" Witliered— tho' here to me most 

be uitiful." 
And thi n I was a young witch, whose 

blue eyes, 
As she stood naked by th. river 

Drew down a god — I watched his 

radiant form 
Growing less radiant — and it glad- 
dened me ; 
Till one morn, as he sat in the sun- 
Upon my knees, singing to me of 

He turned to kiok at me, ere I could 

The grin with which I viewed hi.s 

.\nd he shrieked and deoarted, and 

sal long 

Murmuring, as I kissed his lips and 

.Around him, "I am still a gfnl — to 

Still I can lay my soul bare in its 

l''or all the wandering and all the 

; Will be a saddest comment on the 

And if, that done, I can be young 

1 will give up all gained .as willingly 
.Vs one gives up a charm whicli shuts 

him out 
From hwpe, or part, or care, in human 

As life wanes, all its cares, and strife, 

and toil, 
Seem strangely valueless, while the 

old trees 
Which grew by our youth's home — 

the waving mass 
Of climbing [)lants, heavy with bloom 

and dew — 
The morning swallows with their 

songs like words,- - 
All these seem clear and only worth 

our thoughts. 
So aught connected with my early 


My rude songs or my wild imaginings, 
How 1 look on them — most distinct 

The fever and the stir of after years I 

I ne'er had ventured e'en to hope for 

Had not the glow I felt at His award, 
Assured me all was not extinct within. 
Him whom all honoui — whose renown 

springs up 
Like sunlight which will visit all the 

world ; 
.So that e'en they who sneered at him 

at first. 
Come out to it, as some dark spider 

From his foul nets, which some lit 

torch invades, 

! VTL .-p:;::i::;g siiii Hc'.v ;ii:;i5 i;.'r ills 

retreat. — 
Thou didst smile, — but, can ■H'e for- 
give ? 


Sun-treadcr— life and lij;ht be tliino 

fur ever ; 
Thou art i;Mne from lis— years i;'' by 

— and sprint; 
Gladdens, and "the yuimg earth is 

Vet thy songs come not— other hards 

But none like thee— they stand— tiiy 

hike niit^hty works which tell some 

Spirit there 
Hath sat regardless of neglect and 

Till, its long task completed, ''. hath 

And left us, never to return : and ;dl 
Rush in to peer and praise wlieii all 

in vain. 
The air seems bright with thy past 

jiresence yet, 
But thou art still for me, as thou hast 

When I have stood with thee, as on a 

With all thy dim creations gathered 

Like mountains, — and I feU of mould 

like them. 
And creatures of my own were mixed 

with them, 
Like thin;4S half-lived, catching and 

giving life. 
But tliou art still for me, who have 

Tho' sinL;Ie, panting but to hear thy 

Which I believed a spell to me alone, 
Scarce deeming thou wert as a star to 

men — 
As one should worsnip long a s.acred 

.Scarce worth a moth's (fitting, which 

long grasses cross, 
And one small tree embowers droop- 

Joying to see some wander...; insect 

To live in its few rushes — or some 


To p.istare on its IxHighs — or some 
wild bird 

Stoop for its freshness from the track- 
less air, 
And then should fmil it but the 

Long lost, of some great river — wash- 
ing towns 
And towers, and .seeing old woods 

which will live 
But by its banks, unlrod of human 

Which, when the great sun sinks, lie 

In light as some thing lietli half of life 
JSefore God's foot— waiting a v,i.n- 

drous change 
— Then girt with rocks which seek to 

turn or stay 
Its course in vain, for it does ever 

Like a sea's arm as it goes rolling <in. 
Being the pulse of some great coun- 
Wert thou to me— and art thou to the 

And I, perchance, half feel a strange 

That I am not wliat I have been to 

Like a girl one has loved long silently, 
la her first loveliness, in some retreat. 
When emerged, all gaze and glow 

to view 
Her eyes, and soft hair, and lips 

which bleed 
Like a mountain berry. Doubtless it 

is sweet 
To see her thus .adored- -but there 

have been 
Moments, when all the world was in 

his praise. 
Sweeter than all the pride of after 

Vet, Sun-treader, all hail !— from my 

heart's heart 
1 bid thee hail ! — e'en in my wildest 

I am proud to feel I would hav 

thrown up all 
Tiie wreathes ;;f fame which seeme'i 

o'erhanging me. 
To have seen thee, for a moment, a.s 
thou art. 



And if thou livest — if thou Invest, 

spirit ! 
Ucii;i.iiil)cr 1110, wl.o set this final scmI 
•j,, wandering; ihous^ht— iluil niie so 

pure as lli.)ii 
CniiUl never die. Remember me, 

who Ihmg 
Ail huiiour fn>m my soul— yet paused 

and said, 
"There is one spark of love remaiii- 

iiij; yet, 
" For I have nought in common witli 

him— shapes 
"Whicli followed him avoid me, and 

f;ul forms 
"Seek me, which ne'er could (".isten 

on his mind ; 
"And tii< .' I feel how low I am to him. 
" \rt I aim not evuii to catch a tone 
" ( )f ail the harmonies he called up, 
" So one ^Icam still remains, altho' 

the last."' 
lUinemher me^who praise thee e'en 

with tears, 
I'.ir never more shall I walk calm 

with thee ; 
Thy sweet imaginings are as an air, 
A iiiol( (ly.somewonirmussingersings, 
Wliich, though it haunt men oft in 

the still eve, 
They dream not to essay ; yet it no 

I!ut niure is honoured. I was thine in 

And now when all thy proud renown 

is out, 
I am a watcher, whose eyes have 

grown dim 
\Vi;h looking for some star — whi-li 

ireaks on him, 
Altered, and worn, and weak, and 

full of tears. 

Autumn has come — like Spring re- 
turned to us 

\Von frnm her girlishness — like one 

A friend that was a lover — nor forgets 

Tile t'lrst warm love, hut full of sober 

< )f fading years ; whose soft mouth 
(juivers yet 

With the old smile— Imt yet so 

changed and s'liil I 
And liere am I ilie .-.coffer, who have 

Life's vanity, won by a word again 
Into my old life — fir one little word 
Of this sweet friend, who lives in 

loving me, 
Lives strangely on my thoughts, and 

looks, and words. 
As fathc ims down some nameless ocean 

t' ing 
Its silent course of quit;tness and joy. 
( ) dearest, if, indeecl, 1 tell the ])ast, 
May'sl thou forget it as a sad sick 

dream ; 
Or if it linger— my lost soul too sion 
Sinks to itself, and whispers, we shall 

T.ut closer linked- two creatures 

whom the earth 
I'.ear singly -with strange feelings, 

Lilt to each other ; or two lonely 

Oeated by some Power, whose reign 

is done, 
Having no part in God, or His bright 

I am to sing ; whilst ebbing day dies 

As a lean scholar dies, w(jrn o'er his 

And in the heaven stars steal out one 

by one, 
As hunted men steal to their mountain 

I must not think— lest this new im- 
pulse die 
In which I trust. I have no onfi- 

So I w ill sing on — fast as fancies ronie 
Rudely— the verse being as the imoil 

it paints. 

I strip my mind bare — wiiose first 

I shall uivveil— not as they struggled 

In infancy, nor a.-- ^hey nou exist. 
That I am grown above "Jicm, and 

can rule them, 

l!ut in mi.i,llc stage, when they 
>ven' (nil, •' 

^'''' wiii- ^''"^ '^'''"'"-"'^ "'"■'" "^ '"y 

And then I shall .how l,«w these ele- 
I'nxluced my j.resent state, and what 

Ofa must clear idea of .-onscinusness 
Uf self -d.stn.ctfrcm all iis.n.alitie. 

i-rom all atfectiuns, passions, feeling; 
powers ; '^ ' 

;'>t Iniked in n,o, to self-supremacy 
l..M.sUngasacentrel„allthin,., ^' 

ca'jr"''" '" "'■"^"•'' ^'"^ '"''-"' --^"'i 

Tpon all things to minister to it • 

And to a principle of restlessness 

\.hich would he all, have, see, know, 
taste, feel, all— 

hl'."i!eci'"' '"""^ ^ '*'""''' "'"-^ 
Though gifted lower than the meanest 


A need, a trust, a yearning after Goc 
A /^..ehng I have analysed but late. 

laws"'*^ ' ^ '^'-'^'"'^^ ^'''^ 

Which y:,. when seen in others, 1 

J felt as one beloved, and so shut in 

m-^"— "^ ^''— I date "y 
in:st in signs 

And omens-fur I saw Cod every- 
where; ■' 

Oft I ?"r""'''' '^^>' ■' '« '""= '■^"it 

.^cn ill.. l>emg-havmg always felt 
'''^f;:;^'^"'^'---"ev- acting fr'J;^^^^^^ 

Still^^ustingir, a hand that leads me 

'^'' tught '""''''"'' ^^^'^''"^^■'^''"''- 

Against" my weakest reason and 

And^oHny powers, one springs up to 

'""isiiS" ^'''' ' ^""' ^^'"^ --'> 

Confined to clay-which is the only 
one •' 

Whid,^^n,arks me-an imagination 
nasj,een an angel to me-comin 

In (Uful yisions. lH,t heside me ever 
And never fatling „,e ; «„ „,/ ;,^. 

nnnd -* 

Forgets^not-not a shred of life for- 

Il'eda.kpa.tup-to<juell it regally? 

^'"'dJl. Uuth"^" "othing-and this 
Has cc.n.e^the last-hut sense supplies 
]-:ncircling „,e and mingling with my 

These mysel^I ha., sought 

^■•>r I stdl find them-turning „n, 
wild youth "^ ' 

'''^.S:Ut: -uf P'^>-' '^em- 
Ail ,>,,ec.s to their use-now see their 

A mind like this must dissipate itself 
J^ut I^l,^ve always had one'lode-stftr; 


Winch 'passed alone with wis-st 

ancient books, 
All halo-girt with fancies of ,ny own 
And I myself went with the tlle-^ 

2 andenng after beauty, .r a giant 
S.and,„. i„ ,,, sunset4n";id 



Talking with gods — or a high-crcsted 

Sailing with troops of friends to 

'I'Liieiios ; — 
I Icll you, nought lliisevcrljecn so clear 
As the place, the time, the fashion of 

tho--e lives. 
I had iiot seen a work of lofty art, 
Silt Woman's beauty, nor sweet 

nature's face, 
\'et, I say, never niorn l)roke clear as 

On the dim clustered isles in the hlue 

sea : 
The dee]) groves, and white tem[)les, 

and wet caves — 
And nothing ever will surprise me 

now — - 
Wlio stood beside the naked Swift- 

Who hound my forehead with Proser- 
pine's hair. 

Air strange it is, that I who could so 

Sliould e'er have stooped to aim at 

aught beneath — 
Aught low, or painful, but I never 

doubted ; 
So as I grew, I rudely shaped my life 
To my imme<liate wants, yet strong 

Was a vague sense of powers folded 

A sense that tho'tliose shadowy times 

were past. 
Their spirit dwelt in me, and I should 


Then came a pause, and long restraint 

cliained down 
My soul, till it was changed. I lost 

And were it not that I so loathe that 

I conld recall how first I learned to 

^fy mind against itself; and the effects. 
In deeds for winch remorse were vain, 

as for 
The wanderings of delirious dream ; 

yet thence 

Came cunning, envy, falsehood, which 

so long 
Have spotted me— at leng'.'n I was 

Vet long the inllueiue remained ; and 

lUit the still life I k-d, apart from ;:il. 
Which left my soul to seek its old 

Could e'er have brought me thus far 

back to pc.i. V. 
As peace returned, I sought out some 

pursuit : 
And song rose— no new impulse — but 

the one 
With which all others best could be- 

My life has not been that of those 

whose heaven 
Was lampless, save where poesy shone 

out ; 
But as a clime where glittering 

And glancing sea and forests steeped 

in light 
Give back reflected the far-flashing sun; 
For music, (which is earnest of a 

Sceingwe knowemotions strange by it. 
Not else to i)e revealed,) is as a voice, 
A low voice calling Fancy, as a friend, 
To the green woods in the gay 

summer time. 
And she fills all the way with danc- 
ing shapes. 
Which have made painters pale ; and 

they go on 
While stars look at them, and v'nds 

call to them. 
As they leave life's path for the twi- 
light world, 
Where the gatlier. This was 

not at first, 
]'"or I scarce knew what I would do. 

I had 
Xo wish to paint, mo yearning — but 

I sang. 

And first I sang, as I in dream 
liave .seen 
Music wait on a lyrist for some 



■'■''^"'s hcamiful l,a,! l.jnh r„r ,,„• r''^*^"" V"'"''"-'^'''' '" '''^''^ w'nnin- 
and nKuJc- ' | ,,.. *' ' '" •"•■'''''■' '" 

\\ ho sent f„rtl, ho,K-s and longings 

I^udevvrsc. ..atlu-rnall; and liu-n I 
paused — 

I had nothing., s„ I snu^du to 

What ninid l,a,l jct achieve!. .\,, 

iL'ar was nn'nc 

f'T their .sikc, 
C-lothed i,. all passion's mel.,,Iies. 

which first 
Cauf^^ht me, an<l set me, as to a sweet 

In .he .St J,, at nndin. n. own .^^^^^^ 

And feehng their uspniiiKs were n>v 
own. •' 

And then I first explored passion an<l 
mmd ; 

And I JH-an afresh ; I rather soii-ht 
i^> rival what I wondered at, 'han 

Creations of my ,nvn ; so much was 

I-ent hack hy others, yet much was 

my own. 

I paused again-a change was c„m- 
mg on, 

I «-as no more a hoy ^-the past was 

lic' the coming, and like f, ver 

I first thought on myself-and here 

my powers 
I^urst out. I dreamed not of re- 

• Taint, hut gazed 
On all tilings: schemes and systems 

went and came, 
And I was pruu<l (heing vainest ,,f 

tiie weak) 
In wandering'oer them, to seek out 

some one 

'"" tj:^JT' - -- ^^-'^ ^••'>^{'^^■:H that comes a. ithered 
1 he white way f ,r a star \ j f^'" 

. . . p^"^ ^ /-as, onely.-far from woods 

On one, whom praise of mine would I And "nSw...:™..- ,- ■ ■ •- 

How my heart heal, as I went on, 
■and f ,und 

Much there! I fcit my own mind had 

Hut lh,re living and Inirning; sn,,n 

the whole 
'^)r his concepiions dawn,;<l on me • 

thvir praise ' 

Is in the tongues „f men; men's are high 
When his name means a triumi.h and 

a pride ; 

So my weak may well fi.rhear 

to dim 
What tlien seeme.l my hright fate ■ I 

threw my>elf 
To meet it. J was vowed to liherty 

-Men were to he as g„ds, and earth as 

-^ly w,.o!e soul n;se to meet it. ^•ow 
rauline, " ' 

I shall go mad, if I recall that time. 

O let me look hacki e'er "l leave f.r 

Tile lime, which was an h..ur, that 
one wan- 

Who was as calm as beauty-beinc 
such ^ 

be loose 

As a stag-yet I was full of joy-who 



\Vitli Plato — :in(l who bud the ktv In 

And I h:\<\ tlinily shaped my first 

.\n(l numy a thou^'lit did I liiiild iiji 

on thought. 
As tlif wild l)ce h:int;s cell to roll — in 

\.iiii ; 
!' >r I must still go on : my mind rests 

'Twas in my plan to look on real life, 
Whii h was all new to nie ; my theories 
\Vere firm, so I loft them, to I'lnk Ujinn 
Men, and their cares, and ho[)es, and 

fears, and joy~- ; 
And, as I pondered on them all, I 

How hest life's end might he attained 

— an end 
Comprising every joy. I deeply 


And 'suddenly, without heart-wreck, 

I awoke 
As trom a dream — I said, 'twas 

^'ct hui. a dream ; and so adieu to it. 
As some world-wanderer sees in a lar 

.'^lrani;e towers, and walled gardens, 

li.'ck with trees, 
Whci. singing goes on, and delicious 

And laughing fairy creatures peeping 

And on the morrow, when he comes 

to live 
lor ever by those springs, and trees, 

And fairy bowers — alibis searchis vain. 
^Vl■!l I remember . . . 
1 went my hopes of perfecting 

And faith in them — then freedom in 

And virtue in itself — and then my 

motives' ends, 

love went last. 
I feltthisnodecav, because newpowers 
Rose asohl feelingsleft — wit, mockery, 
And happiness ; fur I hud oft Ixjen sad, 

.Nlistnisting my resolves: but now I 

Hope joyoii-Iy away — I laughed and 

"No more of this" — I must not 

think ; at length 
I look'd again to see how all went on. 

.My powers were greater — as some 

temple seemed 
My Soul, where nought is changed, 

and incense rolls 
Around the altar -only Hod is gone. 
And some dark spirit sittelhin 1 lis seat I 
So 1 passed through the tem[)le ; and 

to me 
Knelt troops of shadows ; and they 

died, ** Hail, king I 
"We serve tlue now, and thou shalt 

serve no nion; ! 
" Call on us, prove us, let us worship 

thee ! " 
And I said, " Are ye strong — let fancy 

bear me 
"Far from the past." — And I was 

borne away 
As Arab birds float sleeping in the wind, 
O'er deserts, towers, and forests, I 

being calm ; 
And I said, "I have nursed upenergies, 
'• They will prey on me." i\nd a band 

knelt l(iw. 
And cried, " Lord, we are here, and 

we will make 
" A way for thee — in thine appointed 

" D look on us : " Ai-.d I said, " Ve 

will W(jrship 
"Me; but my heart must wors!iip 

too." Tliey shouted, 
"Thyself — thou art our king!" So 

I stood there 
Smiling •*♦*-♦ 

And buoyan* and rejoicing was the 

With which I looked out how to end 

mv flavs " 
I felt once more myself — my powers 

were mine ; 
I found that youth or health so lifted 




T!,at. spite of all life's v.initv. no ,-rief 
< line 111.' 1 11,,. I - , .*^ '^' 

,• ■ , ^ ^ >''iiii\ , no prit 

h.-.triid ; ^ 

'<ct"iM ,uo ;u„l -K-pair: s,, if -v- 

C.IIJK-, ' •'^ 

r ntol<l--others shall rise as fair, as fist. 

V 1 , ,,, '^'- •'''i.^ir, 

-^'•«1 w1h.» all's ,ion,., ,|„. f,«. ,|i,„ 

k'iiMnis transferred — 

It Were Well 

IshoiiM lu-asawrock iinl.e.I ,o a mmiI I ''"" ''i;;^:.^';':''''^'-'^)- '"-l-. and weave 

aware "' •""' , •^'' ^,""''1 fiicrrle „,e will, praise aiul 

<')fmy(leeav S,, , 1,,,, r ,, '"^''"' 

^■'-nIn,e;an,i'ir-^::':;;'';:™-!^''I^^^^ iMioald 

furl icsolxed ' ;, , '''""•^' 

-V'>:>psl,.n,ldcoi„eon„K.,erev,„u-,-s ' '""" ™-': ["'^" ""-k-M fores,, like 
h()p.'s we;, I, ■ - ""-' ^'iik'lit 

For r wi.ul.i w'ear mvself ,,,,1 -l,ke ' ' ,'.'' ^''^l'^' ^■'"'^■•^■'"'k' I Im-l l.een 

that ii„„n ' "• i ""■'■(',) - 

Which wa.(e.i no, a sunheani -everv I ^y'""" '^'''s 'lone, how vain seems 

Joy ) [ t.* on SllfTf'NS^ 

r would make mine, and die- .„„, '"^"'' """'l"' '""'"■'""'■ '"'^■''^ f^^'^''-' "Vr 
thus I sMU-la ' ' ' ..J.. ""•'" • 

T..rhai„,nyspnitdown, which Ihad ' ^";\'"',^: 'f^'".^' '•'■'^t one, weak as 
led iii\--(i,, 

Wi,h thoui;hts of fame. I .aid ihe I '\Y '" '",'"'■' '"'"-" ''•"■'". l^nowin,' 

Irouhled life • "- I ll'c words ^ 

Of genius seen so hright when worl - ' ll/'n''''" '•'' '''^S"''*'"''-- shall move 
in^' forth '^ Knwork ^ .Men hke a sv.ii, wind that th,.' he 

Some , rusted end, seems sad. when ' K.Jr '"^"'V'T.' 

all in vain- '• ^^un I air eyes shall glisten when his 

Most sad, when men have parted with ' Dfl. '"""'""' ''""•'"'" 

, =^'I J-y ^ "" I ''^'"l"'-' '^V"-' l^^'^' in happier frames 

'•or their wild fanev'^ ..l- i ■ i ' "''" '"^'- 

waited hrs!, "^ ^ ^•'^^' "'^"^'' i •^>-. '!- ^'iH night brought thou.d-ts 
As an obedient spirit, when deli-ht i cJ 'I'T'' '"'^ "'"'" 
Came not with her alone, hut alters ' ' ?"'' ''''-" '"'"^l<--0- again lauglied 

s<i()n, I \ 1 ' 

Coming darkened, seld.mi, hastin- to I ''' '"■'''''■'' ""'' ■'^''''''-•^. ahiiost 

depart, '"^ I sneers; 

I-eaving a heavy .larkness and warm ! ^"'^ ^^^J ""'^'^ ^''"^ ^<"'-m^<l >o whisper 

'^" ''^^^•" ^^-'tl' ''i'n and his unhonoured 

^-I^-all never lose her; she will .nd;C:irk,,ewmvspirit,tha,w.ouM 
I-.n:.^f.s..ehseehision-r,.a. Kirstinthestrtigg.^^ 

A..^.ag,aneeofw.hatlsi.g;so AuC'^oit^andlw-oulds^ 


Tie radiant sights which ,la/.!e ,„. .It.. """"' "" "^J . 

"Ill now 'i ■-- o..r ,,,,„., perisn— We may 

They shall he all mv ,>wn anri le, '' \- '\ 

them fade ' "' ''"'' '' \. ^'■'- 'nar.-d-we are cl.ay ; hut ..ur 

I low fate 




Should not extend thcin, whciin trust- 

\Vc sent Itefore into Time's yawniiij; 

'lo tiice what e'er ni.iy lurk in durk- 

ne>s there — 
To see the pointers' j;lory pass, and feel 
Sweet nnisic nunc us nut as unce, ur 

\vi irst, 
To see decayinfj wits ere the fiail hody 
I lec.iys, Nouj^ht makes me trust in 

love so really, 
As the delight of the contented low- 

With wliich I gaze on souls IVI kee]) 

for ever 
In heauty — I'd he sad to eijual them ; 
IM lei.<i their finiee'en from my heart's 

Lest Mood, 
Witheriiij; unseen, that tl.ey mii;hl 

llourish still. 

• ■•■•• 
I'auline, my sweet friend, thou dost 

not forj;et 
How this mood swayed me, when 

thciu first wert mine, 
When I had set wiyself to live this life, 
Defying all opinitm. Ere thou earnest 
I was most happy, sweet, for old 

Had come like birds again; music, 

my life, 
I nourished more than ever, and (.Ad 

Loved for itself, and all it shows — the 

Treading the purple cahnly {o his 

— While roimd him, like the clouds of 

eve, all dunk. 
Tin. giantshadesof fate, silently flitting;, 
i'ile the dim outline of tiie coming 

— And him sitting alone in hKxjd, while 

Are himting far in the sunshine; and 

the boy, 
With his white breast and brow and ■ 

clvisterinu curls ! 

Streaked with his mother's blood, and 

striving hard j 

To tell his story ere his reason goes, i 

And when I loved thee, a.s I've loved 

so oft. 
Thou li>vedst me, and I wondered, 

and looked in 
My he.irt to find some feeling like 

surh love, 
Believing I was still what I bad been ; 
.\nd Soon [ found all faith gone 

froin me, 
Antl the late glow of life— changing 

like clouds, 
'Twas not the morndilush widening 

into day. 
Hut evening, coloured by the dying 

While darkness is iiuick hastening : — 

I will tell 
My si.ite as though 'twere none of 

mine despair 
Cannot come near mi — thu, it is with 


Souls alter ni't, and mine must pro- 
gress still ; 

And this I knew not when I ilungaway 

My youth's chief aims. I ne'er sup- 
posed the loss 

Ofwhat lew I retained; for no resource 

.Vwaits nie — now behold the chanre 
of all. 

I cannot chain my soul, it will not 

In its clay prison ; this most narrow 

sphere — 

It has strange powers, and feelinu's, 
1 1 • 
and desires, 

Which I cannot account for, nor ex- 

But which I stille not, being bound 
to trust 

All feelings ecjually — to hear all sides : 

Vet I cannot indulge them, and they 

Referring to soiTie state or life un- 
known. . . . 

My selfishness is satiated not, 

It wears me like a llanie ; my hunger 

.\11 pleasure, howsoe'er minute, is 

pain ; 
I envy — h.>w I envy him whose mind 




'li<.-n wh.ii iiiu'it he 

Turns uiil, its eLc-ri-ifs tM on.. T, 
lo.-lcv.i.caso.t.ura ,n,r,„it r '""'. 

n.n.v..r^ ..,,„. _., ../j. sun 'luni...! ■'"";;;;,''"' '" '"""' "'■■"^ '"'':^" 

ii.iuc ; > , ["' '•'"'•', >n n:irr..w iir., [,„r ||,.,, 

Oi.c r..p:„,o ,11 >ny .„.! ,„.,,,, ..j, I '(y'';^: ';'.",= '" 'l-ir .■U.,,,,,,., 
;'ii<! lln, I • 'y ':"'■ """I'l |>.ivs my tcasuii-lmt 

''.'';^ s'l: """">■• ^^'"■^'•"'•^ -)^\ this cart k'' '" ^^^'"' '^""' 

>iif« II ! " " 'ruins 

Win, ;;;;;;.-.. ..w... .„„, „.,„,„^,. , ' ^''tki,'". 't.r''-'"::^ -- 

n:li^''"^ '"— '^ -I'" 1';:^ [■';•;;- 

Kr-'M'tlK'"! an, ! ,, ^""'I'l 'inrlj 

''"' i'l'^ik'""'"" "'"'"''' '"''^'^"'- I "'''^'raphim? '' """'' "'"' ""^ 

^'■''f' f'-P'.- to a^;<. :u ;.i,t, whir!, I ^""r''"' ""'■' "'^'>' 1"^^ ^'" '"'man 
il'ifnchin;' riiucli .. *•"' 

M.'y !■ . n,o cJncMl.^.e the sparU a '' '(lH Jr, ^''"^' "^ -^'•" "'V lovc 
>;iarcs. miuhui („. ; 

P'"'-y'"' ^^^■';'" ""-re warpclin tl,is 
I I.N r<.tl,-ss,K..s nf passion meets in r , ''"^'''' 

„„. 1 n>"-'.s,u.,.,,r ,,o,e mysdf stands ,nu n.orc 

A craving' afu-r knowJc.J.H- : the sol.. ! r ''"'V""'')'- 

proof •■ '■'^""'' ^ '^^an fort^ct niysdf in i..,.,,,, . .,' Willis in that power Or liheru- i r • 

Kepresscd; lor I hdidd it i„ i,, '•'"'''''^^>> '"■ l"^-^- "'^ "'ighly souls. 

'''"din;^!:;:;.'"^^^''^-' ^"^ "^ '-'-j '^-I--«int. know :,uu ',,;„.; ...ue 
And^^.n.dered whether: should I To si;^^^^ 

^^''::;nr''^-^' -■--'•'•"- And ^InSeir have h^^^^^^^^^^^ 

"^4i-:'"'"''--'''"'>-''-!'-^^->-h ,hou.hts-as ... 
^-'u It i),-s ,a ,„e a chained thin.^-still ' . -V^'".'f""'>'''-i ' 

ready "'"'' -"''l' And she ,s wuh me-years roll. I 

I shall chanjjc, 


I'.iil clianjie ran iDurli Iht ikiI — sti 


Willi In f il. rk t-yes, t- iriii ,t .iiiii stiii, 

iiiul Ir.tir'icil ni!(l s[ireail l.y iln- .-..ili-swcfp- 

iii;; liri'i /(• ; 
Ami '■ur III! lii'.ini, all the sturni 

Ir IV f-« ill luMViM, 

Kc-iiii^' u|xm her i-yis and Cue mil 

1; iir, 
A-. ^hr aw. lit-, the mkiLi; ,,ii tlu- wct 


i.y iIk- il.irk r'M-k, ami llio while w.ivi: ' 


jil-l I 'I '.Mi. in;.; I 

A! lurfcet ; <|iiiic iiaki-d and alone, — 1 
:. l!:in- I 

\'mU d'.ul.t not, nor foar for, .so-iin- i 
ili.U (."d 

Will ( inc in lliinKK-r from the .stars 
to s,i\ c 1, r. 

I.rt it iia>s I will rail another rhani;e. 

I uill he t;iHed with a vvoiulroiis .s.iiil, 

\'i t Mi:ik hy error to nien'.s syinpathy, 

.\nd in the w.uie of li!.-; yet only so 

As to rail up their lens, and there 
.shall cotno 

.\ tiinerecinirii,;,' youth's Lest cnertjies; 

And .strait I liiiu; a;;e, sorrow, .sick- 
ness off, 

And 1 riseiriuiiijiliiii;^' over my decay. 

.'\iid liius il is that I siipplvihe chas'-i 
"fwi\t what I am and 'all that I 

Would he. 
Hut then to know nothing — to hope '• 

for nothini; - 
To .sei/e on life's dull joys from a 

.slranLje fear, 
Lest, l(}sini; tljeni, all's lost, and 

nouijlu remains. 

There's some vile juggle with my 

reason here — 
f ftel I hut e\|)lain to my own Io>s 
'i hese impulses— they live no less the 

I.iherty ! wliat though I desiJiiir— my 

r,:;:.c n. .1 ai .1 .^i.ue.s name proudiier 

til. Ill tic IW, 

And svmj)alhy ohscured hy .sojjhis- 

Why have not I sought refuge in my- 
lUit for the w.H-.s I sa.v .md rouhl not 

May - 
.\nd livi : ilo I ,,,,[ love thee, my 

I cherish [irejudit e, lest I he left 
llterly loveh-NN witness thi^ helief 
la poels, tho' >.id ehaiigo hxs eome 

there t<M) ; 
No more I leave myself to follow 

them : 
I'liconscionsly I measure me l)ylhem. 
Let me forget it ; and I cheri-'h most 
.My love of F.nglan<i — how her name 

- a word 
< )f hers in .1 s'range tongue makes 

my he.ut '. , , . 

I'auline, I could do anything— not 

n(Av — 
.Mi's fever hut when calm s!:all come 

again - 
I am prepared— I have made life my 

own — 
I would not l)e content with all tlu; 

One frame should feel — hut I liave 

gone in thought 
Thro' all conjuncture— I have lived 

all life 
W lien il io iiKxs; alive — wlicre strangest 

New shapes it past surmise— the tales 

of men 
I{it hy some curse— or in the grasps 

of doom 

Half-visihle ami .still increa.sing round. 

Or cri)wning their wide heing"s general 
aim. . . . 

These are wild fancies, but I feel, 

sweet friend. 
As one breathing his weakness to the 

(Jf pitying angel— dear as a winter 

tlower ; 
A slight tiower growing alone, and 

Its frail cup of three leaves tu the 

cold sun, 




Vet joyous and confidint;, like ihc 

Of a child— and \viiv:un I not worthy 

tiicc? ' ' 

I om live all the life- of plants, and 

Drowsily on the hccs that (lit and 


Or bare my lireast for sunheain.s which 

will kill, 
Ox open in llie nii;ht of sinnids, t<i 

'•"or the dim stars ; I can mount with 

the l.ird, 
Leaping; airily iiis pyrannd of leaves 
And twislcd houj^jis of some tall 

niouulain tree, 
Or rise cheerfully sprin;;in;,' to the 

heavens — 
Or like a fish breathe in the morniiv' 

Of ihy soft breasts ; no — wc will pass 

to moriiinj^ — 
Morning' -the rocks, and valleys, and 

old Woods. 
How the sun brightens in the mist, 

and here,-- 
llalf in the air, like creatures of the 

Trusting' the element— livinjj on high 


That swint^ in the wind- look at the 

golden spr.iy, 
riung from the f)am-sheet of the 

In the misty sun-warm water — or 

with flowers 
And trees can smile ia lii;ht at the 

sinking sun, 
Just as the storm comes — as a f^irl 

Would look 
On a departing lover — most serene. 

I'auline, come with me — see how I 

could build 
A home for us, out of the world ; in 

I am inspired— c<jme with me, 

I'auline ! 

Night, and one single ridge of narrow 

Ik'tween the sullen river and the 

Wavingand muttering— for the moon- 
less night 

I Fas sha] >ed them into images of life. 

Like the upraising of the gianl-ghi )sts, I 

Looking on earth to know how their 
sons fare. 

Thou art so close by me, the roughest 

Of wii.d ia (he lree-to[)S hides not the 

Amid the broken rocks— shall we stay 

With the wild hawks?— no, ere the 

hot noon Come 
Dive we down -safe; see this our 

n;'w retreat 
Walled in with a sloped mound of 

matted shrubs. 
Dark, tangled, old and green -still 

sli'piiig down 
1 o a small pool whose waters lie asleep 
Amid the trailing boughs turned water- 
And tall trees over-arch to keep us in, 
breaking the sunbeams into emerald 

And in the dreamy water one small 

( )f two or three strange trees are got 

Wondering at all around— as strange 

beasts herd 
Together flir from their own land — 

all wildness — 
No turf nor moss, for boughs and 

plants pave al', 
.\nd tongues of bank go shelving in 

the waters. 
Where the pale-throated snake re- 
clines his head, 
And old grey stones lie making eddies 
there ; 
! The wild mice cross them dry-shod — 
deeper in — 
Shut thy soft eyes -now look — still 

deeper in : 
This is the very heart of the ^ds— > 
nil riuiu!, 



Mountain-like, heaped alxive us ; yet 

even here 
One pond of water yleams — far off 

tiie river 
Sweeps like a sea, barred out from 

land ; hut one — 
( )ne thin clear sheet has over-le.''ped 

and wound 
Ii'Io this silent dc[)th, wiiich (gained, 

it lies 
Still, as hut let hy sufferance ; th 

trees Lend 
' I er it as wild men watch a sleeping; 

And thro' their roots long creeping 

plants stretch out 
Their twined hair, steeped and spark- 
ling ; farther on, 
Tall ru.-^hes and thick flag-knots have 

To narrow it ; so, at length, a silver 

It winds, all noiselessly, thr()' the 

deep wijod, 
Till tliio' a cleft way, thro' the moss 

and stone, 
I' juin-^ its parent river with a shout. 
Up for the glowing day — leave the old 

woods : 
See, they part, like a ruined arch, the 

Nothing but sky appears, so close the 

And grass of the hill-top level with 

the air — 
Blue sunny air, where a great cloud 

floats, l.adcn 
With light, like a dead whale that 

wliitc birds pick, 
l'K).iting away in the sun In some 

north sea. 
Air, air— fresh life-blood — thin and 

searching air — 
The clear, dear breath of God, that 

loveth us : 
Where small birds reel and w inds take 

their delight. 
Water is beautiful, but not like air. 
See, where the solid azure waters 

Made as of thickened air, anrl down 


The fern-ranks, like a forest spread 

As tho' each pore could feel the 

element ; 
Where the ipiick glancing serpent 

winds his way — 
I'K at with me iheie, Pauline, but not 

like air. 

i > i'.vn the hill- stop— a clumpof trees, 

see, set 
On a hea}- (.f rocks, which look o'er 

the far plains, 
And enviuus climbing shrubs would 

mount to rest. 
And peer from their spread boughs. 

Thi're they wave, looking 
At the muleteers, who whistle as they 

To the merry chime of their morning 

bells, and all 
The little smoking cots, and fields, and 

And copses, bright in the sun; my 

spirit wanders. 
Hedgerows fur me — still, living, 

hedge-rows, where 
The bushes close, and clasp above, 

and keep 
Thought in--I am concentrated — I 

feel ;— 
But my soul saddens when it looks 

beyond ; 
I cannot be immortal, nor taste all. 
O God ! where does this tend — these 

struggling aims ? * 

* Je Grains bien que nion pauvre ami 
ne soit pas toujours parfaitcntent coni- 
pris (ians ce ijui re^te a lire de cet 
etrange fragment mais il est inoins 
propre que tout autre a dclaircir ce qui 
de sa nature ne pent jamais etre que 
songc et confusion. D'ailleurs je ne 
sais trop si en cherchant a mienx co- 
ordouner certaines paities Ton ne cour- 
rait pas le risc|ue de nuire au seul 
nit'^rite au(|iii'! niie production si singu- 
iiere peut pr(5tendre — celui de donner 
;;:;e -.r.&c ajji:." picenc du ger.rc qu'ciic 
n'a fait que ('•baucher. — Ce d^but sans 
pretention, ce remuemjnt des passions 





r..l. .und all P can there 1. a " u.kin," i And what is .h^t I hunger for In.t (lod ? 

''' ';:::::'":;, j!?- ^''^ ^'"" -'""^ , ^^>' i^'t -y/=oanet „. A,r o„ce 


Its .,n,, pK.a.„rc hiled,-^-but that | sl^rr''"'" """''''' '"^ "'"''^ 

Comman[in;;^/;,rcu,nn,andin^Mckcns i ^'"^'^^^M ^ "" '"'' " ^^"" ^'"'" 
'^■'- ;-t , that I ca,> trace is, rest { " ' ' W l^f'"' ' '^^' "'^'^' ^^ ^ 

s.,..,e3^t^^e.ence than itsei.-in ^l^p^d::^^^:^^!::^::':!:: 

Wlu, cannot die~hui there is that 
in Uic 
"Which turns to thee, wliich loves, 
or which should love." 

Why have I -in myself with 

^^ hy have I lahoured tojjut out mylife? 
ii U not ill niy nature to adore. 
-Vnd e'en for all my reason do if r.ot 
I'eel Inm. and thank hiui, and pray to 

him? — .\'':,'. 
Can I f .re-o th,, trust that he loves me? 

I )i -. I II. .t f .,.1 .. 1 . . ■ . 

qui va d',il.ord en accroissant et i)uis 

s appal--,' par de-n-s, ees elans de I'ame 

ee retour suud.iin sur soi-m jne. — ]•;[ 

par des.ns tout, la tournuie desprit 

toute paaiculi, re de mon ami rrndent 
l"s ciiau-.-mens |)resr]ii>. impr.ssihl,-; 

Iv'S la.^ ,;is (p: il i.ut vdoir ailh^urs ct 
(iaM:re= encore plus [)ui--a;ii,'s, r>nt f,nt 
tr uver.L;rac.' a m.'-, veux pour ret rcrii 
qu.iutr ineul y: hv. ,uss(! conseilk^ de 
jet'T au (eu- le nen crois pas moms ,, , 

au grand prme,:_c.:e toute compoMti.u ^,^" .. -- .,.,>>.., ,„e, 

-a.epnncpcd.-.Shakspeare. de Kaf- ^>" I not feel a love which only 

laelle, de Iie,-thoven, <rou il suit <jue la 

concentration des id.'es est due bion 

plus a, leur concept!. m, quW leur mise 

en execution . . . ,ai ,,,.,( He,, d,. 

cramdre :|ue la premi,-,e d.. c.s qualit.'s 

ne sou encore , trangcre a mon am,- ,, , 

et )e . oute tort .pi un re<l.,ul,lement de , ,'■'■'''• 

travail ,u, ra.v> .tcqu, nr la s.-,-oa<i.. i -^"'"""■" '" s^^e thy calm, pure truths 

Le nil. 'ax .ser.ut de hruler ce. i • mais ! "Ut-liash 

' ''^' ''■■i.;l';>--.-'t gleams of earth's pliiio 


tiiou pale form, so dimly seen, deeu- 

eyed, ' 

1 have denied thee ca!mly-do I not 

] ant when T ,ead of thy consumtnato 

qii ; fane?, 

je crois que dans ce qui suit il fait 
alluMon a un certain examen <in'il fit 
autrefois de r,\me oi, ,,!utot de son 
ame, pour decouvrir la smtc^ des ol.jrts 
auxquels il lui ser.iit possible d'.ittendre 
et dontchacun une fo.s obtenu devaii 
former une espcce d.' <i ou Ton 
pouvait .iI>er9evoirdauires buts, d'autres 
ptojets, dautres iouissances qui, I'l leur 
tour. devai,-nt etre snrmont.-s. II en r.^ 
sultait que roubii et le sommeil devaient 

tout t(>rmin..i- f..._ : , , 


thee ? . . . . 

If I an) errint; ;;avo me, madden me, 
lake fn,m me powers, and jjleasures 

-let nic die 
A-Cs, .sol sect lee: I am knit round 
As with a charm, by sin and lust and 

suiiaii que 1 oul.h et le sommeil devaient Pr"""-', 

sa;"s'":s'n:;:yai,:S!:; v^:;vi- ^r- - 1 ''^^ !'"' "^r ---'-i"^ ''— have 

aussi mtelli,ible qifa nto,.-^ ^^-^ j Of st|^;pdeii^;;t: oft have I stood 

lALi.iM.. i by thee— 



Have I been keepinjj lonely watch 

with thee, 
111 the (lamp nii;ht l.y weepiii ' )livet, 
( ): 'nMnint;onlhyl>ns<im, prouc ylcss — 
1 )r <i\ in;; with thee on the lonely 

criiss — 
Or witiiL-ji^ing thy bursting from the 

tomb ! 

A mnrtal, sin's familiar friend duth here 
Avow that he will give all earth's re- 
lUit to believe and humbly teach the 

III suffering, and poverty, and shame, 
(July Ijclieving he is not unloved. . . . 

And now, my Pauline, I am thine for 

ever ! 
[ feel thespivit which has buoyed me u[i 
Deserting uic: and old shades gather- 
in,,' on ; 
Vet while its last light waits, I would 

say nuu'Ii, , 

Ai-.d chirtly, 1 am glad that I have said 
That live which 1 have ever felt for 
But seldom told; our hearts so beat 

That sjieech is mockery, but when 

dark hours come ; 
And I feel sad ; and thou, sweet, 

deem'st it strange : 
A sorrow moves me, thou canst not 

Toiik on this lay I dedicate to thee, 
W'lii.h llu-o' thee I !)egan, antl which 

I end, 
Collecting the last gleams to strive t(J 

That I am thine, and more than ever 

now — 
That I am sinking faSt— -yet tho'I sink, 
\o less 1 feel that thou hast brought 

me 1 'iss, 
.\ndthat I still mayhojx- to win it back. 
Thou know'st, dear friend, I could 

not thin]; all calm, 
Knr uilii d'.eaniS followed me, .ind 

bore me off, 
And ali w;is indistinct. Er^ one was 


Another glanced : so dazzled by my 

Knowing not which to leave nor 

which to choose, 
I'or all my thoughts so floated, nought 

was fi\ed - 
And then thou said'st a perfect bard 

was one 
Who shadowed out the stages of all life, 
And so thou badest me tell this my 

first sf.age ; — 
'Tis done ; and even now I feel all 

tlim the shift 
U( thought. These are my last 

thoughts ; I discern 
I'aintly immortal life, and truth, and 

And why thou must be mine is, that 

e en now, 
In the dim hush of night — that I have 

done — 
With fears and sad forebodings : I 

l(jok thro' 
And say, " K'en at the last I have her 

"With lier delicious eyes as clear as 

" When rain in a (juick shower has 

beat down mist, 
"And clouds float white in the sun 

like broods of swans." 
How the blood lies upon her check, 

all spread 
As thinned by kisses ; oidy in her lips 
It wells and pulses like a living thing. 
And her neck looks, like marble 

misled o'er 
With love-hreath, a dear thing to kiss 

and love, 
.Standing beneath me — looking out to 

As I might kill her and be loved_fbr it. 

Love me — love me, Pauline, love 

nought I'Ut me ; 
I^eave me not. All these words are 

wild and weak. 
Believe them not, Pauline. I stooped 

so low 
liut to behold thee purer by my side. 
To show thou art my breath — my life 

— a last 



Resource an extreme want: never 

I ! lieve 
Aiiglu l,ci;cr could s,i Icok to ilicc, nor 


Again the world of >.;,>,„] thou.^his le.'t 

(or tne. 
'I here w-re hri-lit troo[,s ,,f ui.di.-,- 1 

covered sui,s, I 

I'lacli c.jiuU in their ra(h.uit course. ' 

I here were | 

Ckisters of fiir iiiir isles, which ocean i 

Yox his own joy, and his waves hroke 

on them j 

Without a choice. And tiiere ;i ' 

dim crowd i 

Of visions, each a part of ihc dim 

And a star left h^s peers and came ,- 

will) peace '. 

Upon a storm, ami all e\-es i)ined for ; 

hini. I 

And one isle harboured a sea-heaten i 

And the crew wandered in its bowers, i 

and plucked j 

Its fruits, and gave up all their hopes i 

tor liorise. I 

And one dream came to a pale poet's 

And he said, " I am siui^led out by God, 
" No sin must touch me. " I am very 

P>ut what I would express is,— Leave 

nie not, j 

Still sit by nie— with beating breast, ! 

ami hair ' I 

Loosened —watching earnest bv my: 

side, " ! 

'I'urning my liooks, or kissin.' me I 

when I 
Look up — like summer wind. He 

•still to me 
A key to music's mystery, when mind 

A reason, a solution, and a clue. 
Vou see I have thrown off my pre- 

scriiied rules : 
I hope in myself—and hojx-, and pant, 

Vou loved me as I was. Smile rv.f ; 

I have 
Much yet to gladden you -to .1 

on you. 

You'll find me i^etter— know me mare 
than wlien 

Xo more of the past-Lll look within 

no more — 
I have too trusted to my own wild 

wants - 
Too trusted to myself-to intuition. 
Draining the wme alone in the still 
I night, 

j And seeing how— as gathering films 
! arose, 

. As by an inspiration life seemed 

I bare 

And grinning in its vanity, and ends 
ilard t.) I.e dreamed of, stared at me 
as ti\ed. 

And <,thers suddenly became all 

As a f lir witch turned an old haP at 

Xo more of ihis-we will go hand in 

I will g„ with thee, even as a child 
Looking ■ , further than thy sweet 

And tliou hast chosen where this life 

shall be — 
The laiul which gave me thee shall be 

our home, 
Where nature lies all wild amid liel 

And siio.v-swathed mountains, and 

vast pines all girt 
Uith ropes of snow -wl-.ere nature 

lie^ all bare, 
Sulfering none to view her but a 

-Most stinted and deformed— like the 

mute dwarfs 
\\"hich wait upon a nake<l Indian 

.Vnd theie (the time being when the 

heavens are thick 
With storms) I'll sit with thee while 

thou dost sing 
Thy native soul's, rav .is p ,\„^...^ 

ijiid "■ ' " ' ■" 

W'ho cricth as he tlies for perfect 




Or tcllint; me old stories of cIctI As it will he ; — tho' music wait for 

kiii-tits. I me, 

t )r I will read old lays to thee —how ; And fair eyes and hri|^ht wine, I.iul;!. 

^]ic, ! in^ like sin, 

Tic f.iir pale sister, went to her chill \Vhi';h steals lack softly on a soul 

i;,Mve I half saved; 

Willi piiwer to love, and to !>c loved. And I be tlrsl to deny all, and de- 

aiul live. \ spise 

( )r we will i;o together, like twin This verse, and these intents which 

iukU I seem so fair : 

Of the infernal world, with scented ; Still tliis is all my own, this mon. nt's 

lamp ; pride. 

Over the dead — to call and to awake — | !so less I make an end in perfect 
< )ver the unshaped images which! joy. 

lie I E'en in my brightest time, a lurking 

Within my mind"s cave -only leaving ; fear 

all ' Tossessed me. I well knew my weak 

Thai lulls ofthe past doul)ts. So when | resolves, 

sjjring conies, j T felt the witchery that makes mind. 

Anil -un^hine comes again like an (jld ' sleep 

smile, I ')ver its treasures — as one half afraid 

Aiid the i'rcsh waters, and awakened ■ T(j make his riches definite — but 

birds, now 

.\nd luidding W(jods await us — I shall These feelings shall not utterly be 

lie lost, 

rrc[i.ired, and we will go and think I shall not know again that nameless 

again, | care, 

And all < nil loves shall come to us — but ■ Lest leaving all undone in youth, some 

changed new 

.\s some sweet thought which harsh And undreamed end reveal itself too 

Words Veiled before ; ' late: 

I'ecling God loves us, and that all that , For this song shall remain to tell for 

errs, \ ever, 

I-. a strange dream which death will Tliat when I lost all hope of such a 

dissipate : I change. 

And then when I am firm we'll seek : Suddenly Heauty rose on me again. 

ag .in : No less I make an end in perfect 

My own land, and again I will ap- | joy, 

priiach ' j For I, having thus agam been 

My old designs, and calmly look on ^ visited, 

all I Shall doubt not many another 

The works of my past weakness, as ' awaits, 

one views : And tho' this weak soul sink, and 

Some scene where danger met him darkness come, 

long before. '. Some little word shall light it up 

.\h ! that such ])leasant life should be | again, 

but dreamed ! 1 And I shall see all clearer and love 

I better ; 

P.'.'.t u'^'Tt'^'r^r rr-.^'r.r o*" i* ix"ti tho* it T «;hnH p.o'ain i^o o'er the tracts of 

And tho' ere the cold morning all be 

As one who has a right ; and I shall 



With poets— calmer— purer still c-acli 

And hcautcous shapes will come to 

n>e ai;;uri, 
And unknown secrets will be trusted 

\\ hich were not mine when waverini; 

— hut now 
I sha.I be priest and lover, as of 


Sun-treader, I believe in God, and 

And Imvc; and as one just escajwd 

frnm dt ith 
Would hind himself in bands of friends 

to feel 
He lives 'ndeed— so, I would lean on 


Thou must be ever with me— most in 
i f^liiom 

j When such shall comc— but chiclly 

when I die, 
For I seem dying, as one going in the 

To fight a giant— and live thou for 

And be to all what thou hast been to 

me — 
All in whom this wakes [jleasant 

thoughts of me. 
Know my la>t state is happy— free 

from doulit. 
Or touch of fear. I.ove me and wish 

n:o well ! 

October 22, 1832. 

PARAGE Liu's I',\ic.\ri'.i.srs. 
ri-.-M-. an.! M'l llAl., lus friends. 
.\i Kii K, an Italicin Poet. 

I.-I'.\RAri:LSUS AsriRF.s 

Sri NK. — U'iir-hir^ — a garden in 
tiic invirons. 1512. 


/'.;;-. t'onie close to me, dear 

friends ; still closer ; thus ! to il.e heart which, thoiigh long 

time roll !)>' 
I'.re it ai^ain beat quicker, pressed to 

As now it beats — perchance a long, 

lun;^ lime — 
At least henceforth your memories 

shall make 
<^hiietand fragrant as befits their home. 

For some few sunny days ; and over- 

Its bleak wind, hankering afrer pining 

Autunui w'iuMfain besimny— I would 

Liker my nature's truth ; and liotli are 

And both beloved for all their frailty ! 
Mich. Aureole I 

J'ar. Drop by dmp !— she is weep- 
ing like a child ! 

Not -sol I am content — more than 
content — 

Nay, Autumn wins you tiest by this 
its mute 

Appeal to sympathy for its decay I 

Look up, sweet .Nlichal, nor e.^teem 
the le>s 

Your stained and dro<iping vines their 
grai)es bow down, 

Nor "blame those creaking trees bent 
with their fruit. 

.Nur siiall my menu.ry want a home , T^hat apple 'ree with a rare afler- 
^ ' birth 

m yirurs — 

Alas, that it requires too well such 

I'orgiving love as shall embalm it 
' there ! 

For if yi.u would remember mearight— 

As I was burn to be — you nuist forget 

All litful, strange, and moody way- 

AVhich e'er confused my better spirit, 
•o dwell 

Only on moments such as these, dear 
friends ! 

—My heart no truer, but my words 
and ways 

Miclial, some 

Ofpeeping blooms sprinkled its wealth 


, ' 

■\ wind that 


>re true to it 

m int 



Will say, " this autumn was a pleasant 

Then for the winds- 

ever raved 
Shall vex that ash that overlooks you 

So proud it wears its berries? Ah I 

at length, 
The old smile meet for her, the lady 

of this 
Seijuestered nest! This kingdom, 

Alone by one old p<ipnlous green wall, 
'lenanted by the ever-busy tlies 

crickets, an< 
quick spiders 



Each family of the silver-threaded 


moss — 





Which, lo<,k throu^'h, near, this wuv, 

and it appears 
A snil)l,lc-tiel(l, or a . iiiel.rake -a 


Ofhulriish whitening in the Min : laii"h 
now ! "^ 

Fancy the crickets, each one in his 

Loukipi_L,' out, womlerini,' at the world 

— or l)(.st, 
Von painted snail, wiih his t,My shell 

of (lew, 
Travellinj,' I., sre the j^'lossy halls hi-h 

up '^ 

lluni,' hy the calerpillar, like ruld 
lamps I 
Mi.h. In truth we have lived care- 
lessly and well ! 
I\iy. And shall, my perfect pair- 
each, trust me, horn 
For the oilier; nay, your very hair, 

when mixed. 
Is of one hue. For where save in this 

Shall y,,u two walk, w' n I am far 

And wish me prosperous fortune' 

Stay ! Whene'er 
That plant shall wave its tanides 
lii;htly and softly, 

\\^^ 'l"'^'^"''^ languid and imperial arm 
Which scatters crowns among her 

lovers, you 
Shall he reminded to predict to me 
Some great success ! Ah, see! the sun 

sinks hroad 
Behind St. .Saviour's: whr)lly .'one 

at last ! / t. . 

/vf/. Now, Aureole, stay those 

wandering eyes awhile ! 
Vou are ours to-night at least ; and 

while you spoke 
OfiMichaland her tears, the thought 

came hack 
That noiie could leave what he so 

seemed to love : 
l!ul that last look destroys my dream 

—that look ! 
As if, where'er you gazed, there 3tood 

How far was WUrzburg, with its 
church and spire, 

And garden-walls, and all things they 

From that look's far alighting? 

. ']"'■ , , I I'lit spoke 

-viul looke.i alike from simiile joy, to 

The heings I I,,ve hest, shut in so well 
]• 1 ' )m all ru<le chances like to he my lot, 
That, when afar, my weary spirit,— 

To lose awhile its care in soothin<T 

thoughts '"' 

(Jf them, their ])lea.sant features, looks, 

and Words, — 

X<'ed never hesilale, nor apprehend 

i:ncroachingtrouMe may have reached 
them too, 

Xorhave recourse to Fancy's husyaid 
lo fashion even a wish in their hehalf 
ieyond what they poss-'s,already here; 
l.ut, unol.structed, may at once forget 
itself in them, assured how well they 

Hcside, this Festus knows, he thinks 

me one 
Whom (juiet and its charms attract in 

One scarce aware .jf all the joys I 

Too hUd with airy hopes to make 

Of soft delights which free hearts 

garner up: 
Whereas, behold how much our sense 

of all 
That's beauteous proves alike \ When 

Festus learns 
That every common pleasure of the 

AfTects me as himself; that I have 

-As v:iried appetites for joy derived 
I'rcm common things ; a stake in life 

in short. 
Like his ; a stake which rash pursuit 

of aims 
That life afTords not, W(ni!d as soim 
destroy ; — 

He may convince himself that, this in 

I shall act well advised: and last 

because, ' 



Though lieavcn ami earth, and all 

ih:ni;>, wore at stake, 
SwcL-t Mirhal must not wcrj), our 

parlint; eve ! 
/■if/. True : and the eve is <lee[)en- 

int;, mil \ve sit 
A- lillie mxinu', to l>ei;in our talk 
As thmi^li to-nnirrow I cn'ild i.pcn it 
As we ]);\ced arm in arm the cheerful 

At sun-d:iwti ; and continue it by fits 
(i)lii 'rrilhtim husied with his class 

the wiiile) 
In th;U dimchamher where the iK.iin- 

s!i> aks jioer 
Ilaif fiiL;!itcned by the awful tones 

arnund ; 
And liere at home unbosom all the 

I'rnm even-blush to midniLjlil : but, 

to-morrow ! . . . 
Have I full leave to tell my inmost 

mind ? 
\\\: two were brothers, and henceforth 

the world 
\\'iil rise between us :— all my freest 

mind ? 
'Tis the last night, dear Aureole ! 

/',;/•. * )h, say on ! 

i)tvi>e some test of love — some 

arduous feat 
Tube performed for you— say on ! If 

I'.e spent the while, the better ! Re- 
call how oft 
My wondrous plans, and dreams, and 

hopes, and fears. 
Have never Wearied you . . . oh, 

no I . . . as I 
Kecall, and never vividly as now, 
N'l 'ur true affection, born when Einsie- 

And its green hills were all the world 

to us, 
And still increasing to this niyht, which 

My further stay at Wiirzburg . . . Oh 

iuie day 

■»- Till 111' 

iou :,:;aii !;c very ,ir;:i:e: : r.:iy on, 
dear friends ! 
Fes'. In truth ? 'Tis for my pioper 
peace, indeed, 

Rather than yours ; for vain all 

projects seem 
To stay your course ; I said my latest 

Is failing even now. A story tells 
( )fsome far embassy desjiatched to buy 
The favour of an eastern king, and how 
The gifts they otfered proved Imt 

da/ziing dust 
Shed from the ored)eds native to his 

clime : 
Just so, the value of rt>pose and love, 
1 meant should tempt you, better fir 

than I 
Vou seem to comprehend— and yet 

No whit from projects where repose 

nor love 
Have part. 

/',;;-. Once more? Alas ! as I for- 

bode ! 
/•"«/. A solitary briar the bank puts 

T(j save our swan's nest floating out 

to sea. 
/'ar. 1 )ear Festus, liear nu.-. What 

is it you wish ? 
That I should lay aside iny heart's 

Abandon the sole ends for which I live. 
Reject God's great commission — and 

so die ! 
You bid me listen for your true love's 

sake : 
Yet how has grown that love? Even 

in a long 
- iid patient cherishing of the self- 
same spirit 
It now woulil quell ! as though a 

mother hoped 
To stay the lusty manhood of the child 
Oi.ce weak upon her knees. I was 

not born 
Informed and fearless from the first, 

but shrank 
From aught which marked me out 

ajiart from men : 
I would have lived their life, and died 

t::e;: ucui!:, 
I^st in their ranks, eluding destiny : 
But you first guided me through doubt 

and fear. 


Know ,ny..ll ; " ' I '^^ ^f''" '" '"V schemes; so tluu . 

And now th.H I am strtnij and AiIl u(\ Ir .n'''' 

h„y,v, ^ " " '^ ■'" •"'•"lints to this-thc sovcrcit; 

That, from my soul. I ran n-l.Tf ,11 ti '"^""'^, 

_^,___^ / , ran reject j 1 hat wc devote ourselves to (lod i 

sfcn ' 

Save iho^eyour Mrnest words made 

[ilain to MIL- ; 
X"w tli.a I touch the hrink of my 
dcML;n, ■' 

When ]■ u,Mild have a triinni.h in 

Aj^Iail cheer in their voices— Michil 

And I'esius ponders i^rnvely ! 

T, ,"'• \\ iu-n you deii/n 

io liear my purpo-,,- . , . 

„ ^ '""'•, , Heari't? I can sav 

I5eforehand all this evcninL''s confer- 
ence ! 

'Ti.s ihis way, Miehal. tlmt he uses • 

Or he declares, or I, the leading points 
Of our best scheme of JUe, «hat is 

man's end. 
And uhat <i..d's will--,,,, two faiths 

'^' ^liH''' '"'"' ^ "«'• '^ach of us I The 'u^;: 

Faith should he acted on as hest we 

may ; 
Accordi'n-ly. I venture to suhniit 
A plan, in lack of Letter, for pursuing' 
I he path which Go,rs will seen.s to 

ac'iorize : 

In living; just as though there were n 
{jo(| : 

A life which, prompted hy the sad an< 

I.usts of the world. I'estus abhors thi 
ino-i ^ 

.y"i Hl.ich ihose tenets sanctify at once 

i hou^h to le,,s subtle wits it seems the 

Consider it how they may, 

u'^^'"^'\ , , '^'^■"'". J^'^stus? 

Me speaks so calmly and kin.lly— is i, 
so ? ■^ 

/^r. Reject those glorious visions 

o{ (joij s love 
And man's design; laui;h loud that 

' I )d should send 
Vast longings to direct us; say how 


Power satiates these, or lust, or g,,l,l; 
I know 

Id's cry well, and how to 
answer it ! 

Hut this ambiguous warfare 

■r/'f- .„ • • • \Veariesso 

That you will grant no last leave to 

your friend 
To urge it?-fur his sake, not yours? 

I wi,h 

Well-he discerns much goo<l in it. To send my soul in .ood 

This motive worthy, that ho,,e 

plausible. ' 

A danger here, to be avoided—there 
An oversight to be rep.iiied ; at la-.[ 
Our two minds go together— all the 


Approved by him, I gladly recognise ; 

Aliheoamtsba.l. Ithankfullydiscai-d; 

And nought forbids my luokini: uo at 

last ' 

For some stray comfort in his cautious 
brow — 

\Vh,«n I.i I T 1 _ *1- , . - 

.- ... I ,....„n tiiat, .spite ol ail, 
there lurks 
Some innate and inexplicable germ 


good hopes after 

Never to sorrow that uncertain words, 

■•|Tmgiy apprehended^a new creed. 
Ill un.erstood-begot rash trustin you, 
An(l shared in your undoing. 

, , ,'''■ Choose your side : 

nol( or renounce: but meanwhile 
bl.une Mie nt.t 

lie-cause Idareioactonyourown views, 
.Nor shrink when they point onward. 

nor espy 
.\ p^ril where I hey most ensure success. 
Fest. Prove t'lat to me — but that ' 

Trove you abide 
Within their warrant, nor presump- 

tuous boast 



CimI's !a!)oitr laid on you ; pruvc, all 

y ii c. iVt I 

A ii.ii w.i.) i-xpi'ct ; anil, iii'^^; .i| .ill, 

Truvi? the slnuii;c inurse yuu now 

allci-l, will kail 
T Its attainment and I l>id yoitsprcd, 
.\,iy, ('I Hint the minutes till vuu vcnt.irc 

^'' ;i Maik'; liut I had ijatliercd fmni 

slnw thought 
Much nuLiinj; on the furtuni's of my 

friend — 
..I;'!'(.r I deemed could nut ho ur;;ed 

in vain : 
3\i. ■ ill leaves me at my need : in 

And frat^ments I must venture what 

MiJi. A-.U at mce, Festus, where- 

fi'ic he -simuld scorn . . . 
/;•-/. Stay, Miclial: Aureole, 1 

speak guardedly 
And gravely, knowing well, whate'er 

ynir error, 
This is no ill-considered choice of 

\u sudden fancy of an ardent hoy. 
\cit from your own conliding wiirds 

Am I aware your passionate heart lont; 


< iuve liirth to, nourished, and at ler.j^th 

This scheme. I will not speak of 

\Vhcre I was born your elder hy some 

Only to watch you fully from the first : 
I !i all heside, i mr mutual tasks were lixed 
1 Aen then — "twas mine to have you in 

my view 
.•\s you had your own soul and those 

NN'liich fdled it when, to crown your 

dearest wish, 
With a tumultuous heart, you left with 


< )ur childhood's home to join the 

favoured few 
Whom, here at Wlirxburi;, Tritheim 

deigns to teach 
A (xirtion of his lore : and not the l)€st 

Of those so (liviiured, whom ynu n'.\s 

( ".ink- e.wne-.t as )ou came ; re^'ilved, 

like you, 
Tor^ra.ipail,aiul retain all,. and deserve 
11} patient toil a \\ ide reno\M\ like hi-.. 
And this new ardour which supjjlanls 

the old, 
I waiihed, too; 'twas significant .md 

In one matched to his soul's content 

at leii-lh 
With ii\.ds in the search for Wisdom's 

To see the sudden pause, the total 

clianj;e ; 
i-"romc'iiilest,the transition lore[)ose — 
I'rom pressing onward as his tellows 

To a lilank idleness; yet most unlike 
riie dull s!ai;natii m of a s< 'ul, content. 
Once foiled, to leave betimes a thrive- 
less (juest. 
That careless bearing, free from all 

Even of contempt for what it ceased 

to seek — • 
Smilini; humility, praising much, yet 

What it professed to praise — though 

not so well 
Maintained but that rare outbreaks, 

fierce as brief. 
Revealed the hidden scorn, as quickly 

curbed — • 
Tliat ostentatious show of ]iast defeat. 
That ready acquiescence in contempt, 
I deemed no other than the letting go 
His shivered sword, of one about to 

Tpon his foe's throat ; but it was not 

thus : 
Not that way looked your broixling 

purpose then. 
l''or aiter-signs disclosed, wiiat you 

That you prepared to task to the 

\ uUi' SLiern^tn, lii lurtncraricc o* a 

certain aim, 
Which— while it bore the name your 

rivals gave 



Tlieir own nvist puny cfTorts -w.,s sn 

III s>i)|)o lli:it it lln-ii Ih-s' 

(■|inil>iii(ii llii-m, and dc^iriMl tn i^.iiii 

one |.ti/c 
In place of iiiai)y,--lhc secret "f the 

' >f man, and man's trm- purpusc, path, 

ami (ate ; 
— That y. HI, nut luirsin^' as a mere 

vas^'ue dream 
This piiip.)se, with the suites of the 

Have slriu:k i:pon a wav to this, if all 
N>'ii tru-t lie Hue, which followini,'. 

heart and soul, 
Voii, if a man may, dare aspire to 

And that this aim shall tlilTer from a 

<)f aims alike in character and kind, 
Miistiy in this,- 1(1 seek its own reward 
In itself <, Illy, not an alien end 
'I » blend theiewilh ; nuiiojH.', nor fear, 

nor joy, 
Nor Woe, to elsewhere move you, Init 

this pure 
I)evotion to .sustain you or hetray : 
Thti^ you as[)ire. 

/'iir. \'na shall not state it thus : 
I shouhi not diller from the dreanjy 

Vou sjieak of I profess no other 

In the Selection of my lot, than this, 
A ready answer to the will of ( lod 
Who suinnioiis me to he his organ : all 
Whose innate strenj^lh supports them 

shall succeed 
No better than your satjes. 

y-fs/. Such the aim, then, 

(lod sets before y(ju ; and 'lis douht- 

less need 
That He appoint no less the way of 

'I'han the desire to praise ; for, thoui-h 

I hold 
With vou. the settinp forth such nrnis<» 

to be 
The natural end and service of a 

' And think such praise is liest atfainpd 

\\ lien man 
Attains the ^jeneral welfare of Ids 

kind — 
\'ei, tills, the end, i^ not the instrument, 
i'lesiime not to serve ( lod apart from 

ApiKiihtrd channel as He wills shall 

Im|Krfect triluitcs - for tliat sole 

\alued, perchance. He seeks not 

that his altars 
{'•laze —careless how, so that they du 

but blaze. 
.Sup[)ose this, then ; that (jod selected 

To K\i)\v (heed well your answers, 

ior my faith 
Shall meet implicitly what they aftirm) 
I cannot think you dare annex to suili 
.Scleinion aiij^lit bey<ind a steadfast will, 
-\n inierise hope, nor let your gifts 

.Scorn or neglect of ordinary means 
( onducive to success — make destiny 
l>is|) -nse with man's endeavour. Now, 

dare you search 
^'our inmost heart, and caiididly avow 
Whether you have not rather wild 

I'"or this distinction, than security 
< )t its existence ; whether you discern 
The path to the fullilmeiit of your 

Clear as that purpose — and aj;ain, 

tiial jii.rpose 
(Jlear as your yearning to be singled 

I'"or its pursuer. Dare you answer this? 
/\ir. {After a pause). No, I have 

nought to fear ! W'ho will niay 

The secret'st workings of my soul. 

What th(. ugh 
It be so? — if indeed the strong desire 
Eclipse the aim in me ?— if splendour 

l_Tnon the outset of my t^ath alone 
And duskest shade succeed ? What 

fairer seal 
Shall I require to my authentic mission 


Tlum iKis fierce cncr^,'y ?— ihJN iiisiinct 


liicauM' its nature is to strive?— cnliceil 

l',v liu- scLiiiity of no broad coiir'>>', 
V. ! !i no Mii'(c» fori'vtr in its cy'"» ! 
1 1 ,w know 1 else such ijloriou-. f.ite 

my own, 
I'.nt in the risilcss im-.istilile force 
lint works witliin nie .•* ls> it for 

iiuiiLin uiU 
To in -titutc such iinpiilscs ? still loss, 
To(ii>rfi;arii their [jronijitini^s .■' W' 

sSmuM I 
l)ii, kept ainon;,' you all ; your loves, 

ywur caris, 
\'.]iir life — all to lie inino? lie sure 

that (iod 
Ne'er (looms to waste the strength He 

dei^jns inijKirt ! 
.\~k the gier-eaylc why she stoops at 

Into the vast and iine\|)lored ahyss, 
What lull t;rowii power informs her 

friini the first. 
Why she liot marvels, strenuously 1 

heatinj^ I 

And every object shall l>e chari'cd to 

I <'a< ii, ^;raliry, hir master (iod 

ap[)oinIs .■' 
Ami I am youii^;, my I'esius, happy 

and free ! 
I cm devote myself; I h.ive a life 
To j^ive ; I, siiij^lcd out for this, the 

One ! 
Think, think ; the wide cast, where 

old \Vis<liim sprung; ; 
The liri^;lit south, where she clwelt; 

the ho])elul north. 
All are parsed o'er— it lij;hts on me ! 

"lis time 
New hw|H;s should animate the world. 

new lit;ht 
Should dawn from new revealin^s to 

a race 
W'ei^hi d down so lon^, lor^otten so 

lon^ ; So shall 
The heaven reser\ed for us, at last 

("reatures whom no unwonted sjilen- 

doiirs tiiiiid, 
Hut ardent to confront the unclouded 

Tlie silent boundless regions of the i lilaze 

^kv ! Whose lieams not seldom blessed their 

];■: >\iic they sleep not whom CkkI i pil^rimai^e, 

i,ee<ls ! Nor fear I N't seUloin ^liiritie<l their life below. 

Their hohliuLj light his charge, when 1 /-Is/. My wurds have their old fate 

every hour I and make faint stand 

That hiids tliat charge delayed, is a i At;iinst your glowing jH-Tiixls. Call 

new death. this, truth — 

This fir the faith in which I trust ; Why not pursue it in a fist retreat. 

aial hence 
1 can alijure so well the idle arts 
Tiie-e j)edants strive to leaiii and 

teach; Black Arts, 
( ireat Works, the Secret and Sublime, 

tiirsiHith — 
Let. others jiri/e : too intimate .a tie 
( Diuiccis me with our ( iotl I A sullen 

To do my biddins,, fallen and hatefid 


S"iiio une of I.c.irning's many pal. ices, 
Afterapproved e\am|ile; seekini^there 
t_aln» converse with the great, 

soul to soul, 
Who laid up treasure with the like 

— So lift yourself into their airy plaje, 
And fill out full theii unfulfilledcareers. 
Unravelling the knots Iheirbaflled skill 
Pronounced inextricable, true !— !:ut 


Tohelp uie--what are these, at best, | l'"ar less confused? A fresh eye. a 

bf -(le I fresh hitiil, 

t'.'id hehiiiii:, (iod dirediiii: every- ; Might do much at their vigour's 

where, I waning pi >int ; 

So that the earth .siiall yield lier Succeeding with ncw-brealhedandear« 

secrets up, 1 nest force, 



As at eld games a runner snatched the 

From runner still : this way success 

nii;4ht he. 
But ynu have coupled with your enter- 
An ,irl>iirary sflf-repu_i;nant scheme 
()( seckiiiij it in strange and untried 

What books are in the desert ? writes 

t!ie sea 
The secret of her yearning in vast caves 
Where vours will fall the first of iuniian 

feet ? 
Has Wisdom sate there and recorded 

Yon press to read ? Why turn aside 

from her 
To visit, where her vesture never 

Now — solitudes consigned to barren- 
By God's decree, which who shall dare 

impugn ? 
Now— ruins where she paused but 

Would not stay. 
Old ravaged cities that, renouncing 

She called an endless curse on, S(j it 

came — 
Or, worst of all, now^ — men you 

visit, men, 
Ignohlest troops that never heard her 

Or hate it, men without one gift from 


Rival or helper, friend, foe, all would 

In the broad class of those who 

showed her haunts, 
And those who showed them not. 

/''ir. What shall 1 s.iy ? 

Festus. from childhood I have been 

By a fire by a true fire, or faint or 

As from without some master, so it 

Repressed or urged its current : this 

but ill 
Expresses what I would convey — but 

I will believe an angel ruled me 

Than that my soul's (jwn workings, 

own high nature. 
So became manifest. I knew not 

What whispered in the evening, and 

spoke out 
.-\t midnight. If some, born 

too s(K)n, 
Were laid away in some great trance 

— the ages 
Coming and going all the while — till 

Ilis true time's advent, and could 

then record 
The words they spoke who kept 

watcli by lijs bed,-— 
Then I nn'ght '.ell more of the breath 
so li.'ht 

Or Athens,— these shall Aureole's Upon my eyelids, and the nn-ers 

teachers be ! 
Rejecting past example, practice, 

.\;dle--s 'mid these he thinks to stand 

alone : 
Thick like a glory round the 

Your rivals tlirong, the sages : here 

stand you ! 
W^hate'er you may protest, knowledge 

is not 
l\irni!!<uin.t in yiiM!- !(!vi' : or for her 

Vou would collect all help from every 

source — 

Among my hair. Youth is confuted ; 

yet never 
So (lull was I but, when that sjurit 

I turned to him, scarce consciously, 

as turns 
A water-snake when fairies cross his 

And having this within me and about 

While Fmsiedehi, its mountrdns, 

lakes, and woods 
Confined me— what oppressive joy 

was mine 




When life grew plain, and I first 

vie\V''(I the thronL^cd, 
The ever-moving concourse of man- 

I'.eUcve that ere I joined them— ere I 

The i)iir|iose of the pageant, or the 

("■^iied to tne within its ranks — 

while ye I 
W'linder freshest and delight 

niii>t pure— 
'Tuns then that least supportatjlc 

A staii'in with the brightest of the 

A iiuriiiu with the proudest of them 

all 1 
And from the tumult in my breast, 

this only 
Could I collect — that I must thence- 

furth die, 
( )r ehvate myself far, far above 
The LV'Tseous spectacle. I seemed 

to long 
At uiice to trample on, yet save .uan- 

kiiid — 
To make some unexampled sacrifice 
in their behalf — to wring some 

wondrous good 
1 roin heaven or earth for them — to 

peri -h, w inning 
Kternal Weal in the act : as \\ ho should 

riuek out I'lie angry thunder from its 


Th;it.all its gathered llame discharged 

• 'ii Inm, 
No >u>nn miL^lit threaten summer's 

a/Aire sleep : 
Net ne\er to lie mixed with men so 

As to liave part even in my own work 

— .^hare 
lii my own largess. Once the feat 

1 wonlil withdraw from their officious 

W:.:!:! ,.: .'ly put ssido thtif pr-fu=c 

tiiaiiks : 
Like some knight traversing a wilder- 

Who, on his way, may chance to free 

a tribe 
Of desert-people from their dragon- 
foe ; 
When all the swarthy race press round 

to kiss 
I lis feet, and choose him for their king, 

and yield 
Their poor tents, pitched among the 

sand-hills, for 
His realm ; and he points, smiling, to 

his scarf, 
Heavy with riveled gold, hisburgonet, 
(lay set with twinkling stones — and to 

the east. 
Where these must be displayed ! 

/■es/. Good : let us hear 

\o more about your nature, "which 

fir;t shrank 
" yrom all that marked you out apart 
from men I " 
/'.:;•. I touch on that ; these words 
but analyse 
That first mad impulse — 'twas as brief 

as fond ; 
J"or as I gazed again upon the show, 
I soon distinguished here and there a 

Palm-wreathed and radiant, forehead 

and full eye. 
Well pleased was I their state should 

thus at once 
Interpret my own thoughts:— "Behold 

the clue 
"To all,-' I rashly said, "and what I 

"To do, thvse have accomplislied : 

wo are peers I 
"They know, and therefore rule : I, 

too, will know ! " 
Yi m w ere beside me, Fest U';, as you say ; 
Vou saw me plunge in their pursuits 

whom Fame 
Is lavish to attest the lords of mind ; 
Not pau>ing to make sure the prize in 

Would satiate my cravings when ob- 
tained — 
p..f -;.>(•;. {hev 'trove I strove. Then 

came a slow 
And strangling failure. We aspired 





Yet not the meanest plodder Tritheini 

Rut faced ine.all-suli.Jent, all-content. 
Or staggered only at his own strong 

wits ; 
While I was restless, nothing satisfied. 
Distrustful, most perplexed. I would 

slur over 
That struggle ; suffice it, that I loathed 

As weak compared with them, yet felt 

A mighty power was brooding, taking 

Within me : and this lasted till one 

When, as I sate revolving it and more, 
A still voice from without said — 

" See'st thou not, 
" Desponding child, whence came 

defeat and loss ? 
" Even from thy strength. Consider : 

hast thou gazed 
" Presumptuously on Wisdom's coun- 
" No veil between ; and can thy hands 

which falter 
" Unguided by thy brain the mighty 

"Continues to absorb, pursue their 

" On earth like these around thee — 

whit their sense 
"Which radiance ne'er distracted, 

clear descries ? 
"If thiiu wouldst share their fortune, 

choose their life, 
" Unfed by splendour. Let each tusk 

" Its petty good to thee. Waste not 

thy gifts 
"In profitless waiting for the gods' 

" But have some idol of thine own to 

"With their array. Know, not for 

knowing's sake, 
" T>ut to bci-omea star to me;i forever. 
"Know, for the gain it gets, the 

praise it brings, 
"The u;)iider it inspires, the luvc it ] 


" Look one step onward, and secure 

that step." 
.•\nd I smiled as one never smiles but 

once ; 
Then first discovering my own aim's 

Which sought to comprehend the 

works of God, 
And (.lod himself, and all (]od's inter- 
With the human mind ; I understood, 

no less. 
My fellows' studies, whose true worth 

I saw. 
But smiled not, well aware who stood 

by me. 
And softer came the voice — "There 

is a way — 
"'Tis hard for to tread therein, 

" With frailty — hopeless, if indulgence 

" Have ripened inborn germs of sin 

to strength : 
"Wilt thou adventure for my sake 

and man's, 
" Apart from all reward ? " And last 

it breathed — 
' Be happy, my good soldier ; I am 

by thee, 
" Be sure, even to the end ! " — I 

answered not. 
Knowing Him. As He spoke, I was 

With c<jmprehension and a steadfast 

will ; 
And when lie ceased, my brow was 

scaled His own. 
If there took place no special change 

in me, 
How conies it all things wore a 

different hue 
Thenceforward ? — pregnant with vast 

consecpience — 
Teeming with grand results — loaded 

with fate ; 
So that when quailing at the nnghty 

Of secret truths which yearn for birth, 

I haste 
To cintcmplate undazzicd soinn cjic 




Its beann£::s and efTects alone — at once 
What vvas\-x speck expands into a star. 
Asking; a life t(i pass exploring; tluis, 
Iill 1 near craze. I go to prove my 

soul ! 
i see my way as birds their trackless 

I shall arrive ! what time, what circuit 

I ask not: but unless Godsend IIis 

Or blinding fireballs, sleet, or stifling 

In some lime— His good time— I shall 

arrive : 
He guides me and the bird. In His 
tjood time ! 
^ii•■h. Vex Him no further, Festus ; 

it is so ! 
Fcst. Just thus you help me ever. 
This would hold 
Were it the trackless air, and not a 

Inviting you, distinct with footprints 

Of many a mighty spirit gone that 

Vou may have purer views than theirs, 

l!ut they were famous in their day — 

the proofs 
RL-main. At least accept the light 
thev lend. 
Par. Their light ! the sum of all is 
hriftly this : hilioured, and grew famous; 

and the fruits 
Are best seen in a dark and groaning 

C.iven over to a blind and endless 

With evils, which of all your Gods 

Xo ; I reject and spurn them utterly, 
And all they teach. Shall I sail sit 

Their dry wells, with a white lip and 

filmed eye. 
While in the distance heaven is blue 

Mountains where sleep the unsunned 

Fest. And yet 

As strong delusions have prevailed 

ere now : 
Men have set out as gallantly to seek 
Their ruin ; I have beard of such— 

Avow all hitherto have failed ai..l 
Mich. Nay, Festus, when but .as 
the pilgrims faint 
Through the drear way, do you ex- 
pect to see 
Their city dawn afar amid the 
Par. Ay, sounds it not like some 
old well-known tale ? 
For me, I estimate their works an(l 

So rightly, that at times I almost 

I too have spent a life the sages' way, 
And tread once more familiar paths. 

I perished in an arrogant self-re- 
, An age ago ; and in that act, a 

For one more chance went up so 

earnest, so 
Instinct with better light let in by 

That life was blotted out— not so 

But scattered wrecks enough of it 

Dim memories ; as now, when seems 

once more 
The goal in sight again : all which, 

Is foolish, and only means— the flesh 

I wear, 
The earth I, are not more clear 

to me 
Than my belief, explained to you or 
Fest. And who am I to challenge 
and dispute 
That clear belief? I put away all 
Mkh. Then Aureole is Gcxl's com- 
missai) 1 iic shall 
Be great and grand — and all for us ! 





Par. ^''). sweet I Kxtravagant when claimed by me 

Not great and grand. If I can serve 

lleing so a gift to them as well as me. 
If danger daunted me or ease se- 
How calmly their sad eyes should 

gaze reproach ! 
A/!i-/i. O Aureole, can I sing when 

all alone, 
Without tirsi calling, in my fancy, 

To listen by my .iide — even I ! And 

yon ? 
Do you not feel this?— >ay that you 

feci this ! 
/'(.v. I feel 'tis pleasant that my 

;li^l^, at length 
Allowt'd their weight, should be 

supposed to need 
A further sirenglhening in tliese 

goodly helps I 
My course aliuie's for ils own sake — 

its sole 
Intrinsic worth ; and r.e'er shall boat 

of mine 
Adver.ture forlii for guM and ajies at 

\'()ur sa;'es sav, " if human, therefore 

weak : " ■ 
If weak, more need to give myself 

To my pursuit ; and by its side, all 

else ... 
Xo matter I I deny myself but little 
In waiving all assistance save its 

own — 
Would there were son\e real sacrifice 

to make ! 
Vour friends the sages threw their 

joys away, 
While I must be content with keep- 
ing mine. 
/■'fi\'. But do not cut yourself from 

human weal ! 
Vou cannot tlirive — a man that dares 

A rampart of my fellows ; it should i afte.n 

To spend his life in service to his 

'Tis well — but there our intercourse 

nuist end : 
I never will be served by those I 
/■'e/. Look well to this ; here is a 
])lague-sp<)t, here. 
Disguise it Imw you may ! 'Tis true, 

you uller 
This scorn while by our side and 

loving us ; 
'Tis but a spot as yet; but it will 

Into a hideous blotch if overlooked. 
How c;.n that course be safe which 

from the first 
Produces carelessness to human 

It seems you have abjured the lie-lps 

whicii men 
Who overpass their kind, as y.u 

would do, 
Have humbly sought — I dare not 

liiiir"Uglily prohe 
This matter, lest I learn loo much: 

let be, 
'^hat popular praise would little in- 
Vour efforts, nor particular approval 
Reward you ; put reward aside : 

Vou shall go forth ujion your arduous 

None shall assist you, none partake 

your toil, 
None share your triumph— still you 

must retain 
Some one to cast your glory on, to 

Vour rapture with. Were f elect 

like you, 
I would encircle me with love, and 


Impossible for me to fail, so watched 
15v gentle friends who made my 

cause their ••■•'•••"• ; 
They should ward olT l'"ate's envy— 

the great gift, 

For no reward of theirs, nor bound 

t.i th.eni 

I?y any tie ; n<ir do so. Aureole ! 


There are strange punishments for 

such. Give up 
(Although no visible good flow thence) 

some part 
Of the glory to another ; hiding thus. 
Even from yourself, tliat all is for 

Say, say almost to God—" I have 

done all 
" For her— not for myself ! " 
J'ar. And who, 

but lately, 
W'.is to rejoice in my success like 

you ? 
Whom should I love but both of 
you ? 
/•>,/. I know not : 

Hut know this, you, that 'tis no wish 

of mine 
You should abjure the lofty claims 

you make ; 
Although I can no longer seek, 

indi f . 
To overlook the truth, that there will 

A monstrous spectacle upon the 

];eneath the pleasant sun, among the 

trees : 
— A being knowing not what love is. 

Hear me ! 
Vou are endowed with faculties which 

Annexed to them as 'twere a dispen- 
To summon meaner spirits to do 

their will. 
And gather round them at their need ; 

Such with a love themselves can 

never feel — 
rassionless 'mid their passion.ate 

I know not if you joy in this or no, 
Or ever dream that common men can 

On objects you prize lightly, but 

which make 
Their heart's sole treasure : the 

afrectif)ns seem 
Beauteous at most to you, which we 
must taste 


Or die : and this strange quality 

I know not how, with you ; sits well 

That luminous brow, though in 

another it scowls 
An eating brand— a shame. I dare 

not judge you : 
The rules of right and wrong thus 

set aside. 
There's no alternative — I own you 

Of higher order, under other laws 
Than bind us ; therefore, curb not 

one bold glance ! 
'Tis best .ispire. Once mingled with 

us all. . . . 
Mich. Stay with us, Aureole ! cast 

those hopes away, 
And stay with us ! An .angel warns 

me, too, 
Man should be humble; you .are 

very proud : 
And God, dethroned, has doleful 

plagues for such ! 
lie warns me not to dread a quick 

Nor slow defeat, but a complete 

success ! 

You w ill find all you seek, and perish 

so ! 

Par. {after a pause). Are these 

the barren first fruits of my life ? 

Is love like this the lot of all ? 

How many years of pain might one 

such hour 
O'erbalance ? Dearest Michal, dearest 

What shall I say, if not that I desire 
To merit this your love ; and will, 

dear friends, 
In swerving nothing from my first 

See, the great moon ! and ere the 

mottled owls 
Were wide awake, I was to go. It 

\'ou acquiesce at last in all save 

this - 
If I am like to coni])ass what I seek 
liy the untried career I cbuie ; arxu 



If that career, making but small 

Of much of life's delight, will yet 

Sufficient to sustain my soul — for 

I iin(ierstan<I these fond fears just 

And first ; the lore you praise and I 

The labours and the precepts of old 

I have not slightly disesteemed. 

But, friends, 
Truth is within ourselves ; it takes 

no rise 
I'roin outward things, whate'er you 

may believe : 
There is an inmost centre in us all, 
Where truth abides in fulness ; and 

Wall upon wall, the gross (lesh hems 

it in. 
This perfect, clear perception — which 

is truth ; 
A bathing and perverting carnal 

Blinds it, and makes all error : and, 

'' to kncv'' 
Rather consists in opening out a way 
Whence the imprisoned splendour 

may escape. 
Than in effecting entry for a light 
Supposed to be without. Watch 

The demonstration of a truth, its 

And you trace back the effluence to 

its spring 
And source w ithin us, where broods 

radiance va>t. 
To be elicited ray by ray, as cliance 
Shall favour: chance — for hitherto, 

your sage 
liven as he knows not how those 

beatns are born. 
As httle knows he what unlocks their 

fount ; 
And men have oft grown old among 

their books 
To die, case-hardened in their ignor- 

Whose careless youth had promised 

what long years 
Of unremitt'.'d labour ne'er per- 
formed : 
While, contrary, it lias chanced some 

idle day. 
That autumn loiterers just as fancy- 

As the midges in the sun, have oft 

given vent 
To truth — produced mysteriously as 

Of cloud grown fuit of the invisible 

Hence, may not truth be lodced alike 

in all, ^ 

The lowest as the highest? some 

slight film 
The iiuerposing bar wliich binds it 

And makes the idiot, just as makes 

the sage 
Some film removed, the happy outlet 

Truth issues proudly ? See this soul 

of ours ! 
IIow it strives weakly in the child, is 

In manhood, clogged by sickness, 

back compelled 
By age and waste, set free at last by 

death : 
Why is it, flesh enthralls it or en- 
thrones ? 
What is this flesh we have to pene- 
trate ? 
Oh, not alone when life flows still do 

And power emerge, but also when 

strange chance 
Kufiles its current ; in unused con- 
When sickness breaks the body- 
hunger, watching, 
Excess, f)r languor — oftenest death's 

ai)])r(iacii — 
Peril, deep joy, or woe. One man 

shall crawl 
Through life, surrounded with all 

stirnnf*" tliiiv"^ 
Unmoved — and he goes mad; and 
from the wreck 



Of what he was, by his wild talk 

You first collect how great a spirit he 

Therefore, set free the soul alike in 

Discovering the true laws hy which 

the flesh 
llurs in the spirit ! We may not be 

To ccjpe with serapho, but at least 

the rest 
.Shall cope with us. Make no more 

i;i:uus, Ciod .' 
but elevate the race at once ! We 

To put forth just our s»-ength, our 

Ininian strength. 
All starting fairly, all equipped 

(l.lU'd alike, all engle-eyed, true- 
hearted — 
See if we cannot beat thy angels 

yet ! 
S.ich is my task. I go to gather 

The sacred knowledge, here and 

there dispersed . 

About the world, long lost or never 

And why should I be, or lorn of 

\\ iiy ever make man's good distinct 

Irom God's? 
< 'r, fmding they are one, why dare 

^^ ho shall succeed if not one pledged 

like me? 
Mine is no mad attempt to build a 

Apart from llis, like those who set 

To find the nature of the spirit they 

.A.nd, taught betimes that all their 

gorgeous dreams 
^\ere only born to vanish in this 

Keiused to fit them to this narrow 

but chose to figure forth another 

And other frames meet for their vast 

desires, — 
Still, all a dream ! Thus was life 

scorned ; but life 
Shall yet be crowned : twine amar- 
anth I I am priest ! 
And all for yielding with a lively 

A poor existence — parting with a 

Like theirs who scjuander every 

Convertible to good, on i)ainted 

lireath-bubbles, gilded dust ! And 

though I spurn 
-Vll adventitious aims, from empty 

To love's award, yet whoso deems 

such hel[is 
Important, and concerns himself for 

May know even these will follow with 

the rest — 
As in the steady rolling Mayne, 

Yonder, is mixed its mass of schistous 

My own affections, laid to rest awhile. 
Will waken punlied, subdued alone 
By all I have achieved ; till then — 

till then . . . 
Ah ! the time-wiling loitering of a 

Through bower and over lawn, till 

eve shall bring 
The stately lady's presence whom he 

loves — 
The broken sleep of the fisher whose 

rougti coat 
I-2nwia])S the queenly pearl — these are 

faint types ! 
See how they look on me — I triumph 

now ! 
liut one thing, Festus, Michal ! — I 

have told 
All I shall e'er disclose to mortal : 

Do you believe I sliall accoinnlish 
this ? 
Fest. I do believe .' 
Mich. I ever did believe i 



Par. Those words sliall never fade 

fniin oul ii\y hraiti ! 
This earnest of llie end shall never 

fa.ic ! 
Are there not, I'estus, are lliere not, 

dear Michal, 
Two points in the adventure of the 

diver : 
One — wlien, a l>ei;j;ar, he prepares to 

()ne--when, a prince, he rises with 

liis ])earl ? 
Festiis, I phinc;c ! 

Fest. I wail you when you rise 1 


S< ■ I-; N i:. — Constatttinap'i-. — "7 "ne 
House of the Greek-conjurer." 1521. 


Over the waters in the vaporous 

The sun goes down as in a sphere of 

lieliinci the outstretched city, which 

With all that length of doifes and 

Athwart the s])lendour, black and 

crooked runs 
Like a Turk verse along a scime- 

There lie. thou saddest writing, an*! 

Relieve my aching sight. 'Tis done 

at last ! 
Strange — and the juggles of a sallow 

Could win me to this act ! 'Tis as yon 

Should voyage unwreck'd o'er many 

a mountain-top 
And break upon a molehill. I have 

Come to a p-, with knowledge ; 

scan for once 
The lu'iL;hts already reach'd, without 


To the extent above ; fairly Com- 
What I have clearly gained ; for once 

My future which should finish and 

All half-gains, and conjectures, and 

mere hopes — 
And tliis, because a fortune - teller 

His credulous encpiirers write thus 

Their previous life's attainment, in 

h:s book, 
Before his promised secret, as he 

Make that life perfect : here, accord- 

'Mid the imcouth recordings of such 

— Scrawled in like fashion, lie my 

life's results ! 

These few blurred characters suffice 

to note 
A stranger wandered long through 

many lands, 
A*id reaped the fruit he coveted in a 

Di.scoveries, as appended here and 

The fragmentary produce of much 

In a dim heap, fact and surmise 

Confusedly massed, as when acquired ; 

Too bent on gaining more to calndy 

And scrutinise the little which ho 

gained : 
Slipt in the blank space 'twixt an 

idiot's gibber 
And a mad lover's ditty — lies the 

ivholo ! 

And yet those blottings chroi.icle a 

A who'e life,- mine ! No thutig!;! to 

turn to act. 
No problem for the fancy, but a 




Swnt and decided, wusled past rt- j '' lli> cliamhcr till I know wluu I 

call, il«'f^ '■" , . , 

Or uurihy l)Ly<-iid per. Stay, turn Was it llit- liglit wind sani; it » cr 

ilicpa^e ihc^ca? 

And l;ike its cliani-c, — thus : what, 

ci'iiccriiin_L; " liic " 
])uc> this nnicmliranier scl down ? — 

•• We say 
'■'Time fleets, youth fades, life is 

an empty dream.' 
" 'Tis the mere echo of time ; and he 

whose heart 
" Heat first beneath a human heart, 

who-e speeeli 
" Was copied from a liuman tonijue, 

can never 
"Recall when he was livini^ yet 

knew not this. 
"Nevertheless long seasons come 

and go, 
" Till some one hour's ex[)erience 

.shows what nought, 
"lie deemed, could clearer show; 

and ever after 
" An allered brow, and eye, and j;ail, 

and speech 
•'Alti-t that now lie knows the 

adaL;e true 
'••Time lleils, youth fades, life is an 

empty dream.' " 

An en<l, a re-t ! strani;e how the 

notion, once 
Admitted, gains strength every mo- 
ment 1 Rest ! 
Where ki'i)t that thought io long? 

this throbbing brow- 
To cease — this beating heart to cease 

— its crowd 
Of gnawing th<iughts to cease ! — To 

dare lei down 
My strung, so high-strung brain— to 

dare unnerve 
My harassed o'ertasked frame -to 

know my place, 
— My portion, my reward, my failure 

Assi:;ned, made sure for ever ! — To 

lose myself 
Among the counuon creatures of the 

world — 
To draw some gain from having been 

a man — • 
Neither to hope nor fear — to live at 

length ! 
Oh. were it but in failure, to have 

rest : 
What, sunk insensibly so deep? 

Has all 
lleen undergone for this? Was this 

the prayer 
My labour (|ualified me U) present 
With no fear of refusal? Had I 

o< ,ne 
Carelessly through my ta>k, and so 

'pidged hi 
To moderate my hopes ; nay, were it 

ni 'W 
My sole concern to exculpate my- 
And lessen punisluuenl,- I could not 

An humbler mood to wait for the 
decree ! 
Klse. iiere I paused the old ( i reek's j >.'o, no. there needs not this; no, 

prophecy at'ler all. 

Is like to turn out true—" I shall At worst I have performed my share 

Ay, my brave chronicler, and this 

same lime 
As well as any : let my hour speak 

now I 

X'lW I I can go no farther; well or 

'Tis <]nnc. I must <l(sisi and uke 
my chance ; 

I cannot keep on the stretch ; "tis no 
back-shrinking — 

For let the least assurance dawn, 
some end 

To my toil seem possible, and I pro- 

At any price, l)y any sacrifice : 

not quit 

of the task : 




n ' 

Tlie rc.->t is Gild's concern — mine, 

nicrL'ly this, 
To kii..w ihiit 1 haveoljsiinatcly luld 
liy my own work. Tlie mortal 

wliose liravt; fimt 
Has trod, unscatlKil, ihc tcmnlc- 

coiiris sf) (ar 
'I hill lie discrics at len^'th the shrine 

of shrines, 
Must let no sneerint; of the demons' 

Whose wrath he met un.uiailinL'. 

follow sly 
And fasten (,n him, fairly i.asl their 

If where he stands he dares hut stay ; 

no, no — 
He must not stag^'er, faint and fil 

at last, 
— Knowin-; a charm to h.itllc thei.. ; 


lie hares his front— a mortal ventures 

Serene amid the echoes, I.easus, and 
glooms I 

If he be priest henceforth, or if he 

'I'he t,'o(l <if the place to ban and 

blast him there, — ■ 
Both well ! What's failure or success 

to me ? 

I have subdued my life to the one 

Ordained life ; there alone I caimot 

That only way I may be satisfied. 
ies, well have I subdued my life! 

The oblii^ation of my strictest vows. 
The contemplation of my wildest 

Which },'ave, in truth, my nature 

freely up. 
In what it should be, more than what 

it was — 
Conseniinsj that whatever passions 

Whatever impulses l.ay mmatured, 
Should wither in the j^'erm, -but 

scarce foreseeinr; 
That the soil, d,,oined thus to per- 
petual waste, 

Would .seem one day, rememl)cred 

in its youth 
Hcside the |)arched .sand-tract which 

n'lW it is. 
Already strewn with faint blooms, 

viewless then. 
I ne"er enj^'aged to root up loves so 

I felt them not ; yet now, 'tis very 

Some .s.ift spots had their birth in me 

at (Irst - 
If not love, say, like love : there was 

a time 
When yet this wollish hunt;er after 

Set n()t rem(irselessly love's claims 

aside ; 
This heart was human once, or whv 

recall ^ 

Minsiedeln, now, and Wiir/burt;, 

which the Mayne 
Forsakes her course to fold as with 

an arm ? 

And Festus— my poor i'Vstus, with 

his praise, 
.\nd counsel, and grave fears— where 

is he now? 
(Jr the sweet maiden, loiu' ai'o his 

bride ? 
I surely loved them— that last ni'dit. 

at least, 
When we . . . g,,ne \ gone ! the 

better : I am saved 
The .sad review of an ambitious 

Choked by vile lusts, unnoticed in 

their birth. 
Hut let grow up and wind around a 

Till action was destroyed. Xo, I 

have gone 
Purging my path successively of 

Wearing the disiant likeness of such 

I have made life consist of one 

Fro that was m.;stcr — up tiij iluit was 

born — 
I bear a memory of a pleasant hfe 



Whose small events I treasure; till 

one iiKirn 
I ran o'er llic scv.-n little t;r:issy 

St.irlliiii; I lie llucks of nameless hirds, 

In l\ll 

I'owr I'L'stus, leapin^j all the while for 


'Id leave all troui/le for futurity, 
>iiu:L' I hail just (letcriiiinecl to 

The i^i' iiest aiul mo>it j;lorious man 

oil tarlh. 
Aiul since thai morn all life has been 

forgot ; 
All ii one (lay — one only step 

The Muisel and the end : one tyrant 

Ali^i rliinj; all, fills up the interval — 
( )iic vast unlirokeii i:hain of thought, 

krpt up 
Throiii^h a career or friendly or 

To its existence: life, death, lij^ht 

and shade. 
The shows of the world, were hare 


< Ir indices of truth to he wrun;^ 


Xdl in>iruments of sorrow or de- 

I'lr some one truth woulil dimly 
heacon ine 

1 rom mountains rough with pines, 
ai ' flit and wink 

< )Vr (Li/zlint; wastes of fro/en snow, 

and tremhle 
Into as>ured light in some branchin'; 

Wlicie ripens, swathed in fire, the 

liquid gold — • 
And all the beauty, all the wonder 

(Jn either side the truth, as its mere 

robe ; 
Men saw the robe — I saw the august 

So fir, then, I have voyaged with 

So nuuh is good, then, in this work- 
ing sea 

Which parts nie from that happy 

strip of land - 
Hut o'er that lKH)py strij) a sun shone, 

too ! 

And fainter gleams it a-; the waves 

grow rough, 
And slill more faint as the se? 

widens; la-.t 
I sicken on a dead gulpli, streaked 

with light 
I'rom its own putrefying depllis 

alone ! 
Then -Ood wa-, pledged to take mo 

by the hand ; 
Now — any nii>erable juggler bends 
My pride to him. All seems alike 

at length : 
Who knows which are the wise and 

which the tools ? 
Ciod may take pleasure in confound- 
ing ptide 
l'>y hiding secrets wiih the secerned 

and base — 
lie who stoops lowest may find mcsr 

— in short, 
I am here ; and all seems natural ; [ 

start not : 
And never having glanced behind to 

If I had kept my primal light from 

Am thus insensibly grown — what I 

am ! 

Oh, bitter ; very bitter ! 

And more bitter, 
To fee a deeper curse, an inner ruin — 
riagu • beneath jjlague — the last turn- 
ing the first 
To light beside its darkness. Better 

My youth and its brave hopes, all 

dead and gone, 
In tears which burn ! Would I were 

sure to win 
Some startling secret in their atead 1 — 

a tincture 
Of f >rce to flush old age with youth, 

or breed 
Gold, or imprison muidilieaiiib tiil 

they change 
To opal sh*fu !— only thar., ■ .iling it 








In<liKnuiu lack, I ini^ht CDnvincc ! Mi^iakuii I'lc wiUl nur-.lint,' "'' "'V 

iii)silf lircaNt i 

My aims ri'iiuiiiK'l as ivtr su|ireiiic I Kriiisvle(l|;i' ii .sci'imi!, .iiid I'DWi-i, 

iiiid luirt" I I .mil UfcoiiiiKMiM' ' 

I'.vcn now, why nut desire, fir man- W.ts stu; who f^lidi <! llu ■ii;;h my 

kind's s \V^-, 
Tlial if I f.iil, .suiiic f.iiilt may lie the 

caiisL', — 
That, th'Hirjh I siiik, anutiier may 

succeed .■' 
OIikI, the despicalilc heart i if us I 
Shut out this hideous mockery from 

my heart I 

"Iwas politic in you, Aureole, to 

Sini;lc rewards, and ask tht'ni in the 

hmip ; 
At all events, once launched, to hold 

straif^'lit on : 
I-or now 'tis idl or i\oihin;^. Mii^hty 

\'our i;ains will hiin^; if they stop 

short c)f svich 
Full consunnn.ui.iu I As a man, you 

A certain share of streni^th, an<l that 

is ^onc 
Alreaily in the yetting these you 

Do not they seem to laUj^li, as who 

should say — 
" ( niasliT, wcarc here indeed; 

dr.iL;L;ed forth 
"To lit;ht : this hast thou done; he 

f^lad ! now, seek 
"The streni:;th to use which thou 

hast spent in getting I" 

And yet 'lis surely m\icli. "ti^ very 

nun h, 
Tims to have emptied youth of all its 

To feed a fire meant to hol<l out till 

Arrive with inexhaustilileli^dil ; andlo. 
I have heaped up my last, and day 

dawns not ! 
While I am left with grey hair, failed 

And fmrowed brow. I la, have I, 

aflcr all, 

ro. ni i>t ni;;hls. 
Who laid my head on her -,ift knees, 

and smoiithed 
The damp locks,— vshose -ly -oolhin^s 

jtl-.' I.e^;an 
When my sick spiiil < i.ived rejjose 

(io<l ! WIS I l'ij,'litinf; Sleep otf tor 

Death's >ake.'' 
(iiid! Thou art .Mind! Unto the 

Master- Mii.d 
Mind shudd be preciou^. Sjiiire my 

mind alone ! 
All else I will en<lure : if. as I stand 
Here, with my trains, '\\\- hunder 

smite 111" down. 
I bow me; "lis Thv will. Thy r.'i-iiieous 

will ; 
I o'erjiass life's restrictions, and I die : 
And if no trace of my c.ireer remain. 
Save .a thin corjjse at pleii ;ire ol the 

In the-e bright chandlers, level widi 

the air. 
See Thou to it I Hut if my spirit 

My once iiroud spirit forsake me at 

the la' ■.. 
I last Thou done well by me? So do 

not Thou ! 
(/rii-.h iiot my mind, ilear ("n 1, though 

I be i-nished I 
Hold me before the frecjuence of Thy 

And say "I .iusIumI him, lest he 

sli' m'd disl\;i b 
•' .My law. Men must not know their 

strength ; behold, 
" Weak and alone, how near he raised 


l!ul if delusiims trouble me — and 

Not seldom felt with rauture in Thv 

Tl'.roirdiont my toil and wanderings, 

doi>t intend 



Tu work man's welfare through uiy 

\sc.ik < ii<l<'ii\our- - 
r,)nii\Mi my I'l'Ti-il forchi-iul with a 

In nil 

I ruiu l liitK- own hlindini; crown— to 

Miiilc, :iii<l mii<le 
Thi> imny h.iiul, and kl the work so 

1 1. lined 
I;,' v\lcd my work,— hear me! I 

ciivct not 
.Ml iiitlu\ of new p'lwcr, an angel's 

Sold : 
II w<ro no nuirvcl then— Imt I have 

Thus far, a man; let nie conchule, a 

lu.ui I 
(,ivc l.ut one ho\ir of my first energy, 
( )i iiivincil)Ic faith — one only 

That I may cover with an eai^U'-glancc- 
The Iruilis I have, and spy some 

rtilain way 
T. . in. .iilil them,and completini^ them, 

[lunsess .' 

\t:\ Ciod is };ood : I started sure of 

And why dispute it now? I'll not 
Hut s- in\e undoubted warning long ere 

Had rcathcd me: Stars would v.rite 

His will in heaven, 
A> 1 nee when a laharum was not 

Too niurh for the old founder of these 

Then, it my life has not been natural, 
h lias been monstrous : yet, till late, 

my course 
So ardently ent;rnsscd me, that delight, 
A iiau-in^ and retlecting joy, 'tis plain, 
Thoui^h such were meant to follow us 

its fruit, 
Could find no place in it. True, I 

am worn ; 
but who clothes summer, w ho is Life 

(U:;!, ihp.t created all ihinfs, can 

renew ! 
.And then, though after-life to please 

me now 

Must have no likeness to the past, 

w hat hinders 
Reward frtim springing out of toil, as 

,., bursts the flower from earth, and 

root, and stalk ? 
What use were punishment, unless 

some sin 
lie first detected ? let me know that 

first ! 

( . //; /.>,//v'w ^'ithin) 

I hear a voice, pen hance I heard 

Long ago, but all loo low. 

So that sc.irce a thought was stirred 

If really sjxike the voice or no : 

I heard it in my youth, when first 

The waters of my life outtairst : 

but now their stream ebbs faint, 

The voice, still low, but fatal-clear— 
As if all I'oets, that Cod meant 
Should save the world, and therefore 

("ireat gifts to, but who, proud, refusetl 
To do His work, or lightly used 
Those gifts, or failed through weak 

And mourn, cast offbyllim for ever, — 
As if these leaned in airy ring 
To call me ; this the song they sing. 


' Lost, lost ! yet come. 
With our wan troop make thy 

home : 
("oiiie, come I for we 
Will not breathe, so much as 

Reproach to thee 1 
Knowing what thou sink'st 

beneath : 
So we sank in those old years. 
We who bid thee, come ! thou 

Wh<j, a living man, hast life 

And all together we, thy jx.-ers. 
Will pardon ask for thee, the bust 
Whose trial is done, wht)se lot is 

With those who watch, but work 

no more — 


Who gaze on life, but live no 

more : 

And yet we trusted thou shouldst 

r.<.ds message which our lips 
too weak, ' ' 

Refused to utter.-shouldst re- 

Our fault : such trust, and all, a 
dream ! ' 

So we chose thee a hri-lu hirth- 

richness ran to 


sing one song for 

Where the 

flowers — • 
Couldst not 

grace ? 

Nor make one blossom man's 
and ours ? 

Must one more recreant tojn's race 
i'lo wnl, unexertcJ powers, 

And j.Mn us, leaving as he found 
I he world, he was to loosen, 
Ijound ? ' 

Anguish ! ever and for ever ; 
>liil .eginnmg, ending never ' 
^t-t, l„st and last one, come ' 
How cniidst understand, alas, 
Uhat our pale gln.sts strove to 

As their shades did glance and 

Before thee, night ami day? 
Thou wert blind, as we were 
dumb : 

Once m.^re, therefore, come, O 

come ! 
I low shall we better arm the spirit 

Who next shall thy post of life in- 
herit — 

How guard him from thy ruin ? 

Here, where we sit, ever pursuing 
Our weary task, ever renewing 
l^harp sorrow, far from God who 

Our powers, and man they could 
not save ! " 

A spirit be. ler ar.ned, succeeding me ? 

lia, iia ; .,a, kmg that wouldst be. 

here at last ? ' 

Art thou the Poet who shall save the 

world ? 

Thy hand to mine. Stay, fix thine 

tyes on mine. 
Thou wouldst be king? Still fix 

thnie eyes on mine ! 
^''i'-- Ha, ha! why crouchest not? 

Am I not king? 
So torture is n(,t Wholly unavailin.r t 
Have my fierce spasms compeFled 

tnee from thy lair ? 
Art thou the S.ige I only seemed to 


Myself of after-time, n.y ^ery self 
^^lth sight^a little clearer, strength 

more firm, *" 

^Vho rol,s me of my prize and takes 

my place 
!• or just a fault, a weakness, a neglect ? 
1 scarcely trusted God with the 

That such might come, and thou 
aidst hear the while ! 
^l/r. Thine eyes are lustreless to 
mine ; my hair 
Is soft, nay silken soft : to talk with 

Flushes my cheek, and thou art ashy- 
pale, •' 

True, thou hast laboured, hast with- 
stood her lips. 
The siren's ! Yes, 'tis like thou hast 

attained ! 
Tell me, dear master, wherefore now 

thou coniest ? 
I thou,-ht thy solemn songs would 

nave their meed 
In after-time; that I should hear the 

KxuU in thee, an<l echo withthy praise, 
\Mule I w.,s laid forgotten in my 
grave. ■' 

A/r. Not so ! I know thee, I 
not thy dupe ' 
Thou art ordained to follow in 

Even as thou sayest, succeeding to mv 
place, " •' 

Reaping my sowing-as I scorned to 

The harvest sown by sages passed 
away. ^ 




^^"'^i -■■.'K:'W ^^^V^ y2^.1i 



Thou nrt the sober searcher, cautious 

A> if, except throuch nie, thon had'st 

SL-archLd cf striven ! 
Ay, tell the world ! Degrade me, 

after all. 
To an aspirant after fame, not 

To all Init envy of thy fate, he sure ! 
.-l/r. Nay, sing them to me ; I shall 

envy not : ' 
Thou shalt lie king ! Sing thou, and 

I will stand 
I'.eside, and call deep silence for thy 

An<l worship thee, as I had ne'er 

liecn meant 
To fill thy throne— but none shall 

ever know I 
Sing to me : for already thy wild eyes 
I'lilock my heart-springs, as some 

Reveals by some chance blaze its 

parent fount 
After long time— so thou reveal'st my 

soul ! 
All will flash forth at ', with thee 

to hear ! 
Far. (Ills secret ! my successo''< 

secret — fool !) 
I am he that aspired to KNOW— and 

J/r. I would LOVE infinitely, and 

be loved ! 
/'rr. Poor slave 1 I am thy king 

A/'r. Thou deem'st 

That— born a spirit, dowered even 

as thou. 
Born for tliy fate — because I could 

not curb 
Mv vcarnings to possess at once the 

I'.njoyment ; yet neglected all the 

'•f realising even the frailest joy 

O'er perils that o'erwhelm me, 

Neglecting nought lielow for au_;ht 

Despising nothing and ensuring all — 
Nor that I could (my lime to come 

Lead thus my spirit securely as thine 

own : 
Listen, and thou shalt see I know 

thee well. 
I would love infinitely . . . Ah, lost ! 

O ye who armed me at such 

Your faces shall I bear to see 

With your gifts even yet on 
me ? — 
Par. (Ah, 'tis some moonstruck 

creature after all ! 
Such fond fools as are like to haunt 

this den : 
They spread contagion, doubtless : 

yet he seemed 
To echo one forel>oding of my heart 
So truly, that . . . no matter ! How 

he stands 
With eve's last sunbeam staying on 

his hair 
Which turns to it, as if they were 

akin : 
And those clear smiling eyes of 

saddest blue 
Nearly set free, so far they rise above 
The painiul fruitless striving of that 

And enforced knowledge of those 

lips, firm -set 
In slow despondency's eternal sigh ! 
Has he, too, missed life's end, and 

learned the cause ?) 
Re calm, I charge thee, by thy fealty ! 
Tell me what thou wouldst be, and 

what I am. 
A/>r. I would love infinitely, and 

be loved. 

(latheiing no fragments to appea<^e : First : I would carve in stone, or 

my want, cast in brass. 

Vet nursing up that want till thus I The forms of earth. No ancient 

die — luiiiier, raised 

Thou deem'st I cannot trace thy safe, j Up to the gods by his renown ; no 

sure march, ( nymph 



• f 

Supposed the sweet soul of a wood- 
land tree. 

Or sap])hirine spirit of a twilight star, 

Should he too hard for me ; no shep- 

Regal with his white locks ; no youth 
who stands 

Silent and very cairn amid the 

His right hand ever hid heneath his 

Until the tyrant pass ; no law-giver ; 

No swan-soft woman, ru'jhed with 
lucid oils, 

Given by a god for love of her — loo 
hard ! 

Each p:i>sion sprung from man, con- 
ceived liy man. 

Would I express and clothe it in i<s 
right form, 

Or blend with others struggling in 
one form. 

f)r show repressed by an ungainly 

For, if you marvelled at some mighty 

With a fit frame to execute his will — 

Ay, even unconsciously to work his 
will — 

You should be moved no less beside 
some strong. 

Rare spirit, fettered to a stubborn 

Endeavouring to subdue it, and in- 
form it 

With its own splendour ! All this I 
Would do. 

And I would say, this done, " God's 
sprites being made, 

" He grants to each a sphere to be its 

" Appointed with the various objects 

" To satisfy its spiritual desires; 

" So, I create a world for these my 

" Fit to sustain their beauty and 
their strengili ! '' 

And, at tiie word, I would contrive 
and paint 

Woods, valleys, rocks, and plains, j I woidd supi)ly all chasms with music, 
dells, sands, and wastes, I breathing 

I^kes which, when morn breaks on 

their (juiveiing bed. 
Blaze like a wyvern flying round the 

sun ; 
And ocean-isles so small, the dog-fish 

A dead whale, who should find them, 

would swim tin ice 
Around them, and fare onward — all 

to hold 
The oft-,piingof my brain. Nor these 

ahjne — 
Bronze labyrinths, palace, pyramid, 

and crjpt, 
Baths, galleries, courts, temples, and 

Marts, theatres, and wharfs — all *\lled 

with men ! 
Men everywhere ! And this per- 
formed, in turn. 
When those who looked on, pined to 

hear the ho|)es. 
And fjars, and hates, and loves which 

moved the crowd, — 
I would throw down the pencil as 

the chisel. 
And I would speak : no thought 

which ever stirred 
A human breast should l>e untold ; 

no passions, 
No soft emotions, from the turbulent 

Within a heart fed with desires like 

mine — 
To the last comfort, shutting the tired 

Of him who sleeps the sultry nooti 

Beneath the tent-tree by the way-side 

well : 
And this in language as the need 

should be, 
Now poured at once forth in a burning 

Now piled up in a grand array of 

This done, tojierfect and consummate 

Even as a luminous haze links star to 



Mysterious notions of the soul, no 

To l)e defined save in strange 

Last, having thus revealed all I 

coiild love. 
And having received all love bestowed 

on it, 
I would die : so preserving through 

my Course 
( ,()(1 full on me, as I was full on men : 
And lie would grant my prayer — " I 

have gone through 
"All loveliness of life ; make more 

fir me, 
" If not f )r men — or take me to thyself, 
•■ llicinal, infinite Love 1 " 

If thou hast ne'er 
r, .nreived this miglity aim, this full 

Thou hast not passed my trial, and 

iIkiu art 
Xo King of mine. 

/!;/-. Ah me ! 

Apr. But thou art here ! didst not gaze like me upon 

that end 
Till thine own powers for compassing 

the bliss 
Were blind with glory ; nor grow 

mad to grasp 
At once the jirize long patient toil 

shi liid claim ; 
Nor s]nirii all granted short of that. 

And I 
Would do as thou, a second time : 

nay, listen — 
Knowing ourselves, our world, our 

task so great. 
Our time so brief,— 'tis clear if we 

The moans so limited, the tools so 

To execute our purpose, life will fleet, 
And we shall fade, and leave our task 

K.ather, grow wise in time : what 

though our work 
be fa.shioned in despite of their ill- 

Scf. iCc, 

r.e crippled every w.ay? 'Twere 
little praise 

Did full resources wait on our good 

At every turn. Let all be as it is. 
Some s.ay the earth is even so 

contrived tree, and flower, a vesture gay, 

A bare ami skeleton framework : 

we means 
That answered to our mind ! T.ut 

now I seem 
Wrecked on a savage isle : how rear 

My palace ? Branching palms the 

props shall be. 
Fruit glossy mingling; gems are for 

the east ; 
Who heeds them ? I can waive them. 

Serpents' scales, 
Birds' feathers, downy furs, and 

fishes' skins 
Must help me ; and a little here and 

Is all I can aspire to: still my art 
Shall show its birth was in a gentler 

"Had I green jars of malachite, this 

" I'd range them : where those sea- 
shells glisten above. 
" Cressets should hang, by right : this 

way we set 
" The purple carpets, as these mats 

are laid, 
"Woven of mere fern and rush and 

blossoming flag." 
Or if, by fortune, some completer 

Be spared to me, some fragment, 

some slight sample 
Of my own land's completer work- 
Some trifle little heeded there, but 

The place's one perfection — with 

what joy 
Would I enshrine the relic — cheer- 

I'oregoing all the marvels out of 

r--Ar1-, ! 
Could I retain one strain of all the 





Of the angels — one word of ihc fial 

of (lotl — 
Tij let iv.y folJDwers know what such 

thiiigs are ! 
I would adventure nobly for their 

saUes : 
When niyhts were still, and slill the 

nioanini; sea, 
And fir away I could descry the 

Whence I departed, whitlier I re- 
I would dispart the waves, and stand 

Oii.-e more 
At home, and load my hark, an<l 

hasten hack, 
And flin^ my stains before thcni, rich 

or poor - 
'• Friends," I would say, " I went 

far, far for them, 
"Past the hii^h rocks the haunt of 

iloves, the mounds 
"Of red earth from whose sides 

stranije trees j^row ci', 
" Past tracts of milk-white minute 

blinding sand, 
"Till, by a mighty moon, I trem- 
"Gathered these magic herbs, berry 

and bud, 
"In haste— not pausing to reject the 

" But happy plucking them at any 

"To me, who have seen them bloom 

in their own soil, I 

"They are scarce lovely : plait and 

wear them, you ! 
"And guess, from what they are, the ' 

S])rings that fed — j 

"The stars that sparkled o'er them, ; 

night by night, 
" The snakes that travelled far to sip I 

their dew ! " j 

Thus for my higher loves ; and thus 

even weakness 
Would win me honour. Rut not these 

Should claim my rare; for common 

life, its wants 
And ways, would I set forth in beau- 
teous hues ; 

The lowest hind should not possess a 

.V Tea;, but I'd !)e by him, saying 

Than he his own heart's language. I 

Would live 
I''or ever in the thoughts I thus ex- 
As a discoverer's memory is at- 
To all he finds : they should be mine 
j Imbued with me, though free to all 
I before ; 

I For clay, once cast into my soul's rich 
j mine 

! Should come up crusted o'er with 

gems : nor this 
I W(juld need a meaner spirit, than the 
I first : 

Xay, 'twould be but the selfsame 
I spirit, clothed 

In humbler guise, but still the self- 
same spirit — 
As one spring wind unbind . the 

mountain snow. 
And comforts violets in their herinit- 

Put, master, poet, who h.ast done all 

How didst thou 'scape the ruin I have 

met ? 
Did>t thou, when nerving thee to this 

Xe'er range thy mind's extent, as 

some wide hall. 
Dazzled by shapes that filled its length 

with light. 
Shapes clustered there to rule thee, 

not obey — 
That will not wait thy summons, will 

not rise 
Singly, nor when thy practised eye 

and hand 
Can well transfer their loveliness, but 

l!y thee for ever, bright to thy des- 
Didst tho!! ne'er c;a7c on each by 

turns, and ne'er 
Resolve to single out ow, though the 

Should vanish, and to give that 






I:i heauty, to liif world ; fnrt^etting, 


.•rs, whose nunihcr liafflfs mortal 

Anil, this determined, wcrt thou ne'er 

l;y memories, and regrets, and 

passionate love, 
To t;lance once n.ore farewell? and 

liiil tlieir eyes 
1 .LsXii thee, hriL;literand morehris^ht, 

Thou couklst but stagger back unto 

their feet, 
And laugh that man's applause or 

welfare once 
C'luld tempt thee to forsake them? 

( )r when years 
Had passed, and slill their love pos- 
sessed thee wholly ; 
When from without some murmur 

>;ariled thee 
' M" ilarl ,ing mortals, famished for 

one ray 
I )f thy rf)-hoarded luxury of light, 
l)i(ist thou ne'er strive even yet to 

break those spells, 
And prove thou couldst recover and 

Tiiyearly mission, long ago renounced. 
And, to that end, select some shape 

oi re more ? 
Ar.d did not mist-like influences, 

thick fdms, 
I'aint memories of the rest, that 

charmed so long 
Thhie eyes, lloat flist, confuse thee, 

bear thee off, 
As whirling snow-drifts blind a man 

who treads 
A mountain ridge, with guiding sjiear, 

tiitough storm ? 
S.iv, though 1 fell, I had excuse to 

fall ; " 
Say. I was tempted sorely : say but 


e are weak dust. Nay, clasp not, 

or I faint ! 
Apr. My king I and 


d out 

I f. 


rget my ri 

In thy success, as thf 





d, A 


Clasp me not thus, 
^)rile! . . . That the truth s'nould 
reach me thus ! 

Go bravely through the world at 

last ! What care 
Through me or thee? I feel thy 

breath . . . why, tears ? 
Tears in the darkness — and from thee 

to me? 
Par. Love me henceforth, Aprile, 

while I learn 
To love, and, merciful God, forgive 

us both ! 
We wake at length from weary 

dreams ; but both 
Have slept in fairy-land: though 

dark and drear 
Appears the world before us, we no 

Wake with our wrists and ancles 

jewelled still. 
L too, have sought to KNOW as thou 

to I.OVE— 

Excluding love as thou refusedst 

Still thou hast beauty and I, power. 

We wake : 
W'hat penance canst devise for both 

of us ? 
Apr. I hear thee faintly . . . the 

thick darkness ! Even 
Thine eyes are hid. 'Tis as I knew : 

I speak, 
And now I die. But I have seen 

thy face ! 
O, poet, think of me, and sing of 

me ! 
Hut to have seen thee, and to die so 

soon ! 
Par. Die not, Aprile : we must 

never part. 
Are we not halves of one tlissevered 


his =traR-p rhrinrp !!ri>tt-= 


om tr::3 

range chance unites 
once more? Part? never! 
Till thou, the lover, know ; and I, 
the knower. 



- 1 

],,,vc — until l)oth nre s;ivc<l. Aprile, 

iR'ar : 
We will accept our t;ains, and use 

them — now ! 
God, he will die uii'ui my lireast ! 
Aprile ! 
Apr. Ti) speak but once, and die ! 
yet l)y his side. 
Hush ! hu:,h ! 

Ha ! };o yu ever girt about 
With phantoms, powers? I have 

created such, 
But these seem real as I ! 

/',/;-, Whom can you see 

Through the accursed (larkne>s ? 

.//>;-. Slay ; I know, 

I know them : who should know 

them well as I ?— 
White brows, lit up \vith glory : 
poets all ! 
/(.->-. Let liim but live, and I have 

my reward ! 
Aj^r. Ves ; I see now — (Jod is the 
II-.RI'IXT I'oKr, 
Who in creation acts his own con- 
Sliall man refuse to be .aui^ht less 

than ( lod ? 
Man's weakness is his glory — for 

the strength 
Which raises him to heaven and near 

God's self, 
Came spite of it : (jod's strength his 

glory is, 
For thence cani2 with our weakness 

Which brought God down to earth, a 

man like us. 
Had you but told me this at first ! 
. . . Hush ! huh! 
rar. Live ! for my sake, because 
of my groat sin. 
To help my brain, oppressed by 'Jiese 

wild words 
And their deep import. Live ! 'tis 

not too late : 
I have a (juiet home for us, and 

Aiichalshaii smile on you . . . Hear 

you ? Lean tlius, 
And breathe my breath : I shall not 
lose one word 

Of all your sj^cch — no little word, 
Aprile ! 
Apr. Js'o, no . . . Crown me? I 
am not one of you ! 
'Tis he, the king, you seek. I am 
not one . . . 
J\ir. Give me thy spirit, at least! 
Let me love, too ! 

I have attained, and now I may de« 


Scr.VK — .7 rhainih-r ill the house of 
/'aracelsiis at Basil. 1526. 


Par. Heap logs, and let the blaze 

laugh out, ! 
I'est. True, true ! 

'Tis very fit that all, time, chance, 

and cliange 
Have wrought since last we sate thus, 

face to iACii, 
And soul to soul — all cares, far- 
looking fears, 
\'ague apprehensions, all vain fancies 

]5y your long absence, should be cast 

Forgotten in this glad unhoped re- 
Of our affections. 

l\ir. Oh, omit not aught 

Which witnesses your own and 

Michal's love ! 
I bade you not spare that ! Forget 

The honours and the glories, and the 

You seemed disposed to tell profusely 

Fcst. Nay, even your honours, in a 

sense, I waive : 
The wondrous Paracelsus— Life's dis' 

Fate'" cnmmis'vTrv, idol of tht 

And Courts, shall be no more thar 

Aureole still — 



!?iill Aureole and my friend, us when 

wo parlcd 
Sonic twenty yciirs ago, and I 

A-i I lie^l fciuld the promptings f)f my 

Which secretly advanced you, from 

the first, 
To ttie pre-eminent rank wliich. 

since, your own 
Adventurous ardour, noljly triumph- 

Has won f >r you. 
Par. \'es, yes ; and Michal's 

Siill wears that quiet and peculiar 

Like Uie dim circlet floating round a 

pearl ? 
F.t. Just so. 
]\ir. And yet her calm sweet 

ThouL^h saintly, was not sad; for she 

would sir.g 
Alone . . . Does she still sing alone, 

\''t dreaming j^ou are near? Her 

carols dropl 
In tlakesthrough that old leafy bower 

!)i'ilt under 
The sunny wall at NViirzhurg, from 

her lattice 
A.nong the trees above, while I, un- 
Sate conning some rare scroll from 

Tr.theim's shelves, 
Much wondering notes so simple 

could divert 
My niit.d fioin study. Those were 

happy tiays ! 
Kopect all such as sing when all 

I\s!. Scarcely alone— her children, 

vou may guess, 
Ale wild beside her . . . 

rar. Ah, those children quite 

Unsettle the pure picture in my 

mind : 
A girl— she was so perfect, so dis- 
tinct . . . 
\o change, no change ! Not but this 

added grace 

May blend and harmonize with its 

And Michal may become her mother- 
hood ; 

Hut 'tis a change— and I detest all 

And most a change in aught I loved 
long since I 

.So, Michal . . . you have said she 
thinks of me ? 
Fest. () very jjroud will Michal be 
of you I 

Imagine how we sate, long winter- 

Scheming and wondering — shaping 
your presumed 

Adventures, or devising their re- 
ward ; 

Shutting out fear with all the strength 
of hope. 

Though it was strange how, even 
when most scrure 

In our domestic ]ieace, a certain dim 

And flitting shade could sadden all ; 
it seemed 

A restlessness of heart, a silent 

A sense <jf something wanting, in- 
ccmiplete — 

Not to be put in words, perhaps 

By mute consent— but, said or unsaid, 

To point to one so loved and so long 


And then the hopes rose and shut out 

the fears — 
How you would laugh should I re- 
count thein now ! 
I still predicted your return at last 
With gifts beyond the greatest vaunt 

of all. 
All Triiheim's wondrous troop ; did 

one of which 
Attain renown by any chance, I 

smiled — 
As well aware of who would prove 

his peer. 
>iichal was sure some woman, long 

ere this, 
As beautiful as you were sage, had 

loved ^ . . 

i'-Kivn^KT-v '(■ 

r t 





Par. T'ar-sceing, truly, to dix cm 

so much 
In the fantastic fjrojocls .iiid day- 
Of a r.iw, restless l)oy ! 

Fi-sl, Say, one wliosc s\inrise 

Well warranted our failh in this full 

noon I 
Can I forj^et the anxious voire which 

" I'"esi\is, have thoughts like these 

e er shajied themselves 
" In olher brains than mine — have 

their possessors 
" Existed in like circumstance — were 

they weak 
"As I — or ever constant from the 

" Despisini^ youth's allurements, and 

"As spider-fdms the shackles I 

" Is there hope for me ? " — and 1 

answered grave 
As an acknowledged elder, calmer, 

More gifted mortal. O you must 

For all your glorious . . . 

Par. Cllorious? ay, this hair, 

These hands — nay, touch them, they 

are mine ! Recall 
With all the sad recallings, times 

when thus 
To lay them by your own ne'er 

turned you pale, 
As now. Most glorious, are they not ? 
]\-st. Why . . . why . . . 

Something must be subtracted from 

So wide, no doubt. He would be 

scruiHilous, truly. 
Who should (jbject such drawbacks. 

Still, still, .Aureole, 
Vou are changed — very changed ! 

'Twere losing nothing 
To look well to it : you must not be 

F'rom the enjoyment of your wcil-won 

Par. My friend ! you seek my 

pleasure, past a doubt : 

I'.y talking, not of me, but of yourelf, 
\'uu will best gain your point. 

I-'est. Have I not said 

.Ml touching Michal and my children? 

\ uu know, by this, full well how 

Aennchen looks 
(iravely, while one disparts her thick 

brown hair ; 
-And .Aureole's glee when some stray 

ganiiet buiUls 
-Amid the birch-trees by the lake. 

Small hope 
Have I that he will honour, the wild 

His n:'.ines;ike I Sigh not ! 'tis too 

nuich to a^k 
Tiiat all we love should reach the 

same proud fate. 
Hut you are very kind to humour me 
IJy showing interest in my (piiet life ; 
\'ou, who of old could never tame 

To tranquil pleasures, must at heart 

despise . . . 
Par. Festus, strange secrets arc let 

out by Death, 
Who blabs so oft the follies of this 

world : 
And I am Death's familiar, as you 

I helped a man to die, some few 

weeks since, 
Warped even from his go-cart to one 

end — 
The living on princes' smiles, reflected 

A mighty herd of favourites. No 

mean trick 
He left untried; and truly well-nigh 

W. ;rac<s of (iod's finger out of him. 
Then died, grown old ; and just an 

hour belore — 
Having l.iin long with blank and 

soulless eyes — 
He sate up suddenly, and with natural 

Said, that in spite of thick air and 

closed doors 
God told him it was June ; and he 

knew well, 



i» ■ ■ •, , ■ 

-1 ■:'■■■•■"» V 




Without such idling;, harc-bclls grew 
in June ; 

And all that kini;s cnuld ever give nr 

Wiivild imt ho precious as those 
blooms to him. 

Iii-.t S.I, allowing; I am pas-iuL; wise, 

It seems to me much worihier argu- 

Wliy paiisies,* eyes that laugh, hear 
lieauty's prize 

l"r. .111 vicilets, eyes that dream — (your 
Michal's choice) — 

Than all fools find to wonder at in 


Or in my fortunes: and he very 

I >.iy this from no prurient restless- 
ness — 

Nu :,ell'-complacency — itching to turn, 

\'.iiy, and view its pleasure from all 

And. in this matter, willing other 

Slmuld argue and demonstrate to it- 

The realness of the very joy it tastes. 

What joy is better than the news of 
fi iends 

Whose memories were a solace to me 


A^ mountain-baths to wild fowls in 

their (light ? 
Yes, rather than you wasted thought 

on me 
If vou were sage, and rightly valued 

bliss ! 
]!iit there's no taming nor repressing 

hearts : 
(jirtl knows I need such I — .So you 

heard me speak ? 
/■rsf. Speak? when? 
/';/-. When but this morning at 

my class ? 
There was noise and crowd enough. 

I saw you not. 
Surely you know I am engaged to fill 
The chair here ?— that 'tis part of my 

proud fate 

" Citrinula (flammula) herba Para- 
ce. > multum familiaris — Dukn. 

To lecture to as many thick-sculled 

As please, each day, to throng the 

To my great reputation, and no 

Danger of Basil's benches, long un- 
To crack beneath such honour ? 

Fi'sl. I was there ; 

I mingled with the throng : shall I 

I had small care to listen? — too in- 
(Jn gathering from the murmurs of 

the crowd 
A full cornjboration of my hiipes ! 
What can I learn aliout your {lowers? 

but they 
Know, care for nought beyond your 

actual state — 
Your actual value ; and yet worship 

you ! 
Those various natures whom you 

sway as one ! 
But ere I go, be sure I shall attend . . . 
yVz;-. Stop, o' God's name : the 

thing's by no m^ans yet 
Past remedy I Shall I read this 

morning's work 
— At least in substance ? Nought so 

worth the gaining 
As an apt scholar ! Thus then, with 

all due 
Precision and emphasis — (you, be- 
sides, are clearly 
Guiltless of under.standing a whit 

The subject than your stool — allowed 

to be 
A notable advantage) . . . 

J-'est. Surely, 

Y'ou laugh at me ! 

Par. I laugh? Ila, ha ! 

thank heaven, 
I charge you, if 't lie so ! for I forget 
•Much — and what laughter should be 

like ! No less, 
However, I forego that luxury, 
Since it alarms the friend who brings 

it back, 







, i 

" i 

■I } 

True, hiughtcr like my own lml^t tcho 

To lliiiikinj; men ; ;i smile were Letter 

So m. ike me .smile! Iftlie exulliiiL; 

Vmi Wore Init now lie smiliiij^, 'lis so 

Sinee I have smileil ! Alas, such 

smiles ;ire hnni 
Alone of hearts like yours, or shej^- 

herils olil 
Of ancient time, \\lio>e eyes, calm as 

llieir lU'cks, 
Saw ill the stars mere ^uni-<liry of 

III earth a sta;;e for altars, nothing; 

Never chans^e, Festus : I say, never 

chanL^e I 
/<?j7. My <io(l, if he lie wreti'hed 

after all ! 
J'lir. When la>t we jiarted, Feslus, 

you declared, 
— Or did your Michal's soft lijjs 

whi.-ij)er words 
I have [ireserved? .She told me she 

I should succeed (meaning, that in 

the search 
I then enL;aj^ed in, I should meet 

And yet he wretched : now, slie 

aujjured false. 
/cs/. Thank heaven ! hut you 

spoke strangely I could I veulure 
To think hare apprehension lest your 

Dazzled hy your resplendent course, 

mij^ht find 
Henceforth less sweetness in hi.i own, 

Such earnest moo<l in you? Fear 

not, dear friend, 
'fhat I shall leave you, inwardly 

Your lot was not my own I 

Pur. And this, for ever I 

lor ever I guii who may, tr.ey will 

he hlind ! 
They N\:ll not look nor think — 'tis 

nothing new 

In them ; hut surely he is not of llieni f 
My Festus, do you know, I reckoned, 

you — 
Though all lie>ide were sand-hlind 

-you, my friend. 
Would look nt me, once close, with 

piercing eye, 
I'nlrouMed hy the false glare that 

conf 'unds 
A weaker visio;i ; would remain 

Though singular, amid a gaping 

I feared you, or had come, sure, long 

"■re this, 
To Finsitdeln. Well, error has no 

.Vnd Khasis is a sage, and liasil 

A trihe of wits, and I am wi>e and 

I'ast all dispute I 'Tis vain to fret 

at it. 
I have Vowed long since that my 

Shall owe to their own deei) s.igacity 
All further information, good oi 

had : 
And little risk my reputatinn runs, 
Unless pricliance t!ie glance now 

seaiching me 
lie fixed much longer — for it seems 

to spell, 
Dimly, the characters a simi h r man 
Might read distinct enough. Old 

eastern hooks 
Say, the fallen ]irince of morning 

Some short 
Remained unchanged in feature — nay, 

his \iT"W 
Seemeil hued with triumph : every 
j spirit then 

1 Praising; /us heait on Uame the 
j wliile :— a tale ! 

Well, Festus, what di.scovir you, I 

pray ? 
/vj/. Some foul deed sullies then 

a life which else 
Were rairei! sUjircnie? 

/ (ir. Good : I ilo well— most well I 
Why strive to m/.kc men hear, feel| 

fri-t i:icuiseiVi.s 



With wh;it 'tts pa-l i!u.-ir power l.i ' /•' '. You surely <!'. lu mean to 

ciiiprchcha.' .inter nic i" 

I uouUl not sui\e iiuw . only, luiviti- > .''/'•. Voii know, or il )un li.ivo 

I iirsed U'ell V 1 I- eiuui^li 

Tiie Lint Miimi-clhiit .ineyel \s.ii;..(l To >U;inso )■ ir ineiiiory of such 

Ihce.irtli, ui.Uter^) 1 new, 

ne, at le,i.->t, not tlic liter fool of 

N.,t ;i'.>ulutely formeil to l<e the dupe 

( )| shallow phiusiliililies alone; 

lli.e uho, in youtli found wise e:: )Uj;h 
to ilioose 

The liaiipiiK -.s hi- riper ye.tii ap- 

As far as words of luuio covdd nitiko 

it dear, 
That 'twas my purpose to Imd joy or 

^rit f 
Sokly in the I'ultiliiient of my plan, 
(Jr plot, or whatsiK-'cr it was; re- 

j >ii"ins; 
xioii^c .is il ])roceedfd prosjK-rousIy, 

(rrowiii^ alone when any chance 
Its i)roL;re--. Thai was in those 

\Viir/!iuri; days ! 
Not to prolong; a ihenie I thoroughly 

I have pursued this plan with all my 
j streii|4th ; 

! Anil having failed therein : lost si^- 

Wasjel so anxious fur another's sake, 
Tliat, ere lii-> friend could rush upon 

a course 
M (i, ruinous, the converse of hi- own, 
lli>-entler spiiil essayed, pi judgeil 

lor him 
Tho perilous path, foresaw itsUv-atiny, 
And warned the weak one in such 

tender words, 
Siicli accents— lur, wli^le heart in j nally, 

every lone i ('annot object to ruin, utter and drear 

That oft their nieinoty comforted ; As all-excelling would have been the 

that friend j I>rize 

When rather il should have increased I Had fortune favoured me. f -carce ! do rii;ht _ 

-Ihiving believed, I say, thai tliis one i To vex your frank good spirit, l.ile 

linn ! rejoiced 

C"V,l\ never lose the wisdom from the By my supposed prosperity, I know, 

,■,,^1 I And. were I lucky in a i;lul of frien 's, 

rtion— how should I refuse to Would well agree to let your ern.r h •, 

XT„,, ,.(.......,,1,..,-, if M'itVi fit.l*'.; (.: 


At even my gain if it attest his loss, 
A: niaii.iih which -o siL;nalIy disturbs 

Nay, strengthen it with fables i,: 

success : 
But mine is no condition to refuse 

(»ur old relation, proving me more j The transient solace of so rare a 

wise? i chance, 

Tiierefore, oitce more reminding him | My solitary luxurv. my hestus— • 

!iow well ' Accordingly I venture to put off 

I! ■ prophesied, I n^ .te the single Haw \ The wearisome vest of falsehood gall- 
i;iat spoils his prophet's title: in; ing me. 

plain words ' Secure when he is by. I lay me bare, 

Voii were deceived, and tluis were I'rone at Ids mercy—bul lie is my 

you deceived— j friend! 

IL.LVe not been successful, and yel am i N .t that he needs retain his aspect 
.M..>l wretched; there— 'tis said at j grave; . r .' 

last ; but give i That aiiswc;- not my purj;:;Le ; r.-r 

No credit, lest you force me to concede I 'lis like, 

ThiU ci.mmon sense yet lives upon Some sunny morning— Ba-il being 

Ihe earth. I drained 




Of its wise |)iij)ul.ilii>n, cvtry ciiriuT 
{)f tlie aiii|ihilluMl(c iramiiml willi 

liMriiLil clerks. 
Here < lC(iil.uii|i,iiiiiis, looking WDrliis 

of wit, 
Here Castellaruis, as iinifmind as he, 
Mmisterus here, hrnheiiius iliere,-- 

all s<|iiee/i'(l. 
And sla iiij;, ami e.\|)eetaul, llieii, I 

'Tis like that the pmir /any nf the 

^'()ur friend, will ehoose In put liis 

lrai)|)ii)ys i)rt 
Uofore ihciii, liid adieu In cai) and 

And luoiley with a t^raie hut selduin 

LxpedieiU in such cases: — the ^rini 

That will go rouitd I Is it not tlu re- 

forc l)est 
To veiUure a rehearsal like the 

7n a suiall way ? Where are the 

sis^iis I seek. 
The llrst-fruils and fair sample of the 

Due li:) alli|uaeks? Why, this will 

never <io ! 
Ferf. These are f)ul vapours, 

Aureole ; nought beside ! 
The effect of watching, study, weari- 
Were there a spark of truth in the 

Of these w i!d words, you would not 

outraj^e thus 
Your youth's companion. I shall 

ne'er regard 
These wanderings, hred of faintness 

and much study. 
You would not trust a trouble thus 

to me, 
To Michal's friend. 

/'(ir. I have said it, 

dearest Festus ! 
The manner is ungracious, jirobably ; 
M^rc ni:,y be t-ld in br^^kcn ^-b?, 

one day. 
And scalding tears, ere lung : but I 
^" thought best 

To ki'cp i;ff as long as |H),siblc. 
l)o you wonder sMll .'' 

/•ii/. \" ; It must oft f.iU out 

That one who^e l.ib'iir [lerlccls any 


Shall ii>e from ii with eye so worn, he 
Of all men least can measure the 

O'' what he has acconi|)lished. lie 

W h", nothing tasked, is nothing 

wt'ary t' o, 
I .111 clearly scan the liltK- he eflect.-, : 
Hut we, the i)ystandeis, untouched iiy 

Ivstimate each ariglit. 

J'ar. i'his Worthy Festus 

Is one of them, at last I 'Tis so with 

all ! 
lirst. tiiey set down all progress as a 
And next, when he, whose (|uiik liis- 

Was counted on, accoinpli.'hes some 

•Viid doubtful steps in his career,^ 

They look for every inch of ground 

to vanish 
Pieneath his tread, so sure they judge 

success ! 
/•tst. Few doubtful steps? when 

death ret' res liefoie 
Your presence — when the n')blest of 

I'roken in body, or subdued in mind, 
.May through your skill renew their 

vigour, laie 
The shattered frame to pristine state- 

When men in racking pain may 

])Urchaso dreanus 
Of what delights them most — swoon- 
ing at once 
Into a sea o{ bliss, or rapt along 
As in i flying sphere of turbulent 

light ? 
When wc nr-y l-""k to y"u as one 

To free the flesh from fell disease, as 



••■ -•» ' 

i j^ ^'1^ 



f)ur I.utlicr's Imriunt; tongue tlic 
fnti-tccl M>ul f 

U'llcll . . . 

/'.ir. K.iilur, wlirn ami where, 

Iritnd. 'Ii'l you j;ct 
Thi> iioiiiblc- iH'ws? 

/,</, Kvcii from \\n- comnMii 

vuicc ; 
1 II. Ml ilio>c whosf invy, (l.uiiit; iml 

Tlic wonders it decries, nltrilmlcs 

I'l. ina^;i<- and such folly. 

/•,//. Idlly? Why not 

To I'.i.iLjic, jir.iy ? \'<>u lind ii comfort 


la lioltlitii;, Cutil ne'er troubles him 


Is or our doiiit;s : once we were 

ju<l^'cd \sorih 
The devil's tempting ... I ofTeiid ; 

fori;ive me. 
And rest Content. Your prophecy on 

the whole 
W.i^ fair enoui^h as prophesyings go ; 
A; f.iiill a little in detail, hut ([uite 
l'reii-,e enough in the main ; accord- 

I pay due hom.igc : you i^uessed long 

(The prophet !) I should fail— and I 

have failed. 
/■I../. Vou wean to tell nie, then, 

the ho|)es wl-.icli feci 
N our youth have not licen realised as 

yet ? 
Some oh.itacle has barred them 

( >r tin' their innate . . . 

/',r. As I said hut n<;W, 

\. Ill have a very decent prophet's 

So you lail shun details hea-. Little 

Whi-ihcr those hopes were mad, — the 

aims they sought, 
Safe and secure from all ardiitious 

f *r V. !•.:■?} -vT ri'.v v..";il.' '.'.'.'.". :ire nver- 

By wlial a beltei spirit would scorn : 

1 fad. 

And now nielhinks 'twere l)cst to 

chanpo a theme, 
I am a sad fool to have stumhlol on. 
I s;iy conlusfdly what omr^ upjKT- 

niosi ; 
I'.ut there are times when patience 

proves at iault, 
.\s now : this morning's strange en- 
counter - you 
IJeside me once again I you, whom I 

.\live, since hitherto (with Luther's 

Nu friend have 1 among the saints a' 

To judge tjy any good the'r jjrayers 

effect — 
I knew you wouhi h.ivc bellied me I — 

So would 1 le. 
My strange competitor in enter- 
Bound for the same end by .inother 

Arrived, »-r ill or well, before the 

At our di--astrous journey's doubtful 

close ~ 
How goes it with Ai)rile? Ah, your 

Receives not into its beatitudes 
Mere martyrs f<.r the world's sake; 

he.iven shuts fast : 
The i"ior mad poet is howling by this 

time 1 
Since you are my sole friend then, 

here or there, 
I could not (juite repress the varied 

This meeting wakens ; they iiave had 

their vent. 
And now tnrget them. Do the rear- 
mice still 
Hang like a Iret-work on the gate (or 

In my time was a gate) fronting the 

From Linsiedeln to Lachen ? 

/'f.i7. Trifle not ! 

Answer me — for my s.ike alone. You 

lust now, when 1 supposed some deed, 








Yourself might blot the else so bright 

result ; 
Yet if your motives have continued 

Your earnest will unfaltering, if you 

Remain unchangeii, and if, in spite of 

You have experienced a defeat thai 

Your aims for ever unattainable — 
I sny not, you would chcL-rtuily resign 
The contest — mortal hearts are not so 

fashit)ned — 
I5ut sure yuu would resign it, ne'ertlie- 

You sought not fame, nor gain, nor 

even love ; 
No end distinct from knt)wledge, — ^I 

Your very words : once satisfied that 

Is a mere dream, you would announce 

as much, 
Yourself the first. 15ut how is the 

event ? 
You are defeated — and I find you 

Jhr. As though "here" did not 

signify defeat ! 
I spoke not of my little labours here — 
But of the break-down of my general 

aims : 
That you, aware of their extent and 

Should look on these sage lecturings, 

liy beardless boys, and bearded 

dotards. — these 
As a fit consununation of such aims, 
Is worthy notice ! A professorship 
At liasil ! Since you see so much in 

And think my life was reasonably 

Of life's delights to render me a match 
For duties arduous as such post de- 

manils, — 
Far be it from me to deny my power 
To fill the petty circle lotlid out 
From infinite space, or justify the 


Of honours thence accruing: ^o, take 

Tliis jewel <langling from my neck 

The features of a prince, my skill re- 
To plague his people some ""w years 

to come : 
And all through a ]);ire whim. He 

hail eased the cirlli 
l'"or me, but that the droll despair 

which seized 
The vermin of his household, tickled 

I came to see : here, drivelled the 

Who^e most infallible nostrum was at 

f.uilt ; 
There (juaked the astrologer, whose 

Had promised him interminable 

years ; 
Here a monk fumbled at the sick 

man's mouth 
With some imdoubted relic — a siidary 
Of the Yirgin ; while some other 

do7.en knaves 
Of the same brotherhood {he loved 

them ever) 
Were actively preparing 'neath his 

Such a suffumigation as, once fired, 
Had stunk the patient dead ere he 

could groan. 
I cursed the doctor, and upset the 

brother ; 
Brushed past the conjurer ; vowed 

that the first gust 
(Jf stencil from the ingredients just 

Would raise a cross-grained de\il in 

my sword, 
Not easily laid ; and ere an hour, the 

Slept as he never slept since prince 

he was. 
A dav— and I was posting for my 

Placarded through the town as one 

whose spite 
Had n'-ar availed to stop the blessed 



Of the doctor's nostrum, "vhich, well 

I'.y tliL- sudary, and mo; ' the costly 

smoke — 
Not leaving out the sfc ' . as prayers 

sent up 
Hard liy, in the abbey— raised the 

prince to lite ; 
To the gTv.xi reputatif)n of the seer, 
Wlio, conlident, expected all along 
The ^lad event — the doctor's recom- 
pense — 
Much lari^ess from bishii;hues£ to the 

monks — 
And the vast solace of liis loving 

Whose general satisfaction to increase, 
The jiiince was pleased no longer to 

T!ie burning of some dozen heretics. 
KeuKuuied "till God's mercy should 

be shov.n 
Touriiing his sickness, as a prudent 

To make it surer: last of all were 

j "ined 
Ample direi-tions to all loyal lolk 
To swell the complement, by seizing 

Who— doubtless some rank sorcerer 

-hail endeavoured 
To thwart these pious offices, ob- 
The prince's cure, and frustrate 

Heaven, by help 
( )f certain devils dwelling in his 

V,y luck, the prince in his first fit of 

ll.ul forced this bauble on nic as an 

( if further favours. This i 'ue case 

may serve 
To give sufficient taste of many 

So let them pass: those shelves sup- 
port a jule 
< If patents, licenses, diplomas, litl ;s, 
]Tom ("lermany, France, Spain, and 

Italy : 
They authorise some honour : ne'er- 

I set more store by this Krasmus 

sent ; 
lie trusts me; our Frobenius is his 

And him "I r.iised '' (nay, read it) 

"from the dead" . . . 
I weary you, I see ; I merely sought 
To show, lliere's no great wonder 

after all 
That while I fill the class-room, and 

A crowd to Basil, I get leave to 

slay ; 
And therefore need not scruple to 

The utmost they can offer— if I 

please : 
For 'tis but right the world should be 

To treat with favour e'en fantastic 

Of one like me, used up in serving 

Just as the mortal, whom the Gods in 

Devoured, received in place of his 

lost limb 
Some virtue or other— cured disease, 

I think ; 
Vou mind the flibles we have read to- 
/>j/. Vou do not think I compre- 
hend a word : 
The time was, Aureole, you were apt 

To clothe the airiest thoughts in 

specious bieath ; 
But surely you must feel how vague 

ami strange 
These speeches sound. 

Far. Well, then : you know my 
hopes ; 
I am assured, at length, those hopes 

were vain ; 
That truth is just as far from me as 

ever ; 
That I have thrown uiy life away ; 

that sorrow 
On that account is vain, and further 

To mend and patch what's marreU 
beyond repairing, 


' f 





Si ■ 

As useless : and all this was taught 

to me 
IJy the convincing, good old-fashioned 

Of force — hy shfer compulsion. Is 
that plain? 
/'bv. Dear Aurcule I you confess 

my fears were just ? 
Ciod wills ncit . . . 

/'ar. Now, 'lis this I most admire — 
The constant talk men of your stamp 

keep up 
Of God's will, as they style it ; one 

Would swear 
Man had hut merely to uplift his eye. 
To see the will m ijuestirn charactered 
On the heaven's vault. 'Tis hardly 

wise to moot 
Such topics : doubts are many ami 

faith is weak. 
I know as much of any will of God's, 
^Vs knows some dumb and tortured 

brute wliat Man, 
His stern lord, wills from the per- 
plexing blows 
That plai;ue him every way, and 

there, of course, 
Where least he suffers, longest he 

remains — 
My case ; and for such reasons I 

plod on, 
Subdued, but not convinced. I know 

as little 
Why I deserve to fail, as why I hoj^>ed 
Itetler things in my youth. I simply 

I am no master here, but trained and 


Nay, some which please me too, foi 

all my jiride — 
Pleasures that once were pains : the 

iron ring 
Festering about a slave's neck gnjws 

at length 
Part of the flesh it eats. I hate no 

A host of petty, vile delights, un- 
dreamed of 
Or spurned, before ; such now supply 

the place 
Of my dia 1 aims : as in the autumn 

Where tall trees used to flourish, from 

their roots 
Springs up a fungous brood, sickly 

and pale. 
Chill mushrooms, coloured like a 

corpse's cheek. 
/v,r/. If I interpret well what words 

I seize, 
It troubles nie but little that your 

\'ast in their dawning, and most 

likely giown 
1-vXtravaganlly since, have ballled you. 
Perchance I am glad; yu merit 

greater praise ; 
Because they are loo glorious to be 

You do not blindly cling to them and 

the ; 
You fell, but have niit sullenly refused 
To rise, because an angel worsted 

In wrestling, though the world holds 

liot your peer 

Into the path I tread ; .<nd here 1 And though too harsh and sud>len is 

slay, \ the change 

Until some further intimaiior. reach To yi. Id content as yet- siill, you 

me, pursu« 

Like an obedient drudge: though 1 The ungracious path as though 'twere 

To view the whole thing as a tas'K 

'Tis Well : and jmir reward, or soon 
or late. 

Which, whether dull or pleasant. Will come from 1 1 im whom no man 

must be done — 

Yet, I deny not, there is made pro- 

Of joys which tastes less jaded might 
affect ; 

serves m vain. 
/'ar. Ah, very fine ! For my part, 
I conceive 
The very pausing from all further 



Which you find heinous, would 1>c as 

;i seal 
To the sincerity of all my deeds. 
To be consistent I should die at 

once ; 
I calculated on n<> after-life 

And may approve my penance ; there- 

fure liere 
You find me— doing most good or 

least harm : 
And if folks wo./ler much and profit 


I ralcu aceu on in' iun i-nn- , - Tin 

Vet hovv crept in, how fostered, I I Tis not my fault; only, I shall 

know not"! 
Here am I wim as passionate regret 
Kor youth, and health, and love so 

vainly lo^t, 
As if their preser%-ation hud b* en first 
Auil foremost in my thoughts ; and 

this strange fact 
llumblei me wondrously, and had 

due force 
In rent'ering me the more disposed 

lo follow 
A certain counsel, a mysterious warn- 
^■ou will not understand -but twas 

a man 
Wiih aims not mine, but yet pursued 

like mine, 
With the same fervor and no more 

Wb.o perished in my sight ; but sum- 
moned me 
As I would shun the ghastly fate I 

To ^t■rve my rare at once ; to wait 

no loni;er 
"Till (lull ' should interfere in my 

A'. ! let the next world's knowledge 

,! wvn on this ; 
r. ■• ■ . ai.-.tru:sl myself, jHit pride 

And -ive my gains, imperfect as 
they were 

When my part in the farce is shulfled 

And the curtain falls; I must hold 
out 'till then. 
Fest. 'Till when, dear Aureole? 
Par. 'Till I'm fairly tl.iust 

From my proud eminence. Fortune 

is fickle 
And even professors fall : should that 

I see no sin in ceding to my bent. 
You little fancy what rude shocks 

apprize us 
\Ye sin : Cod's intimations rather fail 
In clearness than in energy : 'twere 

Did they but indicate the course to 

Like that to be forsaken. I would 

Be spared a further sample ! Here I 

And here I stay, be sure, till forced 
to flit. 
rest. Remain but firm on that head; 
long ere then 
All I expect will come to pass, I 

trust : 
The cloud that wraps you will have 

Meantime, I see small chance of such 
event : 

I , \^l ''Tha^c not leisur. to ex- They praise you here as one whose 

, ■ lore, divulged 

IluwMnce, a strange succession of ! Already, eclipses all the past can 

•V 'nls ' show, 

ll,s\iised me to the station y.m i But whose achievements, marvellous 

behold, as they be. 

Wherein I seem to tarr to most ac- 

The mere wreck of the pxist,— perhaps 

Some feeble glimmering token that 
God views 

.Are faint anticipations of a glory 
About to be revealed. When Basil's 

Dis'.i-ss their teacher, I shall be 

That he depart 







Par, This favour at their hands 
I look fur (.arHfr liiaii ycmr view of 

Wouhl warrant. Of llic crowd you 

savv lo-day 
Remove the full half sheer amaze- 
ment draws, 
The novelty, nought else ; and next, 

the trihe 
Whose innate hlockish dullness just 

That unless miracles (as seem my 

l!e wrout;ht in tlieir helialf, their 

chance is slight 
To puzzle the devil ; next, the numer- 
ous set 
Who bitterly hate established schools, 

so help 
The teacher that oppugns them, and 

'Till having planted his own doctrine, 

May reckon on their rancour \n his 

turn ; 
Take, too, tlie s[)rinkling of sagacious 

Whose cunning runs not counter to 

the vogue. 
But seeks, by flattery and nursing 

To force my system to a premature 
Short-live<l development . . . Why 

swell the list? 
Each has liis end to serve, and his 

best way 
Of serving it : remove all these, 

A scantling — a poor dozen at the 

best — 
That really come to learn f jr learn- 
ing's sake ; 
Worthy to look f jr sympathy and 

And likely to draw profit from my 

I'tsf. 'Tis no encouraging picture : 

still these few 
Redeem their fellows. Once implant 

the germ, 
Its gr<jwt)i, if slow, is sure. 
I'ar, God grant it so ! 

I would make some amends : but ifl 


The luckless rogues have this excuse 
to urge, 

That muili is in my nietluxl and my 

My uncouth habits, my impatient 

Which hinders of reception and re- 

My doctrine: much to say, small 
skill to speak ! 

Those old aims suffered not a looking- 

Though for an instant ; therefore, 
only when 

I thus renounced them and resolved 
to reap 

Some present fruit — to teach mankind 
some truth 

S(- dearly purchased — only then I 

Such teaching was an art requiring 

And (jualities peculiar to itself; 

That to possess was one thing — to 

Another. Had renown been in my 

Or popular praise, I had soon dis- 
covered it ! 

One grows but little apt to ler.rn 
thes- things. 
/•'(•St. If it be so, which nowise I 

There needs no waiting fuller dis- 

To leave a labour to so little use : 

Why not throw up tiie irksome 
charge at once? 
I'.ir. A task, a task ! . . . 

15ut wherefore hide from you 

Tlie whole extent of degradation, 

I'^ngaged in the confession? Spite 
<'.f all 

My line talk of obedience, and re- 

Docility, and what not, 'tis yet to 

If when the old task really is per- 



And my will free once more, to 

cliii.iSL- ;i nu w, 
I shall do aii^lit Imt sli^;Iitly modify 
Tiic nature of the hated one 1 quit. 
Ill ]ilaia words, I am spoiled : my 

li!e still tends 
As first it tended. I am broken and 

To my old habits; they are part of 

I know, and none so well, mydarling 

Are proved impossible : no less, no 

l.v'n now what humours me, fond 

fool, as vhen 
Their faint {ghosts sit with me, and 

ll. liter me, 
Ami sen<i me back content to my 

(lull round ? 
How can I change this soul ?— this 

CoMsinicted solely fir their ]iurposes 
So Weil adajJled lo iheir every want. 
To search out and discover, prove 

and perfect : 
Tliis intricate machine, whose most 

Least obvious motions have their 

charm to me 
T!i(ir.;;h to none else — an aptitude I 

An oiiject I perceive, a use, a mean- 
A property, a fitness, I exjilain. 
And I alone : — how can I change my 

soul ? 
Ami this wronj^ed l)ody, worthless 

save when tasked 
I'lulrr tiiat soul's dominion — used to 

lor iis Ii.'itjht master's cares, and 

(juile .suixlue 
Its proper cravings — not to ail, nor 

So the s'lul prosper — whither ilrnt; 

this poor. 
Tried, patient Ixidy ? God I how I 

T) live like that mad p"e!, for a 

To catch Aprile's spirit, as I hoped, 

And love alone! and how I felt too 

.\nd twi-ted and deformed I What 

sh..uld I .! s 
I'ven tho' released from drudgery, 

but return 
Faint, as you see, and halting, blind 

and sore, 
'Id my old life — and <lie as J begun ! 
I cannot feed on beauty, fir the sake 
Of beauty only; nor can drink in 

From lo%-ely objects f^r their loveli- 
ness ; 
My nature cannot lose her first 

intent ; 
I still must hoard, and heap, and 

class all truths 
With one ulterior purjiosc ; I must 

Would < lod translate me to his 

throne, believe 
That i should only listen to his 

To further my own aims ! l"or other 

IJeauty is prodigally strewn around. 
And I were ha[)py could I quench as 

This mad and thriveless longing, be 

With beauty for itself alone : alas ! 
1 have addressed a frock of heavy 

Yet may not join the troop of sacred 

knigiits ; 
^Vnd now the f )rest-creatures fly from 

The grass-lwnks cool, the sunbeams 

warm no more I 
Best follow, dreaming that ere night 

I shall o'ertake the company, and 

Glittering as they ! 

l-'est. I think I apprehend 

What you would say: if you, in 

truth, design 
To enter once more on the life thus 

Seek not to hide that all thisr con- 



( )!' failure is assumed. 

Par. My friend, my friend. 

I speak, you lisu-ii ; I explain, per- 
N'ou understand : there our cuni- 

niuuion ends. 
Ihiveyuu leariil nothiiiL; fr. nn lo-day's 

discoiir>e ? 
When we would thoroughly know the 

sick man's --late 
We frcl awhile the flulterin'; pulse, 

])ress soft. 
The hot brow, look upon the Uini^uid 

And thence divine the rest. Must I 

lay bare 
My heart, hideous and heating', or 

tear up 
My vitals for your j;a/.e, eie you will 

Enou;4li made known ? ^'ou I who 

are )(mi. forsooth ? 
That is the crownint; operation 

ciainu d 
liv -he aicli-demonslrator -•heaven 

ihe hall. 
.•^ earth the audience. Let .\prile 

:lrd you 

rsar' good pl.aces — 'twill be worth 
y.,>ur while. 

.(7. Are you mad. Aureole ? 
What can I have said 
1 -11 tor this? I judt;ed from your 
wii w ■ 's. 

. Cli -lie ! A fevered wretch 
-sciii the ape 
1 mo' ■-■■m from the bed-foot, 

nd : n 

A ! iiher at once : or he 


IS journey he has late per- 

Andy'a.i;e puzrled much how that 

could be I 
Vou find me here, half stupid and 

half mad : 
It m.akes no part of my dolit^ht to 

Into these things, much less to under- 

Another s scrutiny ; but so it 

That I am led to trust my state to 

And the event is, you combine, con- 
And jionder on my foolish words, as 

They thoroughly conveyed all hidden 

here — 
Here, loathsome with despair, and 

hate, and rage I 
Is there no fear, no shrinking, or no 

shame ? 
Will you guess nothing? will you 

spare me nothing? 
Must I go deeper? .Xye or no? 
I'est. I )ear friend . . . 

Par. True : I am brutal — 'tis a 

p.irt of it ; 
The pl,igue"s sign — you are not a 

lazar- haunter. 
How should you know ? Well then, 

you think it strange 
I should pr-.fcs-. to have failed utterly, 
.\nd yet propose an \iltimate return 
To courses void of hope: and this, 

Vou know not what temptation is, 

nor how 
'Tis like to ply men in the sickliest 

Vou are to understand, that we who 

Sport for the gods, are hunted to the 

end ; 
There is not one sharp volley shot at 

Which if we manage to escape with 

Though touched and hurt, we straight 

may slacken pace 
And gather by the way-side herlw and 

To stauncn our wounds, secure from 

further harm - 
No ; we are chased to life's extremes! 

It will be well indeed if I return, 
.\ harmless busy fool, to my old ways ! 
I would forget hints of another fate. 
Significant enough, which silent hours 
Have lately scared me with. 

Fest. Another ! and what ? 



Par. After all, I'V-stus, ymi say 

well : I sliind 
A man yd —I iiccil never luiiiiblc nie. 
I woiiUl have been — sonielliin^, I 

know ni)t what ; 
Dill t!ii<ui;li I cannot ^oar, I do not 

craw 1 : 
There are uor.-ie portion > than thi> 

one of mine ; 
\iiu say well ! 
/■\-it. Ah ! . . . 

/\:r. And deeper degradation ! 

If 'lie mean siimnlanls of vulj^ar 

\iid variilv, slionhl become the chosen 

f..,,<i ' 
Iff a simk mind; should stifle evttn 

the wish 
To lind its early aspirations true ; 
Should leach it to i)reathe fi^Isehoixl 

like lile-breath — 
An atmo-.phere of craft, and trick, 

and lies ; 
should niaJce it proiid tu emidale or 

base natures in the practices which 

lis nio>i indignant loathing once . . . 

No, no! 
Liter damnation is reserved for Hell I 
1 liad immortal feelings — such shall 

b-' wholly ijuenched - no, no ! 

.My friend, you wear 
A melancholy face, and lr\ilh to 

There- little cheer in nil this dismal 

Work ; 
but 'twas not my desire to set abroach 
Such memories and forelKjdings. I 

\^!lele tiiey W(ndd drive; 'twere 

better you tletaikd 
Xews of Lucerne (jr Zurich ; or I 

• ireat Ki;ypi"s flaring sky, or Spain's i Heart answering heart— to love which 

cork-grovcs. spends itself 

/■'•>/. I have thought now: ye>. In silent mail idolatry of sonie 

this mood will pass away. ^ I're-eminent mortal, some great soul 

I know you, and the lofty si>irit you ! of souls, 

bear, Wliich ne'er will know how well it is 

Aud ea-ily ravel out a chie to all. adored : 

These are the trials meet for such as 

\or must you liope exemption : to be 

Is to be plied with trials manifold. 
Look round! The obstacles which 

kejft the rest 
Uf men from your and)iti(^n, you 

have spurned ; 
Their fears, their doidits, the chains 

that bind them best, 
Were (lax before your resolute soul, 

wlrch nought 
.\vails to awe, save these delusions, 

I'rom its own strength, its selfsame 

strength, disguised - 
Mocking itself. He brave, dear 

Aureole I Since 
The rabbit has his shade to frighten 

The fawn Ids rustling bough, mortals 

their c.ires. 
And higher natures yet their power 

to laugh 
At these entangling fantasies, as 

At trammels of a weaker intellect. 
.Measure yi^ur mind's height by the 

shade ii asts I 
I know you. 

I'lir. And i know you, 

dearest Festus ! 
.\nd how you love unworthily; and 

.\11 admiration renders blind. 

/■c'sf. \ct\x hold 

That admiration blinds? 

Par. -Vye, and alas ! 

/•;.»/. Nought blinds you less than 

admiration will. 
Whether it i>e that all love renders 

In its degree; from love which 

blends with love — 




I siy, such love is never blind ; but 

Alive to every the minutest spot 
Which mars its object, and which hate 

So vigilant and searching;) dreams nut 

Love broods on such : what then ? 

W'lifii t'lr^t perceived 
Is thcie no sweet strife to fnrget, to 

To overflush those blemislies with all 
Tlie ^low of general goodness they 

— To make those very defects an end- 
less source 
(){ lu-w affection grown from hopes 

and fears? 
And, when all fails, is there no 

gallant stand 
Made even for much proved weak? 

no shrinking-back 
Lest, rising even as its idol sinks, 
It nearly reach the sacred place, and 

Almost a rival of that idol? Trust 

If there be fiends w!io s<i'k to work 

our hurt, 
To ruin and drag down earth's 

mightiest spirits, 
Even at God's foot, 'twill be from 

such as love, 
Their zeal will gather most t<i serve 

their cause ; 
And least from those who hale, who 

most essay 
V>y contumely and scorn to blot the 

Which will have entrance even to 

their hearts ; 
lor thence will our Defender tear the 

And show within each heart, as in a 

shi ine. 
The giant image of Perfection, thrown 
In hate's despite, whose cahmmies 

were soawned 
In the untroubled presence of its 

eyes ! 
True admiration blinds not ; nor am I 
So bl.nd : I cail your sin exceptional ; 

It springs from one whose life has 

passed the bounds 
l'rescribc<l to life. Compouml that 

fault with (id! 
I speak of men ; to connnonmcn like 

The weakness you confesN endears 

you more — 
Like the far traces of decay in suns : 
I hid you have g<iod cheer ! 

Par. /'r.rr/ar^ f Optimal 

Thnik of a quiet mountain-cloister'd 

Instructing Paracelsus ! yet, 'tis so. 
(^)me, I will show yuu where my 

merit lies. 
'Tis in the advance of individual 

That the slow crowd should gnjund 

their expectation 
Eventually to follow — as the sea 
Waits ages in its bed, 'till some one 

Out of the multitude aspires, extends 
The empire of the whole, some feet 

( )ver the strip of sand which could 

Its fellows so long time : thenceforth 

the rest, 
I'.ven to the meanest, hurry in at once, 
And so much is clear gained. I shall 

be glad 
If all my labours, fuliiiL,' "f aught else, 
Suffice to make such inroad, and pro- 
A wider range for thought : nay, they 

do this ; 
For, what.soe'er my notions of true 

And a legitimate sucoss, may be, 
I am not blind to my mulouhtcd rank 
When classed with others : I precede 

my age : 
And wlioso wills, is very free to mount 
These labours as a platform, whence 

their own 
Mav h:ive a prosperous outset : but, 

' alas ! 
My followers— they are noisy as you 

But f r i' telliL'cnce — the best of them 



So clumsily wieUI the weap<jns I ' In a new form ; no more. Tims : I 

\ii<l they extol, that I l)Cfjin to doulit 

Whether their own rude cluhs and 

Wijiild not do Ix'ttc-r :.trvict' than my 

Tliii.-i vilely swayed if error will 

not fall 
Soc.ncr liefore the oUl awkward l«itter- 

Than my more subtle warfare, not 

half learned. 
l-fst. I would supply that art, then, 

and withhold 
Its arms until you have taught their 

Par. Content you, 'tis my wish ; I 

have recourse 
To the simplest training. Day by 

day I seek 
To wake the mcKxI, the spirit which 

( 'an make those arms of any use to 

I »f course, they are for swaggering 

forth at once 
(Iraced with Ulysses' club, Achilles' 

Flash on us, all in armour, thou 

Achilles ! 
Make our hearts dance to th\ resound- 
ing step ! 
A proper sight to scare the crows 

away ! 
I'dt. Pity you choose not, then, 

some other method 
I 'f coming at your point. The 

marvellous art 
.\t leni;th established in the world 

!)ids fair 
I o remedy all hindrances like these : 
1 rust to P'robenius' press the precious 

Obscured by uncouth manner, or 

Fur raw V^eginners ; let his types secure 
A deathless mon\iment to after-times ; 
^Kanwhile wait confidently and eiijoy 
1 he ultimate efleet : sooner or later, 
\'<'U shall he. all-revealed. 

/'7''. The old dull niiestion 

Two sorts of knowledge ; one,— -vast, 

Mints of the unboiMiiled aim I once 

])ursuei| : 
The other consists of many secrets, 

While bent on nobler prize, — i)erhaps 

a few- 
First principles which may conduct to 

much : 
These I otter to my followers here. 
Now bid me chronicle the first of 

My ancient study, and in effect you 

bid me 
Revert to the wild courses just ab- 
jured : 
I must go find them scattered through 

the world. 
Then, for the principles, they are so 

( lieing chiefly of the 1 >verturning sort j, 
That one time is as proper to pro- 
pound them 
.As any other —to-morrow at my class. 
Or half a century hence embalmed in 

print : 
F'or if mankind intend to learn at all. 
They must l)egin by giving faith to 

And acting on them ; and I do t\ot 

l!ut that my lectures sei\e indifferent 

well : 
\o doubt these dnginas fall not to the 

For all their ncjvelty and rugged set- 
I think my class will not forget the 

I let them know the gods of Israel, 
Aetius, Oribasius, (uilcn, Rhasis, 
Serapion, Avicenna, Averroes, — 
Were blocks ! 

Fest. And that reminds me, 

I heard something 
Alxnit your waywardness : you burned 

their books, 
It seems, instead of answering those 






/'(>. And will) <iU\ ihat? 
/ ti/. S<mu I iiifl ycslcriii|^lit 

W'ilh (l'.ci)I.iniiniiiiii-. As yoii limw, 

tli<' |iMr|xi^.' 
of tliis sliort -!.!>• .ti i'>a^il w^f- to 

I lis pliasiire tmii limt^ ctTtaiii iiii>si\cs 


I'or our Zainj;lius ami him.olf. ' I'was 

Appri/c'l me iliat tlic famous teacher 

Was my oM friend. 

/'a>: All, I fortjot : yuii went . . . 
/•> /. I'fiiin /\iri(li wiili advices for 

the ear 
(Jf Lmhcr, now at WiitemburR-iyuu 

I make nu'doulit. the differences i)f late 
W'ilh Carolostadius)— and reinrniiitj 

I'asil and ... 

J'ar. 1 rememlier. Here's a 

ca^' , now. 
Will teach you why 1 answt r nut, but 

The hooks you luenu^ii : pr.iy, does 

Luther dream 
His aif;uments < nvince by their own 

The crowds that own hi. doctr ? 

No, indeed : 
His plain denial of established points 
Aj;es had sanctified and men sup- 

Coiilil never be oppu{;ned while earth 

was under 
And heaven aUne theiu -p<jints which 

chance, or time 
Affected not — did more than the array 
(Jf argument which fuUowed. lioldly 

deny ! 
There is much breath-stopping, hair- 

Awhile ; then, ama/ed glances, mule 

The thunderbolt which does not 

come ; and next. 
Reproachful wonder and inquiry : 

Who else had never stirred, are ai le 


Til finil the rest out for them«elvc«— 

To outstrip him who set the whole at 

_.\s never will my wi^e class its in- 

striK lor. 
And you s.-uw I.iiiher? 

/■'f.\/. "lis a wotulrous suul ! 

/'ar. True: the so-heavy chain 

which galled mankind 
Is shattered, and 'he noblest of us all 
Must 1m)w to the deliverer — nay, the 

Of our own projects— we who long 

Had burst its trammels, but forgot 

the crowd. 
We should have taught, still t,'roaned 

l)cnea!h tin- load : 
This he has done and nobly. Sliced 

that may I 
Whatever be my chance or my des- 
What benefits mankind must glad me 

too : 
And men seem made, though not as I 

1 lieved, 
For something better than the times 

produce : 
Witness these gangs of [Hiasants your 

new lights 
From Suabia have possessed, whom 

Munzer leads. 
And whom the duke, the landgrave, 

and the elector 
Will calm in blood ! Well, well— 

'tis not my world ! 
/■,.f/. Hark I 
/'a/: 'Tis the melancholy 

wind astir 
Within the trees ; llie eml)ers too are 

Morn must lie near. 

/■'fs/. Best ope the casement : see. 
The night, late strewn with clouds 

and flying stars, 
Is blank and motionless : how jieace- 

ful sleep 
Tlie tree-tops all together ! Like an 

ihe wind slips whispering from 

bough to bough. 



hir. Ay ; you wuuUl gaxe on a 

win<l-!>liaken tree 
Ily the hour, nor count time lost. 

Fesl. So you shall ijare : 

Thl)^e happy limes will rome 

a{;ain. . , 
Par, Gone ! gone ! 

Those pleasant times ! Does not the 

iiioanini; wind 
Sccni lo liewail that we have f;aineti 

such j;ains 
And lartered sleep for thcni ? 

/■.■7. It i- our there is yet another world to 

All frn.r and niischanre. 

I'iir, Another world ! 

And why this world, 'his common 

world, to t)c 
A make-shift, a mere foil, how fair 

To some fine life to come? Man 

must he fed 
With anjjel's food, forsooth ; and 

sonic few tfiiees 
< tf .1 diviner nature which look out 
rhroiiL;h his cor[wreal haseness, 

warrant him 
In a supreme contempt for all pro- 
1 "r Ills inferior tastes — some stray- 

^lin^ marks 
Which constitute his essence, just as 

As here and there a t;em wuuUI con- 

The rock, heir barren bed, a diamond. 
lUit were : so — were man all mind — 

he gains 
.V station little enviable. From God 
l>"\\n to the lowest s[)iril ministraut, 
Inielli^ence exists which casts our 

Into inimeasurable shade. No, no: 
I "\e, lio|ie, fear, faith — these make 

hnnianity ; 
I S\<-.,t aie its sign, ai\d note, and 

cliaracler ; 
.\inl these 1 have lost I — j^one, shut 

from me for ever, 
! .c a dead friend, safe from unkind- 

ness more \ 

Soe morn at len(;tli. The heavy 

darkness seems 
Diluted ; grey and clear without the 

stars ; 
The shruhs liestir and rouse them- 
selves, as if 
Some snake, that wcii;he<l them down 

all niijht, let j;o 
His hold; and from the cast, fuller 

and fuller 
Day, like a mighty river, is flowint; 

in ; 
Hut clouded, wintry, desolate, and 

cold : 
Yet see how that broad, ]>rickly, star- 
shaped plant, 
Half down in the crevice, spreads ii-- 

woolly leaves, 
.Ml thick and glistering with diamond 

And you depart for Kinsiedeln this 

day : 
And we have sf)cnt all night in talk 

like this ! 
If you Would have me better for your 

Revert no more to sad themes. 

Ftst. One favour, 

And I have done. I leave you, 

deeply moved ; 
Unwilling to have fared so well, the 

My friend has changed so sorely : if 

this mood 
.Shall jiass away — if light once more 

Where all is darkness now — if you 

see fit 
To hope, and trust again, and strive 

again ; 
Vou will rememljer — not our love 

alone — 
r.ut that my faith in CiCkI's desire for 

To trust on his supj^mrt (as I must 

\ ou trusted), i-. obsiMired and dim 

through you ; 
I'or you arc thus, and this !■> n<i 

Will you not call uie to your .--ide, 

dear friend ? 









^ m 



[ 2.5 





it)';3 tost Mo"! Street 
f^ocHes'e'. New Vorl. 
' 'i€; ..a: - 03G0 - Pho 
(■If,;. 288 ' •;999 - Fa« 

■4509 USA 






il i 


ScENK. — A House at Colmar, 
in Alsatia. 1528. 

Paracelsus, Festus. 

Par. { To John Oporinus, his secre- 
tary.) Sir ituf ad astni ! Dear 
Von Viscnburg 
Is scandalised, and poor Torinus 

And every honcsl soul that Basil 

Aghast ; and yet we live, as one may 

Just as though Liechtenfels had never 

So true a value on his sorry car- 
And learned Plitter had not frowned 

us dumb. 
We live ; and shall as surely start 

]'\)r Nuremburg, as we drink speedy 

To Basil in this mantling wine, 

With a delicate blush — no fainter tinge 

is born 
r th' shut heart of a bud : pledge me, 

good Jolm — 
" Basil ; a hot plague ravage it, with 

"To slop the plague!" Even so? 

Do you too share 
Their panic — the reptiles ? Ha, ha ; 

faint through them, 
Desist for thon ! — while means enough 

To bow the stoutest braggart of the 

Once more in crouching silence- 
means to breed 
A stupid wonder in each fool again, 
Now big with admiration at the skill 
Which slript a vain pretender of liis 

plumes : 
And, that done, means to brand each 

slavish brow 
So deeply, surely, inelfaccably, 

That thenceforth flattery shall not 

pucker it 
Out of the furrow of that hideous stamp 
Which shows the next they fawn on, 

what they are, 
This Basil with its magnates one and 

Whom I curse soul and limb. And 

now dispatch, 
Dispatch, my trusty John ; and what 

To do, whate'er arrangements for our 

Are yet to be completed, see you 

This night ; we'll weather the storm 

at least ; to-morrow 
For Nuremburg ! Now leave us ; this 

grave clerk 
Has divers weighty matters for my 

ear (0/>oriuus ,i;oes out). 
And spare my lungs. At last, my 

gallant Festus, 
I am rid of this arch-knave that follows 

As a gaunt crow a gasping sheep ; at 

May give a loose to my delight. 1 low 

How very kind, my first, best, only 

friend ! 
Why this looks like fidelity. Em- 
brace me : 
Not a hair silvered yet ! Right : you 

shall live 
Till I am worth your love ; you shall 

be proud, 
And I — but let time show. Did you 

not wonder? 
I sent to you because our compact 

Upon my conscience — (you recal lh< 

At Basil, which the gods confound)— 

Once more I aspire ! I call you tc 

my side ; 
Vou come. Vou thought my message 
strange ? 
Fest. So strangt 

That I must hope, indeed, your mes- 



1 las .mnulcdlu.uNvnr.mcics with ihc The last and silliest uutragc-mere 

I'lirporting t" be yurs. 

/'„^. 'Ac said no mure, 

pretence ! 
I knew it, I foiclold it from the 

•[•.probable, than the precious folks How soon the stupid wonder you 

I leave 

>,ad lifty-fold more rouj^hly. V\ c 


For genuine loyalty— a cheering pro- 

Ti, u'ue j'poor I'araceUus is exposed Of better things to con.c-wculd pall 
\i hit; a cin-eqious (juack he i and pass ; c ,1 :. 

^ ^^^,^.^^ And every word comes true. Saul is 

\i,a't'hose 'he overreachc.l must spit among . . t wa^ 

■' their hate } The prophets ! J u.t so long as I was 

On one who, utterly beneath con- 1 pleased , r ,„„ 

' , ! 'iu play oft the mere marvels of my 

icniptj j * ■' 

C. mid yet deceive their t.>pping wits. art— , , , ,■ , „,, 

--■' - . Fantastic gaiubol.^ leading to no 

end — 
I got huge praise; but one can ne er 

keep down 
Our foolish nature's weakness: there 

they flocked 

V. lU heard 
lUrc truth ; and at my 1 bidding you 

come here 
Tn speed me on my enterprise, as 

V .ur lavish wishes sped me, my own 

friend ? 
/•■,,7. What is your purpose, 

Aureole ? 
/',„-. Oh, for purpose, 

Tliere is no lack of precedents in a 


I'oor devils, jostling, swearing, and 

Till the walls rang again ; and all for 

me ! 
I had a kindness for them, which was 
ri^lit * 
1 ike'mL; at least, if not precisely j But tll^^n I stopped n.,t till I tacked 

I ^° ' 

The case ^f men east oft" by those they ^^rus^ln^rn^ua.^ ^^^^S^T ne^dS 

Of sympathy for them : I must needs 

To teach them, not amaze them ; "to 

"The spirit which should instigate 

T" benefit ... 

/•;-,Y, They really cast you olf? 

I cnly heard a vague tale of some 

Vareirbv your skill, wlu. wrangled at i the searcli , , , 

' ,i,r claim, "Of truth : " just what you bade me ! 

RnoslhTT his life's worth best ; and : I spoke out. _ 

how the judc- I l''"rll> with a mighty scjuadron, in dis- 

■fhc matter was'referied to, saw no '; gust 

To int. rfere, nor you to hide your 


Filed off— "the sifted chatf of the 

sack," I said. 
Redoubling my endeavours to secure 

(N,ntenptofhim;norhe. ag.ain, toJThe rest ; vhen h- ! one man had 

'., I staved thus long 

His wi-atir thereat, which raised so ' Only tc; ascertain .f I sup,x>rted 

.".ve a name | Ihis tenet ol his, or that ; another 

That i'.asil soun was m.ade no place j lo%ed . ,, , . , •„ i„,„i 

V I Tohear imparli.allybefnehe judged, 

/'fl/-'' The affoir of Liechtenfels? j And having heard, now judged ; tins 

Ihc shallowest cause, 1 '^l=^n<l disciple 



Passed for my dupe, but all along, it 

Spied error where his neighbours 
marvelled most : 

That fiery doctor who liad hailed me 

Did it because my bye-paths, once 
proved wrong 

And beaconed properly, would com- 
mend again 

The good old ways our sires jogged 
safely o'er, 

Though not their S(iueamish sons ; the 
other worthy 

Di>covered divers verses of St. John, 

Which, read successively, refreshed 
the soul, 

liut, muttered backwards, cured the 
gout, the stone. 

The cholic, and what not : — quid 
multii? The end 

Was a clear class-room, with a (juiet 

From grave folk, and a sour reproach- 
ful glance 

From those in chief, who, cap in 
hand, installed 

The new professor scarce a year be- 
fore ; 

And a vast flourish about patient 

Obscured awhile by flashy tricks, but 

Sooner or later to emerge in splen- 
dour — 

Of which the example was some luck- 
less wight 

Whom my arrival had discomfited, 

15ut now, it seems, the general voice 

To fill my chair, and so efface the 

Iteil had long incurred. I sought no 
better — 

Nought but a quiet dismi>';al from my 
post ; 

While from my heart I wished them 

better suited. 
And belter SL-rvcd. (IudcI niolji in 

Basil, then ! 
But fast as I proposed to rid the 

Of my obnoxious l)ack, I could not 

spare them 
The pleasure of a parting kick. 

Ffst. Vou smile : 

Despise them as thev merit ! 

Par. ' If I smile, 

'Tis with as very contempl as ever 

Flesh into stone : this courteous re- 
compense I 
This grateful . . . Festus, were your 

nature fit 
To be defiled, your eyes the eyes to 

At gangrened blotches, eating jioison- 

ous blains. 
The ulcered barky scu f of leprosy 
Which finds — a man, and leaves — a 

hideous thing 
That cannot ijiit be mended by hell 

— I say that, could you see as I could 

I would lay bare to you these human 

Which God cursed long ago, and 

devils make since 
Their pet nest and their never-tiring 

O, sages have discovered we are 

For various ends — to love, to know : 

has ever 
One stumbled, in his search, on any 

Of a nature in him formed to hate ? 

To hate ? 
If that be our true object which 

Our powers in fullest strength, be 

sure 'tis hate ! 
Fest. lUit I have yet to learn your 

purpose. Aureole ! 
Par. What [jurpose were the fittest 

now for me ? 
Decide ! To sink beneath such pon- 
: dernus shame - 

j To shrink up lil;<' a i;i\ished snail — 

i In silence and delist from further 
I toil, 

I And so subside into a. monument 



( )i one their cen: ure blasted ; or to 

Cheerfully as submissively — to luwer 
Myiil'l pretensions even as Basil dic- 

t;a-:s — 
I'll (Imp into the rank her wits assign 

And live as they prescribe ind make 

that use 
I if my poor knowledge which their 

rules allow — 
rriuiil to be patted now aiid then, and 

To practise the true posture for re- 

Til.' amplest benefit from their hoofs' 

\\ iitn they shall condescend to tutor 

Then line may feci resentment like a 

I'r'iinpung to deck false systems in 

Truth's garb, 
And tangle and entwine mankind 

with error, 
Anil .;ive them darkness for a dower, 

and falsehood 
I'li; a possession : or one may mope 

Into a shade through thinking ; or 

else drowse 
Inio a dreamless sleep, and so die 

lUit I, but I — now Festus shall divine ! 
Am merely setting out in \\\\: once 

Miiiliracing my old aims! What 

thinks he now ? 
/..>•/. Your aims? the aims? — to 

know? and where is found 
riic early trust . . . 

/'(/;-. Nay, not so fast ; I say, 

I'iic aims — not the old means. \'ou 

l^iiuw what made me 
A i,:UL;hing-stork ; 1 was :i fuol ; yovi 

I !>OW 

1 lie V. iicn and the how : liardly liiosc 

means again ! 
■^ I hut they had their beauty who 

■-hould know 
l.'icir passing beauty, if not I? But 


They were dreams, so let them vanish : 

yet in beauty, 
If that may be. Stay — thus they pass 

m song 


Heap cassia, sandal-buds, and 
Of labdanum, and aloe-balls 
.Smeared with dull nard an Indian 
From out her hair : (such 

balsam falls 
D( )wn sea-side mountain pedes- 
From summits where tired winds 

are fain, 
Spent with the vast and howling 

To treasure half their island gain.) 

And strew faint sweetness from 

some old 
Egyptian's line worm-eaten 

Which breaks to dust when or.ce 

unrolled ; 
And shred dim perfume, like a 

From chamber long to quiet 

With niothed and dropping arras 

Mouldering the lute and books 

Of queen, long dead, who lived 

there young. 

Mine, every word ! — and on such 
pile shall die 

My lovely fancies, with fair perished 

Themselves fair and forgotten ; yes, 

Or why abjure tln.'m ? So I ma<le 
this rhyme fitting (.liL^niiy miiMit be pre- 
served : 

Xo little proud wr's I ; ihiiU!.;h the 
list of drugs 

Smacks of my old vocation, and tin- 

Halts like the best of Luther's psalms J 



ji^^f liul, Aiiicolc. ! < •lire mure, as liiM I drciiucd, it 

T;ilk riot ihu. wildly and madly. I shall n-i talk nu' 



ain licrc — - 
Did you know all, indeed! I liav.- 

To learn )our wishes. lie yourself 

aj^ain ! 
I'or iii this imxid I recot;nize yon less 
Than in the horrilile de-pondency 
I witne'ised last. \'on may aecount 

thi^, joy ; 
lUii rather let me ga/c on that do>pair 
Than hear these' incoherent words, 

and see 
This lhi.,hcd cheek and intensely- 
sparklini; eye ' 
far. Why, man, I was li-ht- 
hearled in my prime, 
I am liL;hl-hearted now ; what would 

you liave ? 
Apvilc was a (xiet, I mako soni;s - 
Tis the very auc^ury of success I 

want ! 
Why shmdd I not be joyous now as 
then ? 
Fes/, loyous ! and how ? and what 
remains for joy? 
You have declared the ends (which I 

am sick 
Of naming) arc impractical le. 

rar. Aye, 

Pursued as I pursued them— the arch- 
fool ! 
Listen : my plan will please ytm not, 

'tis like ; 
But you are little versed in the world's 

This is my plan -itirsl drinking its 

good luck ' — 
I will accept all helps ; all I despised 
So rashly at the outset, eiiually 
With early impulses, late years have 

(juenched : 
I have tried each way singly— now 

for lio'.h ! 
All helps -no one sort shall exclude 

the rest. 
I seek to KNO\\' and to enjoy at 

Not one without the other as before.^ 
Suppose my labour should seem God's 
own cause 

Of the meanest, earlhliesl, scnsualest 

That may be snali:hed ; for every joy 

'^^•''"' ■ , r-; 

.And why spuni gam, however small.' 

My soul 
Cm die then, nor be taunted "what 

was gaineil ?" 
\(,r, on the <ithcr hand, if (ileasurc 

meets me 
.\s though I hiid not spurned he: 

Shall she o'ercloud my spirit's rap 

With tlie tumultuous [last, the teem 

ing future, 
(dorious with visions of a full success 

/•t'.'.Y. Success ! 

/'ar. And wherefore not 

Why not prefer 
Results obtained in my liest state < 

To those derived alone from season 

As the thoughts they bred? When 

w-as best — my youth 
Unwasted — seemed success not sure: 

It is the nature of darkness t 

I am a wanderer : I remember well 
One joirrney, how I feared the tra( 

was missed. 
So long the cily I desired to reach 
Lay hid; when suddenly its spir 

Mashed tlirough the circling cloud: 

conceive my joy ! 
Too soon the vapours closed o'er 

But I had seen the city, and oi 

such glance 
No darkness could obscure: nor sh; 

the present 
A few dull hours, a i)assing shame 

Destroy the vivid memories of t 

I will fight the battle out !— a lit 



I'erliaps — Init still ;in able coinhutaiU. \ Takinj; my iiaUiral station o'er tlicir 
\, ill loiik at my grey hair and liirrowcil ■ heads, 

lirow? j Then owning all the f;lury waj a 

r,,:i I can turn even weakness to i man's, 

account : ! And in my elevation man's would he I 

( m' many tricks I know, "tis not the liut live and learn, though life's short; 

least learning, l'ar<l ! 

'[., jiush tlie ruins of my frame, I Still, one thing 1 have learned — n<il 

whereim ] to despair : 

liic lire of vigour iremMes scarce And therefore, ttunif;]! the wreck of 

alive, my past self, 

I:'., a heaj), and send the llanie aloft ! I fear, dear Putter, that your Iccture- 
W I, It sln>uld 1 do with age? so sick- , room 

ness lends j Must wait awhile for its best orna- 

An aid; it being, I fear, the source', nient, 

(.fall i The [H.iiitent empiric, who set up 

\\> 1>. ast of: mind is nothing but For somebody, but soon was taught 

di.-ease, 1 his place— 

And natural health is ignorance. : Now, but too happy to be let con- 

/<■;./. I see I fess 

bill one good symptom in this notable His error, snuff tlie candles, and 

plan : i illustrate 

I feareil your sudden journey had in {l-iat cxpciiciilia anf nr Tili) 

Tm wreak immediate vengeance on 

your foes ; 
'Til not so : I am glad. 

Par. And if I pleaded 

To spit on them, to trample them, 
\\liat then ? 

Vour medicine's soundness in his 

person. Wait, 
Good Putter ! 

l-'cst. lie who sneeiM thus, is 

a Gf>d ! 
Par. Ay, a)-, laugh at mc ! I am 
very glad 
' ri> >orry warfare truly, but the fools \ \'ou are not gulled by all this swag- 
1 tuvoke it: I had spared their self- ; gering; you 

conceit, \ Can see the root of the matter ! — how 

biU if they must provoke me— cannot i I strive 

suftcr j To put a good face on the overthrow 

1 .irbcarance on my part — if I may , I have experienced, and to bury and 

keep \ hide 

No quality in the shade, nuist needs ; My degradation in its length and 

just forth ! breadth ; 

I'nwcr to match power, my strength How the mean motives I would make 

against their strength, | you think 

And teach tliem their own game with I Just mingle as is due with nobler 

their own arms — } aims. 

Why be it so, and let them take their ■ The appetites I modestly allow 

chance! | May influence me — as I am mortal 

I .'III above them like a (iud-in vain j still — 

r>. hide the fact — what idle scruples, i Do goad nic, drive me on, and fast 

then, I supplant 

Were those that ever bade me soften I My youth's desires : you are no stupid 

it, j dupe; 

C'ltnmunicate it gently to the world, I You find me out I Yes, i had sent 
Instead of proving my supremacy, for you 




: f 

Ti) palm these rhil<lish lies upon you, 

I''l'StllS !^li— you shall luui;li at inc ! 

/■'tsf. The pa-.i, then, Aureole, 

Proves nothini; ? Is our interehange 

of love 
\'et to lHL;in ? Have I to swear I 

N'o ilallery in ihis s[)eech or that? 

For you, 
Whaie'er you say, there is no degra- 
These low ihouj^hts are no inmates 

of your mind ; 
Or wherefore this disorder ? Wm are 

As much by the intrusion of base 

l-'amiliar to your adversaries, as they 
Were troubled should your rjualities 

Amid llieir murky soids : not other- 
A stray wolf which the winter forces 

From our bleak hills, suffices to 

A village in tlie vales — while foresters 
Sleep calm though all night long tlie 

famished troops 
Snuff round and scratch against their 

crazy huts : 
These evil thoughts are monsters, and 

will flee. 
/'ar. May you be happy, Festu>. 

my own friend ! 
/■es/. Nay, further; the delights ytni 

fain would think 
The superseders of your nobler aims, 
Th(5Ugh ordinary and harmless stimu- 
Will ne'er content you . . . 

/'fr. I lush ! I once despised them. 
Hut that soon passes : we are high at 

In our demands, ni.r will abate a jot 
Of's strict vain-- ; I'Ul time passt- 



A.. 1 l....,-l.K 

rehiM' ; 
In short, when some such comlort is 
doled out 

As these delights, we cannot long 

The bitter contempt which urges us 

at first 
To hurl it back, l)Ut hug it to our 

And tliankfully retire. This life of 

Must be lived out, and a grave 

thoroughly earned : 
I am just fit for that and nought 

I told you once. I cannot now Enjoy, 
Unless I deem my knowle<ige gains 

through joy ; 
Nor can I Know, but straight warm 

tears reveal 
My need of linking also joy to know- 
ledge : 
So on I drive -enjoying all I can. 
And knowing all I can. I s[)eak, of 

Confusedly; this will better explain — 

feel here ! 
()uick beating, is it not?--a fire of 

the heart 
To work off someway, this as well 

as any I 
So, Festus sees me fairly launched ; 

his calm 
Compassionate look might have dis- 

turbe<l me once, 
Hut now, far from rejecting, I invite 
What bids me press the closer, lay 

( )pen before iiim, and be soothed 

with pity ; 
And hope, if he command hope ; and 

As he directs me — satiating myself 
With his enduring love : and Festus 

quits mc 
To give place to some credulous 

Who holds that ( iod is wise, but 

Has his peculiar merits. I suck in 
'I'hal homage, chuckle o'er that ad- 


Antl then dismiss the fool ; fur night 

is come. 
And I betake myself to study again. 

:J i 



Tillpatientsearchingsaftcrliidiicn loro ■ Motions as though mhiu- anient words 
ll.ilt urinj; some liri;;lii triiili Irnni its '. .iliould lliul 

pris.m : my frame ! Xo echo in a mai.ien'-. .juiit soul, 

TkiiiI.Ks, my forehead's veins swell : liiii licr pure ho-.m li.,ivi>, her ( yes 

out, my hair j liH (,ist 

1 nicies (or triumph ! Slow and sure , With tea.s, her swci lip, all 

the 111. .Ill ' the while ! 

^h.ill liicik on my ].eiu room, and 11a, ha I 

(hwndiint;; lamp, /■,',/. It seems, then, you expect 

And furnace dead, and scattered \ to reap 

earlhs and ores, No unreal joy from this y..ur niceiil 

\\1rii, with a failing heart and tliroh- , course, 

I'iiii,' hrow, i But rather . . . 

I must review my captured truth,! /'rr. Death! '1'". di,. ; I 

^ "'I I'P owe that much 

In vahie, trace what ends to what \ To wiiat, at least, I u.i,. 1 .should 

'"-•j^iiis, hi- sad 

In [iiesent power with its eventual To live conteiUed after such a fall- 

I'l^'-n'ligS; ; To thrive and fatten after such re- 

I.a'ent aflinities, the views it opens, verse I 

And its full lenijth in perfecting; my \ The whole plan is a makeshift, hut 

sclieme; ' j will last 

I \ie\v it sternly circuniscrihed, cast My time. 

'l"^^i> /•>,?/. And you lia\e nevt r nmsod 

I- 1. Ill the high place my f(jnd hopes ! and said, 

)i''l'i'''l it. I "I had a nol.le purpose, and full 

I'roved Wdrthless — which, in gettinjj, I strentjlh 

yet had cost ' ''To compass it ; hut I have stopped 

Another wrench t.> this Aist-fallini; i half-way, 

frnme; " And wroiiijly tjive the first fruits of 

Tiiin, (juick, the rii]) to (piaff. that my toil 

chases sorrow ! | " To objects little wonhy of ilie <^\n : 

I i.ip^e hack into youth, and take '" Why limber rouml tlie'in siill?'why 

■i.^.iiii cleni:h my fault ? 

Mere iiopes of hliss for proofs that ' "Why seek fir c.iiis..lal ion in <lr- 

hliss will he, feat — 

■ My ilutterinj; pulse, f .r evidence " In vain endeavours |.i derive a 

that ( iod beauty 

M.aiis to inc. will make my " from u<;liness ? why seek to make 

cause his own ; the most 

^"- ! I liave cast off this remorseless "Of what no jtower can change, n..r 

strive instead 
"With mighty effort to redeem the 

■'And, gathering up the treasures thus 
cast down, 


\\hich clogged a s|)iril horn to soar 

so free, 
Ai'.d niy dim chamber has bect)nic a 


-lus is sitting by uie, and his j "To hold a steadfast course 'till I 
Michal ... I arrive 

\\1,,- ,1.. 

... \,.,, s,.,r-_ , I ^-\j , ":'.: i!--,,.:;- ; .At. L:ir;l 111 t:er L:i:a:::;:i, ;;i:i; n.y 

iiig here, own?" 

(I "r y.inder's Wur/burg through the | Vou have never pondered thus? 

.irrhard-b.iugh-:) fur. Have I, you ask ? 






Often ai iiiiiliiii^lii, wlicii most funcics I 

Would siiiiic ^uili :iiiv iirojccl visit | 

iiu- : i 

l;ul I wr ai ilic i'i.<l ... Ill will ynii 
The saiiir llim.; in a t.iU', a par.iMi- r' 
ll laiiii'iL jit'iM- iii'irc ti 'il'iiK ; 11 li-ii 

llicii ! 
\(iil and I, w.m'ii'rini; hmt liir wurlil 

Chance to set lout iiiMina desert c<)a<;l : 
[vist as we cry, " No iunnan voire 

llroke tlie inveterate silence of the^i' 

rocks ! '" 
— Their (|ueruloils eciio startles us ; 

we turn : 
What ravai^ed structure still looks o'er 

the sea ? 
Some characters remain, tool While 

we read. 
'I'he sharp, salt wiiul. iin|)atient for 

the last 
Of even this record, wisifvdly comes 

and goes. 
Or sings what we recover, mocking it. 
This is the record ; and my voice, the 


(//e sinj,'-s.) 

Over the sea our galleys went. 
With cleaving prows in order hrave, 
To a speeding wind and a hounding 
wave — 
A gallant armament : 
Each ti.Trk huilt out of a forest-tree, 
Left leafy and rough as first it 
And nailed all over the gaping 

Within and without, with hlack- 

bull hides, 
Seethed in fat and sup])led in flame, 
To bear the playful liillows' game; 
So eacli lod ship was rude to see. 
Rude and bare to the outward 
Eut each upbore a stalely icnl ; 
Where cedar-pales in scented row- 
Kept out tlie Hakes of the dancing 
brine : ' 

.Vnd an awning <lroo[)ed thr mast 

In folfl on fold of the purple line, neiilni )ioon-iide, nor st.ii 

Nor nioonliglii coldulnh m.iU:th, 
.Might pierce the tenement. 
When the -ini diwned, oh, gay and 

We ^el the s.iil .md plied the oar ; 
l!ut when the night -wind blew like 

For joy of one day's voyage more, 
We sang together on tlte wide 

Like men at peace <in a peaceful 

shore ; 
Lach sail was loosed to the wind so 

Each helm made sure liy the twi- 
light star, 
.\nd in a sleep as calm as death, 
We, the strangers fmrn afar. 

Lay stretched along, each weary 

In a circle round its wondrous tent. 
Whence gleamed soft light and 

curled rich scent, 
And witli light and perfume, 

music too : 
So the stars wheeled round, and 

the darkness [xtst. 
And at morn we started beside the 

And still each ship was sailing fast I 

One morn, the land appeared !— a 

Dim trembling lietwixt sea and 
sky — 

Avoid it. ried our pilot, check 
'I'he shout, restrain the longing 
eye ! 

r,tit the heaving sea was Ijlack be- 

I'or many a night and many a day, 

And land, though but a rock, drew 

■.-.j..i. » 
liig:: , 

So we broke tlie cedar pales away, 

Let the purple awning flap in the 




And a .statue hri^lit wa^ on i-vt-i) 
(ki-l< ! 
W'c shouted, every man uf us, 
\n(l attend ii,;lil iiit.i thy liarl'nur 

W illi |)'Miii' .ind pn ,ui i^luricius. 

All li\mrin'd .s1ki|)i-s <<( lucid >l(ini' I 
All d,iy \vc huilt .1 >litiuc lur 

catli - 
A -.hrinf of rock fi>r tvcry one — 
.\nr paused wo till in ilie \vc^tt'rin^ 

We s.ite toi;e:!ur on the l»ea(h 
ill ini,', because our task was 

(liMie ; 
When lo ! what shouts and merry 

son{;s J 
W'luii laui^hter all the distance 

stirs ! 
What raft comes loaded with its 

< 'f qentle islanders? 
"The isles arc just at hand," they 

cried ; 
" Like clou<llets faint at even 

■"Our temple-gates are opened 

"Our olive-groves thick shade are 

'■ !'or the lucid shapes you Lring" 

— they cried. 
' 'h, then we awoke with sudden 

1 roui our deep dream ; we knew, 

too Jate, 
I low Irare the rock, how desolate, 
1 'I wliich we had tlung our precious 

freight : 
\'ct we called out — " Depart ! 
■ Our gilts, once given, must here 

" Our work is done ; we have no 

lo mar our woik, though vain" 

— we cried. 

/ ■7. In trMtb. ? 

/'"■• Nay, wait : all this 

in tracings faint 
May Mill be read on th;.t deserted rock. 

• In rugged stones, strewn here and 
i there, but piled 

i In onler once; then tolhm , niark 

what follows— 
j " riic sad rh\iue of ilie iiieti who 
j proudly (lung 

|"To their fu 4 (,iult, .md v\lthei,d 

in their pride 1 " 
/(■.'. ("ome bail,, then. Aureole; 

■IS you tear ( loil, come ! 
This is foul sin ; c<iine back : re- 
nounce the |)ast, 
I'orswear the future; look for joy no 

15ut wait death's .suunuons amid 

And trust me fir the event |)eace, if 

not joy ! 
Return wiih nu' to lansiedein, 

/'ar. No way, no way : it w. ,ul<l 

not turn to go^jd. 
A spjtless child sleeps on the tlowir- 

ing moss— 
'Tis well for him ; but when .i sint'ul 

I'.nvying such slumln-r, may desire to 

His guilt away, shall he return at 

To rest by lying there? Our sires 

knew well 
(Spite of the grave discoveries of their 

The fitting course for such ; dark 

cells, dim lamps, 
.\ stone floor one nuiy writhe on like 

a worm ; 
N 1 mossy pillow, blue with violets ! 
/■'fsf. I see no symptom of these 

And tyrannous passions. \'ou are 

calmer now. 
This verse-making cm purge you 

well enough. 
Without the terrible penance you 

\'ou love me still : the lusls you fear, 

win no-.-er 
Outrage your friend. To F.insiedeln, 

once more ! 
Say but the word ! 




/\i>-, \i), no; th'isc lii,!< l.irliid : 
Till) croiicli, I IviiKW. (iiwomii; wiili 

h.ilf-'-liiU f)i- 
Ucsiilc )iiii ; "lis iIk ii n.iiutc. Thrust 

I'liiA. (.Ml iIk-111 .iii'I lliiir pii-y ; Ir' 

siiiiK t. .Ill lylc' nw 
< ii IJiil; "f iju.nk, ii iii.iiiiTs iioi, .unl 

\iiiir wisil'.iii iIk'h, at ur^iii;^ llu'ir 

rutriMt : 
Xm, iiii; K-.ii II li<tlcr and look (Ici'pcr, 

IVstiis ! 

If )..U kiK w llciw :l (livil slltcis 

u itliiii IIK' 
W'liilf )iiu .irr l.ilkiii'.; now of this, 

.\ , lliuin;li \w ilillcriil SI uiccly s:i\c 

ill tiillis : 

/'lit. I)'l \\l- Si> 'liliLT? Tlllf, 

l1i,iiii;i' Miust [iriifcfd, 
WlicihiT f'lr <;'>ii(l iir ill; k(c|) IVniu 

iiie, which I 
f'lod made yuii and knuwswhat yoii 

may liL'ninc 
Do Hut comIuIc all sfcrcl s : I was liorn 
To hojjt", anil you . . . 

i'ar. To trust : you 

know the fruits ! 
/■<"■/. Listen : I do liclieve, whal 

you call trust 
Was self-reliance at the best ; for, see ! 
So long as (iod wmi'il kindly pioneer 
A path for you. and screen you frmii 

the world, 
I'riicuie you full exeiiiplioii fruiii 

iiian"s lot, 
Man's coinii.oTi hopes and fears, nn 

the mere pri':e\t 
Of ymir {•iiLjaL^ement in his service — 

yield you 
A liiiiilless licence, make you (Iod, in 

And turn your slave ymi were con- 
tent to sa)' 
Most Courtly praises'. \\ iial isil,al last. 
I'.ut sellishness without example? 

C'l'uld trace ('i'.>'Vs \sill s'j t>];i^Ji-i os \'i_>ii. 

while jdurs 
Kf iiained imiilied in it; hut now 

you fiil, 

And we. wh" pra'' al.oul that will, 

ari' Imiis ! 
Ill short, < iod s service is estahlislicil 

\> Mo ili'ici iiiiiH s 111. .iiicj 111. I y..iir 

And llii 1 yiiu > niii '! 1 1. I Sill !■ 

Is weak. Ui il'iun. e .ill i riMliiiesliip 

.It once ! 
.\llirni an absolute rij^lil to li.ive aii'l 

\'i.iir encitjies ; as lliiiui;h the riveis 

shmild say - 
■■ \\ I- iiiili lo the IK i;iii ; wh.ii have 

wc lo do 
•■ W ith feedini^ streamlet-, lini;iriin; 

in the iii.irshes, 
■' Sleepin;.; in l.i/) jhioIs..' " Set up pli-.i, 
I hat will he hold at least ! 

/\t>: rerhajjs, peih.ips I 

Niiiir I mly serviceable spirits are those 
The produces : ~|o, tlie inastir 

.\iid they raise terraces, sjireadijarden- 

In one nii^ht's sjiace ; and, this done, 

straii^hl bei;iii 
Aiiotlier century's sleep, to the threat 

( )f him that framed them wise and 

Till a lamp's rubbinv;. ors,,me chance 

Wake them aj^.uii. I am of ditieient 

I would have simttud my li.rd, and 

slaved (or him. 
.\nd done him .service past in\- luiMnw 

And thus I L;et rew.iriled lor luy pains 1 
beside, lis vain to I. ilk of forward- 

Ciod's i;l'iry otherwise ; this is alone 
The sphere of its incre.ise. as f,ir as 

Increase it ; why, then, look beyond .si>here ? 
We are his glory ; and if we be 

Is noi the ihintr achie\ed? 




]i\t]^e hearts like your^.'' Tlmu^'t 

Shall one like mc \Vru[> the ^mintl flfvh?- ^o, •■rr yi,n 

flalliT Uf[ ' 

years have chan^jL'd yi^'i iniich, \\'hy, even <ii«l (I.huin! Iml my 

\i\i\ yim h.ivr Idi your lir-.l i Vf, ami frii iid, ;it Ic.i i, 

ri-tiiiii Is tiiii-. I wii\il(l clc|i,iti, smirc 

I' , tin|)!y ■.haiji' lo Vfil your cniukod hcnct furili 

ways, Against all hiithii in-ull, li.iii, ami 

\ r\ I Still hoM that y>iu have wron^,'<l (liiil ; I'riiin puny f.ics; my one fiiciul'; 

And who shall call your ("urse uiili- sciirii shall brand me — 

uut reward i" ; N'u fear of Milking; «lfi|)«'r I 

I .r. nherifure this rc'|iiiiiiij{ at de- /vi/. No, dear Auridle I 

feat, : No, no ; I ramc lo counsel faithfully : 

II id trium|)h ne'er inured yi>u to hij;h | There are old rules, made lon^^ ere wc 


were horn, 

I ^lr^;e yo>i to forsake the life you liy whiih I jud(;e )ou. I, so fidlihie, 

I urse, S.i infinitely low heside your spirit 

And what success attemls me? — Mii^hty, majestic I— even I ran see 

simply talk N'oii own some hij^her law than ours 

Of passion, weakness, and remorse; which call 

in short, - Sin, what is no sin — wx-akness, what 

Anyihiiii; but the naked Irmli : you i is strength ; 

choose I Hut I have only these, such as they 

'rhi> so-despiscd career, and rather I are, 

praise | To f^uide me ; and I blame you where 

Til. Ill take my happiness, or other ^ they blame, 

Only so lotij^ as blaming promises 
To win peace for your soul ; the more, 
that sorrow 
Ills pilfere<l lialf my secrets by this j Has fallen on me of laie, and they 

lime : j ha\e helped me 

And we depart by day-break. I am So thai I faint not under niy distress. 

weary, I Hut wherefore should I scruple to 

men s. 
I iiue more, return I 
/'iir. .And soon. 0[X)rinus 

1 know not how : not even the wine- 


In s})ite of all, as brother jii<lt;ing 

cup soothes 
Mv brain to-nifjht . . . 
I'm yoii not thorou(;hly despise me, ' Vour fate to me is most inexplicable : 

lestu-,.'' , And should jmi perish without reconi- 

\.. tlatiery ! One like you, needs not pense 

be lold -And satisfaction yet- too hastily 

\Vl- live and breathe deceiving and I have relied on love: you may have 

deceived. sinned, 

I 'o you not scorn me from your heart Hut you have loved. As a mere 

of hearts? human matter- 

Me and my cant —my petty subier- .As I w^nild have (iod deal with fragile 

fuges- men 

My rhymes, and all this frothy shower In the end— I say that you will 

of Words — triumph yet I 

My Ldozin / self-deceit — my ..ulward /\ir. Have you felt sorrow. Festus? 

crust — 'tis because 

Of lies, which wrap, as tetter, mor- , Vou hn-e me. .Sorrow, and sweet 

[ihew, turfair I Michal yours ! 




■ ! 


Well thought on ; never let her know 

this last 
Dull winding-up of all : these mi^- 

cieants dared 
Insult me — me .she loved ; so grieve 

her not. 
Fest. V'our ill success can little 

grieve her now. 
Par. Michal is dead ! pray Christ 

we do not craze ! 
Fest. Aureole, d(.ar Aureole, look 

not on ine thus ! 
Fool, fool ! this is the heart grown 

sorrow-proof — 
I cannot bear those eyes. 

Par, Nay, really dead ? 

Fest. 'Tis scarce a month . . . 
Par. Stone dead I — then you have 

laid her 
Among the flowers ere this. Now, do 

you know, 
I can reveal a secret which shall com- 
Even you. I have no julep, as men 

To cheat the grave ; hut a far better 

Know then, you did not ill to trust 

your love 
T(3 the cold earth : I have thought 

much of it : 
For I believe we do not wholly 

Fest. Aureole . . . 
Par. Nay, do not laugh ; 

there is a reason 
For what I say : I think the soul can 

Taste death. I am, just now, as you 

may sec. 
Very unfit to put so strani^e a thought 
In an intelligilile dress of words ; 
But take it as my trust, she is not 

Fest. But not on this account alone ? 

For Nuremberg, and hoping and de- 

As though it mattered how the farce 
plays out, 

So it be quickly played. Away, 
away ! 

Have your will, rabble! while we 
fight the prize. 

Troop ycu in safety to the snug back- 

And leave a clear arena for the 

About to perish for your sport !— 
Behold ! 


Scene. A cell in the Hospital of St. 
.Sebastian, at .SalJ-iir^'-. 1 541. 

Festus, Pauacei.sus. 

Fest. No change ! The weary 

night is well nigh spent, 
The lamp burns 1(3W, and through the 

casement -bars 
Grey morning glimmers feebly— vet 

no change ! 
Another night, and still no sigh has 

That fallen discoloured mouth, no 

pang relit 
Those fixed eyes, quenched by the 

decaying body. 
Like lorch-tlame choked in dust '. 

while all beside 
Was breaking, to the last they held 

out bright, 
As a strong-hold where life intrenched 

Bui they are dead now — very blind 

and dead. 
He will drowse into death without a 

groan 1 

you surelv, 

— Aureole, yo'u have believed this all 1 My Aureole — my forgotten, rumed 

along ?' I Aureole ! 

Par. And Michal sleeps among the ; The days are ;:^one, are gone ! IIow 

roots ana dews, 1 grand liiou wen : 

While I am moved at Basil, and full ! .\nd now not one of those who struck 

of schemes j thee down— 



Pnor, glorious spirit — concerns him 

even to stay 
And satisfy himself his little hand 
C"iild turn ( lod's image to a livid 

Another night, and yet no change ! 

Angels, this is our angel I— those bright 

We clothe with purple, rrown and call 

to thrones, 
Are human, but not his : those are 

but men 

'Tis much | Whom other men press round and 

.It I should sit by him, and bathe ; kneel before — 

his brow, 
And chafe his hands — 'tis much ; but 

he will sure 
Kniiw me, and look on me, and speak 

to me 
(Jnce more — but only once ! His 

hollow cheek 
Looked all night long as though a 

creeping laugh 
At his own state were just about to 


Those palaces are dwelt in by man- 
kind ; 

Higher provision is for him you 

Amid our pomps and glories : see it 
here ! 

Behold earth's paragon ! Now, raise 
thee, clay ! 

God ! Thou art Love ! I build my faith 
on that ! 

Irum the dying man : my brain swam, Even as I watch beside Thy tortured 

my throat swelled, j child, 

And yet I could not turn away. In Unconscious whose hot tears fall fast 

They told me how, when first brought 

here, he seemed 
Resolved to live— to lose no faculty ; 
li.iis triving to keep up his shattered 

Umil they lx)re him to this stifling cell : 
When straight his features fell — an 

hour made white 
The flushed face and relaxed the 

f|uivering limb ; 
Only the eye remained intense awhile, 
As though it recognised the tomb-like 

place ; 
And then he lay as here he lies. 

Ay, here ! 
Here is earth's noblest, nobly gar- 
landed — 
Her liravest champion, with his well- 
won meed— 
ilcr best achievement, her sublime 

lor countless generations, fleeting 

And followed by no trace ; — the crea- 

She instances when angels would 

The title of her brood to rank with 

them — 

by him, 
So doth Thy right hand guide us 

through the world 
Wherein we stumble. God ! what 

shall we say ? 
I low has he sinned ? How else should 

he have done ? 
Surely he sought Thy praise— Thy 

praise, for all 
He might be busied by the task so 

As to forget awhile its proper end. 
Dost Thou well. Lord ? Thou canst 

not but prefer 
That I should range myself upon his 

side — 
How could he stop at every step to 

Thy glory forth? Iladst Thou but 

granted him 
Success, Thy honour would have 

crowned success, 
A halo round a star. Or. say he 

erred, — 
Save him, dear God ; it will be like 

Thee : bathe him 
In light and life ! Thou art not made 

like us ; 
We should lie wroth in such a case ; 

but Thou 




;1 i 



Korgivest — so, forgive these passionate 

Into the channels of the past ! — His 

Brighter than ever ! L must recog- 
nise ! 

Which rome unsought, and will not 

pass away ! 
I know Thee, wlio hast kept my path, 

and made Let me spe-.ik to him in another's 

Light for me in the darkness — temper- name. 

ing sorrow, I am Erasmus : I am here to pray 

So that it reached me like a solemn That Paracelsus use his skill for me. 


It were too strange that I should 

douht Tliy love : 
Rut what am I ? Thou madest him, 

and knowest 
I low he was fashioned. I could never 

Tiiat way : the quiet place beside Thy 

Reserved for me. was ever in my 

thoughts ; 
Rut he — Thou shouldst have favoured 

him as well ! 

Ah I he wakes ! Aureole, I am here 

— 'tis Festus ! 
I cast away all wishes save one 

wish — 
Let him I)ut know me — only speak to 

me ! 
He mutters — louder and louder; any 

Than I, with brain less laden, could 

What he pours forth. Dear Aureole, 

do but look I 
Is it talking or singing this he utters 

fast ? 
Misery, that he should fix me with his : Rut I made out his music well 

eye— j enough, 

<,)uick talking to some other all the ■ Oh, well enough ! If they have filled 

while ! I him full 

If he would husband tins wild vehe- With magical music, as they freight a 

mence, : star 

Which frustrates its intent !— I heard, W'itli light, and have remitted all his 

I kiiow sin, 

I heard my name amid those rapid They will forgive me too, I too shall 

words : ; know ! 

Oh he will know me yet ! Could I : />.?/. Festus, your Festus ! 

^y^y^ri /";/;■. Ask him if Apriie 

This current— lead it somehow gently | Knows as he Loves--if I shall Love 

l^ack i and Know ? 

The schools of Paris and of Padua 

These questions for your learning to 

We are your students, noble master : 

This wretched cell ; what business 

have you here ? 
Our class awaits you ; come to us once 

(Oh agony ! the utmost I can do 
Touches him not ; how else arrest his 

I am commissioned ... I shall craze 

like him— 
Better be mute, and see what Gwl 

shall send. 
Par. Stay, stay with me ! 
Fes/. I will ; I am come here 

To stay with you — Festus, you loved 

of old ; 
Festus, you know, you must know I 

/'iJi: Festus ! Where's 

.\prile, then? Has he nut chaunted 

The melodies I heard all night ? i 

could not 
Oct to him for a cold hand on my 





I try ; hut that cold hand, like lead- 
so cold ! 
h'est. My hand, see ! 
Par. Ah, tlie curse. Aprile, Aprile ! 
We get so near — so very, very near 1 
■ lis an old tale : Jove strikes the 

Titans down 
Not when they set about their moun- 
Hut when another rock would crown 

their work ! 
And I'haeton — doubtless his first 

radiant plunge 
.\>li)nished mortals; tliough the gods 

were calm, 
And love prepared his thunder ; all 

old tales ! 
/v..7. ^Vnd what are these to you ? 
Par. Ay, fiends must laugh 

So cruelly, so well ; most like I 

I'niild tread a single pleasure under 

but they were grinning by my side, 

were chuckling 
To see me toil, and drop away by 

flakes ! 
Hell-spawn! lam glad, most glad, 

that thus I fail ! 
^■lnl that hate men and all who wish 

their good- — 
N'our cunning has o'ershot its aim. 

One year, 

Had done all man could do, yet failed 

no less — 
Vour wise plan proves abortive. 

Men despair ? 
Ha, ha! why they are hooting the 

The ignorant and incapable fool who 

Madly upon a work beyond his wits ; 
Nor doubt they but the simplest of 

Could bring the matter to triumphant 

issue ! 
So pick and choose among them all. 

Accursed ! 
Try now, persuade some other to 

slave for you. 
To ruin body and soul to work your 

ends : 
No, no ; I am the first and last, I 

think ! 
Fest. Dear friend ; who are ac- 
cursed ? who has done . . . 
Par. What Lave I done ? Fiends 

dare ask that ? or you, 
IJrave men? Oh, you can chime in 

boldly, backed 
Hy the others ! What had you to do, 

sage peers ? 
Here stand my rivals, truly— Arab, 

(Ireek, join dead hands against me : 

all I ask 

One month, perhaps, and I had i Is, that the world enrol my name 

served your turn ! j with theirs, 

Vnii should have curbed your spite And even this poor privilege, it seems, 

awhile. liut now, They range themselves, prepared to 

\\ ho will believe 'twas you that held disallow ! 

me back ? Only observe : why fiends may learn 

Listen: there's .shame, and hissing, | from them! 

and contempt. How they talk of my throes 

And none but laughs who n;'.mes me \ — my fierce 

—none but spits 'Aspirings, terrible watchings— each 

Measureless scorn upon me — mealcne. one claiming 

The quack, the cheat, the liar,- all , Its price of blood and brain ; how 

on me ! they dissect 

And thus your famous plan to sink i And sneeringly disparage the few 


In silence and despair, by tencbinc 

Unc of their race had probed the in- 
most truth, 

(lot at a life's cost : they too hanging 

the while 
About my neck, their lies misleading 




If - 

And their dead names brow-beatinj^ I 15tU now I have forgotten the charm 

Die I Cjrcy crew, | < if charms, 

Vet steei)cd in fresh malevolence from 

Is there a reason for your hate ? My 

Have shaken a little the palm about 

each head ? 

Just think, Aprilc, all these leering 

Were lient on nothing less than heing 

As we ! That yellow blear-eyed 

wretch in chief. 
To whom the rest cringe low with 

feigned respect - 
(jalen, of I'crgamos and hell; nay 

The tale, old man ! We met there 

face to face : 
I said the crown should fall from 

thee : once more 
We meet as in that ghastly vesti- 
bule : 
Look to my brow ! I lave I redeemed 

my pledge ? 
Fest. I'eace, peace ; ah, see ! 
Par. Oh. emptiness of fame I 

Persic Zoroaster, lord of stars ! 

— Who said these old renowns, dead 

long ago, 
Could make me overlook the living 

To gaze through gloom at where tr.ey 

stood, indeed, 
^'ut stand no longer? What a warm 

light life 
After the shade ! In truth, my deli- 
cate witch. 
My serpent-(|ueen, you did but well 

to hide 
The juggles I had else detected. Fire 
May well run harmless o'er a breast 

like yours ! 
The cave was not so darkened by the 

But that your white limbs dazzled 

me : Oh, white. 
-Vnil oaiitinn' as thev twinkli'<l, wildly 

dancing ! 

1 cared not for your passionate gestures 


The foolish knowledge which I came 

to seek. 
While I remember that (juaint dance ; 

and thus 
[ am come back, not for those nuun- 

Hut to love you, and to k. your little 

Soft as an ermine's winter coat ! 

Fest. A sense 

Will struggle through these thronging 

words at last. 
As in the angry and tunudluous west 
A soft star trembles through the drift- 
ing clouds. 
These are the strivings of a s[)irit which 

So sad a vault should coop it, and 

calls up 
The past to stand between it and its 

fate : 
Were he at Kinsiedcln — or Michal 

here ! 
Par. Cruel ! I seek her now — I 

kneel — I shriek — 
I clasp her vesture — but she fades, still 

fades ; 
And she is gone ; sweet human love 

is gone ! 
'Tis only when they spring to heaven 

that angels 
Reveal themselves to you ; they sit all 

Beside you, and lie down at night by 

Who care not for their presence— muse 

or sleep — 
And all at once they leave you and 

you know them 1 
We are so fooled, so cheated I Why, 

even now 
I am not too secure against foul 

play : 
1 he shadows deepen, and the walls 

contract — 
\o doubt .some treachery is going on ! 
'Tis very dusk. Wlii-rt^ are v.'e »^ut. 

Have they left us in the lurch ? This 

murky, loathsome 



1 )calh-lrap— this slaughter-house— is j Let me know this, ;mil the ! Is this 

not the hall ! too much ? 

Ill the golden city ! Keep by me, I will learn this, if God so please, and 

Aprilc ! 
There is a hand groping amid the 

To catch us. Have the spider-fmgcrs 

i;ot you, 
I'oet.'' Hold on me for your life; if 

Thi.y pull you !— Hold ! 

'Tis hut a dioam — no more. 
I li.ivc you sti'l— the sun comes out 

I.Li urbe happy— all will yet go well ! | I'lock fast about my soul to comfort it, 
I.ei us confer : is it lui like, Aprile, I And intimate 1 cannot wh..lly fail. 

die ! 

If Thou shalt please, dear God, if 

Thou shalt please I 
\Vc are so weak, we know our motive-- 

Tn their confused beginning : ifatfir^t 
I sought . . . But wherefore bare ni) 

heart to Thee ? 
I know Thy mercy ; and already 


1 hat spite of trouble, this ordeal 

Hie value of my labours ascertained, 
lust as some stream foams long among 

the rocks 
but ufier glideth glassy to the sta, 
S ), full content shall henceforth be 

my lot ? 
What think you, poet? Louder! 

Your clear voice 
\ il'iales tno like a harp-string. Do 

you ask 
Huw could I still remain on earth, 

shfuild fiod 
I rant nic the great approval which I 

seek ? 
I, you, and God can comprehend each 

but men would murnnir, and with 

cause enough ; 
For when they saw me, stainless of 

all sin, 
I'reserved and sanctified by inward 

Tlicy would complain that comfort, 

shut from tliem, 
I drank thus inespied ; that they live 

Xor taste the quiet of a constant joy, 
For ache, and care, and doubt, and 

While I am calm ; help being vouch- 
safed to pie. 
\nd hid from them !— Twere best 

I'or love and praise would clasp me 

Could I resolve to seek them : Thou 

art good, 
And I should be content ; >el— yet 

first s'.iow 
I have done wrong in daring ! Rather 

The supernatural consciousness of 

That fed my youth— one only hour of 

With Thee to help— Oh what should 

bar me then 1 
Lost, lost ! Thus things are ordered 

here I God's creatures, 
And yet He takes no pride in us ! — 

none, none ! 
Truly there needs another life to 

come ! 
If this be all— (I must tell Festu;. 

And other life await us not— lor 

I say 'tis a poor cheat, a stupid bungle, 
A wretched failure. I, for one, pro- 

Aeainst it— and I hurl it back with 






ell, Aprile ; but at least I my body 

Well, onward though alone : small 

time remains. 
And much to do: I must have fruit, 

must reap 
Some profit 








Will harilly serve mc lliroii^li : while I Should ne'er reveal how hlank their 

I have lalicnired 
fl has decayed ; and now that I 

Its hcst assistance, it will crumble 

fist : 
A sid thout;lit— a sad fate! How 

very full 
Of wormwood 'ti-,, that just at altar- 
The rapt liyiiip. rising' with tlie rollini; 

When tjlory dawns, and. all is at tlie 

!)est - 
The sacred fire may flicker, and},'row 

And die, for want of a wood-niler's 

help ! 
Thus fades the f1ai;^in[; hody, and the 

Is pulled down in the overthrow: 

well, well — 
Let men catch every word— let them 

lose nought 
Of w hat I say ; something may yet he 

dwelling i- . 
I would sit down in silence with the 

I la, wiiat ? you s]iit at me, you grin 

and shriek 
Contempt into my ear — my ear which 

(lod's accents once? you curse me? 

Why men, men, 
I am not forn '^d for it! Those 

hideous eyes 
lollow me sleeping, waking, praying 

And will not let me even die : spare, 

spare mc, 
Sinning or no, forget that, only s[)are 

That horrible scorn; )(iu thought I 

could sujiport it, 
l!ut now you see what silly fragile 

Cowers thus. I am not good nor bad 

Xot Christ, nor Cain, yet even Cain 

was saved 
From hate like this : let me but totter 

I'erhaps I shall elude those jeere which 

Into my very brain, and shut these 

Kyelids, and keep those mocking faces 

They are ruins ! Trust me who am 

one of you I 
A'l ruins — glorious once, but lonely 

It makes my heart sick to behold you 

Heside your desolate fane ; the arches 

The crumbling columns grand against j Listen. Ajirile 1 I am very calm . 

the moon : | I5e not deceived, there is no passion 

Could I but rear them \i]) once more i here. 

''"tthat : Where the blood leaps like an im- 

-May never be, so leave them ! Trust ; prisoned thing. 

„., "'f' (''•i'-''i'1s ' I am calm : 1 w'ill exterminate the 

A hy should you linger here wh"n I t race I 

have built j Knough of that : 'tis said and it shall 

A far resplendent temple, all your I he. 

'iwn? j And now be merry— safe and sound 

Trust me, they arc but ruins ! See, | am I, 

Aprile, I Who broke through their best ranks 

Men will not heed ! \ct were I iidt ; to >jr[ at vou : 

„,. P'cpared j And such a havoc, such a rout, Aprile ! 

'A ith better refuge for them, tongue of Fesf. Have you no thought, no 

™'iic I memory for me. 


Aurci.Ic? I am so wretched — my 

[iMTc Miclial 
I- I'nnc, and you alunu are left to mc, 
And cvL-n you forget me: take my 

liand — 
l.LMii on me, thus. Do you not know 
nic, Aureole ? 
/',ir. Festus, my own friend, you 
,ire C(jnie at last ? 
A. ).ui say, 'tis an awful enterprise- 
lint you believe I shall j,'o throui;h 

with it : 
'Ti- like you, and I I hank you ; thank 

him for me, Michal ! See Imw bright Si. 

Saviour's spire 
I hiines in the suii>et ; all its figures 

<;.iy in the glancing light: you might 

conceive them 
A troop of yellow-vested, while-haired 

iJ'iund for their own land where re- 
demption dawns ! 
/■'r,/. \ot that blest time— not our 

youth's time, dear (iod ! 
/'..'. Ha- stay ! true, I forget — all 
is done since ! 
-\nti he is come to judge me : how he 

Hav calm, how well! yes, it is true, 

all true ; 
All '|u:ickcry ; all deceit ! myself can 

Tl^c first at it, if you desire : but still 
^"11 know the obstacles which taught 

me tricks 
S'> foreign to my nature — envy, and 

1 ■!:!!<! opposition — brutal prejudice — 
I'.iM ignorance — what wonder if I 

To humour men the way they most 

approved ? 
^fy cheats were never palmed on such 

as you, 
iVar Festus! I will kneel if you 

lecjuire me, i 

i'l'l'iii liie meagre knowledge I 

I-^rJain its bounded nature, and avow 
My insufficiency— whate'er you will : 


I give the light up ! let there be an 

A privacy, an obscure nook for me. 
I want to be forgotten even by (iod ! 
Hut if that cannot be. dear Festus, lay 

When I .shall die, within some narrow- 
Xot by itself -f.r that would be too 

proud — 
Hut where such graves are thickest: 

let it look 
X(nvise distinguished fnjm the hillocks 
I So that the peasant at his brother's 
' bed 

.May tread upon my own and know ii 

not ; 
And we shall all be equal .at the last. 
Or classed according to life's natural 

Fathers, sons, l)rothers, friends— not 

rich, nor wise, 
Nor gifted : lay me thus, then .say 

"He lived 
" Too mucii advanced More his 

brother men : 
'''rheykejii him siill in front ; 'twas 

for their goo<l, 
"Hut yet a dangerous station. It 

were strange 
"That he should tell (iod he had 
never ranked 
With men : .so, here at least he is a 

man ! " 
/■'(sf. That (iod .shall take thee to 
His breast, dear Spirit. 
Unto His breast, be sure ! and here on 

Shall splendour sit upon thy name for 

ever ! 
Sun ! all the heaven is glad for thee : 

what care 
If lower mountains light their snowy 

At thine effulgence, yet .acknowledge 

The source of day? Men look un to 

the sun : 
I'or after-ages shall retrack thy beams 
And put aside the crowd of busy 





: (• 


And \'.iii.,iii|) iIrc al'.iiu ilie iii.i.stcr- 

The lliinkcr, llu; cxiilmxr, tlic ( rcalur ! 
Then, who hlioiild .siiccriU the convul- 
sive ihroc.s 
With \\!iich thy deeds were horn, 

vsoiiid SL-orii us well 
The windinj; sheet of suhierraMemi-, 

Whicli, pent and writhing, :,ends no 

lesi at hist 
Huge ishuids up an-id die simmering 

sea ! 
IJeliohl thy inij^lit in me ! thmi iiast 

Tliy soul in mine ; and I am grand as 

Seeing I coiiiprehcnd thee I sc) 

Thou so august I I recognise thee 

first ; 
I sa'v thee rise, I watclicd thee early 

and late, 
And though no glance reveal tiioiidost 

My homage— thus no les-, I proffer it, 
And bid tliee enter gloriously thy rest ! 
P<ir. Festus I 

Fc's/. I am for noble Aureole, (iod ! 
I am upon his side, come weal or 

woe I 
His jiortion shall be mine! lie has 

done well I 
I would have sinned, I been 

strong enough, 
As he has sinnecl ! Reward him <.v I 

Reward ! If Thou canst lind no place 

for him, 
He shall be king elsewhere, and I 

will be 
His slave for ever ! There are two of 
/'ar. Dear Festus I 
fc'st. Here, dear Aureole ! ever by 

you ! 

J'i2r. Nay, speak on, <>r I dream 

again. Sjjeak on ! ] 

Some story, any thin-^ — only yoiii- i 

voice. I 

I shall dream else. Speak on 1 ay, i 

leaning so I | 

/vjV. Sullly tile Miiyne Riv( 

Close by where my love abideth ; 
.Sleep's no softer : it proceeds 
On through lawns, dh throu'; 

On and mi, wliatc'er befall, 
.Meandering and musical. 
Though tile niggard pasture's cdgi 
I'ears not on its sliaven ledge 
Aught but weeds and wa\in 

To view the river as it [lasses, 
Save here and there a scanty pale 
Of primrose-, loo faint to catch 
A weary bee . ■ . 

/'ur. More. Uiwre ; say on ! 
/"'fsf. The river jiushi 

Its gentle way thniugh stranglin 

Where tlie glossy king-fisher 
l''lutters when noon-heats are neai 
(il.ui llie shelving banks to shun, 
Red and steaming in the sun, 
Where the shrew-mouse with pal 

Burrows, and the speckled stoat, 
Where the (juick sandpipers flit 
In and out the m.irl and grit 
That seems to breed iliem, brown 

as they. 
Nought disturbs the river's way, 
Save some lazy stork that springs, 
Trailing it with legs and vvings. 
Whom the shy fox from the hill 
Rouses, creep lie ne'er so still. 
/'ar. My heart ! they loose mi 
heart, tiiose sini[)le words; 
Its darkness passes, which none elst 

could touch ; 
Like some dark snake that force ma) 

not expel. 
Which glideth out to music sweet and 

What were you doing when youi 

voice broke through 
\ chaos of ugly images? You, in- 
deed ! 
Are you nlono here? 

/■«/■. All alone : you know me? 
This cell ? 
fiir. An unexceptional vault— 



i.'.'kI brick ami .stone llic \nit> kept 

out, the rats 
Krpt in— a snug nuok : liowshoiilil I 
nii:i!;ikc it ? 
/■>.'. lUit wherefore am I hcrr ? 
/'i>: Ah ! well renicmliered : 

Uhy, f..r a purposc-for a pur|)n;,c, 


With niv,,i;r.l I,<,„l;1,^ and rcinn uits 

"f Ihc .-liorf ; 
And now sonic islet, loo:,cne(l from 

the land. 
Swims past witii all it, tree,, .sailini; 

to ocean ; 
And now the ni. is full „f uptorn 

TMiUme: l-re I trifle while time j I.i,hr^' pin,. ^,„„ „„ ,,,,,,^,_ 

,,.■•■' . , ! tamarisk.-, 

A„d^,!n.^ occasion, lost, will neVr j Unrooted, with thnr l.i.d. still clinK- 

Vnu.uc here to 1.C instructed. I will All iS/in'^'hc 'wind. Kven .so my 

varied life 
Drifts hy nie. I a,,, ynmg, old, 
happy, .sad. 

'■'«1\ message; Init I have .so much 
to say, 

I ^- ;;^'eave half out : all is con- | IlopniSi'^^i^iuhn,, .cin,, taking 

I rest 

'■■ iel^;. lime'""'""^ ''"" '''' ^"'^ .-">'"- : ".at is, those past 

learn in time. 
■ woidd not else have brought yon 
here : no doubt 
I hall see clearer soon. 

'' ''• Tell me but this— 

\ 1 arc not in despair? 

^":"'- I ? and for what ? 

/•..i/. Alas, alas ! he knows not, as 

Float back at once on nie. It I select 
Some special epoch from the rrowd 

'tis but 
To will, and straight the rest di.ssolve 


And only that particular state is pre- 

[ feared ! i \\7;tK ^n' ■. i r 

/■..What is it you would ask me st.ancJ, "^ long-forgotten c.rcum- 

Disiinct and vivid as at first-myself 

A careless looker-on, and nothinc 

more ! 

VVell ! Indifferent and amused, but nothing 

r ■.- ni re ! ^ 

And this is death : I understand it 

with tluit earnest, 
I 'ear, .searching face? 
/v /. I low feel you, Aurcle? 

\U11: 'tis a strange thing. I am' 

dying, Festus. 
Aiul now that fast the storm of life 

subsides ' '.'• i • 

I -.^pcrceive how great the whirl \ ' "^ion^l^u^r'" "" = "^" ^'''^'- 

'■'^ ""^" • I^V '."'■■" "' 'i>e before I plunge therein 

I ^^as calm then, who am so dizzy 

now — 
( .iim in the thick of the tempest, but 

no less 
A jxirtner of its motion, and mixed up 
^\!th Its career. The hurricane is 


Which last is Death's affair ; and 

while I sfieak, 
Minute by minute he i- filling me 
With power ; and while my foot is on 

the threshold 
Of lx)undless life— the doors unopened 


'"" bdl-r"' '" ""^ '^"' '''"'" I' '''^['J^'^ knowledge upon old 
^"'u'tst^rewn''""' "''' ' ■"''-^'"-. j And Ujpect is . . . But I must not 



Ii is no! I.iwliil. \' iir i>vvii turn \\ill | That wmMly thint,'s are utter vanity? 
f,ii,,,. j Tliai man i> made for weakness, anfi 

One (lay. Wait, !•'. snu ! Voii will should wail 

(lie like me '. In jiatitrt i^'norantrc till (iod ap- 

/■'fi/. "I'is of llial past life that I j point . . . 

hum to hear ! I /'"■• Ha, the purpose; the true 

/)ir. \i.u wonder il cnj;apes me purpose: that i., it ! 

llowiould I fail to apprehend ! \o\\ 

1 thu> ! Itut no more trillin;; ; I see 

just nou ? 
Ill truth, I \M>nder too. What's life 

lo MIC ^ 

Where'er I look is tire, where'er I 


Music, and where 1 tend Miss ever- 

I know all : my last mission shall ic 

I f St ren^;tli suffice. Xotrillintj! Stay; 
\iA liow can I refrain ? 'Tis a refined ' this posture 

Delii^ht to view those ch.inces,- one Hardly beiits one thusahout to speak : 
last view. I I ^^iH ari'^t- 

I am so near the perils I esca[)e. 
Tiiat I must ()lay with them and turn 

thein over. 
To feel how fully they are past and 

Siill il is like some further cause exists 
For this peculiar mood — some hidden 

purpose ; 
Did 1 not tell you something of it, 

Kestus ? 
I had it fast, hut it has somehow slipt 
Away from me; il will return anon. 
/'>..-/. (Indeed his cheek seems 

yount; aLj.un, his voice 
Complete with its old tones : that little 

Concludiiit; every phrase, with up- 

lurned eye. 
As ihou^' one stooped above his 

head, to whom 
lie looked for conlirmation and ap- 

])lause, — 
Where was il j^one so lon<^, being kept 

so well ? 
Then, ihe fore-finger pointing as he 

l^ike one who traces in an open book 
The matter he declares ; 'tis many a 

Since I remarked it last : and this in 

Tint now a ghastly wreck ! ) 

And can it be. 
Dear Aureole, you have then found 

out at last 

/•'est. N'ay, .\ureole, are you wild? 
Vou cannot leave your couch. 

/'jr. Xo help ; no help; 

Not even your hand. .So ! there, 1 

stand once more ! 
Speak from a couch ? I never lectured 

.My gowii — the scarlet, lined with fur; 

now put 
The chain alM)Ut my neck ; lu)' signet- 
Is still upon my hand, I think — even 

So ; 
Last, my good sword ; ha, trusty 

Azoth, leapest 
lieneath thy master's grasp for the 

last time ? 
This couch shall be my throne : I bid 

these walls 
He consecrate ; this wretched cell 

A shrine ; for here (jod speaks to 

men through me 1 
Now, Feslus. I am ready to begin, 
/=Vj7. I am (luuil) with wonder. 
/\ir. Li.-ten. therefore, Festus ! 

There will be time enough, but none 

to spare. 
I must content myself with telling 

The most important points. Voii 

doubtless leel 
That I am happy, F'estus ; very happy. 
Fes^. Tis no delusion which uplifts 

him thus ! 



Then you are pardnned, Aureole, all 

your siti ? 
/'</». Ay, piirdoncil I yet why par- 

(I'lntH .•* 
/rf/. ' lis (iod's praise 

Tiial mati i\ liMund to seek, and 

you . . . 
/'."-. 1 lave lived ! 

U'f have to live alone tt. se* forth well 
( Kill's praise. 'Tis true, I sinned 

murh. .IS I thought, 
.\)i<l in effect need mercy, for I strove 
I'm do that very thing ; l)Ut, do your 

Ur wor^t, praise rises, and will rise 

lor ever, 
i'.irdon from Him. hec.-xuse of praise 

drilled - 

Who calls me to Himself to exalt 

lie might laugh as I laugh ! 

i''"-t- Then all comes 

To I he same thing. 'Tis fruitless for 

What time was happy? All I hope 

to know 
Tliit answer will decide. Wliai 

happy time ? 
/'//-. When, hut ilie limr I vowed 

my help to ni.m ? 
luft. (Jreat (lixl. Thy judgments 

are inscrutable ! 
Par. Ves, it was in me; I was 

iiorn for it- 
I, I'aracelsus : it was mine hy right. 
Doulitlessa searching and imi)etuous 

Might learn from its own motions 

that some task 
Like this awaited it alxjut the world ; 
.Might seek somewhere in this 

life ot ours 
For fit delights to st.iy its longings 

vast ; 
And, grappling Nature, so prevail 

on her 
To fill the creature full she dared to 


let me not work 
Mure harm than I have done ! This 

is iny case : 
If I i;o joyous hack to fiod, yet bring 
N'j offering, if I render up my soul 
Witliout the fruits it was ordained to 

It I .ippear the better to love Go<l 
I 'r sin, as one who no claim 

on Him, — 
l''C not deceived : it may be surely 

With me, while higher prizes still 


Tln' mortal {persevering to the end. 

l^'r I too have been somethine, 
.1 -U . ,. ^ 

I left the instincts of that happy time ! 
Itit. What happy time? I'orCiod's 
sake, for man's sake. 

To fret themselves with what concerns Hungry for joy; and, bravely tyran- 

ihem not ; nous, 

They are no use that way : they \ f mow in demand, still craving more 

should lie down I and more, 

Cnntent as (;od has made them, nor I And make each joy conceded prove 

k'V n'^il I a pledge 

(iithrivelesscarestobetter what isill. Of other joy lo follow — b.iting 
/':/•. No, no; mistake me not; nought 

Of its desires, still seizing fresh pre- 
To turn the knowledge and the 

rajilure wrung 
.\s an extreme, last boon, from 

Into occasion for new covetings. 
New strifes, new triumphs :— doubt- 
less a strong suul 
Alone, unaided \\\\v\.' attain to this, 
.So glorious is our nature, so august 
Man's inborn unin.slruc ted impulses. 
His naked spirit so majestical ! 
Hut this was born in me ; I was 

made .so ; 
Thus much time saved : the 

The tumult of unproved desire, the 

Uncertain yearnings, aspirations blind, 






Distrust, mistake, atid all that ends 
in ii-ars 

The molten ore hunts up amonR the 

Were s;ivr(l me; llnr. I tiiirnil on WmkIs iiit') ilir viune's heart, out- 

tny cmii,i I hus l>ri>;hi 

\ou may lif sure 1 wa.nnt all r.\<.in|it | In hitlilctj jiiinis. .iimIs h.iiren river- 
I'roin hiiuiaii innihic ; just m> nnicli j \>cih, 

of (loulil ■ t luuihlcs into tine santl wlicie sun- 

As hadi' inv plant a. surer fuui up<jn | Iieams hask-- 

The sunruad— kept my eye unn.ini'd i ( «<)d jnys therein ! Tho wroth sea's 

mid j waves are edged 

The tierce and (lashing splendour - | With loa.n, v hite as the bitten lip of 

set my heart I Hate, 

Tremhlint; so much as warned me! When, in the solitary waste, strange 

I sto.Ml there groups 

On sufferance nut to idly gaze, hut ( )f young volcanoes come up, cyclops- 

rast like. 

Light on a darkling race; siive for Staring together with their eyes on 

that doubt, flame ; - 

r stood at lirst where all aspire at last ; (iod ta:,tes a pleasure in their uncouth 
To stand ; the secret of the world ' jjride ! 

was mine. i Then all is still : earth is a wintry 

I knew, I felt, (perception une\- j clod; 

pressed, Hut spring- wind, like a dancing 

Uncompreheiuled by our narrow j psaltress, p.asses 

thought, i Over its breast to waken it; rare 

Hut someliow felt and known in i verdure 

every shift Buds tenderly u[)on rough banks, 

And change in the sjjirit, — nay, in between 

every pore The withered tree -roots and the 

Of the body, even,)--what (lod is, cracks of frost, 

what we are. I-ike a smile striving with a wrinkled 

What life is how (iod tastes an j face; 

infinite joy The grass grows bright, the boughs 

In infinite ways- -one everlasting bliss, arc swoln with !)looms. 

From whom all being em.anates, all , Like chrysalids impatient for the 

power I air ; 

Proceeds ; in whom is life for ever- | The shining dorrs .are busy ; beetles 

more, | run 

Vet whom existence in its lowest form i Along the furrows, ants make their 
Includes; where dwells enjoyment! ado; 

there is lie I \ Aljove, birds tly in merry flocks — 

With still a Hying point of bli.s.s | the lark 

remote, | Soars up and up, shivering for very 

A happiness in store afar, a sphere j joy : 

Of distant glory in full view ; thus ; Afar the ocean sleej)? ; white fishing- 
climbs " I gulls 
Pleasure its heights for ever and fi>r ; Flit where the strand is purple with 

ever I j its tribe 

Th;; I e::':e fire heaves underneath the i Of nc^trd Hmjvt'i; invng!- rrentnr?'; 

earth, j seek 

And the earth changes like a human | Their love^ in wood and plain ; and 

face ; > Ood renews 



I lib .infient rapture ! Thus He dwells 

in all, 
I rnui life's mimili- lir(;innin^;>, up 

I'n man — llit- ciU'xuinmaiiiHi n( this 


Of Ih-MIi^;, llifcumpK'lion of ihissphtTf 
|>I life: whose attrilnites had here 

atui I here 
Hi'iTi scattered o'er til? visil.lo Wctrld 

Akin^ to he comhincd— dim fraj^- 

incuts iiR'ant 
To lie united in some wondrous 

whole — 
Imperfect (jualities throughout crca- 

Sii-[;esting s<:)nie one creature yet to 

make — 
Sime point where all tl-.ose scattered 

rays should meet 
'' .nvert;ent in tlic Inrulties of man. 
I'.iwer; neither j)ut forth hiindly, nor 

f'alinly by perfect knowledge; to he 

M risk, inspired or checked hy hope 

and fear ; 
Kiiowledfje ; not intuition, liiii the 

sloW I 

'nreriain fruit of an enhancing t'^il, 
^rtnythened l>y love: love; not 

serenely pure, 
Hut strong from weakness, like a 

ihance-sown plant 
\Miich, cast on stuhl)orn soil, puts 

forth chani^'ed huds, 
Am! softer stains, unknown in happier 

climes ; 
I.'ive which endures, and douhts, and 

is oppressed, 
AikI cherished, suffering much, and 

much sustained, 
A lilind, oft-failing, yet believing love, 
A linlf-enlightened, often -che(|uereci 

trust : — 
Hint? and previsions ofwhich faculties, 
Arc strewn confusedly eveiywhcre 

The inferior natures ; and all lead up 

•M! sha[)e out dimly the superior race, 

The heir of hopri »i «> fair to turn out 

And Man ap|x-ars it last : so f.u il,.- 

Is put on lift ; one sl.ige of being 

One schctne wound up; ami fiom the 

grand lesull 
A supplementary r»tlux of light, 
Illustrates all the inferior grades, ex- 
Kach bark step in the circle. Not 

I'or their possessor dawn those 

Hut the new glory mixes with the 

And earth ; Man, once descried, im- 
prints for ever 
His presence on all lifeless things; 

the winds 
.\re henceforth voices, in a wail or 

A quendous mutter, or a quick gay 

'ever a senseless gust now man is 

born ! 
The herded pines commune, and have 

deep thoughts, 
.\ secret they assendile to discuss. 
When the sun drojis behind their 

trunks which glare 
Like grates of heli ; the peerless cup 

Of the hke-lily is an urn, some 

Swims 1 . aring high above her head : 

no bird 
Whistles unseen, but through the gaps 

That let light in upon the gloomy 

A shape jx;eps from the breezy forest - 

.\rch with small puckered mouth and 

mocking eye : 
The morn has enterprise, — deep quiet 

V. itn eveninj^ ; iiimnpii takes the sun- 
set hour, 
\'oluptuous transport ripens with the 




\ V, I 


Beneath a warm moon like a happy 

face : 
—And this to fill r.s with regard for 

With apprehension of his passing 

Desire to work his proper nature 


And ascertain his rank and final jilace; 

For these things tend still upward — 
prot;ress is 

The law of life— man's self is not yet 
Man ! 

Xor shall I deem his object served, 
his end 

Attained, his genuine strength put 
fairly forth, 

While only here and there a star 

The darl<nc-s, here and there a tower- 
ing mind 

(J'erlooks its prostrate fellows : when 
the ho^t 

Is out at once to the despair of night. 

When all mankind alike is perfected, 

K(]ual in full-blown powers — then, 
not till then, 

I say, begins man's general infancy ! 

1 'or where fore make account of feverish 

(Jf restless members of a <iormant 
whole ■ 

Impatient nerves which (|uiver while 
the body 

Slumbers as in a grave ? Oh, long ago 

The brow was twitched, the tremulous 
lids astir, 

The peacefiil mouth disturbed ; half- 
uttered speech 

Rutllcd the lip, and then the teeth 
were set. 

The breath drawn sharp, the strcmg 
right-hand clenched stronger. 

As it would pluck a lion by the jaw : 

The glorious creature laughed out 
even in sleep I 

But when full roused, each giant- 
limb awake, 

Kach sinew strung, the great heail 

He shall start up, and stand on his 
own earth. 

And so begin his long triumphant 

And date his being thence, — thus 

w'holly roused. 
What he acliieves shall be set down 

to him ! 
When all the race is perfected alike 
As Man, that is : all tended to man- 
And, man produced, all has its end 

thus far ; 
P)Ut in completed man begins anew 
A tendency to (jod. I'rognostics told 
Man's near approach; so in man's 

self arise 
August anticipations, symbols, types 
Of a dim splendour ever on before, 
In that eternal circle run by life : 
For men begin to [lass their nature's 

And find new ho[)es and cares which 

fast supplant 
Their proper joys and griefs ; and 

outgrow all 
The narrow creeds of right and wrong, 

which fade 
!5efore the unmeasured thirst for good; 

while peace 
Rises within them ever more and 

Such men are even now upon the 

eart i, 
Serene amid the half-formed creatures 

Who should be saved by them and 

joined willi them. 
Such was my task, and I was born 

to it— 
Free, as I said but now, from nnicli 

that chains 
Spirits, high-dowered, but limited and 

By a divided and delusive aim, 
A shadow mucking a reality 
Whose truth avails not wholly to dis- 

The flitting mimic called up by it- 
And so remains perplexed and nigh 

,.... 1.... 
I'y its fantastic fellows wavering 


I, from the first, was never cheated so ; 
I never fa>hione(l out a fancied good' 
Distinct from man's; a service to he 


A glory to be ministered imto, 
With powers put forth at man's ex- 
pense, withdrawn 
From hibouring in his behalf; a 

Denied that might avail liim ! I cared 

Lest his success ran counter to success 
i:isewhere: for God is glorified in 

And to man's g!„ry, vowed I soul and 

^■ct, constituted thus, and thus en- 
I failed : I gazed on mwer till I crew 

blind— *• 

On power ; I could not take my eyes 

from that — 
Ihat only, I thought, should be pre- 
served, increased 
At any risk, displayed, struck out at 

once — 
The sign, and note, and character of 

I saw no use in the past : only a scene 
Of degradation, iml)eciiity— 
The record of disgraces best forgotten, 
A sullen page in human chronicles 
I; It to erase : I saw no cause why man 
should not be all-sufficient even now ; 
Or why his annals should be forced 

to tell 
Tiiat once the tide of light, about to 

rpon the work}, was sealed within i 
its s[)ring ; i 

I \\ould have had one day, one 

moment's space, 
Change man's condition, push each 

slumbering claim 
T.) mastery o'er the elemental world 
At once to full maturity, then roll 
« 'blivion o'er the tools, and hide from 

What night had uslie.ed morn. Not 

Mu, licat tiiiid 
Of after-day.s, wilt thou reject the 

Big with deep warnings of the prop<-r 

By which thou hast the earth : the 

Present for thee 
Shall have distinct and trembling 

beauty, seen 
Beside that Past's own shade, whence, 

in relief. 
Its brightness shall stand out : nor on 

thee yet 
Shall burst the Future, as successive 

Of several wonder o])en on some sjjirit 
1- lying secure and glad from heaven 

to heaven ; 
But thou Shalt i)ainfully attain to joy, 
U hilc hope, and fear, and luve, shall 

keep thee man ! 
-MI this was hid from me : as one by 

My dreams grew dim, my wide aims 

As actual good within my reach de- 
^^ hile obstacles sprung up this way 
and that. 

To keep me from eflfecling half the 

Small as it proved; as objects, mean 

The prima! aggregate, seemed, even 

the least. 
Itself a match for my concentred 

strength — 
What wonder if I saw no way to 

Despair? The power I sought for 

man, seemed God's I 
In this conjuncture, as I prayed to die, 
A strange adventure made me know,' 

One Sin 
Mad spotted my career from its ui)- 

rise ; 
I saw Aprile— my Aprile there ! 
And as the poor melodious wretch 

His heart, and moaned his weakness 

in my ear, 
I learned my own deeu error • !'= 

Taught me the worth of love in man's 



And what proportion love should hold I Hut dream of him, and guess where 

with power I he may he, 

In his rii;ht constitution ; love pre- ! And do their be>t to climb and get tc 

ceding; j him. 

Power, and with much power, always All this I knew rit, and I failed. 

mucli more love ; . Let men 

Love still too straitened in its present ; Regard me, and the jxiet dead long 

means, ago 

And earnest for new power to set it Who once loved rashly ; and shape 

free. fortli a third, 

I learned this, and supposed the whole And belter tempered spirit, warned 

was learned : by both : 

And thus, when men received with As from the over-radiant star too 

stupid wonder mad 

My first revealings, would have wor- To drink the light-springs, beamless 

shipped me, thence itself— 

And I despised and loathed their And the dark orb which liorders the 

proffered ]iraise— abyss. 

When, with awakened eyes, they took Ingulfed in icy night, — might have 

reveni'e its course 

For past i Julity in casting shame A temperate and equidistant world. 
On my real knowledge, and I hated Meanwhile, I have done well, though 

them — I not all well. 

It was not strange I saw no good in ' As yet men cannot do without con- 
man, i tempt- 
To overbalance all the wear and wa^le 'Tis for their good, and therefore fit 
Of fliculties, displayed in vain, but awhile 

born ' That they reject the weak, and scorn 

To prosper in some better sphere : the false, 

and why ? | Rather than praise the strong and 

In my own heart love had not been | true, in me. 

made wise I But after, they will know me ! If I 

To trace love's faint beg'nnings in ! stoop 

mankind, I Into r. dark tremendous sea of cloud, 

To know even hate is but a mask of! It is but for a time; I press Clod's 

love's, j lamp 

To see a good in evil, and a hope ] Close to my breast — its splendour, 
In ill-success; to sympathize. Ix; proud ] soon or late. 

Of their half-reasons, faint aspirings. Will pierce the gloom : I shall emerge 

dim one day ! 

Struggles for truth, their poorest ! Vou understand me? I have said 


Their prejudice, and fea.s, and cares, 
and doubts ; 

enough ? 
Fest. Now die, dear Aureole ! 
Pur. Festus, let my hand — 

Which all touch upon nobleness, This hand, lie in your own— rriy own 

Their error, all tend upwardly though 

Like plants in mines which never saw 

the sun, 

true friend ! 
Aprile ! Hand in hand with you, 
Aprile ! 

Fest, And this was Paracelsus I 










H.S MOST (;KATr;i-l!I. and UKVOTKD 1 klKM) 

R. B. 

■ 1 ■V&'^ i 

1 r'*i 

April 23, 1837. 

- if 

' I- 

* i 


1 HA., tor some been ogag-d in a Poem of a very difterc.u nature, 
uh.n induced to nuike the present atten pt ; and am not without apprehension 
liuit my eagerness to freshen a jade.l mind by .livening it to the healthy 
n|aurcs of a gran.l epoch. n,ay luue operated imfavourably on the represented 
l^lay. which IS one of Action in Character, rather than Character in Action 
To remedy this, in some degree, consi<]erable curtailment will be neccssiirv 
and, m a few instances, the supplying details not required, I suppose, by the reader. While a trifling success would much gratify, foilure will not 
^^ holly discourage me from another effort : experience is to come, a.ul earnest 
ciKie.ivour may yet remove many disacb mtages. 

The portraits are, I think, faithfu. ; and I am exceedingly fortunate in 
eing able, in proof of this, to refer to the subtle and el.x,uent e.xposiuon of 
ii>o characters of Illioi an<l StratVord, in the Lives of Eminent British Stites 
men, now ,n the course of publication in Lardner's Cyclopedia, by a writ.- 
whom I am proud to call my friend ; and whose biographies of IIamp<]en 
i'yni, and Vane, will, I am sure, fitly illustrate the present year-ihe Second 
Centenary of the Trial concerning Ship-Money. My Carlisle, h,.wever is 
purely imaginary : I at first sketched her singular likeness nuH^hly in ' as 
suggested by Matthew an<l the memoir-writers-but it was too artificial and 
the substituted outline is exclusively from \'oiture and Waller. 

The Ilahan lK>at-song in the last scene is from Redi's jiacro, long since 
naturalized in the joyous and delicate version of Leigh. Hunt. 





: f 

^ I? I 

Earl of Holland. 
L< '■<1 Savii.k. 
Sir Hknkv Nam:. 


John Pvm. 

John IIami'iikn. 

The younger \'am.. 

Dkn/.ii, IIoi.iis. 

Hknia.min RrOYAKI). 

N'aihamki. Fiknnk-. 

I'.arl of Loudon. 

Maxwkll, [/s/i'-r of tht Bhuk Rod. 

Bai.voi'K, Constable of thi- Taivcr, 

.4 Purilnn. 

(^ueen Hknuiictta. 

Lucy Pkkcy, Countess of Caki.isi.k. 


i'resbyteriaits, .Scots Commissioners. Adherents of Strafford, Secretaries, 
Officers of the Court, Cr=<-. Tivo of Strafford's Childreu. 


ACT I. j But David — five snujoili pehhles fmni 

SCENE I.-.-/ House near WhitekalL \ ^x■,,^:'^:t,^, . . . 

IIamidkn, Hoi lis, the younger ^"'i- —Be you as still as David ! 
Vank, Ruuvakd, Fikn.nks, fl«(/ lien. Her<.s Rudyaid not ashamed 
many of the rnshyterian Party : ! lo wag a tongue 

Lou 1 ON and other Scots Cm- \ ^I'ff with ten years' disuse of I'arlia- 
missio'iers : some seat-'d, some ments ; 

standing beside a tatde stre-^'n Why, when the last sate, Wentworth 

oixr with papers, ^c. 

I ane. I say, if he he here . . . 
^'"'i' And he is here ! 

//c/. For England's sake let every 
man be still 
Nor speak of liini, so niucli as say his 

Till I'ym rejoin us ! Rudyard— Vane 

— remember 
< )iie rash conclusion may decide our 

And with it England's fate — think— 

I'.ngland's fate 1 
Hampden, for England's sake they 
should be still ! 
lane. You say so, IIoHis? well, I 
must be still ! 
It is indeed too bitter that one man — 
Any one man . . . 

A'ltd. Vou are his brother, 

//amp. Shame on you, Rudyard ! 
time to tell him that. 
When he forgets the Mother of us all. 
A'ltd. Do I forget her? . . . 
//amp. —Vou talk idle hate 

Against her foe: is that so strange a Her di^maftrade, the use of all her 

thing ?^ _ tools, 

ij luuing Wcntwonn aii the help siic , iu ply iJie scourge yet screw the gag 
needs? > so close 

A Puritan. The I'hilistine strode, That strangled agony bleeds mute to 
cursing as he went : | death: 


sate with us ! 
Pud. Let's hope for news of them 

now he returns: 
— But I'll abide I'ym's coming. 

I 'ane. Now by Heaven 

They may be cool that can, silent that 

.Some have a gift that way : Went- 
worth is here-- 
Here — and the King's safe closeted 

with him 
Ere this ! and when I think on al) 

that's past 
Since that man left us — how his single 

Roll'il back the good of England, 

roll'ii it back 
And set the woeful Past up in its 

place . . . 
A Puritan. Exalting Dagon where 

the Ark should be I 
I'ane. . . . How that man has 

made firm the fickle King 
— Hampden, I will speak out I — in 

aught he feared 
To venture on before ; taught 








i ■ 

1 -. 




< ! 





— How he turns Ireland to a private 

Ffir training; infant villainies, new 

Of wringint; treasure uut of tears and 

Unhear<l oppressions nourished in the 

To try how much Man's nature can 

— If he dies under it, what harm? if 
not ... I 

/•'ien. Why, one more trick is : 
added to the rest 
Worth a Kind's knowing,'— i 

/\iti/. — And wiial Ireland i)ears ! 
Enj^laiid n)ay learn to licar. j 

ran/r. . . . I iow all this while : 
That man has set himself to one dear 

task, I 

The brinL;ing Charles to relish more 

and more 
Power . . . 

/^/td. Power without law . . . 
/•yen. Power and blood too . . . 
J'nif. . . . Can I he stiil ? 
//a"i/>. l'\: that you sliould 

he still. 
I'(r>tc: Oh, Hampden, then and 
now ! The year he Kft us 
The People hy its Parliament could 

The Hill of Kiglits from the reluctant 

And now. — he'll find in an obscure 

small room 
A stealthy gathering of great diearted 

That lake up England's cause : Eng- 
land is —here 1 
Haotp. And who despairs of Eng- 
land ? 
AW. That do I 

If Weiitworth is to rule her. I am 

To think her wretched masters, 

The muckworm Cottinglon, the 

May yet be longed for Sack again. I 

I do despair. 

And, Rudyard, I'll say 

/ 'an». 


.\nd, {tuntiiii^ tit thr rest) all true men 
say after me I not loud — 

Hut >olemnly, and as )oird say a 
prayer : 

This Charles, who treads our England 
under foot. 

Has just so much — it may 1,'e fear or 
rrafi — 

As bids him pause at each fresh out- 
rage ; fi lends, 

I le needs some sterner hand to grasp 
his own, 

.Some voire to ask, " Why shrink ?— 
am I not by ? " 

—A man that England loved for serv- 
ing her. 

Found in his heart to say, " I know 
where best 

The iron heel shall bruise her, for she 

Upon me when you trample." Wit- 
ness, you I 

Hut inasnuu-h as life is hard to take 

Irom England . . . 

Many I'oucs. ("looii, \'ane ! 'Tis 

well said, X'ane I 
Vane. . . . Who has not so for- 
gotten . . . 
Voices. 'Tis well and bravely 

spoken, X'ane I Go on 1 
Vanr. . . . There are some little 
signs of late she knows 

The ground no place for her ! no 
place for her I 

When the King beckons— and beside 
him stands 

The same bad man once more, with 
the same smile. 

And the same savage gesture ! Now 
let England 

Make proof of us. 

Voices. Strike him— the Rene- 


1 laman— Ahitliophcl — 

^favip. {To the Scat!..) Gentlemen 
of the North. 


.u^ „:.-!- 

ic night your clanus 

were urged, 
.\nd we pronounced the League and 


Of Scotland to he Encland's caii.,e as 

wcil ! 
\ane, there, sutc motionless the whole 
ni^jht through. 
I'niii: Hampden . . . 
/•iai. ^tay V:uie ! 

/.OK. IJc patient, gailiint \'ane : 

/;://(•. Mind how you cmmsel pati- 
ence, Loudon ! you 
Have still a Parliament, and a hrave 

T.I hack it ; you are free in Scotland 

While we arehrothers (as these hancK 

are knit 
'-o let our hearts he !)— hope's for 

Knjjlanl yet ! 
hut know you why this Wentworth 

comes ? to quench 
This faintest hope? that he hringswar 

with him ? 
Know you this Wentwortii ? What 
he dares ? 

/"«• Dear Vane, ' 

Ui'know — 'tis nothinj,' new ... 

' I'W. And what's new, then, 

In Tallin-; for his life? Why Tyni 

iiinihelf ... 
\'ou must have heard— ere Wentworth 

left our cause | 

lie would see I'ym first ; there were ' 

many more 
Sirong on the IVopIe's side and 

friends of his. — I 

::'',.t that's dead, Rudyard and i 

Hampden here, 
hut Wentworth cared not for them ; 

only, Pym 
Me would see— Pym and he were 

sworn, they say, 
r> live and die together— so they 

met ) 

At (neenwich: Wentworth, yoi: are! 

sure, was long, 
specious enough, the devir.v,;irgument I 
I-oit nothing in his lips ; he'd have 

I'ym own i 

A Patriot could not do a purer thin" ■ 

T!nn f.^ii,,,,. ;„ u; _. '., . '^ . 

■"■ .'-^ •" '>•- M.ii-i. ; i;;cy Vn(, ' 


Could put down England. Well, 

i'ym heard him out— 


; One glance— you know Pym's eye— 
i one word was all : 

" Vou leave us, Wentworth : while 
your head is on 
I'll not leave you." 
//'Viip. H;ts P)Mi left Went- 

worth, then? 
Has England lost him? Will you 

let him speak, 
"r put )our crude surini^-s in hi> 

mouth ? 
Away with this! {To tin- Will 
you have Pym or \'ane? 
VoiiCi. Wait I ym's arrival ! Pym 
shall sp^■ak ! ^ 

^^'""P- Meanwhile 

Let Loudon read the Parliament's 

From luiinhurgh : our last hope, as 

Vane says. 
Is in the stand it makes. Loudon ! 
I'iiiie. {As LoiDuN is about to 
I rea,/) — No— no — 

' Silent I can he: not indifTerent ! 
//rtw/. Then each keep silence, 
pr.aying Cod a space 
That he will not cast England quite 

In this her vi>itati..n ! {Ail assume a 
I foiiuir. 0/ levcrcHit.) 

• ' i'">-ilan. Seven years long 

■ i he Midiainte drove Israel into dens 

-Viid caves. 
I Till God sent forth a migh'y man, 
! , (PVM t7//,;;x) 

I'^en Gideon ! {All start up ) 

Pym. Wentworth's come : he 

has not reached 
Whitehall : they've hurried up a 

Council there 
To lose no lime and find him work 

^Vhere's Loudon ? \ i,\xx Scots' Parlia- 
ment . . . 

„/-^"- Is firm : 

We wereahout to rea(i Imports . . . . 
^>w- The ICing 

Has just oissolved your Parliament. 
/ utt. aiKi other cf the .'cots Gieat 
God ! 
An oath-breaker ! Stand by us, Eng- 
land, then .' 





i ItMt 

• Ifti I U 

" B It- 

! 5«' 


When She is saved (and her rcdemp 

tioii d.iwns 
Dimly, most dimly, hul ii dawns— it 

ilawns) — 
Who'd ^;ivi.- at any price his hojic 

Of l)ciii>; named alon^; with the (Jreut 

One would not . . . no, one would 
not j;ivc that up ! 
Haiiip, And one name shall !"■ 
dearer than all names : 
When children, yet unborn, are taujjlit 

tlial name 
After their fathers', — taught one 
matchless man . . . 
ryii:. . . . Sa\ed Kn^land ? 

What if Wentworth's 
should he still 
'1 hat name ? 

A'ik/. aiiti othiis. Wc have just said 
it, I'ym ! His death 
Saves her ! 

J-'icn. We siud that ' There's 

! no way Ix-side ! 

! ./ Puritan. I'll do your bidding, 
I'ym I They struck down Joab 
And purged the land. 

\ 'ane. No villainous striking-dow ii 1 
I Rud. No— a calm vengeance : lot 
I the w1k)1c land rise 

And shout for it. No Feltons ! 

/ \in. Rmlyard, no. 

England reject.-, all Fi'ltoiis ; most 

of all 
Since Weniworth . . . 

Hannxlen, say the praise again 
That England will award iiie . . 

But I'll think 
Voii know me, all of you. Then, I 

— Sjiite of the past, — Wentwoith re- 
joins you, friends I 
Rud. ami othtrs. Weniworth I 

apostate . . . 
Vane. Wentworth, doul)le-dycd 
.\. traitor 1 Is it I'ym, indeed . . . 
ryiii. . . . Who says 

rom i:;j!i L::ai,^i i;:.-.:f- L.:i;..-:t- \ .....^ ...... ....... .. v.i — 

loved that \ventworth — 

Pym. The King's too sanguine ; 

doubtless Wentworth's here ; 
Hut still some little form might be 

kept up. 
//o/. Now speak, Vane ! Kudyard, 

you had much to say ! 
Hamp. The rumour's false, then . . . 
/)'/«. Ay, the Court gives out 

I lis own concerns have brought him 

back : I know 
'Tis Charles recalls him : he's to 

The tribe of Coitingtous and Ilamil- 

Whose part is pl.iye<' : there's talk 

enough, by this, - - 
Merciful talk, the King thinks : time 

is now 
To turn the record's last and bloody 

That, chronicling a Nation's great 

Tells they were long rebellious, and 

their Ix)rd 
Indulgent, till, all kind expedients 

He drew the sword on them, and 

reigned in peace. 
Laud's laying his religion on the Scots 
Was the last gentle entry: — the new 

Shall run, the King thinks, " Went- 
worth thrust it down 
At the sword's point." 

A Puri/an. I'll do your bidding, 

England's and your's . . . one blow ! 

/'yin. \ glorious thing 

We all .say, friends, it is a glorious 

To right that England ! Heaven 

grows liark alxjve, — - 
Let's snatch one moment ere the 

thunder fall 
To s;iy how well the English spirit 

comes out 
Keneath it ! all have tione their best, 


To the least here ; and who, the least 
one here, 

Felt glad to stroll with him, arm 
lock'd in arm, 




Along the streets to see the People I llamf. I'>,„. nvc do know you 
1*'''^'* . yim'Il not set your heart 

Ami read in every isi.iiid-countc- 

i resh argument fur (icd aj^ainst the 

Never sate down . . . .s;iy, in the 

very house 
\\htrc I-;iiot's hrow grew with 

iiiihle thoiij^hts 
iSOii've joined us, llanipden, H<.lh->, 

you as well). 
And then left talking over Ciiacciuis' 

death . . . 

On any liaseless thing : jjut say one 

<'f VVeniworth's, since he left us 

. . . {.S/toti/iiii,' wi/Jh'iit.) 
' '""• I'yni, he conies 

And they shout Inr him : \Ven» 

worth !--he's with ("harles— 
The King emhracint,' him — now — 

as we S|,oak . . . 
And he, to he his match in courte- 

,. _ ,. I Taking the whole war's risk upon 

I '111,: ... I, J Iranu', we know it ! himself 1-- 

I'ym the clmice.t clause | Xow-while y,;u lell u> here how 

n the letuion of Rights: which! changed he is- 

W ent won h framed j Do y„„ hear, I'ym ? The I'copic 

A month before he took at the Kii,g\ 

ills Northern I'residency, which ihal 

1 'enounced . 

shout fur him I 
/■'iiii. We'll not go hack now ! 
Ilullis has no hroliicr — 
\ane has no father . . . 

I'aiir. I'ym should have no friend ! 

/,. I 4 1 ■ r , ... ■ ^3"' --"'uuiu iia\e iiu irienu ; 

hud. And infamy along with it ! 1 Stand yuu firm. I'ym ! Klioi's g,,nc 
Aluiiuui. whuM) puttelh his Wentworth's loM, 

ri-ht hand to the plough j We have hut you, and stand you very 

\nd turneth hack ... fin,, \ ^ ' 

/'j'w Never more, never more i Truth is eternal, come helow what 

Walked we together ! Most alone I j will, 

, , ''7' ', r ■ > „ , ' ''"^ • • • ' '^"'^^ ""• ... if you 

1 liave had friends— all here are fa>t should fail . . . O (iod ' 

my friends— < > ^od ! 

i;ut I ^-lu.ll never (luite forget that /'ym (afait and in thou-ht). And 

■ •/. ' ^ . , . yet if 'tis a dream, no more, 

UiJUr a f'ausr) And yet it could nui Ihat Wentworth chose their side and 

hut he real m him .' hrought the King 

\ou \ane, you Rudyard, have no To love it as llKuigh i and had loved 

right to trust it f,rst 

Thai Wentworth ... (J will no one 
hope with nie? 
A'ane— think yuu Wentworth will 
shed English blood 
Like water? 
A Puntan. Ireland is Aceldama ! 

And the (^)ueen after— that he led 

their cause 
Calm to success and kept it spotless 

So that our very eyes could look 


/>w. Will he turn Scotland l.^ u ! The travail of our soul, and close 

' please ttie King, now that he knows 
the King ? 
i .ic I'Cupic 01 liie King ? Tiic i'eople, 

Or the King . . . and that K 


Charles ! Will no one hope ? 

That violence, which something mars 

even Right 
That sanctions it, had taken off no 

From its serene 

dream ! 

regard. Only a 




! f: 


//■i"if>. Vx'tcevi\ tn r.n^land'swork : 

will) rcails the list ? 
A I'lirf, " Shi|>-niuncy is refused 
or liiTccly paid 
In every county, save the northern 

Where Wentworili's iiitliu-nce'' . . . 
( Rtiuivtii shouting. ) 
I'tine (pas^icnatily ^trikiits^ (/>/• 
lah/e). I, ill F.m^l.ind's name 
l)ecl.irc her work, this way, at cixi I j 
till now — j 

l.'p to this niuiuent — iK'areful strife 

was well I 
We Knj^hsh had free leave to ihit\k : 

till now. 
We had a shadow of a I'arliunelil : 
Twas well : lull all is chantjed : the) 

threaten lis : 
They'll try brule-nirce for law— here 
— in i)ur land ! 
Many I'oiCi'i. True hearts with 
Vane ! The old true hearts with j 
Vane ! ' 

Viine. Till we crush Wenlwortli 
for her, there's no act 
Serves I'.n^land 1 

I'cices. \:vwt for Knyland I 

ry»i {as he p^'su's slowly before 
them). I'yni should he 
Sonielhi.i}:; to I'.ngiand ! I seek : 
Wentworth, friends ! 

Scene \\.— Whitehall. 

Enter Carlisle «;/(/ Wentworth. 

Went. And the Kinj;? 
Car. Dear Wentworth, lean on 
me ; sit then ; 
I'll tell you all ; this horrible fatigue ' 
Will kill you. 

Went. No; or — Lucy, just 

your arm ; 
I'll not sit till I've cleared this up 

with him : 
After that, rest. The King? 

Car. Confides in you. 

Wcr.t. Why ? why now ? 

— They have kind throats, the 
people ! 
Shout for me . . . they I —poor fellows. 

Car, Di<l they shout 1 

— Wc took all measures to keep ot 

the cro'vd — 
I)i<l they shout for you ? 

Went. Whereiorc should they not: 
Does the King take such measures fm 

Hesidr, there's such a ikarth of inal 

Vou say ? 

('ar. I s.iid hut few ilarc< 

carp at you . . . 
It'r-i/t. At me? at us, Carlisle 
The Kir.g and I 1 
He's surely not (lisposcd to let iiu 

Away the fame from him of thex 

late dieds 
In Ireland? I am yet his instrumen 
lie it for well or ill ? 

He trusts me then 
Car. The King, dear Wentworth 
purposes, 1 know 
To giant you. in the fare of all tin 
Court . . . 
ir,nt. All the Court ! lCvernior< 
the Court aUiut us I 
.Savile and Holland, Hamilton am 

.\l)out us, — then the King will gran 

me . . . Lady, 
Will the King leave these — leave al 

these— and say 
"Tell me your whole n. .1, Went 
worth !" 
Car. hut you sail 

Vou would Ix; calm. 

Went. Lucy, and I am calm 

How else shall I do all I come to do 

— ISroken, as you may see, body am 

mind — 
How shall I serve the King? timi 

wastes meanwhile, 
Vou have not told me half ... Hi 

footstep ! No. 

— l!ut now, before I meet him, — ( 

am calm) — 
Why does the King distrust me? 

Cu''. iiC COC5 nu 

Distrust you. 

Went. Lucy, you can hcl{ 

me . . . you 


Have even setmcil to care fur ine ; 

help mr ! 
\^ it the (Jiiecn? 
t'"'. N'i>. not the <^)iiecn — 

the fxirty 
I'fiat [)oi-.()iis the <,>iic.'n\ car,->avilc 
and Ilnlhuul . . . 
ll'in/. I kn.txv I kiinw — and 
\ ane, loo, he's one tiM> ? 
' 'i> on -and lie's made Sccrelary — 
Well ? 
I tr leave llieiu out aiui ^a .slraij;ht 
to the charge ! 
1 iic chartje ! 
('ii>: Oh, there's no eharj,'!' - 

no precise charj^e — 
' ii.Iy they sneer, make li^^ht of . . . 

one may say 
N'iMilc at what you do. 

!l '»(■ I know : liiit Lucy, 

' .'ion, dear Lucy —Oh, I need yoy s.. ! 
I iickoncd on you from the tirst ! — 
( jo on ! 

. Was sure could I once sec this 
Kcntle tjirl 
W hen I arrived, she'd throw an hour 

T ) help h-r weary friend. . . . 

''•"'■ \'ou thought of me. 

hear Went worth ? 
"'■«/. . . liut Ko on ! The 

I'eople here . . . 
('(ir. They do not think your Irish 
• M)vernment 
"f ihat .surpassing value . , . 

" ■ ;//. The one thing 

• *f value ! The one service lt)at the 

M.iy count on ! All that keeps these 

very things 
la ]iower, to vex me . . . not that 

ihfy fio vex ine, 
"lily it might vex some to hear that 

I'fcried— the sole support that's left 
the King I 
Car, So the Archbishop says. 

'/>///. Ah? well, perhaps 

Phi- nnl.r l..,„,1 l,..i,) .... ;_ :.. .1 
"■- / — "■« nv '•: t'£/ 111 :'.3 ur 

MiV he old Laud's ! 
These Hollands, then, these Saviles 


Nibble.' They nibble? -that's the 
very word I 
till. \'our prolit in the Customs, 

liristol says, . . . 
It't/i/. Knougn : 'lu loo unworthy, 
— I am not 
>>o I ient as I ai.ught ! 

What's I'ym alx)ut ? 
Car, I'yui ? 

//'.///. F'yii and the Tciple. 

, (■'"• Oil, the Faction ! 

I'xiinct — of no account — there'll 

never Ix? 
•Vnoiher r.irliament. 
. "V«/. Tell .Savile that I 

\'ou may know— (ay, you do— the 

creaiures here 
N'ever forget !) that in my earliest life 
I w;i3 not . . . not what I am now ! 

The King 
May take my word on |)oints con- 
cerning I'ym 
liefore Lord >avile's, Lucy, or if not, 
r.iri, they shall ruin their vile selves, 

not me. 
These Vanes and Hollands— Llj not 

be their too! - 
I'ym would receive me yet ! 

— Hut then the King !-■ 
I'll bear it all. The King— wheie is 
he, ( '.irl ? 
Car. He is a[)priscd that you are 

here : l>e calm ! 

It'tvt/. And why not meet me now ? now ? \'i •, , .'d 

He sent for me ... he longed forme ! 

C"r. Because . . . 

He is now ... I think a Council's 

sitting now 
Alxiut this Scots affair . . . 

"'''«/• A Council sits? 

I hey have not taken a decided course 
Without me in this matter? 

Car. I should .say . . . 

//<■;//. The War ? They cannot 
have agreed lo that ? 
Not the Scots' War?— without con- 
sulting me — 

ere tu iiiuw iiow rash 
it is. 
How easy to o spense with? 

— Ah, you too 




Against me! well,— the King may 

lind me here. 
(.fjCARl.Isi.K is .^'ij/wj,'.)— Forget it, 

Lucy : ores make peevish : mine 
Weigh me (but 'tis a secret) to my 

Car. For life or death I am your 

own, dear friend ! 

You were revenged, I'ym, could you 
look on me ! 

(I'YM enters.) 
Went. I little thought of you just 

Pyiii. No ? I 

Think always of you, Wentworth. 
//>;//. (.istJe.) The old v>)ice ! 

(.4f/,/f.) Icouldiujtlell him . . . sick I wait the Kmg, sir. 

too ' . . . And the King I Ppn. True— you look so pale : 

Sliall love him ! Wentworth here, A Council sits within ; when that 

who can withstand breaks up 

His look? -And he did really think He'll see you. 

of me' I "'"^- ^"■> ^ ^''•'*"'' >■""• 

O 'twas well done to spare him all ■ Pym. Oh, iliank Laud ! 

the win ! \Exit.) Vou know when Laud once gets on 

Went. Heartless! . . . but all are Church affairs 

heartless here. Tlie case is desperate : he 11 not be 

Cio now, long 

Forsake the people ! To-day: he only means to prove, 

—I did not forsake to-day, 

The People : they shall know it . . . We English all are mad to have a 

when the King li'">*' . , „ . 

Will trust me I— who trusts .all beside I In butchering the Scots for servmg 

'it once i v»o(i 

While I . . . have not spoke Vane ; After their fathers" fashion : only 

and Savile fair, ''^'*^- . , • r .1 

And am not trusted : have but saved , U cut. Sir, keep your jests for those 

the Throne • ! "'^^o reHsh them 1 

Have not picked up the (Jueen's (.-/.-/,/,-.) Does ^^ enjoy their confi- 

glove prettily, I dence ? (/!' P.) T.s kind 

And am ndt trusted ! i To tell me what the Council does. 

Put he'll see me now : I /Vw. ^ <>" Rfudge 

And Weston's dead— and the Queen's j That I should know it had resolved 

English now- I ^ <"' ^^ar 

More En-Tlish— oh, one earnest word Before you came ? no need— you shall 

will brush 
These reptiles from . . . [footsteps 

The step I know so well ! 

have al 
The creilit, trust me. 

Went. Have they. Pym . . 

not dare<l 

Tis Charles \ — But now — to tell 1 They have t dared . . . that is -I 

him . . . no— to ask him • know \ou not— 

What's in me to distrust :— or, best Farewell— the times are changed. 

■ j,e i„ Pvm. —Since we two met 

P,v provin.- that this frightful Scots '■ At (ireenwich ? Ves-ptor patriots 

affair '' i though we be, 

Isiustwhat I foretold : Ell say, "my \ Vuu shall see something here, some 

licrre "' I slight return 

And I feel sick, now ! and the time 1 Foryour exploits in Ireland ! Changed 

is come — 
And one false step no way to be re- 



Could our friend Eliot look from out 
his grave ! 


Ah, Vv'entworth, one thin^' for ac- 

fjiiaintance-sake ; 
Just to decide a (jueslion ; have you, 

Kcally fell well since you forsook us? 

^ <ni re insolent ! 


I can't think, therefore, Charles did 

well to laugh 
When yon twice prayetl so humbly 
for an luirldoni. 
I ft ft/. Pym . . . 

/>w. And your letters were 

/.,„„ f^, ■ , I '"^^ movinr;est ! 

yj"'- ^h, you misapprehend' ! Console v,.,ir Hir t' u 

..on^think^mea^the.l^Lt.:, ' liirSl J ^^ '"'"^ ''"" 

1 uas ahout t; say that, for m ! ' "'^I ^u'/- '"' ""' '" ^ "PP"""' ^^' 
'"sSt„:!;:;^'^^'""P ""■ •■^■■^' •^"^,--«intheirway:he'.lpay. 

''"S'^nr^S^'^ """ ''^"= '°'- ^^ ';ff "uention as to those y. a 

I lost all credit after that event /?>/// ' Fikp ' o 1,„ c- . 

^V.t,. those who recollect how sure I "" "^'^ -^^[^^^^^ p,,^ , 

\^-en,worth would outdo Eliot on our The King did very well "''"iat I 

^:-§pPrS..., Van. -^Sshewn me why ;-I first 
and Holland !>,.,„ , 

l^cl^w>eaking : 'u. a I ' ' -doli-^^Je^^: ^f ""' ^*^"' 

//w/lIow.when.where,_Savile, I '^i::;;th^';;f ^t:^"^"^' ^"^'^"^ 
\ ane and Holland speak.- That all should co\ne to this [ 

I i -inly or otherwise,— would have my 

My i)erfect scorn, Sir . . . 
^J''''- ... Did not my poor 

('laini somewhat ? 
ll'aif. Keep your thoughts ! 

helieve the Kinrr 



Leave me ! 

My friend, 

Why should I leave you ? 

/[>«/. To tell Rudyard this. 

And Hampden this ! . . . 

/y»'. Whose faces once were 


^'-n,s,s me^ir .peaking, all ''' TE^L " * "°" "'^ ^"^ 
An,, wLVr", . , .. i ^----^"^e I hope in you-Wen 

And Saviles ! make your mind up, all 
of you, 

Thar I am discontented with the 
King ! 

P'»i. Why, you may be— I should 
he, that I know, 
^^ tre I like you. 

';'«•'• Like me? 

,. ^■^'".': I care not much 

'"r titles: our friend Eliot died no 

HaniiKlen's no Lord, and Savile .\ .i 

P.ut you care, since you sold your soul 
for one. I 

pe in you— Wentworth— 
in you 

Who never mean to ruin England— 

Who shake, with God's great help, 

this frightful dream 
Away, now, in this Palace, where it 

Upon you f^rst, and are yourself— 

your good 

And noble self-our Leader— our dear 


HamixlenV. ov.t f-^t^r.A 

This is the proudest day 1 
Come, V\ entworth ! Do not even see 

the King ! 




The rough old room will seem ilself 

;\i;ain ! 
We'll both ^o ill t(jgclhc- — you'xe not 

Hamjxleii so Ioiil;— come — and iherc's 

\'ane— I kimw 
N'ou'll love yoiint; Wiiie ! Tiiis is the 

proudest day I 
{The KiN<; cnttrs. WHMwokrii 
lets fall Pym's haiiJ.) 
Cha. Arrived, my Lord? — This 
j^eiUleinan, we know, 
Was your old friend : 

(7b I'v.M) The Scjts shall he 
Wliat we determine for their happi- 
ness. (A'.v// Pym.) 
Vou have made haste, m\' Lord. 

ll^eiif. .Sire ... I am come. . . 
Cha. To aid us witl your counsel : 
this Scots' League 
.-Vnd Covenant spreads W.o far, and 

we have proofs 
That tliey intrigue with France : tlie 
P'action, too . . . 
Went, (k'liecls.) Sire, trust me I 
hut for this once, trust me. Sire I 
Cha. What can you mean ? 
IVent. That you should trust 

me ! now ! 
Oh— not for my sake I hut 'tis sad, s.i 

That for distrusting me, you suffer — 

Whom I would die to serve : Sire, <lo 

you think 
That' I would die to serve you ? 

Cha. liut rise, Wentworth! 

ll'fiit. What shall convince you? 
What does Savile do 
To . . . Ah, one can't tear out one's 

heart — one's heart — 
And show it, how sincere a thing it 
is ! 
Cha. Have I not trusted you? 
U'cnt. Say aught but that I 

It is my comfort, mark you : all will 

So different when you trust me . . . 

a.'i yuU sh.ii'i ! 
It has not hcen your fault, — I was 

Maligned— away — and how were you 

to know ? 
I am here, now you mean to trust 

me, now — 
All will go mi .M> well ! 

Cha. lie sure I will — 

I've heard that I should trust you : as 

you came 
Even Carlisle was telling me . . . 

U'i-)!t. No, — hear nothing— 

lie told nothing about me ! you're not 


N'our riglit hand serves you, or your 

children love you 1 

Cha. Vou love me . . . only rise ! 

11',/r/. I can speak now. 

I have no right to hide the truth. 

'Tis I 
Can save you; only I. Sire, what is 
done ! 
Cha. Since Laud's assured . . . the 
minutes are within . . . 
Loath as I am to spill my subjects' 
blood . . . 
Wt-///. That is, he'll have a war: 
] what's done is done ? 

I Cha. They have intrigued with 
1" ranee ; that's clear to Laud. 
H'eiif. Has Laud suggested any 
; way to meet 

The wars expense ? 

Cha. He'd not decide on that 

Until you joined us. 

It'enl. Most considerate I 

V(ju'ie certain they intrigue with 
France, these Scots? 
I [.4s!iie. 1 The People would be with us 1 
Cha. Very sure. 

ll'eiiL (The Peojile for us . . . 
were the People for us !) 
j Sire, a gieat thought comes to reward 
I your trust ! 

■ Summon a parliament I in Ireland 
j first, 

', .\nd tlicn in England. 

Cha. Madness I 

JVatt. {AslJ,'.) That puts off 

The w^r — gives time to learn their 
grievances — 
I To trdk wit'n Pym — ( To CuAfil.i.S.) 
I I know the faction, as 

' They style it, . . . 



-..«.« no r.,„i„,„™, .. „, „,„„„ , ^ ,„,,_ . ^ ?h'rK'„-j;i:rrz 

Vou take them bv sin U^ ^>r i I r- ^ " ^are 

the yu",}l ^ '" '^'- ^ "'^"^^ ! f "^ 7-y 'hiHK : ^•ou shall not need 

OfSco,lan<r.s,rea.s,.„; hid them help j ci^■Tf;^v'n; 

ymi, then ! ' I .' ■ ^' '"^> prove restive . . . 

1> ■•n Pyni will not refuse ' I r/"\- . ' ■^''•'" ^'^ "''^ y"" '■ 

^iili you, my Kiny ; 



' ^^^^" ^''^" rule me : you were "^' ^1,^^'"'"^"'''^^' '''' ^^^^^ 
K.turn at once : hut take this ere you \ ^Qua-J^'"^ "'^'" '""f ^y'"" '"^ '^:^S! ^ ^^\';r -'^^ y^n-'- ^i^^s::; 

my Friend ' ., , •■"' 

"fi-riends: yes, Straftbrd, while . . ^ Of Ws v.^t? '•' ""?""" ""^^"^"y 
^ ou hear me n<,i ' ■ /.'," '\^' •''<-'fvice.s : he's pai<l at 

^^■e»t. Say it all o'er a^ain-l,ut | ts^pLss""' ''"'^ ^ ''" ""^'^^'^^ 

once again— M, "' ''"H;-'''^ 

Tl^e first was for the music-once •"&"'"'""' '" '"J'T"',- , . 
agam : U-Vr \ , Hiad thoueht 

CJ.a Strafford, n>y hrave friend, I Th^SS "" 'r.''' ^ 
tl.ere were w.Id rcoorts- i 1^:2:::^^''^ ""^ '''' 

ise su])- 

\ain rumours . . . Henceforth touch- ! Ch^\\-"''^'^' 

ing Strafford is ^ , ■ ^^ ^' '': '"^ "" -i" expedient ; 

I-' '"iich the apple of mvsiL'ht • uhv ' tk i '• " , "' 

qaze ' ' ^ "^''' ' '' ''> i . ' •'^^■'^ =^'! ^''^"i • ■ ■ we have decided on 

So earnestly ? I ^ ""-' ^■-'"■ng— m Ireland-of a Parlia- 

spoke of? 
Cha. Ireland, 

liie i'arliament, — 
[['''>"■ I may go when I will? 

— .Now ? 

The first fruit of his counsel ? But I 

As much. 

■ I ?'"'. , 7^'' '"' '°*^ '■'"'-'• Henrietta ! 
«-^Areyoutireds,,soonofme?| eSy^;!;/"'' ^ ^' ^'" ^'^^"' 

li^a you will not so Jli^- much'dis^ \ "^"'^ ^"-^^ ^ precedent established . . . 
lil^e ! V'"''//. Notice 

A Parliament? I'd serve you any I \t"'L^^ '' "'^ ^ '°"e '«"» '"^ 

(Va.; Vou said now this was ' '^"^ 'If f "'*'' ""'' ^"'' '^^' "'^''' •^'"•<^r 

the only way : ' "^^ ' 

'[]'"'■ Sire, I will serve you ! 
■ ■.-. Suaiioid. .spare yourself — 
^■u are so sick, they tell me, . . . 


No end to Parliaments • 

r/„j v«'' 

Ti„ . ,1 • ^'"' '•■ '■'' "'one : 

He talks It smwthly, doubtless: if 


'Tis my soul ! The Commons here . . 





Qmcii. Here! ymi will summon 
Here? Would I were in France 

aL;;iin to -ee 
A Kiiii,' ! 

C/ui. 15ut, Henrietta . . . 
Qiuen. Oil, tlie Scots 

Do well to spurn your rule 1 

Chii. Hut, listen, Sweet . . . 

Qiieiii. Let StratVord listen — you 

confide in him ! 
Cha. I do not, Love — i do not so 
confide . . . 
The Parliament shall never trouble us 
. . . Nay, hear me ! I have schemes 

—such schemes — we'll buy 
The leaders otT: without that, Sliaf- 

fords counsel 
Had ne'er prevailed on me. I'erhap-- 

I call it 
To have excu-e for breaking it — for 

ever - 
And whose will then the blame be? 

Sec you not ? 
Come, iJearest I — look I the little 

fairy, now, 
That cannot reach my shoulder ! 
Dearest, come! {Exetnil.) 

KM) oi' Till, I'iKsi a;:!-. 

Scene L— . As in Act L Scene I.) 

The same Party enters confusedly : 
ainoiii,' the first, t!ie yoitiit^ir 
Yank and Rt'iiVAiM). 

KiiJ. Twelve sub>idies! 
Va>!t: O Rudyard, do not laui^h 
At least ! 

Kud. I'rue : Strafford called the 
I'arlianienf — 
"Tis he should laugh I 

.-/ J'uritai! {eiiteriiig). — Out of tlie 
serpent's root 
("umes forth a cockatrice. 

Fieri, (eulerhi!^). — A stinging one, 
If that's the Parliament : twelve sub- 
sidies I 

.V stinging one ! but, brother, where's 

your word 
I'oi Straftord"s other nest-e<"' — the 
Scots' War? 
The I'uritan. His fruit - oe a 

fiery flying serpent. 
Ficit. Shall be? It chips the shell, 
man ; peeps abroad : 
Twelve subsidies !— 

Whv. how now, \'ane? 

A'«./., I'iennes ! 

Fien. Ah? . . . but he was not 

more a dupe than I, 

Or you, or any here the day that. Pym 

Returned with the good news. Look 

up, dear Vane ! 
We all believed that Strafford meant 

us well 
In summoning the Parliament . . . 

(II.\M1'I)KN enters.) 

I ',i!:e (startutif up). Now, 

i lamplen, 
( nie ! I would have leave to 
sleep again I 
I I'd look the People in the face again! 
I Clear me from having, from llie first, 
i hoped, dreamed 

' Hetter of Strafford ! Fool ! 
! llamp. You'll grow one day 

.V steadfast light to England. Yane ! 
I Kud. " Ay. Fiennes, 

j Strafford revived our I'arliamenls : 

I War was l)ut talked of; there's an 

army, now : 
I Still, we've a Parliament. Poor 
; Ireland bears 

.\?iother wrench (she dies the hardest 
j death !) 

Why . . . speak of it in Parliament 1 
; and, lo, 

; 'Tis spoken I— and console yourselves. 

I'ieii, The jest 1 

We clamoured, I supjx)se, thus long, 

to win 
The privilege of laying on ourselves 
A sorer burthen than the Kingdares lay I 
Rud. Mark now : we meet at 
length : complaints yvnwx in 
From every county : all the land cries 

On loans and levies, shin- 

"" y. 

(iiils venj^^eance on the Star-rhamher • 
\\c lend 

An ear: "ay, lend them all the car^ 

yi'U have," 
I'Mts in the Kins; " mv suhjects. as 

you find, 
" Are fretful, and conceive great things 

or you : 
•just listen to them, friends: \ou'll 

sanction me 
■The measures they most wince at 

make them yours 
■Instead <,f mine, I know: and i., 

Iiegin, ' 

" I'liey say my levies pinch them, - 

raise me straight 
" Twelve subsidies ! " 
li-n. a,,d othrrs. .\11 England can- 
not furnish 
Tuelve subsidies ! 

^^0^- But Strafford, ju^t 

I'Vom Ireland . . . what has h.^ to 

do with that ? 
I l"U- could he speak his mind ? ] le 
lelt before 

T'ne I'arliament assembled: Rudvard 


He could not speak his mind! and 

I'ym, \\ho knows 
Siralibrd . . 
Rud. \Vould I were sure we know 

ourselves I 
What is for good, what, bad-who 

triend, who foe ! 

Ho!. Do you count Parliaments no 

gain ? 
/.'W. Again? 
'\!ii!o the King's creatures over- 

I'alance us ? 

There's going on, beside, amonrr 

ourselves *■" 

A 'Uiiet. slow, but most eftbctual 

"' i'liying over, sapping, . 

n ' /'"'■''^:-n „ • • • • l^eavening 
'Ik- lump till all !s !p.t.-.-ti 

■/, '/'tm, filanville's gone. 

I^ud. I II put a; had not the 
tourt declared 



That no_ Kum short of j„st twelve 

Will be accepted by the King-our 


Wouldhavcconscntedto that wretched 

Tolct us buy off .Ship-money? 

J^"'- Most like. 

" • ; .say SIX subsidies, will buy 

it o(l, •' 
The House . . . 

'''■''f ... Will rant then, ! 

Hampden, do vou hear > 
Oh. r congratulate you that the King 
J las gained his point at last . . . our 

own a.ssent 
To that detested tax ! all's over then • 
i liere s no more taking refuge in this 

An.l saying. •' Let the 
he will, 

•• We England, are lu, party to our 

shame. — 
"Our d.ay will cme ! " Congratu- 

late with me ! 

(PVAI ei!t,rs.) 

/'^w. I'ym, .Strafford called this 
[ rarhament. 'tis like- 

Hut we'll not luve our I'arliamenis 

like those 
In Ireland, Pyni .' 

Kitd. Let him stand forth, that 

atraftord ! 

One doubtful art hides far too manv 

sins ; ' 

It can be stretcher! no more-and to 

my mind. 
Begins to drop from those it covers 

, ;''f^'-^ •'■'■''■«• ,. Pym, 

I" him av.Av himself! No litter 


We w'ait thus long fur you ! 

^. '''^"'^- , Perhaps, too lonn- ' 

Mnce nothing but the madness of the 

In thus unm.asking its designs at once 
J lad saved us from i)etravinL' Knjrland 

Stay — 

Tins Parliament is Strafford's : let us 

Our list of grievances too black by far 

1 1( 




To suffer talk of subsidies : or best — 
That Shipmoiify's disponed of loni; 

By EnL;land ; any vote liiai's l)road 

enough : 
And then let Strafford, for the love of 

Support his larliameiit ! 

/'„;„•. And vole as well 

\o war's to be with Scotland 1 Hear 

you, I'ym ? 
We'll vote, no War! No part nor 

lot in it 
For I'ngland ! 

JAinj' J'niirf. V..te, noWar! Stop 

the new levies I 
No Bishop's War 1 At once ! When 

next we meet I 
Fyw. Much more wlun next we 

meet 1 

—Friends, which of you 
Since first the course of Straftord was 

in doubt j 

I las fallen the most away in soul I 

me ? j 

raiie. I sale apart, even n<iw, 1 

under ( iod's eye, I 

Pondering the words thai should de- i 

nounee you, Tyni, ; 

In presence of us all, as one at league 

With England's enemy '. 

Py„i, Vou are a good 

And gallant spirit, Henry '. Take my 

And say you pardon me for all the ! 

Till now : Strafford is wholly ours. | 
.\rctny Voires. 'Tis sure ? | 

Pym. Most sure— for Charles dis- \ 
solves the rarliament 
While I speak here : . . . 

((]ifaf (motion in the aa^t-inhly.) '■ 
. . . And I must speak, - 
friends, now I I 

Strafford is ours ! The King detects 

the change, 
Casts Strafford off for ever, and re- 
ii:,. ^^i.-ien! '"iath : no Parliament for 

us — 
No Straft'ord for the King ! 

Come all of you 

To bid the King farewell, predict 

To his Scots expedition, and re- 
Strafford, our co.iirade now ! The 

next will be 
Indeed a Parliament I 

yiim: Forgive me, I'ym '. 

l^m-fs. This looks like truth— 

Strafford can have, indeed, 
No choice 1 

jy,/i. Friends, follow me ! he's 

with the King : 
Come Hampden, and come Rudyard, 

and come \'ane - 
This is no sullen day for I^ngl.and, 

\'ane 1 
.-'traflord shall tell you '. 

I'oii-es. To Whitehall then I 

Come ! {J:xi'u»f omtws.) 

SCKNE l\.— lVhit.-/u,n. 

CiiARi.KS sealed, Stkaffokh staitd- 
iin: beudf a tabic covered with 
!i/j/>.<, etc. 

Cha. Strafford . . . 

Stt-af. Is it a dream ? my 

papers, here — 
Thus— as I left them— all ihe plans 

you found 
So happy— 'look : The track you 

pressed my hand 
For pointing out 1)— and in this very 

( )ver these very plans, you tell me. 

With the same face, too,— tell me just 

one thing 
That ruins them ! How's this? what 

may this mean ? 
Sire, who has done this? 

Cha. Strafford, none but I 1 

Vou bade me put the rest away— 

Vou are alone I 

Straf. Alone— and like to be . 

No fear, when some unworthy 

scheme's grown ripe. 
Of those who hatched it leaving you 

to loose 


The mischief o.i the wdrkl ! Laud 

hatches war, 
Falls to his prayers, and leaves the i st 

to me — 
Ami I'm alone I 

Cha. At lea,*-*, you knew as much 
When first you undertook the war 

N Uus the way? I said, since Laud 

would lap 
A little blood, 'twere best to hurry 

The loathsome business not to l)e 

whole months 
At slaughter— one bIow--only one- 
then, peace- 
Save for the dreams ! I said, to [)lease 

you both 
I'd lead an Irish army to the West, 
\\ hile in the South the English 

but you look 
A> though you had not told me fifty 

Twas a brave plan ! My army is 

all raised — 
I am prepared to join it . . . 
'-'ha. I lear me, Strafford : 

Straf. . . . Wlien, for some little 
thing, my whole design 
f^ set aside— (where is the wretched 

paper ?) 
I am to lead— (ay, here it is)— to 

Ihis English army : why? Northum- 
That I apjMinted, chooses to be sick- 
le frightened : and, meanwhile, who 

answers for 
The Irish Parliament? or Army, 

either ? 

is this my plan ? I say. is this my 

plan ? ' 

Cha. You are disrespectful, Sir ! 

..^^'yf- Do not believe - 

•\ly !icge, do not believe it ! I am 

yours — 
Vours ever — 'tis too late to think 

about — 
• ■'• -..le defit.i, yuurs I Elsewliere, 

this untoward step 
■Shall pass for mine— the world shall 
think it mine — 


But, here ! Hut, here ! I am so 

seldom here ! 
Seldom uith you, my King ! I— soon 

to rush 
Alone— upon a (;iant — in the dark ' 
Cha. '\\y SirafTord ! 
Siraf. {Scats himself at the table ; 
e.xamines papers au'hile ; then, 
brealdng off) 

..." Seize the passes of the 
Tyne "... 
Hut don't you see -see ..11 I say i> 

true ? 
.My plan was sure to prosper,— so, no 

To ask the I'arliai'ient for help ; 

We need tliem— frightfully . 

Cha. Need this Parliament ? 

.S/'/a/. —Now, for God's sake, 
mind—not one error more ! 
We can afford no error— we draw, 

Upon our last resource— this Parlia- 
Must help us : 

I Cha. I've undone you, Straf- 

ford 1 
I Straf. Xay- 

-Nay— don't desjxmd— Sire— 'tis not 

ccmie to that 1 
I liave not hurt you? Sire— what 

have I said 
To hurt you ? I'll unsay it : Don't 

despond ! 
Sire, do you turn from me ? 

Cha. My friend of friends ! 

Strap. (After a rame). We'll make 
.1 shift ! f n'e the Parlia- 
ment ! 
They help us ne'er so little but I'll 

A vast deal out of it. We'll speak 

them fair : 
They're sitting : that's one great 

thing : that half gives 
Their sanction to us : that's much : 

don't desp<ind ! 
Why, let them keep their money, at 

the worst I 
The reputation of the People's help 
Is all we want • we'll make shift yet ! 





Cha. Dear SlratliTd I 

Straf. But mcuiitimc, let ihc sum 

be ne'er so siiiall 

They otter, we'll accept it : any sum — 

I'or the look of it : the least j^rant 

tell; the Scots 
The I'arUameiit is oiiii . . . their 

staunch ally 
Is ours: that tukl, ilu re's scarce a 

blow to strike I 
What will the tyrant lie? What tl^es 
Glanville tliink ? 
Cha. Alas . . . 
Straf. .\Iy liege? 

Cha. Strafford . . . 

Straf. hut answer mc ! 

Have they . . . Oh, surely not refused ! 
us all ? I 

All the twelve subsidies? We never i 

I'or all of them I lluw many do they \ 

(lod, and to toil for this, j^o far for 

Get nearer, and still nearer, reach 

ttiis heart 
And tind \'anc there I 

(Siiiluiii'y tiiliiij^' lit' a piifir, iiiul 

continuing -u'iik a foned (aim- 


Nortiunnberland is sick : 
Well llirii. I take the army : Wilnmi 

The horse, and he with Conway must 

The parses of the Tyne : (^rmond 

My place in Ireland. Here, we'll 

try the City : 
If they refuse a loan . . . debase tiie 

And seize tiie bullion I we ve no other 


j^ive ? I Herbert . . , 

Cha. Vou have not heard ... I ^ Flinging do'cn llie pa^er. An<l this 

Straf. (What has lie tlonc ?^ — | ^^hile I am here '. with you I 

Heard what? And there are host,, such hosts like 
Hut speak at ■ ice, Sire — this j;rows \'ane I I i;o, — • 

terrible I i And, I once ^one, they'll close around 

( Thf King < on tinning silent.) 
Vou have dissolved tiieml-T'll not 
leave this man. 
Cha. 'Twas X'ane — his ill-judged 

vehemence that . . . 
Straf \'a\\c'{ 

you, Sire, 
When the least pi<[ue, jiettiest mis- 
trust, is sure 
To ruin me— and you along with me I 
I )o you see that? And )'ou along 
with me ! 
Cha. He told them, as they were \ — Sire, you'll not ever listen to these 
about to vote ' nu-n. 

The half, that nothing short of all And I away, fighting )our liatlle? 

the twelve I Sire, 

Would serve our turn, or be accepte<l. I If they — if She — charge me^no 


\ ane 

matter what- 

Vane ! antl you promised me that very I \'ou say, "At an) time when he 

"Vane ... returns 

O (lod, to have it gone, (|uite g<ino \ "His head is mine.'' Don't stoj) me 

from me I there I Vou know 

The one last hope--I that despair, i My head is yours . . . only, don't 

my hope — | stop me there ! 

That I should reach his heart one Cha. Too shameful, Stratiord ! 

day, and cure 
All bitterness one day, be pnnid again 
And y---iing again, care i'-x tb.c sun- 
shine too. 
And never think of Eliot any 
more, — 

Vou advised the war. 
And . . . 

Straf I' T' !l!a! wn^; never •-;«.!; =-n 

Till it was entered on ! That loathe 

the war ! 



wilhin my heart, 
"'■it w.mkl say I ,ii,l advise 

lilt; war ; 
And ir. thr..' j,,„, ,,„„ weaknes.s, 

falseliood, Charles, 
Th-se SrcHs, with (led i,, help them, 

drive me hark . . 
Voii will not step hetwecn the rai-in" 
I'eoplc '^ 

And me, to say . . . 

I knew y.,11 ! f,,,,,, i[,e f„-^t 
I knew y,Hi ! \ever was so cold a 

heart ! 
Keniemhcr that I said it — that I never 
lieheved ynii f.,r a moment ! 

--And, vi>ii loved me? 
^ on thoui,'ht your perfidy pn.foundlv 

r.ccaiise I could not share y,,ur 

With Vane? WiihSavile? Hut vour 

hideous heart — 
I had your heart to see, Charles ! 

Oh, to have 
A heart of stone— of smooth, cold 
frightful stone I ' 

Ay, call tiiem: Shall I call f,.r}(,u? 

The Scots 
'loaded to madness ? Or the Kn;,'lish 

— I'ym - - 
^liall I call I'ym. your subject? f)h 
you think ' 

I'll leave them in the dark ahout it 
all ? 

They shall not know you? Ilai 'en. 
I'ym .shall not ... 

!/■:>//,■>■ Pym, H.XMIDIA, V.WK, C.-r.) 

[I'^roppiui^' on his km;-.) Thus 
favoured with, your rrracious 

(/!' Cii.\rm;>,i p^,„-^ ,,.,^^.^. 

grey eyes are fixed 
Upon you. Sire ! 

[I'o tl,> rest) Vour pleasure, 

Ct iillemen ? 
ilatiip. The King dissolved us— 'tis 
the King we seek 
And not Lord Strafford. 

.S/nj/; . . Strafford, guilty ten. 
UJ counselling the measure: {'lo 
CII.VII.KS) (Hush . . . jou 
know ... 
^ ou h.ive furgotlon . . . .Sjre, I 
counselled it .') 
'[AlottJ] \ heinous matter, truly ! 
Ijiit the King 
Will yet see cause to thank me a 

Which now, perchance . . . (Sire 
tell them so :) . . . he hkimes.' 
Well, choose some litter time to make 

your charge — • 
I shall he Willi the Scots- vou under- 
stand ?— 
Then yelp at me I 

-Meanwhile, y.air Majesty 
i.inds me, !,y this fresh token of vf,iir 
trust ... 
[Umier the. pr,-U-ii,c of an earnest 
JanwcH, SlKAH-ki, coiuiiirt^ 
Chaki.ks lo the ,i.vr, in si«h a 
tuanncr as to hide, his ai;italion 
Jrom the rest: \ \\v. and ctheis 
.i^dzins^'' at then, : as the A'im: '''•' 
appears, they turn as by one un- 
pulse to I'y.M, u'ho has not changed 
ins orii^inal posture of' surprise.) 
/lamp. Leave we tHis arrogant 

strong wicked man ! 
Vane and others. ])ar I'vm ! 
Come out of this unworthy place 

What shall -..III •, -I- ^ ""' "' '"'"^ un worthy place 

aeains ^''^'"'^ avail To our o!<l room a^ain ! Come. 

S-^'"^' i <learest I'vm ! 

\ our servant, utterly and ever yours ? 
[io the rest) So, (lentlemen, the 
__^ Kmg's not even !c."t 


\\'ho haste to save the"^ People— th 

you stvlc 


{'^T\l\VVi-^V.l\;ii.t about to /o//o7u the 
A'ini/-, /oois /lael-.) 

i'ym. {To SlK.MTOK!)) Keep 
tryst ! the old appointment's 
made anew : 
Forget not we shall meel again ! 

I ;o 



i J 

■\/rj/. lie it su : 

And if iiii army follows mi? 

l'<i/u. His frit-nds 

Will ciileriain ymir Army I 

/>w. I'll riot s;iy 

Vou }i:ive iiiisri'ckiinfti, Strattord : 
time will . . . 

li'><ly and spirit I Fool to feign a 

doulii • 
I'retcnd the sorn|niloiis and nice re- 
Of one whose prowess is to do the 

feat ! 
What share liave I in ii ? Shall 1 

To see no dismal sit^u al)o\c your 

WIten i'u»l suspends his niinou-> 

thunder there .•" 
Strafford is dooni'd I -Touch iiim no 
one of you ! 

{/i.\y/t;/ I'YM, HamI'IiIN, v'-', .) 
S/ra/. I'yin, we shall meet attain ! 

^Eiiter ("ari.Isi.k.) 

^'ou here, i^irl ? 

Cor. Hush- - 

I know it all — hush, dearest Strafford I 

Straf. Ah ? 

Well. I sliall make a sorry soldier, 

Lucy : 
All Kiiii;hts heijin their enter[)rise, 

you know, 
Under the Ijest of ai'spices ; 'tis 

The Lady thirds his sword upon the 

Voulh — 
(He's always very yoiin^) — the tnnn- 

pets sound — 
Cups pledge him, and . . . and . . . 

the King hlesses him — 
Vou need not turn a j)age of the 

To learn the Dreadful (iiant's fate ! 

We've the fair Lady here ; hut she 

A poor man. never having handled 

And rather old, weary, and far from 


1 1 is Squires are not the Giant's friends : 

well -well — 
Let us go forth ! 

i 'ar. (Jo forth ? 

Straf. What matters it ? 

We shall die gloriously -as the book 

Car. To Scotland? not to Scot- ? 
Straf. Am I sick 

Like your good brother, hrave North 
mnberland ? 
'. Beside the walls seem falling on inc ! 
Car. StratTord, 

j The wind that .~aps these walls can 
I undermine 

\ Vour camp in Scotland, too ! Whence 
1 creeps the wind I 

Have you no eyes except for Fym ? 

Look here ! 
.V breed of silken creatures lurk and 
I la your contemin ; jou'll van<iuisli 
I I'ym ? !• riend, \'ane 

i Can vanquish you 1 And Vane you 
I think to tly ?— 

i Rush (5n the Scots ! Do nobly ! 
X'ane's slight sneer 
Shall test success — adjust the praise 
I — suggest 

i The faint result ; Vane's sneer shall 

reach you there ! 
■ -Vou do not listen : 

Straf. Oh . , . I give that up- 
There s fate in it I give all here 

quite up. 
('are not what \'ane does or what 
1 Holland docs 

'Tis so idle to with- 
stand them — 
In no tell me what tliey do ! 
Car. ISut, Straflord . . . 

Straf. I want a little strife, beside 
— real strife : 
This petty, palace-\varfl\re does me 

harm : 
I shall feel better, fairly out of it. 
Car. Why do you smile? 
Straf, I iTi,t to fep.r them, pirl ! 

I could have torn his throat at first, 

that Vane, 
As he leered al me on his stealthy way 

.\gainst me 


r...heQuecnWlose^I.„cy--W.f:,/,s.K.u.H.Kn., S,,.u.;,ni. n 

•^^- . . sw;,M,hi!^uIi'i!;!:;::;'''i;ir''"'' -'-,, .houid sh..po 

I Will ,lie f„r hin, ^ " ' ,• , [""^ """"■ ''^''^l f^^ce 

\ oil (1 say he Wed him still ' i r ^.t\- , , , 

■,M . • • • . ''Ill you niustrenoiinrp v/.*/ xa-i ... 

""^ Pruj.ct „n the Scots.™ ^^ ' ^^ ''^■"'""I'l " 1-e ? ... no ! 

wh.-rufore die? ' \y ' ■' -, .- ■ ■ "-is it the day 

• liarles never 1.. vcd yr.u ! ^ ^' H,''!£ I '" ""^' ''*"'"■''"""• "'" 

n^nil^ .f th;^?^;:;^;!;;;;;' r • ^ '";i:' ■'^"^ "- P--n--cl.and.rP 
for you j ' • \\hat? 

■'■Iiatyotrre unfortunate. iw'^n ., - That J 

1 "r .H,ch a master.' :' n (•■/^'''^•) Ah, no- 

■^>'"/ , , Vou that .,.ld n.e first 'hrihat"' '"" '"'" '""" •-* '"- 

" '^^^tl^,dr -^^-^-^ ^ "■"- '-- ^^■'. !? h^r ,;..e the Kin, and die • 

-'.n-..nd,--.hadh„ttosho i 

t.S and tr;i!t^^^" Vane. (7.Sr,<.KKOK.,) And y.. are really 
V.U-. .^irl. to .ask n,e that ? ' j „,;i"""'' ^"' ,^'""^'"'' '''^"? 

'-■•"■• (•-/^'■"i'-) If he have . -t " ' '''■" ■' >'"" "'"■'^' ^ ^"^^rv 

II,) . , . ,. , 11 lie na\e Set ! sure 

'li> heart ahidmgly on Charles' lofti,,. ^- • r-. - 

, (70 STK.K.VKtO DearVriend, ' ' s^ [^l;.-^ '"'■ ''" ''^'" -'' '->" 

I -hall not see you any more ! ' Win n.^ , • n 

■S//V?/ ^- .„ . , i ^^ "' P '^ ''<•' "lie — settiiiir \-ane 

Ti • >t-'s, i>irl— as ( e ' 

llicres one man here Miat I shdl VAv,/" Tf P • , 

meet : " I ■^'^''?/; " lym IS l,usy,-you may 

r,:,- ( 7^/,/ ) ^, ,,. , I write of I'yni. ^ 

^Vhat way tosave hin, fronluie K^n. > ,' %nJ]'':\T'^ "''^■" "'f'^ '^ >-- 
\t.. 1 ^ ' ' , , ^ '" '•^'^e your part ? 
-M> ^oul . . . j He may endure \nn,.'= r,..,.,.,. . , , , 
( ,, I) " ■ > "'"• 

Tnpf 1„.-. 

charmed disguise 
That clothes the King 
Ijehold my sou! '. 

-i:; US own slure the 

;>r Pyni — 

Th nk you he 11 sufier Pym to . 
lie shall S/raf. r'.Vl , \' ■ 

, , ■': , , <'irl. your hair 

I Is glossier than the Queen's ' 



(^•„^, Is that to ;i>U AikI sIkiII the K\n^ w.uit Simfford ;it 

\ curl ipf 1IIC? ^'"' "*^^"-''"~" 

Stn:/. SctUiid- llio weary : My Kinv; -at his yrcat iit-cli' Am 1 

„.,,,. I I not liori; ? 

Car. Si. ly, let me fasten It. », ■ , ii i 

-A rivals. Strafford ?! . . . N'.t m the cnmm.m l.le>,sr<l 

5/r.;/ (.S/i.n-.-;//.' ///-? f;-v;;4V.l Ur \ 

huni; it tluTe:ivNiney..urs around Pressed ..n i.y liie rou;.;h artisiins, v. 

cJl- ^'no no -another lime I ' To catch u i;l.u.. e 'roin Wcntworlh ! 
tr'ille so ' They'll he down 

Ami there's a in,iM,ue on foot : fire- \ Uuni^ry and say " Why, il must end 
well : the Court ' , some .lay ^^ 

K dull: do soniethinu to en- i " Is he not walehmj^ for our sake ? 

.. ' — Not tiierc . 

In Scot'i!!n"r: we expect it .it your' I5ut in Whitehall -- the whiled se- 
h.inds. pukhre - 

S.'taf: I shall not fall in Scotland. : The ... . , , ■ 

(^.j/ Prosper - il (If 'hf II "rnr.; ,uul look ni,^' on 

Vou'll'think of me sometimes! I J.oini.m.) 

Straf. ilow think of him ; ( urse nothing io-nij;ht ! Only one 

\ntl not of you? of you—the lint^er- name . „ , 

I ,r , Jik 1 They'll curse in all those streets tu 

(Auolden one)in my-o,..l f,.rtuneJ . , 'i'«''\' ^^ '"'-^^ '^»''' ? , . 
eve? I Did I make kin^s- set up, the tii.>t, 

Car. Strafford ... I =^ "'•^" ^ , , , 

Well, when the eve ' To represent the mullitudc. receive 

has its last streak ; AH love in right of them - -supplanting 

Th'.' niulu has its firsi star ! {Exit.) \ them ,„,,,, 

Straf. That voice of hers . . . | Until you love the man and not ihc 

Vuu'd think she had a heart some- '^i"U 7 , 

limes! His voice The man with the mild voice and 

Is soft too. .^, mournful eyes 

Only Cod can save him nou. : That send me forth • • • 
,, 'i-i 1 ., v.; K.,i ok„„. I,; To breast the bloody sea 

i;e I hou about hs t)e(t, atiout ni-. ' . , ' 

' '- ^"iIj , That sweeps before iik— with one star 

His path ! Whore's Kni'land's juth? ' ^.. '">'""'.^'" , , 

Divergini, wide, , ^ig^t »>- '^^ t'rst supreme forsaken 

And not to join attain the track my 1 ^"''^"^ • 

Must^n'llow -whither :> .Ml that f^.r- | ^^^ OK ll.E SKCONU ACT. 

l(jrn way — ] 

.\inoni: the tombs : Tar far till...! \f T III 

What, thev do i 

Then join .aijain, these path>? For, ; K,cv.-sV.\.--Oppautf Walmimter Hall. 

lui^e in the dusk.^ Sir IlENkV Vank, Lord Savii.e, 

There's— Pym to face : > j^^^jj ijoi.i.and, aud others of 

Why, then I have a I'oe \ ^^^ r„„yi. 

To close witti, and a tli;ht to iii;in 1 "_ 

.|j,,^^j j Vane. The Commons thrust you 

That's worth luv soul ! What— do : out? 

they beard the King- ' Savik. And what kept yo: 



I tuin sharing their ii\ility ? 

l''iiif. Kc|)t 111.-? 

I loh news triim .SiDtl.iinl, sir ! wnrsc 

ihaii llic last 
li ihat may Ur I all's up with Strati. .n! 

.\f)thiii^\ to |i,ir (h,. iiKul Scots niari li 

in^ hit'nr 
i lie next line niDrniii^;! 'Ihat ck- 

'aiiR'd inc, sir I 
'Afil liuw, licf'irr the) thni-t yiuiuiit. 

Thtir >i)caker . . . did the fillnw 

lAiitliall say 
All we set down foi iiiin.-' 

//'/. Ni't a wiir<l tnisseil I 

I rf he l)C(^an, wc tnifnil, S.iviir, I 
Ahil Hristul, and sunn- ninrc, in Iimjx-, 

to hrecd 
A wlinle.sonie awe in the new I'arjia- 

niL-nl- - 
lliit siicii a tjan;; of ^racLkss rutl'ian-, 

\'ane I 
1 hey glared at lis . . . 
/ '(iiit\ So main ? 

S,i7ilc. N(jt a bench 

Uiihout its coinpleinent of hurk\ 

knaves — 
\"iir son, tliere, \'aiu-, uinoiij^ ihcni 

— Ilanipilcn leant. 
I'poii his shoulder- tliinls of thai ! 
I'liiu: I'd think 

Tyin, Sir, was !.|K•akin^; ! Savilc 

hpl[) me i.ul, 
Wlnt was it all? 

■Vi(r. Soiiu ihi,,^ ahout " a 

mailer" . . . 

N "a uork for lln^'land." 

/>V,\fA\'. " Kn^;land's j;reat revenge' 
lie talked of. 

Sar: How should I he iiseil to I'ym 
More than yourselves? 

Hi)/. However that may he. 

'Twas Something with which we had 

nought to <lo, 
I'or we Were "slr.mgers" ami 'iwas 

" Kngland's work "- 
(All this while hioking us stiaight in 

the face^ 
In other words, our procnce might 

lie spared : 
So, in the twinkling of an eye, hefoie 
I settled to my mind what ugly 

Wau likcst I'ym jii-i then, they yelled 

us iiut. 
Locked tin d,,,.rs after Us, antl lierc 
are wi; ! 
I'uiu. < Jld liliot's method . . . 
■S';. . Ah, now, Wine, a truce 

lo i;iioi and his times, and the great 

And how to manage rarliaiiicnts ! 
"I'was you 

On Leiuhall's speech, if I could ^. ! \ Advised the (Jueen to summon this 

;.t It . . 

I lio|)e, how gr; 

«hv Stratford, 

ilclul tlie\ 

should be 
r this unlookcd-A 

To d 

or summons trom 

tlie King? 
Ifi'l. Just as We drilled him . . . 
l\:ne. That the S^ots will march 
' 'n London? 
// /. All, and made so much, 
A .l.v.eii subsidies at least seemed 


T<i follow', wii 



'Tis a strange thing now 

_<• - — 


A MJce — a kind of vast, unnatural 
voice — 

do him justice, would not heai 

of it : 
I'lUif. Say, rather, you have done 

the best of turns 
lo Straliord- he's at \'ork — wc all 

know why ! 
I would you had not set thf Scots on 

Till he had put down l'\ni for us, my 

lord 1 
Sa-i\ I ? did I aiier Slraflord's 

plans? <Iid I . . . 

(Enter '.x Messenger.) 

!ii. The Quee:: 
she sends me 


ow me 

At once 



lis very urgent 





mething perilous 

Your counsel . . 
and strange 
Occasions iier cuniniand 

Sa7J. We folluw, friend ! 

Now Vane . . . your Parliament will 
playue us all I 
Vane. No Strafford here beside ! 
^az: If you dare hint 

I had a hand in liis betrayal, Sir . . . 
fM. Nay, find a fitter time for 
(juarrels— Pym 
Will overmatch the best of you ; and, 

The Queen ! 

Fa/if. Coma on, then {us they g.' 
out.) . . ■ understand, I loathe 
Stratford as much as any— but he 

So well to keep off Pym— to screen 

us all ! 
I would we had reserved hnn yet 
awhile! (Exetmt.) 

Scene U.-lVhitehall. 

The Queen ami Carlisle. 

Queen. It cannot be ! 
Car. It is so. 

Queen. Why, the House, 

Have hardly met ! 

Car. Tliey met for that. 
Queen. No— no- 

Meet to impeach Lord Stratford ! 
'Tis a jest ! 
Car. A 1 litter one. 
Queen. Consider ! 'Tis the House 
We summoned so reluctantly— which 

But the disastrous issue of the war 
Persuaded us to summon ; they'll 

wreak all 
Their spite onus, no doubt ; but the 

old way 
Is to begin by talk of grievances ! 
They have their grievances to busy 
them ! 
Car. Pym has begun his speech. 
Queen, W here 5 Vane .... 

That is 
Pym will impeach Lord Strafford if 
he leaves 

His Presidency— he's at York, you 

know, .... 

Since the Scots beat hnn— why should 
he leave York ? 
Car. Because the King sends fur 

Queen. Ah . . . but if 

Tlie King did send for him, he let 

him know 
We had been forced to call a Parlia- 
ment — 
A step which Strafford, now I conic 

to think, 
Was vehement against . • . 

Car. The policy 

Escaped him of i^rst striking Parlia- 
To earth, then setting them upon 
their feet . . 

\nd giving them a sword : but this is 

idle ! 
—Did the King send for Strafford ? 
He will come. 
Queen. And what am I to do? 
Car. What do ? Fail, Madam ! 
Be ruined for his sake '. what matters 

So it but stand on record that you 

An eftbrt— only one ? 

Queen. The King's away 

At Theobald's. 

Car. Send for him at once— he 
Dissolve the House. 

Queen. Wait till Vane tinds th( 
Of the report— then ... 

Cat. ... It will matter littu 

What the King does. Strafford tha 

serves you all — 
That's lighting for you now ! 

i^Enter Sir H. Vane.) 
Wine. The Commons, Madam 
Are sitting with closed doors— a hug 

debate — 
No lack of noise— but nothing, 

should gue-^s 
Concerning Stratford : Pym has cei 

Not spoken yet. 



Queen. ( To Carmsi.e.) You hear ? 

^'^^- I do not hear 

That the King's sent for ! 

lawr. Savile will be able 

To tell you more. 

{Euier Holland. ) 

Queen. The last news, Holland ? 

Hoi. Pym 

Is raging like a fiend I The whole 

House means 
To follow him together to Whitehall 
And force the King to give up 
Queen. Strafford.? 

Hoi. If they content themselves 
with Strafford ! I^ud 
Is talked of, Cottington and Winde- 

bank too, 
I'yni has not left out one of them 

... I would 
\'ou heard I'ym raving ! 

Queen. Vane, find out the King ! 
Tell the King, Vane, the People 

follow Pym 
To brave us at Whitehall ! 

(Enter Savile.) 

Sav. Not to Whitehall— 

Tis to the Lords they go — they'll 

seek redress 

Strafford from his peers— the \ I know not, Madam : Strafford's fate 


legal way, 
! hey call it . . . 
Qufen. (Wait, Vane !) 

•V<77'. . . . But the adage gives 

Long life to threatened men 1 Straf- I 
ford can save ; 

Himself so readily : at York, re- j 
member, I 

111 his own county, what has he to 

fear ? 
The Commons only mean to frighten 

Ironi leaving York. 

Queen. Surely he will not come I 
'.irlisle, he will not come ! 
Car. Otice more, the King 

What but his coming spoilt all Con- 
way's plan ? 
The King must take his counsel, 

choose his friends. 
Be wholly ruled by him ! What's 

the result ? 
The North that was to rise — Ireland 

to help — 
What came of it? In my poor mind 

a fright 
Is no prodigious puni-shment. 

Car. ' A fright ? 

Pym will fail worse than Strafford if 

he thinks 
To frighten him. (To the Queen, i 

You will not save him, then? 
.Sar: Wl en something like a charge 

is made, the King 
Will best know how to save him : 

and 'tis clear 
That, while he suffers nothing by the 

The King will reap advantage : this 

in question. 
No dinning you with ship-money 

complaints 1 
Queen. ( 7<7 CARLISLE.) If we dis- 
solve them, who will pay the 

army ? 
Protect us from the insolent Scots ? 
<"'"■• In truth 


Me little : you desired to learn what 

Would save him : I obey you. 

I'ii'te. Notice, too, 

There can't be fairer ground for tak- 
ing full 

Revenge — (Strafford's revengeful) — 
than he'll have 

Against this very Pym. 

_ Queen. Why, he shall claim 

Vengeance on Pym ! 

Vane. And Strafford, who is he 

To 'scape unscathed amid the acci- 

That harass all beside? I, for my part, 

I las sent for Strafford— I le will come. Should look for something of discom- 

I'ane. Uh, doubtless , 

And hring destruction with him ; 
that's his way. 


Had the King trusted me so thor- 







sends for 

Sir . . . 
matter that im- 

And been so paid for it. 

Hoi. He'll keon at York : 

All will l)lovv over: he'li return no 
worse — 

Humbled a little — thankful for a 

Under as good a man— Oh, we'll dis- 

With seeing Strafford for a month or 
two ! 

(Enler Strafford.) 

Queen. Vou here ! 
Straf. The Kini^ 

The King . . . 
Straf. An urgent 
ports the King . . . 
{To Carlisi.k.) Why, Lucy, what's ; 

in agitation now 
That all this muttering and shrugging, i 

Begins at me ? They do not speak ! 
Car. Oh, welcome ! 

. . . And we are pi nid of you . . . 

all very proud 
To have you with us, Stratford . . . 

you were brave 
At Durham . . . Vou did well there 

. . . Had you not 
P.een stayed you might have , . . we 

said, even now, 
Our last, last hope's in you ! 

Vane {To Cari.isi.k.) The Queen 
would speak 

A word with you ! 

Straf. ( 7'<7 Vane.) Will one of you 


To signify my presence to the King ? 

Sav. An urgent matter ? 

Straf. None that toiiches you, 

Lord Savile ! Say it were some 

Sly, pitiful intriguing with the Scots - 
Vou would go free, "at least ! {Aside.) 

They half divine 
My purpose! {To the (^ukkn.) 

Madam, sluill I see the King? 
The service I would reader much 

His welfare. 

Queen. But his Majesty, my lord. 
May not be here, may . . . 

Straf. Its importance, then. 

Must plead excuse for this withdrawal. 

Madam - 
And for the grief it gives Lord Savile 
Queen. { Who has been conversing 
with Van K and I Ioi.i.and.) The 
King will see you. Sir. 
(To Carlisi.k.) Mark me: Tyins 

Is done by now — he has impeached 

the Earl, 
Or found the Earl too strong for him, 

by now ; 
Let us not seem instructed ! Wc 

should work 
\.) good to Strafford, but deform 

With shame in the world's eye ! 
{To Strafford.) His Majesty 
Has much to say with you. 

Straf. {Aside.) Time fleeting, too ! 
( To Cari.isi.k.) No means of getting 

them awav, Carlisle? 
What does she whisper? Does she 

know my jnirpise ? 
What does she think of it ? (let them 
away I 
Quirn. ('/;' Cari.isi.k.) He comes 
to bailie I'ym — he thinks the 
Ear off— tell him no word of it— a 

Eor help will come— we'll not lie 

wanting, then ! 
Keep him in play, Carlisle — you, 


.Vnd calm! {To Straffori>.) To 

spare your Lordship some delay 

I will myself acquaint the King. 

{'To Caki isi.k.) Beware 1 

{Exeunt (J^rKKN, Vank, Hoi.i.and 


.Straf. She knows it ? 

Car. Tell me, Strafford . . . 

Straf. Afterward I 

The moment's the great moment of 

all time ! 
She knows my purpose? 

Car. Thoroughly— just now 


She bade me hide it from you. 

Straf. Quick, dear girl . . . 

The whole grand scheme ? 

Car. [Asvic) Ah, he would 

learn if they 
Tonnive at I'ym's procedure ! Could 

they but 
Have once apprised the King ! But 

there's no time 
I or falsehood, now. (To Strai'- 
l-oRD.) Strafford, the whole is 
Siraf. Known and approved ? 
Car. Hardly discountenanced. 

Straf. And the King - say the King 

consents as well ! 
Car. The King's not yet informed, 
but will not dare 
I'o interpose. 
Straf. What need to wait him. 
i It'll sanction it ! I stayed, girl, tell 

him, long ! 
It vexed me to the soul— iliis waiting 

here — 
\'iiu know him— there's no counting 

on the King ! 
Tell him I waited long ! 

Car. {Aside.) What can he mea. ? 

Kfjoice at the King's hollowness? I 

Straf. I i,new 


God put it in my mind tolove, serve, die 
For Charles— but never to obey him 

more ! 
While he endured their insolence at 

I fell on them at Durham. 

... But you'll tell 
The Kmg I waited ? All the ante- 
Is filled with my adherents. 

Car. Strafford- Strafford 

What daring act is this you hint ? 
Straf. No— no ! 

ris here -not daring if you knew ! 

all here ! 
{Drawing papers frcm his breast.) 
Rdl proof— see— ample jiroof— does 

the Queen know 
I have such damning proof? Bedford 

and Essex, 
Broke, Warwick. Savile (did you 

notice Savile ? 
The simper that I spoilt?) Say. 
Mandeville— ^ 

Sold to the Scots, body and soul, by 
Pym ! 
Car. Creat heaven ! 
Siraf. From Savile and his lords, 
to Pym — 
I crush them, girl— I'ym shall not 
ward the blow 

Ihey would be glad of it,-all over ! Nor Savile crawl aside from it ! Th 

I knew they would be glad . . . but 

he'd contrive. 
The (^ueen and he, to mar, by help- 
ing it, 
\n angel's making ! 
Car. {Aside.) Is he mad? {To 

Strakkord.) Dear Strafford, 

V.iu were not wont to look so happy. 

^i>-<^f- (,ir'l, 

1 tried obedience thoroughly : I took 

The King's wild plan ... of course, 

ere I could reach 
\h- army— Conway ruined it : I drew 
I ln' wrecks together, raised all heaven 

and earth, 
And would have fought the Scots— 

the King at once 
Made truce with them : then, Lucy, 

then, dear girl, 

And the Cabal— I crush them I 

Car. And you go . . . 

Strafford,— and now you go? . . . 

Straf. About no work 

In the back-ground, I promise you ! 

I go 
Straight to the House of Lords t(j 

claim these men. 
Mainwaring ! 

Car. Stay— stay, Strafford ! 

•^'''''^/ She'll return— 

The Queen— some little project of her 

own — 
No time to lose— the King takes 
fright perhaps— 
Car Pym '3 strong, remember 1 
Straf. Ver>' strong— as fits 

The Faction's Head . . . with no 
offence to Hampden, 


Vane, Rudyard. and my loving Ilollis 

And all they lodge within the Tower 

In just equality. T.ryan ! Mainwar- 

inir ! 

(Mi7f!f of his Adhcrcnls enter.) 

The Peers dehalo just now (a lucky 

On the Scots war— my visit's oppor- 
tune : 
When all is over,15ryan, you'll proceed 
To Ireland : these dispatches, mark 

me, Bryan, j 

Are for the Dep\Uy, and these for 

Ormond — 
We'll want the Army here— my Army. 

At such a cost, that should have done 

such good, 
And was inactive all the time! no 

matter — 
We'll find a use for it. Willis ... 

no — you 1 
Vou, friend, make haste to York — ■ 
bear this, at once ... j 

Or,— better stay for form's sake — see ; 

The news you carry. N'ou remain ^ 
with me i 

To execute the rarliamenl's command. 
Main waring— help to seize the lesser j 
knaves : ; 

Take care there's no escaping at back- 
doors I 
To not have one escape — mind me— i 

not one ! 
I seem revengeful, Lucy? Did you 


What these men dare ! j 

Car. It is so much they dare! ; 

Straf. I proved tliat hjng ngo ; : 

my turn is now I 

Keep sharp watch, (joring. on the | 

citizens ; ' 

Observe who harbours any of the I 

brood I 

'Ti-.o* .^--^P^jvj.i;* fifTt bt* si'.re thcv smart ^ 

for it ! 'I 

Our coflers are but lean. j 

And you, girl, too, I 

Shall have your task— deliver this to 

Laud — 
Laud will not be the slowest in my 

praise ! 
" Thorougii " he'll say ! 

— Foolish, to be so glad ! 
This sort of life is vivid, after all ! 
"Tis \vf)rth while, Lucy, having foes 

like mine 
For the dear bliss of crushing them ! 

Is worth the living for ! 

Car. That reddening brow ! 

\'ou seem . . . 

.Vra/ Well— tlo I not ? 1 

would be well 
I could not but be well on such a 

day ! 
And, this day ended, 'tis of slight 

How long the ravaged frame subjects 

the soul 
In Strafford ! 

Car. Noble Strafford ! 

Straf. No farewell ! 

I'll see you. girl, to-morrow — the first 

thing '. 
—If she should come to stay me ! 

Car. (io — 'tis nothing- 

Only my heart that swells— it has 

been thus 
Ere now — go, Strafford ! 

Straf. To-night, then, let it be I 
I must see him'. . . I'll see you 

after him . . . 
I'll tell you how Pym looked. Follow 

me, friends ! 
Vou, gentlemen, shall see a sight this 
; To talk of all your lives. Close after 
i me ! 

: " My friend of friends V 

(Exeunt Strafford, &'c.) 

Car. The King— ever the King '. 

No thoucdit of one beside, whose little 

Unveils the King to him — one word 

from me - 
Which yet I do not breathe I 

Ah, have I spared 
Strafford a pang, and shall I seek 


Hcyond that memory? Surely too, 

some way 
He is the helter for my love . 

No, no 
He would not l,,<,k so jnyous— I'll 

ll^v^;\pewo„l,lnever-,.a,klcthu„ T^a\!^^':^inn:u,iy..,l'''\>^;Z'^^^ 
ihuUnot pniyeil lor hnn tin, lung, ! cxpcn 'u mt i-.arl 


We look to see him ! [7o /as Com- 
/'anions. \ I'm to have St. John 

In chartje ; was he amon{; the knaves 
just now 

That foliowtHl I'yni within (here? 
.///,•///<•;-. -III,. j^,,j,„j „,^^,_ 

Diig whi! 


^i:f..\e \U.— 77ie AnUchamher of the 
//oiise of Lords. 

Many of the Preihytnian Party. P/ir 
Adherents iJ/'S i kafi-(5ri), c-,. 

.-/ Group of Presbyterians.— \. \ 
tell you he struck Maxwell — 
Maxwell sought 
To stay the Karl ": he struck him and 
passed on. 
2. Fear as y.,i niay, keep a gou.l 
Hefore these ruffians ! 

}• Strafford here the first - 

Uith the great army at his hack ! 

■*• Nodouht : 

1 would Pym had made haste . . 

that's Bryan, hush— 
Tile fellow pointing 

I'yni at hi.^ hcc!;, .,u fast ? I like il not. 

{Eii/,r Maxwki.i.) 

Another. Why, man, tliey rush into 
the net ! Here's .Maxwell— 

lla, Maxwell ?-IIow the brethren 
flock around 

The fellcnv ! Do ynu feel the Earl's 
hand yet 

I '[K)n your shoulder, Maxwell ? 

, '^^'^•\- Gentlemen, 

Mand hack I a great thing passes here. 

./ I'olhr.ivr of SlK.AKFOKfi. [ /;. 

another.] 'Die Karl 

Is at his work ! \_lo M.\ Say, .Max- 
well, wiiat great thing ! 

Speak out! {To a Treshyterian.) 
1' riends, I've a kindness for you : 

I've .'^een you with St. John . . . Oh, 
stockishuess ! 

Wear such a ruff, and never call to 

Strafford's /•'^//07<rrj' i Mark i <f r"i,'"' i i- worthies, now ! ""• J°^" ' '^'"'"'^ '" ^t '^^^^^'S^^ ? worthies, now ! 
2. A goodly gathering ! '• Where 
the carcass is 
There shall the eagles " . . what's 
the rest ? 

, 3- For eagles 

^ay crows. 

A Presbyterian. Stand back. Sirs ! 
One of Strafford's Follo-vers. 

Are we in Geneva? 
A Presbyterian. No— nor in Ire- 
land, we have leave to l)reathe. 
One of Stkaiiord's Fo'Ioivcrs. 
Really ? I'.ehold how grand a 
thmg it is 
T) serve " King I'ym " ! There's 

some one at Whitelia!! 
That lives obscure, but Pyni lives . . . 
The Presbyterian. Nearer ! 
A FoUo-iver (/St r a ffor i >. 1 ligher 

What— the plague— 
•Not laugh? ^ 

Another. Say, Maxwell, what it is I 

Another. Hush— wait— 

The jest will be to wait — 

/'"St. And who's to bear ijuiet hypocrites ? \ou'd swear 
they came . . . 

( ame . . . as wc come ! 

(./ I'l-RITAN enters hasti/y and 
xvi.'houl obsen'im; .Si rai'i-urii's 

The Puritan. Ilnw goes on 

the worl^ ? 
Has Pym . . . 
./ I\::Liutr ty' .Sn Ai loRi). The 
-secret's out at last .\ha. 
The carrion's scented ! Welcome 
* row the first I 




("lorge merrily you with the lilinking 

eye ! 
•' Kiiif; I'ym Iws fallen ! 
///■ Purilan. I'ym ? 
./ Strafford. I'ym ! 

.•/ /WshyUriuii. Only I'ym? 

Many of Sikakfoku's J-'ollcra;-r:;. 
No, hrothcr— nol I'ym only- 
Vane as well - 
Kudyaril as well -1 lampden— Sainl 
John as well - 
A Prisliyfi-riaii. My mind mi-,- 

t;ive.s . . . can it be true? 
Aiio//ifr. Lost ! Lost ! 

A Strafford. Say we true, Max- 
well ? 
The ruritaii. Tride before 

A haui^hty spirit goeth before a 
Many of SiRAri-okD's J''o/lo:,\-r.i. 
Ah now ! The very thint; ! A 
word in season ! 
A i^olden apple in a silver picture 
To j;reet Py'" 'i^ he passes ! 

( The fohiiug-doors at the back b.^in 
to open, noise and lii^ht issuiiii,'.) 

Miux. Stand back, all ! 

Many of the Prabyt^'rians. I'll 

die with I'ym ! And I !^ 
SlkAKl-ORii's /''ol!o7fers. Now for 

the text - 
Me conies ! (,)uick ! 

'The Paritau (With nrlifted arris.) 

How hath the Oppressor cea-^ed '. 
The Lord hath broken the staff o!" 

the wicked : 
The sceptre of the Rulers— he who 

The People in wrath with a continual 

stroke — 
That ruled the nations in his any,er 

. . . lie 
Is persecuted and nr)ne hindereth ! 
(At the bespn/iiiii; of this speech, the 

doors open, and SiRAKl'ORD, /;/ 

the greatest disorder, and amid 

cries from within oj "Void tne 

House," sta^xers out. lichen he 

reaches the front of the .Sta:;e, 

silence. ) 

.Straf. Impeach me ! Pym ! I never 

struck, I think, 
The felon on that calm insulting 

When il prr>claime<l I'ym's mouth 

proclaimed me . 

word, only 

Cod ! 
a word that 

Was it a 

The outrageous blood back on my 

liiart '. . . which beats ! 
Wiiich beats ! Some one word . . . 

"Traitor," did he say 
Pending that eye, brimful of bitter 

I'pon me ? 

Max. (Adfaneing.) In the Com- 
mons' name, their servant 
1 )emunds Lord Strafford's sword. 
Straf. W' hat did you say ? 

Max. The Commons bid me ask 

your Lordship's sword. 
Straf. (.Suddenly reco-t'ering, and 
looking round, dra-vs it, and 
turns to his followers.) Let us 
go forth — follow me, gentle- 
men — 
Draw your swords tt>o — cut any down 

that bar us ! 
On the King's service! Maxwell, 
clear the way ! 
{The PRKSiiYTKRiANS, prepare to 

dispute his passage. ) 
Sraf. Ha- true! . . . That is, 
y(ju mistake me, utterly — 
I will stay— the King himself shall 

see nie — here — 
Here- I will stay, Mainwaring !— 

First of all, 
( To Maxwklt..) Vour tablets, fellow! 

( He -vrites on them. ) 
( 7'o MAiNWARlNd.) C;ive that to 

the King ! 
Vcs, Maxwell, for the next half-hour, 

I will ... 
I will remain your prisoner, I 

will ! 
Nay, you shall take my sword ! 

(^L\x^VE!.L u:h'ance- to tal-- i> ) 
No — no — not that ! 
Their blood, perhaps, may wipe out 
all thus far — 



AH up to that— not that ! Wliy, 

friond, you see 
Wlun the King lays his hi-ad he- 

iH'alh my foot 
I .mH not pay that I Go, all of you ! 
.I/(M. I ^ri(\c, my lord, l(>disol)fy : 

none stir. 
Straf. This geiitlo Maxwell !- Do 

not touch him, liryan I 
{To the rKKsnvTKKiANs.) Which- 
ever cur of you will carry this 
III save him from the fate of all the 

rest — 
I'll have him made a Peer— I'll , . . 

none will \^n ? 
\i me? ( Cries from -within </" Straf- 


{To his Foi. LOWERS.) SlingF* /, I've 

loved you at least— my" friend, 
Stal) me ! I have not time to tell 

you why . . . 
V'U, then, dear I5ryan ! Vou, Main- 

warini^, then ! 
. . Ah. that's hecause I spoke so 

At AUerton— the King had vexed 

me . . . 
( I'll the Presbyterians.') V,,u j 

.My safety guanintecd — having pre- 

.\ Parliament! I see! And at 

I he f,»ucen \\a. whisporin^ with 

\'ane ... 1 vce 
The trap! I euise the King ! I wisli 

Pym well ! 
Wish all I.s hrave friends well ! Say, 

all along 
.Strafford was with them— all along, 

at heart, 
I hated Tharlcs and wished them 

well I And say 
( Tearivi^offthe George and liashiiit; 

it down) 
That as I tread this gew-gaw under 

I cast his memory from me ! One 

stroke, now ! 
(His own iid'-.erents disarm him. 

h'ene^ced cries of " Strak- 
I'll nfit go . . . they shall drag me 

hy the hair ! 
{Chaiii^'iiig suddenly to (aim.) p:ng- 

land ! I see her arm in this \ 

I yield. 

-Mi>creants— you then— that I'll ex- Why— 'tis the fairest triumph ! Why 

terminate ! 
-Not even you ? If I live over it 
The King is sure to have your heads 

you know 
I'm not afraid of that — you under- 
T!iat if I chose to wait — made up my 

Tn li\e this minute — he would do me 

rit,'ht ! 
1-it what if I can't live this minute 

It nothing can repay that minute? 

Wi.h his pursuing smile — Pym to he 

there I 

> Louder cries of'^ Strakford.") 
The King ! I troubled him— stood 

in the way 
■'■ ii:i negotiations — was the one 
'■rri! obstacle to pe.ace— the Enemy 
"t Scotland— and he sent for me — 

Iruin York — 

To cheat them ? I would never stooij 

to that— 
Ik- mean enough for that ! Ix;t all 

have end ! 
Don't repine. Slingsby , . . have they 

not a riglit ? 
They claim me — hearken — lead me 

to them, Bryan ! 
No — I myself should offer up my- 
Pray you now . . . Pym awaits me 
. . . pray you now ! 
[Putting aside those who at tc nipt 
to support him, Straffori) 
reaches the doors — they open 
-wide. Hampden, «S-,-., and a 
crowd discovered ; and at the 
bar, V\^\ standing apart, ^r 
Strafford kneels the scene 





S.-i.m: I. ;«////'•'/■' '^ 

T';r KiN'.. ■"'■ ',>I'I.I.N, Il"l I I - 

(■\i'i.i-i.i.. (V\M„ ll"i : \M'. 
Saviiv., /" l'|<^ /'■'■ '-'vun^/.) 

Car. Answer iliLin. lluUis, for lii^ 

sake ! -< )ne word ! 
Cha. (I'o llni.i.ih.) Vou stand, 

silent ;in(l cold, as lh'nii;li I were 
Decciviti"; ymi, ni> friend, my jiUiy- 


Their representatives : the Teers that 

Arc (-a-sily distinguished ; one remarks 
Tlie People here and theic . . . I.iit 

the ilo-e rurl;<ii) 
\lii-t liide so iiuicli ' 

(!«..//. A('|iMinl y.iir 

in .iildil rrcw, 
riiisd.iv the iiirtain shall l>e daslud 

asidi' ! 
It served a p\ir)-)0-e ! 

Hoi. Think ! This very day ? Strafford rises to defend himself? 
Clia. I will defend him. Sir ! sanr- 

tion the past 
Of olheMlmes ! Wiiat wonder after This day-it ever was nu' purpose ! 

Inst 'O /dreamed my! .pie loved mr! ; At me^l^'l Straff..r.l ! ( >h I shall he 

• fj^,i Sire, j paid 

It is y.mrselfthat you deceive, not me ! liy Strafford's hH>k! 

Voull quit me eomU.rted -your mind C'.-r. {lo 1 ! Oh, 

made up , I , ^vil he not 

That since you've talked thus much Donolily.-' 

a,id Sieved thus much, //<'/• Sire, you will do honestly ; 

All p!u can .h. for Stralfonl lias been And, for that look, 1 too woul.l he a 


Qiii-en. If you kill Strafford . . . 
come, we i;raiU you leave, 

Suppose ... C-- I 

/ior. I may withdraw. Sire? 

(7^j;-. Hear them out I 

'Tis the last chance for Strafford 1 
Hear them out ! 

king ! 
Cha. [After a /ainr.) Only, to do 

this now— just when they seek ^ 
l\) make me out a tyrant— one that's 

To subjects' prayers,— shall I oppose 

them now ? 
It seems their will the Trial should 

//<?"/?"'' iT we kill Strafford "-on | proceed ... 

theeight^nth day ^ ! -T-l^f'l-'^lST!^ your throne: 

'^'c^r'^^^W^iJl.ood Ilollis- j ntfit were no bright .l,oment save 
II T 1, >,,"ul liv ' for that ! 

^]:^;/\h!lrue-Sire, pardon me!; S.raltbrd, your prime support, the 
\,Mi witnes. our proceedings every ; sole roof-tree 

That props this (piaking House ol 

(Floods come, winds beat, and see- 
the treacherous sand I), 
1 )out)tless if tiie mere putting forth ar 

Could save him, you'd save Strnllord 
C/ia. And they meat 

, , 1 Calnvlv to eonsuuniiatc thi^ uiung 

the place . j ^ tJ \ ,^ ■> 

Ts iii.t unoccupied : the Commons sit I JNo iiopc . 

-Tlnl-rSlaivl: I-vbnd sends. ! This ineflaceable wrong ! No pit; 
and Scoibnd too, "1^"' 

Put th.e screened gallery, I nnght have 

Admits of sur!i a partial glimpse 

at us — 
i'ym takes up all the room, shuts out 

the view ! 
Still, on n.!v honour. Sire, the rest of 



Hoi, No plagwe in store for pcr- 

fifiy ?— Farewell ! 
\'ou summoned me . . . (71' t'AR- 

I.ISLK.) Vou, Lady, Inide me 

To save the Karl 1 I came, thank 

(Jod for it, 
I'o learn how fur such |)erfKly can 

. . . Vou dare to talk with me of 

saving him 
Wlif) have just ruined Sirafford ! 
( 'ha. I ? 

IIol. See, now ! 

Eighteen days long he throws, one 

after one, 
I Hir charges hack : a Mind moth- 
eaten law 1 
-He'll break from us at last ! And 

whom to thank? 
The Mouse that gnawed ilie Lion's 

net for him 
dot a g(KKl friend, — l)Ul he, the 

other Mouse, 
TIkU looked on while the Lion freed 

himself — 
1 ared he so well, does any fahle 
say ? 
Cha. What can you mean ? 
Ifol. I'ym never could 

have proved 
>ii,itford's design of bringing up the 

T'l force this kingdom to obedience : 

\'ane - 
\ our servant, Vane . . . 
(,'«iv«. Well, Sir? 

//.'/. ... 1 las proved it. 

( 'luu 

\'ane ? 

Who speak to I'ym and Ilarnpden 

every day I 
Qu,-en. S[x.'ak to \anc's mastci, 

then 1 Why shoukl he wish 
For Straffoid's death ? 

Ilcl. Why? .Strafford cannot turn 
As you sit there — iiid )ou come forth 

and Siiy 
If every hateful act were not set 

In his Cf>iniuis-,ion ? -Whether you 

Or no that all the violence should 

1 lis work, the gentle ways- your own, 

as if 
He counteracted your kind impulses 
While . . . but you know what he 

could say ! And then 
Would ho produce, mark you, a certain 

To set your own ex[)ress commands 

If need were, and Imj blameless ! 

He'd s;iv, then . . . 
Cha. Ilok'l! 


Say who bade him 

//.'/. This day! Did \'ane deliver 
up or no 
Tluise notes which, furnished by his 

son to Pym, 
Have sealed . . . 
C'ut. Speak, Wane ! ,\s [shall live, 
1 know 

\"iliiiv' that \'ane ha-; 

ane lia-; done I 
tieason next ? 


^ aiic, ^jocaii 

! - i-h nsy hanas oi 

the truth ! 
— Ask Vane himself! 
Hoi. I will not speak to Vane 

break the Parliament, 
Find out some pretext to set up swcfl- 

law . . . 
{hiecii. Retire, .Sir ! 
Cha. \'aiie — once more — 

what \'ane dares do 
I know not . . . he is rash ... a 

fool ... I know 
Nothing of X'aiie ! 

Ho!. Well— I believe you ; Sire 
Believe mc, in return, that . . . 
{Tiirititi^- to C'AKl.isi.i;.) Cienlle 

The few words I would say the stones 

might hear 
Sooner than these . . . Fll say them 

all to 3'ou, 
N'ou, with the heail ! The i|uestion, 

tru^t tne, take. 
Another shape, today : "lis not if 



r r.nutnrni 

which shall pay 

, — bvi 

The forfeit, Strafford or his Master ; 

■Iftfcaafemiiiffiifii . 



Vmi l.ivfd mc (.ncc . . . think <m my 
warninj^ now ! (/i v//. i 

CV/.J. On y-.u and on your warning 
l«)th !- Carlisle ! 
That paper ! 

()«((7/. r>iit consider ! 
C/ui. *'i\c it in'-! 

There -- signed — will that content 

you? — Do not >|>eak ! 
Vol! have betrayed me, \'anc!-~See 

— any day 
(According to the lenour of thai 

He l)id> your brother l.iin^ the Army 

up - 
Slratfonl shall head it and lake full 

revcnj;e ! 
Seek Slratlord ! Let inm have it. 

look, In-'loie 
He rises to defend himself I 

t^i,t,Y/t. IntruMi? 

Clever of lloUis, now, to work a 

Like this ! Vou were reluciaul . . . 

C/ti7. Say, Carlisle, 

Vuur brother I'erey brings the Army 

up — 
Falls on the rarliamenl— (Til thmk 

of you, 
My Ilollis:)— say we plotted lun^ 

. . . 'tis M/'nf, 
The' scheme is mine, remember ! Say 

I cursed 
Vane's folly in your hearing ! If that 

Does rise to do us shame, the fault 

shall lie 
With you, Carlisle ! 

Car. Nay, fear not me ! but still 
That's a briglit moment, Sire, you 

throw away ... 
Oh. draw the veil and save him ! 
Qiien:. <■"' Carlisle ! 

Car. (./.v/./V-, <7;.'./,;v///v). I ^li^^H 
see Stratford— speak to him : my 
.Must never so, then ! 

And if 1 I ell 
•file iiurii? Wii-tl".-. Riined 1". ia'rX-- 

hood !> There they stand 
Whose trade it is— whose life it is ! 
How vain 

To gild such rottenness! SlrafTord 

shall know, 
Thoroughly know them ! 

V'/ie QiiiLii. {.!.< f /"• /rtnvT (/le KlNC, 
iS-v.) Trust to me ! 
[r*? Caki isi.i: I Carlisle, 
Voii seem inclined, alone of all the 

To serve poor Strafford : this bold 

plan of yours 
Merits much praise, and yet . . . 
Car. Time presses. Madam. 

(■>«.v//. ^'e( . . . ni;iy il n"'t ^>^ 
something premature ? 
Strafford defends himself to-day- 
Some wondrous effort . . . one may 

well sujjpose - 
He'll say some overwhehning fact, 
Carlisle ! 
("(//-. Aye, Holii> hints as much. 
C/ta. ^Vhy linger then? 

Haste with the scheme— my .scheme— 

I shall lie there 
To watch his look ! Tell him I watch 
his look ! 
OiufU. Stay, we'll precede you ! 
Car. At your plea-sure. 

C/ia. Say . . . 

Say . . . Vane is h.irdly ever at 

Whitehall ! 
I shall be there, rememlier ! 

Qj,-^ Doubt mc not ! 

C/ia. On our return, Carlisle, we 

wail you here ! 
Car I'll bring hi> answer; Sire, 
I follow you. 

(I-',.\eiinl K., er"'.) 
Ah . . . but he would be very to 

The King so faithless, and I take 

.\11 that he cares to live for : let it 

go — 
"Tis the King's scheme ! 

My Strafford, I can save . . . 
Nay, I ha7<i .saved you-- yet am scarce 

}'„ .;:n!-^e my poor n.inie will not cross 

your mind . . . 
Strafford, how much I am unworthy 
vou ! {Exit.) 



Scene II. — a Passage adjoining 
West minster Hall, 

Manyj^rotips (ySpc-rtalors cf the 'Ftial 
(whi(h is visihli- iioi,, the I'mk of 
the Stag,)—^ »(rK ers of the Court, 

1st S/a: More crowd than ever ! 
. . Not know ilanipden. man? 
That's he— liy Pyni — I'yni that is 

speaking now ! 
N'n, truly -if you |<K)k so hiyh you'll 

Little enough of citticr ! 

2utl Spec. Hush . . . I'yni'sarin 
I'oints like a proiihet's n.<l ! 

yd Spec. Ay~ay — we've heard 

Stimc pretty speaking . . . yet the 

Karl escapes ! 

a,th Spec. I fear it : just a fiM) 

word or two 

About his children . . . and they sec, 

Not England's Foe in Strafford —but 

the Man 
\V h'l, sick, half-blind . . . 
md Spec. What's that Pym's sayintj 
That makes the curtains tlutler . . . 

look ! A hand 
riutchesthem . . . Ah! The Kini's 
hand ! 
5/// Spec. I had thought 

I'\ in was not near so tall ! What said 
he, t end ? 
2ud Spec. " Nor is tliis way a novel 
way of blood '' . . . 
And the Earl turns as if to . . . look! 
look ! 
Many Spectators. Heaven — 

What ails him . . . no— he rallies 

. . . see — goes on 
And Strafford smiles. Stransjc ! 

Of the Karl's s|x;cch ! Is Haselri^ 

without ? 
I'ym's messiige is to him ! (Exit.) 
yd Spc. . Now, said I true? 

N\ill the I'.arl leave them yet ,it fault or 
nu .-' 
1st spec. Never lielieve it, man J 
The^e notes of \'ane"s 
kuin the Karl. 

5/// .Spec. A br.-ive end . , . m.t 
a whit 
Less firni, less . . . I'ym all over ! 

Then, the Trial 
Is closed . . . no . . . Strafford means 
to speak again ! 
.In Officer. Stand hack, there ! 
5//i Spec. Why, the liarl is coming 
hither I 
liefore the court breaks up! His 

brother, look,— 
Vou'd say he deprecated some fierce 

In Strafford's mind just now I 
An Officer. Stand bark. I sn.y ! 

2nd Spec. Who's the veiled woman 

that he talks with ? 
Many Spectators. Hush — 

The Eirl I the Karl ! 

[Entef SlRAFi-oRi), Si.incsby and 
other .Secretaries, Hot, I. is, Car- 
i.isi.r. Maxwki.i., Balkoik, 
lie. Strafford converses with 

Hoi. So near theend ! lie patient ~ 

Return ! 

.Straf. {To his .Secretaries.) Here 

— u.iywhere — or — 'lis freshest 

her..- . . . 

(To spend one's April here— the 

blossoni-moiuh !) 
Set it down here I [ 'hey arrange a 
table, paters, c^r'.J 

W hat, Fyni to ijuail, to sink 
Because I glance at hini yet , . 

(EnteraVvKXT.w.) \ .... . , \NV11, ■■. end— 

W tiat s to be answered, Sl'npsby ? 
Tkc Puritan. Ilaselrii; ! ; Let us end ! 

.......■>,....., ...^.. ( r.. !,t, ;^ rrien-.i : j [ /i/ CAkl.i.->i.F,.j {,\x\. I rttuse iiis 

offer ; whatsoe'er 
It be ! Too late ! Tell me n<. .vord 
of him ! 

I'he Puritan. Lost — utterly lost 
just when we looked for Pym 
'I' make a stand against the ill effects 




[/i> ] 'Tis something, Hollis, 

I assure yon tliat — 
To stand, sick us yuu are, some 

eiyhtpc-n (l.ny.s 
Kighlin;^ for life and fame against a 

Of very curs, lit- thro' thick ami 

I'aW. Ilcsh and bread by wholesale, and 

can't say 
" Strafford '' if it wmild lake my lift' ' 
Cur. He kind 

Thi4oncc! tilancc at the paper . . . 

if you will 
lUil j^lance at it. . . 

.S//(//". Already at my heels ! 

I'ym's faultinj^ Moudhounds scent the 

track a^;ain I 
I'cace, girl ! Now, Slinj^shy ! 

{.Ut:5Si'»!,vrs fivm Lane aiitl ollu'' •/ 
Si kaKI-okk's Conns,-! -vil/tht tn. 
Hall arc lOiiiiiig and goini; dur- 
ing the Scene. ) 

Straf. (.Sel/in:: him self to write and 
dictate), i shall l)eat you, IlollisI 

Do you know iluit ? In spite of all 
your tricks — 

In spile of Tyni ! \inir I'y'" tl'-^l 
shrank from nic I 

Kliot would have contrived it other- 
wise ! 

{To a Messenger. 1 In truth? This 
slip, tell I.anc, contains as much 

As I can call to mind about tlic 

{To lloi.l.Is.) Eliot would have dis- 
dained . . . 

(Calling' after tiic Mcsscuj^er.) And 
Radcliffe, say — 

The only person who could answer 

Is safe in prison, just for that ! 

(CoutiuiiniL; to Well - 

Will - 

It had n'>t bciu rccoided in that 

I hnilk'd yo\i ! 
{'j"o Caiw.: -i.i;.) N.^y. c^ui. •■•'■') iowl. 

So s^rieved ? 
All's gained without the Kinj^ I N'ou 

saw Pym ([uail? 

. . . What shall I do when they 

acijuil ni'-, think yoii, 
Put traiKjuilly resume my task as 

Nothing had intervened since 1 pro- 

p ised 
To call that traitor to account 1 Such 

Trust me. shall not l.e pl.i\'i! a 

second time — 
liven against old Laud, with his grey 

hair . . . 
Your :\(>^A work, lb>lii^ '.—And lo 

make .imends 
You, I.ucy, shall 1)C there when I im- 
Pym and his fellows! 

'fol. Wherefore not protot 

Against our whole proceediiij; long 

ago f 
Why feel indignant now ? Why stand 

this while 
Enduring patiently ■ • • 
Straf. (J'o Caki.IsI.k.) Girl, 111 
tell you— 
You— and mt Pym • . . y<«ii, the 

slight graceful girl 
Tall for a flowering lily— and not 

Charles . . . 
Why I stood patient : I was fwl 

To see the will of I'.ngland in Pym's 

To dream that I h.i'l wrimged her- 

and to wait 
ller judgment, -- wlicn, behold, in 

place of it . . . 
( /'a a Messenger ■• ho 7fhis/<rrs.) Tell 
Lane to aii-<wcr no such (juestion I 
Law . . . 
I grajiple with tlicir Law ! I'm here 

to try 
My actions by their standard, not my 

own ! 
Their Law allowed that levy . . . 

what's the rest 
To Pym, or Lane, or any but my- 
Car. Then cast n:.! liiii-. your only 
chance away — 
The King's so weak . . . secure this 
chance ! 'Twas N'ane 


-Vane, rc^rollccf, who furnished Tym 

the notes . . . 
Siraf. Fit . . . very f.t . . . th.^e 

prerious rioi.s cf Vane, 
To close the Trial worthily ! 1 feared 
Nmic spire.. fnohleness mii-ht lincer 

yet *^ *• 

losfx.i! the.haractcr of all the past ! 
It pleased i,„- . . . nnd (,-/j/>,^r 

/.J uonaUly) I will go l«ck anci 

A- much- to them — to Kngland ! 

Follow nie I 
I have a w..rd to say ! There! my 

I' done ! 
I/;- (AKiisi.K.) Slay . . . why he 

proud? Why .are to own 
Mv t'ladness— my surprise? . . . ,,.) 

— not surprise I 
"li. why insist upon the little |)nde 


I 'lead Strafford's cause with lYm— I 

ha\e remarked 
He iii.ived no nuiscle when we all 

spike loud 
Aijainst him . . . you had hut to 

hreathe- he turned 
'1 hose kind, lar^;e eyes ujH.n you— 

kind to all 
liut Stratford . . . whom I murder ! 

\Enl,r I'SM Uomersini; -,cith the 
SoUator-iii-nenil, Si. JdiiN), the 
Manai;ns oj llu- Trial, I'IK.\NK\ 

Kluyaru, i!-^(.J 

_')'""'• H..rril>le! 

Tdl now all hearts were with you. 

... 1 withdraw 
For one! Tckj horrilile ! Oh, we 

^■our pur|K>se, I'ym . . . y.m cannot 

•ii.itch away 

Tl'e''nl'''r^'r''""'"I,''''''"^'''r. i"^'"-" '■'^^' ^^-^' ^^'"" "'-■ ^^">vninq 
llie pain? (,irl, say the triumph is man! 

my Kinj,r's! /.»„. Me t-ilks 

W hen I'ym j;rew ,«lc, and trembled, With St. John of ii-sce h.,w ..uietly • 

and sank down- Ut, oihe'r I'k.csmv. kk.ans. | ' Voi^i 

, /'a"' I merits dcath- 

' iri. carc^oi for the past-so indi.. But this new course is monstrous! 


I 'ii, cure— there's nothinp to fori-ivo 

in it 
Ti> so forp.tten ! From this day 

Vane, take heart ! 
This Mill of liis Attainder shall not 
, . -■ } One true luairs hand to it. 

\, \T ( ,j i ''""^- Ihit hear m.', I'ym : 

A new life, L.unded on a new helief Confront y(,ur Bill y„ur own J5ill 
in I fiarlcs ... ... what is it? 

//v'.I'yi.i comes . . . tell I'ym j Vou cannot catch the Ka,l on any 

<hart;e . . . 

Appeal to I'yin : I I.Mnjxlen - and I No will" s'ay' the Law has lu.l.l of 

\ ane ! sec, Straflord ! him 

S.iy how unfair ... (),, .,„.. ,.),„„,, , ■ 

si,-,f T I. :. I ,, ^ thari;e ... and therefore 

■"''J- I o I'ym? I would I you resolve 

say nothing ! 
I uould not lo..k ujvin Tym's face 
again ! 
^'"■. >-lay . . . let me have to 
thnik I piess.-d your hand : 

\_E.\ciint St k \1 1 i)Ki>, v_"-,. 
(/■.liter IFamtdkn iinii\As\..) 

I'me. O Hampden, save that great 
'Misguided man • 

To take the i,'cncral sense on his 

desert, — 
As thou<7h n.) Law existed, and we 

T.. found I \<,u n I. r to every 

lo speak his tliou^ht u|xjn this 

hideous mass 
Of half-borne out asaerlions— dubious 





Hereafter to he cleared— ilisturlions 

— aye, 
And wild inventions. Every man is 

The task of fixini^ any sini^le charge 
On Strafford : lie has Imt to see in 

The Knomy of Knsland ... 

/yf„_ A rit;hl scruple ! 

I have" heard sonic called England's 

With less consideration. 

r.uie. r-ity me ! 

Me_l)roui;ht so low— who hoped lo 

do so much 
Eor England— her true Servant- - 

I'yni, your friend ... j 

Indeed you made me think I w;>s | 

your friend ! 
lUit I have niurdereil Stratford. ... 

I have been 
The instrument of this ! who shall 

That memory from nie ? 

Pym. I absolve you, \ ane ! 

Take you no care for aught that you 

have d(jne ! 

lane. Dear llamixlen, not this 

Bill ! Reject this Hill ! 

I Ic staggers thro' the ordeal . . . let 

him go ! , , • , 

Stiew no fresh fire before him '. 

I'lead for us ! 
With I'ym . . . what dod is he, to 

have no heart 
Like ours, yet make us love him ? 

/^>,<(/. Ham]xlen, plead 

F'or us't When StratTord spoke your 

eyes were thick 
With tears . . . save him, dear 
llamixlen ! 
//aii/f. England speaks 

Louder than Strafford ! Who are we, 

to play 
The generous pardoner at her ex- 
pense — 
Magnanimously waive advantages - 
And if he contiuer us . . . ap- 
plaud his skill ? 
Fa'ie. {To 1'vm) 1'^' ^as your 

friend ! . . . , 

Fyi/i. I have iieaid that LiClorc. 

Ficn. Rut England trusts you . . . 
//(jw/. Shame be his, who turns 
The opportunity of serving her 
She trusts him with, to his own mean 

account — 
Who would look nobly frank at her 
expense ! 
Fif/i. I never thought it could have 

come to this ! 
Pym. (Turn: II q from Sf. John). 
15ut I have made myself familiar, 
With that one thought— have walked, 

and sat, and slept, 
That thought before me ! I nave 

done such things, 
lleing the chosen man that should 

This Strafford I Vou have taken up 

that thought 
To play with— for a gentle stimu- 
To give a dignity to idler life 
By the dim prospect of this deed to 

come . . . 
But ever with the softening, sure 

That all would come some strange 
way right at last ! 
FUn. Had we made out some 
weightier charge . . . 

ryiit. Xo"^^=*y 

That these arc petty charges I Can 

we come 
To the real charge at all ? There he 

is safe ! 
In tyranny's stronghold ! Apostasy 
Is not a crime — Treachery not a 

crime ! , • i 

The cheek burns, the blood tingles, 

when you name 
Their names, but where's the powei 

to take revenge 
Uix)n them ? We must make occasior 

serve : . . 

The Oversight, pay for the Ciant Sir 
That mocks us 1 

RuJ. R"^ l^'s unexamplec 

course- ■ 

This Bill ... „ , 

Py,„, By this, we roll in 

clouds, ;'.way 



Of Precedent and Custom, and at 

once the jjreat light which God has set 

in all, 

The conscience of each Ijosom, shine 

The guilt of Strafford : each simll lay 

his hand 
L|H)n his hrea-sl, and say if this one 

Deserve to die, or no, hy those he 

I'irst to undo. 

/•/<;«. You, Vane— you answer 

hmi ! 
Vane. Pym. you sec farthest . . . 
I can only see 
Strafford . . . V,\ not jjass over that 

[Mile corse 
lor all Ijeyond ! 
Kud. and otiurs. Pyni, you would 
look so great ! 
lorgive him': He would join us! 

now he finds 
How false the King has been ! The 

pardon, too. 
Should Ix.' your own! Vo If should 

hear to StrafTord 
The ])ardon of the Commons ! 
Pym. {Starting.) Meet him? Straf- 
ford ? 
Have we to meet once more, then? 

Be it so ! 
And yet— the prophecy seemed half 

WhtMi, at tlie trial, as he gazed— my 

I Hit friendship— all old thoughts came 

back at once 
And left me, for a time , . . 
/ 'ane (aside to Rudyard). Moved, 

is he not ? 
/.Vw. To-morrow we discuss the 
points of law 
^Vith Ixine . . . to-morrow ! 

' "ne. Tin)e enough, dear Pyni ! 
>^'v, he relents ! I knew he would 
relent ! 
/.Vw. The next day, Haselrig. j',>// 
lli-j Bill of his Attainder. (After a 
/■ausi.) Fray for me ! 


ScENK 111. — Il7utc/ia//. 

J he KiNr,. 

Cha. Strafford, you are a Prince ! 
Not to reward you 
—Nothing does that - but only for a 

whim ! 
My noble servant 1— To defend him- 
Thus irresistibly . . . withholding 

That seemed to implicate us ! 

We have done 
Less gallantly by Strafiford 1 Well, 

the future 
Must recompense the past. 

She tarries long ! 
I understand you, Strafford, now ! " 

. , The scheme — 

Carlisle's mad scheme— he'll sanction 

it, I fear, 
For love of me ! 'Iwas too pre- 
cipitate : 
Before the Army's fairly on its march, 
He'll Ix." at large : nr) matter . . . 

Well, Carlisle ? 

(Enter Pym.) 

jym. Fear me not. Sire ... my 
mission is to .save, 
This time ! 

Cha. To break thus on me !— Un- 
announced . . . 

I'yni. It is of Strafford I wcjuld 

/^^'''- No more 

Uf Strafford ! I have heard too much 
from you ! 
Pym. I spoke, Sire, for the People: 
will you hear 
A word upon my own account ? 

<^^'«- Of Strafford? 

(.■Iside.) So, turns the tide already? 

Have we tamed 
The insolent brawler ?— Strafilbrd's 

brave defence 
Is swift in its effect! (To Py.M.) 

Lord Strafliird. Sir, 
Has spoken for himself! 
Py"i' Sufficiently, 

^^s^n^p^'^w Miisg^wv^ 


4- ■■{■ yu ■ • 




I would apprize you of the novel 

The people take : the Trial fails, . . . 
C/ta. Yes— yes— 

We are aware, Sir : for your pan 

in it 
Means shall he found to thank you. 

jyut. I'ray you, read 

This schedule ! (;Jj //'<; King reaJs it) 

I would learn from your own 


— (It is a matter much concerning 

me) — 
Whether, if two Estates of England 

shall concede 
The death of Strafford, on the grounds 

set forth 
Within that parchment, you, Sire, 

can resolve 
To grant your full consent to it. 

That Hill 
Is framed by me : if you determine, 

That England's manifested will shall 

Your judgment, ere another week 

that will 
Shall manifest itself. If not,— I cast 
Aside the measure. 

C/ta. . . . You can hinder, then, 
The introduction of that Bill? 

jy/ii. I can. 

C/i'i. lie is my friend, Sir: I have 
wronged him : mark you, 
Had I not wronged him— this might 

Ix: ! — You think 
Because you hate the Earl . . . (turn 

not away — 
We know you hate him)— no i)ne else 

could love 
Strafford . . . but he has saved me 

— many times — 
Think what he has endured . . . 

prnnd too . . . you feel 
What he endured !— And, do you 

know imc ^,lrange. 
«.)tu* fritditful thini^i" Wc all have 

used that man 
As though he had lx?en ours . . . with 

not a source 
Of happy thoughts except in us . . . 
and yet 

Strafford has children, and a home as 

Just as if we had never been ! . . . 

Ah, Sir, 
You are moved — you — a solitary man 
Wed to your cause- to England if 
you will ! 
/ym. Yes . . . think, my soul . . . 

to England ! Draw not back ! 
C/ia. Prevent that Bill, Sir . . . 
Oh, your course was fair 
Till now ! Why, in the end, 'tis I 

should sign 
The warrant for his death 1 You have 

said much 
That I shall ponder on ; I never 

Strafford should serve nie any more : 

I take 
The Commons' counsel : but this Bill 

is yours — 
Not worthy of its leader . . . care 

not. Sir, 
For that, however ! I will quite 

You named it to me ! You are satis- 
fied ? 
Pj'/ti. Listen to me. Sire ! Eliol 
laid his hand. 
Wasted and white, upon my forehead 

once ; 
Wentworth . . . he's gone now ! . . 

has talked on, whole nights. 
And I beside him ; Hampden lovei 

me ; Sire, 
How can I l)reathe and not wisl 

England well — 
And her King well ? 

CAa. I thank you, Sir ! Y(ni leavi 

That King his servant ! Thanks, Sir 

Pym. Let me speal 

— VVho may not speak again 1 whos 

spirit yearns 
For a cool night after this wear 

day ! 
—Who woiild not have my heart tur 

sicker yt* 
In a new tusk, more f;\tal,more augusl 
More full of England's utter weal c 

woe . . . 
I thought, Sire, could I find myse 
with you — 

After this Trial— alone— as man to 

man — 
f n)i},'ht say something— warn you— 

pray you ^ save you— 
Mark me, Kiii}^ Charles, save— ymi • 
I^Ht (;,„[ must (I,, i(. \\.f I \^,,,;, 

you, Sire 
(With Strairord's f.ulid oyis yet full 

on me) 

A> you would have no dee[)er question 

" IIow long the Many shall endure 

the One "... 
Assure me, Sire, if England shall 

To .Strafford's death, you \v]]\ not 

mterfere ! 
( )i- — 

(7ia. (lod forsakes me! I .n„, {„ 
•1 net , . . 
I cannot move ! Let all l)o as you 
say ! 

(■E'rUr Cakiahlk.) 

Car. He loves you— looking beau- 
tiful with joy 

iVcause you sent me ! he would spare 
you all 

'1 iie pain ! he never dreamed you 
would forsake 

Vour servant in the evil day— nay, see 

^ nir scheme relumed ! That gener- 
ous hea.i of his 1 

lie needs it not— or, needing it, dis- 

A (durse that might endanger you— 

you. Sire, 
Whom Strafford from his inmost 

soul . . . 

[.S;««^ I'YM.] No fear— 

•N" lear for Strafford ! all that's true 

and brave 
'>:, your own side shall help us ! we 

are now 
■^1 1 wilder than ever ! 
,,, . "-1- \vliat. Sire, is this? 

All :s not well! What jKirchment 
Kave you there ? 

(Cm <//•<)/!• ?'/, and exit.) 
i'yxi. Sire, much is saved us both : 
farewell ! 

'' '"'• Stay— siay— 



This cursed measure-y.nrii not dare 
— you mean 

To frighten ( liarles .' This Hill- 

(.7'. I'VM rcmls t/.) 
,. . . \^ liy, your lip 

\Vhilens you .-.puld n. .t n- ,-I ,,ne li,,.. 
lo me 

Nourv,,ire Would falter so! IlsiiakLS 

you now — 
And will you dare . , . 

/>w. N„ recreant yet to her I 

ihe great word went ICngland to 

my soul. 
And I arose ! The end is very near ! 

tar. I save him! All have shrunk 

iroin him beside 

'Tis only I am left ! Heaven will 

make strong 
The hand as the true heart ! Then 

let me tlie ! (/.■,,•/, 


ACT \' 

Scene l.— U'hiiehali., Carlisle. 

Hoi. Tell the King, then I Come 
in with me ! 

Car. tc 1 I 

IT , J>>ot SO ! 

He must not hear, 'till it succeeds • 

V , , ^■='in: Vain! 

^o dream was half .sc, vain-you'll 

rescue Strafford 
And outwit ]'yml I cannot tell 

you . . . girl. 
The block pursues me— all the hideous 

show . . . 
To-day ... is ji ,.,.,Iay? And nil 

the while 
He's sure of the King's pardon . 

think, I have 
To tell this man he is to die I 

\i , , . . . '\\\(i Kinp 

May rend his hair, for me I I'll not 
see Strafford ! 
Can Only, if I .ucreed, remember 
— Charles 





Think where lie is ! Now for my 

gallant friends! (A'x//.) 

//o/. Where He is ! Callini^ wildly 

upon (Charles - 
C.iicsini; his fair juciiiL', the jirisdn- 

llu('.r . . . 

Let Ihe Kinj^ tell him ! I'll not look 

on Strafford ! (Krii.) 

Has saved him! He would hardly 

value life 
I'nless his gift. 

Niy slaunrli friends wait ! 

do in 
Von nnisl i;o in to Charles ! 

//o/, ' And all tH;side 

Left Strafford long at;o— the King has 

The warrant for his death . . . the 

Queen was sick 
Of the eternal subject ! For the 

Court, — 
The Trial \^•ls amusing in its way 
Only too much of it . . . the Earl 

In time I Hut you- -fragile— alone— 

so young ! 
Amid rude mercenar les- yoi; devised 
A plan to save him ! Even tho' it 

What shall reward you ? 

Car. I may go, you think, 

To France with him ? Aril you re- 
ward me, friend ! 
Who lived with Strafford even from 

his youth, 
liefore he set his heart on state-afiairs 
And they bent down that noble brow 

of his — 
I have learned somewhat of his latter 

And all the future I shall know— but, 

I ought to make his youth my own as 

well ! 
Tell me —when he is saved I 

/M. My gentle girl, 

He should know all — should love ^ There s such a thmg as 

SrF.NE ll.— 7'/ie Tmvcr. 

Strakford siltingu'ilh his Children. 
7 hey sing. 

O heir audare 
Per harca in mare, 
Verso la sua 
Di F'rimavera ! 

IVilliam. (The boat's in the broad 
moonlight all this while) 

Verso la sera 
Di Pritnavera. 

And the boat shoots from underneath 

the moon 
Into the shadowy distance— only still 
You hear the dipping oar, 

Verso la sera . . . 

And faint— and fainter— and then all's 

quite gone, 
Music and light and all, like a lost 
Antte. But you should sleep, father: 

you were to sleep ! 
Slra/. I do sleep, dearest ; or if 
not — you know 

you — but 'tis vain 
Car. No— no -too late now ! Let 

him love the King! 
'Tis the King's scheme ! I have your 

word —remember ! — 
We'll keep the old delusion up! But, 

hush ! 
Hush ! Each of us has work to do 

l)eside ! 
Go to the King ! I hope — HoUis — I 

ho]3e 1 

IVil. You're too tired to sleep? 
.S'/raf. It will come by-and-by and 
all day long, 
In tli.U old quiet house I told you of: 
We'll sleep s;itc there. 

Anne. \\ liy not in Ireland? 
Straf. ,Ah! 

Too many drcatns !- -That song's for 

Venice, William ; 
You know how Venice looks upon 
the map . . 

Say no'binu t,f my scheme • Htish. j Isles that the mainlnnd hardly can let 
while we speak ' go ? 


JVtl. You've hecn to Venice 

father ? 
SfrnJ. J „.a.s young Ihcn. 

II iL A rity with no King; that's 
wliy I h'ko 
Even ;i song that ronies from \"enice ' 
^,i':"/- , \Villian>! 

" '/. Oh, I know why ! Anne 
do you love the King? ' 

But I'll see Venice for" myself one 
S/raf. See many lands, boy— Fn-'- 
land List of all, - '■" 

That way you'll Jove her best 

IVil. Why do men say 

You sought to ruin hei, then ! 
^'Injf. Ah . . . they say that. 

II il. Why? ^ ^ 

Sfraf. I suppose they must 

have words to say, 
As you to sing. 
Atnte. But they make songs be- 
side : 

Ust night I heard one, in the street 

fhat named you . . . Oh, the 
names ! 
/r//. Don't mind her, father ! 

1 hey soon left off when I railed out 
to then. ! 
Straf. We shall :.o soon be out of it, 
my boy ! 
Tis not worth while : who heeds a 
foolish .song ? 
ll'iL W hy, not the King ! 
S!raf. Well : it has been the fate 
Ut better men, and yet . . . why not 

feel sure 
That Time, who in the twilight comes 
to mend 

AH the fantastic Day's caprice— con- 

L'nto the ground once more the 
Ignoble Term, 

And raise the Genius on his orb 
again — 

That Time will do me right ? 

'"w. (Shall we sing, William ? 

Ht does not look thus when we sing ) 

^ ■^^''f: For Ireland,- 

Nuiiething isdone . . , too little, Lui 
enough ' "I 


To show what might have been : — 

r^^'V- (I have no heart 

To sing now ! Anne, how very sad 
j he looks 1 

I < »h. Isohate the Kingfo, all he says!) 
I •^/laf. Forso,,l< I lull, ! \M,,,t, ti^^, 
I coniinon songs will rini 

I That I forso.,k the I'eople ? Nothin.' 
I more ? 

j . . . Aye, Fame, the scril^e, will 
[ ^ pause awhile, no doubt, 
'I urning a deaf ear to her thousand 

Noisy to be enrolled.— will register 
All curious gh.sses, subtle notices. 
Ingenious clearings-up one fain would 

Beside that plain inscription oi The 

Name — 
The Patriot Pym, or the Apostate 

Strafford ! 
{77ie childn-u re.uimf their sono 
ttntidly, but bir.ik ojf.) '"■ 

Enter and nn Attendant. 
Straf. No . . . Ilollis? iu good 
time !— Who is he ? 

1 hat must l)e present. 

.S//-,// Ah— I understand— 

Ihey will not let me see fw.jr Laud 

alone ! 
How politic! They'd use me by 

To solitude : and just as you came in 
1 was solicitous what life to lead 
When Straftord's "not so much as 

" In the King's service." Is there 

any means 
To keep one's self awake? What 

would you do 
After this bustle, Hollis, in my place > 
IM. Strafford ... 
Straf. Observe, not l)ut that 

I'ym and you 
Will find me news enough— news I 
shall hear 

Under a quince tree by a fish-pond 

At Wentwurlh. Or, a better project 
now — 



Wliat if when all is owr, and the The (Hucn's lip may be sore !- 

k^_^i,„>^ Well : when he (.leases,— 

Keii,'ii! and the Senate qoes on swim- ( )nly. I want llie air : it vexes one 

''iniiij^ly, - I" he pent U|) s.> hmj; ! 

Wliat iP I venline uy, s-Miie d.iy, //.>/. The Kin^^ ... I Ikv.i 

„„,,,.,. II Ills niei,>.iL;e, Siiallurd . . . pi.iy yini, 

Ti, ..untiii ihiMiii'h lh< I'lwi li''' let nv :,|>raU I 

1,,,^^. p^iii, , .S/;w/; (,... William! Anne, liy 

The ■'ie.'hke, Whihh.ill iii..i.' c.' si.nj; a;;ain 1 

qnietly (/•/;,,////, ^w ;v//n- 

Intuatavem discussed-- , They shall i>e loyal, Iriend, at all 

As, whether Stratford's name were j events. 

|,,hn <ir Richard— I kixw y""r messaj;e : you liave 

And" he myself aiMTcaled to ... I, nothing new 

^vhn shall To tell me: from the Inst I f;uessed 

Myself have near forgotten ! as much. 

//„/. I would spe.ik . . . r know, instead t,f coniniR here at 
S/rn/. Then you shall speak, -not 

now : 1 want, just now. 
To hear the sound of my own toni^ue. 

This place 
Is full of ghosts ! 

y/ci/. Will you not hear me, 



Leading me forlii heforc them by the 

hand, - 
I know the Kint; will leave the dont 

A- though I were escaping . . . let 

_,^, me tly 

S/iri'f.' ( )h, readily ! . . . Only, one j Wiiile the niol. gajK'^ upon some show 
droll thing more,— ' I prepared 

The minister I Who will advise the [ On the other side of the river ! 

I^i„j,^ I Ho', {lohis Companu'ii.) Tell hun 

And yet* have health— children, for | all ; 

aught I know ! 1 I knew my throat would thicken 

—My patient pair of traitors ! Ah | thus . . . Six;ak, you ! 

. . . hut, William— I Siraf. 'Tis all one— I forgive hini. 

Does not his cheek grow thin ? j Let me have 

;;-///. 'Tis you look thin. ; The order o( release ! 

].^tln.j I I ... Tve heard, as well, 

Sfraf. A scamper o'er the l.ree/y ! Of certain jxM.r nuuKeuvrings to 
wolds i avoid 

Sets all to rights! ! Tiie granting pardon at his pro()er 

JIol. ^'ou cannot sure forget \ risk ; 

A prison-roof is o'er you, Strafford : ' first, he nui.-t prattle somewhat to 

SIraf. '"^''. l'"^ Lords 

Why, "no. 1 wouUl not t.>uch on Must talk a trilie with tlie Coinmonb 

that, the first. j hrst - 

T left you that. Weli.llollis? j He grieve.l 1 should ahuse ins con- 

. . . .Say at once \ fidence, 

The King could lind no time to set ■ .And fartroni hlaming ihein. and . . . 
me free ! ' • • ■ NNIieri''s the order ? 

A m.ask at Theohald's? i /A?/. Spare me ! 

//,/. Hush . . . nosu.h affair i .Sti\\f. Why . . . lied not 

Detains hnn. have me steal aw. i\ "' 

Stnif. True . what needs so p.reat j —With an okl doul.lel and a steeple 
a matter ? I hat 



r.ike Prynne's? Be smiif^gled into 

I'r.iucL', perhaps? 
li illis, 'tis for my children ! Twas 

("i them 
I ■ ■' ( rMnseiited In stand d.iv l,y d.iy 
\iid j4ive tiiose I'lmi.,,,, llir |,t:,t ,,f 

W( irds 
l;<- |)atient-.',peak when tailed upun 

Their rules,— and not give all of them 
the lie ! 
//o/. No— Strafford . . . no escape 
. . . no . . , dearest Strafford I 
.S/-;-,?/ What's in that hov of mine 
that he should he 
S"n to a prison-breaker? I shall 

And he'll stay with me. Charles 

should know as niurh— 
He too has children ! 
(Juniing to's compamoti.) 
.. , Ah, you feel for me! 

-No need to hide that face ! Though 

It have looked 
I pon me from the judgment-seait 

■ . . I know 
Sirangely, that somewhere it has 

looked on me . . . 
Still there is One who docs not come 

—there's One 
That shut out Heaven from nie . . 
, '^''l- Think on it then! 

"n Heaven . . . and calmly . . . as 
one ... as one to die ! 
Straf. Die ! True, friend, all must 
die, and all must need 
lorgiveness: I forgive him from my 
IM. Be constant, now . . . l)e 
grand and brave . , . l)e now 
just as when . . . Oh, I cannot stay 

for words . , . 
Tn a world's wonder . . . hut . 

but . . . you must die ! 
•V/za/; Sir, if your errand is to set 
me free 
This heartless jest will . . . 

Hollis— you turn white, 
■ vnd your lip shivers !— What If , . . 

... ,,, , Oh, we'll end, 

\\ell end this! See this paper- 
warm ... feel .. . warm 


^^'ilh lying next my heart ! Whose 

hand is there? 
Whose promise ? Read ! Red loud ' 

lor Cod to ! 
"Sir.iftord shall take no hurt" . it, I say ! 
" III fxrson, honour, estate." . 
^'.'>'- The King .'.'.' 

SlniJ. I eoiild uiikiii- him by a 
breath ! \^^\\ sit 
Where l.oud.m sate . . . I,„udo„, 

who came to tell 
The certain end, and offer me I'ym's 

If I'd forsake the King-and I sto.Hl 

On my King's faith ! The King who 

lived ... 

^,"''^- , To sign 

I he warrant for your death. 

..I'^^o'^" "*'"' "'" your trust 

in I rincesneitherinthesonsofmen, 

"In whom is no salvation!" Ori 

that King — 
Upon his head . . . 

Cha. O Hollis, he will curse me ! 
Hoi. The scaffold is preparerl— 
they wait for you— 
He has consented . . . 

Cha. N(}, no— stay first-Strafford I 
N ou would not see me perish at your 

foot . . . 
It was wrung from me ! Only curse 

me not I 
The Queen had cruel eyes ! And 

Vane declared . . , 
And I believed I could have rescued 

you . . . 
Strafford— they threaten me ! and . . . 

well, speak now. 
And let me die ! — 

Hoi. {To Strakfokd.) As you 
hope grace from God, 
Re merciful to this most wretched 
man I 
I'oicesfrom ivithiit. 

Verso la seta 
Di l^riinavera. 

Straf. [Afttr a pause.) You'll l,e 
good to those children. Sire? 
I know 



You'll not believe her even shouM 

the (Jueeii 
Think ihey take iiflt r <mc tlicy never 

saw 1 
I hrul intcnckd lliat tny son shouUl live 
A stranger to these matters . . . but 

you are 
So utterly deprived i.f friends! Ik- 
Must serve you — will you not he good 

to him ? 
Stay — Sire— stay — do not promise — 

do not swear ! 
And, llollis— do the best you can 

for me ! 
I've not a soul to trust to : Wandes- 

ford's dead — 
And you've got Kadcliffe safe— and 

Laud is here. . . . 
I've had small time of late for my 

affairs — 
Hut I'll trust any of you . . . Tym 

himself — 
No one could hurt them : there's an 

infant, too — 
. . . These tedious cares ! Your 

Majesty could spare ihem — 
Hut 'tis so awkward — dying in a 

hurry ! 
. . . Nay — Pardon me, my King ! 

I had forgotten 
Your education, trials, and tempta- 
And weakness ... I have said a 

peevish word — 
Hut, mind I bless you at the last! 

You know 
'Tis between you and me . . . what 

has the world 
To do with it ? Farewell ! 

C/ia. (At the door.) Balfour! 

Hal four! 
. . . What, die? Strafford to die? 

This Stratford here ? 
15alfi)ur ! . . . Nay Strafford, do not 
speak . . . Halfour ! 

Enter liALFOVR. 

The I'.-rliamcnt . . . g" ■ • them— 

I grant all 
Demands ! Their sittings shall l>e 

permanent — 

Tell them to keep their money if they 

will . . . 
I'll come to them for every coat I 

And every crust I eat, only I choose 
To pardon Stratford— Strafford— my 
brave friend ! 
Bal. {Aside.) Is he mad. Mollis? 
Cha. Strafford, now, to die ! 

. . . Hut the (^)ueen . . . ah, the 

(Jueen !— make haste, Halfour ! 
— Yoii never heard the people howl 

for blood, 
Beside ! 

BaL Your Majesty may hear them 
now : 
The walls can hardly keep their 

murmurs out : 
Please you retire ! 

Cha. Take all the troops, Balfour ! 
/)'u/. There are some hundred thou- 
sand of the crowd. 
Cha. Come with me, Strafford ! 

You'll not fear them, friend ! 
Straf. Balfour, say nothing to the 
world of this ! 
I charge you, as a dying man, forget 
You gazed upon this agony of one . . . 
Of one ... or if .. . why you may 

say, Balfour, 
The King was sorry — very — 'tis no 

shame ! 
Yes, you may say he even wept, 

Balfour, — 
And that I walked the lighter to the 

Because of it. I shall walk lightly, 

—For I shall save you . . . save you 

at the last ! 
Earth fades, Heaven dawns on me . . . 

I shall wake next 
Before God': throne : the moment's 

close at hand 
When Man the first, last time, has 

leave to lay 
His whole heart bare before its 

Maker — leave 
To clear up the long error of a life 
And choose one happiness for ever- 
With all mortality about me, Charles, 




Thn suddf-n wreck— the drccjs— the 

vinltiit death ... ^ ^ , . 

Are niMint^sIcy, no doul.t ! Si>eak to 
tier, .Stratldfd ! 

VV lililic' 

. ing |)raycr 

I II say how go(xl you arc- 
ward ly {jood 
\M<I pure . . . {n,- Kin,: /a//,.- ;v7/Vr /i/'w.) 
He witness he could not prevent 
My death ! I'll go-cre he awakes- 

go now ! 
All must l.e ready -did you say, 
Balfour, ^ 

Tiir crowd began to nuirmur'- 

They II he kept 
Tu,. late for sermon at .St. Ant ho- 
lin's ! 

Xou-tmt tread softly—children are 
at play 

yet ! 

Car. Talk afterward ! Long nights 
in France enoui-li 
To sit heneath the vines and talk .,f 
home I 
S/niJ. \'ou love me, girl ' \h 
Strafl,,rd can he loVcd ' * ' 
As well as \'anc ! | could escape, 
then ? ' ' 

. P'- u , Haste . . . 

Advance the torches, Uryan I 

ru^''"-^;, I will die ! 

1 hey call nie proud . . . hut England 

had no right 
When she Encountered me— lier 

strength to mine- 

II .ii-i 

dren— Mollis ! 

-Or., no — support the King! 
(.-/ t/aor IS unbarred. ) 

w T, ^y^^"^ • • • "i^y are here ! 

^iiy, iroIlis!_(jo, IJalfour! I'll 

follow . . . 

(Carlisle entering with many 

*"'''• Mo ' 

I""llow me, Strafford, and he saved i 

• . . The King ? 
( To Ike King. ) Well-as you ordered 

... They arc ranged without . . 
I lie convoy . . . {Seeing the ¥.\^v,\ 

[Tj Strafford.) You know all 

then ! Why, I thought 

It looked so well that Charles should I ea Tme • CirlT'^''' ^ "'^'^ ; ' ' 
save you—Charles ?■ ' . '^'"' """lour me and let 

save you— Charles 
Al'-ne . . . 'lis shame that you should 

"We It me — 
Me . . no, not sliame ! Strafford, 

you 11 not feel shame 
At heing saved hy nie ? 
JM. All true ! Oh, Strafford, 

She saves yo-; ! all her deed . . . 

this girl's ,,wn deed 
—And is the boat in readiness ? , . . 

Vou, friend, 


I fought her to the utterance— I fell— 
1 am her.s now . . . and I will die ' 

The lookers-on ! I- liot is nil about 
1 his place with his most uncomplain- 
ing brow ! ' 
C'ir. Strafford ! 

-"^'(raf. I think if you could know 
now much 

Car. Then, for my sake ! 
Stra/. Kven f.,r your sweet 

sake ... 
I stay. 

I^ol. For their sake ! 

Stra/. I bequeath a stain 

me die ! 
ffoL No way to draw him hence— 

Carlisle — no way ? 
Car. {Suddenly to'CuAKVP.<,.) Bid 

him escape . . . wake. King ! Bid 

him escape ! 
Stra/. (LoA'S earn. ■,/!,> at hit:: } 

V'es I will go J Die, andVorsake 

the King? 
I'll not draw back from the last 



.S/nif. An.l, nfirr nil. wlnl 

is (liserare to nu' .' 
1,0 ;,, om..-. ^irl! . . • That H 

sliMuM •■ml till, w.iy : 
l...,,.l llH-n . . . I'Ht I Ircl ir.n.v.rlv 

. , . il «.!■> ii'il 
ToLiid ilii' w.iy '. 

(■,„. Loan -Itnn 011 iiio ! 

Oil, Ik'uI lie trusted inc— Ins Irieiul ol 

friends — 
Had he but trusted me ! 

C,ir. Leave not the kint; - 

I can support him. llollis '. 

Siraf. (S/ar/inq- as thfy apprO'U-n 
the dcor at the hack.) 

Not this way : 
This gale . . . T dreamed nf it . . . 
this very ^ate ! 
Car. Il opens on the river -our 
gofxl boat 
Is moored l.elow-our are 

there ! 
Straf. The same ! 
Only "with somethinL; oiniitou-; .mil 

l"atal, inevitable ... 

Car Strattord! Sirallord ! 


And whom, f t his fors.akinK Enfiland's 

I hunted by ;dl nxm-. (Irustm- that 

\V..uM san.lify.dlme.iM.) evi 11 to lli.- 

Tiuil'yawn t. .1 him. And ^ayul^; tin , 

I ieel , . , , 

\n bitter pani; 'ban lir--l 1 I"'", "le 

hour . 

1 swore tiiat Went worth mi^ht leave 

us,— but I . , , 

Would never leave lum : I do leave 

him now ! 
I render ui> my char^^e (be witness, 

I (}(«! !) - , 

! To l".ni;land who imposed it '. I nave 
' done 

ll.r bidding-poorly, wrongly,-it 

may be 
With ill ellerts-for I am but a 

man . . . 
Still, I have my best, my very 

N,.t faltering for a moment I 1 have 

done ! . 

{After a pause.) 

And that said, I will say . . . yes, I 

will say 

Car. ^ , ^7-"'- ' ^"-^^"i;;^ I „e^ loved but this man-David 
.S7;./ Not by tins gate... U..\ \l ^- ^^^ 

it wdl be there ! 

I dreamed of it, I tell you . . . ^ouch 

it not 1 . ,r 1 

Car. To save the King.-Mratford, 

to save the King ! 
( /r Strai-kokii cpeiis the doer, PvM 
■ 'is discenrred -u<ith HAMn.icN. 
Vani:, ore. Si raii-oki> /"/> 
hack to the J'n»it of the slai^e : 
V\>.\ follows slo:i'ly and confronts 
Pym. Have I done well? Speak, 
1-ivdand ! Whose great sake 
T still iiave laboured for, with disr.-gard 
To my own heart,— for whom my 

youth was made 
llnrren. mv future dark, to niter up 
Her sacriliee— this man, lin> U rut- 
worth heri 

lull , , 

More Jonathan ! Kven thus, I love 

him now : . • 1 

Aiul look for my chief portion in tliat 

Where great iiearls le<l astray are 

turned again, 
(Soon it may be . . . and . . . yes 

... it will be soon: 
My nussion over, I shall not live 

long I) — ,, , , 

. . . Aye here I know I talk— and 1 

will talk 
( )f England- and her great rewaril- 

as all 
I look for there ; Vrnt in my mmos 

T.elieve I think of stealing quite awa' 
T.i walk -r:-': morf with Wentwortl 

— with my friend 

nie it may be. 


» 40 

\iiil V'Vuit -hM n-it 111 111,1 II I Tliiii 

( )li, my f.ilc )s noilii 

. . . nut tli.i' I 

iinlicij , . . 
This is no iiuxtiii;.;, W'Lntwortli ! 

TiMiN rise up i 

I'l") ln)l ... ,\ lliii\ nii-l — is it i'yni, -.avf llic Kin ;! I'yiiti save 

Ml ■ I ? ciiwr.ips 1 liiiii I Stay ).iu>lial; , ■ . 

Wiv I lovt'd so!) TIru, shall Fur ynu love I'"iij;laii(l I 1, liial am 

llu' iiu'iiin^' 1)0 ! I <ly''':-^'' I'linL 

I'luii — llifii tlicti--I may kiss l!ia' | \\ hut I must sco , , . 'ti?. here , . . 

hand, I know ! '. all In lu ! My Cud ! 

Sliiif. {ll'ii/ls itiliiily up to I'VM i I.i-t mu km t;asp out. in one wim! of 

iiHii I'lliis liii liiind.) firi\ 

I liavL- Invcd I'^ngl.ind ton ; we'll mci How ' I'lu wilt |il,ir,iic hini, satiatinj.; 

then, I'yni": li il ! 

.\> Well to die ! \'oiith is the time - | What ? I'in^land that yuii !ovc -our 

oiir youth, land — beconi- 

T'l think and to decide on a i^'reai ' A jjreen and putrefyinj^ charnel, , left 

V t; with its action follows ; Init 'l.s | Our children . . . .some of us liave 

'reary children, Tym-- 

Soinc who, without that, .-till must 
ever v. ear 

I o have to alter one's whole life in 

rile time past, thesltenj^ih pone ! as 

well die now. 
\\ hen wc meet, I'ym, I'd he set rij^lit 

-nut now ! 
I'd die as I have lived . . . loo late 

to chan^je ! 
In'-t die. Then if there's any fault, 

it will 
He smothered up : much l»est I You'll 

lie too liusy 
With your hereafter, you will have 

Too many triumphs to he always 

Upon my downfall, r_\iii? I'oor 

little Laud 

.1 darkened hrow, an over-serious 

And never jirojierly he younf; . . . 

No Word ! 
Vou will not say a wi'rd — to mc — 1" 


( Ttintiu;^ to ( 'll ARI.KS. ) 
Speak to him ... as you sjwke to 

me . . . that day! 
N'.ay, I will let you jiray to him, niy 

Pmy to him ! He will kiss your feet, 

I know ! 

What if I curse you ? Send a strong; 
curse forth 

^I.iy <lrcam his dream out of a perfect Chjthed from my heart, ]a{)pcd round 

la some hlind corner? And there's 

no one left . . . 

( //(• glances on the K I .n i ; . ) 
I lusi 'he King now wholly to you, 

I'ym ! 
.\nd yet ... I know not I What 

if with this weakness . . . 
And I shall not be there . . , .\nd 

he'll l)ctray 
in 'fiends— if he has any . . . And 

lie's false . . . 
And loves the Queen, and . . . 

with horror, til 
.She's fit, with her white face, to walk 

the world 
Scaring kind natures fiom youi cause 

and you — 
Then to sit down with you. -i the 

The gathering for prayer . . . 

Vane. Oh spe.> I'yni ! Speak ! 
Straf. . . , Creep v.\), and quietly 

t'ollow each one home — 
Vou — you— you — !>e a nestling Care 

fur each 



T.. sl.-.-p xviiti, l.,.i'llyin....nhr; it, 1.i>j So.. I'yin h.rnu'! My sake! I 
SI.c'l.mws :..".iuictly . . . uniil !,.■ | Hu-.c ". . I vv ill il..u>k y... |„rthc 

iUtS ntV Nvilll ll.llf il li "t f.UCV //lis ,>tll.' uurhng . . . ynu will 

.j„.,^.. I s<'ivl iiic |ir..u<i 

<)1,, y,,.; shali V:i,H: uill. Ic.. il sIk\ I To ny .hill kH'^^; [ ' '' •"■ '■>"• ' ''" 

my.hil.l! I l<.y.-y.m«cll! 

;'i//.-. ( /;- IvM.) W,- iivv. I lli..u.',lit ' S.ivc hini ffr iiic,iiiiU kl mc l.ivc y.m 

(iflhi. . . . ■-iiK'lvn'it.lri.muil j well I 

\.ftl,is ... it iicv.:r'.uM . . . o.„I.I , /'•'«/.;lan<l I urn 'liii.c own! 

rnmc In I'lis ' ni»t thou iXHii 

/V///. (.///.A- " /'"''■) J!" l■"^; ^''^^ M-rvicc? I ol'cy tl^c t.. the 

■lan.l >1m.ii1<1 <1.-. lire li.r u ill 1- '''".'' , ,<<.,■ ii 

,„^. 1 .V;r7y. (./v //r MUn >'ii/.) < ) ( ..xl, I 

iV^,7/: '\.>* iH.l fur Ki,;;, n-u I sli.ill .lie lirsl-I >li.ill 'li>; Lr^l J 

-n..l Ic.r Heaven, now ... I (L.uU.u /.,//..) 



nooK Tirr, mi^st 

Who will, may ln;ir S(.rfltll,,\ slorv 

told : ' 

lli:> story? Who IkIJcm, inr ^hall 

Tlic m:in, pursue liis foiuiiifs L. ilio 

l.ikcnif ; forasllie friendless people's 

Spied from Ins hill-lop once, despii,- 

the dill 
Aiul dust of multitudes, i'enlapolin 
Named o' the Naked Ann, I sin^'le lut 
Sordello, compiisscd murkily alxnit 
With ravatje of six Ion- sad hundred 

years : 
( )iily believe me. \'e helieve ? 

\i.rona . . . Never, I should warn 

you first, 
Of my own choice had this, if not the 

^■et not the best expedient, servod to 

A story I could b<,dy lorth so well 
liy niakinj,' s|)eak, myself kept <.i;t 

of view, 
The very man as he was wont to do, 
And leaving you to say the rest for 

him : 
Since, though I might be proud to 

see the dim 
Abysmal Past divide its hateful surge, 
Letting of all men this one man 

because it pleased me, yet, that 

iiKinicnt pas;, 
I -hould delight in watching first to last 
1I-. progress as you watch it, not a 

More in the srrrel than ).nirselvcs 

who sit 
I'resh-cliapleted,!, n : but it seens 
^'our .sf.iers-fMiili ,>f unexampled 

Makers of quite new men, producing 

Had best chalk broadly .,11 each ves- 
ture's hem 
The wearer's (piality, or take his stand 
Motley on back and pointing p(jle in 

Heside them ; so f,,r once I face ye, 

Summoned together fro-ii the world's 

four ends. 
Dropped down from J leaven or cast 

up from Hell, 
To hear the story I propuse to tell. 
Confess now, poets know thedragnet's 

Catchimr the dead if I'aie denies the 

And shaming her ; 'tis not for Fate 

to choose 
Silence or song Ucause she can refuse 
Real eyes to glisten more, real hearts 

to ache 
1 ess oft, real l)rows turn smoother for 

our sake : 
I have ex|)erienced something of her 

spite ; 
But there's a realm wherein she has 

no right 
And I have many lovers : say but few 
\ rieiuls Fate accords me ? I lere they 

are : now view 
The host 1 muster ! Many a lightetl 

P'oul with no vestige of the grave's 
disgrace ; 




Wlial cl>c f-liould iLmpl ihcm hack 

ti) laslc imr air 
Kxccpt toscthowllicir successors fa re? 
My audience : and ihey sit, each 

'diostly man 
Striving to look as living as he can, 
Ikullier \>y breathing brother; tliou 

art set, 
Clear-vviUed critic, by . . . Imt I'll 

not fret 
A wondroii, soul of tlicin, nor move 

1 )ea!h"> .-.plecu 
Who loves nol lo iinlM,l. them. 

Friends ! I mean 
Tlie living in good earnest- yc elect 
("iiiefly for love — snp]><ise not I reject 
Judicious praise, who contrary sliall 

Sonic fit occasion fMlh, for fear yi- 

Wrona. 'Tis si\ Iniiidrcd years and 

Since an event. The Second Frie- 

drich Wore 
The jiurple, and the Tlurd llonorius 

The holy chair. That autumn e\c 

was -Stilled : 
At last remains of sunset dimly burned 
O'er the far forests like a torch-tlame 

By the wind back upon its bcarci'.i 

In one long ll.ue of crimson ; as a 

The woods beneath lay black. A 

single eye 
i'roni all\'erona cared for the soft sky; 
I'.ut, gathering in its ancient market- 
Talked group with restless group- 

and not a face 

To glean )oiir bl.uvl approval.. 

Then, appear, . 

Verona ! -tay—tiiou, spirit, come not Hut wrath made hvid, for amonj, 

them were 
Death's staunch purveyors, such a.-. 


Now— nor this time desert thy cloudy 

To scare me, thus emiii..vcd, with ! To feast him. Fear had long since 

that pure face ! | taken root 

I need not fear this audience, I make In every breast, and now these cruslied 

^^^.^. I its fruit. 

With them, but then this is no place ; The ripe hate, like a wine : to note 

for thee ! the way 

The thun<icrphrase of tiie Athenian. I It worked while each grew drunk . 

grown i men grave and grey 

Upont of uicmories of MaratlKm, ' Stood, with shut eyelids, rocknig Id 
Would eclio like his own sword's ', and fro, 

gliding screech ; Letting the silent luxury trickle slow 

Ikaymg a I'cisian shield, —the silver i About the hollows where a heart 
], i should be ' 

< )f Sidney's .If, the starry paladin, 
Turn intense as a trumpet sounding in 
The knights to lilt wert thou lo 

hear^! What heart 
Have I to play my puppets, bear my 

before these worthies? 

I.o, the I'ast is hurled 
In twain: ujilhrust, out staggering 

on ilic "' '1 lu. 
Subsiding into shajie, a darkness rears 
Its outline, kindles at the core, ap- 

lUit llie young gulpcil with a delirious 

Some foretaste of their fust debauch 
in blood 

At the fierce news: fir, be it under- 

Envoys apprised Verona that her 

Count Richaid of Saint Honiface, 
■;:incd >:i::Li' 

A year with A/.zo, V^ste's Lord, to 

Taurello Salingucrra, prime in trust 


With Kcelin kdiiwim, Irom i ..u 
I irr.iia,— (,v(r /imKhi^ in ihr . ■ 
Ami .stuinl)linf; on a peril iiri;iv.. 
\\as captive, " traniniLllc; , hjs 

lirojK'r snare," it, "taken I,y hi. own 

intrigue : 


"I fifteen cilie.tliat atlect the Pope, 
i'>r A77n therefore and hisfelhm -- 

' '( the (iuclf eause, a glory overcast ! 
Mens faces, htte agape, arc now 

aghast : 
Tr; me i^s the purple pavic e ; K.te makes 
Mi.ihfor the Devil when he under- 


Toi.InytheKcelin; as if it cost 
M, re y your pushing-hy to gain a post 
I->keh..s Ihepatronlellsyc, once 
lor ail, 

TlH-rc be sound reasons that prefer- 
ment fall ' 
On our hcloved . . 

Diikco' the Ko.mI, why not? 

Shouted an Kstian, grudge ye such a 

T!ie hill-cat boasts some cunning of 

her own, 
S-nic stealthy trick to better beasts 

That quick with prey enough her 

hunger blunts 
And feeds her fat while gaunt the 

lion hums. 
T.iurello, quoth an envoy, as in wane 
I'weltai I'errara. Like an osprey fain 
lo fly but forced the earth his couch 

to make j 

1 ar inland till his friend the tempest I 
wake, ■ I 

\Vaits he the Kaisers coming; and 

as yet 
Thit fast friend sleeps, and he too 

sleeps ; but let 
Only the billow freshen, and he snufTs 
Ti!" ■'*^"".':'-''' hurricane ere it enroughs 
■ :'-■ sea ;t ir.caiis to cross ix'cause ol 
him : 
Sinketh the breeze? His hope-sick 
eye grows dim ; 


Creep closei on the creature ! Kvery 
day ' ■' 

Strengthen, the I'ontih; LVelin, they 

Do/.esat Oliero, with dry lip-, 
relhi.g u|M,n his perished hnger-lips 
llow^many ancestors are to depose 
Lrc .ic be .S.ii.,i,-.s \iceroy when the 

ne|.osils hiiu in hell ; .,o ( a.clf., le- 
: Their houses; n.,t a .Imp .,f M,„„i 
was spilt 

j When Cino liocchimijane chanced to 
! meet 

I JJuccio \irtii ; V.oiW wafer, and the 
I street 

Ls narrow ! Tutti .Santi, think, a- 

With Chibcllins, and yet he t(»,k no 

This could not last. ( H( .Salini-uerra 

To Padua, I'.Kiesi;-,, with ,)ure intent. 
haiU he my presence, judged tiie 

single bar 
To permanent (lan.juillity, may jar 
iNo longer — .so! his back i.-, lairly 

turned ? 
The pair of goodly p:dacesare burned, 
1 he gardens ravaged, and your Guelf 

IS drunk 
A week with joy: the next, his 

laughter sunk 
In sobs of blood, fr,r he found, .some 

•strange way, 
Old Sahnguerra bark again ; I say, 
Old .Sahnguerra in the town ..nee 

I'prooting, overlurning, (lame before 
Hlood fetlock-high beneath him ; 

Azzo (led ; 
Who 'sca()ed the carnage followed ; 

then the dead 
Were pushed aside fr.mi Salinguerra's, 
He ruled once more I'errara all 

alone, ' 

lill Azzo, .stunned awhile, revived 
would pounce ' 

Coupled with lioniface, like lynx and 



Oil tlie ^nri^cd Mnl. Hie biir^licis 

t;r<)un(l tluir Uclli 
To see lroi)|) after Uunp ciRainp l)c- 

r till- >l:iiuliii.i,' rorii thick n'cr llie 

scanty \y.iu\\ 
It look so iiKiny paliciU iiionilis to 

si)at( li 
Out of the marsh ; vshilr just within 

their walls 
Men fed on men. Aslule Taurello calls 
A parley : let the < "oinit wind up the 

war ! 
Kieluird, li;4lil -hearted a:, a pluni^int; 

Agrees to enter for ll;e kinde.-.l ends 
I'errara, Hanked with hfty chosen 

No horse-hoy more for fear your 

timid sort 
Should lly I'errara at the hare report. 
Quietly through the town they rode, 

Ten, twenty, ihiriy . . . cur>e the 

Of liiirnt Ciiielf houses! .Strange 

TauroUo shows 
Not the least sign of life— whereat 

A general growl: llow? With liis 

victors by ? 
I and my Veronese ? My troops and I ? 
Receive us, was your word ? so jogged 

they on. 
Nor laughed their host too openly ; 

once gone 
Into the trap . . . 

Six hundred years ago ! | 
Such the lime's aspect and peculiar I 

(Yourselves may spell it yet in , 

Albeit the worm, our bu>v bmiher, 

His sprawling path through letters 

Made hne and large to suit some 

abbot's eve) 
Whenthe new Ilohen .lautTen dropji.-d 

ttie mask, 
I'lungjohn of lirienne's favour from 
his casijue. 

I'orswore < ru>admg, had no mind to 

Saint Peter's i)r<'\y leisure to retrieve 
Losses to Olho anil to Harbaross, 
()i make tiie Alps less easy to re- 
cross ; 
And, thus confirming I'ope llonorius' 

Was excomnuinicaie tliat very year. 
The triple-bearded Teuton come to 

life ! 
Croaned the (.real League; and, 

arming for the strife, 
Wide Lombardy, on tiptoe to begin. 
Took up, as it \^as (luelf or ("ihihel- 

Its cry ; what cry? 

Tiie Km])eror to come ! 
His crowd of feudatories, all and some 
That leapt down with a crash of 

swords, spears, shields, 
One fighter on his fellow, to our held-,, 
Scattered anon, took station here and 

And carried it, till now, with little 

care — 
Cannot but cry for him; how else 

Us longer? Cliffs an earthiiuake 

suffered jut 
In the niid-sca, each domineering 

Nothing save such another throe can 

From out (conceive) a certain choke- 
weed grown 
Since o'er the waters, iwine an<i 

tangle thrown 
Too thick, too fist accumulating 

Too sure to over-riot and confound 
Kre long e.ach brilliant i.det with itself 
I'nless a secoiul shock s.ive .shoal and 

Wimhnglhe sea-drift \side : alas, the 

And ^ulien wreck 1 Sunlight to be 

For that ! Sunlight, 'nealh which, a 

scum at first, 
The million hbres of our chokeweed 


Disprcad themselves, inantlini' tlic 

troubled main, 
And, shuttered l.y tli,,,,e i,jcks, took 

hojd attain, 
So kindly Ma/.ed it— that same 

to liri)(«l 
O'er every cluster., rr... multitude 
Mill h i/iirdiiij; new clasps, ties, (ila- 

\n emulous exchan!,re of pulses, vents 
"f nature into nature; till some 

I'nfancied yet evuherantly cl..the 
A -urfares.ilid now, continuous, one • 
1 1 'I-' I 'ope, for lis the IVople. \vh,", 

The I'cople, carries on the I'eoplethus I 
I" keep that Kaiser off and dwell ' 

with us ! 
Sue you ? 

Or say. Two Principles that live 
I ach fitly l>y iis Representative: 
ilill-cat . . . who calletl him so, our 

Adventurer? the ambiguous stranRer- 


"f (sleek but that rufflincr 
fur, *' 

Those talons to their sheath!) whose 

velvet purr 
>nu!hes jealous neighbours when ai 

Saxon scout ! 

• . . Arpo ,,r Voland, is it? one | 

wiihout I 

A country or a name, presumes to I 

rouch ! 

iH-M.le their nol)iest : until men avouch j of all Houses in the Irevisun ' 
(. -nrad descries no fitter, rear or van 
Ihui Krelo! TIu'v laughed as tbev 

Tiut name at Milan on il,c page of 

' r ( iixiego, Ramon, Marostica, 
' iiiighon. Bassano, Loria, 
\:id every sheep-cote on the Suabian's 

tief I 
^ ' laughter when his son, th,. Loni- 

l««rd Chief 
1 isouth, as liarbarossa's path was 

I^^ Ualy along the Vale of Trent, 


U elcomed him at Roncaglia I Si.i- 
ness now- 

The hamlels nested on the Tyrol's 

The Asolan and I'aiganean hills. 
The Rhetian and the Julian, sadness 


Them an that ]:cclin v.uiehsufes to 

Among and care about ihem ; day by 
day ^ 

Choosing this pinnaele. the other smt, 
A castle building to defend a cot, 
A cot built for a castle to defend, 
Nothing but castles, castles, nor an 

lo boasts hov^ inouuiain ridge may 

join with ridge 
Ry sunken gallery and soaring bridge- 
lie takes, in brief, a ligure that be- 
The griesliest nightmare of th-; 

Church's dreams, 
A Signory firm -rooted, unestranged 
I'roin Its old interests, and nowise 

I5y its new neighbourhood ; j^erchance 

the vaunt 
< )f Otho, "my own Kste shall supplant 
V our 1-ste," come to p;iss. The sire 
I led in 

i A son as cruel ; and this Kcelin 
j Had sons, in turn, and daughters sly 
and tall, ^ 

j And curling and compliant; but for all 
I /vomano (so they style him) thrives, 
I that neck 

( 'f his so pinched and white, that 

hungry cheek 
I'ro\ed 'tis some fiend, not him, men's 

flesh is meant 
To feed : whereas Romano's instru- 
l''anious Taurello Salinguerra, sole 
I the world, a tree whose boughs are 

slipt the Iwle 
•Successively, why slu.uld n.H he shed 

To further a design? Men understocKl 
Riymg was j>!easant to him as he wore 
His careless surcoat, glanced some 
misijivc (jcr, 




1. ill. lie way. I . ^,,rin" ;in<l the vv;iH npcns, \v.)ul<l 

\l Oli.>..\.-.„uuU n..w: ^"- ^^: ^ Upon thclian.|uclcrs.s.l.ct your prey, 

(Atii -.U Home wlule free an.lo.u.u , , ^^^^^^^ , ^,, 

I'.y tnnnpdin- ihc Church s primely A prcc, _ ., ^^ ^.^^ ,_^ 

s,yl,.l ram.nof Rnvi-.':. I'ulcsino, 
Alio ma's inarch, Fcrrara's . . . aM., 

ill Tme, , 

Uiir clin.niclcs, commenced when 

;,i)nic i>M mi>nk 
l.-,,uu(l il inlulerahlo to he sunk 
(Wxed lo the -i^'i'^l^ I'V >"^ r'-'V«lt'"^ 

()uUc''oul of summer whilj alive an<l 
' well : 

Urifyuu simply couch xvuh healing 

r,carini,' in .,.me v..hii.iuous ir.igcanl 

To startle them. N- .r mutes nor ma.- 

(luers now ; 
Nor any . . . does that one man sleep 

whose 1>ro\v 
The dying lamp-'l-""^ smks and rises 

What woman stood t.esidc him? not 

V.ndcd when l.y lil:^ mal the ''"''M . ^^^^,^„,!y,;'[.^,ed from the earnest eye. 

MHt;;'; .un.» >.r,u. .»,.«. B.c™»..;.a ...... ^r.M.«™,. 

S„iv'::'; r, i. .,cc,e„u An,.M,i,.fi.. , ...» ,a ..l-- .'■= 

'"■=^"'^- . , Wr,. Ill's' heneath 

The same nii;ht wear.-. \ erona , ^^_^^^^^^ ^^^^ ^^^^^^^^ . ^^^ springs up, 

rule of yore ,,,. f,,nr-' ..lad to hrealhe , 

^;5'SS':SS"E^«S"L.;^Ai...™^*^ c ins *...».. "" 

C -iX Kic......i ...... K„.»,.:T,.= »3;r,.,r,s,.«.y.,..) m.,.. 

,i,i,,rSc l.y c,,,,,.i.,. .1 s „,i, I ..-.».'. ■—" 

Orc;:'t'."£'.c.l i.. .1...'.. „..,.TI,cl™,if.|....n. ...,«, 

,,-.„ ::5„ ,•„„.•« sc» ... l.c..r.l .....ii ! !•;.« ». -- ......™«-fc«. .h» ...e 

Ti„. ",.;.t', i,., .1.. ii.-.i..s .." ..'•!-.- ' •■■'" tv^""'""" '"'''*' '""""• 

l.ul , . ■ ,; I i,;.;;v,,ol weddini;-robc ; for he- 

The carroch's hooimng ; sal., at bM • ; I" "J.^^^^^^ 

Whyslranse 1 ..Cato-vein of this hearts' blood e 

Such a rtccss should lurk ..ehma a| Lombardv" 




(If I should falter now)— for he is 
Thine ! 

With sand the summer fhroiifrh ; Imt 

'tis niorass 

-ordcilo, tliy (■..nTiiiiner, Klurentiiu- ! • In winter iipln .M;uit\m wills. Tlu-ic 
\ 1 l.nnw liimi did-l | w.ts 

nli^dih i (>iiiiii' lliiily yc Mrslii |. .u-llii>cV( nine's 

I' iinlifss into llif (Mnsiiininah' CI I' ^ ind) 

111. It soirc-d il Iriim lis ri.L;lit 1m '"11 

\ <!iiipilcrnal p.ith with daiirc and 

I nlfillin}^ its allotted period 
■- renest of the profjeny ot < lod 
Who yet resigns it not ; his darling 

With no quenched lights, desponds 

with no blank troops 

One s|)<il rcrhimKil In 'in tin >ilii blind- 
ing .-poil, 

( ioito ; jnsi a castle hiiilt amid 

A few low ntoimlains ; firs and larrhes 

Their main detiles and rings of vine- 
yard bound 

The rest : some captured creature in 
a ]K)und, 

Whose artless wonder tuiite precludes 

I if disenfranchised brilliances, for, | distress, 

l,li.,it ' Secure beside in its own loveliness, 

literiy with thee, lis shy element ; So peered witli,bclow,aliove, 
Like thine uplnirneth prosperous and : The castle at its toils the lapwings love 

clear ; 1 " glean among at grape-time. I'ass 

S;ill, what if I ai)proach the august within : 

sphere i A maze of corridors ct)ntrived for sin, 

Named now with only one name, I )usk winding-stairs, dim galleries g<jt 

That under current soft and argentine 
1 roni its fierce male in the majestic 

Leavened as the sea whose fire was 

mixl witli glass 
In John's transcendent vision, launch 

once more 
That lustre? Dante, pacer of the 

\Vh< re glutted Hell disgorgetli filthiest 

Vou gain liie inmost chambers, gain 

at last 
A maple-panelled room : that haze 

winch seems 
floating about the panel, if there 

A sunbeam over it w ill turn to gold 
And in light-gravm characters unfold 
The Arab's w isdom everywhere ; w hat 

Marred them a moment, those slhn 

rnhitten by its whirring sulplmr- ! pillars m.ade, 

spume ^'"i hl<<i -"^ company of palms to prop 

1)1 whence the grieved and obscure The roof, each kissing lop entwined 

waters :,lope with top, 

lato a darkness ([uieled by hope— j Leaning together; m the carvers 
Ihuker of amaranths grown beneath mind 

(iod'seye 1 Some knot of bacclianals, (lushed 

Li i;racious twilights where liisC'liosen ! cheek combined 

jj^. ' Willi straining forehead, i-lioulders 

1 uouhi do this! If I slnnild falter jnirpled, hair 

now— Diffused l)etween, who in a 

In Mantua-territorv half is slough j bear 

Il.ilf jiine-tree foresl :' maples, scarlet- . A vintage ; graceful ^isl-•r-paIms : but 

oaks i (juick 

r-.ed o'er the river-beds: evenMincio | To llie main wond. 1 iiow. A vault, 

LJiukei >ee ; thick 



one sees, 

rphuldsii shrinkini; ( aryati.lcs 
Of jusl-tint^cd nwrhU- like Kvc s lihcl 

TJlack,o„, ,he ccilin,. .l.c.u.h ; A.ul a smile stirs h.-r a. if one faint 
AJr'.i"l n.s. su«er li.h, I'V j "or K w..e .li.h.en...!. one shade 

r,.,.;:'a n.,uv. 1 in .he n,i,K, : nay. ! < "-ff^;" »;;;""^''^""'' >'^' "'" '""" 
A.h,U;:h;;,us(;.n,.iKr..n"'ythe rosary whereby the 

Kou^l^r'each ..U- of it. where'er ' Kee.jXu.U of the contritions of i. 

Then with a step more iit;ht, a heart 

more lar{^e, 
1 le may depart, leave her and every one 

l^enS l,er Maker's when the : To linger out the l>enance in nuUe 

Ki.;;t „f li. shot hn.htenn,, the | ^}^^j^^ iS"^!^^ 

snow: ! ^ 

Tl,e font's edge burthens every s^cn..^^ ^^ underneath the 

shoulder, so . ' 

They use upon the sr-und. eyel.ds ^ ^^ vmes^^^^^ ^^^ ^^^^ ^^^^^_^^ ^^ ^_^^ 

'"•^ \?'"T-<r' '"'"' "'" That^:;;!.)^'. Mantua, still ir. loneli- 
Son^ ''c; -d alxwe their bosoms, ; ^ ^^ ness. ^^^^ . ^ ^ ^^^^^^ ^^^^,^ ^^^^^^ 

' 'me oroppint: rhin and Sordello : do but lo..k on him awhile 
- -^^^ P^fPP'"^' Watching; ("lis autumn) with an earnest 

.c'sla^k an utter helpless ^^^ smil^ ^^^^ ^^^ ^^.^^.^^ ^.^^^ ^^ 

ncd ve.tal whose whole | ^^^rj^^ ^^^^^^.^^ ^.^^^^^^^^ ^ ^^^ 
-He ,--: above ^>^"^M ^.^.J"- IllJ ^^.n its suUenest of 
. no, ess girls, .atient \ ^^J^^ ^ of broidered 

,.c veof sin impure forms. . , , i i„„i:„v,f 

who resigned On tiptoe, lifting m both hands a light 

Which makes yon warrior s vis.age 

,r„.a- civvrt'tness to 1 flutter bright 

arunk sweetness , __p^^^,^^ ,,j^,^;^^, f^^,,„ „f the brood 

the reg> And Ecelin, close to the girl he wooed 

I^J::^^; Ulem: con!;;.::t^rev;:^ -Auria, an<l their Child, with all his 

To ;it Xside eac-h in her turn, the I FronT Ag^es to the Tuscan that sur- 


'-"":■ , • , and tine, 

Gol.'s:rti?Sobe.l ; surely our I A sharp an.l restless lip. so well com- 
maiden shrinks ^'"^ 

. >m» 

Thci- t-v 


Dea .iS 

f",Of wl 


to S( 




Having ' 



With that calm hrow) a soul fit to 

I 'rlighl at every sense ; you ran 1)0- 

Siirilcllo foreiniisi in tlie reL;al class 
Nature has broadly severed I'roin her 

' )f men and framed for pleasure as 

she frames 
Some happy lands that have hixurious 

lor loose fertility ; a footfall there 
Suffices to upturn to the warm air 
llalf-germinatinsT spices, mere decay 
I'roduces richer life, and day hy day 
New pollen on t}ie lily-petal f;rows. 
And still more labyrinthine buds the 

Vnu recognise at once the finer dress 
l)f flesh that amply lets in loveliness 
At eye and ear, while round the rest 

is furled 
(As thoutjh she would not trust them 

with her world) 
A veil that shows a sky not near s<i 

And lets but half the sun l(X)k fervid 

through : 
How can such love like souls on each 

discovery brooding, l^lind at first to 

lit yotid its beauty ; till exceeding love 
Inromes an aching weight, and, tii 

A curse that haunts such natures— to 

TliL-ir finding out thcuiselves can work 

no good 
To what they love nor make it very 

l^y their endeavour, they are fain 

Tlie lifeless thing with life from their 

own soul. 
Availing it to purpose, to control, 
I ' liwell distinct and have ]>eculiar joy 
.\n<l separate interests that may em- 
! hat !)eauty fitly, for its projx'r sake ; 
N r rest they here: fresh births of 

beauty wake 

Krcsh homage; every grade of love 

is past. 
With every mode of Inveliness ; then 

Inferior idols of I their lK)rro«eil crown 
llefure a couiing glory : up and down 
Runs arrowy fire, while earthly forms 

To throb the secret forth ; a touch 

divine — 
And the scaled eyeball owns the 

mystic rod : * 

Visibly through his garden walketh 

So fare they — Now revert: one 

Denotes them through the progress 

and the stir ; 
A need t;. blend with each external 

Bury themselves, the whole heart wide 

and warm, 
In somctliing not themselves ; they 

Would belong 
To what ihey worship— stronger and 

more strong 
Thus prodigally fed — that gathers 

And feature, soon imprison^ past 

The votary framed to love and to 

Xor ask, as passionate he kneels tf) it 
Whence grew the idol's enipery. So 

A legend ; Light had birth ere moons 

and suns, 
J'lowing through spAce a river and 

Till chaos burst and blank the spheres 

were strown 
Hither and thither, foumlering and 

When into each of them rushed Light 

— to find 
Itself no place, f.>ik-<i of its radian: 

Let such forego their just inheritance ! 
For there's a class that eagerly hxiks, 


On f)eauty, but, unlike the gentler 



Trnclaims each new reveal men t l«'rn 

a iwin 

Kifcriini; still ilir .|u.iliiy, n..\v fiM 

KtvcaUii, to 111' II "\wi >"'»" •• "^ '"• 

sliiul mil •'■'! 
in siltiicc, ii'>.v i.iiH-mlicii'l IkIU r, 

More tlioroiii;lily, l>iii not lln-- li'ss 

their own ; 
A ilrcam como true ; the six;cial exer- 
• cise 

Of any special function that uui)hes 
The 1 >eini; fair or t;ot ><1 or \vi>e or st n m^, 
D.)rniint within their nature all 

along — 
Whose fault ? So honiai^e other souls 

Without, turns inward ; how should 

this deject 
Thee, soul? they murmur ; wherefore 

strcnL^th he quelled 
Because, its trivial accidents withheld, 
Organs are missed that clog the world, : 
inert, I 

Wanting a will, to (juicken and exert, 
Like thine — existence cannot satiate, 
Cannot suri^rise : laugh thou at 

envious fate. 
Who from earth's simplest combina- 
tion stampt 
With individuality— uncrampt 
l'>y living its faint elemental life, 
Dost siwr to heaven's complexest 

essence, rife 
With grandeurs, miaffronled to the 

K(iual to being all. 

In truth? Thou hast 
Life, then— wilt challenge life for us: 

Is vindic.ited so, obtains its place 
In thy ascent, the first of us ; whom we 
May tollow, to the meanest, finally, 
With our more bounded wills? 

Ah, but to find 
A certain mood enervate such a mind. 
Counsel it slumber in the solitude 
Thus readied nor, stooping, task for 

mankind's good 
Its nature jvwi us life and time accord 
('I'oo lurttiw an urea lu reward 

I'.mprize — the world's occasion worth- 
less since 
Not ;d>s.ilutely fitted to evince 
Its mastery), or if yet w.irse befall, 
.\iid a desir<' |H>ssess it to put all 
■ni;it n.tlnte lorth, forcing our strail- 

cncil splieii' 
Contain it ; lodi^play completely here 
The mastery another life should learn. 
Thrusting in time eternity's concern. 
So that Sordello. . . . I'ool, who spied 

the mark 
Of lepr.)sy upon him, violet dark 
Already as he loiters? horn just 

now — 
With the new century--l)eside the 

.\nd elllorescence out of barlarism ; 
Witness a Creek or two from the abysm 
That stray through Florence - town 

with studious air. 
Calming the chisel of that l'is;in 

pair . . . 
If Nicolo should carve a Christus yet 1 
While at Siena is ( luidone set, 
Forehead on hand ; a painful birth 

must lie 
Matured ere San Kufemio's sacristy 
Or transept gather fruits of one great 

At the n(K)n-sun: look you! .\n 

orange haze- - 
The same blue stripe round that— 

and, i' the midst, 
Thy siiectral whiteness, mother-maid, 

who didst 
Pursue the diz/y painter ! 

Woe then worth 
Any officious babble letting forth 
The leprosy confirmed and ruinous 
TosjnritliKlged in a contracted house! 
Co Uack to the beginning rather; 
1 blend 

■ It gently with Sordello's life ; the end 
' Is piteous, you shall see, but much 

' Pleasant enough ; meantime some pyx 
i to screen 

i The full-grown pest, some lid to shut 
I upon 

I The g.^blin ! As they found at 


f oIleaKiies mad Lucius and sa^e 

Anioniiif ) 
^u•kin^,' the .ity. hy A|>ill..'s shrine 
■':■- pride, in runun.i^inn ''"«■ niriiics, 
A cahinei ; he sure, who nuidc the 

••[X'ned it greedily; and fiiit there 



Tended and crept al)nul him— all his 

1 o the World s Imsirioss and emhroiled 

Distant a do/en hilltops at the most. 
And first a simple sense of lite en'. 

Sordello in his drowsy I'aradise ; 

, I , , , ."Mutiioiii iiisiirow'.v rarndisc • 

^. such another plague, T.r half the The .lay's adventurL f^^ 'u^; day 

Was s.ung. Crawl in then, hag, and 

crou(-h aM|ual, 
Keeping that l.lotchy lM)som thick in 


I mil your time is rijK-! The coffer- 


Ils constant tril.ule <.f i.erc ptions 
strange • 

With sleep and stir in healthy inter- 

Suftice, and leave him for the next at 

Ul.rwjii may hear Sordello's story I '"'^ll;:,. '"^ "" "' ^^•^^>- '""-- 
An-i'lp. he never could ^ ^'"'ci^'l^^r!;'"^'^"'" '""^ "'^'" '^''■ 

II, .Ul'not a. C;oi,o: calmly then T^'^lSV^: ^"""""^ ^^'"«'"^' 
A-m thts secret lo<lgeofA,lelaide-s ^ And hies hi,i, after unfo,.....,, .lehVht • 
'^Ldlls '" "^' = 1-yondthe So "jj^i^^lJ-dello, no, a ^h^^l"^.: 

•'"'slK,rder,an.ltherim:As cufnmnd each ncu discovery 
' t ihe low range of m.amtain, was wreathed '"scovtr) 

\ '17 ""' , , , , I.nxuriautly the huicies infantine 

' hi'^w;"'" - •'" ''-' ^^•^""•^-'' |n^ -i.»;4-. - on ....Sng fine 

III, "'^ novel Iriend at aiu ii,k vvonM 
1" wander through at pleasure and : fling ' ' '"'' 

T /'''".li";. , 1 . '" ^'-^y P>'"<'>"'-i>'n f"i!h: a li.klest 

1 ^ castle loo seemed enipiv : far kitiu 

and wide ' i' „c , , ., ■ . . . 

m;,),, I 1- . , , » ''iiessed tho-e miinons Fat'er to 

Mii;!u he disjxm unless the northern .l.six^nse i-.»k^rto 

1,1 . . -"^'-"""''h from his own s'ock ofthoufrhi 

\--y under a mysterious interdict - and sense "nnougni 

""■'rrsilir^ """^'' "-ememl^rci to . As might each to Mand alone 
I.:, , ., -^'xl ^erve hm for a fellow: with his 

1 -looming to the corridors, the vault i own ^vl^nnI^, 

\' ::'-re those font-hearers expiate their 

I .<• maple-chamher, and the little 

■\iHi nests and breezy parapet that 

"H-r the woods to Manlua ; there 

ho strolled. 
^iiiic foreign women-servants, very 


Joining the <|ualities that just hefoie 
\\m\ graced some older favourite : so 

they wore 
.\ lliictuating halo, yesterday 
Set flicker and to-morrow filched 

aw.iy ; upland objects each of «ei)arate 

K.ach with an aspect never twice the 





Waxing and waninj; ii> the luw-U.rn ' 

Of f-inrics. like a sini;lc iiii;hl > hoar- ; 

Gave lu ihiiij;-. .1 face j;r'> . 

Only, puv rviii-4 tlii.)ii';h the mad 

A (iravc rci;anl : coiitiive; the "ipiiu' ; 

IJlossuiiuii;; earliest on the loj, li.uisi-- j 
• ihalch 

The <l.iy tliose archers wound uloni; , 
Uk- villi , - j 

Related to iho Chief that left their 

To climb with clinking; step the 

northern si.iir i 

Up to the M>liiary chamlwrs where 
Scjrdello never came. Thus thrall 

reached thrall ; 
lie u'er-festooiisni^ every interval 
As the adver arous spider, makmt; 

Of distance, shoots her ihr^ -'Is from 

depth to heij^ht, 
From iiarbican to liaitlement ; so 

hantasies forth and in their fontrc 

Our architect: the breezy inornmp; 

Above, and merry ; all his wavmi^ 

Lauj^hinj; with huid dew-drops rain- 

This world of ours by lacii pact is 

To layin;; such a spanieled fabric low 
Whether by gradual brush or pUlanl 

blow : 
Kut its abundant will was balked 

here : doubt 
Rose taidily in one so fenced about 
From most that nurtures judgment. 

care and pain : 
Judgment, that dull exiK-dient we 

arc fain, 
Less favovired, to adopt betimes and 

Stead us, diverted from our natural 

i M j.ys, (-..nirive some yet amid the 

\ary and under them, it nny be, 

worth we forego: sui)pose Sotdi Ho 

Selfish enough, \s iihoul a n.oral sense 
lIoweNcr treble ; what inlormul the 

Others d. sired a jx.rtion '" his joy? 
()i say a luilihil chance iimke woof 
and wall) 
; A heron's nest beat down by March 
j winds sharp. 

' A fawn breatliless beiiealh the pre- 
A bird with unsoilcl breast and 
j tihnlcss eye- 

; Warm in tiie I'nake— caild these Ulid. 
the trance])iiit; Sordello? Not a circimi- 
stai ice 
' Tiiat makes for you. friend Naddo ! 
I Fat tern-seed 

Ami l)eer beside us and report indeed 
If ly'ur wi 1) Cienius dawned with 

ihroes .md stint^s 
r\nd the whole liery catalogue, while 
nnmers ami winters <iuielly caiuf 
I and '.vent. 

! I'ultin,; at length thai jx'riod to content 
' lly right the world should have im- 
posed : ! lerelt 
i Of its go<Kl ottices, Sordello. left 
i To study hiscmnitanions, m.inagedri] 
Their fringe oil', learn the true rela^ 

Core with its crust, their natures will 

his own : 
Amid his wild-wood sights he livee 

alone : 
.Asifthejioppy felt with him ! Thougl 

I'artixjk the p^jipy's red effremtery 
Till Autumn sixnls tlieir fleering quit 

wiili rain, 
.\nd, t irbanless, a coarse blown ral 

tlmg crane 
1 rotr Ics :'s gone I yet why n 

liuunce. for that. 
His disenchanted tributaries -flat 



IVrhapx but scarce so utterly (..r- ( C-Hrrced and put f. shame, retaining 
lorn ' ^Yjll u 

I i.c.r simple presence .nay n,.i well (arc little, lake a.n.fnr.s 
Ik; U.riie 1 j^jj|| 

'^'"r'cc'ilT''' ''"''' ''^"'i**"! ""'•«•■:; Hul l..f.k'f.,rth iremMinj^ly toavertain 

, ,^'" > ■, , ! 'f "tilers jmli:e tlicii I laiiiis nut uri'id 

■• IK.ppy s t;iti,, It Haunt, y..u, after in vain ^ 


\ l-cppy : why .ii.stru>l the evidence umu^n.s ai.m.i ; 

"I each v«,n sal.she.l a,„l heal.l,y | S., they nuw ever live l^ a crow.l 

Will say for tin in their stilled 
thi>ut;hts aloud ; 


i:ic new-horn Judj;n)ent answered, 
little l«i(jts 

I- holdint; other creatures' attrilmtes 

\.<\ having none: or say that it suf- 

''■ '. could one hut [xissess, oneself 

.I>i'li;uu-nl)soiuesj)ecialolii.f! Nou^dil 

s.rves you? Well, then, l« some- 
how justified 

I ■! ihis if^'iiohle wish lo circumscrihe 

\ :'l concentrate, rather than swell, 
liie Iiilie 

I 'I actual pleasures: what now from 

!'• -Its it ?— proves, despite a lurking' 


M.,c sympathy sufficient, trouble 
spared ; 

\aiiity, Naddo icll> ymi. 

\\ hence contrive* 
A I rowd, now? T\w^- hrave women 

just ali\e, 
That archer-troop? Forth glided — 

not alone 
Kacii |)ninlc'l warrior, every g\t\ of 
\or Adelaide hent doiiMe o'er a 
')ne maiden at her knees, that eve 

his soul 
Sh(K)k as he stumhled ihrou^jh the 

arras'd j^loonw 
On them, for. 'mid ipiaint robes and 

Weird perfunio. 
Started the nuatjre Tuscan up (her 

The maiden's ako, bluer with sur- 
Hut the entire out-world : whatever 

e tasted joys by proxy, clearly fared j scraps 

" e'rMv!.';i' Lit"" ,',f '■'" ' """ '""^'' ! •■^"'' ''"^^''^hes, song and story, dreams 
1 r.iv(.< lie v,,ii j)erhaps, 

Conceited the world's offices, and he 
Transferred to the fnst-conier, flower 

or tree, 
Not counted a befitting heritage 
Each, i>f its own rii;ht, singly to 

Some Man, no other ; such availed to 

Alone: strength, wisdom, grace cTn 

every hand 
Smui disengaged themselves; and he 

A sort of human life: at least, was 

A stream of life-like figures through 

his brain 
Lord, Liegeman, \alvassor and Suz- 

craved his soul 
A' N. from the I" ;inning Love is 

A; I true; if sure f nought beside, 

most sure 
"i IN oun truth at least ; nor may 

A rrowd to see its face, that cannot 

11 vv hot the pulses throb its heart 

below ; 
^Miile its own helplessne.-,s and uiter 

"f means to worthily be ministrant 
I'l uliat It worships, do but fan the 

1:> ilame, exalt the idol far before 
I:-e!( as it would have it ever l)e ; 
•^"iils like Sordello, on the contrary, 

ttidiilM 4 mu^i.^ ■ 1 .^^\ I ^Jk}^A^ik. 'ili!faiHpMfc^ JUm 






m iiiii 2.8 



I 3.6 


III 2.2 

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■ t-':-' tas; Mof^ 'Street 

Pochpstpr, \e*, "C-l. '4609 .::,A 

- ■ f ^82 ' 0300 - Phone 

■ ■ .'88 - 5989 - Fax 




' 1 


;l ; 

U laS^SLL 

Krc he coulil choose, surroundud him ; 

a stuff 
To work his plc.i^ure >)n ; there, sure 

Hut as for L'.i/iiiL;, what shall fix that 

Are they to siniplv testify the ways 
He who convoked tlicin sends i'.i^ 

soul alont; 
With the cloud's thunder or a dove's 

Lrcod-soiii; ? 
•While they live each his life, hoast 

earh his own 
Peculiar dower of hliss, stand each 


I'art si^h, part smile with which 

Sordello, late 
\.) foiilish woodland-sii^hts could 

Hetakes himself to study hungrily 
lust what liie piippels lii,^ crude fantasy 
Sup(5oses notahlest, pojjes, kings, 

priests, knights. 
May please to promulgate for appe- 
tites ; 
Accepting all their artificial joys 
\(it as he views them, Imt as he 

I'.ach shape to estimate the other's 

In s,'!,r' i-oint where something h )f attributes, that on a marshalle,' 

dearest love<l I '-'^^k . , . , 

Is easiest gained- far worthier to l.e | Of authonse.1 enjoyments he may 

wroved ' spend 

Than au-hi he envies in the forest- ! Himself, he Men. now, as he used to 

wi<dits! ' '''""'' , , 

No simple and self-evi<lent delight^. With tree an<l flower-nay more en- 
Hut mixed desires of unimagmeil 1 tiiely, eNe 

rati'Te. ' 'Twere mockery : lor instance, how 

Tontrast^s or combinations, new and excels ,.,.,.., , ,., _ ,„, 

^^^,^j^,^^._ My life that Chieftains? (who ap- 

Irksome perhaps, yet plainly recog- : ' prised the youth 

nised ' ■* ^ ' ; l-xdin, here, hecnmes this month in 

Bv 'his, the sudden company— loves 1 truth. .,, _ 1 ■ 1 ■ 

prized I Imperial Vicar?) Turns he in his 

Bv those who are to prize his own \ tent 1 j • 1 „ 

amount Remissly? Be it so-my is bent 

Of loves. Once care because such i Deliciously amid my girls to sleep : 
make account, I ^Vhat_if he stalks the^ 

Allow a foreign recognition st.amp ,. "^,""/'^''-;P m i>,i„ , .ii 

The current value, ami your crowl ! I climbed an hour .ago wuh 
shall vamp . I ^^e are alike there : but can I, too, 

N'ou counterfeits enough ; and so their foil , 

•,^( I The thielfs paid stabber, carelessl) 

lie on the piece, 'tis gold, attests the \ afford , • 1 , • 

mint ' I St. Mark's a spectacle, the sleight <i 

■\nd uood. iironounce thev whom mv i the sword 

newai'peal ' , I',aflling their project in a moment . 

No rescue ! I'oppy he is none, hut 

To Ecelin, assuredly : his hand, 
Fashioned no otherwise, should wield 

a brand 

some, 1 ^^''\, "'^ • 

—What matter? so must speech ex- He soon 

[xind the dumb ! Was :,atistied. returned as to the mo,.n 

Is made to : if their casual print con- 
ceal — 

This arbitrary good of theirs o'ergloss 

What I have lived without, nor felt 
my loss — 

Oualities strange, ungainly, weari- 



I n,m earth; kit each ahortivc boy's- [His spirit passed to winnow and 
attempt divide; 

7rln'v\fr" ?"'?■■' ',r''"r''x'"'';''^^'^'^'^ '"" "^'^ ^'"'Pl'^'- phantasms; 
!.i fancy at his bock. One day I will i every side 

\-c„,„phsh it ! Are they not ol.ler The strong clave to the wise; with 

..■^'"' either classed 

.N,,t -n.wn up n^-n and women? -rhe beauteous; so, till two or three 

'Tis liL.-<i(le 
I »;ily a <lream ; and thoii<;h I must 

\^i:h dreams now, I may find a 

lliorouyh Vent 
1 -r allniyself, acquire an instrument 


Mankind's be.-.eemingnesscs, and re- 
TheniEelves eventually, graces loosed. 
And lavished strengths, to heighten 
up One Shape 

1-ractmg What these people act; .ny j Whose potency no creature should 

Miumg a body dut, obtain its whole 
I'f-ire some d.iy ! How else ex- 
press chagrin 
Ami resignation, show the hope steal 

escape : 
(an it be I'riedrich of the bowmen's 

talk ? 
Surely that grape-juice, bubbling at 

the stalk, 

\Vi'i,ul,i-4, 1, .1 , ■ ^ f ,• ' ^^ ^'^'"'^ ^''■^'>' ^'-■orching .Saracenic 

\\ 1..1 w hi; U he let smk from an .aching i wine 

,1, TH'u 1 1 . , :' '^^'^ Kaiser quafts with the Miramo- 

1 lie Mugh-hewn ash-bow, and a gold i line— 

^iiafl I'i-^'^'.tl . ■ ! Those swarthy hazel-clusters, seamed 

!■)• > the Syrian air, struck Malek 1 and chapped, 

s,,,,.',;?-" f . , , , ! '''■fi"'^"■'^"'sset-sheathedandvelv•et- 

^>lncIl.Iy^! Crosses to the breach!: cafjped, 

I rn"'^'r n'''" . , . ,... , •^'■^' '''^^<^'^ P'"'^!^"^ f^o"' 'he bough 

I> gamed Him back : W hy bend , Jonn Brieime sent ^ 

rough ash-bows more? To keep in mind his sluggish arma- 

.'-" lives he: it not careless as j ment 

,. Jr'j'''^', , . . i Of Canaan . . . Friedrich's, all the 

; nitorled for one may anticipate, j pomp and fierce 

Kci,ear,e the future ; be prepared \ Demeanour ! Rut harsh sounds and 

«hen f.ite j .j^i.^, transpierce 

>ha,i have prepare.! m turn real men So rarely the serene cloud where he 

whose names j ^i^-gi], 

vanlc.real places of enormous fames. I Whose looks enjoin, whose lightest 

l_-as abroad and Kcelins at home words are six-l Is 

1" H-rsh.p him, Mantuas, Veronas. I Upon the obdurate ; that arm indeed 

T , 'i,'''""-' . ,.., , . i lias thunder for its slase; but Where's 

I" uiines.s It. Who grudges time 


the need 
Of thunder if the stricken multitudt 

ficr test .,ualitics to heart's con- ; Hearkens, arrested 

tent — 
■'iiiuiion them, 
and far — 



in Its angriest 

rice selected, near While songs go up exul 

iprcss the starriest int 
;:rasn the w 

o one slar. 


ting, ther 


'cint s tiiii'iiicil 

., disperse, lingering overhead 
liole at once ! I he I Like an escape of angels? 'Tis the 

Accordingly ; from rank to rank, like j N 
wind I 


or much unlike th 
women croon 

e Words the 



Sinilin:;!)-. OilDurless aivl faint <K'- 

,si-iiL<l , 

Karl), as a u>.rn-out i|;irfii - lacu Mime 

Of luT cxtroinc Noulli'-. Invo-t.ilcs. 

Mailc thai! Half minstrel and half 

Who but ill olijerts vexed liim? Such 

lie >le\v. 
The kinder sort were easy to suhdue 
By ihosu amiirosial i;laiices, duleet 

tones ; 

luft on t ufi , here, the frolic myrtle-trees; 
'liiere i;endered the grave maple- 
stocks at case ; 
And. proud of it-, observer, strait the 

Tried old surprises on him ; black it 

A sudden barrier ('twas a clou'l 

passed fi'or) 
So dead and dense the tiniest briUu 

no more 
Must pass : )el presently (the cloiul 
lones- despatched) 

An.l these'a i^racious l>and advanced , ^ •^^'■''^j;;J:;;^;^^;,''"''''''^'' ''''' ^^'^"^""^ 
Iknu'rtlM'iim." Wherefore twist an<l j A shrub, oak-boles shrunk inf. ilex- 

Strivin'-'to name afresh the anti.pie ', N'et could not he denounce the strata- 

lap- 1 gems 

Instead'of saying, neither less nor lie saw thro", till, hours thenee, alofi 

n-n,r . '< would hang 

He had'di^covered, as our workl White ; as it s.uik 

b ■{ nv i ^"'' ^P''^"S 

Apollo' That shall be the name ; In measure, that whole palpitatmi; 

nor bid brea.-t 

Me ra" by rag expose how patchw<,rk Of Heaven, 'twas Apollo nature prot 

]-,-j ^ i At eve to worship. 

The man — what thefts of every clime 

and day 
Contributed' to purlle the array 
He climbed with (June's at deep) 

some close ravine 
'Mid clatter of its million pebbles 


Time stole : by degrees 
The I'ylhons perished off; his votanes 
Sink to respectful distance ; soul;. 

Their pains, but briefer; their dis- 
missals seem 
Emphatic ; only girls are very sl.iw 

sneen, ; , ' . , • t-n i- i v.; 

Over which singing soft the runnel lo disappear-hts Delians . S 


Klate with rains : into whose streandet 

that glow 
O' the instant, more with earlier loves 

to wrench 
Aw.ay, reserves to quell, disdains In 

(juench ; 
Alike in one material circumstance- 

He foot, yet trod, you thought, with 

unwet sock — 

Though really on the stubs of living ; - - * „ - rinnrr 

J."" ,|. \11 soon or late adore Apollo : (.lanci 

Ages ago it crenneled: vines for roof, ] The bevy through, divine Apollo's 

Linden's for wall; before him, aye ^ choice „„. I'l.-h 

,^^ A Daphne ! \\ e secure ( ount Kicii- 

Flittercil ' in the cool some a/aire arcl's voice 

damsel-tlv ^n Este's counsels, one for hste s ends 

Child of the simmering quiet, there to As our Taurello, say his fluied riemK 

- l?v eranting hiin our I'alma 1 ine 

Emerging whence, Apollo still, he 

Mighty desceius of forest ; multiplied 

sole child. 
They mean, of Agnes Este who be- 



l.-lin. u-nr^ luf.ire thi> Adflai'!.' \ N'oac ciiic : i>ui liii^ciii.j; ■I'aurclh. 
\^ i-iiilcd and tinned him wickud; I. lit ' (luils 

''^^'"'•^''1 ! MantiKi .r. Ia,t, and li-lit our lady 

Kijc.ils his suii, !h(»c >lcc|)\- women 

■-i.c, ^';cHJiiii;^' all lic-iilc, dL->er\e> ihc 

- idcll'i: su conspicudu-. ill hi^uuiid 
i»r<lrcains vitc I'alina. I h.w the 

tli.>sos cuiied 

liaclv lo her phicc dishiirthencd (if a 

SiranL;c- tn lie cmistanl here if he is 

there ! 
Is it distru-^t ? (Jh, never I for they 



I .to a Minipiiioii^ ^vscil of -old and Hoad Keelin alike- -Romano's arowtli 

^'""""' So daily manifest that Azzo's dumh 

\ „,iii i,..r t;i .. , ..t 1.., . .1 T,- > . . . 

And Kiehard wavers ... let hut 

!■ liediich come ! 
■ I'inil matter for the'.s 

Liired_ from the l-le and its younj; 

Kaiser's court 
To sintj us a Messina morning up ; 
Who, double riliets of a drinkini; 

S[)arkle alunt; to ease the land of 

Northward to I'rovence that, and thus 

far south 

iu;uid lilood lies heavily; and | The other: what a method to ap- 

\i'out her like a L^lory, even t''.e 

as liriL;lit :i> with shed sunheaius ; 

(orealhe not, hreatlie 
Not) -])o- d, see, one Ic^ douhled 

I' small foot Iniried in the dimpiinL; 

l;-->ts, hut the oiher, listlessly below, 
' ' or the eouc!i-si(le swiuLjs feelint; lor 

cool air. 
I lie vein-streaks swollen a richer 

violet wher 
Tiio la 

■• >n her slight pr<ip. eaa-h tlat and out- 

sjiread [;alm, 
\- but suspended in the act to rise 
by consciousness of beauty, whence 

her eyes ._^ 

i ;:ru with so frank a triumph, for sh.; j a tour, 

'"^■^''^ j I"or Trouveres bear the miracle alwut, 

Aj.ollos gaze m the pme-^looms. ; Kxplain its cunnin- to the vulgar 

Time fleets | rout, 

fhat's worst ! Hccause the pre-ap- | Until the Formidable I louse is famed 

pointed age ! ( )ver the count rv— as Taurello aimed 

Approaches. F.Ue is tardy with the Who introduced, although the rest 

s'^Ut-- _ [ adopt, 

^!ie all but ijronused. Lean he grows ; The novelty. Such games her absence 

and I'ale, j stopped 

liiough restlessly at rest. Haidly ! Begin afresh now Adelaide, recluse 
,, ^^'''1 i N'o longer, in the light of dav pur- 

! .'.ncies to soothe him. Time steals, i sues 

yet alone i Her plans at ^Fantua— whence an 

lie lames here! The earnest smile ] accident 

IS gone. That, breaking on Sordello's mixed 

ib.w long this might continue matters : content 

Upened, like any Hash that cures the 


Xeighbours of births, esjxjusals, obse- 
quies ! 

Which in their verj' tongue the 

Records ; and hi- performance makes 

I'or ever, possibly; since to the 

The veritable business of mankind. 



];()()K Tin-: skcond 

Tin: uimk1>, were Idii,' uusiorc with 

siMU ; ;U last 
I'iiik li-atlfis liu(l<li-ci on the IjcitIi, 

and i.i.>l 
f-archcH, scallcrfil i1iiiiul;1i pinc-tri'c 

lirighloiicil, "as in llic slumlnous 

licart (/ the woikIs 
Our liuricd year, a witih, i;ro\v ynuiii; 

again _ 
To jlacid ini"aiitatii)n>. and that stain 
Ahoiil were Iriini iicr caldron, green 

smoke lilent 
With those lilack pines " - so Eglami^r 

1,'ave vent 
To a iliauce fanry : whence a just 

I''roni his companion ; brother \addo 

The soleinnest of brows : l>eware, he 

f>f setting upconceits in N'ature'ssteud I 
Korih wandered our Sordello. Nought 

S(J sure 
As that to-day's adventure will secure 
I'alnia, llie forest-lady — only pass 
O'er yon dark mound and its exhausted 

Under that brake where sundawn 

feeds the stalks 
<, »f williered fern with gold, into tliose 

Of pines and take her I Buoyantly 

he went. 
Again his stooping forehead was bt_'- 

With dew-drops frotn the skirting 

ferns. Then wide 
Opened the great morass, shot every 

With flashing water through and 

through : a-shine, 
Thick steaming, all alive. Whoso 

shape divine 
Ouivcred i' the farthest rainbow - 

vapour, glanced 
.Vlhwart the thing lierons? He 


T5ut warily ; though Mincio leaped nn 

l-',ach foot-fall burst ii[) in tlie mari^h- 

A diamond jet : and if you stoo[)ed to 

i\ose lichen, or molest the leeches 

An<l circling^, minnow, 

newt or loach, 
A sudden pond would silently en- 
This way and that. < )n I'almapassed. 

The verge 
t 'fa new wood was gained. She will 

l-'lushed, now. and panting; crowds 

to si^e ; will own 
.She loves him — Boniface to hear, to 

To leave his suit I One screen of [)ine- 

trees still 
Opjioses : but — the startling spec- 
Mantua, this tin;e ! Under the walls 

— a crowd 
Indeed— real men and women — g.iy 

and loud 
Round a pavilion. How he stood I 

In truth 
No prophecy had come to pass : his 

In its I'rime now — and where was 
j homage poured 

I Upon Sordello ? — born to be adored, 
j And suddenly discoveretl weak, scarce 
] made 

To cope with any, cast into the shade 
: By this and this. Vet something 
I seemed to ]irick 

.\nd tingle in his blood ; a sleight — 

a trick — 
And much would be explained. It 

went for nought — 
The best of their endowments were 

ill bought 
With his identity : nay, the conceit 
This present roving lead^ to I'alma's 

V\as not so vain . . . list I The 

word, I'alma? .Steal 
.\side, and die, Sordello ; this is real, 


And tlii,— al)jiirp ! 


, . . Uha, „J„ / Tl,. c-unains, see. i '^"^'^d^''^'"'' ""^"'^^ '"'^ '""<^ 

lie u ill I'o there -the proper ^•,m, at 


f grace 

J"K'- a giddy 

After the (lying st„ry ; word made 

(nit word; rhy.„e- rhyme; the Jay 
could barely keeji 

1 'ace with the aciior visihly ru.hing 
U --^^;;j;i.ouy n,an advanced r\:,; Jioth'^ndLd. Lack fell Xaddo „,ore 
A i;lad cry welcomed hm,. .1,..,, ..,....,. -ii.. "'r^ .. . . 

111 your own ch(ri-.ln.l dre 

and strefi-ih : 
Most like the very n.-niface . 

*Not so 

A i;lad cry welcomed hun, then every 
.-oiind ' 

S.uik ard the crowd di.,j,o.>e<l them- 
selves around, 

~ 1 his is not he, Sordello lelt ; while 
' rlace 

I "1 :lic hest I'.onilace " 
""liaed the Jongleurs, " Kglanior 

"hose lay 
Concludes his [.atron's Court of Love 


' 'i-equious Xaddo strung his master's 

Widi the new lute-string, I'lys, named 
to suit 

The song. He stealthily at watch, 
the while, 

'I iian your Kg) ptian fron, the harassed 

That wheels ahrupt and, bellowing, 
fronts full *" 

His pl.igue, who spies a scarah 'neath 
Ins tongue. 

And found 't"as Apis' flank his hasty 
l)roiig -' 

Insulted.' But the people-lnit the 

The crowding round, and pronerinc 

the prize .' *' 

(1-or he had gained some prize)— He 

seemed to shrink 
Into a sleepy cloud, ju^t at whose 

One sight withheld him; there .sal 

-ni.^J|is lip to keep down a great \ '"" .uR:!;!,!:; 

"^ 'lidt-s hni "^ ''' ''""^- ^"" I "'""'^>i<!"' '' ^"' "^"'^ '^' ""^ 
^^^'™^.j;^tl^ewasometi,nedeedr^'asAS'^^ ^'""'^"''' ^" '"^ ''''' 
N. .oukl" ^pply each f;.olish gap and j '"" Jw K" '^'"^ ''"' ' "" ™^' 

:j. .nin^rel leR in his enthusiasm. | ''''lL:^'ifS' '"'' ""'''^'^^ '"^ 
'.-1-g us true vers.on-was the ! She leant, speaking son,e six words 

and no more ; 
He ans«e-red s.,mething. anything; 

^"t<)f Apoho? (jnly, what avail 
li'inig her down, that Elys an he 

li the man dares no further ? Has he 

ceased ? 
•\ii'i. lo, the i>eoi)le's frank applause 

half done, 
■"'idcllo was heside him, had hegun 
•'^I'lte of indignant twitchinirs from 

his Iriend 
The T 

and she 
Unbound a scarf and laid it 

Upon him, her neck's warmth and 

all ; again 
-Moved the arrested magic ; in his 


-,i<-i^, ^..u a 1,1^, u lurned 

^uve.) the true lay with the I Andl^^;;:^' glare, until the intent 
' I flare 







! i 


j 1 







Kum.lf.-.i h.n,, :-hu, .In- .h..K; ..cno Imo.u I'K > -" mu;; l.;iys ?---fru,n ea-l, 

- 1 • 111 

\n.l''u"v.,"\r'«'i'l<c -Uvas nKiny a < »f raplurr. i.. , , ^ntrivc a s.,ng of it ? 

furlun^ ,h-n,. . : •I-ho, .!>i, >n.urh nr tl,e sce.n.l 

At hn,n.r.hc.uu sh,nin,l,i. rud.iy ,__^,,';'-:;:;.,^^ ,,,,„.,, „„„,.,f to „n,l 
Th.'ilmurv l.:nl.'.rln,,.: la,t his A l.o.auy in li.nself; t,.r, see, l,. 

r ' Sl).iri.'ll 

Was rr!!wnc,l was .-.owia.! ! I Kr Hy .".aus of that t.KTO snat.h tc. niatn' 
ni.:Sf Uw'St.— turoOf ^.ici^s; a. son. r.Uin, cone 

V ,:;'X 1';: ^r :l; a,.i p..nn.u. -n. of a,:;;:, u. •^-^^■<-.>i- -ij;;; 

^ 1 ■' j j^^j I To a '1 ACS ncsl. Then how <li\ hk- 

Ur..o<'l''.lThc women fare., kiti.l ati.l I the ranso 

,. S\ich a pcilonnauce .sliouKl cxac.'u) tall;. The fom;leurs in a applau-e r ;. , ? 

'^^'^ > • "^ i-',(,in men il they liave fancies too? 

Had brought him Kaek, NaiU) and Can Fate 

•WItSu;;^! 'hows,ran,e! aehild. In the poor snatch itself . . . o„. 

1 1 .,f V.lys, there. 

Assinir'wS f^-r him, .. l.rave a | ,' HeAe^l^thafs sharp and perfect 

Sinc^lSlamor. .hey heard, .as dead ' So cW a.^l smooth are laid the fbw 

• ,) •, i nne locks 

\nd'Ahmcho^ehin,forher,.,instvel. \ Coloured like honey ooml from loi,- 

I.i-lit i most rocks 

Sonlello rose -to think, nosv ; hi.h..r- \ Sun-l.lanched the liveloni^ summer , 

1 — if tliev heard 

He h"l perceived. Sure a discovery , Just tho,e t:wo rhymes, assented at 

' I my word, 

Out>^kall! Best live n-om first to last ; And loved them as I love them who 
The trans,K.rt uer a.ain. A week ho ; .^^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^ ,,„^^ ,„^ ,,,,, 
Suck^;:t;.e.weetoutofeachcircum-! ^^Jetthest^n ^^^^^^ ^^^._ _ _ ^ _^^^^ 

From the's outhreak to the { thus I clutch 

^ luvims trance ! Those locks !- 1 nee-ls must he .. 

Boumhirr his own achievement.' (.od to si.cli. 

Sinrn-^'e! A man Or if some few. above themsehe. 

Recounted'' that adventure, and be^'an : and yet , . ,. , , ,. 

l^np'Sly ; his own task was to 1111 j Beneath me, bke their F.lamor, ha^. 

■''^ ie'miTni" "'' ''"' "'" "''' ' ■"■^ "^^^'^ '^" ""^ '^''' '" """ 
Snnnlv the'iiecosary points, set loose '. believe 

vTmany incidents of little use , And worship what they know not. 

_More imbecile the othe^^m. to H.e I nc.^^^^^^^ ^^^^^ ^^^^^ ^^^.^^^ 

Then iclalivc importance a- ..-, i^.u,,..- 

to, ' Bi»K= 


I'ntil by song cacli Ho.itinj^ part he 

T' each, and all {^nnv palpalile, 

di>,tipcl ? 
I k' pondered this. 

Mcanwliile sounds low and drear 
'^lole on him, and a noise of fooi- 

stejjs, near 
\iid nearer, and the underwood was 

Aside, the larches i;ra/ed, the dead 

leaves crushed 
At the approacli of men. The wind 

seemed laid ; 
< >nly, the trees shrunk sli^^htly ami a 

Came o'er the sky althoULjh 'twas 

midday yet : 
\ ■usawcach half-sliut downrast violet 
I hitter— a Ronian bride, when ihey 

Her unbound tresses with the Sabine 

Holding that famous rajx' in memory 

I clt creep into her curls the iron chill, 
And looked thus, KLjlanior would say 

lis l\t;lamor, no other, these precede 
Hume Iiither in the woods. 'Twere 

surely sweet 
Iir from the scene of one's forlorn 

To bleep! thought Naddo, who in 

person led 
jiiiigieurs and Trouveres, chanting at 

their head, 
A scanty company ; for, sooth to say, 
Our beaten Trouladour had seen his 

day : 
' >ld worshippers were something 

sliamed, old friends 
Xi-h weary ; still the death proposed 

amends : 
Let us but get them safely through 

my song 
And home again, quot!) Naddo. 
^ All along, 

■ ■:<- ill.;:: [iLtcy Jest trie uicr upon tlic 

^This calm corpse with the loose 
flowers in its hand, 


. KgL-imor, lived Sordcllo's op|)osite : 
lor him in<leed was Naddo\ noij,,,! 
j And \ ersc a teinple-wcrship vague 
I and vast, 

A ceremony that withdrew the last 
Opposing b.,lt, Io,;pe(l back the 
■ lingering veil 

Which hid the holy place shoiilil one 
j .so frail 

Stand tliere without such iffirt? or 

That much was blank, uncertain at 
the sl)rine 
; He knelt before, till, sootjied by many 

a rite, 
! The Power resiKjnded, and some 
soimd or sight 
Crew up, his own forever '. to be fixed 
In rhyme, the beautiful, forever ; 

With his own life, unloosed when he 

should please, 
Having it safe at hand, ready to ease 
All pain, remove all trouble ; every 

He loosed that fancy from its tjonds 

of rhyme. 
Like I'erseus when he loosed his 

naked love, 
Faltering ; .so distinct and far above 
Himself, fancies! He, no 
genius rare, 
' Transfiguring in fire or wave vr air 
: At will, but a poor gnome that, 

cloistered up, 
: In some rock-chamber with his agate 

: His tojjaz rod, his seed-pearl, in 
j these few 

I And their arrangement finds enough 
\ to do 

For his l)est art. Then, how he Io\ ed 
that art ! 
, The calling marking him a man apart 
i From men— one not to care, take 
j counsel for 

I Cold hea rt s. com fort less faces ( Eglamor 
; v\u.i neediest of iiis tribe) since verse, 
the gift. 
Was his, and men, the whole of them, 
must shift 



Wilhmit U, e'en runicnl themselves 

VNitli W'-allli 
And jHiiiij) .mil [xiwr, Mi.iuhiiiL; i 

lilc liy sitJiillli. 
Si) KL^I.imor w.iMioi wiiluuit lii:- pride ! 
Thcs'irrif-t l>.it whirli 0)\scrs tlin'Ui^li 

While iitlur bird-, an; jmuiul.has uuc 

When mwiiii and >lars are Kiindrd, 

and llie prime 
.' )f earth i-, ils lo claim, iinr linda p<'er ; 
And l-"^lamcir \va-> noliie>t poel here, 
He knew, aiiicini; the .\\n\\ woods he 

Conceits upon in j)lenty as he past. 
Tlial "X.kMo mii;hl suiijHJse him not 

to ihinlv 1 

Ki\lireiy on the coiiiiii!; irimnjjh ; 

wink I 

At tlie <ine weakness ! "Twas a fervid 

elnld ; 

Thai soiii; of his -no brother of the | 
i;uild _ ! 

Had e'er conceived its hke. Tiie ^ 
rest you know ; \ 

The exaltation and the overthrow ; 
( )ur poet lost hi piirjwse, lost liis : 

His life -ti that it came. Vet envy ; 
sank \ 

Within him, as he heard Sordello out, 
And, for the first lime, shouted — tried 

to shout 
Like ollurs, nol fmm any zeal to show 
Pleasure that way : the common >orl 

did so. 
And what was F.i^lamor ? who. hend- 

int; dt)wn 
The same, pla.cil his beneath Sor- 

dello's crown, 
I'rii" 1 a kiss on his successor's hand, 
Left one great tear on it, then joined 

his banu 
— In time; for some were watching 

at the door — 
Who knows what envy may effect ? 
Give o er, 

Aor Li;ail!i ;::s ajjs, n-jf ■^: KrX ...... • 

(here one spie<l 
And disengaged the withered crown) i 

— Beside I 

His crown.' How prompt ami cleai 

those vrrscs rung 
To answer yours! nay, sing them' 

And he sung 
Them calmly. Home he went ; 

frieiuls Used to w.dt 
H's coming, ,ui\ious to coiigr.itulalc. 
Hut. to a su (piickly runs report. 
Could do no less than le.ive him, and 

His rival. eve, then, bred maii\ 

a thought mitst his future life be: war he 

So low, who was so lofty this S|)ring 

morn ? 
.\.t length he said, iSest sleep now 

with my scorn, 
.\nd by to-morrow I devise home 

l''\l)e<lient : So lie sle[)t. nor woke 

They found as snuch. those friends, 

when they returned 
O'erllowing with the marvels they had 

.Vbout Sordello's par.idise. his ru\es 
Among the hills and valleys, plains 

and groves, 
Wherein, no doubt, this lay was 

roughly cast, 
Polished by slow degrees, completec' 

To Kglamor's discomfiture and death. 
Such form the chanters now, and, 
out of breath, 
They 'ay the beaten man in his abode, 
Naddo reciting that same luckless ode, 
Doleful to hear: Sordello could ex- 
Hy means of it. however, one ste]; 

In joy ; and, mastering the round at 

Learnt how to live in weakness as in 

When from his covert forth he stood, 

V'.C'l-imor. I'ad.etiie tender ferns invest, 
I'rinixval pines o'ercanopy his couch. 
And, most of all, his fame— (shall I 



'"''<Mln';i" '^•"" '" '■''"' ^"" ' The d..scHer' drew h. roun-i ln,n his 

"" aXi.l!"'' '"' '' "" '" '"""'' "^ 'iili;""" '" ^"'"' 'f'^ """'• I'"' 
" ^^|;;;\j;""". """■. 'H f.,r iwefs I A re;llon"A,r his ,l>H..rcn,-o from men 
•■■-inui X..rn,.. p.u.r.p,i,e'''t:lt '■""''''■ ^^^'^■^•'■^'-'^ 

Mi' u:/L. ,.M„„ . ,h..-. ^^■'''5-;^-^"-o,.ni.. .,.„.,, 

Icavfd htll I ),,,,,, , ;, • ■ , 

U huh whitens al the heart ere noon, mained '"untnt, r. 

I ,11 ' • ^ -^ "'y^'^fy — i»I:»>>- tliey soon exnlaiiipfi 

I .11 esemn^^ ; eve,n„,r ,„,s a ,.. her Away A,k.11o : a,„l tl.e tale amoulus 

II , , , '" ''"■'^ = "I'f'i at X'iicn/a Ijoth her 

I ■ rear away wiih such fofKotic., Counts 

\ """>-'^ lianished the Nivaroi kith and lii. 

\^ ■•;;;/;" ^^ycsore ,o the mom : thi, I hose Maltraversi lutn^ on K«-!in;' 

II .1 • • , , ''^^■^■'■'"t: a- lie foilowe<i ; he for si)it<- 
Hun „ , e.r m.nd, a,>d hears hi> Mu.t fire their .narter/ thouj, Ihit 

J .i.imc. self-same iiiL-ht 

nZJcSme ;''""■■• ''^' "^"' ''"'^^f '^^'"^'"^ >"""« ^-'^ -- 
Twas a sunrise of hlossominK and Of Addaide. there Kk,, and harelv 

i..R'alhallowermi,rh,urel thicket kny From the rouse.i ,>op„lnce hard on 
--rdello; each new sprinkle of while thereat 'n.tnaraon 

•n „. '^'^^l r • P • ''y •' p)or archer when his chieftain's 

I !iat smell fanner of wuie than >[assic fear 'nenain s 

1 'ill: up at Baix, when the south wind leapt, 

n ^- ^ ^ 1 , • , . Saved her, and died ; no creature lefr 

I lie ripest, made hun happier; filleted except <- ^atiTC icir 

\nd robed the s;m,e, only a lute he- : His child t<. thank. And when the 

, '•"''•■, , ' full escape 

I. y on the turf. Before him far and , Was known- how men impaled from 

.,., ^^'"*^ , ! chine to nape 

IlK. country stretched: Goito slept Unlucky I'rata, all ,o pieces spurned 
Tl!r'!a le .nd .. u.u '^-^op Pistore's concuhines! an.l 

he castle and its covert which 
liiu with his hopes and fears; so 
fain of old 
cave the story of his hirth un- 

burn ed 
Taurello's entire houseluild. flesh and 

Missing the sweeter prey- sucli cour- 

aj;e well 

\, ;,'"''^" , • ■ , r . i Mik'lit" claim reward. The ornlian 

AinKervals spue the fantastic glow ever since, ' ' 

V: , •■^P«>"o-l'f<-'. a certain Ionv .Sordello, had I.een nurtured by his 

Aiid wretched whisuer windin" I "r-r- ^ 

through the bliss ■ " { Within a blind retreat where Adelaide 

A.hnontshed. no such fortune could ^' For, once this notable discovery 

^ "'•■'' made. 



The past ill cvi'ry (K)iiit was iind. i- 


(■;m h.iili'.ur I'asily sslion tiiiicb .in' 

When r.sto schiim-. fit I'.ihn.i 

wmiUl ri-lricvf 
Thut i>1i.m1i;«.-, N\hcu M.miu.i i- n.>i hi 

Lon.^or im^uirilt<lwith ;i\i^i!.uii v)r. 
T:w7dU> I'llc^ Ih.rc so aiului^umisly 
(ilc who tail h.ivo no ni'ilivc liuw to 

lor hi-, own foituno-, since iheir iuut 

A-. il weiL' \v,.rlh while yet (j;oes llie 

To (li>en^:ii;e hini-elf from us. la 

Apollo vaiii-,iie.l ; :i mean youth, jvi^l 

llis l.uly\ minsliel, \v;is lo he pr.>- 

— How shall 1 phrase il ? Monarch 

of tlie Worlil. 
Hut, on the morning thai array was 

i'or ever, and in place of one a slave 
To lon^in^s, wild, indeed, Imt lon^;- 

in^s save 
In (heams as wild, suppressed— <-ne j 

daring; not 
Assume ihe mastery such dreams 

Until a mai;ical eciuipinent, sireni;ili 
llrace, wisdom, decked him loo,- he 

cho>e at leni^lh 
(Content with unproved wilsand fail- 
ing frame) 
In virtue of his simple Will, to claim 
That nwste.y, no less -to do his best 
With means so limited, and let the 

Go by,— the seal was set : never again 
Sordello could in his own sight re- 
One of the many, one with hopes and 

And interests nowise distinct from 

Only pecuiiat in a thriveless store 
Of fancies, which were fancies and no 
mute ; 

; Never again for him and for the 
A>u law challenged and 
allowed . , . , 

If calmly tea .med ol, howe ef denied 
l!y a mad Mnpnl-e nothing juslifiid 
Shott of Apollo's presence: the 

di Voice 
l.-, : why nee<ls Sordello squaie 
' lii-, course 

\'.y .uiy known ex.imple ? Men no 

Comiiete with him ih.ui Itee and 

tlowcr liefore ; 
Himself, inactive, yet is greater fur 
Than such as art, each stooping to 

his star, 
Acquiring iheiue his function ; he luis 

The same rcMilt with meaner mortaK 

To streiigili or heauty, moulded t • 

Kach the idea that rules him ; since 

no less 
Ho comiirehends that function, hul 

can still 
Kmhrace the others, lake of Might his 

; With Richard as of ('.race with Talma, 
i nii\ 

Their (pialilies, or for a moment tix 
On one, akiding free meantime, un- 

15y any partial organ, never stamped 
Strong, so to Strength turning all 

Wise, aiid n slricled to becoming 
i Wise- 

That is, he loves not, nor possesses 

Idea that, star-like over, lures him on 
To its exclusive purpose. Kortunaie 
This flesh of mine ne'er strove to 

A soul so various- took no ccsual 

Of the first fancy ami contracted, cold 
Lay clogged forever llience, averse to 

As that. Whereas it left her free to 




:^l mains ii^clf a l.l.iiiL, ia-.t inlo sluulr, 
i i.tutiilicrs lillli'. il it laiUKit aid. 
-">, r. 11114c, my s^ul! Wim, by silf. 

I i>ll- 01iill-<lli -s, 

I i.c la-it <liii|) iif all hi'.iuiy <li>Mt 

i\|)rr>> - 
liic j^iaic iif sci'iiu; ^;rai f, a (juiiit- 


IT iIki- : while ['<r llu- \\i>il(l, llial 
(Mil <li-pcnM_' 

\\''.|:ill-r 111! IIU-M, lilClllSL'lvcs llill 

wimhU r - iiiaLo 
A -hill to jiivc ai .sfmnd hand and 

lii' -L- for ils idol-, who Imt idolisr. 
i '.I iii^clvo, - ih.U luvfs llif houl a-. 

sirontj, as wIm.-, 
\\ iiii-,!' lo\r i Stroiv^ili, i-. Wisdom. - 

suih shall how 
^11! 1) ill iiiic'\am|)k'd wuiship now, 
I 'I V rriiini^ luo I 

(Dear moii.uclt. I Imjsccc!!, 
\ 1 L' how laiiu-ntalily wide a lireach 
1 IniL-! di^covcrini,' this, dixoviT loo 
W i,ii our jioor world has |>]ssil]|y todo 
\'u:h it '. As lii^'fy iialiirus a^ )oii 

please — 
SmiuicIi the hetler for ) ■ u : take your 

ca^e ; 
l.'oi, on, and laui;h ; style \oiirseif 

( iod alone ; 
SirauL^le some day with a cross <jlive- 

stone ; 
Ai! that is riijlit eiioutjh : Imt why 

want lis 
T ' know that you yourself know thus 

and llui> .'' 
X ly tinish — ) 

- Bow to me conceivini; nil 
Man's life, who se*; its blisses, ^reat 

and small, 
Af.n -not tasting any ; no machine 
To exercise my utmost will is mine, 
I in lefore mere consciousness lor me ! 

\'^ : at I could do, a mastery believe, 
A , -riled and established to the throng 
l''i :heir selected evidence of Sontj 
\^lli^h now shall pr<jve uhate'er they 

.lie. or seek 
T" be, I am— who take no pains to 


( haii^^t no old slaiidardi of jierfi'ction, 
With no slraiif;e loriii.i criated to | ir- 

liui mean |>tiloriii tluir hiddiii); ami 

•10 niore, 
At iheit own satialin^-|Miint ^ive o'er, 
And each sh.iU li.\e in me the love 

that leaiis 
His soul to it^ |N.ilei lion. Sony, ni-t 

(For we j,'et tired) w.i> chosen. I al<' 

would brook 
Mankind no ollai 01(4.111; llewmild 


I'or not anoliier ( haliliel to disjx;il^e 
Ills own Volition and receive their 

< )f its existini^ Imt wmild be coiilrni, 
t)bstructed else, with merely \ rse for 

vent — 
Nor should, for instance, Stteni;ih an 
I outlet seek 

I And strivini; he admired, nor Grace 
I bespeak 

Wonder, di>pla\ed in gracious atli- 

Nor Wisdom, poured forth, change 
I unseemly uiockIs ; 

I I'lUt he would f;ive and take on .Sonfj's 
one j)oint ; 
Like some Inline throbbing stone that, 

poised a-joint. 
Sounds to atlect on its basaltic bed 
.Mu>t sue in just one accent : tempests 
I Thunder, and raves the landslorni : 
I only let 

That key by any little noi.->c be set — beiiif^hted hunter"^ halloo pitch 
On that, the hungry curlew chance to 

Or serpent it, rustlini; through 
the rift, 
: However loud, however low — all lift 
I The t,'roanint4 monster, stricken to the 
i iieart. 

Lo ye, the world's concernment, for 
i its part. 

And tills, iol iii>, «iii iiatiii) iiiiclklei 

:, Its businesses in blood and Lilaze this 
I year 



Hut wile the hour away-a pa.tinie ] To say the rhymes lU last %vere 

sli<'hl Ki;laiiioi s ; 

Till he^shall step upon the platfonn : I lUit NacMo, cluirklmi,', l)ade t 

• _!.. I nelitdis 

rij;lu ! 
And, now thus natch is settled, cast 

in rcHiL^h, 
I'roved feasible, becounselled 1 thought 



Co pine : the Mailer cerles meant to 

No eltort, canliiiusly had probed the 

Sluir'l?e!^'" Sordello ! anv <lay will He'd please anon : true hard, in short. 

^erve- ■ di-:nrl, 

Were it a less digested plan! how His title if ihey eoula ; nor spur nor 

swrrvo " ; '^"''1'' . . ,. 

To-muvruw? Meanwhile eat these | Fancy nor reason, \\aniinL; m inm ; 

sun-dried ijrapes i whence 

.\nd watch the soaring hawk there ! The staple of his verses, common 

Life escapes sen^e : 

Merrily thus. "^' ''"''^ "" Man's broad nature— i^ift 

"lie thovoui;hly read oVr ! ofi^ifts , ., , , ^., ,, 

His truchman Xaddo's missive six ! Ihat power to build . The woral 

tunes more, contented shifts 

I'raviiK'him visit Mantua and supply With oiunierieit-, enough, a dreary sort 

A lami^^he.l world. Of warriors, statesmen, ere it can 

Tl-.e evenini^ star was his;h extort , . ^ „ r 1 

When he reached Mantua, hut his Its poel-soul-that s. after .all a freak 

llxme arrived ! (The havin- eyes to see a.ui tongue 

Before him: friends applauded, foes i to speak) 

„,„„ived, : With our herds stup.d sterling happi- 

And N'addo lor ;ed an angel, and the j ness _ , , ., . 

y^.^^ i So plainly incompatible that— >es- 

Angels, and all these angels would be ; Ves-should a s.m of his improve the 

blest i breed 

Supremely by a song-tlie thrice-re- , And turn out poet, he were cursed 

nowned ' indeed 

C.oito manufacture. Then he found Well, there's ( .oito to retire upon 
(Oistin- about to satisfy the crowd) If the worst happen; best go stoutly on 
That haiipv vehicle, so late .al'owed, : Now 1 thought Sordello. 
A s<,re knn..yance ; 'twas the song's , .Ay, and goes on ye . 

^^ff^^.^ \ Vou pr>ther with your glossaries to 

He cared for. scarce the song itself: ; get •;„,,„. 

^^.,|g,.[ I : A notion of the Troubadour s intent— 

In the past' life what might be sing- ' His Rondels, Ten/ons. Virlai or 

in.'"suse? Sirvent — 

lust to deli-'ht his Delians, who-e Much .as you study arras how to tuir 
■ ■ profuse j His Angelot, plaything of page and 

Praise, not the toilsome process which girl , , , 

procured <^nce ; but you surely reach, at last.— 

That prai>e, enticed Apollo: dreams or, no ! 

a\,j,ired, 1 ^'ever quite reach what struck the 

Noo'ver-leai'Mngme,rnsforen<is— take j people so, , , . • ,,„ 

■ „-.,!-, " ! A< from the welter ol their time tie 

For granted or take neither ! I am ; drew 

l(,fj, 1 Its elements successively to view, 



I ol lowed all actions hackward o!i tlicir 

And catching' up, \uiniinf;lt.'d at tin- 
Such a Siren^ih, such a Woakne-s, 

added then 
A tiiuch or two, and tinned them into 

\ inue took form, m.r \'ice refused a 

shape ; 
liere Heaven oj^ened, there was Hell 

As Saint this simpered ])nst in sanctity, 
dinner the oilier flared portentous hy 
\ greedy lV>>pIe : then why stop, 

At his success? The scheme was 

Tmi) suddenly in one respect : a crowd 
!'r.:isini;. eyes quick to see, and lips 

as loud 
1 I speak. del..i.ais homage to receive, 
l;;anca"s breath to feel upon h's sleeve 
Wh.. said, " IJut Anafest— whv asks ' 

he less 
Ih.m Lucio. in your verses? how 

l! -eemed too nnicli liui yestereve I'' 

The youth - 

\\iio hade him earnestly "avow the i 

\"U love Uianca, surely, from ymir 

1 knew I was unworthy I " soft or ' 

stroH'^, j 

lii pc.ured such tributes ere he had ! 

arranged | 

Ith.-rial ways to take them, sorted, j 

changctl, I 

l'iL;ested : courted thus at unawares, ' 
III spite of his pretensions and his ' 

cares I 

ih' caught himself shamefully hanker 

A"rr your obvious petty joys that 

I :■ :ii true life, fain relinquish pedestal 
A!;ii :-ondescend with i)lcasures— one 

.nid all 
T'l he renounced, no doubt ; for thus 

lo chain 
Himself to single joys and so refraiti 

; From tasting their quintessence, frus- 
trates. sure. 
His prime desi;;n ; each joy must lie 

Kven for love of it. 

He laughed : what sage 
Hut |ierishes if from his ma^dc jiage 
He look becau^e, at the first line, a 

'Twas heard .salutes him from the 

cavern roof? 
On ! Give thyself, excluding aught 

To the day's t.ask ; compel thy slave 

Its utmost at the soonest : turn the 

Thoroughly conned ; these Kays of 

thine, in brief — 
Cannot men Ijear. now. something 
I better ?— fly 

: A pitch beyimd this unreal pageantry 
j Of e.s.sences ? the period stire has 
' ceased 

I'or such : present us w ith ourselves, 

at least, 
Not ]>orlions of ourselves, mere loves 

and hales 
M.ade flesh : wait not ! 

Awhile the poet waits 
However. The first trial was enough : 
He left imagining, to try the stuff' 
That held the imaged thing and, lei 

it writhe 
Never so fiercely, scarce allowed a 

To reach the light— his Language. 

How he sought 
The cause, conceived a cure, and 

slow re-wrought 
That Language, welding wends intd 

the crude 
-Mass from the new si)eech rciund him. 

till a rude 
Armour was hammered out, in time 

to be 
Approved beyond the Roman pano[)l\ 
Melted to make it, boots not. This 

With some a'lo, no obstacle rem.iined 
To tisiiig it ; accordingly he took 
An action with its actors, quite forsook 





lIi,nsc!!Of Hyacinth Ikuc cast his luckless 
Willi thfix'sul; acreaturc.aiulhyonr I (luoiis. 

X, , e ,,r„oce,lv.l leisurely equip ' He set ,0 cele the cxplo.U 
•^" '. I. , ,■ 1 : .... '1 r ^r M,,nif,,rt the MouiUaUleet?. 

Its lim!)s ill hariic,-..-. < 

A his wurkman- orMimtfort o'er the 

I Then came 

\cr.Mmll'isIie(l ! Listen. Mantuans ! \ The worlds revenue : their pleasure 

' K mrl ..wiv ' ""W his aim 

Piece a'er pice J thai armour hrcke , Merely-^vhat Nsas it? X<.t l<> play 

Because perceptions whole, like that So much^ask-arn our le.son in your 

To cStE'^rSect so pure a work of I Replic.rthc world: he Anind that 

th 'ht ' every tune 

\slan.nia-e-. Thou-ht may take Per- hie i^aine.l applause hy any given 

'cent ion's place' i rhyme 

lUit hanllv co-eM..t in any case, i His auditory recognised no jot 

le in- ts mere presentment -of the .\s he intended, and not 

Whole "''" '"'"■'^'^ meanest hero, ne'er was 

Hv Tarts, the Simultaneous and the dunce 

'- \y , Sulticient to believe hini— All at once. 

Uy Uie 'successive and the Many. His \VilU ^. ^. conceive it caring f.r 

The cn'id perceptions? painf\illy it -Mamuans! 'tke main of them, ad- 

,,^,1.^ I miring still 

Together thoughts Sordello. needing ' How a^mere singer, ugly, stunte.l. 

Has rent perception into: it's to clutch' Had'^Montforl at completely {.so to 
.\nd reconstruct -his office to diltuso, i siieak) 

Destrov : as di 

itlicult obtain a Muse 

In sport, .as be Apollo. For the rest, 

!-■ _• 1- ... ....].-,^u.z \-otiij'l,> pvnresl 

His fingers' ends; while past ib.e 
De.Apouo. rot u.c...., praise-tide swept y ,-.^. 

K-cn if some wondrous vehicle expresl To Montfort, either s share distinciK 
The wh.)le dream, what impertinence kept, -, 11; 

in me '^''"-' ''""" '"'"'^''^ ^"^ merit-ili> 

S,i to express it. who myself can be abates 

The dream ! nor, on the other han.l. Into a sort he most repu< hates, 

.aiv those. : ^nd on them angrily be turns. W lio 

I 4nn to over-likely to suppose | were 

\'hi.d,cr than the highe.t I present ! The Mantuans. .after all, that be 
NowC and they praise :drearlv : be , sh.nild care _ 

content : About their recognition, ay or no? 

linth parties, rather; they with the' In s dte of the convention months ag-- 
old verse. , (^Vhy blink the truth), was not he 

And I with "the old praise— far go, I forced to help 

fare worse I 
.\ few adhering rivets loosed, up- 

The angel, sparkles off his mail, .and 

Whirled Irom each delicatesl limb it 

As might AnoUo from the sudden 

This same ungrateful audience, every 

Of Naddo's litter, make them pa<^ 

for j)eers . 

With the bright band of those (iouc 


As tM>t iie l>.iiicri li'T riO' ■■: t"'--- ' 

Whv there 
Sat I'alma ! Adelaide's funereal ha" 


i:i...ohIed the next corner. Ay, he 
-si re wed 

A fairy iip<,ji iliat nuiitiuidc 
AUhuugh he feigned to take them Ly 

themselves ; 
• m'-^ giants (hgnilied those pmiv elves 
-iihhmed their faint applause. In 

short he found 
Himself still footing a delusive round 
l^einote as ever from the self-dis()Iay ' 
lie meant to compass, hampered 

every way 
i ■} what he hoped assistance. Where- 
fore then 
I mtinue, make helieve to fmd in men 
A use he found n(jt ? 

Weeks, months, years went by ; 
And, lo. Sordelli) vanished utterly, 
.wandered in twain ; each sijeetrarpart 

at strife 
\N nil each ; one jarred against another 

life ; 
I'iie Poet thwarting iiopelessly the ' 
.Man ' I 

Wlu), fooled no longer, free in fancyran | 
Here, there; let slip no opportunities ' 
1 rsooth, as pitiful l>eside the prize 
r I drop on him some no-time and ; 
ac(|uit i 

lli'^ constant fldth (the Poctdialfs lo I 

That waiving any compromise he- 

X" joy and all joy kept the hunger 

I'lyond most methods— of incurrin-'- 

1 I ' nil the Man-portion not to he put off 
U'iili self-reflectings hy the I'oet's 

'! ii'High ne'er so bright ; which 

sauntered forth in dream. 
I'ress'd any how, nor waited mystic 

liiinuasurable gifts. astounding claims, 
I'''i' ji'.st his sorry self; wlioyel might 

Sorrier for aught he in reality 
Achieved, so ])inioned that the Poet- 


•ndling, in turn of fancy, Verse ; the 

I)eveloping his soul a tliousand ways ; 

Potent, by its assistance, to amaze 

'ihe multitude with majesiies, con- 

I'.ach sort of nature thai -auie nature's 

Accosted it : language, the iiukeshifr. 
. Into a bravest of cNpedients, too; 

Apollo, seemed itii<,w, perverse), ;ul 
] tiirown 

: (;)ui\er and bow away, the lyre alone 
I Suhiced: while, out of dream, his 
! day's work went 

■ To tune a cni/y Icn/on or sirvent — 
i Sohamix?re(l him the Man-part, thrust 
j to judge 

j between the bard and the bard's 

audience, grudge 
; A minute's toil that missed its due 

reward ! 
, Put the complete .Sordello. .Man and 
j Bard, 

' John's cloud-girt angel, this foot ,„, 
the land, 
That on the sea, with open in his hand 
A bilter-sweetling of a b(K)k— was 
And if internal stiuggles to be one. 
That frittered him incessantly piece- 

Referred, ne'er so oblicpiely, to ilie 

Mantuans ! intruding ever with some 


To action while he ixjudered, once 

f(-. all, 
Which looked the easier effort— to 
I This course, siill kap ,,'er pahry joys, 
I _ yeatn through 
I The present ill-appreciated stage 

<Jf self-revealment and comptd the age 
j Know him ; or else, forswearing bar'd- 
I craft, wake 

i From out his lethargy and nobly ^:^ak(■ 
I f)!^ timid habits oi denial, mix' 
With men. enjoy like men : ere he 

could fix 
Oil .lugiiu in rusiicd the Mantuans; 

nnich they cared 
For his perplexity ! 'Ihus unprepared. 




For ncithin'i else. Tlu' ^lu■^liMll 

Tl,e obvious if not only shelter lay To seize ; he'.l strike that lyre adroitly 
111 deeds the dull conventions.. I liH --speecli, 

. . Would hut a twenty cuhu: pkclr.- 

Trcscrihed (he like ..f him : why not ; reach; 

,^^ , , : \ rlev.r hand, consummate mstru- 

'Tis settled !'lma"s minstrel, t;ood or : mem. ,, , , .,,,.,, 

Ij^,j , Were both l)roui;ht close! each e\- 

Suhmils'to this and that estal.lishc.l ■ cellency went 

f„l^.? For nothmg else 

Let Vidal chani^e or any other tool Naddo asked ,, , , , 

His murrev-col.mred rol.e lor philan.oi I Ia<l jusl a hfe-lnne niuderalely 
And crop' his hair; so skin-deep, is To answer, Naddo s lashiou ; more 

it not, '1'-^^"^^ , , ■ , ■ 

^uch viuour ? Then, a sorrow to the And more ; why move Ins soul, suice move it nnist 

His talk': Whatever topics they At minute's notice or a> L;ood it failed 

nii-ht start T.. move at all? '11k- en.l was, he 
Had tolie "roiled for in his conscious- I retailed 

1^^,^^ Some ready-made opinion, put to use 

Strait.' and as strait delivered them by This quip. th.U maxim, ventuied re- 

euess ■ produce 

( )nlv obli.'e.l to .ask himself. '" What ( '.estures andtones- atany follyc.aut;h- ' 1 Servinj^ to finish with, nor to,, much 

\ sneedv answer followed, but. alas, I souj;ht 

One of(;od-slar<;e ones, tardy to c.n- | If false ..r true twas spoken : praise 

d-Mise " ■ ^"'^ blame 

Itself into a period ; answers whence ^ Of what he said K'rew pretty well the 
\ tamzle of conclusions must be same 

strippd ' —Meantime awards to mean: line acts: 

At any risk ere. trim to pattern clipp'd. his soul. 

They matched rare specimens the Tneciual to the compas-,m- a \\ holt. 

Mantua llock i >^iw i" ^^ "^"''^ P'^" '' ■ ^ ^'"'' '^"^' '" 

Reiialed him with, each talker from strive 

his stock About. And as for Men in turn . . . 
Of sorted oVr opinions, every statue, c.ntiive ,-. , 

luicv in youth or desiccate xsiih Who could to take eternal mteres 

■ \„^,^ In them, so hate the worst, so love 
l-ruit's'" like the fii;-tree"s, rathe-ripe. the best ! 

rotten-rich, ThouL,di in pursuance of his pasM\t 
Sweet-s..ur, all tastes to take: a prac- plan 

,i,,. „.i,iel, 1 le hailed, decried the w.a^) .^^^ 
lie too had no! impossibly attained. " V„V^ 

Once either of tho.e fancy-lli-hts re- .^o fii,nired he: and how as 1 oet . 

iM.r,' at conjerlure how the words Came only not t.. a stand-stiU. The 

'annear worse, 

To otliers. plavin- there what passes That his poor piece ofdaily work to do 

1^^^^. 1 - " •^y.^j. ,,,,^ 5i„^. under any rivals ; wlio 

And occuuied abroa.l by what he ' I..nidly and Ioul; enoui^h, without 

sinuned these iiuaiius. 

At home, 'twas slipt the occasion he Tuned, from V.ocafoli's stark-naked 

returned , psalms, 



To Plara's sdnnets spoilt hy toying' 

As kriiips that stud sfnue jilnnij; to 
tin- |)itli 

Tricked (or ^uiii, wry thence, and 
crinkled w.irsi.- 

I. '1 pursed up exeiids of a river- 

■Nin.iini,' himself .," tlu- slime when 
" hirrs the i}reese 

I la, iui I (Jf curse lie might compete 
wiih these 

r.'.it— hut -- 

Observe a pninpion-twine afloat ; 
I'luck me one cup from off the rastle- 

Mons v.ith cup you raise leaf, stalk 
and rout. 

We'll trust lum. Would yuu have 

your son,L;s endure/ 
Build on the human heart !— Why to 

he sure 
Vours is one sort <>{ heart - hut I 

mean theirs, 
(Jurs, every one's, the healthy heart 

one carts 
To Imild on ! Central peace, mother 

of strent;ih. 
Tiiat's father of. . . nay, ^u yourself 

that len^ith, 
Ask those calm-hearted doers what 

ihey do 
Wlien they have ^ot tluir calm '. 

Nay, is it true 
F'ire rankles at the heart of every 

globe ? 

The o.ire surlace of the pool to boot. I'erhaps ! " But these are numers ..„c 
>■• coulcl I pluck a cup, put m one | may probe 

V .•.!'"i"^ • 1 . 11 , ; Too deeply for pr,etic puri'.oses: 

A smglc- Slight, did not my hand, too Rather select a theory that . . . yes 

|-,,:,^,'/','"^;, , ., I I-iiigh ! what does that prove? .. . 

l^^n h n, iheleast the rn,,t-sinn,L;s of | stations you midway 

tiie whole. ,V„j ^.^^.^j. g,^„^^ ,j , ./er-rclinlnu. 

I i' Av should e.Mernals satisfy my soul "■' ' Xay ^ 

' '''k'pe'"' '"''"'■''■ "''' ''"''"' ^'i"^^''^'^^- . '^'^■''^'^' ^«"'^ inju^l'^e done me .' I 

'Ha/arded Xaddo) fmds ; the nuui ' The 'pwl ? Don't I hold the i,oel 
,. ^an I stoop I |,j^,.^.^i 1 

I- sm- us out, <iuoth he, a mere ' Out of a host of warriors, statesmen- 
romanci; ; , ,]j,i 

II :d la.,, d,, better than the best, : I tell vou ? Very like! as well you 

enhance ; ],j,j ■' ^ > " 

: i.e sul^ects' rarity, Nsork pioblcms I That sense of power you have ' True 
P, "'". , ! bards believe ' 

1 : now you re a ba.d, a bar.l ; Us able to achieve what they achieve- 

past doubt. i That is, just nothin--in one point 

And no philosopher ; ^^ hv introduce ' abide ' 

'. n.tchets like these? f,ne, surely, but 1 I'rofounder simpletons than all lH.-side • 

, "","^'-' ,., .„ I Oh ay! The knowledtre that you are 

III poetry— whi<-h still must be, 1<, ^ ,a bard ai j ,u art 

I. •'''"'^'•'' I .^rust constitute your prin.e, nay .sole, 

l.ascd upon comm.m .sense ; thne's ! rewaid ' >•""-' 

. ""t'ii'>«Hke I So prattled" Xaddo, busiest of th- 

-M'neal.n-^^o our nature ! what beside ! tribe 

\\as your first poetry? No tricks j Of geniu.s.haunters-how shall I de- 
were tried I scribe 
In that, no hollow thrills, atiecled | What erubs or nins, ornd.s „r p'-^s- 
,- ■''''^^^•-■'•., i yourlo.ise ^ ' ''" 
Ine man, said we, tells his own joys For love, your flea for hate, n-as- 
and woes- | nanimous, ** 



Malignant. Pappacuda, Tagliafor, 
Picking a sustenance from wear and 

lly inipleniinls il sedulous employs 
T(} undertake, lay down, mete <>r,t, 

Simlello? lifiv creepers to elude 
At once ! they settled stanchly ; ; 
shame ensued : _ | 

Heboid the monarch of mankind suc- 

To the l.isl fool who turned hnn 

round his thumli. 
As Naddo Mvled it : "Twasnot worlli 

The matter nf a moment, gainsay 

He aimed at gef.ini; rid of; better 

Their thoughts and speak their speech, 

secure to slink 
Hack expeditiously to his safe i)lace. 
And chew the cud— what he and 

what his race 
Were really, each of them. Vet even 

'Jonfurmity w:'s partial. He would 

Some poinl, brought into contact with 

them ere 
Assured in what small segment of the 

Of his existence they attended him ; 
Whence blunder^, falsehoods rectify 

— a grim 
List— slur il over ! I low ? If dreams 

w're tried, 
]\]s will swayed sicklily from side to 

Not merely neutralized his wilcing act 
Hut tended e'en in firncy to distract 
The intermediate will, the choice of 

mctjus : 
lie lost the art of dreamiiU: : Mantua 

sci lies 
Supplied a baron, sny, he sung before. 
Handsomely reckless, full to running 

^, ,, . • , ,1.:,..., .u., ..,,,,1 

UI raiKU-.ines - 

Himself in dream thus low when 

matter fast 
Cried out, he found, for spirit to oii- 

And task it duly ; by advances slight. 
The simple stulV becoming comi)osite. 
Count l.ori grew AiwUo— best recall 

I.:,..., .u.. 


With body, therefore ! Scarcely had 
he bent 

His fan.y ! Then would some rough 

peasant -I'atd 
Like lho>,e old Kcelin confers with, 

His gay aj^ijarel o'er; that rountcn 

Cathered his shattered fancy into one. 
And, body clean abolished, soul alone 
Sufficed the grey I'auiician: by-andd)y 
To lialance the ethereality 
I'assions were needed ; foiled he sank 
Meanwhile the world rejoiced ^ tis 
time exiilain) 
I'.ecause a sudden sickness set it free 
l-rum Adelaide. Mis:,ingthc mother- 
Her mountain hive Romano swarmed ; 
I at once 

A rustic forth of daughters and of sons 
Blackened the valley. I am sick t(io, 

ol'J' , „ 1 

Half crazed I think ; what good s the 

Kaiser's gold 
To such an one? (lod help me ! for 

I catch 
My children's greedy sparkling eye>, 

at watch — 
He bears that double breastplate on, 

they say, , 

So many minutes less than yesterday . 
lieside Slonk Hilary is on his knees 
Xo- , sworn to kneel and pray till 

G. .'. shall please 
Exact a punishment for many things 
Vou know and some you never knew ; 

which brings 
To meniorv, Azzo's sister Beatrix 
And Richard's C.iglia are my Alberic's 
And Ecelin's betrothed ; the Count 

\T.j>t ect my Palma ; Ghibellin and 

Mean to embrace each other. Sobegan 
Romano's missive to his tighling-man 




'r;iurcllo on llio 1 a.-^caiis <k-;ii!i, auay 
Willi l-'rieilric!i s\\..rii Id sail riniii 

Naplfs' lia)- 
XeM 111. .nth U t S) ria. \cvcr ilniniic-r- 

'Hit o( Wsuviu.i' iiK.unt like this 

Martkd him. That accursed Vi- 

i-cii/ri 1 I 
Ali.scnl, aiul slic selects this time to 

die ! 
!lo, fellows, for N'icenza ! Haifa 


< Jf liorses ridden dead he stood before 
lOmiaiio ill hi.-) recking; spurs: Ujo 

lloniface urj;ed me, Este could not 

Tlic chieftain stammered ; let mc die 

in peace — 
i ort;i>t me! Was it I e'er craved 

f )f rule ? Do yni and Fried rich plot 

your wor.^l 
.\L;ainst the Father : as y<iu found me 

~-o leave me now. For|,'ive me! 

I'alma, sure, 
' - at ( loito still. Retain that lure — 

< Milv he pacified ! 

W as ancient ia her archiweb and ^hc 

A pride in him, that city, nor forsook 
Her child thouijli he himself 

and spent 
A prowess on Romnno surely meant 
Fv)r hisowii purposes— he ne'er results 
If wholly satisfied (to tru>t reijorls) 
With Kceliii. So, forw.ird in u trice 
Were shows to greet him. Take a 

friend's advice, 
(Juoth Xaddo to Sonlello. n(jr he rash 
Because your 1 ivai-. (noihini; can abash 
.Some folks I demur that we pro- 

noiinced you I'cst 
' To sound the great man's welcome; 

'tis a test," 
Remember; Strojavaccalooks asquint, 
The rou:;li fat sloven ; and there's 

plenty hint 
Vour pinions have received of late a 

shock — 
Out-soar them, cobswaii <.f the silver 

(lock ! 
Sing well ! A signal wonder .<:ong'3 

no whit 

Fast the minutes flit ; 
Another day, Sotdello finds, will bring 
I The soldier, and he cannot choose but 
The country ru;;;^ ' sing; 

^' ith such a piece of news : (m every : .^o ouils, a last shift, Mantua— slow 

tongue _ I *;i]one : 

How Fcchn's great .-ervant, congee,] : Out of that aching brain, a very stone, 
, /'*!' , , , Song must be struck. What occupie.s 

Had clone a long day's .service, so | that front? 

might doff I fust how he was more awkward than 

1 he green and yellow to recover his wont 

, '"^■■'I'l , i The night before, when Naddo. wh(. 

-\t .Mantu.i, whither, smcc Ixetrude's : had .seen 

^''-■.■''■'.'•, . : T.aurello on his progress, praised the 

( 1 he girlisn slip of a Sicilian bride mien 

From Otho's house he carried to ! For dignity no cro.sses couid affect— 
'■'■'""''^ I -■^uch was a joy, and might not he 

A satisfaction if established joys. 

.At Mantua till the FVrrarese should 

■V .structure worthy her imperial 

The gardens raise, their tenantry en- 

She never lived to .^ee) although his 

Were proved imposture?' Poetry 

It.i jitmfist ■ wh.eref(ire fr;'t ? V^rsps 

may come 
Or keep away : And thus he 

wandered, dumb 

' 'lijIiiMlMiiteii- 



Till c\(Miin;;. when lie j),iummI, 

lliurminlily s|i(.ii!, 
On ;i Mind liill-Iup ; down the J^oil^c 

h'.' wuni, 
Vifldin;.; liinr-.(--lf lip a- lo an cnilir.ici- : 
'I'liL- nviuri iMiiK- I'Ui ; like leauirus ut' 

a face 
A i|ui.-nil(Mi-. fraternity of jjiiies, 
Sad black) licrn cUiinps, lcatle>s and 

^rDVciiiii:^ incs 
Al-.i canie out. made i^iadiially up 
Tiie picture ; 'twas (ioilo's niountaiii- 

And castle. 1 le liad (lr<)[)[)e<l thmu^li 

(ine defile 
lie never dared explore, the Chief 


Ikit more niysteriinis ; j^onc to ruin - 

Of vine llir,)' tvery loop-hole. 

Nought avails 
The ni^ht as, torch in hand, he iiui5t 

I he maple cliamher — did I say its tloor 
Was made of intersecting cedar 

heams ? 
Worn now with yaps so large there 

blew Cold streams 
Of air (juiie from the dunLjeon ; lay 

your ear 
Close and 'lis like, one after one, you 

In the blind darkness water-drops. 

The nesls 

^•■- ^ ] 

Had vanished by. Hack rushed the 1 And nooks retain their lon^-raui^ed 

(heim, eawrapl 


llini wholly, 'Twas Apollo now ; l"in])ty and smellinj; of the iris-root 

they lapped : The Tuscan yrated o'er them lu recruit 

Those mountains, not a pettish j Iler wasted wits, ralma was gone 

minstrel meant j that day. 

To wear his soul away in discontent i Saitl the reiiiainiiiL; women. La^t. 

liroodin;j; on fortune's malice : heart ; he lay 

and brain Beside the Cariaii j;rinip re-crvedand 

Swelled; he expanded to himself at;ain I still. 

.\s that thin -.eedling spice-tree starved 

and frail 
I'usliini^ between cat's liea<l or ibis' tail 
(.rus'ed into the porjihyry pavement 

—Suffered remain just as it sprung to 

The Soldau's pining daughter, never 

Well in the chilly green-glazed 

minaret — 
When rooted, uj) the sunny day she 

And tUmg into the common court 

Its parent tree. Come home, Hor- 

dello ! .Soon 
Was he low muttering beneath the 

(J)f sorrow saved, of quiet evermore. 
How from his purposes maintained 

t)nly resulted wailing and hot tears. 
Ah, the slim castle ! dwindled of late 


The lioily, the Machine for Acting 

Had been at tlic commencement 

proved unl'it ; 
That for Reilectiiig, Demonstrating it, 
.^Iankind — no titter : was the Will 

In fault? 

His forehead pressed the 

moonlit shelf 
Beside the youngest marble maid 

awhile ; 
Then, raising it, he thought, with a 

long smile, 
I shall be king again I as he withdrew 
The envied scarf; into the font he threw 
His crown. 

Next day, no poet ! Where- 
fore ? asked 
Taurello, when the dance of Jongleurs 

As devils ended ; don't a song come 

next .'' 
The master of the pageant looked 




i I Jr. I r ;..! 1 i'sr;iiu'w,.vw,..u, CuudX d.n... : 

■Mantua's familiar 

'"':;^;.': -'■•""-' " «™'-- i«,-i ,i„. 

'""■.:';;:;'„—'"" '- -: "'-"nH. ».■,„.„:,„,*„„ ,„ 

And breadth, .•m,,.,! tl,, 1 ;.. ■■'""'c or sii^li 

wiihtii;;tu^s;:."" --'->- :'■•■-. K...d, ij, .,,.„,, ,„, i^„„,,,,._ 

-'phrasintMiil, l„s stuck ,,f nhnscs Th,. 1 !"" I f 

N'^'>H. ' "•'■^'' "'^ 'f /:it-e glances tlir.nii^h ihc 

I !i^' tM>>-iiaturc,iM.l.licrsn.ilc<i isscat ^ Tl, . "> '."""^■'• 

>cttk.d his portly pcrso,,. ^ .I: ^" j ' ''^ i^;^ ^"'7 !'-''™"rs Uvixt the 
Ills chin, .... ''l"-;'"inc(l vines 

And lUHldcd that the Lull-chase ini^ht -J^liA.liu''" ^^"''''"^ ^^'H'''^'"' ' r 

, '<^';"»'l.>a.^sSclf.percepti„„idiv.s.,u<rht 
; i'^y forcing, halt hiinself-an' insane 
. pulse 

1500K THE THIRD ^ '^'^ 'l;onvul!- ''''"''' "" ''''*^' '^ '"""'•' 

A^I> the (;„u t,,„k the.,: let our *'''"";' ,"'"™"-'-^"» human sights 
laurels lie ' "^ ^ T '^'"^ ^""'"Js '^ 

'-"■'1 >>H.onfcrn n,nv with mvs.i,- "?'"''',""■" "^^^^^ ''■'"' ^^''h ; irk- 
trifoly 'ii}>ii. some bounds 

':-caLLse once more (ioiio m.,-, ,„„.„ '■■'''"' /•■■■u to its source, a louniain 

more, *=" ' " '' ; ,. •^'"•i'^-*' 

-Tdello to itself: A dream is „\-r ru''^''"'- ^'""^^^'l ■'^''•^ ''*-' imievealecl 
^-i the suspended lile bS aneu ■ "T'' ^^""^'^^ = ^"«-'i- «-'' or 

'J;'"-'t those throbbiii'' tcmi)les ih,-,' r r '1 , •, 

subdue " '"''' "'""• ^' ^'"'?!;^"i ^v'th: what further use of 

rhal cheek's disiorli<;n ! \vinc\ ' L • . ■ , 

Mric, embrace, ' ^ 7^ '^'"^ '." f''^' PHme idea not realise,] 

'--;:„ the pas,, sh.dl -n ; ^l! ^;::;t;l- -J^-'^ ^^^^^^^^ 

'^' Fi;;tas .en-f.ctitious humours : Deli^t^^'^rove the .hole abo ^ 
-;;;'e^ue-loves, hatreds not his ^ To .S'^ecome all natures yet 

Kive Us 


'■ ! ""'i him pure as s<,me formtten The kw of , „ ' 

vest -^ intiawof (jiies own nature— to re- 

sheeted lip, ^ ^''" ... chestnut, think, 

I'tfi welter where a trireme let it slii> " ^''■'•"'" '"T •''',' '""■'' larch- bloom 
I the sea and vexed •, <.,l..\ " '.,''' ,... ."'.^P •''"'^ P"'l^. 

stain ""' ' -" '"^ , '^'^'1 '""-'•■ pale iragrant tears where 

0- .1,0 ™m r„».„ .„„„„ „,„ ; „„;^*-'™* „. ,„„^ 

tree branch I 


^111 Mil iiwifimi 

1 86 


Will .m.l Mu- .n..u„ !.. U'.w ^wll, The «.,.!,. r, ihall.c,mr wl,.. 

Ma.SaK iinuml! ul.jurc 1!,..,.. all Ilmulr.-U <.f .•- f^.n-'t. ii> iri-l, 

Amuse, no; t.inpt Itom.c : ami, ihu,. , Us craluhc hnm,, 1,.av uihcr l,r..ut;l.i 

Say, iu^t'isl:unri.tii-.v<lu.,ul,ll!.c! Sim;in- M, eVr ; ih;:i i.uuliy n.i^lii 

Tl.ou visitevt I...-on,fort .n.l iK-friclul ; Witli any m A,„,llus m„w. 1 he ^ar 
>win. Ihuu hv.nmy :,,id llu:.e an H-an U. Iind u. early i.nm.>.o se,e 

' ^j ' I As welt. liuis beauty vainslRs . 

Sinee"l l.o,s.>s iIhv ! niy. tlur. :-liut '; N'-uir stune ... • I 

,„|„;. eyes (Hula^is your tlesh. Natun- s and 

\,ulkn..u-. ,iuitL-kn..w, l.yihal heart'. ; his vuih t;, , •, , 

fall and rise ''i^'y l^-'h ihe %vorl<l t'.y.m and wishe-l 

If ih.m dost I'ury thee ill cl.niils aii<l ; you joy. 

J .i ' ; Wii.n^toiipinv hislienev.ilenleinpI'.N 

(),eprarii.eupoM| A presage shuddered thnuu;h ih. 

^j .J, I welkin ; harsh 

To make tl>at plainer to myself? ] The e.inh's r.Mnonstran.c lollow.,1. 

Slide here I Fwas the marsh _ 

Over a .weel and soliury year , | < ione of a su.iden. Mine.o m il- 

Wasted: or simply notice ehani^e m i I'l^ce ^ 

him- , a hroad water in nexlmorii. 

Howcyes.hri-ht with exjilorini; once, ini^"s face ... 

.rrl-w dim "^"'l' ^^^^'-■f'-" ^'"^ ""^^■■' '"■"^■'' "'' "" 

And "satiate with rereiving. Son.; mense and while 

^jj^jj.^,^^ r the steady wind, burned 

(Jccasioned, toil, a sort of conscious- ; of lii;hi ■ , ,, 

j^g.^ I Out ofthe cra.lnn^ol amyri.adstar- 

l-iuler the ; noui^ht kept And here was Nature, bound by thi 

That down : he slept, but »vas aware same lars 

he slept ' 'f f'^''-' ''"■'' '"'" ■ 

\nd frustmte so : as who brainsick , No : youth once ^onc is ^onc 

made pact \ J>^-<'^ '^'^ -'^'-^M-- ^^o never .0 b 

Frst with the overhanij,in<^ cataract ' done: • r .1 ,. 

To deafen him, vet m:l^^listint;nisi^ Leaf-fall and grass-sprnv^ for the yea, 

now ' ''"^ "^~ 

His own blood's m..asured cliekin- at ; Oh forfeit I unalterably thus 

Ws brow. My chance? nor tw-. lives wait nu 

To finish. * One dcclinin- Autumn this to spend 

,], I T.oarnin- save that? Nature h, 

I-cw birds a1>out the licaven chill | leisure mend 

,,n,l „rey, Mi-take, occasion, knows she \m 

\,. wind^hat cared trouble the tacit I recur- 

woi'ds — 
lie sauntered home complacently, 

their mood^ 
Accnrdin._', his and Nature's. Every 

Of M.-intua life was trodden out; so 


Landslip or seabreach how aliects 

With her mae;nitirent res<nirces? I 
Must i<erish once and perish utterly 
Not any ^Lroiillu;> iio»\ at even ;::■-•:• 
Down the field-path, Sordello, 1 

thorn -rows 


Alive with lamp.nies swimminir smts 

of tire 
\"'I <l.'w, ouilinii.;; ibc Mark cypress' 

--lie wiiits you ;,t, i:iys, \vl„, J.carfl you 

lllsl ' 


Throuf;h van<iuishc<l'Hy7iiiit to have 

Hdtccj liiiii 

What j), masHve, s;ir(liiis 

'Twcri- tittosi we traiisporl to \ tnicc' 

M.r eyes Jre „n the j;r,n,„.l ; 'ti, ^" ""'''" ^'^''- •'^""'^' '"^-- ''«''^'«'^ 
July, strong 

\'>w; and hecaiisc whi»e (Iiisi-rlnu.Is 


' liat holds liie moon she meets you 
somewhat pale. 

peaces, wars- 
Ah, fraj^inents ,,( a \\ }iolc ordained 
to he ! 

l'>>ints in the life I wailed ! w hat are ye 
lint ruuiulels ol a ladder which ap- 

'"^"'i<-t whidi hade forego you all 

^■e led me jiast yourselves? ,\y, 

Awaited me ; the way lii> should i»o 

Was to acquire, and deeds like you 

To teach it by a self-revcalmeni 

That very use too long). Whatever 

Progress to that was Pleasure ; auidu 

that stayed 
My reaching it— No Pleasure. I have 

'I he roundels down ; I climb not : 

still aloft 
The platform stretches ! Blisses 

strong and soft 
I (larcd not entertain elude me; yet 
Never of what they promised could I 

A glimpse till now ! The common 

sort, the crowd. 
Exist, perceive; with Being are en- 

However slight, distinct from what 

they See. 
{icwevcr hounded : Ilapplnessmusiiie 
To feed the first by gleanings from 
the last, 
I Attain its qualities, and slow or fast 

"I" love - heart's love- your heart's 

love that endures 
'■11 'leath. Tush ! No mad mixint' 

with the rout 
"f haggard wandering about 
uie hot torchlit wine-scente(f island- 
Wlicre Friedrich holds liis wickedest 

I' -rading to the gay I'alermitans, 
>>ft .Messinese, dusk .Saracenic clans 
i loni Xuocera, those ta'! grave 

dazzling Norse, 
Clear-cheeked, lank-haiied, tootlied 

whiter than the morse, 
' 'iiccns of the caves of jet stalactites 
lie sent his kirks to fetch through icy 

riie blind night without a saving- 

And here in snowy birdskin robes they 

';"r(le!lo. here, mollitious alcoves gilt 

Superb as Byzant-domes tint devils 

—Ah, Byzant, there again ! no chance 
to go 

Kver like august pleasant Dandolo, 
" orshiouiniT henrts a'>oiit Viirv. r^, .. 

wall'. " '■ ' ' 

Conducted, blind eyes, hundred years 

and all, 

1 88 


I'.ciniiie wh.ii lliry 1m liul.l ; .ucli My iniiislrtl's tr.idc, was to Ulidld 

lif.ui-iiislrilc nuiiikiml, 

Ily ir.iiiMiuitaliDii i^ ihc U>e<if Life, Ami my <)sm> iiuiitir jii-i lu I'riiii^ in\ 

Tlic Alien iiiniini^ N;itivc to iliL' villi | iiiitiil 

Or Ixxly ulii<:li instructs ini; ; I am j l(c!ii)l<l. ju-l cxlric.iK.', Iwr my .k • 

wiii>K- i <iui>t, 

Tlierc ;in(i (iiin.iiKl .1 r.ilni.i ; li.ul ll'c Kacli i)lijctt Milli.ri(l >tlllc in llir 

wipilil 1 mi"-! 

I'.ci'ii finm my m)ii1 {>• a like ilisi.iiuc j Cimvciuinii, hazard, hlindiioss cuiiM 

ImrliMl ' ; im|)(>;,c 

'Twctf Ilaintim.-^ t" it one with | In their rel.ilion to myself. 

me I llen.M. 

Wheie.i-, I niusi. eie F L.-in In lie. j Tile level wind tarn, i! ahove the lir^ 

ihclU'ie a world, ill llesh, I com- ! I louds, the itrcvoe.ihic lra\ ellers, 

prrhiiKl Onward 
III spirit now : and tlii-^ dune, what's 

to lilrllcl 

With? Nim;;ht is Alien here -my Will 
t )\Mis all already ; yet can turn it still 
Less Native, since my Means to eorrc- 

]i iiul 
With Will aie so iinuouhy "twas m\' 
tread ih'.- ve'V ones that tantalise 

I'ushcd liuis int<i a ■Irowsy rop^e. 

Arms twine ahout my neck, each eye- 
lid dro[)> 

1,'nder a humid linger ; wliile there 

( )iilside the s-recii a paj;eant time re- 

Never again 1 To he deposed — 

Me now into a t;rave, never to rise— ^ Clandestinely -still petted, still a>- 

[ die ihea ! Will the rest a'^ree todie? 
\e\t A^eor no? Shall its Sordello try 
Clue alter clue anil ( atch at last the 

I mi-^s, that's mulenieath my linger V o. 
Twice, thrite a day, peril, ps, — some 

yearning traced 
Deeper, some petty conseiiuence eiii- 



To j^overn were fatiguing work — the 

ITccling nieatiw hile I ' Fis noontide- 
wreak ere night 

Somehow one's will upon it rather! 

'I'his thirst soiirehow, the iH>nre>t 
impress take 

Closer ! Why ikd I Mantua then? That serves ! A hla.sted hud display. 

CompI, lined | yo", torn. 

So much my Will was fettered, yet j Faint rudiments of the full tlower un- 

remained I born ; 

Content within a tether lialf the range j lUil who divines wliat petal cuuts 
I could assign it ? - al.l.' to exchange u'erdas!) 

.My ignorance, I felt. |. .r knowledge, 

Idle I could thus under- 
stand — 

Couhl e'en have penel fated to its core 

( >ur mortal my.stery, and yet forbore, 

Preferred elaborating in the dark 

My casual stuft", by any wretched sp.irk 

Horn of my predecessors, th.o' one 

Of mine liad brought the llame forth '. \ depart 

^laiitua's yoke, i Together : avail a jx)et's heart 

(Jf the bull) dormant in the Mummy ^ 

T.iurello sent . . - 

Taurello? I'alma sent 
Vour Trouvere (Xaddo interposiiii; 

i)ver t!ie lo^t barl's slioulder), ami 

Vou cannot more reluctantly conceive 
'!'h -.n T i-.r.--.!v.'.:!ic." ]:<'r !!ii-;sn<'e : wf 




-itiKc hi.n. News? Wi.v, «!„.,. J Kin V '""''" '■■"•"■'.'"•.''- 

your niiirisli was, i 1 h r .1^ 1 1 

■»n i-> nn„|.|,anks s\unU n-s aO-r ! " '■;;';;|;"''> ■'- "' K'-"l'!'-'".l.h..r.-, 

rihe'vat^^^ ^-'1' il- I'.,n,i..; .li. 

-!'. >P-:rl.r.,i,|.n,;,M,,,I..,l,ank., i "" rc'T ^'"' "'' '""^' ''"' '""'' 

1 (JUC- s. . -[1 , , 

! r.hem. Th,. la.hor uf.,ur I-.„r.,n,..s i Jit' l-rKma^n. l-mb-n .f 

I i.KtK-twcc, Kr..|iMan.lAII,c-rir ' hy Ad, "'■" '•^•<' '""K «-'nHi 

'••^ ;;-I.h an,l ,oes in,., a ,..,„vent : ^ S-Hdl,..,,. a,.,. Paln.a : l,n„. ,.....,. 
^Vc.! (iudi;: ,1,.. (•„„,„ an.l l-al,,,:. ' "'J" "' ''"' ''"^•■'' '•" "' ^"'' 

'"-Lr"'''^ ^ '-«iia;»^!;i'''™:!:r;:rs:£:: 

'■'"■!"::!::r- '- -»«- «-".f^":';!"„s"t , „ 

r. t>- I 1 .. niish, 

I ..■ ^.u.;.K.H s,.,nns I..nara. V.,„r ! A ,o.,k I^ .„, a shH^in, lip. s,,. 

T..-al.naP. Wl,erer,..j..^ l>.,.n \ V.n JT .u- nu,s. , . 

A ,..l^..„,u. : I„ ,n„„ , hanily KanErip'.he I„c,..,, ,,,,,...,,.1 

"■11 \\is(lom in ih.- wilds hcrt-?- ; Till iV^t^url!! .„,. f p 1 • 
;;v.r-poc.H-al (;,r pue.ry ? ! iJ^ S;; ^'^''"'' ''" ''"" "^"^^ 

IVarl-wliite y,ni minstrels liken 
I'alnia's ni-ck. 

Amlyet what spoils an oriont like sonic 

<'f jjcnuine whiu- turning; its own 

wliite ^rey ? 
'1 "11 lake nie ? Curse the cirales ! 

< >ne more day — 
' 'ne eve -appeals \erona ! Many a 


^ ou mind), instructed <.f the osprev'> 

' "1 lynx and ounce, was Kalhering— 

'^':ie to receive, whate'er it m^^'lu he, 

I iir evenintj's purpose cheer or detri- 

Nince Friedrich only waited some 


And leaned into Verona's air deui still 
A halcony I,,y I, lark heneaih until 
Out mid a i;ush of lorchlire, rrey. 

haired men 
Cameon it and liaran},'U( tl ihepeonle- 

then ' ■ 

Sea-like that people surj;in},' 1,, and fro 
Miouted, Hale forth the Carrodi— 

trumpets, ho, 
A flourish ! nui it in the ancient 

t^rooves — 
Hack from the hell ! Ilamnur '. that 

whrini hehnoves 
.>ray hear the I,en,mie is up : IVal t 

learn who list, 
\'erona means not he th<- first hreak 

I ryst 
To-morrow with the I.eai,'ue. 

Knour;h. N'.iw turn — 
Over the Eastern tyijrcsses : discern 


Is any beacon set a-glimmer? 

The air with shouts that Dverpowcrcd 

the clant; 
Of the incessant carroch even. 

Haste — 
The Candle's at the s^ate-way ! ere it 

Each soldier stands beside, armed t'lt 

to march 
With Tiso Sampicr through that 

Eastern arch ! 
Ferrara's succoured, I'alma ! 

Once agal'i 
They sate toi;ether ; some strani^e 

thint; in train 
To say, so (hitkuit was I'ahiia's phice 
In takini;, with a coy fastidious i;racc 
Like the bird's flutter ere it fix aiid 

feed ; 
I5ut when she felt she held her friend 

Safe, slie threw back her curls, beg.m 


So far, .so much ; as now it signified 

Which earthly shape it henceforth 
chose to fjuide 

Me by whose lip selected to declare 

Its oracles, what lleshly garb woulc' 
wear : 

—The first of intimations, whom to 
love ; 

The ne.\l, how love him. .And that 
orb above 

Tlie castle-covert and the mountain- 

Slow in appearini;, if beneath arose 

Craviiv^s, aversions, and our green 

Take pride in me at unawares dis- 

With this or that endowment, how 

At once such jettins; power shrank 
to the rest ! 

Was I to have a chance touch spoil 
me, leave 

My spirit thence unfitted to receive 

Her lessons ; telling of another want j The consummating spell ?-that spell 

(ioito'-i quiet nourished than his own ; j so near 

Palnia -to serve, as him -be served, ; Moreover: waits he not the waking 

alone ! y^^'"' •'',,, , , 

Imiwrting ; Agnes' milk so neutralised ; His almond-blossoms must he lioncy- 

The blood of^Ecelin. Nor be sur- j ripe ,. . , 

priced I 15y this ; to welcome him fresh runnels 

If while Sordello nature captive led, j stripe , 

In dream was I'alma wholly subjected | The thawed ravines ; because of turn 

To some out-soul which dawned not 1 the wind 

Ihoui^h s' ; pined j Walks like a herald. I shall surely 

Delaying still (pursued she) heart and j find 

mind : Him now ! 

To live : how dared I let expand the 

Within me till some out -soul whose 

It grew for should direct it ? E'-ery law 
nflife, Its fitnesses and every flaw. 
Must that determine whose corporeal 

Would be no other than the prime 

And revelation to me of a Will 
Orb-like o'ershrouded and inscrutable 
Above except the point I was to know 

And chief earnest April morn 
Of Richard's Love-court was it time, 

so worn 
And white her cheek, so idly her 

blood beat, 
Sittin<^ that morn beside the Lady's 

.Vnd saying as she prompted ; till 

One face from all the fiices— not then 

She knew it ; where in maple-chaml)ef 


/vuove cxecui me i^uim » ».« i" rv.iv... | f,.- 7 . 1 . 

Shuuc tn.u mvsGir. my powers. n;:^:it ; V.rown-.u *..,, "... j,.i - 

overflow ■ pomegranate blooms 


\(Ivanced it ever? Men's acknow- 

-.uiciionc-(i her own : 'iwas taken, 

I'alma's lienl. 
-iie said. 

And day l,y day the Tuscan dunil, 
-ir scheming, scheinin-; Kcclin would 

t -'.nnt, scared, Cesano Laflles me, lie'd 

say : 

i-'tcr I fuu^lu it out my i^uiier's 
W a}- I 

":ranj^le 1 errara in its drownii' 

.\iid you and your Taurello yonder— 

K.iniano's Imsiuess tliere? An hour's 

"'■' cure the froward Chief .'—induced 

' i:;ch heartened from tliose (Aerinean- 

U)'^ cyrs, 
*\ niuid up to persevere, his enteriirise 1 
M, irked out anew, iis exigent of wit ' 
V portioned, she at Hheriy lo sit 
.'wni .scheme at^ainst the 'next enier- 

L;eni-e, I — 
1 ' covet what I deemed tlieir sprite 

made fly , 

"rfold the wini;— tocoii your horo- i 

i r leavecoinmand those steely shafts 
shoot ope 

"I Mraij;hl assuaj^e their hlindin- 

1 ' hlank smooth snow: what sem- 

lilance of success 
f') any of my plans for making you 
K-mano's lord? Tliat chief— her 

children too — 
li^-ie Salinguerra would ohslruct me 

And the insuperable Tuscan here 
^' lyed me ! liut one wild eve that 

Lady died 
In her lone chaniher : only I beside : 
I ;-reilo far at Naples, and my sire 
A; I'.uiua, Kcelin away in ire 
\'i:h Alberic: she held me thus— a 


■■ ■ .:;.!i,c i.ur >piiii.-> Ub our bodies 

10 I 

And so began flinging the past up, 

Of un ou'h treasure fi(jm their sunles.s 

Within her suul ; deeds rose along 

\\iih dreams, 

h'ragments of many miserable schemes. 
.Secrets, more secrets, then -no, not 
i the last— 

! '.Mongsl others, like a casual trick (,' 
the ])ast, 
How . . . ay. she told me, gathering 

'I hat face of hers into one ;i,xh- 

'I'o die with . . . 

iriend, 'ti>g,,ne! but not the fear 
<'f thai fell laughing, heard as now I 

Nor faltered voice, imr seemed her 

heart grow weak, 
\\hen i' the midst al-rupt she ceased 

lo speak 
— Dead, as to s^rve a purpose, mark, 

for in 
Rushed o' the very instant Kcelin 
(Uow summoned who divines ?j look- 
ing as if 
I'.irt understood he why his mate lav 
stiff ' •* 

-Mready in my arms, for. Girl, how 

Iinanage Kmc in the matter thrust 
Tpon me, luiw unravel thvir bad coil ? 
Suice (he declared) 'tis on your brow 

— a Soil 
Like hers there ! then said in a breath 

he lacked 
No coun>el after all. had signed no 

Wuh devils, nor was treason here or 

(ioito or Vicenza, his affair : 
He'd bury it in .Adelaide's deep grave 
And begin life afresh, nor, either, 

For .any Friedrich's or Taurello's sake! 
What i)ooted him to meddle or to 

In Lombardy? 'Twas afti-rward I 

I he meaning of liis promise to undo 



All she had done— why man i:u;cs ' ( unc-incd the ajiparition, yon grim 

were iii.ide, Kiiii;ht 

New fiiend.^hips entered on, old ; Wlio f.illowed Conr.ul hither in such 

followers pLiid j l^h.^ht 

With eurses for their pains, people's ; lli^ uiniosl wealth was rerkoned in 

uinaze j his steed ? 

At. tieii;ht. when, [las-iiv^ out hy (late i i-or Keelo, that prowler, was decreed 

St. lilaise i A task in the l«;.;iinvnt; li;;/.ardoiis 

He stopped short in \ii-en/a, hent his To him as ever task can he to us, 

In;a(l ' liut did the weallu r-lieateil ihief 

Over a friar's neck, had vowed, he ; despair 

said, ; Wlien lii^t oi;r civsial cincture of 

Loni; since. iii;di thirty years, hecau-e ' warm air, 

"bis wife ' I That hinds theTrivisanasitsspiced)elt 

And child w.. -re saved thi'>-e. toheshiw j (Crusa.iers .say) llie tract where Jesus 

his life I dwelt. 

On God, his (settings on tile Church. 1 l''inlive he pierced and K^te was to 

I'xiled I face- 

Within C.oilo, still thai dream he- j 1 )espaired Sapinian Streni;lh of Loni- 

<;uiled | I'ard Crace? 

Her 'days and ni^_;hts; 'twas found ^ ."^aid he f t makini; surer au-ht ma. le 

tlie orb >he >ouij;ht ' sure. 

To serve, tho.>e i^'hmpses came of j Maturini; what already wa^, mature :■ 

Fomalhiui " I No; his heart prompted Kcelo, Con- 

No other: h^w then serve it? — 

Him and Komano mingle destinies? 
And str.H'jht Romano's an"el stood 

l-;ste. inspect yourself. What's nature ? 

Discard three-parts y. lur nature and 
Her uho had else been Il.iniface's I The rest as an advantac;e ! Old 

I, ride. .SlreULjth propped 

For Salinu'uerra 'twas, the neck low The earliest of I'odestas among 

bent, The \incentincs. no less than, while 

Aiul voice lightened to music as he tliere sprung; 

meant " His I'alace up in Padua like a threat, 

To learn not teach me liow Romano Their noblest spied a (irace unnoticed 

w.axed, ' vet 

Wheretore it waned and why if I In Conrad's crew. Thus far the 

relaxed ; object gained. 

-My ^rasp (thinks I!) would drop i Romano was estal)li>hed ; has re- 

a thing eliete, j nianied- 

Fr.iyed by itself, uneipial to complete ; For are you not Italian, truly peer 
■J'he course and counting eveiy step; WiiliFMe? A7/0 better soothes it ear* 

astray i Thae Albe'ic? or is this lion's-crine 

A gain so much. Romano every: From o\er-mount Ithis yellow hair >.( 

" way mine) 

Stable, a Ib.u,e now — why this ^tart- So weak a graft on Agnes Este's 

ing back ^ stock ? 

Into the very oui-et of its track? j Thus went he im with something ot 

Tliis recent ijatchiiig-iirincinle allied i a mock) 

Our House with other Houses — what j - ' 

beside ' * [Sic] 

' ;.nmle<i yo„, refuse tn in,i,a,e 
^--'^icl farther? F.H,,,,, since 

him' " ""■ ''''"'■ •■' '■•'^'i'er 
\-l y-, (he Kai..r: uh„n, y„ur 

F;.reKoes or, better, never shall f;,re,.) 
' ' •^'•"■^ ''f ^'^ Pursue what Kcelo " 

''~ced but KeelincJesists from: 

A- Adelaide of Susacoul.iiniru.t 

iIerdo„atn-e(thafs Piedmont to the 
I o[ie, 

'Ik- Alpine-,xiss for hin. to shut ,,r 
ope ' 

^'•^t.lda s perfec.,ns,_Iest aught-dis- 
"ur Adelaide's great counter.project 

'h!:n^;S^ '''"^ ^"- '--ny. 

' '''^^ioo- ^' ^''"'^"" f''*"'''''"-''' '^^''-■nf- 



'rk'ed mo Taurello wi,h his half- 
smile. ' 

\s Patron of the scattered fxmilv "'' 
•'■nv^Tea me to his Mantua, kept in 

'ml, the Kaiser excommunicate, 
■N-ihmir remams, Taurello said, but 
wait ' 

N'me rash procedure: Palma was the 

•\^ Agnes- child, between us, and 
they shrink 


""'nce'-*"''' '"'■''''''^ ^""^ '"^^"•- 

;Madua by laurello's self, took place 

I'liat day sh 

Agreed for, by TaurcIIo's pohVy 
Conviaing Richard of theVault, since 

Were preMM to annul or 10 confirm 
'-'-U hose p„i..nce had ou.staS 
'."litted Verona f.r the siege. 

br.l^^^ ""-■ '■"^"■'' ■^"^^ello's 

'■"'"■ ""■s? A month since Oliero 

All Kcelin that was into a ^fonk • 

"" !""■ could Salinguerra so forg., 

'I.shegeofthirty summers as grmlge 

')ne effort fo recover him.;' He sent 

^•-nhwuh the tidings of the Town', 

To Oliero. adding, he, despite 

Therecent,,lly, recognised his right 

1- order such proceedings: should he 

wring "- 

lis uttermost advantage out, or fling 
I his chance away? Ifnothim,who 
\vas Head 

N-H-of the House? Through me 
that missive sped; 

,V>'7,^^''';.-''"^^^r will by me return. 
1-hold! l-orhnn, he writes, no more 

, With Mrifethanf.r his children. ith 

"^^tlrl'- '^''' -^g'^'.-ements out 
tie lilots 

'•'"r aye: Taurello shall no more 

X'-r Kcelin impose! Lot this un- 


"im therefore at this juncture, slack 
Ins grip 

Of. Richard, suffer the occaM'nn slip 
'- >n his sons' <ieta„lt (who, „,„, ,ur 

v.i!h -^ 

I-;ste, forsake Romano as th.e hiih 
i!s mainsea f,r the firndand tint 

makes head 

Against)! stand, Romano; in ,heir 



e sought \'erona with ll 


sume^the station they desert, and 

11, as the Kaiser's 1 




T;iur>-llo licence- he (k>m;inds. Mid- 
Morniiis^— hy noon to-morrow, niak- 

Df the Lea'^iic's ib^uc, wc, in some 
:;;iy weed 

Like' yours disguised together, may 

The arliilralor.i to Ferrara ; reach 

llini, let Tauicllo's rmhle accenls 

The rest ! then say if I have miscon- 

N'our destiny, too readily helieved 

The Kaiser"s cause your own ! 

And I'alnia's fled. 

Though no arfiiinative disturbs the 

A dying lamii-nnme sinks and rises 


Like the alighled planet I'ollux wore. 

Until, morn bre.ikuig.he vesi>lves tobe 

Gate-vein of llii- heart's blood nl 

Soul to their body- have llieir aggre- 

Of souls and bodies, and so coiKjuer 

Though he should live, a centre ot 

r.ven. apart, cnre of iheoutward ciust 
lie vivifies, assimilates. For thus 
Lring I Sordellu to the rapturous 
Exclaim at the crowd's try. because 

ini nind 
Of life w.i- quite accomplished and he 

Not only that a soul, howe'er Us 

Is insut'licient to its own delight, 
Both in corporeal organs and in skill 
liy means of such to body forth its 

Will - 
And, after, insufficient to apprise 
Men of that Will, oblige them recognise 
The Hid by the Revealed -but lliat, 

— the last 
Nor l^^hte^t of the struggles overpast. 
His Will, bade abdicate, which would 

not void _ 

The throne, might sit :r.ere, stiiter he 

The same a varied and divine 

Incapable of homage the Irst way 
Nor ht to render incidentally 
Tribute connived at, taken by the by, 
la joys : and if, thus warranted 

The ii:nominious exile of mankind 
W'liose proper service, ascertained 

As yet (by Him to be themselves 

made act, 
Not watch Sordello acting each of 

Was to secure if the true diadem 
.Seemed imniinuii while our Sordello 

The wisdom of that golden i'alina, 

N'cron.a's Lady in her Citadel 
I-'ounded by ('laulish Bremiiis legends 

And truly when she left liim the sun 

A head like the first c'ambcrcr's that 

A -top the t'a[)it()l, his face on llame 
With triumph, iriumjihing till Manhus 

Nor slight too much my rhymes— 

"that s]^ring, dispread, 
Dispart, disi^erse, lingering overhead 
Like an escape of angels ! " Rather 

My tr.aiiscendental platan '. mounting 

i gay 

! (.\n archimage so courts a novice- 
I (jueen) 

': With iremul ais silvered trunk, whence 
branches sheen 
Laugh out, thick- I'oliagcd next, a- 

shiver soon 
With coloured buds, then glowing 

like the moon 
One mild flame, last a pause, a burst. 

and all 
Her ivory limbs are smothered by a 

Rloom-flinc.ers and fru it -sparkles aiul 

Ending the weird work prosecuteii 




For her amusement; he docrc-i.ii 'I,, 'wi 1 .. , 

st:irk, "^'runuln Lharltmai,'ne," for insta.uv. 

I^ozes ; her unrontrolk..! ,]e)l,]a „r,v • In ''"'^"""' •''^■"^^' 

mark " '"''> V 7 '""'"' ^"^'■'1" ""^ resiivc line 

\|Kiri - ' ''"^^' 'i:"it;Iilers ! what siVnificance 

■'.■'y » ^:::i":;;;:,:r;;>,:'i;:,;:;::; , "■ "£; 3 ' '- ■ ■■ ■ '■^'^"" 

;;[,;,';,'■ '''"■''"--"'■--'U«i";t:';:,,,,. ,„,,,, „,,,,,,,,, 

\ n,v.-; , 1 I now : 

\ iii).i.ul ayes as we men coniuulr i liiii v!,n r i- 

Keiurninj: into it a I, real!' ■ :,::" ^ '^■^'"^ "' ''^''^ ''^'- "'^l ? 

I ihr c..n.sei,,iisiiess ; Thev sleei. I I', r ', ' \ i 

an-1 I awake ^ '' ' >"" ' '^'"' ^'^;''■ "I'^n shall it 

"Vr the lagiine. ,,■ '■'">';-•'<' I'a-^ 

, . ^ ^ Sordello said once, no.e '^ ^i f ^••'^>' ^^'-" -" >>",sas,.:,,anu,r,sayjThehui^^v^^^^^^^ .,..,, ,^, 

-•--^u, ,...^^^ ,, „_,„^ 

Miniself achieving all to he acliieverl rt ,.•""'■ 

i:v sint,vr--in such s. n ^s ,' , Vn , ^ .. "^^'^ ^''' '"'.'I'l-'"'"-- i> ''e, lets out 
alone ^ ^ '""' j i:"^'--"^^!- I'"n already wliiie professed 

"■';,:;;■"■- '■»<■ — ■'• '-U"""'l^'.;.e:;;;;4-„„e,c,.e„,,„e 

•■ "^'^i;- "'""°" —U„„£&=^ _,„„_,.„, 

■' -II.U ; a passion an<l a knowledge } The ^^rf'^Tdp'L tell our history 
Transcending these, n,aies,ic as the^ = '^desen'"" ""' '^''"' ^'""'■'' ''"'' 

Nuoulder ; hi. lay was hut an episod : ^'" ^^^ "^ ^""' ""'"^ '^"" "'^^• 
-he Ws lite. Which evdenee I LikeSlenW endlon, tre.seswe 
'i-ome slight weariness, a looking [ Wharnil^S"^...,,,, ..... .„ 

M- St 

art n way, the ciiildish skit 


;ivc US vent 

Opened, each dulelul sid 


e, yet on we 



That pluck at me nnrl point, are you 

[ hriatlu'? I. ft slay tliose girls (eVn 
luT (li>i;\iis( (1 
|< ucls in llic Ic'K-, lliat love nn 
Cl'HS IK I lil.v 
I lid ilii' ]M'^i'.i Ill's luiivrd ! i'lirii iK\li\(.- licld Iiuil^.aml the pn > ii 
' w li' .il >|'ik<', 

Till lay that heetlf(shak').ur 

rap) atlcst 
The spriiiLjiiv^ i>\ a land-wiml fmiii 

ll\f \Vest : 
Wliorefoic? All \i-,, v..u frnlic- it in- 

-lay : 
To iiiori'i 


Down I') the p. >iic-l l<'nl-pnlc: w- ' Si> lair I- Wlici K'ft llii<; end uf Junt'"> 

and \..ii luinmil, 

I'art conipain : im ntiu-r may pnr'-ne ' Simok oft', as mii^lit a lily its j^old cnil, 
Eastward ymr voyage, lie infurmrdi I'nnip, save a fnolisli ^cm nr 1 wo, and 

what tale freo 

Intends, if triumiih <ir derline await , •• ante join the peasants o'er the kiss- 
The tempter <>ft!ie cver!astin!::;step[)e. ing sea ' 

I sim^lliis un an empty palace-step 
At \'enice : why should I hreak oft", 

niir sit 
I.iiiioer iipon my step, exhaust the fit 
laiL^land t^ave Kirth to? Whn'sador- 

■ able' 
k'noui^h reclaim a -no Sordello's 

Alack I — he (pucn I" me? That 

I'lUsied ainontj her smoking fruit - 

lioats ? These 
Perhaps from (air delicious Asolo 

Look they too happy, too tricked 

out? Cimfess 
\iw have no niggard stock of hajipi- 

To share that, do one's utterinost, 

dear wretch. 
One lahoiirs ineffectually stretch 
It o'er you so that mother, children, 

May c()uitab!y flaunt llie sumpter- 

cloth ! 
No: tear the robe yet farther: be 


Who twinkle, pigeons o'er the portico ; With seeing some few score pre-emi- 
Not prettier, i^nd late lilies into i nent 

sheaves | Through shreds of il, acknowledge<l 

To deck the bridge-side chapel, drop- j happy wights. 

ping leavt's i kaigrossing what should furnish all. 

Soiled by their own loose gold-meal? \ by rights — 

Ah. beneath (Al home we di/cn scholars, chiefs 

The cool arch sloops she. brownest- and kings. 

cheek! lier wreath lUil in this magic weather hardly 

l-'ndurj ■ a month a half-month if j clings 

I make 1 The old garb gracefully : Venire a type 

A queen of her. cf)n;muc for her sake ; Of Life, 'twixt blue and blue extends. 
Sordello's story ? N'ay, that I'aduan a slri|5e. 

jrivl j .Vs Life, the somewhat, hangs 'twixi 

Splashes with barer legs where a live j nought and ixiught : 

whirl j Tis Venice, and 'tis Life — as good 

In the dead black (liudecca ])roves j you so\ight 

sea-weed T< > spare me the Tiazz-a's slippery stone 

Drifting has sucked down three, four, 

all indeed 
Save one pale-red striped, pale-blue 

turbanctl p: 

For gondolas. 

Vou sad disheveled ghost 

' )r stay me thrid her cross canals 


As hinder Life what seems the single 

Sole pvrpose, one thing to be under- 




Of I.ifc)-bcst. he they I'easaius, l.c Tlirouyh Venice, sin^; m.w ;.nci now 

tlicy (Queens, 
Take them, I say nuulc na|'i») any 

Parade them for the common credit. 

A hick less residue wc send In crouch 

i^lancc a.^idc, 
Aught dcsuliory or undignihed, 
And, ravi>hin^ I.xly, vJH you ^^s 
Or not each Lrinidahje i;roup, the 

Before the iJ.isihke ,i\ki\ fi .i^t yon i.\, 

In corners out of sii;ht xvas justaJdod's dav. tlic rrcat June G.rnu^ 
framed Dominil " 

I' or happiness, it> portion mitjht have 

And so, could we concctie, that por- 

lion, stalked 
last nous as any— such my project, 

Already ; hardly venture I adjust 
A lapiiet when l tind you ! To mis- 
Me ! nor unreasonably. Vou, no 

llavethe true knack of tiringsuitors out 
With those thin lips on tremble, lash- 
less eyes 
Inveterately tear-shot — there, be wise, 
Mistress of mine, there, there, as if I 

And wistfully foregoini^- proper men, 
Come timid up to me for alms? And 

The luxury to hesitate, fci.t^n do 
Some unexampled grace, when whom 

but you 
Dare I bestow you;- own u|)i>n ? And 

Me out before )iiu say it is to .-,neer 
I call you ravishing, lor I regret 
I.iltle that she, whose early'f.ot wa-, 

Forth as she'd plant it on a pedestal, 
N'(^w i' the silent ciiy, seems to fall 
Towards me— no wreatii, only a lip's 


.- »>^''^nt j To quiet, suicharged eyelids I., be 

N ou insult ! Shall your friend (not | i)res>e(l 

slave) be shent i Dry of th. ir tear, upon my : 

lor speaking home? lie.ide care-bit : strange 

,, '••r-i^i''! I Such sad chance should produce in 

bioken-upl)eautiesever took my lastc ; thee such cliange, 

^U|)remely, and I love you more, far \ My love ! \\arpe<l nTen, s.uiU, ImxI!' s ' 

"""■e yet God >poke 

riiat her I looked should fool I.ile's 

temple-lloor — 
\ lars ago, leagues at distance, w hen 

and where 
A whisper came, Seek other.-,, since 

thy care 
I- lound. thy life's provision ; ifarace 
>liould be thy mistress, and into one 

'I'lie many faces crowd ? Ah, had I, 

< 'r no, your secret? R..ugh ajiiwrrl 

Ml "iii.iiiienlssave tag or tassel woin 

(Jf right-hand fooi and eye— select, 

our yoke, 
Sordello ! as your p. .elship may find : 
So sleep upon my sliouider, child, nor 

Their foolish talk; we'll manage 

The matter ; ask moreover, when 

they prate 
Of evil men past liope, don't each 

Despite the e\il _\i.u abuse ' > live? 
Keeping, each f.,, I, tluo' a maze of 


!■• Iimt we aie not thoroughly I..1- | His own conceit of hath? to which 

'^'"1— he hies 

>^:i, i.;.K;op ii.anuc, e.ii^- , Uy obscure toiLuous windings, il you 

'«-'«K0 I will, 

•\lone (that's, saddest but it nmst be su) i But to himself not inaccessible ; 



lie sees il. and l.i. li.-, arc f..r the; V:u-h ramel churns a si.k ami fruthy 

\Vhn™>l,t see ; -nn.e faiuK.l ri^hl An.l'yuu.' uvixt tale, of I'utiphar's 

His vilest wrnn;;. euqxnvercd the 

fellow rlutch 
One pleasure fn .in the ninltilucle of 

Denied him: then assert, all men 

To think all helter than thi-msclves, 

hy hne 
Trustin;^ a crowd they wroni; ; but 

really, say, 
All men think all men stupider than 

Since save lliem-elves i ther C'Mii- 

Thv.- eomi)li'a:ed scheme t<> nvake 


explained . 
rres"ni])aiou-, ' interrupts one. \ ou 
not I 

And sonnets on tin- earliest ass that 

I'iemark, you wonder any one needs 

With f.)unts ahoul ! I'otsherd him, 

While nwkwardly enou-li your Mo.-es 

The rock though he forei;o his I'ro- 

mised Land, 
ThereliN. have Satan claim his carcass, 

Dance, forsooth, Melaphvsir Poet 

... ah 
>:ark ye the dim first oo/iP4;s ? Meri- 

— I'A-irt'ho' scheme hy which, thro' And quaffing at the fount my .nurage 

I-^noranre «■" ""-•'' , , , , 

(iood lah.urs to exi,t. A -!i:^ht Recall-not that I promiH ye-who 

Merely to find the sicknes> you die 

\n(nwu''ht' hesidc : hut if one can't ! 'Tis lirother, marvel at and mai^nily 
^.„,1,';,„. Mine office: ofnce, quotha? can wi' 

(Jne"s poriion in the common yet 

]j..;^^ To the I)ei;innin54 of tlie office yet f 

( )ne can uv. .i.l an i-norance increased What .lo we here ? simply exixTimenl 
Tenfold l.y de.din- out hint after Kacli on the others power aint il. 

hint ' ' intent 

1 1..W nought i> like dispensin.^wllhout; When elsewhere tasked, if this of 

^,i,^,' ! mine were trucked 

The water oflife -so easy to dispense; For Thine to eitlier's,--watcl.. 
Beside, when one '^as prohed the con.Mrucl, ^ .■ ■ u i 

centre whence I" six"''. =i" ^■"'^'■'^' = "'"'^ •' ""'^^'^'^ 

Commotions I. oni could tell you of , one , . ,, . , ,,■ 

i^ .^11 I What It can do i . all. noULjht liow ti> 

—Meantime, iust me<litate my mail- j done; , . , , 

,.i^_^l • ; F.ul thi. of ours yet m probation. (hM< 

<)• duMim-worl thai onceals a d.'W- j A kernel of stran-e whe.-lwoik thi- 

diop.',,!.: I itsh.usk 
Wha-, 'lulhiid? w ;.nd you i„ < ,n .w - in!,, sh; l.v .|u:,rlers an.M } 

siuuttu'iy chafe \ h.ihes; ^ 

i;d,.;, baldhe.ui.. tunibl.d thu . f.r ; H"n,.,rk tin-, toothy -pniif;, w-nd^-i 

into /in I whaMh.U valM-s 

'j-L,. I !,,,..-;,!.. .,.-!,!!.. hrllher ■■.It n,)r in, : l-'all hode-, i.r.,ume each lacult\ •- 
\. hunirry sun above us, sands among I device. 

Our s, each dromedary loll, a i Make out each other more or k-.- 

lon-iue, I precise— 



' stooj) — 

We die : whirli means to say the 
whole's removed 

That's 'iiitli ! 
.\|)i.IaiKl yen) the iiicarcctaled y nth 

Dismmintetl «hcei by wheel that com- j Would say tl.^n 

r,sl.»r,^'" , L i "^'""tti'? IMara the l.ird? set down 

o be .set I,,, anew elsewhere, heKin That Mara sp.r.t h,s vo.uh in V^nn 

Mask indeed hut with a clearer clime I town >">ninaKrmi 

liaii the murk iodynient of our l.ui 

ing-lime : 
\nd then, I f:;rant you, it i<ehovesfMrL;et 
ilow 'tis done— all that must amuse 

us yet 
^') lony : and while lh(,u turnest on 

thy liee" 

\Viio-e cramped ill-ltaliirrd --ireets 

huddled about 
The minster for protection, never out 
Of its black belfry's shadow or l>ells' 

roar : 
Hiil^hter the sun illumed die suburbs, 


»1 T I i 111' 'ic 

"^h^lhru' '1 " "''■ '""'"^ ''^^■' ' '-'>' "'"' •'''^•''"'^' "'•" ^'-'^•■^ reproof 
'r siireddinL' l)rass imon ■^ vi,-.. ,, i.-,._ _i . . ' 

' 'r shredding' brass upon a'' vir'in 

shore "^ 

''nder a cluster of fresh stars, before 
I name a tithe the wheels I trust to 

do : 
■^o occupied, then, arc we : hitherto, 
'u present, and a weary while to 

The ofiice of ourselves no' blind nor 


And seeing somewhat of man's state, 
has been, 

le worst of us, to say they so have ! ed-e, 

lor any chance escape of joy some 

Taller than they allowed the rest 

Hefore the sole permitted lau^h 

Who could, 'twas meant for laughter, 

that ploughed cheek's 
Repulsive gleam !) when the sun 

stoppcii both peaks 
_()f the cleft beltry like a fury wedge, 
Then sank, a huge flame on it's socket's 

seen ; 
I he b- tter, what it was thcv saw : 

the best, 
Inipart the gift of seen.g lo the re.t : 
"- ' that I glance, says' such an one, 

■ \'mI there's no face but I can read 

i '-closures in ; this stands for hope, 

that— fear, ' 

•Vid for a speecli, a deed in proof, 

look here ! 
>■ 'op, else the strings of blossom, 

where the nuts 
' 'eiarch. will blind thee I said I not ? 

she shuts 

Whose leavings on the grey glass 

Were ghastly some lew minutes more : 

no rain — 
The Minster minded that ! in heaps 

the dust 
Lay every where : that town, the 

Minster's trust, 
Held Mara; who. its denizen, bade 

In twice twelve sonnets, Naddo 

Tempe's vale. 
I'.xact the town, the minster and 

the street ! 

As all mirthtriuiiiplis, sadness means 

-h eyes this tune, so dose the j Lust triumphs and is .ray. L,,ve's 

,, hazels meet: j triumphed o'er ^ ^ I And sad: but Lucio's sad : I said 
I 'Hts one rove occasioned, oei- and I h.-'foro 

\:,-'!i\ ■ , , , i '-ove's sad. i,ol Lucio : one who 

I'ling twixt me and madness ever- loves may be 

'""^^' i As, .-ay his love 

■ ha.-, ic.ive to hepe, a.s he 



l).> Uuit lusts' desire csc.iix's 

the s|irint;c ; 
'lis of the mood iKilf I >pc.ik, wli.U 

Di U rmincs it, i-l>c olnurlesN or luirlli. 
Or mclancholv, as from Ileaveii or 

Ay. tliat'^ llie variation's j;i>t I 

Tim-, adv.iiinil in sak-ty thi'ii, 

]IICHlcd I 

Ami having; sciii to., what 1 saw, 

\,c hold 
Knoiii;li ciicoutitcr what I do hcliold 
(That's sure) hut you iinisl lako on 

trust 1 Attack 
The Use and j)\ir[)ose of sui'h slights! 

\(.t so unwisely hastes the crowd 

Ou Salini;ucrras jiraise in jjreference 
To the Sordellos: men of action thesel 
Who seeini; just as little as you please 
Vel turn thai little lo account ; enj^ai^e 
With, do not !^a/e at ; carry on a sta^e 
The work u'" the world, not merely 

make report 
The work existed ere their time- 
In short, 
When at some future no-iime a hrave 

Sees, u^in;^ what it sees, thvU shake 

niv hand 
In luavcn, my hrother ! Meanwhile 

wlierc"s the hurt 
( )f kcepini; the Makers-sec on the alert 
At who^edi'fectinn morlalsstare aL;hasl 
As thou'"!) IIiavin"s hounteous win- 

dciws utae slammed last 
hvontincnl ? wlureas all you beneath 
Should scowl al, airse them, hruise 

lips, break their teeth 
Wlio pis the pullics for ne^leelin;;>ou : 
And therefore ha\c I moulded, madr 

AMan.dehverctltohc turncilandiried, 
lie an^ry with or ]ileased ai. Ov 

youp si<le 
Have ye li;ncs, places, actors of \i>ur 

o\\ n ? 
Try them iipon Sordello once full- 

Ami then- .di then! If Hercules 

lii^t pare lied 
His foot in l-^;ypt only to be marched 
A sacrifice f u love with pomp to siiil. 
What chance iiavc 1 .•' The ilemi^iMl 

was mute 
Till at the altar, where time out of niiml 
Such j;uests became oblati')ns,chaplet. 


I lisfori lieadlon;4enouj;h,andhebi;^in 
Slaying; the slayers, nor e-c-aix-'d a 

man — 
Take not aflront, my i;entle audieiu e '. 

wl. >m 
No Hercules shall make his hecaloml. 
Believe, none from his brows your 

chaplel rend - 
That's your kind suflraL;e, yours, yes, 

yours, my friend 
Whose ^reat verse blares uninter- 

mittent on 
Like any trumpeter at Maratlion, 
He'll testify who when I'lataas ^rew 

I'lit up wiJi J.tna for a stimulant I 
And well tod, I acknowledged, n-, it 

Over the Midland sea that mom, pie- 

All day, demolished by the blazing 

At eve, while towards it, tilting cloud- 
lets prcst 
Like Persian ships for Salami ^. 

I'liend, wear 
A crest proud as desert while I declare 
Had I a (lawless ruby lit to wrinj; 
A its colour from that painted kiin; 
To lose. I would, for that one smile 

which went 
T> > my heart, llin^ it in the sea content 
W'earini^ your \ersein place, an aniukl 
SovereiL;ii ae.n'nst luw-lliouf^htcdnt -s 

and fret ! 
My F.ivlish Lyebrit;hi, if you are not 

That, as I -topped my task awhile, 

the sad 
Disheveled form wherein I inii man- 
To come at times and keep my pact 
in mind 

vincwcdmr, Iicar no cricket 




sin il.<?( S.K>naf(ci, readied the 

N"i l«i.ij;|()ww( 

Ai 1 

'•i.iKlowwnrm.six.tthcrivfr' i Tlic d 
'"■"^•. ^mcl ,„ay ,l,c .sum„ur! , 




; oil II, 

o'T turrit and lie cut 



r> };iish 

iiiut a wariii 
ihiii.^h ! 

"« Tr""! the missel 

•ll'Cp IWIlll'C 

cr.s ^ what 

<iiins thf Miiil 

'"f. I^ytliri-ht, wl 

late .if such I 

Mngs till' 

\~ Imd oil 


1 <:oiiii,i,,ii n.iiiirc (overmuch 
.ecaiise reslncied and unlit 
)osc on ii ,1 
it : 

■ar Iho Ijurthen llieyiiii| 

I'll,' when they w.nild .hscard 
<ravinj; sirenj,'ih 


eyes (ix 

in}4 niouili, il„,,^. „.j^|^ 

lereoii ? il„„ Ilk 

^faiuh il 


I' SOlliL' 

ic discinj 

swooned he. wok 

(ile s ariii- 

\non, heaved sij^h, made .hift 



I'o leap from tl 


c alloiied World, 


'tit lh(y fjc.imd, 


riii^' without 

<'ct thee hehind me, >,a 


in : \,;ivv I 


I .ich a (lod's l; 

crm, jju 

t d 

main a j^erm 
In unL-\panded infam 
Vourself, nor 


(oiiied re- 

"j, assure 


my por- 

> no more iiiirpose? 

"-■rt." too, and 

Xanihus' 1 

1^ ilie 


<ier III 

y SI 111 


uirayed wiih soi.i 


Ah Xantl 

urts swarih- 

y Karl 


His, am 

ervakie itsadornmenis(|iiaint 
seems a fiend iicrchance 

lirove a saint 


U'liereto sohhed X 

isee the -il 


roof hej^uiiled 

'iKJer a st< 

■ry ancient pens transi 


I'cn say if you condemn mc or acmit 
"■l/hf Beloved, hanished AntioVh ■ 
c collectively his ll.jck 

•r ratnios, 
lewell hut set 

Inslalled, a linn 

''^"7 Ihel)evild,,iiiicile(i? 
nnthus, I'ather, 'li 



linj; whid 

' oui utmo>t 

cnt to procure against to- 


An<l t 

lal s no tvv 

)rt home his exile must 

' ' 1 conifi 

!'■ Knew : a touching 

I motion to receive hi 

iiljart the closing eve j \ 

loral CK 

y-prong hut a j, 


spectacle, that 

ou're painted with ! The jiuckeied 

rows unfold 


ello sstorvtold. 



" niisscd, mad 

month since ; 1 

c panther s meat a 

liOOK Tin: lOL-RTII 

\'-i>ilius himself (f( 



lor twasliisiieph 


i;a.\ 1 iMi: l-errara lay in rueful 

■phcu i The lady-city, f. 

^w\t hoards and 



sawn asunder) 

i.i'lrleiie.Myrai no wheel couhl 

vcar hy Caaar's II 


irtuiic. with th< 



'" pair of suit! 


ir whose sole ei 
"s St niggled, felt 

I heir 

Miy miMliief tl. Ill 

le ranged ; t 
disci ul 

iri- whiiiii 

I I lie grey 



iy i.lessiiig right and left, just St. 
lie hangn 

''i<-'y tugged fo 

cr lie>ses twic 

u 1 ist 
i.v.,l :,-. 

-one th^ciiven 

"g tl 

or ihriie 

Hit h 

'at one infant's curls 1 



'igt — 'iiic, now 

lan j He'd parry that hy pi 


'y planting in lier 

,o2 SOkDKl.LO 

Hi, c!l...w-M.ikc-hniti |..uiiis I.". I -VUr l.v.x,;xn:, HMn.mnre.l a jmriiuivahl. 

1 ,,t n'.'ti.-iiH;. huwoVr iho i,.itiic «ciii. lu .•..umsy.und '•'»,'/;.'";;^,';;;.'^''^^^!fj.';;'; 

lis cimnurMi \\o\il,l li;i\c :i L-urp-f : ' ' " " ' " 

M.iy I'.onif.i'''- hcdily <l.iinii'.<l f'>r ilii-il 
I loss led Mini.' old (.'hilHllin, .i> »p lu; 

.\i Larlitxt Titw, Friudrich's l'rct<ir, 

On prc^Hinij ni;-.!Urs from liis p)sl ai 

Willi Maiiiiird ('..lint of Tyrol, 

Krom 111.- \Mi'"f "'l''"^l' ^^'"-■'■^i simply \N.iii> 

,l„.y 1,: ,:,, .1 Their .^..ini,' to rcrnvc the d-.-lci^aic. 

Ilw h.nw-, ;i link- -Uull «iih d.»z/iiiH; lit-. ! Our dek-i;;iits cAdKUiv;.-,! .. 

1 ih • i^Umce, 

.. i,o..n, ,woi Chri.t-kt S,dini;ucrr.i \ And, Uecpini: the m.iif. way, admired 

.sc'ilu- ' askance 

111 hc.ll'f..rcv, r. Christ, an.l let mysdfi The \.wy cn^;ines of outlandish hirth^ 
lie there !.. kui-h at huu 1 moaned j e' lik- a kinu each ..n its 

M.mey..uns,'"(hielf | of earth - , , . ,, 

Snml.liii' uiMin a shrivellcl haml , Arhalist, mainjanel and ca .ipult , 

n'ikri I lit I \Vi.ile statione-l by, a-, wail.n^' a resul'.>' charred lintel of the doorway 1 Lean silent -an^s ..f mercenari.- 

lit ceased 

His father st.,..d within to l-id him j Working; t.. watch the stran^ers-this, 

..lee.l. I •" ''^•'^'' , , 

The.i,..ioUL;hfare, wer.- oNcrruuwith Were better spared; he scarce pre- 

\^ .,[ I Slimes j;anisay> .luil.h.-rass. loathly mall.i's; The;ue's decision! (k-l .nir 

no man plants. I friend away 

The siran.^^'rn.'.ic of it. inhabitants i And profit f..r the lutiirc : how els, 

Creut out of dooi ■, t.. ta^te fr.'sh air ' teach 

' ,„.ji„ I A/71) 'tis not so safe within claw - 

And ask tile purpose ..f a sumptu..iH ; reach , .. , , ,, „„ , 

\^^i„ ' ' : Till Salin:4uerra's hnal ^asp be blown? 

Admitted oit a ni.irniiij.; ; every town 
l)f the l"..i>t LeaLjue was ome by 

envoy d. .wn 
To treat for Ki.h.ini's ransom : here 

Those imre c.mvulhive s.-ratches luui 
the bone 
Who bade him bloody the spent 
osprey's nare ? 
„ ^^^^. Tie carrochs halted in the publu: 

Tiie Viceniine. luTf snowvo\.-n draw j s<iuare. 

The Puiuan its vermilion ! rer.nons of every bla/on once a-tlaum 
^ ^.^,; ,^ ! Men prattled, freeher than the creste.l 

f)n its white field: a-tiptoe o'er the! i;iunt . 

fosse i ^^''"t^' "^'"'•'' ''''•' ^ horse-shoe iii 

I,o._.kedLei;ate M..nteluiivo wistfully I her beak .„ ,„i„i,t 

After oi M.epl, 0„- mi-hl spy Was imss.n..^ : uhos. .ever chose miL,l>t 
iii r.;;c"s lime. l;. II.- (.L.iibts he: l,,ni; sj.ciik 

To im-n.l !h.' tampa.t- ^ure the | \..-ded hn w .te t. . ^wallow hall t„. 

la" '.iiils know i '■'" , , . ,r .1 1 T 

Jh^ Polio's as -....I - l"-ie! They 1 Ai„l siekchs by him-'lf: the devib 

"" paced the stiee's ' whelp _ 

More .s..berly. At last, Tauiell.- 1 le styles his -.n dwindles aw.i), u. 

urcet.s i I'^-'lJ 



i -... n.,.^v..s. ,,..„ „„.. .nple. , And iau,l,,,, .,,.. : < „.,. cii.,...., 
' if \ ir.MM- III . ■ . liH ir ;iir — 

liran| ' 

\! Oluti.: he ;il.M-iit m, k 

■'<>: nc ;i ,,i|it ^ , L- \ ;i i <<<«-- 

•N"W l«.[li kci 

1 pi. .11^1, ilic i;r..iiii.l, 
A./..,n..,i;. .-•■s--| <lc.-iH-r ..ach limr, 


'■ the w-urk ixtvi-iv.-fl ilic pruLTcs 
M-'^Krclin? throiii^l, his „i„.f, 

■'''-;:;:f «''■''• ■■■....,.„„,, '"tS .H-,n.eca,„M 

Mirile ' Ti, • ^^ '"'■'' "K-aii-, tik-v lilt 

' •' '••<-•>('. pal., hy-an.l-hv ui'h, „r , ' T * ':'"''""- Taur.iln a ..hilt 
«,„„wl ' ^ ^ "'''"'"" ■' '" ^'^'•"•'' "I"'" the truth : as wd! 


-1 when he lanio with .-yes (ihiir.i 

as in swouiai 
iry knew ihL- place was taken - 

sir (;iiilK.'llJns sh.nihJ ^..i what 

rautel .us 

i I'e'lli.-anlsou-h! Irnni A//o's sire 

to wrench 
■Illy; St. (iforj^econlrived his town 
a trench 
k' nmrshes. an imperineahlc : 


Fiirtlur <liscln,urcs ; leave iheni thus 

Our <lr.jppin(,' Autumn in.. mini' cleats 

And [,or,r F.rraia put. n snlietied face 
On her mislortunes, siivc one s|M,t - 

this tall ' 

iluye foursijuare line <,f red l.rick 


l'.asli.ined within 

.y trees .it" every 

•, ^ '• ".' "n|'eiineaiiie liar : sort ^ 

Iun<i 1,U. I.,™,a „„„ l:ac.l,i.,||:,d, ,..„.„ „,„„.„„,,„,,„,„ 
II ; ,? -I T, . ramped, 

■ t^Xnnie tt apS^k. '■-'•- '■•'-;f,-- -,ed i.e.f, hut stark 
\ r iwlin.r li,,ii (■ ' ■ I '""' cramped, 

= :^:^luWi^m;d ':;,:;'"j--,^::'';:: '^-^i^f^ "^' ^^H^nce ,,.,„ t,. ve., 

'-;'''' 'r'^--^' ■..'i'-^.n,p'''';hc';-':,;''' "'^" ^■-'-'"•• 

ey .iiai; 
11 carrnch :. >San \ i'd :;!;:■.(!!. 

I>"un lu .1 j..|.,.- 

Ul larer leaf, each loreii:ncr al ca..c. 


Set hy if-e 


If; and in tlic centre !>i)ro;iU>, j y 

( )ut i>f the eyelid.. jUbl held ope heneatl 

Hnrnui)on three uneasy le^ 'p. 


ThobC shading; linL;er.s m their ir 

A laver, 




liriL'hi spin 
Of w luV biihbU'--. in : tlie- walls lK't;irt 
With lice-, leave olf on either band: 

^^.ur path, along a wondrous avenue 
Those walls ahul ..n, heaped of gleamy 

With a'.ues leering everywhere, grey- 

l-Kjn'i many a Moorish summer ; liow 

they wind 
Out of the h>suie>'. likelier to 
The huiUK.i than tho^e rusted cramps 

aicli drop 
Aire v\ t!ie eating sunshine. .Stop 
Von i' ' ;ig shapes above there! Ah, 

, .e fjride 
Or else despair of the whole country- 
side — 
A langc of statues, swarming o er 

with wasps, 
Cod, goddess, woman, man, your 

(lieek rough-rasps 
In crumbling Naples marble! meant 

to look 
Like those Messina marbles Constance 

look . 

Delight ii., or Taurello's sell conveyed 
To Mantua for his mistress, Adelaide, 
A certain font with caryatides 
Since ch>istered at (loito; only, these 
Are up and dang, not abashed, a troop 
Able to right ihein^elves—who see 

you, sloop 
O' the instant after you their arms. 

un plucked 
l!y this or that you pass; for they 

To raised on terrace, and, 

Creature- of brighter mould and 

braver mien 
Than any \el, the choice^ of the IsK- 
N,, doubt :' here, left a Milieu breatli- 

Up-gathered on liiiiiselt the I'lghter 

For his last fight, and, w iping treacher- 
ous bluod 

(i 1 

Steadied his -tren 


IS aniK 

i the b' 

and slir 
Of a du.-,k bideou., amphitheatre 
At the announcement of his over- 
Tc wind the day's diversion up, 

Their pertinacious friend : while, liiiiba 

one heap, 
The Slave, no breath in her round 

inuutli, watched leap 
Dart after dart forth as her liero".. en 
( :iove di/./ily the solid of the war 
.--Let coil about his knees for pndi 

i'.i him. 
We reach tlie farthest terrace ami 

the grim 
San I'iel'ro i'alace stops us. 

Such the state 
( )f S.\Unguerra".-> plan to emulate 
Sicilian marvels tha! his girlish witc 
Retrude still ndghl lead her ancient lik 
In her new home— whereat enlarged 

so much 
Neighbours upon <he novel prmccly 

lie louk who here imprisons Donilicc. 
Here mu~t the Knvoys come t^ ,uc 

f,,r grace ; , , , 

And here, emerging from the laliy- 

IJelow. two minstrel, pause beside the 


( )f the door-pillai. , 

He had really k:!i 

X'erona for the corntields (a poor thelt 

From the moras-;) where Fste'- nap 

was made. 
The Knvoys' march, the Legate .. 

cavalcade — 
I.cjoked cursorily o\r, but scarce as 

F.agerfor cause t. . >iand aloof from men 
Atl'very point save the fantastic tie 
Ackii.>wle<lged in his boyi-h sophistry, 
He made account of such. .\ crowd ; 
i he meant 

j To task the whole ol it ; each pail' 

:-^. ' 


imcerned him ilHTcfdre, am 

i the ! W.'it' vcrit 

aMy minified with, nv,i(l<- 

more lie pricil 

The less tier;inie 

Siinlcll) satisfieil 


;i(i (iM'V 



'Ailh his ONMi lis'irf ■" •'"-' "i'>mci''- j 
Soui^hi - , , i 

llr respite li-m Ins 1.1 '■ ^ <les<ri(il hr 

aii'^lu ' 

\,,vcl in the anlicipat- 'i sf-;lu _ \ 

I i| all these liveis lll'"ti :ill lieh-ht .-' 
\ phalanx as of myriad points com- 

Whereby i:e still had imai^ed that 

His youth %vas pa.sed m dreams ot 

lli^ age— in plans to show at least 

the thing 
-., dreamed, but now he hastened 

to impress 
With his own will, eti"ect a happiness 
] i-om theirs,—- .upply n l>(.dy to his 

soul , 

1 hence, and become eventually wlmlc 
With them as he had hoped to be u'.li- 

Ahule these the mankind he %\as m.A 

about ? 
!■„. ause a few of ihem were notable 
Mii^t all be fij;ured worthy note ^ A-^ 

\vell . . , ,. 

l-vuTl to find Taurellos triple line 
1 1: u-ees a sini^le an<l prodi^^ious jMne. 
!:,m1 pines rose here and there, but, 

i-iose amon;^, 
Thrust into and mixed up wuh pmes, 

a throng 
i if-hrubs you saw. a nameless common 

oh, last in dreams, lelt out ot Hie 

T.A hurried into corners, or at i)esi 
A-hnitted to be fancied like the rest. 
Uukon that morning's proper chief-. 

how few 1 
.\-..! yet the people grew, the jK-oph 

i ,r..w ever, as with many there in 

.\I.irc left behind and m^ist w.i 
should succeed 

Muip.y m virtue u! o!- .r - -.■ - 

Irity enjoymer's and huge miseries, 

ard - Stat.' 
v^r (•on(nre//i^ l.itioii. but inMea.l 
(»t" -topping Ihrre. e,u-li dwindh d to 

be head 
( )| inlinilr and ab-cnt Tyrolese 
Or; s',,\r ''^g too the more 

that the- _ 

Seemed pass^ -• and di.p... ■'• I, um- 

carcd fo . 
Vol doubtle ■•■ the whol- (quoth 

Smiling -dor if a we.ilthy man d<-cays 
,\ndoul of store of such must wear 

all ilavs. 
One tattered suit alike in sun ami 

•Tis commonly some tarnished tine 
I brocade 

Fit for a feast-night's tlouri^h and no 
I more; 

I Xor otherwise p<ior Mi>ery from her 

i store . 

, ( )flooksisfainui)gather,keepunhirled 

I'or nmimon wear as she goes througli 
the \'. orld 
^ '!"he faint remainder of some worn- 
I out .smile 

Meant for a feast -night's service 

merely. While 
Crowd ujioil crowd rose on Sordello 

thus, — 
( rowds no way interfering to discuss 
Much less di.-.i)ule life's joys with one 

In envying them, or, if they enjoyed. 
There lingere<l somewhat indetinalle 
In every Took and tone, the mirth as 
i well 

As woe, that fi\ed at once hi^ estimate 
()f the result, their goo<l or ba'! 
I estate — , 

•\ Old memories flocked but with new 

effect : 
- '■ And the new body, ere he could sus- 

i pect, 

, ! Cohered, mankind and he were realiy 
1 fused, . 

! The new self seemed impatient to be 
i used 

.of, SORDFT.I.O 

p... ,,„„, ,„„ ,„urly another wuy NVi.h ejvs like fresh-blown thrush- 

Tl:-:::;::;;:::'!::.;:",!.;;:;^"^^;:;:;:^: ^■.nr;;.ip,ul Sy n...., in hi. 

Winl !,Mn..-(lsan,...Maillia„.-,.,:' 1 and l!ii^ Imii; u nlo 

< ,f a^'p^iKrhe n.iul,. !„,>e >■> Liu-i S--r -lu-. ! H^ 'omuKUely saw in 
And Stan,,, uiih hi. ,.wu d,.a,„U. , „_^ ^however, and U,e ,.nu-e 

Falldu-' w\ .,r,vcl .n ,h,- I n.-huUs the secondary l.e.tacce,.. 
'' '^", ' , " l;,,th otficfcs; Taurello IS adept 

X.. • hv e' a nndav co.iiil.riun, sure ( nuld teach hin, the preparatory one 

ToiJesUl.ll"iKd: pKuU-.e,.ocu„- : And how to .lo what he had f^nuu-l 

,..,r ^l--,J'-"-lf '-'' '""« 1"'"^-^"' ■ i p„n, ^cviou^ly. ere .ake ,hc .r-an-r 

^it :i:::::^l:::^^Uy^nU.n. . loJ-rtler ,hen ....e , pie happy . 

,;oh.S''hint .hink of nu-n an,l ' ''■ 'l'- P;^;^;^:,;^"^^ ^ '" "'^^'^ """' 

Kuch'as'l"'n!^s dlMin.ui^hcd every ' ' -"'^ ^f^ '' " "'"" *"'"' '" ""''" 
\s hl^i.^sn want that nn^ht he The 'l4anini; now of I'ahna : eKc 

V 1 11 1 ,-,.,„, 1 i' loiviT nor a Loniliard s liojK 

claim . , ■ i J, 

nnthciri)art.norua.MitucnUl;eann ; lope „t sort of F.k-i 

Atscrvin- lhcn> on irn, hut, paM re- 1 he conluscd sh: ,>- soU ot l.-ka 

ll^ilutulr toils tch ui.h them, nor; Of hanhhood recurring s., 11 to fail- 
'" ,1 ' That forciLjn mtcrlopnii^hend, this (i. -r 

Wond^'he ea.' to rule, ' And native overl,roo.h.t^ Deity-- 
Wonder Jui in .ne la e lav- nation o\r the palnw 

'-!--!>- -'" "1""^ ''""•' '" "" , Hilp,vseneeru.ned.rouhlin^ through 

"-IP'T, "'""''"'■'' "^'^ "''^'"" ' Of l':nXe":.r, on the other hand. 
This last .'f his arrangements would I The I'onUli; as your Kaisers unde,- 

NVi.h''.K:d t then, a. well, and he I That:'^uke-like cursed ofCod to love 

i^,,i,i 1 . ll>'-" Kr""'"'' 

,<e,o:vd!i; ';:., ■. and , f^.rnterly, 1 With lullin, eye breaks in the noon 
nj..dted the merry time of ,i,enn,st;^^^^J,n.^^^^^^^^^^ 

■'^■-^^fV't:.':"" '" '■"^'" "lAstSlod,in,nn,elofthcpest 
Thei^T- -il^nences P His hand | Tha,, yetjjat pest bedropt. flat head, 

\V>s'^ twice "to be .leplored. The , With'eoruscatin^ dower ut dyes ; be- 
■ Le-ate, !o..k 1 Md 



The secret, so to speak, :\nd nia^iii In Mue crii>;- aiul eii^ht lili 

(■;, li;i(li> 


I If ware 

Of the whole contest I whirh of them * 'in' dd^^ini; liiin in concert witli ilu- 

shall l>rin;4 \air 

Men j^ood — perchance the ni(i>t y^nod Th ^h thninuuinL; nn the sleeve 

— ay, il iii:i)' hid his Knife. 

He that ; the quoti'm i-. wiiich knows , Nii;lil >cl in eaily. aiiUnnr. dews f-ll 

the way. rile. 

And hi-rrupun Cninil Mainard i And fires wrre kindled while the 

strutted p:i>t i Leaguers' mass 

I Hit of San i'lelml nevc-r looked the ; IScgan at every c^irroch— he inu-t pas- 
last ! Helween ihat kncelini; [ eopk' : pre- 
I if archers, slini;ers : and our frienil I senlly 

began ] The cai"ro( h of W-rona cuus^ht his eye 

I o recoiled sir.niLje modes of servini; ' With junple Irai pini;- ; silently he 

man — i hent 

\rl)alist. calajndt, hrake, mant^anel, , Over its f\\\\ when voices violent 
And mcM'e : this way of theirs may, | I'egan, Affirm not whom the youth 

who can tell, was like 

Need perfecting;, said lie : all's better That, strikini; from the porch, I did 

solved not st rike 

At once: Taurello "twas the task dc- A^'ain ; I too have cliesnu! hair; my 

vol veil j kin 

I in late — confront Taurello I Hate A770 and stand uii for l-'.cclin : 

And at last Here, min-trel, drive had thoui;hts 

Tiicy did confront him. Scarcely an 

hour past 
When forth Sordello came, older by 

Tiian at his entry. I'neNampled fears 
'•'•iiressed him, and he siaLirered oil", 




away ; sin^' ; take 

^[y i;love for i^uerdon I .'.lal for tha! 
man's .-alsc 

He turn'-d : A soni; of IVlanior's I 
scarce named. 

When, < )ui S( r.'.ello's ratlier I all ex- 
claimed ; 

And, like SI 

Into l-'errara--not the emf)ty towi 

fresh-mutilated ; I- not Sordello fimou-el for rhvmc 

He liad 

een happy to den)-, 



luornnis; witnessei 

1 : h 

e went 


ore the adnn; 


up and down 

rcets whence the veil was stri[)pe: 

shred after shred, 

that in jilace i>f huddlinj; with 

their dead 
I::iloors to answer Salini;uerra's ends, 
! - folk make shift to crawl and sit 

like fr 


any one. 


)man gave liim 

' '' her two dau"hlers, the infantile 

I ';■ dim 

pled knee, for half a chain hi 


V\"as clasped with ; I mt an archer knew 
the coat — 

The failing; heart ; suspect that in 1:is 

Some true Apollo had the chart^e of 

Was c;li,inipion to reward or to con- 

So his intolerable risk might shift 

Or share itst-If; hut Naddo's pre<'ious 

< )f gifts returned, be certain ! at the 
close — 

I ma<le that, said Ik to a youth who 

A- if to h 

ear ; i\\; 


lima I 

the band 

h rough 

Conducted him in silence by the nand. 



V,.xck now for S.linr -rru. Tit., j Of 'T\i'^ "'"WS rewardini^ his .<]. 
CV.v;p!:u-ru.n,em!„r, u, •:. pair : S. jSr^hat ,bou,lu 1.- of^ n„w 
I„j;;":X...lnn,, ^.ne Uvi.h Fr^^lln:^ r-..-..npM,„.,.. M 

InonlcS!' ;;;'i. ,nn,nin,'su.c; y-., ! 1 lin.Xrl ..llmg what thov ... 

I to tciiiiit ; 

Thc'^nn M:u-k twy-ueokcd ...U-. , Xo yhal thi. mitistrcl was K.nna,., - 

Witir::'h^!^' 'n",he\u.U,:.l w.ll. ... ; S,.rv,;:;^-hin.clfth..hrst I - -.ntUl i. 

1 .1- ,1 omlrasl 

Tl,ere'MoLuHivoll..wt,.ke,iscuhcr The wh„lc ! th:U minstrels ,h„.y 

• N- ■ autumns spent 

I'ui Titol.rou.^ht had ! In <l,.in^r n,.uKh>. his notal.lesi even. 

trk-a '^'"^ m..rnings journey hi'her, as we 

The Piue-s patiene.. ^nay, if I'.h.. ; ^J'^;^-^^^^ ,^^^,^_ „,,,^^„^,^ ^,,a ,,,„, 

\Vh ii Silin'merra Lilmost meant io do 1 "iii, 

rmlt S S 'f l-r restore.l his lip A s,anm>e, in, awkward yoUth (scaue 
A certain half-.mile three m,.n,hs I „.^ ;J-^ -^^ „,^^,,,,,, ,,,,, 
, ..a'ilalh:^! • 'vAerward the Legate i -A,.^^Sali->,uerra with his fears an,, 
X.. dian'l in him, n-.r a^.ed what j < )f ^xiryear., his lunperors and 
Andtl^o '::V:;:r;^ss,y l N..w sate I cares pont,iva,tees. ye, you ...uM 
Sile.'t'a/wtn our o.uple lelt wh-.e | A y-nJth^/Mv.s nonchalantly looked 
Kncmmtcr wrought so,.p,or,uneertect \ ThrolJ? .he _ etnl.rasuv.- northwar-l 

•" ^'^"^S^Jl^et""""""^'- ""' """ Kxp^Udi'n^tes^-soaplenuieU 
Th,„::r'n :e^lf e^er. 'twas f. pau^e ; Anlura.-efu, tu.ned the head on the 

now -lis 

hroad eliest 

On any >.-rt of en.lin, : wiles an.l j I'nca^ed in pliant steel, his coustani 
KxhaSed, jud,el his duu.o, the Whence ;p!it the sun o.Y in a spray ,.f 

crazy town, 
fust manat^ed to he hindered crashms.^ 

down — 
His last sound troops ran-ed - care 

observed to post 
His last of the maimed soldiers imier- 

most — 
c , u ,1,,;^. .>n,iii.vli liiit sonie- 

how struck 
llim n..t l.eloie : and now with this 
strange hick 

Across the room ; and, h.osened .>t 

its tire 
(H steel, that h.-ad let see the cuniely 

Large massive locks discoloured as a 

Kncircled them. s.. frayed the ba>nct 

A sharp white linedivi.ied clean the 

hair ; 


Glossy ahove, glossy helnw, > swept 

( 'n'n;^anr]fineal)()utahro\vtluiski.-pt 

laidco.Tl upon cr.n, mail.lf anrl 

"imd : 

■ lis w.ts the my. lie mark the Tuscan 

fiuind, oi; tiiriK-d nvfi liudks aljout. 

X" lion more; two \ivi,l cyos, t n- 

In hollows tilled uiih many a shade 

and streak 
■settling from t!ie i,.,id nose and 

l)ear<led cheek ; 
N-r might the half-sniile reach liiem 

thai defonneii 
V lip siii)remely perfect else — un- 

I nwidened, less or more ; indifferent 
\N hether on trees or men his thou'dits 

were hent — ^ 

Thoughts rarely, after all, in trim and 

A-, now : a periotl was fulhlled again ; 
^'.ich in a series made his life, "com- 
Ih each, one story serving for the 
rest — 

riicrcfore he smiled. Beyond stretched 

'A here late the adversary, breaking 

1 locured him an occasion That above, 
I hat eagle, testified he ouid improve' 
l.ll<;ctually; the Kaiser's symbol lay 
!■ -Mde his rescript, a new badge by 


< If baldric ; while another thing that 

Alike empri/e, achievement and re- 
I celin's missive was conspicuous too. 
What a past life those tlying 
thoughts pursue ! 
V his no name in Mantua half so old : 
'<""■ at Ferrara, where his sires enrolled 
I' 1.^'terly, the Adelardi spared 
1 iw means to rival them : both 

factions shared 
', so that, counted out, 'twould 

^ product very like the city's shield. 


Half hh k and white, or Chibelin and 

.As alter ."-alingueria styled himself 
And Ksfc who, till .Marchesalla died 

l.ast of the -Vflelardi, never tiied 
Fhs (..rtiine there; but MarcheNilia's 

Transmits (,an lilacks and Whites be 

And young Taurello wed I.inguetta) 

And .way to a sole grasp : each treats 

by stealth 
-Mready : when the (iuelfs, the 

Raven nese 
-\rrive, assault the I'ietro (juarter. seize 
I-inguetta, and are gone I Our lirst 

Abated somewhat, hurries down to lay 
The after indignation IJoniface, 
No meaner spokesman : Learn the 

full disgrace 
Averledereyou blameus — wont tarate 
Vour Salinguerra, and sole jjutentate 
j That might have lieen, "niongst Este's 
! valva.ssors — 

-\y, .Azzo's— who, not privy to, abhors 
Our step— but we were zealous. 

Azzo's then 
To do with ! Straight a meeting of 

old men : 
The Lombard Kagle of the azure 

With Italy to build in, builds he here ? 
This deemed— the other owned upon 

advice — 
A third reflected on the matter twice— 
In tine, young Salinguerra's staunchest 

Talked of the townsmen making him 

Gave him a goshawk, and affirmed 

there was 
Rare sport, one morning, over the 

A mile or so. He sauntered through 

the plain. 
Was restless, fell to thinking, turned 

In time for Azzo's entry .vith the bride; 
Count Boniface rode smirking at his 
side : 


There's half F errara with her, whis- 
nor-. tlew, . 

And all Anconal If the stnplmt; 
kuewl . 

Anon the stripling; \v;ii in bicily 


Got friends safe through, left enemies 

the worst 
O' the fray, and hardly seemed to care 

at fir^t — 
r.ut afterward youhcard not constantly 

Anon the striphn^ was in b>c. > f ^^^ „u,MaM l->nse so sure to he ! 

Where Heintich ruled ui right of ! ! ' -|;;>^;;^^., ^i, ,y ^„ned l.y the 
Constance ; no , , , . „1.,.n. 

Was i;racious m.r hisi^vest incapable ; 
Kichnndcr.u.od the other. So it le 1, 
One Sprin-, when Ma'k lhor<nu;hly 

at ease, 
Had near forgotten what precise 

He crept l>y into such a downy seat, 
Ov.-r the Counl trudged in a special 


event . 

A shifting of his pligues-lhis one 

T., fall behind the other and estrange. 
Vou will n..t say, his nature, but so 

That in Konumo sought he wife and 

child, ., , 

And for Romano's sake was reconciled 

- .Alio loi IX. .111,1.... ^ 

■Ihi- y.«mssivr, sword on thigl.. "'h 1 .^^^^ ;;,';,',,\,„, ,i„,..p,l,„ f.».l.»r, 1., 

the root, . . 

And red drops moisten them Us and 

( )nceTet'on Adelaide, the subtle mate 
And wholly at his beck, to ennilale 
The Church's valiant women deed tor 

deed, • ,i . 

To paragon her namesake, win tiie 


upon chin, 
Wilfi tokens f . Celano, hcelin, 
I' and the like ! Next news : no 

Do any of Ferrara's domes be it 

His wife of Heinrichs very blood: a 

band , 

Of foreigners assemble, understand 
(iardcn-consfuciing, level and sur- 

r"L**"N . , or w- Mitildi uiul ihcv overbore 

HuiUl up and bury in. A last news j 0(n:.^^^^l<\^^2U.-no. as he(i 

'-•ro^'^'-''' . . . , ; infmi's i r,v an instinctive truculence, hut 

The coMSternaiion : since lus int.mi s i.) » 

hirlh „ J, Tlu- Kais.-r's stra'euv until it matched 

He only waits they end his wond.ous ^ - K. ^ ^,:; J,,., ,-.,,,i,nds by novel 


The l'ontiti's,s..ughl old ends by novel 

OftrSuuUhnk SanPietn-witirroma ;;---,^.. Salinguerra screens. 

To visit «.. W hen, a. Us 1 odes a "^^ somewhat of the tanlu-t 

Regale.1 him at \ icen.a, Este there ] ' " '; 'j^^.,^,, „„, pHiHp acquiesced 

^^•i,h Honi^u-e t.^ -1--^^;--- I Iro^^",5;;;iangeme,^t ; risoned. 
Of plots m progress, ga\ e alarm, e\ | .1 ^.^^^ 

P'-"''^''^ ,,■ 1 , 11 ,1 ! TIk friend with offers of another bride. 




ily. 1 ne 1..11......J, - , . 

And SJnvTaurello, occupied that night I Taur^lWs somehow one to let re- 
With Eceim, io.l Wiieand son, ^,.r. , ^^^-^'^^^^^ ^j^,,,j_ (^ee to judge ol 

-_NoSow he bore the blow, retained | ^^Ju'the unready, harsh and loth, 
his hold. 


And this more plausible and facile 

With every point n-sparklc-cho-.- the 


A.hninng hnnhi, prede<:css,,rs harper' 
' ).i the wn.,,,, man : tlnis, <,uoth lie. 
wits are warped 

i!y oiilsidt,., ! Carele.vsiy. withal, his liCe 
flittered its many turns of peace and 

In many lands- you hardly cnul.i 

A man who shamed Sordell,. (recof'- 
iiise) "^ 

In this a-, much besi<le. that, uncon- 
What qualities are natural or earned, 
Ailhnoidc-al„fgia,r.., astheycame 
lie took thein, sin<;ularly well tlie 

same — 
- |)cukinL; a dozen lanjjuages, because 
'our (,reek eludes yuii, L-ave the 

least of flaws 
!n contracts ; while, through Aral, 

lore, deter 
■Mio may ■iie ', once Jove 

trnied for her, 
' '"in Friedricli's pail, ! Kriedrich, 

whose pilgrimage 
!he >ame man puisa-ide, wlu,m he'll 

1 o leave next year J,,hn Brieime in 

tile hn-ch, 
'.id see Hassano fur Saint fninriV 

I'fofoundnn (ini.loihe Hoh-gnian's 

piece,_if y,,u lend Iiim credit, rivak 

'^ih^'pIs, «i;h .lureoles like golden 


l'"ched home, applauding J-xelin's 

I:i I'ainimrie. I fe strung the angelot ; 
Made rhymes tliereto ; for pnmess. 

clove he not 
r HO, last siege, from crest to crupper ' 

why '^ 

1 let.ail you thus a varied mastery 
■ :; truu Tauieiio, ever on the watch 
liT men, to read their hearts and 

thereby catch 


'Iheir capabilities and purposes, 
displayed him Km, far as displ.ayed 


Whilf our Sc.lell. . nnly cared to knou 
Aliout men as a means for him t.. show 
Himself, and men were much or little 

According a, they kept in or drew 


That self; the other's choicest instru- 

•''^urn,- ,a !,;„. shallow. -Meantime- 

I)ro!)ped ,,til, town after town grew 
wiser; how 

< liange the world's face ? said people • 
as 'tis now 

It has been, will l,e ever : very fine 

subjecting tln'ngs profane to tliintrs 

'n talk : this contumacy will fatigue 

1 he vigilance of K.i^- and the League 

Observe ! accordingly, ijidr basement 

Azzo and Boniface were soon en- 

Hy I'onte Alto, and in one month's 

Slept at X'erona : either left a l,race 
(;f sons— so three years after, cither's 

I.ost (iuglielm and Aldobrand its heir- 
.\zzo remained and Richard -all the 

Of Esle .and St. lioniface, at bay 
.\s 'twere: when eitlier Kcelin grew 


' ir his brain altered-n.,1 the prop- 

Fornewappliances— hisoldpalmstock 
l-.ndured no influx of stranirc strengths • 
he'd rock ' '^ ' 

As in a drunkennes.s, or chuckle low 
As proud of the completeness of his 

Then weep— real tears ! Now make 

some mad onslaught 
On Este, heedless of the lesson taught 

No painfidlv--"'^"- ("■'■"-<- 

but [)eace 
At price of uH advantage; theref -e 


The fortunes of Knmano I Up at last } A lie<'.('"i-Ti*-^ challenge straight he too 

Rose Kste ami Uonumo sank as fast. I was calmed : 

And men roninrl r.l tliis sort of p. ,i,e ; His hate, no doiil.i, wo.ild to lie 

and war rnihalinid, 

( 'onnntiici'd wlnlc Salini'.ucrra w'- iliifkcd nn. the mo. .dy I'li.irauli, {n 

afar: ' survive 

And every frien,! heMWi^ht him, l.iit All inteimediate (runiblmg^, be alive 
in vain, At earth's ealastrophe- 'twas Kstt-'s 

To wail his old adhcreni. eall aL^iin, \ crash 

Taurelioinothe!— wholKuld.iMi'iiiers, i X..t Awo's he denian<led, so no radi 

s,,n;, ! Trocedure I I'.su-'s inie antat;unisl 

Could plot him-fir, nur iir.ded any! Ro.^e out uf Kcelin : all voices whiM, 

,,,,(.■> j AH eyes were sharpened, wit , ire- 

Ad', ice. 'Twas -Xdi'laide's remaininj; j dieted. He 

si;iuiic!i " ; 'Twas leaiie<l in the embrasure pre- 

I'revented his de'-tructii.n rooi and \ sently, 

)„;^ncli ' .Vmused with his own efforts, now, lo 

I-'nrthwith ; (loito t;re\v i.;n'eii aliove trace 

l,er, ^;iy With his .steel-sheathed forefinger 

lie made alliances, ^ave lands awav , Friedrich's face 

W, whom il pleased'acceiit tliein, ;'.nd I" the dust : and as the trees waved 

wiili.lrew sere, his smile 

Forever from the wurld. Taurell-, > Deeiiened, and words expressed its 

^vlici thou£;ht erewhile. 

Was sumnKiiied to the convent, 'hen Ay. fairly housed at last, my old 

refused I compeer ? 

.\word— howeveriKUient.thusahused. : That we should slick together all the 
.■\l F'ste's inercv lhroUL;h his imbecile j year 

.Ally, was fain dismiss the foolish smile, i I kept \icenza !— How old Boniface, 
\nd a few movements of the happier I C)ldAzzo caught us in its market-place, 

j.,,,1 He by that pillar, I this jiillar. eacii 

Changed matters, put himself in men's In mid swing, more than fury ot his 

report speech, 

As heretofore ; heluul to fight, beside, : Fgging our rabble on to disavow 
And that became him ever. So in ; Allegiance lo ihe Marquis- Haccluis, 

pride how 

And flushing of this kind of second , They caught us ! Kcelin must tuin 

vouth ' their drudge ; 

He dealt a good-will blow: Kste in i Nor, if released, will Salinguerra 

truth " i grm\ge 

Was prone -and men remembered, : Paying arrears of triimte due long 

somewhat late, | since — 

.\. laughing old outrageous stitle<l hate ! P.acchus! My man, could promise 
He bore that Kste— how il would out- i then, nor wince, 

l,reak I The bones-and-muscles ! sound of 

.\t times spile of disguise, like an \ wind and limb, 

earthquake " I Spoke he the set excuse I framed for 

In sunny weather— as that noted day ! him ; 

When with his hundred friends he j And now he sits me, slavering and 

oiiereti si.i\ '< ma^e. 

A770 before the Kaiser's face: and how : Intent on chafing e.ach starved purple 
On Azzo's calm refusal to allow I foot 


"■".:;:riil";;:;,;"- "'»■■ ■ ",t..S;S',„.„ ,.„„_„. 

Alp^ "" '"'W crown 

-l-;i.,l.r„.) .I..c,Hncc,l,r..,h,,An.,- ''''".wr""' ''"""^'"^ '^>'M"" 
riL't .•' 'low 11 

•^^^^TM t., al.jure tlio unrld and the- ' ^"'",ff^' ^'"''"'K ^il the lia,,,., and 

world s h-Ll, ,,., ., "-■^• 

'■■"1'- "un now? d,,„j ,),,. ,,, ,„ ., : ^^'"'^' ""'••. ^^liil>- "mu- . . . 

iur, " -P ''- «i''n„UM,-v ,:„,,,„., i,„ink,her,l.e. 

•>m ^ '"--^ AnoUu-r cinder suincwherc— "tw i> 

sh.u,,. '" '" ' '^'"'^ '' '^•^"'^•- '">>• 'l-"nu : it Adelaide is dead 

1-yes Nvink. „„nuhs „pcn, ,,„Ise. cir- )f",'h.I, r''"'"'' "'T •^'"' ''^^'^ instead 
dilate ' ' ^^ '^" i :' "':'' '" "le, and we pull any I,„w 

'" t!'^' stone walls: the past ,1^. I U,V?' "''•'''■•''''''"• '"^^'^'-'f''^ ""w 
worl.l you „ate ' ' "'' -"^^ the true juncture slipping us so oft ; 

I;^vithyou,a,,open.,eld--orsee -'' . .'T^ S'"'' '""^ 'Jtho, please 
l"^' -surKin^' flan.e- they tire \u.nT, If ^ ' ''""'''' 

-k'lee'! '^ "'^'^^"-'"^'^' J''^c/7vnatsuchajunctu,e: let hut 

|;:""w, let I'iho an.l Hernanli chale - ( )ur Kr 1 • . • 
'•""k' up the -Mantuans-throu'-h San ^'jf\''^^> ^ Pt'rpose. let this chain 

liia^i,, ...fe- """.si. San enfold 

Ai., the ,nad pe,.ple waken > \.. T^' j^-'^'^- 'f 

tliey writhe -n '^•'-'-■''" ? 

And reach you? if ,h,y ,,,„,,, „,^ I "'^'',,"^';;' ''^-"'^^ -'h-.> the l,est days 

k'ale— no tiiiie i ,, , ? , . 

' '" /lil^'ld^!''"'' ^""'^ ^■"" '^^^^'^'"^^'^ : ' ' 'iealel"" ' """^''' ' ''" ""^ '"^"'''^^ 
'■^c the «hie^-shear, thri-st hew ; '"^ "^"'^ ^";' ""^ '" ''^''t with, no one 
■nek down the wed,.e ' ' ,. , P''"'^'-^^ ! 

"'■■'.hr^Ar'""^ '■'-■■•^ .1- r:. : A, .„„.„,.,, 

And hisses on vour l.rass .-loves •. Tl ^''"r • 

they tear ' ^ '' ^l"^-> •'> I"-' land s nievitahle I lead -explain 

ilinse upturned faces choakin- with j ''; '■'^7''^";-'---^ '''^^^ ^t'''J<--'t us .' Count 

despair. ■'' "" ""-^^ Kcelins now! not to say as 

'''■'ve! Slidder thr:,UL'h ihereekin.. ..• '""'•"' 

i;.Ue - how now .^ ^ It'ctekn,^. Or.^Mnitin^- power of thought, from 

""'th"Jii:'v:Ir^'^ '"'-^ •^-J ■^■f-Vl-J-' the trenches they joined 

-'.;-' "IV '^—p-rts, hair's Si. sS'^:,:;:;''^'^:.-- ,, tiiione siiiiek ' ."•"'' ''''!£ • • • wiiy. 

i liear it) and you liing-yuu canno- S n i"" '""'! ^""le 
si.oak— ^ ' c&nno Somehow with some 

wh(j liut this same 

a tine 

nething ; Ecelin'j 



f' immo ! Twtie simphr, doul.t 

li'», twiuc witli mc 
At oiu-c : 'nir ilni^lrri'd fricml's caj 

W.i-, of ;\ M-irl : 1 h.\rl 1'. ^ii.tio mysi-lf 
In fifty iioriioii-. lilv ;i;i o'cri:iskc<l tlf 
Thm's f.rrc'i illinii.' in fifty jiuinK 

Kiiii- v:ij)MU|- ho'-- onvirtiru-il I'V : at 

My .!r<.nL;ili-^, tlii)iii;li s<Tcly Iritirn.l, 

rV-u i-.ii-iviTt;c 
And crown - no, Haccliii^, thoy Ikivo 

yrl to ur^'i- 
'I'lu- imii t"i Clowned I 

That aloe, an l\o dur^l, 
Would clinih 1 ju4 .-.ucli a Lloiled 

sprawlcr lir>;t 
I nnte<l in Mi--ina's ca^il- court \ 

The day I cune, and lleinricli asKed ; 

in spoit 
If I would pled.^e my fiidi to win 

hill! li.iek I 

II is ri-ht ill L.iniliardy ; f t, "nee j 

l.ii] pack 
Maravider.s, he coiuinued. in my -lead 
\'c\\ rule, Taurello ! ami upon thi> 

bead i 

Laid the ^itk -love of ('onsiaiice f 

see her 
Too. mantled lie.ul to fo..l in miniver, 
Kcinide foUowin;^ '. 

I .1111 . Iisolved 
From further li>il : the emiiery de- 

On me, 'twas Tito', word : a'.'.d think, 

to lay 
For once my plan, ])ur-ue my pl.-iti my 

Tronipt' nok'od), and render an 

Taurello to Taurello '. nay. I mount 
To Kriedrich lie conceives the post 

I keiit. 
Who did true service, able or inept, 
Who's worihy t;uerdon, Kcelin or I : 
Me [guerdoned, counsel follows; would 

he vie 
With the i'ope really? Am), Boni- 
Compose a right-arm Hohenstauffen'.s 

Mu-t 1 reak ere povern I.omhaidy ; 1 

IIo«.v ea-y 'iwere to Iwi-t, once out of 

The socket from the hoiie ; my .'\?7o's 

Meanwhile '. U'V I. tin-, ii'le strap to 

Shall fret my-' If .ikundantly, 

To ^ri\e/ Tluie's left me twcii'.y 
vcars lo spend 
li,',>\ licM'-r than my olo way." 
II.kI 1 -lie 
Wiio lalio'ired overthrow my wcrk-- 

a son 
Ilalcliinc; with .\//o superh treachery, 
ror"otmypinesupai>.d l hen|)oisoniiie. 
Supo. .se '-'t«ere worth while frustrate 

'lliat : iU-side 
Anoiher life's ovdained nie : the 
world's tide 
i Kolls. aivl wliathope of partini^ from 
I llie ]iress 

( )f waves, a single w.ive liiroU;;li 

Tliat's i;enlly led a-idc, laiil upon 
; shi ire .•' 

' My life must he lived out in foam and 
Noipiestion. Fifty years the province 

Taurello ; troubles raised, and troubles 
I quelled, 

I He in the midst— who leaves tins 
I cpiaint stone jilace, 

I Those trees a year or two. then, not 
' a trace 

\ Of him ! How obtain hold, fetter 
■ men's toni;ues 

: Like that Sordello with the foolish 
'. sonas — 

' To which, despite our bustle, he is 
1 linked? 

i —Flowers one may tca/e, that never 
I seem extinct ; 

Ay, tfiat patch, surely, green as ever. 

I set I ler Moorish leniisk, by the stair. 
To overawe liie aioes .>iia wc irv.-i 
Those flowers, how call you such? 
into the sod ; 


A stately f.>i,i£.|KT— and W(,rl(ls .,f 

To make it thrive, arrost r(.iif,.|i winds 

— ull v.iin ; 
I' wotdd dcdint— these- «r,nld n„i },,. 



Methodic « ith TiMirrllo ; s„ he turned. 

J-.noufjh iumised \,y (anries fairly 

earned ' 

And I,ond.u-e conipletelv at his |.erk, 
I o his own petty lmtininH(hnt,-d,,ul.t 

And .;.. where is it P .her. .n y.,„ n!;!-;:, '^X^'^::^::!^::^ 

•'•he flowers? I fn.hten children 'i:;!:!/'''''''"' = J"^' •'•''- -- 

'""'^"■""^ That inl;.;.! of v.,i„ discursive 

•'•-nk'cr:- which way. too, Kceiin 

To thwart nie, f„r his son's hesotted 


1 !iey prattle, at Vicen/a ' Kate fate 

thoui^ht ! 
As, shall I say, s,,n,e Tthi. -p, past 

pursuit ' 

''fallensiaveis, dips a shackled foot 
l.iirntto the l,Io-„i, i,„„ ihe drows>: 

lilack ' water eurrent, his s.,Ie track 

MynneTaurell,,! p., you proniuhnte ■■' 'u'"'''"' ^^f.-f '■''"^•l'>. ''i''^''Ie track 
'--;nch-s^^d^-,,e^ a!.;'',!:~sh^ f^i""" " "'""' "'"'"'" " 

N-ourifKliL,,,,,. p,,^,,, l,ad,e!r'"''n,Sn '"■""^'" ''^ «'"^^'^^' 

a prize Ti 11 • 

Too precious, certainly. ruch"'"' •'""""■"•'^""^•^ "" '^c 

^vith^n,y old ^i;;;r^L,;iT:^| '^^'E^r '-''' ^■'''"■' ^-'" - 

"isclnM^S rai.rydealin,:don-J''""^ii;::h^^;;;J"'^"- ^^'^ "- 
'kceiin? ."v, I think, and ..„, J '^^"■j!;;; '"'^ ""^""i" ^^i'h. and festered 

\Vhat^ d,a„,ed-the weakness? di.l I "'.Sirnhh ';'"'"''''"" "'^""^'' ""^ 
not 1 compound : tIvk ),« u " S , • ■ 

1 "r that, and tlnder.ake preserve hi„, \ l,st "' "^ '""'"''■">•• =" 

sound I ..r ',■ , 

l'<'spiteit? SavTaurello-shanl-,.rin,ri ^^ '"■cathc-;- thinks nVr enchant- 
\fter fho („„■• Y n." l-erinf; I mcnis of the .South 

er the ,„, s prefl.rn,en,-^ ,U.,Uy. I S.verei.n ,o pla.ue his enemies, their 

To carry. Bacchus! And he ku„hed. i And'^Nnd hair; |,„t, these en- 

^Vhy schemes wlierein cold-iZiH j In f^^'^:::::':;^' , , -, 
men embark ' , ^u pi'ls them soberly aside 

IVr^per, when your enthusiastic sort j 1;;'!;,^" ^'"''"' ' ^'^^""^ "''^ 

^in^'t;'!^^ '^" "^^ ^^" ^'"P- I -^'^ '"<^f-^ of winnin, wild 

niuch^ to he done-so ,i,„e they can ' Ere C::T;hinks that, takes comfort 

The careless tribe see nothing to , And.^' S ' the river's brink, his 

Should they desist : nu.anil.n. -.,„;. ^ i,..:^^!'?!,!"^'^ ^'^ 

scheme succeeds " ■ ■""■"^"■" '- '-'■^'- ^•"^'- tu iijeir iiearts, 

TV u. ^ '-•^^'^- I are soon 

Tu?!:^lf dSs "'^'"" '" '" j '"''■'l:!:;^ '^^ ^^- fountains of the 

J 1 6 



Miiliiiylil : the watdiir inxldid mi 
lii> -.|) 
SilM' I lcil|il-> i|ls|n.l ^m;4 l''ll .1 |).is„i;,;c 

If any nuaj^io .iiwl (liH'd.^mrd mu.iii 
ShiiuM viiiturf fiirlli ; .uul -.iiih was 

|H'criii^ .-.uiJii 
Al)ii\'- ihc liar.isscd liiy licr (lii,i.' 

(.'|ii»,Lr, nol li.ilf >•• l,ij)(.Tiiit; lior fancv, 
.\> tliMii'vh -"lie -linink ilUo liri-.< II |.> 

Wlial liltli- lili' wa-, ^avcd iii. in' safi-h . 

I!)' liL-ai) the ualrli-lirc:-. luuidtU red, i 

and ln-i(k' 
Tla-lilaekc^t --p. ikcSordL-lliiand ii-|ilicd 
I'aliiia with i"iiie In li^ton. 'TIn sn'ir 

( 'ausc 
Wlial niakis a ( iliilu'llin ? Tlure 

^liuuld In- laws 
iKt'nieiiilK'r liuw my N'milli c.-Lapid I 

I trust 
Til you fur liialili'")d, I'alliia : tell \nr 

A,-, any 'hlld) law-, .secreliy at work 
KxplaiiiiiiL; this. Assure me ^oud 

may lurk 
Under the had ; my miihitude has p.ut , 
In yiiur desij^ris, their welfare is al 

heart I 

Willi Saliiii^uerra, to their interest 
Refer the deeds he dwelt on — so divest 
(Jiir conlerenre of murli that srared 

11IC : w h\ i 

Atfeet that heartless tone to Tito? I \ 
I'.sieemed mjself, )es, in my in nosi 

This morn, a recreant to that wide 

O'eilooked till now : why hoasl my * 

spirit's furce. 
That force denied itsoliject? why i 

<livorce ] 

These, then admire ni)' spirit's lli_L;ht | 

llir same, I 

As ihoui;!) it hore .1 hurden whi.h 1 

lould lame j 

No piniipii, from dead void lo living; ' 

spMc'r ? I 

— That orb consigned to eliaus and ' 
disgrace, ! 

Why \aimt 1 'Miiplai eiitly my fiaiilic 

Making .1 le.u , lai ditie- eiih.iine 
I he marvel? lail I Irotil T.imelio, one 
Ot happier f.ile, and wiiat I should 

h.i\e done 
I le does; the midiiuideaye p.iraniomii 
Willi Inm, its ni.ikini; proqrcs-, ma) 

I'''ir liis aliidiii;; -till : when hut )ou 

I lis lalk wid; Tito the e\(U.c pre- 
fer |.<1 
hir limning ihi.-e fue lii.s(a^;i-s — ,ind 

lit' r.iihed 
I!\ way (if Mind, a- )'ai ,ind I ap- 

I do lielieve. 

She spdke : ihen he. My ihuiij^li' 
I'lainei e\])rissed 1 All I' rieili ich'-, 

prullt -niiui;lil 
' )f tlk-.e me.uilime, iJ eonquesU to 

l''ni them, of wrelcliedn(.s,,es tdielieve 
While ]iruliiing iliat 1 liedrii h. Az/.o, 


Sii[)porls a ciuse : wluU is it ? (iuelfs 

Tiicir ends hy means like yours, or 


The (juelfs were shown alike, men 

ranged with men, 
And deed with deed, M.i/e, lilooil, 

with lilood and hlaze, 
Morn broke: once more, .Sordell", 

meet its j^aze 
Proudly— -the people's charge against 

thee fails 
In every p'lint, while either party 

(|u.iils I 
These are tlie busy ones — be silent 

ihou '. 
Two parlies take Uie wurld up, and 

\o third, yet have "ne i)rinciplf', 

l!y the ani'- na'tliud; whoso .hall 

With ^*ith.e>', ratd'.s willi iiKOi's i"- 

veterate foes. 
So there is one less quarrel lo compose 




'■"':i^:,;;' •" ■".•'■'ni.iiu,. a,,.:,..,,.,. ,.,,,„ .,,,..,1 

I l..ue.l,„„ M..,|,.n^. hm In-tl, .-kj'" ':""" ~' '■■'('■• '"''"• '^'"^ < "I-. 

till Unl^r 
rium lintluni; ; ii,,y in „,(•, f.Mi-uKcn, 


"f insi-1,1, 1,,|,|H-,1 1,) 1,,.,.^ ;„„! 

(llUMI-. M.l-. h (I 

I lie ni.ii..ii '<{ a Ncr\i<c lit > 


l"ri iiiu' ^.i\i 
rilcTMlvtliHf : l.lit('ti.Mcnlliw. haply 

111 "Iiilr, calU.I k,,u,.iii Cuii-ul (,,r a 

Fakinj; lilt' |>.,,,,|i. ai tluir uutd, (,,itli 

A-. il|)..ii liiiiiii--' I, eel, ,,c,r ever kept 


i .T an';!!";!,, ,ha> ( ,„,.. r,r „H. ? I ■''• l::;'::j";'i:::^'' ^""' '^'^""^' '-"•- 

Ihe ..l,e.-l .,„. a l.lla.l : „. ,„„, . Tl.orchy, uerc lain scl,.! ,1. l.Mn.u. 

„,^ i'>n^ a},u i.,r — Ilic SciiaU-, ,-_\|>l,cr was >,, liar.l I., 

M.n.trk a„<l howna.,,, i.liy s,,„al,. II. Scs "l.k.. a plunal, ,..,■:, ,.„, 

I, .1, ""^ 1 !■ , calcli 

I I I lie w or ( s cnriiei-,- . ,111 i,„, i.i,. ti, a i •. . 

_^^ _j^^_l^^ MU tnu lale, 1 he llamc-. and Rninv's aoomplishc.,! ; 

I , ,1 I ' • , when ri tiiniid 

.rU,eJ,rave,.,„eheMn,,4,ttohrin ihc (.nail's slep lu-l 

.Not know (_ rescent,usN,.„,c„,an„s? And |Iui^„ I.,,r<l „( K.,,, ,„ ,,,,,,,, 

lie caj,t about U (e-rn.s to tell hnu, '" Z'Z:' '•"''• ' ''■''■^"•»- '" 

-nldl"di.avowed it. lunv tliey u..d '"'tr ' " '" '"'"'■ ■'"''^■>- ""-• 

\^-Just a i.rown-sleeve iltlic^, T ("IV '^""'^' '^ '' -"•^■- "'^^^ ^ 

,V ixmn'lL.,,,,,,,. IH-, .ill Innocent j ''"'[^nw' l-w„-,lceve ..other. 
■' --me rel,n,|„i,l,, ,o n.y small ,:„,,. ^ Appoinlcd; Ihadoplion lokeepwif,. 

^•'^ -f^or ,.,y ,„,„„ ,,.,,,..^, oui ^ ^^ '■ r^heTL''^""^' "''' ■''""^'^'' 

-oniL' one spoke I ,, ,. I il, v ,■ i, 

l-'n„cu,rnsofVrescentius,,ou.vok..i A >on, of .„„,, ; 

i- edict i.,sncdafic-r his d,.,„i.- Ipi i k-' . -V'"! Komc, indeed, 

Ills (lum.. I iv.bcd at (701I0 in fantastic weed, 

The Muther-(;ity uf his Manuian day -, 
i-'iokcd an estaldislud \»,iia ,,f lit;!it 

illi'd nieniory, and dti-u-s, 
^\nMiii,A,cpi alloniinf, 1 .u- i.7i name 
■ ' nidiiiir, tfildini; to produce ihr same 

whence ray- 

'■''i.;"?;, ,'^'':''''- ■■'■'''- ^'''''''''^"' 'niversed the world: :,nd :,11 ihe 

UM,;„,iV', ' .1 , ' elustered honie^ 

• m .hat n,an, thou.d, to a vulvar , Beside of men were bent on l.ein. 

' I Koiiies 



In their flq^ree ; tbe <nicsiion wa 

how each 
Should nvjst rcsctiible Iv -ae, clean 

out of reach 
Herself; nor strut;};led either principle 
To change what it aspired possess — 

Rome, still 
For Friedrich or lions iriu>. 

Rome's the Cau^c I 
The Rome of the old I'andects, our 

new laws — 
The Capitol turned Castle Angela 
And structures 'hat inonlinately i^low 
Correctetl liy the Theatre forlorn 
As a hlack mundane shell, its world 

late horn 
— Verona, that's heside it. Thes.' 

We typify the scheme to put mankind 
Once more in full possession of their 

By his sole agency. <')n me it lights 
To build up Rome again— me, first 

and last : 
For such a Future was endured the 

fast ! 
And thus in tlie grey twilight forth he 

To give his thought consistency among 
The People's self, and let their truth 

Finish the dream grown from the 
archer's tale. 


Is it the same Sordello in the dusk 
As at thedawn? merelya perished husk 
Now, that arose a ])ower like tf) build 
Up Rome ngain ? The proud concep- 
tion chilled 
So soon ? Ay, watch that latest 

dream of thine 
— A Rome indebted to no Palatine. 
Drop arch by arch, Sordello ! Art 

Of thy wish now -rewarded for thy 

To-<lay among i'errara's sfjualid sons — 
Are this and this and this the shining 

Meet for the Shining City? Sooth to 

Our favoured tenantry pursue their 

After a fasnion ! This companion 

On the smooth causey, t'other blinkard 

At iiis mooned sandal. Leave to lead 

the brawls 
Here i' the ntria? No, fiiend. He 

that sprawls 
On aught but a stibadium suffers . . . 

Puttest our lustral vase to such an 

use ? 
Oh, huddle up the day'- disasters- 
Ve runagates, and drop thou, arch by 

Rome ! 

Yet before they quite disband— a 
whim — 
Study a shelter, now, f)r him, and 

Nay, even him, to house them ! any 

Suffices— throw out earth. A loop- 
hole ? 15rave ! 
They ask to feel the sun shine, see the 

Grow, hear the lark sing ? Dead art 

thou, alas, 
And I am dead I 15ut here's our son 

At hurdle-weaving any Scythian, fells 
Oak and devises rafter-, dreams and 

That dream into a door-iX)st, just 

The mystery of hinges. Lie we both 
Perdue' another age. The goodly 

Of brick and stone ! Our building- 
pelt was rough. 
But that descendant's garb suits well 

Ajwrtico-contriver. S])eed the years— 
What's time to us ? and lo, a city rears 
Itself! nay, enter— what's the grave 

lo us? 
So, our forlorn acquaintance carry Qius 



The head l^uccessivcly sewer, forum, For adding yet another to the dull 

cirque — 
Last age tiiat aquechict was counted 

And now they tire the artificer upon 
Clank alabaster, black ob-idion, 

-Careful Jove's face be duly fulgurant, 
And mother Venus' kiss-creased 

nipples pant 
l^ack into pristine pulpiness, ere fixed 
Above the baths. What difference 

riiis Rome and ours ? Resemblance 

what between 
ilic scurvy dumb-show and the 

jiageant sheen — 
i'hese Romans and our rabble ? Rest 

thy wit 
.\nd listen: step liy step,— a work- 
man fit 
U'ith each, nor too 111, —to one's task 

one's time, 

List of devices — things proved 

Could they be done, Sordello cannot 
He sate upon the terrace, j lucked 
and threw 

The powdery aloe-cusps away, saw 

Rome's walls, nnd droji arcli after 
arch, and drift 

Mist-like afar those pillars of all stripe, 

•Mounds of all majesty. Thou arche- 

Last of my dreams and loveliest, de- 
part ! 
AikI then a low voice wound into 
his heart : 

."bordello (lower than a I'yihoness 

Conceding to a l.ydinn King's distress 

The cause ,j,his long error — one mis- 

^-. leaping oer the petty to the prime. ! Of her past oracle) Surdello, wake ' 
> hen just the .substituting osier lithe Where is the vanity? Why count 
i r bulrushes, and after, wood for I you, one 

T f*!!^'-', , , ■ '^he first step with the last step? 

I ■> hnther loam and roughcast work a • What is gone 

'i'-^S^-'. i Lxccpt that aery magnificence— 

ixacts an architect exacts an age.- j That last step you took first? an 
A r tables of the Mauntanian tree j evidence 

1 r men whose maple logs their N'ou were . . . no matter. Let those 

luxury,— ^ glances fall! 

And Rome s accomplished ! Better I This basis, this beginning step of all 

{say >.,u) tneige | Which proves you one of ui, is this 

.\ once all workmen in the demiurge. [ gone too ^ 

All epochs in a lifetime, and all , I'ity to disconcert one versed as you 

I. I^ "^ ^ u. ^, , • , , i ^" ''^''^'^ ilbnature, but its full extent 

a une : undoub edly the city basks j lOludes .Sordelin, even : the veil's rent 

1 the day— while those you'd feast I Read the black wriiing-thnt collec- 

there want the knack j tive man 

' ' keeping fresh-chalked gowns from : < )ui.trips tlie individual ! Who berm 
^l)eck and brack. The greatnesses you know ?-ay, vour 

own art 
Snail serve us : put the poet's mines 
a part - 

l';-niiguish not your peacock from 

your swan, 
"1 >bireotic juice from Crvcuban, 


'V ^iieer 

enough ! 'twas happy | Close with the poet— cl(,ser~what ? 

to conceive 
K'lne on a sudden, nor shall fate be- 


' ■ 'if that credit: for ihf rest, her 

1- -.n old story-serves us very right 

a dim 

Too pla-'n form separates itself from 
him ? 

■^ "ii •-nnic-riej luc luiicn 

Woven into the echoes left erewhile 



Of Nina\, une .^mH web of sony : nn 

Turnint; his 11 uuc, tlnwcr-Iikc o'er and 

o'Jr ! 
An elder poet in the younger'.s jilace — 
Take Nina's slreni^th — l)Ut h)se 

Alcania's ijrace ? 
Kach neutralizes each then ! gaze your 


Search further and liie past ])resents 
you still 

New Ninas, new Alcamas, time's mid- 
Tonclu lin;;^,^)etter say its evenlight 

Of yesterday. Vuu now, in this re- 

Of henefitling people (to reject 

The favour of your f(,'arfu! ignorance 

A thousand phantasms eager to ad- 

Refer you Imt to those within your 

Were you the tirsi who got, to use 
plain speech. 

The Mulliiude to be materialized ? 

That loose eternal unrest — who de- 

An apparition i' the midst ? the rout 

Who checked, the breathless ring who 
formed about 

That sudden flower? (iet round at 
any risk 

The gold-rough ptjintel, silver blazing 

O' the lily I Swords across it I 
Reign thy reign 

And serve thy frolic service, Charle- 
magne I 

— The very child of over-joyousness, 

Unfeeling thence, strong therefore : 
Strengtli by stress 

Of Strength C(jmes of a forehead con- 

Two widened eyes expecting heart's 

A calm as out of ju>t-(iuelled noise, 
nor swerves 

TlK'am[)le cheek for doubt, in gracious 

Abuiiing on the upthrust nether lip- 
He wills, how should he doubt then ? 
Ages slip — 

Was it Sordello pried into the work 
So f r accomi)lishcd, and discovering 

A company amid the other clans. 
Only distinct in priests for castellans 
.\nd popes for suzerains (their rule 

Its rule, their interest its interest. 
Living for sake of living — there an end, 
Wrapt in itself, no energy to spend 
In making adversaries or allies) ; 
Dived he into its capabilities 
.\nd dared create out of that sect a soul 
Should turn the multitude, already 

To some acconnt ? Speak plainer : 

Is't so sure 
Clod's church lives by a King's in- 
vestiture ? 
Look to last step : a staggering— a 

shock — 
What's sand shall be demolished, but 

the rock 
luidures— a column of black fiery dust 
Hlots heaven — woe, wuc, 'tis prenia- 
I turely thrust 

! Aside, that step ! — llie air dears- 
nought's erased 
Of the true outline? Tims nmch is 

firm based — 
The other was a scaft'old : see you 

Buttressed upon his mattock Ililde- 

Of the huge brain-mask welded ply 

o'er ply 
As in a forge ; it buries either eye 
^Vhite and extinct, that stupid brow ; 

teeth clenched, 
The neck's tight-corded, too, the chin 

.\s if a cloud enveloped him while 

I'nder it all, grim prizers, thought 

with thought 
At dead-lock, agonizing he, until 
The victor iliou-ht leap radiant iifi, 

and Will, 
The slave with folded arms and drnnp- 

ing lids 
They fought for. lean forth r!auie-like 
as it bids. 


-A root, the crippled mandrake of I Vet hark-from Mantiian All^jrt's 
the earth n,^^i ^^^^^ 

I hwarted and dwarfe.l and blasted in The fierce cnes, to Saint Francis 

V'C certain; fruit of sufferin^j's ex- 
Whence feeling, therefore stronger : 

still by stress 
I )f Strength, work Knowledge 1 l-uU 

three hundred years 
I or men to wear away in smiles and 

lletween the two that nearly seem to 

' )bserve you : quit one workman and 

we clutch 
Another, letting both their trains "o 


I he actors-out of cither's policy, 
lleinrich, on this hand, Otho, Bar- 

May carry the Imperial crowns across, 
Ai\' Iron, Milan's Silver, and Rome's 

A> Alexander, Innocent uohold 
< >n that the I'apal keys— liut, link on 


])reaching peace 
Sondor! Cod's Truce— <ir trick to 

The use of strength at all, is safe. 

We trench upon the future ! Who 

shall found 
Next step, next age— trail plenteous 

o'er the ground 
Vine-like, produced by joy and sorrow, 

Unfeeling and yet feeling, strongest 

thence : 
Knowledge by stress of Knowledi'e is 

it? N,,— 
K'en were Sordello ready to forego 
His work for this, 'twere overleaping 

Some one must do before, howe'er it 

irk : 
No end's in sight yet of that second 

road : 
Who means to help must still support 

the load 

Why IS It neither chain betrays a Ilildebrand "fted— why hast Thou 

,, ^^'"V . I he groaned, 

I lAV coalesce the small and great ? Imposed, my Cod, a thing thy Paid 

Alack, I h-jj nioaned, 

l..r one thrust forward, fifty such fall i And Moses failed beneath, on me? 

I)ack . I and yet 

The couple there alone help Cregorv 
il:irk— from the hermit Peter's^ tl in 

sad cry 
At riaremont, yonder to the serf that 

I'li'drich's no liege of his while he 


That grandest of the tasks Cod ever set 
On man left much to do: a mighty 

wrench — 
The scaffold falls— but half the pillars 

Merely, start back again— perchance 

have been 

'""P the Pope's curse off him ! Taken for buttresses: cra'^h every 
1 he Crusade — screen 

"r trick of breeding strength by other ^ Hammer the tenons better, and engage 

T) '^ , . r , , . -'^ gring iilHHit your V ork, for the next strength, is safe: hark— from age 

the wild harangue Or two. of Knowledf-^, part hv 

' 'f \ mnnercato, to the carroclfs Strength and part " 

V,nJ '■''"" T, T •, l' '">■ Knowledge! then- ay, then per- 

ii'iKlei . The League— or trick of I chance may start 

. .turning strength i Sordelloonhisrare- hiituhr,'iui;.„t„„ 

•vi;umst i)ernicious strength, is safe at I Time's secrets? lo, a step's awr\- a 
length: 1 bulge 



To he correrte<l hy a step we ihouglit ] A tear, hcgin a smile: that rabbi 

Got liver lonj^aijn — till that is wrou'^lu. j woes, 

No progress ! and that sralfold in its Ludicrous in their patience as t\ 

turn [ chose 

becomes, it-; service o'er, a thing to I To sit about their town and (]\iietl) 

spuni. j ]!e sl:m;;hteri(!.-— the poor reckl 

Meanwhile, your some half-dozen ■ soldii-ry, 

years of life [ With theiriijnolde rhymes on Richa 

Longer, dis[)ose you to forei^f) the ! liow 

stri.e— , I'olt-foot, sang they, w;is in a pitf 

Who takes exception? Tis Ferrara, j now, 

"'iii'l. j Cheering eacli other from the engii 

llefore us, and ( mito's left liehind : mounts,— 

As you then were, as half yourself, j That crippled sprawling idi(jt w 

desist : } recounts 

—The wnrrior-part of you may, an it \ How, lopt of limbs, he lay, stupid 

list, stone, 

Finding real fiulchions difficult lo ; Till the pains crept from out him o 

poise, by one, 

Fling them afar and taste the cream : .'lud wriggles round the archers 

of joy> I his head 

liy wielding one in fancy, — wliat is ' To earn a morsel of their chestr 

b;ird bread, - 

Of you, may spurn the vehicle that j And Cinr), always in the self-sai 

marred j place 

Klys so much, and in mere fancy glut | Weeping ; beside that oiher wretcl 
His stii-.e on her free beauties — we case 

have but \ I'",yepiis to ear one gangrene since 

To ])lease uurselve^ for law, an<l you ! plied 

could please The engine in his coai of raw sheej 

What then appeared yourself by ''" 

dreaming tlie-;e 
Rather than doing these . now, fancy's 

Is ended, n)ind. nor one half may 

The I'lher half: our friends are half 

if yiiu 

A double watch in the noon sui 

and see 
Lucchino, beauty, with the favours fr 
Trim hacqueton, and sprucely scent 

Campaigning it for the first lime 
cut there 

Out of a thousand helps, just one or i In two already, boy enough lo craw 
'"■<' { i'or latter orpine round the Southe 

Can be accon pli^iied jjresently — but I wall, 

'l'»ch Toma, where Richard's kept, hecaii 

From these (as from the faulchion | that whore 

raiseti ail inch. ' Marfisa tlie fool never saw l)efore 

Fdys deserib.-d a couplet i and make j Sickened for flowers this wearisouK? 

pro(.r siege: 

Of flmcy. and while one half lolls Then Tiso's wife- men liked the 

t)' the grass, completing Rome to the 

tip-top — 
s;,.<. ;f f,., ii,.,. •!... ,..1 i-Tif ■•■:ii 


|>retty liege. 
Cared for her least of whims one 

lierla, wed 
A twe!ve:;ionl;i goiie, a;iu, now put 

Tisu's dead, 


Delivering herself of his first child 
On ihat chance heap of wet filth, re- 
To fifty gazers. (Here a wind below 
Made moody nni^ic auL;»ral of woe 
from the pine barrier j— What if, now 

the scene 
Draws to a shutting, if yourself have 

-Vuu, plucking puri)les in Goito's 

Like edges of a traliea (ncit to cross 
S'our consul-feeling) or dry aloe-shafts 
Here at Ferrara— He whom fortune 

This very age her best inheritance 
« >J opportunities ? Ytji we ailvance 
I'pon tlie last ! Since talking is your 

There's Salinguerra left you to per- 
And then — 

No— no— which latest chance scure ! 
l."apt up and cried Sordello : this 

made sure, 
1 he Past is yet redeemable whose 

'A as -help the (nielfs, and I, howeV-r 

ii irk, 
liiiis help! He shook the foolish 

' nit of his doublet, paused, proceeded 

cal m 
T. the appointed jiresence. The 

large head 
lirned on its socket; And your 

spokeNUian, saul 
1 i.i' large voice, is Elcorle's happy 

sprout ? 
I '- w such— (so (inisliing a speech no 

\'ldressed to Palma, silent at his side) 
' ' :r sober councils have diversified : 
i one's son : but forward as you 


" :i lady's minstrel with somuch to say! 
'-•-• hesitating sunset floated back, 
i< '-.ily traversed in a single track 
Hie chamber, from the lattice o"er 
the girth 


Opposite, outlined sudden, spur to 

That solid Salinguerra. and caressed 
Talma's contour; 'twas Day looped 

back Night's p;ill 
Sordello haci a cliance left spile of 

all. ' 

And much he made of the convinc- 
ing speech 
He meant should compensate the I'ast 

and reach 
Through his youth's daybreak of un- 

l)rolit, (juiie 
T(j his noon's labour, so proceed till 

At leisure ! The contrivances to bind 
Taurello body with the Cause and 


Was the coiisumniate rhetoric lust 

that ? 
^ et most Sordello's argument dropped 

Through his accustomed fault of break- 
ing yoke, 
Disj(.ining him who felt from him who 

spoke : 
Was't not a touching incident — so 

A rendering the world its just ac- 

< tnee proved itsd* bior.' Who'd sup. 

pose before 
I'his proof iliat he, floiio's (lod 0/ 

At duty's iiiNtance could demean him- 
So memorably, dwindle to a (iuelf ? 
lie sure, in such delicious Haltery 

His inmost self at the out-j)ortion 

Thus occupied ; then stole a glance at 

Appealed to, curious if her colour rose 
Or his lip moved, while he discreetly 

The need of Lombardy's becoming 

At soonest of her liarons ; the poor 


"• 'i I'ines to the huge eagle blacked in Abandoned thus missing the blood at 
*-'•*"" heart, 



Spirit in brain, unseasonably off 
Elsewhere ! But, thovigh his speech 

was worthy sc<«lV, 
(loofl-hnmourcd Salin^ueira, famed 

f( ir tact 
That way, who. careless of his plirase, 

ne'er lacked 
The rii^ht phrase, and harangued 

Honorius dunil 

A thyrsus these sad people should, the 

rick rp, set store hy, and, so far front 

t'lant o'er his hearse convinced hih^ 

belter part 
Survived him. Rather tear men out 

tlie heart 
Of the truth I Sordello muttered, and 

At hVs'accession. looked as all fell j renewecl 

At nis actissiuii, I His uroposiiions for the Multnude 

To iHirpose and himself took interest 
la every point liis new instructor 

—Left i)!aying with the rescript's white 

wax seal 
To scrutinize Sordello head and heel : 

But Salinguerra who, the last attack, 
Threw himself in his rut'tling corslet 

To hear the better, smilingly resumed 
Some task ; beneath the carroch's 

warning boomed ; 

The;^ '.^::>:^." . '>^ - nl ;- > 1 le m;.st ded.le with Tito; courteously 
\v^^" U< III'-' t"'"cd ll"-'"' ^-^-e" seeming to agree 

lie sail no n'ore than. So it comes to ! With his admonisher-Assist the 

1 Pope, 

Extend his domination, fill the scope 
O' the Church based on All, by All, 

pass . . 

That poesy, sooner than politics, 
Makes fade young hair : to think such 

speech could fix 
Taurello ! 

Then a flash ; he knew the truth : 
So fantasies shall break and fritter 

That he has long ago lost earnestness. 
Lost will to work, lost power to ex- 
Even the need of working ! Ere the 

No more occasions now, lh<nigh he 

should crave 
One .-uch, in riglu of superhuman toil 
To do what was undone, repair his 

Alter the Past— nought brings again 

the chance ! 
Not that he was to die : he saw ask- 
Protract the igiiominous years beyond 

for All- 
Change Secular to Evangelical- 
Echoing his very sentence : all seeme( 

lost, . 

When sudden he looked, laughingly 

To Palma : This opinion of you 
friend's , 

For instance, would it answer Palma 

ends ? 
Best, were it not, turn Guelf, submi 

our Strength 
(Here he drew out his baldric to il 
* length) 

To llie Pope's Knowledge— let ov 

King Richard slip. 
Wide to' the walls throw ope yoi 

gates, e(iuip 
Azzo with . . . but no matter! Who 

....^^ir-in.. .,.««, he ,.a, -e- 1 >-^^j;f;X '■'""°°""' 
A, J"d»t,„.,l.le,,ui.c,l.ol,ischol.c. i ••Spe».hca* fc,r_l»Ulc, l«.rr.h.a 
0,>c wa, or „,het~i<lle life oul, ^ ,..f " "-^ J" fi'-, ,.., w.. ,„„„!, 

No fewTmooih verses by the way— for | would promote 

rso tewsmoouixc. y Alcama, from a parti-coloured coat 

To holilini; her Innl's .tirrun i,, the 



war . 

\<>! that Iseewheiv .•„„,, lel-makip.' 
jars -^ 

U-i!h common .sense: al Mantua we 

had home 
Tiii^ rhanled, easier than their mo.t 

' ""''""-''k'hts.-that's indispuiahle ! 

^ vanity nii^h slew, con^tempt 
shall save ! ' 

Alls at an end: a Troul.adom- s,m. 

pose ^ 

Mankind's to class him with their 

Iriends or foes? 

A pimy uncouth ailing vassal think 
1 !"-■ world and him in some especial 

link? ^ 

Ai.rupt the visionary tether's hurst^- 
Wnats to reward r,r what to he 


[I ^M'-.Tdrud-e, solicitous to dream 
aserv,nt;ly, yets tan-le,! l,y his theme 
M (ar as to conceit his knack or Hft 

Or whatsoe'er it be of ver.emii^^htlif, 
iii.-plohe, a lever like the hand and 

•T Men of Action, as the Jongleurs 

-Tlie Creat Men, in the people's dia 
lect ? 

And not a moment did this scorn 
a fleet 

S-rdello : scorn the poet ? 'Ihev for 
once, ^' 

A>kin- " what was," obtained a full 

Iii<i Xaddo think at. Mantua, he had 

I" look into his prompiuary, put 
His hand on a set thou£;ht in a set 

speech : 
And was SordelL, fitted thus for each I 
Conjuncture? -\o wise ; since within 

tus soul ! 

'Vrcer)ti,.n brooded unexpressed and I 
whole. I 

A healthy spirit like a healthy ! 
' raves aliment in 'ih-pr- ' ■ ' 

i''iiik'f's, assimilates 

rceived Sordello, 

Its aliment 

^c same, 


Xext day no formularies m.ue you saw 
1 l;an fi-s ,,r ohvcs in a .sated maw 
- lis Knowledj,'e. whither such per- 
ceptions tend. 
They l,,se themselves in that, means 
to an end, 

The Many Old ijroducing some One 

ALTstunhke,heFir>!. If lies are true, 
1 he Cahph Ilaroun -, man of brass re- 

A meal, ay. milht j;rains and lettuce 

Toi;ether in his stomach rattle loose— 

N ou find them perfect next day to pro- 
cuice ' 

But - _-er expect the man, on strentnh 
of that, ^ 

Can roll an iron camel-collar flat 

Like Haroun's self! I tell you, what 
was St. .red 

I'arcel by parcel through his life, out- 

That eye, was, for that nge, a novel 
tliiiii; : 

And roimd those three the People 

formed a rin ', 
Suspended their .mn vengeance, chose 


The issue ofthis strife to rein.stafe 
I hem m the rit;ht of taking,. it-i„ fact 
He must be proved their lord ere thev 
exact •' 

Amends for that lord's defalcation. 

A reason why the phrases flowed so fast 
\ as m his rpme forgetting for the time 
liim>elf in his amazement that his 

Disguised the royally .so much : he 

there — 
They full face tohim-and yet unaware 
Who was the King and who . 

Rut if I Lly 
On thine my spirit and compel obey 
His lord-Taurello? Impotent to 

Another Rome, but hardly so unskilled 
I" what such builder should have h.-:, 

on a truth intent ? 

as bro k 
One shame be 


yond the charge that he 

< ,% 






His function ! Set me free that shame 

I Lend 
A brow hefort-, siipjiose new yoars \a 

Allow each chancf, nnr fiiiiilessly, 

And, worthy thnnijjh display of these, 

put forth 
N'cvei the inmo>t all->iiip;issii)rr wortli 
Tliat cnnsiitulfs liiiii Kin^,' precisely 

As yet no oilur creature may evince 

Measure thee witli the MinMrel, then, j Its like: the pouer he took most 

tlc'mur I pride to le-t, 

At any crown he claims! That I i Whereby all forms of life had been 

^ must cede professed 

As 'tis my rif,dit to my especial meed— At pleasure, forms already on the earl h 
("onfe^syoufitter help the world than I Was hut a means to p..wer whose 
Ordained its champion fiou) eternity, : novel hirth 

Is much : but to l)ehold you scorn the 

I quit in your behalf— as might's to 

Unless you help the wi.rld ! And 

while he run;; 
The changes on this theme, the roof 

The sad walls of the presence-chamber 

Into the distance, or embowering vied 
With far-away (Joito's vine-froniier 

Siiould, in its novelty, lie kingship"-, 

\ow, whether he came near or kejii 

T! ^e forms iniaherable first to last 

I'l. .cd him her copy, not the proto- 

< )f N'alme : what would coiiie of bein" 

l'>y action Id exhibit tree for tree, 

liird, beast f)r beast and bird, or 
prove earth bore 

And crowdsoffaces((mlykecping clear I A veritable man or woman more? 
The rose-light in the midst, his van- ! Means to an end, such proofs; and 
tage-ground | what the end? 

To fight their battle from) deep clus- 
tered round 

Sordello, with good wishes no mere 

Kind prayers for him no vapour, since, 
come death. 

Come life, he was fresh-sinewed every 

I'.ach bone new-niarrowed as whom 
Gods anoint 

Though mortal to their rescue: now 
let sprawl 

Thesnakyvokmies hither, Typloivsall 
For Ilercides to trample— good report 
from Salinguerra's (^ily to extort ? 
So was I (closed he his inculcating 
A poet must be earth's essential king) 
So was I, royal so, and if I fail 
'Tis not the royalty ye witness quail 
But one denosed who, earing not exert 
Its pro])er essence, trifled malapert 
With accidents instead— good things 

The herald of a better thing behind— 

^^nl r essence, whatsoe'er it be, extend — 
Xever contract ! Already you include 
The multitude ; now let the multitudi' 
Include yourself, and the result is new: 
Themselves before, the multitude tiiin 

This were to live and move and have 

(in tliem) 
^'our being, and secure a diadem 
That's to transmit (because no cycle 

Ileyond itself, hut on itself returns) 
When the full sphere in wane, the 

world o'erlaid 
Long since with you, sjiall have in 

turn obeyed 
Some <irl) still prouder, some displayer, 

More potent than the last, of human 

And some new King depose the old. 

Of such 
Am I — whom pride v{ this elates too 

much ^ 


Safe, rather say. mid troops of tx'ers 

aKain : 
I. Willi my wotd^, iiailed hroilior of 

liic train 
I iiice deeds siitlircd : for, let the world 

roil hack, 

W ho fails, throiiy;hdei(l,sdivcrsesoe'er 

re-track ' 

My purpo'^c still, my ia>k ? A teem- 

int; crust — 
\ii, llame, earth, wave at conflict — 

''^■e .' Needs niiisl 
!:nier,';e some Calm emhodied these 

(>;itiirn^ '!"•' veil. w-l,eardedjupiier?) 
iiichrawl to; some existence like a 


And protest a^'ainst Chaos, some first 

lihe faint of Time . . , my deep of 

life, I know, 
i- unavailing:; e'en to poorly show 
!for here the Chief immeasurably 

I 'lids in their due gradation till Son" 
dawned— '^ 

1 :iL' fullest elihience of the finest mind 
A.I m (h-^'ree, no way diverse in kind 
' I '111 iliose about IN, minds which, ' 

more or less, 
'•j!iy or low, in moving seek impress | 
l.icinselves on somewhat; but one' 

mind has cliuibed 
"■;-p.U;erstep, by just ascent sublim.-d : 
ln'-ii;;ht is the soul of act, and sta^e 

in' stage, '^ 

I> -'111 from body still to disengage 
A- undiiiir to a freedom which rejects 
•Nicli help and inrorporeally affects 
I lie world, producing deeds but not 

by dceils, 
"-"ayini;, in others, frames itself ex- 

A>-ii^ningtliem the simpler tasks J! used 
A^patientlypcrformtillSong produced 
\cts, by thoughts only, for the mind : 

'find of e'en Thought, and, lo, God's 

unexpressed ' 

Will dnunc nl .(M'« ,!<- Tj..f -- „. 1 . 

1-rethat. Alesser round of stepswithin 


The last. About me, faces .' and they 

The earnest faces. What shall I un- 

Hy song? behold me |)rompt. whate'er 
it be. 

To minister: howmiu h eanmortals see 
Of Life ? \o more .•- 1 covet the first 

And marshal you Life's elemental 

Show .Men, on evil or on good lay 

This litrht, this shade make prominent 

suppress ' 

All ordinary hues that softening blend 
Such natureswilhthe level: apprehend 
Uhich evil i,, which good, if I allot 
\our Hell, tne Puig.itorv, Heaven ve 

not, " ' •' 

To those you doubt concerning : I en- 

Some wretched Friedrich with his 

red-hot tomb, 
Somedubiousspirit, Lombard Agilulph 
\\ith the black chastening river I 

engulph ; 
Someunapproathed Matilda lenshrine 
1 hese fad to recognise, to arbitrate 

between henceforth, torightly estimate 
1 hus marshalled in the Masque ! My- 
self, the while, * ' 
As one of you, am witness, shrink or 

At my own showing I \cxt aee- 

what's to do ? *• 

The men and women stationed hitherto 
\\ 111 lunstation, good and bad, conduct 
hach nature to its farthest or obstruct 
At soonest in the world : Licht 
thwarted, breaks ' 

A limpid purity to rainbow flakes 
Or Shadow, helped, freezes to gloom • 

Howsuch. with fit assistance to unfold, 
Or ol),tacIes to crush them, disengage 
Their forms, love, hate, hope, fear 
peace make, war wage. ' 

Ii. presence of you ail ! Myself implied 
Superior now, as, by the platform's 



Mi-l-lin. Ihom.lo and suffer inc., nlcnt , New structure from the ancient : 
ii.e Nvurl.l . . . no-ihnt I w.nt n.,i ! they clmnur,! 

-cii-cumvent | The spoils of .-v.-ry clime at Ven 

A fcwii Iia,c.iitent.-(i. aiultoihese ! rnu'cd '^ •" ^ en 

(■ ." i • ■'!'-' ■'•t'-'ll li.ive yet upri^'ht 

( i.,„^ '■■'' P •') ■ As in lu> desert, liv some. siini)lel)ri 

'> ce morel ca.t external thin^^sauuv day unerary phclar-The he 
And Naiuus. varied now, so ,1c- Rome, 

•I),, /'""'" 7',„ I, ,,.. r , •^'•'^•"-!i-^llyz;intri(led, tilltlieirDn 

now I t()>e, I rued 

Or rather youadvanced since evermore 'a seal thealj. transmuting Tri 1.11,1, 
\ourseves e.tect what I was fain i Al.ove. Ah. v e that fom;; 

.... ,*-'"'V , , , i nc'erlheless 

su-.r ;" '"'''''"'' >-""'-'^el^'« , Ken he must stoop contented to, 

w\ . rr' " ' 1 ! vrf^^ 

Wliat 1 leave liare yourselves can now ; N<, tithe of \vl <i\ 
invest .•' I V " 

11 '^ 

to say — the vehi 
ever suffieiei -tnit his work is s 

llow^v^e attained to talk as hrothers j For A.ces like >i,e fu-es th^t sdeot 
Tn Vioif.' 1 II , • , ^ ' 'it^' single- service I am hound erte, 

nl^"''h.'^l' ''""^^'^ ''>■ ''^^""-i^-r murmur, hid me. still as poet, b, 

names, no balk 

J'rom di-continuing old aids— To-day 

Takes in account the work of Yester- 
day - 

lias not the worlda Past now, itsadept 

Consults ere he dispense with or 

New aids ? a single touch more may 

A touch less turn to insij;nificance 

Those structures' symmetry the Past 
has strewed 

The world with, once so hare : leave 
the mere rude 

Explicit details, 'tis hut brother's 

We need, spcecli where an accent's 
change gives each 

The other's s,nil— no speech to under- 

By former audience— need was then 

Expcitiate — hardly were theyhrotheis ! 

true — 
Xor r lament my less remove from 

Nor reconstruct what stands already : 

Accompiiaiicd turn to means : my art 


- .,_ pi 
Taurello to the Cuelf cause, di-allo 
I lie Kaiser's coining - wliich wi 

heart, soul, strength, 
I lalxnir for, this eve, who feel 

My career's outrageous vanity 
And would (as vain amends) die, ev( 

Now I first estimate the ijoon of life 
So ,]eath niiglu how Taurello— su 

this strife 
Is the last strife— the I'eople ii 
My pour Sordello ! what may \( 
l-y 'liis, I wonder? Palma's lightc 

Turned to Taurello who, long pa: 
j Hegan, ^du love him— what you'. 
say at large 
If I s.iy briefly? First, your father' 

Tome, his friend, peruse: I guesse( 

^ 'ni were no strangei to the coursi 

Us both : I leave his children to th; 

saints : 
As for a certain project, he acquaints 


The Pope with that, and f.tfer^ l,i.„ i -ru *'^ 

the Ix^st """' '■"" That Rent e mouth now !_or r.sumr 

' 'f your |.o.sse«.sion.s to permit the n-., r, ^'"'" *"" 

<,ol.; i,,y I '^''"^^**•"^^^■''; ''"In-a Were Kcchn 
' -so,l ,,..,,,,,,, V.c.ntineswi '^ri.K. .""V'^"'', ^■•'''-■"'"^- •' Could .ha 

To Alhcr c, a mrrh il,^ n'^'i"-' ^, "ffk endure 

' "'i.^''"ne, Lnria-all ,.„ ,, "''"'ynu? Slay— 

And with ,hcm J,,, ,.,y\; ,,, ; -T- V,''-^^,;^ '";•. •'-" so tianered n.any a.Iaj 
,, . '"^'' 'f'l-'" ! I-ost 7: r^'Mwle fricnd-Hacchus' 

' l"s t-ve, our crisis, and some i^ain. W 1 1 r ^''? '''''■" 

"cost ^'''"T'ihf ''''■' '""''"^^-^"'-^li'-'s 

' rncuring ; thirty year>-as .'o.xl IM ,,; '''i'''~ . 

, , ^P<^"' ^ ^''^ .'"•■'^'^ '^ '"-"^"l enouj,.h- a ready 

lil^e our arhnoni.sher ! iJut eich hi. !• • ""*^"^ 


'-^|r .hi. whi,e. ,, deed as he ,, j ..-.. So^.^f Srih' 't^^ 

'''■r>i>ling to obtrude an inlluenre ' \r i "'"" 

uhere " '"""^"^o ^ .^Jakes you Romano's Ilc-^d-the 

Tn made account of much as T ^'"'"'^''f^'-* curl. 

\\|iii twice the fortune voM,,,,, r ,, ">'ne, disiurl, 

suhnut, '""'0'H.n,.,er--I My pauidron. said Taurello. V „,ad 

.■'l;i>y I', parallel my waste of u it v T' , 

"';,;^';;-,;— n«i sorddi.A-you ■ S ''^"' ' ''"'"''"' ^'""- 

•^-H2Ha::l;;!:^"^\^•"r'^'-''^h^si -'• -- ^^ 

. .he dear,r'"- '' '" '' ^"'^l'"- JJ'.'^-'-l, this once 

^" i:. clins and Alberics on ea, -h . '' " V" ^ "'"^ '^'"^ «-s £; n i 

M- > here's a prize in prospec, must The th""'"''-" , 

,, '"■^^'••ace 1 ■ """' The thuK ^vas done, proceeded to 

l-tule competitors? An obscure place (Sa Ul 

•\-l^aUitt,dini.e-some, more | ' '' alld tli'! ""''^ ''" ^'" '"^ ^^^ 

^'"•t flamumt; badges-'twer- not ' "u ?r,^^f'"?'t^'^"> = ^^''^''stotwre 
i'ard make clear ' ^ j "^^ '" '"y /ace? he asked-ponder in 

-IKre^^pitv they am lii-e ',. --r • i v ''*•«'' — 

'■■"• '".e,- -^ "^ • ^ - '^^innot slacken pace so near the 

u.:^!:!!!""^^r'"----"-siy!su,,e^';iA...toe^.^^,^ . . 

a,n biu- "^•"' '^- ^^--^"'«: I I lh,s time. For ;o;%!:;:^:'-^:Z 
Ti'.c hegeman, you are born the lieges For \ne'T"^~ ■ 

-shut ''^''^ I ^""^ j'^i^e. one crowning trouble ere I 



L i 


■! i 

Like my compeer. rn»it dcprecitiiin glanct- ? A ne 

On whicli i-iisutd 11 slr.Hi^^c I Sluqn- leant 

Aiui solemn visii;ili(Mi-niil4',ityrliaii-<- 1 < >ii a ShniK-- |^I().iUn};ly \m 
O'er every one of them -fa<h lonkc'l 1 < >\t liis iIim onil'iiui ■ ; 'ini'l \vr<Mili>;uli - 1 ^*"f'•• , , , , , ., , 

I'p ill the mi<lM a truth i.;ri\v, wiilp.iii Mill oneoiitllamedthe rest— her cluld 

Ami when the ^iil(line» >.uik and ilie 

Subsided, they were sitting;, no aiiiaA-, 
Sordellu \\iili llie lialdiie on, liis sire 
Silent thi)u;^ii his proportions seemed 

Twa-s Salint-'uerra's for his chih 

scorn, hate 
Uaj;e startled her from 1.. elin-ti 

late ! 
A moment's work, an<i li ■! ■- tool h; 

N'e\er that hrow to iMrlh 1 re -eii 


Momently ; and, interprelin^ tlie thrill 
Nii'ht at it^ elil', I'ahna yoii found ^ 

" ^vas s'.ill The act conci'ive.l, a<lvenlured, ai 

Relatiiit;s(jinewhat A(lelaidec<mfessed 1 complete, 

A yearai^io, while dyin<; on her hreast, | They stole away lowarii- an ol)SCii 
Of a coni'rivance that Viceii/a nii;ht, I retreat 

Her Koelin had hirtli : their couva's 1 Mother and chil.i— Ketrude s self r 



Cut otV a momeiil. coiled iiwide the j (Nor even here Taurello muv. 

name thoui^h pain 

That wallowed like a drat,'on at his Wa, tle«i ; and what assured tli< 

^,^^lf^^: i nii)--t 'twas tied. 

The toppling cilythrouKli-SanBiat;io i .Ml Jiain, was, if ral^e.l tiie pi 

rocks 1 i hushed head 

.\nd wounded lies in her delicious i 'Twould turn this way ai d that, wa' 

locks '' awhile, 

Retrude. the frail mother, on her face, | And only settle into its old smi!,- 
None of her w.istcd, just in one em- i Craceful as the disquieted waterM; 

]^racv i Steadying; itself, remarked they, in 

Coverinsr her child : when, as they | «i"-^K , . , , , 

lifted her, ' 'n either side their path) when - 

Cleaving the tumult, niii;htv, mightier ' fered look 

And mightiest Taurello's cry outbroke, j i>ownward: they inarched: no :- 
Leapt like;' tongue of fire that cleaves I of lite once shook 

the smoke, I I'le company's close litter of cro~ 

Midmost to cheer his Mantuansonwaid i spe.irs 

_(lr„wn \'V\]\, as they reached (.oilo, a I 

His colleague's clamour. Kcelin's up, j tiars 

f^own" I SlijH in the sunset (rom her Ion: I'l. 

Thedis:irray: failed Adelaide see then I lash. 

Who was the natural Chief, the Man j And she was gcme. So far the an 

"f^I^n? "'^'' " ^, , ■. o > ■ 

Outstripping lime her Kcelin burst ! No crime. They laid Ketrude in 

swathe, f""' 

Stood up with eyes haggard beyond the j Taurello's very gift, her ehiki 


From wandering after his heritage 
Lost once and lost for aye— what could 

To sit bene.ilh— constant as eve 

To sit by its attendant girls the sai 



\\ '^U .his „ut,'ilic ^,,i,ii ,,, ih,. ,.,,,1 ' 7' ;^. ""«-•-> I',,,^- « 

ll-.'t nik<! lur fiisl hut s,Mr,- I I 1 » .^ "-■ 

sl.0 ,iarc.: ' "•"' ^'^ '•=''' I •^"■'."- f^-"""' -^ n..n 1, „Mlu- Hinu- 

irh .„ '^' '^:''l;''-»- Tilu l.i.l, n,y,h..i.c.U.. 

■' ' int.- vnwini^ ,„ v, r t., ,IIm-1,).so 

m^ I.N--I.H h.,Ifrc,T,l.shc..,ntrivH 
1-c.l. ''vivvial.nfjthut,hin,>oif should 

'!";> rmMved that achnn : .she «as 

Salii,-„erra*s iiaii.rc. aiul hiso.hl 
' 'Ini ac,|,iksccncciii his lot ! I{„t Irw 
■■■•■]:in thr sctrt'l to Romano, sho 
!k'<--(i to rcfxr-sess SomIpII., of 
I- ■|cnlagc, and hers, and that way 

Tii. ma -L hut after years, lonj; years ! 
'^-'s nor Komano-s sif^n-mark on that 

I TOW ? 

\crnss Tauro!Io\ l„.art his arms 

uerc locked • ' -PI ^ ■""^" • 

A-l 'twas wh.n s,Halc he .h'.l, .ns if he I " ch'ff "' "'"' ^'"" ''•'''"' "X- ^i^-' 

mocked ^l ). "^ 

T!.. minstrel, who had not to nmve ' /■ 'f„ '''" f^ '' ^"Pi^-^^'^"'-- ninnk recoil. 

n.o\c, i-rnm-nor expect a Hckle Kaiser 

(hi whom , . . 

J'nlTHcehim madn.ani 1 alma cried 

\M- through the lau^hsawsweaidrops 
I Hirst itjKice ' 

Andhis M,.s' blanching: he did not 

Sordello, Initlielaid Soiddlo-s han.l 
On h.s,,«„ eyes, mouth, forehead. 

Ti ; It., I'nderstand, 

Ih,. wl.Ie .Sor.lello was becoming 

riushed '^ 

Outofhiswhiienes.; thoughts rushed 

Kincies rushed ; 
He pressed his hand upon his h^ul 

and signed 
I! should fork-ar him. Nay, ,h, 

['est s behind ! 
Taurelio laughed-not <,uite with the 

same laugh : 

he said. 

""'•^LT-" '...». h»a.„„ I T„.rsrafi' „,, .,„.„,„„ „, 

"',r,;L ""-■'"- '«-K"i.iK>.r:n;'s.,Hch „ .j,, 

"^^£:i •;"-"■ '''"'^' '""^"'- ■ "'"'isu'"" ^ -"'-™ 

Ti- in',im„b"„ „f „,i, ,„., ^^.^.„, ■■ llKvc I w,„k„l l,li,„||,, ,,„, ,„,, jj|j.^ 

instinct at my h„rt ; I else had 

!!ce ?n \' 


ere stdi 

J'uinble the Church d 


own, institute 



While now— look round! My 






I* ^ 

V i 


Saniniini.ilo— tluu'.s a c ontr.-.I piuci- 
Secures us Floicnce, hcv, in I'isa's 

Hy land as she hy sea: will. I 'isa ours, 
And M.ncM.,-, and l'i,i,,ia, one de- 

The huidat leisure.' ( d.iriously dis- 

|)er-.ed — 
lircscia, ohscrve, Milan, Piacenza llrst 
ihat (lankedus (ah, you know not ') 

ni Uie .March ; 
On Ihe.c we pile, as keystone ot->.ur i 


Komagna and Boloi,'na, whose llrst 
span I 

Covered tlie Trentine and the X'ai- 
sn},'an ; 

Sofia's'rvna l,y Holgiano's sure . . 

So he proceeded. Half of all this 

Delusion, douhtiess, nor the rest too 


But what was undone he felt .sure to 

As ring by ring he wrung oif, Hun.r 
away ^ 

The pauldr.jn-rings to give his sword- 
arm play — 

Xeed of the sword now ! That would 
soon adjust 

Aught wrong at present ; to the sword 

Sordello's \\ hiteness, undersize ; 'twas 

He hardly rendered right to his own 
biani — 

I'ike a brave hound men educate to ' 
jiridj I 

Himself on speed or .scent nor audn I 
beside, " I 

As though he could not. .-ift by mfi ' 
match men I ' i 

Palma had listened patiently : but i 

'Twns time expostulate, attempt with- i 
draw I 

Taureilo from his child, she, without i 
awe ! 

Took off- his iron arms from, one by i 
one. ■' ; 

Sordello's shrinking shoulders, and, i 
that uoiie, i 

' Made him avert his visage and .elieve 
Sordello (you n.ight see his corslet 

The while) who, loose, rose-tried t., 
speak, then .sank : 

They lefi him in the chamber—all wa^, 

And even reeling down the castle- 
Taureilo kept up, as though unaware 
I alma was guide to him, the old device 

- Soineihmg of .Milan-how wemuster 

The Torriaiii'. strength there — all 

Our own"\isconti cowed ihem-ilius 
the Song 

Continued even while she bade him 

Thrid somehow, by some glimpse of 

The turnings to the gallery below, 
Where he stopped short as f'ahna let 

him go. 

When he had .sate in silence longenouffh 
Si)l:ntering the stone bench, bravin- 
a rebuff '' 

She stopt the truncheon ; only to com- 
One of Sordello's poems, a pretence 
lor speaking, some poor rhyme of 
i i'-l)s hair 

And head that's sharp and perfect like 

a pear. 
So sm joth and are laid the l-w 

hne locks 
Stained like pale honev froM. 

topino-t rocks 
Sun-blanched the livelong Summer- 

from his worst 
Performance, the Goito, as bis first: 
And that at end, conceiving from the 


And open mouth no silence would 
serve now. 

Went on to .say the w hole world loved 
I hat mail 

And, for that matter, thought his face, 
tho wan. 

Eclipsed the Count's-he sucking in 
each phras!' 

As ifan angel spoke : the foolish 

fii^ wM.M^ 

'•"tided, he drew her on his mailed 

kncL^, made 
Her face a frainewDik with his hands 

a shade, 
A croun, an aureole— there must sl,e 

(Her little momh t()m|)iesse<l with 

.smiling pain 
As in his gloves si;e Iclt her tresses 

iuget the look at, in htlest niche 
Dispose his saint ; that done, he ki>sc-l 
her hrow 



Who hearten each the other a-ainst 

heart — 
lioasting tlicre's nought to care for 

when, apart ' 

The hoastcr. all's to care for: he, 


Some shai e not visihle, in p<,wer and 

Aiiproached. out of the <L',rk, cinF- 

liiigly near, ^^ 

N'^-arer passed close in the broad 

li!4nt, his ear 
Crimson eyelulis sutiused, temi.les 

-auded her father for his treason now. I full-'fr „„,ht "' "" '^"■'■'^■' 

letoldher.onlyhowcouldonesuspec lust a n ,clS ',, •, 

Ihe wit m him? whose clansman, re- i c\ ,: , '' "''"' ''"-''''f' >'"" 

Collect ' ^iiu^iii, 

Was ever Sal ingiierra-she the same ' nj;';'" '''-" T''','' ''I''' ''"'^ ''''!'''^''''^^''*fl< 
Knmano and hi^ mi'lu d"m I ' '" S"'^' "" '""'' ''^^''^ '"-' ^ 
To know ah, as she sh.,uld-and thu> V ,h'J lV^„ 1 , ■ , . 

begun j ' "'*^ \'°"'^' •""! ^^I">-| "f «'n,e loose 

Schemes with a ven-c-ance schen, ^- Tl .'^'''''T''^;'' ''>""« 

on schemes, not o.'e ' | ^''^ "''•^'^'-■'1 "Sainst the angle aye so 

J 11 to be told that foolish boy, he said Afier'^h^ 1 , , 

H '•• '■" -- ' •*' "^^'^'"' ■: '^r the la^t. punctual to an amount 

ft rtinil*.*! /ri..,.fr . . 

Hut only let Surdello I'alma wed, 
-Then ! 

Twasadim long narrow [ihiceat best • 
Midway a sole grate showed the fiery 
U est ■' 

( u- -1 1 t'"">-'".o 10 an amount 

Uf mailed great paces you could not 

't count, 
I'rcj you for the pacini; back 

again ; 
And by the might )ou as- 

\s shows its corpse the world's end | cerfdn 

somespht tomb— Th.,. - i • ,. r 

A.i.K,m,arift„f,.e.anothergIoomi '-''•„.:,:,':? 'i:^;,^ """ """ 

'•-ed ralma-but at length Taurello ! By this Xne hl^^aly, they cleR 
'!erfree: thegratinghekionerii-red \.f ' :;:""'''-''''«^^"-'''"i'' t"K^ther,at comn>and 
or.,ei.egolchire:^;;iS^^^-;l]^; \ ^^^";;-J-^ee to break up Hilde- 
rn,.^h.,llow tmderneath-how else | Rebuild. he_ and Sordello. Charle- 
i.ues_second niarvellous cycle, else | Hut gSed, Strengti, with Know- 
rn^^a^es^than with Palma plain in Acce;?^:;t'::^;:Se and stoop to 

' "'cieKd, hSd j::r''" '^'"^ ^ '^-r'^V r ^^^ -^' ^^^p-— ive. 

'■^•rsuing his discourse a crand un i (7^ '^] "'-' 'he.'nimi...ble flood 
d.ecked ■ ^ """ . ^' '"""iP.'i^^^'ter Irimnphs, understoo.l 

M..notonymadeuutfromhis.,uicktalk| " trtS '"""' ^^'"" ^^"" '^^^^^ 

V. ....resolved hiends in one danger j ile fbmjd ;;w:riooked for that a long 

I liie s braves 





I:: I 


Should somehow he m:itle good — so, ' 

weak and worn, 1 

NFusl stagn'er ii[) at Milan, one };icy ] 

morn [ 

Of the To-Come, to tit^ht h\< latest ' 

Fiut, Salin<;iierra'si5roi)hecyal height — 
He \ulul)le witli a raised arm and slitV, 
A l)larint; voice, a hlazini; e)e, as if 
He had our very Italy to keep 
Or cast away, or leather in a liea[) 
To "garrison the better — ay, his word 
Was, " nni the cuciinihcr into a gourd, } 
Diive Trent upon Apulia"— at their i 
pitch I 

Who spied the lontinents and islands 

(irew sickles, mulberry leallels in the 

map — 
(Strange that three such confessions so 

should h;ip 
To I'alma Dante spoke with in the 

clear ' 

Amorous silence of the SwouninL;- 

sphere. 1 

("unizza, as he called Iv.-r ! Xever ask 
Of Palma more ! She sate, knowing 

her task 
Was done, the labour of it — for success 
Concerned not I'alma, passion's vo- 
Triumph at height, I say, Sordello 

crowned — 
Above the passage suddenly a sound 
Stops speech, stops walk : back shrinks 

Taurello, bids 
With large involuntary asking lids 
I'alma interpret. 'Tis his own font- 
stamp — 
N'our hand I His summons! Nav, 

this idle damp 
Hefits not 1 Out they two reeled 

dizzily : 
" \'isi"onti's strong at Milan," re- 
sumed he 
In the old xmiewhat insignitlcant way 
( Palma wont years afterward to 

As ihougli the spirit's flight sustained 

thus far 
Dropped at that very instant. Gone 
they arc — 

Palma, Taurello ; Eglamor anon, 
Ecelin, Albcric . . . ah, Naddo's 

gone I 
— Labouis this moonrise what the 

Master meant 
" Is Squarcialupo speckled ?— purulent 
I'd s:iy, but when was Providence put 

rnit ? 
He carries somehow handily about 
1 lis spite nor fouls himself I " Goito's 

Stand like a cheat detected — stark 

rough lines 
The mof)n breaks through, a grey 

mean scale against 
The vault where, this eve's Maiden, 

thou remain'st 
Like some fresh martyr, eyes fixed — 

who can tell ? 
.\s Heaven, now all's at end, did not 

so well 
.Spite of the faith and victory, to leave 
Its virgin quite to death in the lone eve: 
While the persisting hermit-bee . . . 

ha ! wait 
No ionger — these in compass, forward 

fate ! 


Thk thought of Eglamor's least like a 

.\nd yet a false one, was. Man shrinks 
to nought 

If matched with symbols of immen- 
sity- - 

Must (juail, fors(K)th, belbre a quiet 

Or sea, too little for their quietude : 

-Vnd, truly, somewhat in .Sordello's 

Confirmed its speciousness while even- 
ing sank 

Down the near terrace to the further 

.\nd only one spot left out of the night 

(dimmcred upon the river opposite— 

A breadth of watery heaven like a 

A sky-like space of water, ray for ray 

SORDF.IJ,0 235 

•'"'^SlnlS" "'' "''''''' ^^-^"^ I -^ -"'- i" ^^'-s phrase, a.,ov. ,,is 
As th^^and tlKU wi„g of an an.el, : i'-v^rlo-uHiR his powor, m.cI. moon's 
Tuniuliuary splendours foI,le<i in Ov .'Vh""'" > , 

To .lie: nor {.,,,,.,1 „e till Kc^ara's hill s:"p;'^''"'^' ""' ""''^ "'^^^ 

(Say!lhe monotonous speech fr-n, a ' """^"' '^""> "'^ l-ginnin^ an,! still 
man's lip ,, ' 

\Vh.HeUsomefirst and ea^er purpose ^^llo'r ''"" ""' ^"""^ '^^ 

Though d'eu here its inforniinir soul Vlf "^"^'"'■*^"^;'^^ i'"'-^. ""w un.ort, 
be gone) "»''■'>" ng soul Ahve now and to sullenness or sport 

Aroused him, sur.lj- ofVered succour • vT'^" ''■'^"">'."P-.*'i'^P">'^''l ilself anew 
fate '^rui Miccour . At every passing nistigation, grew 

I'-sed with this eve; ere she per- 's| ^l^; "1,;^ "'P'^^' '" '^•"- 

Herself. . . put otV strange after- : ^^"^f)^^''^^ >--""«- ^-ivered now a 

llioughts awhile, ~ cu- i^i • , voi^e. those large hands, that "'^'^',:J;" "-■ --h-e, now a blinding 

portentous smile t\r i'-. . ■ 

Uharhelp ,0 pierce U,e Ftiture as the \ ^' ^^^a^J "PP"'^^ "^ " ""^ reef-fVnnul 

l-ay in'the plaining city ' i ^'"' ZV^''^ ^1'^""' ' ""' i^''^^'^''^'^ "P 

L , ' anci, nurled 

The main discovery and i^hn^Vl;;;! ; '''^'^oHd ''''^"'' ""'''"P^^^'"«'^^ 
cern, c , , ^ , 

A., that just now in.ported hin. .^ ' V^lif t'^SilTr^i^^^S^p;^: 
"'^ l^ileit^ '""'''' ''"' '"""" ••' ''"« ^^-Shs not half his own, yet had 
Heaven, rose again, and naked at h,s Withir^uhmut.l ,0 some moon, 
i.,ghted 1.S old life-s every shift and Jt s.i J su^r still .ha.e'er its .,rce. 

Kftbrt with counter-eftort : nor , ho \lrnd '.{ /t"''" '" '''''^' " """'■^^• 
range • nor inc -N't missed Ijfe s croun, authentic 

' 'It clleS^^'^"'"^ ^^^^"^ -^-- ToeaSlwhohvesntust he a certain Iruit other -which of these could 1 e FarlieVor h)'?'" ' '>'^":r '. ^ ■^•^•«e 
suspect i:''" " '"^ '^'" '" "'f" ■■' P'lgMiiiage, 

;;ying into them by the sudden bla.e ? lend'' ' " '" "'"''' '^"^^' ^P'"''^ 

" ti;:l;:;r-- ""'^^ "^^■'^ "P -^ ^" ^^-^o, .^ discovering beau,y without 

""' m hS: • '"""'' ^' "^'^ ^'"'^ "^'"'' -^r-t scintillations i^.r one star 
Tokens^of the existence, bright or ^'"S^l^l^"'^ '''-' -I^-- 

;;r a transcendent all-embracing sense ''"' bLinTlS'^ ""''' ^''^ '^^"" "' 
I^emandtng only outward inHu^nce. I By winn"^g tlo notice and .nvest 

, -vii ■', ;■ .'■ ."i^'^j; ■•• , 'f'j-* I ru'.; 





Their souls with alien gK.ry some one 

U hcne'er the nucleus, gathering shape 

Rour.cho the perfectcircle- soon orlate 
Accurdm- as themselves are formed 

to Wait ; 
Whe!h(.T'iis human beauty will suffice 
—The yellow hair and the luxurious 


Or human intellect seem best, or each in some ideal form ])a.,t reach 1 
On earth, or else some shade of these, 

some aim, ' | 

Some love, hate even, take their p,ace i 

the same 
That may he served— all this they do i 

not lose, j 

Waiting for death to live, nor idly i 

choose I 

What Hell shall he— a i)rogrcss thus 

pursu -d 

Throu-h all •.•xistence, still above the 

That's f.ffered them, still towerin" 
beyond ^ 

The widened lange in virtue of their 

Of sovereignty: notthatal'ahna's Love 
Abahnguerra's Ilalew.^uldeoual prove 
To swaymg all Sordello : wherefore 

Love meet f,r such a Strength, some 

Moon s wi'',out 
To match his Sea?— fear, Cood so 

Only the IJest breaks faith ?— but that 

the Best 
Somehow eludes us ever, still might be 
And IS not : crave you gems ? where's 

pen my 

Of their ...terialroundus? pliant earth, 
Ihe l)l:i-tic llame-what balks the 

Mage his b^irth | 

— Jacymh in balls, or lodestone bv ' 

the block ? 
Flinders enrich the strand and veins 1 

the rock — ' 

No more ! Ask creatures ? Life in 

tempest. Thought 
Clothes i!ie keen hill-iup, mid-day I 

woods are Iraught | 

With fervours ... ah, these forms 
are well enough — 

But we had hoped, encouraged by the 
I stuff 

: I'rofu,e at Nature's pleasure. Men 

Tliese .Men ! and thus. i)erchance, are 
I over-loiicl 

I In arguing, from Good the Best, from 
! f iroe 

I Divided — force combined, an ocean'^ 
I course 

From this our sea whose mere intes- 
! tine pants 

Had seemed at times suflicient to our 

—External Power? If none be ade- 

And he have been ordained (a prouder 

-\ law to his own sphere? the need 


All incompleteness, be that law, that 

love ? 
Nay, really such be others' laws, 

though veiled 
111 mercy to each vision that had failed 
If unassisted by its Want, for lure, 
hm bodied ? stronger vision could en- 

The simple want— no bauble for a 
truth ! 

The People were himself; and by the 
I ruth 

I At their condition was he less impelled 
i 1 o alter the discrepancy beheld 
I I han if, from the" sound Whole, a 
sickly Part 
Subtracted were transformed, decked 

out with art, 
Then palmed on him as alien woe— 

the Guelf 
To succour, proud that he torsook 

No : All's himself-all service, there- 
fore, rates 
Alike, nor serving one part, immo- 

The rest : hut all in time : That 

lance of yours 
Makes havoc soon with Maiek and his 




-:•;• 1 

That Buckler's Unci with many a 
Ciiant s heard ' 

'--relontjfnrphyrio, Lethe lance hut 

•Ilie huckler ^. :elded handsomely as 

""t vien- your esm,,, in mind 
>our vow, 

romnthe,.. ... of ...nd to pass 


I'lit lance and buckler up-next half 
month lacks ^ ^"" j 

A sturdy exercise ofmace or axe ' 

1 ..cleave this dismal hrake of prickly- I 
pear ' •' | 

Bristling holds Cydippe hy the hair I 

I-ames harefoot Agalhon. ' ! 

\- , . *-*h. I'cople, urfe t 

to the verge 

'■"'-h a vain mummery which per- 
chance distrust 

'This fast-slipping resolution ..rust 
, , ' '■'^V ?'^'^°'-f'insly the Crowd-as yet 
To"' lu :"'^""^'^'"\'^'>- c<HUrived f.>rget 
1" 'l\\e 1 upon the points . . . one 

might assuage 
The signal horrors sooner than enra-e 

U, ha dun vulgar vast unohviousgri^ef 
^ t to be fancied oft, obtain relief 

' brilliant fits, cured bya happyquirk 

i^ut by dm vulgar vast unob^ywS 

1" correspond-however, forth they 

stood ; ^ 

'^"'' brood''"""'"' '^^' '"""S" "■"'''" 
''-^^re^^want; the grave stript 

iJown sank the Penple'.s Then; up- 
rose their Now. ' j 

1 Tl °"" '■^"^" service to'! 
And how I 

'■■'eouslyiiuie must that service prove! 
";;,;'^^:^'-'-''>- proved in any case! for I 

K'rh other obstacle away. !c( vou'b ' 

"Truth ''"'"■"'' hadsurpn-sed'a 



Settled forthwith, and of the captive 
eased 1 > ■ • i 

Its captor look around, since this alit 
.>:o happily, „„^,,,,„r^.,„..;'^-'"t 

i he earnest of a tlock to f,,!!,,,,.? 

Most v:un ! a life-s ,0 spon.i . ,0 this 
i rie chain, 

i "^'^ e!e ,r*" "'T^'' complacence ; 
I c'le the crowd ' 

jits km of twice the plumage-he. in 

I "■ ''^,,t'" ''^'-' -^ "-»"y lives, may 

■^'"'"cafTecr""""''"-"- TlK-n Mantua 

^'"lere^t? "1!"'.' "^^^ '^'•"•■''" ''^"''^ 
were thralled 



Could hoast-some r,-se that burnt 

heart out m sweets 
A spendthri.t in the Sp'riui^, „o Sum- 

mer greets— 

Some Dularete, drunk with truths 
and wine, ""uis 

(;rownJ_,es,ial dreaming how become 

^ '' mence"'"""' '^'' °^'''^'='''' ^°"'- 

With the commencement, merits 

crowning: Hence 
Must Truth be casual Truth, elicited 
In sparks so mean, at inte;vals dis' 


''^^ Time' '^"' '"'•' ^'^'^ '"^^ "" '">'•• 


'" world "''^^'' ^''^" ^^''^">- '" '^'' 

^""smrll-Y 'r"''" "'"^ ^'^"^'^ "^ean 
.spark by dint 

Of some chance.blow, the solitary hint 



of Iniricd fire, which, riji its l)rc;i>t, 

would stream 
Sky-ward I 

Siirdclid s mi^iTuMc cjlcaiii 
Was loukf.i for at ihc moment : he 

would (lash 
This liadi;c id carlli and all it hr<5Uf;ht, 

Taurelli) llu:-. i)eilia|).> persuade liiiii 

The Kaiser from liis ijurjiose ; would 

His constancy in any c;ise. Before 
lie dashes it, however, think oner 

more I 
For, wa^ thai litlletrulyserviee? Ay 
r the end, no douht ; hut meantime!' 

riain you spy 
Its ultimate I'.ffeet, Init many llaws 
Of viiiun hlur each iiUervenin^ Cause ; 
Were the day's fraction clear as the 

life's sum 
(Jf service, \ow as filled as the To- 
With evidence of j;;nod — nor too minute 
A share to vie with evil I 1 low dis[)iiii> 
The Cjuelfs were fitiiesl maintain in 

rule ? 
That made the life's work : not so 

easy school 
Vour day's work — say, on natures cir- 
So variously, wliicii yet. as each ad- 
Or might impede that (liieif rule, it 

\'oii, for the Then's sake, hate what 

Now you loved, 
Love what you hated ; nor if one man 

Brand upon temples wliile his fellow 

The aureole, would it task us to 

decide — 
But portioned duly out, the Future vied 
Never witli the unparcelled Present 1 

Or spare so nuich on warrant all so 

slit;ht ? 
The Present's complete sympathies 

to iuiMk. 
Aversions heai with, fora Future's sake 

So feeble .'' Tito ruined through oni 

The Lef;,ite saved hy his s'.le lii^htisl 

Heck ? 
I This were work, true — hut v.or'k ])er 

f irmeil at cost 
()f other work— aught gained her<' 

elsewhere — 
l''<>r a new se;^uunt spoil an or!) half 

Ki>e with the I'eojjle one step, am 

sink . . . one? 
Would it were one step — less than tin 

whole Lxcc— 
Of things our novel duty bids erase I 
Harms are to v.uKjuish ; what? th' 

l'ro[)het sailh, 
The Minstrel singeth vainly then 

Old faith. 
Old courage, born of the surroundin; 

Were not. honi highest to the lowest 

charms ? 
Oh, llame persists, but is not glan 

as staunch ? 
Were tile salt marshes stagnate 

crystals branch — 
Blood dries to crimson — ICvil's beauti 

In every shape ! But Beauty thrus 

\'ou banish Evil: wherefore? Afteral 
Is Kvil our result less natural 
Than (."lood? For overlook the Sea 

sons' strife 
Whh tree and flower — tiie hideou; 

animal life, 
Of which uho seeks shall tind :i 

grinning taunt 
For his solution, must endure tht 

Of Nature's angel, as a child that 

Himself befooled, unable to propose 
Aught l)etler than the fooling — and 

but care 
For Men, the varied I'eople then and 

Of which 'tis tasv saving fiood and 

i Claim him aii'Kel Whence rose the 
I claim but stiil 

From III the fruit of Ill-_,vhat else 
could knit 

"'■n theirs In.. S,.rr,nv? Any free 
from It ' 

0.uldt°r'' '"''''''•' !''■"•' •^''•^PPincss 
* ""Id he ths„ngu,slK-,l in this' Lorn- 
iny s press 



Confirmed with e;.ch discovery; i,, 
Ihtir Sdu! •^ 

The Whole they seek I.y Parts-hut 
found that Whole 

Cnuld llKy revert? Oh. testify ' The 
space •' ■ ^ 

,-'''^- ' ""^ '''f'^' ^^-r^- "i"'e ,!,,.„ pk-ntv 

< )n ihpp^.ij 1 ,, , .. "nee atianied • 

"tl>ee,.sa.<l wedded to his trihe 
ecarnes^reen and yellow tokens i^ 
l.s very la.e that he's a Chibelh^- 
Much hold on him that Ak.I ohiajj^ed ' 

•>ay UKJunt 
^ '-•t f'i«her ; and upon Men's own 

Must Evil stay; for what is [,,v ^ To 
lieave • - 

I I'-neol.structionmore.and common 

\VhntwaspecuIiar-hythisact destroy 
,'>^lf; a partial death is every joy ;^ 
1 he sensi 1 » oc , /- .■'. J •> ' 

The Whole to cj,,!,,. «l.auM it : r,,^ 
nought s gained 

I'UtleavetoIo.,k_not leave tod,,- 

Soon sates the looker-look Aho^e 
then! Death 

Tempts ere a nthe of Life he tasted. 
First and die soon enough, Sordello • 
I!.Kly^and sp.rit the hare hkIu they 


•n.e sensible escape, enfraSsinumt i ThrS'r''*-" °" '"^ "''"P'"'^"^^han 
' 'It sphere's es.sencc : once the vev. ' \ ' * P^-eanl-ciiy-s deniVen 

-content, ^^'^^'^ j '^^^ "either vdely lodge.i midst Lorn- 

^ to entreat, _ ^ ^nt s ^ \ et manage from that very muck 

■Hie sphere though larger is not more 

^"u• for Mankind's experience: who 

■'"^hisS?"'"""''^''''"''"'^ ^"'"'l 

Who.n palled Goito with its perfect To nS"" ''"-' '.'''>' 

lungs? perfect To all save thee and clay remain 

Salvation-hindrances are interposed 
'•■^;j;cn.^ot an Li.-s view af once 

ro creatures sudden on its summit left 
^^■thHeavenaboveand-yetof wings 


Wes?"^^ ''" '■'""Se. the girdling 
forests shoot '^ 


1 arnestly ever, piercing veil by veil, 

^old: then subject, nnr scruple, to 
thy cruce ' ' 

The world's discardings ; think, if 
ingots pay ' 

Such pains, the clods yiehied 
them are clay 

though quenched 
i hy purging-iire ; who's rohbed then ? 

\\ ould I wrenched 
Anample treasure forth I-As 'tis, why 

crave ^ 

A share that ruins me and will not 

^'""'nui'' ''"P"'""''>' e^mmann 

The course that n.akes my joy nor 
will remit •' '' 

^ our w^e ^ \\-. .1.1 1. 

,, ; • ^"'•■•-•J:inarnveai joy? 
Keverse •' ' 

The order (time instructs you) ncr 
coerce ' 





I'acli unit lill, 'mhiu- prcilctfrniiiRil | 

IllOll!', j 

The total \>r nn. uuipatc ; niir ri'ul 
[s one, iiur limes nl travel iiiaii\- ; 

thwart I 

No tMilerprisini; snul's pii-rucioiis start | 
IJcfore ihc ijLnoral nuucii ; if slow (,r | 

fast I 

All strni,'L;lc up til the sainepniiitat lasi 
Why i;riiilL;e my havint; trained a ; 

111'intli a;4o ■ 

The brakes at halm -shed, asphodels in 1 

While you wire laniiloi-kcl ? Spctd ■ 

your Then, bat how ; 

This baiiije would sullt r you improve 

N' ■ f 
ow I 

His time of aetiou for. at;ainst, or 

Our workld labour to extract the pith 
01 this and more)i,'rew up, that even- 
Gigantic with its power of j.iy beside 
The world's eternity of impoieiue 
To profit though at his whole joy'-. 

Make nothing; of that time because so 

Rather make more— instead of joy 

take i;rief 
Before its novelty have time suiisidc ; 
No time for the late savour— leave 

Virtue, the creamintj honey wine, 

quick squeeze 
\'ice like a l)itinrj spirit from the lees 
Of life— toL;ether let wrath, hatred, 

.Ml tyrannies in every shape be thrust 
Upon this Now, which time may 

reason out 
As mischiefs, far from benefits, no 

doubt — 
But long ere then Sordello will have 

Away — you teach him at Coito's crypt 
There's a blank i>--ue to th.u fiery 

thrill ! 
Stirring;, the Tew cope with the Many, 

-Lt : I . 

So muchof dust as, quiet, makes amass 
Unable to produce three tufts of grass, 

Shall, In.ubled by tlu- whirlwind, 

render void 
The whole calm f;!cbe's endeavour: 

be employed I 
And e"en ihoiiirli somewhat '-marls the 

Crowd for this, 
Contributes each his i)ant; to m.i'.e up 


"I'i^ but one p.iHL; -• one blood -drop to 

the bowl 
Which brini'iil ti-mpis theshim^ish asj, 

So <|ulck, siains ruddily the dull red 

And, kin<lling orbs dull as the uiHi])e 

belore, avails forthwith to disenlrance 
The niischiel — soon to lead a mystic 

.Xmoni; you I Nay, who sits alonein 

Rome ? 
Have those ^'reat hands indeed hewn 

out .a home 
For me- compelled to live ? ( )h Life. 

Life-blood, -ere sleep be travail, life 

ere death ! 
This life tofeed mysoul, direct. oblique, 
lUit always teeding I Hindrances.^ 

They pi(|ue — 
Helps? such . . . but wherefore say 

my soul f)'ertops 
All heit;ht — than every depth pro- 

f lunder drojis? 
Ijiouf^h that I can live, and would 

live ! Wait 
For some transcendetit life reserved 

by Fate 
To follow this? Oh, never I Fate 

I trust 
The same my sou! to ; for, as who 

llings dust 
Perchance — so facile was the deed, 

she che()ued 
The void with these materials to aflect 
That soul diversely — these consigned 

To nought by death, what marvel if 

she threw 
A =-■•"■, d sn-i ?"perbor spcctr-clc 
Befoie it ? What may serve for sun - 

what still 


.-••1. » 3 

'■W^^i ■4^mms^mmm^ 



^^ar^lc•r a moon above nie-what else I 0„ "* 

,K '^'"'' ' "'"'"'•"' • ^^■''••'' - will, .n.ardcrs 

-^'£:;;.^' w:::.£^V':a;r ;?o -lb'! I ^ -^" ""^'"•' "^^" '- - 

,, rocky fount '•''«= "-""The Cross Ileotlcbrous ,he IMwV 


n.eMlvergl„,n,lesandgoI<l.sparkIinJ '"''srone-""^ fierce ,,v,opus. 

" 'f,';;--Oh. -tuere too absuH ,o | ''""afZ"""" ''^ ••-^='" "'''' I '^'t 

Sie-IcflK^^ ;|:i;'-'^V's delight ! i ^^^Vulr'-'^^-^" P^^-- - ■'- ves.. 

'''-,e,oU,smn.,'Ka.h^-S<^'']^J^^^^^ , , ' 

"-e ,s the Crowd, whom I with Must n"'', " ''7 

freest heart ^"'' , -^'"^^ I '-e blessed or y,n, ? Then n.v 

"Iter to serve contrnt^rl f own way ^"<-nni) 

"" ,:^J,4-^'d^-^vherefo,e should iP^'^aS-^ °" "^'•' ""■"''^T-cloud 

ma'i"" '"^""^"^ 'he pgr^-T^"^'S ^3'^™- "ot n.i.ed up 
""•:;;^,,; l^ownn, that the stock or ''"'!i::i;nS!r'^"'^""«^ "--" 

-l^Slt ;-^d ,i -;rmere ^idT-^""" ^^ ^^^^^ '" ^"^^^ 
T „--^"'"»om >'emere M'drtymg synods of worlds-but in 

' " 'lie true palace— but shnll T ,. .-, ^"^^^^'en s marge 

-^'vroot ,i,e courtK'L^.?-^:!!!^' I •"■'«- Titan still, fecun,benr .W .- 

".f o'^' ^"'"^^' ^^°^^ 'he doors ''Ire'^ ^'''^'•'^-'^0 Cen.aur at his 

1 Made tremulously out in hoary flame I 



Life! Vet, the very cup whose 

exlrciuc dull 
Dre^;s,Lvcn, I would (jitaff, was flashed, 

at full. 
Aside so ott ; the dealli I lly, revealed ! 
So oft a hetter life this life eunceaUd 
And which sajje, champion, martyr, 

thro' carh )vith 
Have hunted fearlessly— the horrid j 

Thecrii)i)liii4-iron.-.andilR' fiery chair: 
— "Twas well for llieni ; let me t)ecome 

aware j 

As they, and I relintiuish Life, t"o ! 

Let I 

Life's secret hut disclose itself '. Vor^cl 
Vain ordinances, I have one appeal — 
I feel, am what I feel, know what I : 

—So much is Truth to me — \\hal Is 

then ? Since 
{ )ne ol )ject view ed diversely may evince 
IJeauty and ugliness— this way attract, i 
That way repel, why gloze uj^n the | 

fact ? : 

Why must a sin{,'le of the sides U' j 
right ? . ' 

What bids chtwse this and leave its 

opj'Kisite ? 
No abstract Kii^ht for me— in youth 

With Right still present, still to be 

Thro' all the interchange of circles, 

Each with its proper law and mode of 

l'"ach to be dwelt at ease in : thus to 

Regally with the Kaiser, or obey 
Implicit with his Serf of fluttering 

heart, _ 

Or, like a sudden thought of God s, 

to start 
Up in the presence, then go forth and 

That some should pick the unstrung 

jewels out — 
Were well ! 

And, as in moments when 
the Past 
Gave partially enfranchisement, he cast 

Himself 'juitc thro' mere secondarj- 

Of his soul's essence, little loves and 

Into the mid vague yearnmgs overlaid 
Ky these ; as who should pierce hill, 

plain, grove, glade. 
And so into the very nucleus probe 
That first dtlcrmine<l there exist a 

Globe : 
And as that's easiest half the glob.- 

So seemed Sordello's closing-truth 

I!y his tleshhalfs break-up— the sud- 
den swell 
Of his expanding soul showed 111 and 


I Sorrow and Joy, Beauty and Ugliness 

VirlueandVice.lheLargerand the Less, 

All qualities, in fine, recorded here. 

Might be but M<xlcs of Time and this 

one Sphere. 
Urgent on these but not of force to bind 
As Time— Eternity . as M.atter— Mind, 
If Mind, Eternity shall choo=e assert 
Their attributes within a Life : thus girt 
With circumstance, next change be- 
holds them cinct 
(luilc otherwise — with Good and 111 

Joys, sorrows, tending to a like result- 
Contrived to render easy, difficult. 
This or the other course of . . . what 

new l)ond 
In place of flesh may stop their flight 
I l)eyond 

i Its new sphere, as that course does 
harm or go<id 
To its arrangements. Once this under- 

'■ stood, 

i As suddenlv he felt himself alone, 
i Quite out of Time and this World all 
j was known. 

I What made the secret of the past 
despair ? 
(Most imminent when he seemed nios! 

Of greatness in the Past — nought 

l^tl •.• ■ . ...I.I 1 

Like craving to expand the power h( 

™., •i^.t '>i:;^v^'f^^t:^- 



\"l :i ruw |HiWfr to l>e txpantUd)- 

1 his made it ; Soul on Matter l)eing 


\()[jorlioned tothut joy's aojuirtiiient ! 

S.iy, ninriiini^' o'er tht- « ;irih and all it 
woke — 

TisJoyvvhcnM)iiuich.S..uliswrcak(.l ; From the v .Icano's v;,fH,iirlUii; to 
in Tunc | j,„i^t 

n„ Man.r,-Iet ihc i.tumpt Hhick oVr the spread of sea, to aie 

^»''I""L' I U,w nioi>i 

M ittcr l)c-yond its scheme and so pre- Dale's silken lailey--piLr> sullied uiih 



"iniore f.r less that deed's ac.omplish- Swayed ea.-'iwards, he.ivilv lo rise 

"lent, I a(,'ain- 

\r.d Sorrow follows: Sorrow to ! (The Small ,phere as p, rfect as the 

avoid- ! (;r,.;it the l-.mployer match the thini; ; To the soul's ahs.,lut> ess)— meditate 

,. *'''V''''x *:*'' . i •''i''"'-li;iiiAutumn-m..iiiiriL''sclustor- 

I It to the hnite his intmity, I ch )i(l 

And thusnroeeed forever, in dcKree \ And the \vh.,K- nn.>ie ii was framed 
( h.ui^'ed hut in kind the same, still afford, 

.,. l''"ited _ And, the riiord's mi-ht diseovered. 

lo tlie appointed circumstance and what sh< Id pluck 

... *',':"*' , , lOnt-' siring, the finder, wa- found 

lo all U-yond : a sphere :s Imt a! palsy-struck. 

spiiere — 
Small, Great, are merely terms we 

handy here — 
"^iiK-e to the spirit's absoluteness all 
.\ir like: now of the present sphere 

we call 
Life, are conditions — take hiii this 

Many ; the Dody was to he so ionj: 
\"UthfuI, no longer — Inil, >ince no 

( oiitrol 
Tied to that Bo<iy's purjjoses his Soul, 
li chose to understand the Hody's trade 
More than the Hotly's self— had fain 

hs iHiundless, to the Ijody's Ixjunded 

lot — 
^ '. the soul permanent, the Uxly not, — 
~- .ircely the one minute for enjoying 

I ':■': soul must needs instruct its weak 

im o'er its capabilities and wrinjj 

.'\nd then what niarvcl if the Spirit, 
sh )wn 

A s,addest .si},'ht— the Dody lost alone 

Thru' its ofiicious prollered help, 

Of this and that er/inyment late con- 

\'irtue. Good, Jieauty, each allowed 
slip hence, — 

N'aiiigloriously were fain, for recom- 

To stem the ruin even yet, protr.act 

The Body's term, sujjply the power it 

From its infinity, compel it learn 

These qi-.alities were only Time's con- 

That Body may, with its assistance, 
barred — 

Advance thesame, vancjuished— obtain 

Reap joy where sorrow was intended 


. . ~: t— " ^. ■...>. ......^ ^11M>, 

A lov thence it holds worth experi- Of Wrong made Right and turn 111 
,,, .'•."cmt;— Good below- 

Wliich, far fromhalfdiscoveredeven, j And the result is, the poor Hod 

' }Oi I soon 

1 lie minute gone, the body's power's ■' Sinks under what was meant a won 

let go drous boon, 



., ^1 . ' l!ui wlKrc ik-M-ry llw i,<>m lu.n snaii 

Nof^;h:>1:r:^.u.l..fh..lrancc j Ana 'n^ll^rl^c;..^!.. ,.. MuUi.u.le 

Hut S''0^flulin,..f,hc.lcshly yoke. I Deciii;. ■ir^ve\>r no? On. w.rd 
|,s loves :uul Laus as now when thoy ■ ^,;'-'^;l.;,,^.„„_ j „,;,,„,, ,„f,i„„, 

Tin. spirsolf-^umdcn. as hcA-rc. j And speak i..r you. A .'owcr ahove 

•n.o i.iit llie siii-'l- si)acc that shiiH him still , -m- 

Iho mi UR Mn„. I ' \vi,i, 1,, utterlv incomprehensihle, 

.Twi^l^enth^hnen. in new U..U J^on. jj.-i.^^^'^ •:---;' hy 
>,uJYiicVe ever hut,h,^^.JI.m^-^^ ^^^, ^,. _^,,^^ ,,,. 

' ■-iSbrir ^^-^ '■''^" '^^"^ To titsr . .ou.h, that wo.d 

Once ..rdered rightly, and a Souls no , ^^^^nf-;.^^,^^ ,,.^,, ,.,,,,_ 
MoreVh n ihel!o<ly'Mn.rpose under it Hut of a I'ower its re, 

, ■ 1 I revealed — 

As tllS,:; th^; win, of an ansel. fixed, | This Htnuan clear, as that Divine con- 
Tunuiltuarv splendours folded in eealed- - 

Todu.) and which thus, far fron, hrst | .he utter need ^^ ^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^ , 

T,it liiivi- so order 1-it'e? Still hrutali/e assays 

The sin-ribc sad world-, n.ethod- : Old fahle. the two doves were sent 

To aU tll^'VTLfore. shall after he j Aho^Mhr^^^rld-where i.t the .nid,. 
This siihere— and every other (luality ! they met 

and (looct i>..v. , 1 

And Beauteous whither fate has loosed ^.^^^ ^^f ';,;^^:;l_,p,,„.ch-that 

To fiw^ Never n,ay some soul see ^ ^„^J;^f]^:^^-,;^ ,^,, ;„ m.l ; 
_T1. Great heA.e and after and the ^ They^mount,J,av^ reached the thr.- 
V w .Tt L -.vr-n,.. .VnU.hesimnlest i Asidc-an.l you divine who s:U there 

And take the single course prescribed 

Under his foot the badge ; stdl. Palma 




A linRcrmR in the wide eyp>. ' With foe and friend for an nutstriji- 

Wilier than some .sjjcnt swiniiner's if pin^; smil 

•"^" ''C''-'' Nine <ia>s at le.ut . then, fairly 

Help from above in iiis extreme de- reaclied the ^ 

^P*"f He, hy one effort, hlotted the tjrcal 

\ik1, head far luck on shoulder thrust, hope 

turns there J Out of his mind, no furth. r trietl to 

With short (jiiiik jwssioiialc cry ; as j cope 

I'ahiia prrst , Will, Kste that mad evening's style. 

1)1 one ^;reat kiss lar lips upon his liut sent 

''ftast Away the Lejjatc and the League, 

li belt Hy this the herniit-l.'ee has content 

'''"PP<-"'^ No iilame at least the brothers had 

Ills days toil at Goito— the ww- incurred, 

'^'"PP^'l — Despitched a messaye la the Monk 

l»ea(i vine-leaf answers, now 'tis eve, he heard 

. he hit. Patiently first to last, scarce shivered 

I wirled so, and filed all d.iy— the at, 

mansion's fit - Then curled his limbs up on his wolf- 

I i!jd counselled lor ; as easy guess the skin mat 

"•^ord And ne'er spoke more,— the 

I hat p.ssed l«:twixt them and be- Ferrarese 

come the third He but retained their rule so lonij as 

To the soft small nnfrighted Ixe, as these 

... '•'^ . , Lingered in pupilage— and last, no 

linn with one fault— so no remem- mode 

brance racks Apparent of keeping safe the road 

< >! the stone maidens and the font of From Germany direct to Lombardy 
,, stone . for Fri'.-drich, none, that is, to 

lie, creepmg thro' the crevice, leaves , guarantee 

alone— j The faith and promptitude of who 

Alas, my friend— AKis Sordello! whom should next 

Anon we laid within that cold font- 

And yet again alas ! 

And now is't worth 

Our while bring back to mind, much 
less set forth 

II)w Salinguerra extricates himself 

Wiihout Sordello? Ghibellin and 

Obtain Sofia's dowry, sore perplexed— 
(Sofia being youngest of the tribe 
Of daughters Ecelin was wont to bribe 
The envious magnates with- nor since 

he sent 
Enrico Egna this fair child had Trent 
Once failed the Kaiser's purposes — 

we lost 

,,.,,., Kgna last year, and who takes Ecna's 

^'ay fight their fiercest ? If Count j post— 

Richard sulked i Opens the Lombard gate if Iriedrich 

I" durance, or the Manjuis paid his j knock?) 

,,.. niulct, I Himself espoused the Lady of the Rock 

^\ no cares, Sordello gone ? The up- I In pure necessity, and so destroyed 

shot, sure, : His slender last of chances, cuUe made 

^\as peace; our chief made some j void 

^ frank overture I Old prophecy, and soite of all ths 

i ;.aL prospered ; compliment fell thick schemes 

and fast i Overt and covert, youth's deeds, age's 

Un Its disposer, and Taurello passed i dreams, 



Was sucked into Romano : and so 

He up this evcninfj's work, that wh'.'n, 

'twas brushed 
Somehow against by a blind chronicle 
Which, chroniciini; whatever woe befell 
Kerrara, scented this the oiiscure woe 
And " Saiini^uerra's sole son Giacomo 
Deceased, fatuous and doting, ere his 

The townsfolk rubbed their eyes, could 

but admire 
Which of Sofia's five he meant. The 

Of his dead ho]^ were tardy to collapse, 
Obliterated not the beautiful 
Distinctive features at a crash—scarce 

Xext year, as Azzo, Boniface withdrew 
Kach to his stronghold ; then (securely 

Ecelin at Campese slept — close by 
Who likes may see him in Solagna lie 
With cushioned head and gloved hand 

to denote 
The Cavalier he was) — then his heart 

N'oung Ecelin conceive ! Long since 

And, save \'icenza's business, what 

la blood and blaze? so hard 'twas 

Sordello till Bordello's option. Stept 
Its lord on Lombardy — for in the nick 
( )f time when he at last and Alheric 
Closed with Taurellu, caine precisely 

That in Verona half the souls refuse 
Allegiance to the Manjuis and the 

Count — 
Have cast them from a ilirone they 

bid him mount, 
Their Podest a, thro' hisancestral worth: 
Kcelin fiew there, and the town hence- 
Was wholly his — Taurello sinking back 
?"rom temporary station to a track 
That suited : news received of this ac- 

Friedrich did come to L(jml)ar(ly — 

who missed 

Taurello? Yet anotheryear — they took 
Viccnza, left theManiuis scarce a nook 
For refuge, and, when hundreds two 

or three 
After conspired U) call themselves 

" the Free,"' 
Opposing Alberic, these Bassanese, 
(VVittiout Sordello !) — Ecelin at ease 
Slaughtered them so observably that 

A little Sal'nguerra looked with soft 
Hlue eyes up, asked his sire the proper 

To get appointed his proud uncle's 

pat^e : 
More years passed, and that sire was 

dwindled down 
To a mere shovy turbulent soldier, 

Better through age, his parts still in 

Subtle — how else ? — but hardly so 

As his contemporaneous friends pro- 
fessed — 
Undoubtedly a brawler — for the rest, 
Known by each neighbour, so allowed 

for, let 
Keep his incorrigil)le ways, nor fret 
Men who had missed their boyhood's 

bugbear — trap 
The ostrich, suffer our bald osprey flap 
A battered pinion — was the word. In 

One flap too much and \'enice's marine 
Was meddled with ; no overlooking 

that ! 
We captured him in his Ferrara, fat 
•Vnd florid at a banquet, more by fraud 
Than force, to sjK'ak tlie truth — there's 

slender laud 
Ascribed you for assisting eighty years 
To pull his death on such a man — f.Ue 

The life-Cord prompt enough whose 

last fine threads 
^'ou fritter : so, presiding his board- 
A gieat smile your assurance all went 

With Friedrich (as if he were like to 

tell !) 

nOb- ■- -^#t5 W 


111 niilied (a plan contrived before) ' 
our friends, i 

Made some pretence at fighting, just 

lor the shame done his eighty years 

— apart ' | 

The orniciple, none foinid it in his i 
neart I 

To be much angry with Taurello— 

I >ar galleys with the prize, and what 

l;ut carry him to Venice for a show ? i 
-Set him, as 'twere, down gently — I 
free to go ! 

His gait, inspect our square, pretend 

The swallows soaring their eternal 

Twixt Theodore and ^^a^k, if citizens 
I iiithered imiwrtunately, fives and tens, 
To ijoint their children the Magnifico, 
Ail but a monarch once in firm-land,go 
Hi", gait among them now — it took, 

I tilly this Ecelin to supersede 
i iiat man, remarked the seniors. 

"^cirdello's inability to bar 
Rivals the stage, that evening, mainly 


A'jout by his strange disbelief that 

W a, to be done, should fairly thrust 

the Twain 
Tiider Taurello's tutelage, that, brain 
And heart and hand, be forthwith in 

one rod 
Ii.dissolubly bound to baffle God 
\Viio loves the world— should thus 

allow the thin i 

'.ley wizened dwarfish devil Kcelin, | 
Ami massy-muscled big-boned Alberic 1 
' Mere man, alas) to put his problem ' 

<|viick I 

111 demonstration— prove wherever's 

i " do, there's plenty to be done, or ill 
' 'r good : anointed, then, to rend 

and rip — 
KiPL^s of the gag and flesh-hook, screw 

and whip, 

They plagv^ the world: a luuch of 
Hi rand 

(So far i .bsolete!)niade Lomlwrds 


Togetl'-:. .ross their coats as for 
Christ's cause, 

And sixving Milan win the world's ap- 

Ecelin perished : and I think grass 

Never so pleasixnt as in Valley Ru 

Hy San Zenon where Alberic in turn 

Saw his exasperated captors burn 

Seven children with their mother, 
and, regaled 

So far, tied on to a wild horse, was 

Tf) death through raunce and bramble- 
bush : I take 

God's part and testify that mid the 

\yild o'er his castle on Zenone's knoll 

Vou hear its one tower left, a belfrv 
toll— ^' 

Chirrups the contumacious grass- 

Rustles the lizards and the cushats 

Above the ravage : there, at deep of day 

A week since, heard I the old Canon 

He saw with his t)wn eyes a barrow 

And Alberic's huge skeleton unhenrsed 
Five years ago, no more : he added, 

A month for carding off our first 

The silkworms fabricate— a double 

Nor he nor I could tell the worthier. 
Choose ! 
And Naddo gone, all's gone ; not 
Eglamor ! 

Believe I knew the face I waited for, 

A guest my spirit of the golden courts : 

Oh strange to see how, despite ill- 

Disuse, some wear of years, that face 

Its joyous look of love ! Suns waxed 
and waned, 



spirit held an upward 

And silU my 

Spiral on spiral, gyres of life and light 
>lore and more gorgeous — ever that 

Hice there 
The last admitted ! erossed, loo, with 

some care 
As jxjrfect triumph were not sure for 

I'.ut on (I few enduring damp must 

A transient struggle, haply a painful 

Of the inferior nature's clinging— 

Slight starting tears easily wiped away. 
Fine jealousies soon stilled in the play 
Of irrepressible admiration — not j 

Aspiring, all considered, to their lot 
Who ever, just as they prepare ascend 
Spiral on sijiral, wi.-,h thee well, im- 
Thy frank delight at their exclusive 

That upturned fervid face and hair put 
back ! 
In there no more to say ? He of the 
rhymes — 
Many a tale of this retreat betimes 
Was born : Sordello die at once for 

men ? 
The Chroniclers of Mantua tired their 

Relating how a Prince Visconti saved 
Mantua and elsewhere notably Ix;- 

haved — 
Who thus by fortime's ordering events 
Passed with posterity to all intents 
For just the God he never could Ije- 

come : 
As Knight, Bard, Gallant, men were 

never dumb 
In praise of him : while what he should 

have been. 
Could be, and was not — the one step 

too mean 
For him to take, we suffer at this day 
Because of; Ecelin had pushed away 
Its chance ere Dante could arrive to 

That step Sordello spurned, for the 
world's sake ; 

He did much— but Sordello's step was 

Thus had Sordello ta'en that step 

Apollo had been compassed — 'twas a 

He wished should go to him, not he 

to it 
—As one content to merely be sup- 
Singing or fighting elsewhere, while 

he dc)zed 
Really at home — one who was chiefly 

To have achieved the few real deeds 

he bad 
Because that way assured they were 

not worth 
Doing, so spared from doing them 

henceforth — 
A tree that covets fruitage and yet 

Never itself, itself— had he embraced 
Their cause then, Men had jjlucked 

Hesperian fruit 
And, praising that, just thrown him 

in to boot 
All he was anxious to apjx;ar but scarce 
Solicitous to be : a sorry farce 
Such life is after all — cannot I say 
lie lived for some one better thing? 

this way — 
Lo, on a heathy brown and nameless 

By sparkling Asolo, in mist and chill. 
Morning just up, higher and higher runs 
A child barefjot and rosy- See ! the 

On the square castle's inner-court? 

green wall 
— Like the chine of some fossil animal 
Half turned to earth and flowers; 

and thro" llie haze 
(Save where some slender patches of 

grey maize 
Are to be overleaped) that Ikjv has crost 
The whole hill-side oi dew and 

Matting the balm and mountain 

camomile : 
Up and up goes he, singing all the 


Some unintelligible words lo Ijcut I Fvil ,, . • j- • 

The lark, (loci'spoct, swooning at his think, ^ ■" '°"' ^"'^'°'' 

So woStcd is he at the few fine Icx-ks ' '^""'stink^ ='' '^'>' ^^"'^'^ '" ^ 

"iit Ss'""^ '''^'' '^'^'^ ! °^ ■" - P-^"- : friends bo frank; 
>iuiblanched the livclon- summer - ' Civer t""« 

All that's left i ^'' I ^^^arrant: really? Like 

Of the (Joito lay ! And thus l«.rpf, at 7"^"?^~ 

^1... .„,! r...L: And thus tereft. Merely the savour's rareness-any 


"*/ • Jiiiu iiiii; 

Sleep and forget, Sordello 


1 fe sleeps, the feverish poet— I suspect 
-Not utterly companionless ; but 

friends, ' 

Wake up ; the ghost's, and the 

story ends 
I'd fain hope, sweetly— seeing, peri or 

That spirits are conjectured fair or foul, 

nose — 

May ravage with impunity a rose- 
Kille a inusk-p(xi and 'twiM ache like 

yours : 

I'd tell you ihat same pungency 

An after-gust, but that were over- 
bold : 

Who would has heard Sordello's story 
told. * 








lO -E ' rilOR OF " ION," — 



R. B. 



Nf.w Year's Day at Asoi.o in thk. Thy fitful sunshine minutes, cominp, 

Tkkvisan. — ^ iari;e, mean, airy K<ji"t;i 

(haiiiber. A gnl, V\vv\, from the ■. In which, earth turns from work in 

silk-mills, spnns^iiii; out of b(d. ' ganiesDnie mood — 

I AH shall be mine ! But thou must 
'^•^^' ! treat me not 

lasler and more fast, As the jirospg-rous arc treated, those 

o'er nifjht's l)rini, day hoils at last ; who live 

lioils, pure {;oid, o'er the cloud-cup's At hand here, and enjoy the higher lot, 

''"'" Inreadinessiotakewhatlhouwillgive, 

Where spurting and supj^rest it lay— And free to lei nlfjnc what thou re- 
lor not a froth-flake touched the fusesl , 

■""n I'ori I3ay, my holiday, if thou ill-usesi 

Ofyonder gap m the solid grey Me, who am unly I'lppa- t.Id-ycar"s 

< Jflhe eastern cloud, an hour away; sorrow, 

lUit forth one wavelet, then another, Cast oft" last night, will come again to- 
curled, j morrow— 
Till the whole sunrise, not to he sup- | Whereas, if thou prove gentle, I shall 

prest, i borrow 

Ivwe, reddened, and its seething breast , Sufficient strength of thee for new- 
1 lickered in bounds, grew gold, then , year's sorrow. 

overflowed the world. ' All other men and women that this 

j earth 

i^h, Day, if I squander a wavelet of! Belongs to, who all days alike possess, 

^l^^^' ! Make general plenty cure particular 

A iiiite of my twelve-hours' treasure, \ dearth. 

Till' least of thy gazes or glances. Get more joy, one way, if .another. less : 

(He they grants thou art bound to, or Thou an my single day, Ciod lends to 

gifts above measure) leaven 

One of ihy choices, or one of thy What were all earth else, with a feel 

chances. ' of heaven ; 

(be ihey tasks (Jod imposed thee, or Sole light that helps me through the 

freaks at thy pleasure) year, thy sun's ! 

-My Day, if I squander such labour Try, now! Take Asolo'^ Kour 

or leisure, Happiest Ones— 

t '11 sliame fall on Asolo, mischief : Andlet thymorning rain on thatsuperb 

""'"<-"'• (ireat haughty Ottinia : lan rain liis- 

j turb 

T !>■ long blue solemn hours serenely Iler Sebald's homage ? All the while 

flowing, thy rain 

\Mienre earth, we feel, gets steady Heats fiercest on her shrub-house 

lielp and good— window- 





„. .;„ ,„„ ,„.. n... c„»,. .«...i.c I i^,z:^r:s;:;:s::'"' 

I Whfi'lini: and (Munlriwlit-'eling, 
more warm „i,l ,he ' Uediim. I'l'.la ii hcal'tiK— 

As;ain,t K-r clurk ; hou .huuM ^''M l;.^,*;;"*;:,,, ,.,iur ...i the ceiling ! 

mind th.- storm ? ,, .1 ' T'r it sviH ta-k v,.ur wils ! 

And, n n,in^ p.^t. ,f nnd-by sh.d , J ''^^J.;'; ' ,^.,„;,,,,, fi,,. first, hoped f. 

aL'loiui i , ' 

oVr JuU. and lVne.-svl.,a -- | ,j„^^,,,, ,.„,,,nu.■ 
S:ive for ihcird.Mr schcs . I .Mlu -^^^^^^-^^^^..^..^l li^hismysunl-oamon. 
^.^:i:'^:^U.. clu,...h, .,,1 .,. ; Wlu.. ..,-1^ .»• .l^.-- --.e radian 
„Jr:^h;S^l:-l,— .Inn cach;nU.V n l.lo.n, n>y .na,u. 
SunlSr ,::,d';it.nt w.a,U.r spite i Novn^. n .nd r.ddy as St. 
The.;;V!;^.o.lK-rtriu.o,..-uro,hy..v..' rUnnp ^};-^:^]'-'^' '^'^ ''''''" 

The S7a"<l iK-r duM. unn.alrhed, ^ ^^ ^rippk- ^^^^^^ ^,,^,^^_f,i,i,, ,,,„„ 

s£E|;,> 'nX'SK^:: ..3,,^^^ 

Rcreivesthrm: An.! y,-l once n^'i'"- ; 
. In storm at ni-h.t on Mon .i-nnr, they 
Sueh siir nhoul.- whom theyexix-it , 

from Rome 
To visit A-ol... hi- brothers home, ; 
\nr. .siiv here proper to release 
A soul from p.iin,— what storm daie- 

hurt his pearc ? 
Cahn wouhl he pray, with his .,\\n 

Ihoii-hts 10 ward Wur.hii) whom el>e? Tor am I 

Thythunderoli, nor want the an,eK '"^-^l^^;,^^^'-:>.onesuehmise,.anceW^^^^^ 

i:M)nlll s ti'il ' r >M- T must he I'lpiw whd 

A, ,veau.>me silk-windin,, co.lon To-n.^row^,^!^ mu t PI 

V,d i;ele T let ti,ne shp f^.r nought ! The ,-1" J' J,- --''• •" ^^" ^"' 

Aha. VO-. sunheam --cau.U ,, ;-^^i^' ^ ^^'t,; , ,,ave leave 

With 'i Mti-le sphish from my ewer '. Hut. tins 

Vou ,>KU would tuock the he- pursuer ^ to ^o ^^^_^ ^^^ ^ ,.^,„^.^^ 

Was my hasm over-deep? Lcs • 

One sr'ash of water rums you asleep, t^mcs , 

l^lttll mil.... ^ ■ 

T am queen of thee, tloweret ; 

And caeh tieshy blossom 

Preserve I not (safer 

Than leaves that emlM)wer it. 

Or shells that end>osom) 

— From weevil and chafer?;;h throuidi my pane, then ; 

v)iieit the bee ; . ■ , 

Cibehim, be sure: ami, ni muKl 

I.ove tliy (|ueen, wor-hip me. 

.- ^sm ^- 


I may fancy all day— anil ii .shall 
be so — 

That I taste of the |)lea.siiris, am 

called by the names 
Of the i lappiest Four in our Asoln ! 

See ! Up the Ilill-sideyonder, through 
the morning', 

Some one siiall love nu; as the world 
calls love : 

I un no less than Ouinia, take warn- 
ing ! 

The gardens, and the ^'real stone house 

And other house for shrubs, all elass 

in front. 
Are mine ; where Sehald steals, as he 

is wont, 
To court me, while old I.uca yet re- 
poses ; 
And therefore, till the shruh-house j 
door uncloses, ! 

I . . . what, now? -give abundant! 
cause for prate | 

AUnit me— Ottinia, I mean— of late, 
I lo bold, too (fjnUdent she'll still fare 

I iicspiufullestof lalkers inour town— 
I low we talk in the little town below ! 
I'lit love, love, love— there's better I 

love, I know ! 
r.'iis foolish love xvas only day's first 

offer ; 
1 choose my next love to defy ihe 

scoffer : 
I T do not our Uride and Hri.iegrocni 

' ' of I'ossagno church at noon ? 
! ' L irhouselooks overt )rcana valley - 
W liy should I not be the bride as M)un 
■■ (Jttima ? 1-or I saw, l)<\side, 
Arrive lavt night that little bride— 
^'w, if you call it seeing her, one 

"f the pale, snow-pure cheek and 

liiack i)riglit tresses, 
1' iiker than all excep' the black cve- 

lash ; 
I ^^^nder she contrives those lids no 
dresses I 
""■' strict was she. the vt-il 
"'ii'Uild cover close her pale 

I I'ure checks— a bride to look at and 

j scarce touch, 

; Scarce touch, rememUr, Jules .'—for 

' are not such 

j Used to l)e tended, llovscr-like, every 

1 fc'Kiurc, 

! .\s if one"s breath would fray the lily 

of a creature? 
j -A soft and ea.y life these ladies lead ! 
Whiteness in us were wonderful in- 

Oh. save that browitsvirgindimruss, 
I Kee|) that f(K)t its lady primness, 
lA't those ankles never swerve 
From their ex(| reserve, 
^ et have to trip aloi,g the ;:treets 

like me. 
All hut naked to the knee ! 
How will .she ever grant her Jules 

a bliss 
So startling as her real first infant 

kiss ? 
Oh no— not envy, this ! 

—Not envy, sure !— for if you gave me 
Leave to lake or to 
In earnest, do you think Fd chixisc 
That .sort of new love to enslave me? 
Mine should hav,- l.ipp<'(l i,„ round 

from the 


-\s little feai ol losing it ,is winning ! 
Lovers grow cold, rtieii learn to hate 

their wives, 
And only parent.s' love can last mir 

ll\ es : 

.\l eve the son and mother, gentle pjiir, 
Commune inside . ui Turret; whu 

My l>eing Luigi ? while that nmssy lair 
(^f li/ards through the wintei-time, is 

With each t.i each imparting sweet 

For this new-year, as brooding bird 

to bird — 
(For I oliserve of late, fh, evenin" 

Of Luigi and his mother, nlw.iy^ ends 
liiside our ruined luiici, where tliev 

Calmer than lovers, yet more kind 
than friends) 



Let inc In- cari'd .iIkhiI, kopt uui <A j l\cfiil U> nirn, and to (jotl, as 

ll.Ulll, ' till'.'. • 

And .suiiciiKd lor, safe in li'Vf as \m:Ii A prcll^ tiling to c;iri' alioni 

a cli.nni ; 
Lot me Ik- 1,11 ii;i I . . . If I only l.ncw 
Wliat wi-. my ni.>:luT'-. I.ic' -my 

fatlici, !(><! '■ 

Nay, it ynn cniiie to lliat, 1" t \ <\c nf 

Is <;<Kr>; ihtii why not lia\i.- (lo'li 

lovo i)c!.ill 
Myselfas, in thf I'alacc liy ilic Dome. 
Moiisij^nor? wlio to-nii'lit will hlo^ 

the lioiiu; 
Of liis dead liroihrr ; iid (I.mI will 

liliss in turn 
Th.u heart which IwmIs, tlioso cy' ^ 

which mildly I'lrn 
With 1 Ae f'T ail men: I, lo-ni'^iil ;i' 

Would he th.u IimIv and helovcd 

priest I I 

Now wait I evei\ I alienly seem In 

In ("lodslovc: what <locs New-year's 

hymn declare .■' 
U' other meaninj; do these verses 


. Ulscni ,• raid-i t '.,■ samr .cii'tCoil ■ 
If tio:^', in ■ '' r/it-r.'y IL' l)od 

Our lar/i'i, i.i-'i cii.y a< (ioJ 7i'///. 

.■s,) nni.'_hlil>. this sini'.le holiday 1 
lUil lei the sili\ shine ! \\ In rcforc 

repiiR .' 
— Ui h thee to le.ul me, (.) Day of 

Down the );ra-s path gr>y wiili 

(le« , 
I'nder the j)ine-wiio<l, Mmd with';ii>. 
Where ihr sW.lU.jW ■ vet tleW 
.\-i yet. n.if cirale (I.umI carouse - 
I)ared c.irouse ! 

\SJic tiiU'fs t'lf ilreet. 

I.— MoKMNi; 

L]'' tlw //i/t-sul; iinhif llir S'lrnh. 
tioiiw. Lfi'A' //■//. Oil IM \. 
(.'/// /'ler l\i>aiiioi(i\ tiic iic>>nau 
Si;i;\i ii. 

Seh. {!i>!::;s). 

l.,t I T.'i/A I. /;/;' .7 ; . r,-/;/X' .' 
Day's (?•/'/(/:<■ vUli rj , //;i//v - 
Dci/> into the ui;^/i;, itniik ! 
v:ti. .Nil; it ? .^uch ma\ he 
Khine-i.i d nii;!.' perliaps ; 
Hut this hlood-reii ihion^h the 
shutter s chink. 
-We call such lii;hl. the mornint;'* : 
lei Us see 1 

dm ~.'0>k- (,oJs fii^^frt^, h,st ,nrt Mindhow you ^n-pi,. y"urway,tliout;h ! 

-corsl, I ' low these t.ill 

.U-e T.'c .• t':rr,- i> ;;,' .'ast nor /:>■■;. '\ Naked i;ci .;iiiums slrairc;!e I I'ush the 

.^(71' not "it S'lhi! LVL-nt!" II I'.y 

lattice- - 
ilehind that frame I -Nay, do I hid 

Costs it hi'' I- ^ain than this, iv la'l I you ? — Seb.dd, 

./ "g'i\it <•:•<■ mi' should lODtc to pa-^, \ It shakes the dust down on me : Why 

Than that / rntinno 1110 from t 

Of lit ills :• llir J: iii.i ''<• //.'' ///(•, ont' ilocJ 

f Course 

The slide-holt catches. W 11, are you 

l\r,o(r sliail fall siioii tn.oi e.\c>i\l! \ ( )r niust I find you ..mething else to 

! spciii? 

And more of it. and more of it ! — oh. ' Kiss and lie fri.nds, niv Seljald I N 

yes- it full moniin;^ ? 

I will pass hy, and see their happiness, < )h. d.,n't speak then \ 
And envy none - hcin<; just as great, Se''. Ay, tliii it n • d to bi ! 

no douht, ' i Kverytiur house was, I reni' .aber, shut 


Till mi.l-(|;i>--I ol)sfrvf.I ihui, us I 

"n iii(,riiii)^;s thr..' il,u' ln-re : 

(ciiintry ^iils 
\N'i>; iiMJ^y, v\,isliiii- Lj.iiMifiii. ill the 


S'V>. |!c,| -|>.MUai;ain and yii nj-ain 
'i( il, 

Fill wnrds iiaM.- i,> 1„. in.,re than 

^\'>rds. " His hluod," 
I "I- ili.l nice let ill-.,; (no woid.i 

"nMl..h,,v. III...!.. »l„....v,Mi,, And, nn,;i,„.,.. X,„ac - Mi say 

I"" If, yniii l„,ii,e wa, iiuilc, «unld I •' ||i, l,l,««i " 

"|)C riu i-yc- ■ I /),,/ . 11 •.• , 

\H.i^wisdyVu.v,e,l,..i,,, ...,,: Tlu/:;;..d - •^-""■'"> '" " I-'-' 

K.muh whi.c w.HKl sln.ucrs. „My ir,.,, .' Wlial ,„.,, ,l,a, i„ j.,„, |,,,,, , , ,■ , , 
Silenlas.K^.ll, l,lii,,|i„ano., Thal'T'rqK'nu.l? 

< ; ). I !'f Ml will I ><>r I ..'..111.. ... ( 

'»!i, I ! -and the nc.ivuils 


('///. \o I vaid the deed — 

\,u\ ,id •••n II , ., '''^'- ■'""■' 'l»'''l." .Hid ■• ilieevint " 

.\".l ,u.|. I l.c o!< man sleeps will, | -j,,,, „.,„. it „,„ 

I .e y.M.nK' wife !" ! u q^, ^,ssi,.n's fruit --thedcvil I ,ke lunise was |„s. ,his ,i,al,. this such cant • ""^''CMllakc 

Miiiduw his : : v;,v ,,„ . . 11 , 

('.//. ,\n, the cleai 111.. niin^;! Iran ^vitt.,1, 

■11, ,Ti" 1 ■ ',.'' ', , I am his ciii-ihr.ut. v,,ii are— 

Ilu.Ma.-l.streak,s,h.l,.,fry. Stop: .).//. IlLe i^L wino- 

^1-ul 1 lie : . . There's l.adiia, plain ' ''^£l' '''"" '''' '"'' ""^ '" "- 
""'"^''- "'-^^ '-'-• : f And .lasses ,„.. wine -f l, sorts 

I.'"il< o'er my shoulder - f..ll,,w inv 
Il it;er- 

, ■'"■''' Morning? 

I' seems to me a iiii^jit with a sun 

added : 
Wiiere's dew? where 's freshness? 
That l.ruised plant, I hruised 
In K'^'tliiii; tiiro' tile lattice ye.steir w 
i'roops as it did. See. liere' 11,'v 

ell«)W s mark 
In the dust on tlie .sill. 

liack ? while, llien: 
.SV-i*. I!ut am not I Im's cut-throat? 

What are )-ou ? 
O'/i. There. tnidL;es on Iiis husines.s 
from the Duoino 
Hcnet the Tapm hill, with his hrown 

And hare feet - always in one place at 

Close under the stone wall by tlie 
south entry ; 

i* .., :;M":;,":,„l;"'Tv':£i ' "-;t' '^■^■''■^■•«" » '••"- «•« 

scent liiood here, 
l"Ui as the morn may be — 

There, shut the world out ' 
How do yuu feel now, Otliiiia ? There 

— eurse 
The world, and all oiu.ide ! ns 

throw off 
Tlii.smask : how do yon Lear y.mrself ^ s out 
With all of it I 

"•'''■- Best nevr, .peak of it. 

<_>f the wall's self, as out (if it l,e rose 
To let me pass at first, I sav, I u-ed — 
Xow —so has that diiml) hyu'rc fastened 

on me - 
[ rather sliouid account the plastered 

•V |)iece of liim, so chilly dois it strike 
Tills. Sehald ? 

•'>"''• N''>- llie white wine - 

the white wine ! 
Well, Otlinia. I [ roiuised no new year 










III 2.8 





1 2.2 




■ D-:;3 tGSt Ma,n Street 

^Qcr.ester. Ne« York 14609 uSA 

'If; A&2 - 0300 - Phone 

~if'"i 288 - 5989 - t-ax 



SlioiiUl ri^c an U.S ilie ancient alianicful I 

Nor <li)us it ii>t> : pour on I To yo\ir 

black c)'('s I I 

Do \ou icincniScf l,i-t ilanincij Xcw - 

\'c.!r s ilay ? 
(>,'//. Vou liruii;.;iit ih(i-e forcii;;! 

piinls. W'c looked at them 
Over lijo wine ami tniii. I had i^i 

To l;c\ 'iini from tlie lire. XotliiiiL; 

hut saying 
His own set w.uiis tlie proof-inaik, ! 

rou-icil hiin up j 

To luint them out. | 

.SV/'. "iV.itb, he is not alive ■ 

To fondle you ln.lorc my faci- 1 ' 

0/,'i. n..ynu 

I'ondle me, tluMi ! wlio means to lake ; 

your life i 

I'or that, my Seh.dd ? i 

S,/>. Hark you, Ottima, ' 

One thiny's to guard ai^ainst. We 11 

not make much 
One of the other— that is, not make 

I'arade of warmth, childish orficii)Us 

coil, , 

Than yesterday — as if, swei.t, 1 sup- ; 

posed I 

Proof upon iiroof was needed now, 1 

now first, 
To show I lo\e you — yes, still love 

you — love y- 1\\ 
In spite of I.uca and w lull's couie to 

him I 

— Sure sij^n we had liim ever in lUir 

Whitt! sneering old reproachful face 

and all ! ' j 

We'll e\en <iuarrel, love, at times, ! 

as if j 

We still Could lose each other — were 

not tied 
By tliis — conceive yo\i? 

OU/. ' I.ovt — 

.SV//. Ni>t lied so sure — 

liecause iho' I was wrought upon — 

have struck 
His ins'ilence hack into him -a'n I 
So surely yours.'' — therefore, for evt^r 

yo\irs ? 

(^//;. Love, to he wise, (one counsel 
l)ays antither) 
.Sho\ild we hav( — months ago — when 

lirst we loved, 
Vi'V instance ihal May morning we 

two slwlc 

I'nder the green ascnl of,--ycamorc.'- — • 
If we had come upon a thing like that 
^iid<lenly — 

St-/>. " A thing "... tlicre ag.iin 

— "a thing I "" 
cV//. Then, \'enus" body, had we 

come upon 
My hushanil Luca (iaddi's murdered 

Within ;lierc, at his couch - foot, 

co'.ered clo^< 
Would )ou liave pored upon it? 

Why persist 
In poring now upon it? P'or 'tisliere — 
.\s much as there in the deserted 

house - 
\'ou cannot rid your eyes of it : forme. 
Now he is dead I hale him worse — I 

hate — 
Dare you stay liere? I would go 

had; and hold 
His two dead hands, and s.ay, I liate 

you worse 
I.uca, than — 

Sefi. Oft, off ; take your hands 

off mine I 
' ris tile hot evening — olT I oh, morn- 
ing, is it ? 
O'/i. There's one thing must he 

done — you know what thing. 
Come in aiid helji to carry. We may 

Anywhere m the wliole wide housL 

Srr. What w<juld come, think yoii. 

if "c let him He 
just as he is? Let him lie there 

The angels lake liim : he is turned 

ly this 
Off fr- HI his fice. beside, as you «ill 

('/ . This dustv pane might serve 

f..r liMiking-glass. 
Tinee. tour lour grey liairs ! Is ii 

so vou said 


A plait of liaiV slintiM wave aci 




■> - -llll.-, W.M 

>M,ir III 

Ucsaio ) 

')• us at taMc quirtiy- 
you lea I 


llitlKI, f WOlll, 

! 'luLks tnucliM . 

1 arrnss til 


i::!vi- prill nc 

Hut ll 

:|;i.| !, 


lii.ili h 

!■■ i;.,.!. 

r-l I., i!,. ,, 
• "iiiinil h n I 1 ill! 


Kill 111.' woiM 

I-, I' 

ll.lM. Ilil . ( ill 

lie xmi'kI 

li\rs av.iii 


\iiii \ -11 .( ). I 


■nuw iliila 

'11 ymi 

(>:'i. Well, 

11 1\, (. 


Surprise that J rrturiiei-l 

When all tin- i 

at eve 1 1 

'W than cvi 

y.iu/ fill vi 

lii\r vmi hell, 

iii.'rniiii' I was 1, 

I If re- 


lid liie 


( '///. 

(ii.spatrh niv 1 

nl^ilu■^.s and h 

And liest (If). 

ni nie whilf I ^nra! 

licst iur tl 


le crniu: unr do f 

in truth, 

mask, this ;iiiuilalecl itnn r.i 


This affL-ctation 

I fra 

you iliiuk 

No, Til tniish ! I)i 


"!' simplicity, 
mc ; this naked 

r to speak the bare t 
for all ? 

ruth oiK-i 

alls oftVmr cri 
of oms 
-May ni.i. now, Le looked 
i: <lo«n. then ! 


'ver look 



talked of i« 

at Lnttoni. i 

(Ireat ? let it I 


ic i/reat- 


ere s a rcrom 


It lirou 

iiU the joys 



I'l'nse in 

or no Its 

lie must be venturous and fortunate^ 

I S: 


IS one youni; for, els 


ay they 

they or it ! 
:)eak not ! The 

,Mve up th.e pv 


past, w, mid 


We'll siy;!; 

"'■1 the wild, reckless, wicked days 
llown over : 


1 as It 1- 

iie:isure and crinit 

t'ive up that noon I owned niy love 
for you^ 

^'" i^'uX' ^'' ■ ""'" '''" ''"' i ^'^ r'^'""" ^"— --^ "- -^^'e 

1^- -j^ave eaten Luca's bread, have | Persian,, in his toil, suddenly stop, 

Mi-^Uhes, have felt his money swell sm':;" '" "'' ''"' '"'''' ''"'' 

l':;l"^.r;n;,n,ance,sinthatway? ''' rilL:''"'"'"''"' '^'^'"^ ^'■' 

Uir- Iwasslarvm^whenlusedtocall : As hecluni;a,ere -"Ves Ilovevou'" 
-\ leach you nuisic-^ starvin<r while i SW' \ j 7 " 

y-m plucked me I F^-irl • n,„ r , . -^'I'i I drew 

Ti. - tlowers to smell ! i '^''"V , ,' T''^ ^""' '■'-"' '''''' 

I )'// \f , ^ . '"'''' ■'!''■ hands 

'^-- My poor lost n-,end I i Lest you should crow t.,o -„11 of n,e 

it' , . "'-' K'l^'"-' "le i --VOII1- hr,- 

'-^(-•;;« in. „,., „.,... ,-, ,„. „i,;s„.„ ,X-^S<i ,„ „,- K.„„„ 

M,. , ' • , , , and body ! 

"I 'iider al I* 




.S>/'. When 

I used \i> look U]) 'ncaili tho shnih- 

housc licif. 
■Jill I lie in! lire oil J! , :;Ia/cil \vill(^'\\^ 

'I I) :i yi'lli •■■\ 111/,- .' 

I '///. All my .'i-j,!} v\ .1 -, 

111- iin 
hiMjiii'-il ihr :i.r.- ,iiK olvm rlK' 

Nijil liy ill. Iir-.! 

•V/./^ \ ■ .11 wouM aluavs 

Al uiy wet hools— I li<ul lo Niriile 

''J\cr my ankles. 

(>f/i. Then our crowning nis^ht - 

St-/'. The July nii^hl ? 

<)///. The (lay of it too, Sehald ! 

When the heaven's pillars seemed 
o'ei'xiwed wiih heat, 

Its l)laek-l)lue canopy seemed let de- 

Close oit us lioth, lo weitjh ilown 
each to each, 

And smother up all lifee\cejn our life. 

So lay ue till the slorm came. 

■Vr.''. llow it came I 

0//i. Ivuiieil in woods we lay, )ou 
recollect ; 

Swift ran the searrhinj^ tempest over- 
head ; 

And ever and anon some hrij^ht while 

l!arnl thro' the pine-tree roof— here 
biivnt and there, 

As if (.lod's messenger thro' the close 
wood screen 

I'lunircd and replunijcd liis weapon 
al a venlure. 

I'eeling fir guilty ihee and nie : ihen 

The lluuuler like a whole sea over- 
head - 

.s;/>. Ves : 

C///. -While I stretched myself 

upon you, hands 
To liands, my mouth lo your hot 

mouth, an<l shook 
.\1I my locks loose, and covered von 

w ilii ihem- - 
\ ou, Seliald. ihc yi>u 

I .SV/'. Slower, Dttinia— 
O///. .\nd as we lay — 
■ .S('/'. Le^s vehemently I I.oveme-^ 
l<ir;^i\i' me— lake not w.nd^ meie 

wold, l.> licarl 
\ ' iin I'l. Jill i", wor^i t'l.tii \\ iiie ! 
IlKailir -l..\\, .^p. ,i! l.iW 
' I 'o nol lean on me 

O/,'/. Scl.ald, a> we l.i\. 
kiting and t dlin;^ onl) w uh our pants. 
Who said, " deadi iiou — 
'tis right lo die '. 
I Kighl to Ik; puni-hed nought com- 
pletes such 
Hut woe I " Who said that ? 

.S'(./). I low did V ■• ever rise ? 

Was't that we slept f Why ilitl it end ? 

(Wi. J felt y..u. 

l-"resh tapering to a point l.ic rullled 

j ends 

( )f my loose locks 'twi\t both your 

humid lips — 
(My hair is fallen now — knot it again !) 
Ssfi. I kiss you now, dear Oltima, 
now, and now I 
This way? Will jou firgive me — be 

once more 
My great cjueeii ? 

(->///. IJind it ihrice about 

my brow : 
Crown me your (jueen, your spirit's 

Magnificent in sin. Say that .' 

Sr'/i. I crow n you 

My great white ijueen, my sjiirit's 

Magnificent — 

{I'loiii '^■iiiuiil :'s lu'ard the rv/'f 
()/" I'll'l'A. sr'.\-///x^ 

7//r Tr\rr's a/ tlw s/'rim^'; 

And (/iiy's at tlw morn ; 

Mprnin^fs at sn'en ; 
\ riw hill-sidi's dctv-pcarled 
1 The talk's on the i^i'iij^'' : 

7'.':e .uunfs on the thorji ; 

doa's in his heaven — 

All' i rii^hl zi<ith the world .' 

(I'll'l'A /COY/. ' 

.\eh. ( lod's in ins heaven ! i>i' \ou 

t-ar that .' Wl, 

o spoue 



\'i)U, you 

,1 n I 


ragged y;irl 




She must have rested mi th 

.'ive tl 

c>lcp — \\( 


Dut this imc holid: 


IV the u 


c year 


'id you ever see our 
inside ? 

silk-milis— their 

A lie that walks, and eat 

Those iiiorhid, olive, lau 

I should have know 
blood heneath I 
Otti. Vou hate me, then ? \'( 

>, .ind (Innl.s 

My (;.,d 

les;, sill '111 

n there was ii 

hate me then? 

Tliere are ten silk-mills now heloiii,' ; She 
to you. 




toops to pick my double hea^t^ 



.she does not hear — you e 

ill out 


^'el your clothes on—dress those 
shoulders ! 

I." Would .Mirceed in her absurd 

And fascinate by sinnini. 

Superior— Guilt fr 


.uid show 

■'im it.^ excess 

.cave me! j To Innocence. That little peasant' 

Sch. \\ 
you ! 

Sebald ? 
ipe off that paint. I hate 




:is riLjhted all attain. Th. 

I know which i^ the bet 
Of vi 

'cllcr, never fear 
ee or virtue, purity or lust, 

•My (lod ! and she is emptied i d 

Miserable ! | Nature, or trici — I see what l' ha\ 

of it ni 
I 'uiri',dil now !— how miracul 



Entirely now : ( Jh, I am proud to fee 


■^uch t 


All of the j;race - had she not stranue 

credit thence- 

I the world take 

t;race once ? 
Uhy, the blank cheek 


.-is it lik 

lianijs listless 

I, having' don-j my deed, pay too i 


I hate, 1 


i> iHir 

I »n 

Iv tiu 

pose holds the features up i (•///. 

his heav 

e -curse you ! God's ir 

■en : 

cloven brow and puckered 



no, no. .Sebald— not yourself - 

<ill me 

Stay in their places— and 

the vi-rv 

11. nr. -eemed to have a sort of iifi 
'i'"|i^, a dead web ! 

em II, i 

Mine is the whole crime— do Inii kill 

me- then 
Yourself— then— [ircsc-.tly 

first hear 

^peak not of 

.Speak to me- 

I alw 

me sneak- - 

lys meant to kill my.^elf -wait. 





Thai round Qreat fii]l-<.rbcd 
ice, where nut an anijle 
■ the delicious indolence — all 

! Lean on my breast — not as a bre 

' '•■//. To me not of me I 


don't 1 


ove me 

le more because you le m on me, my 



till. [K'ljurf'.l cheat 
A ciiwanl, lo. , \.\\\ in^r,.i(i.'^ uor«e 

than all ! 
bi'.i,'j,'ar— iny slave— a fawnini,', crin^'- 

ini; lie ! 
Leave nie!— betray ine 1— I can see 

your drift — 

Heart's Sebald ! Tliere- tiiere- both 

death.^ |irrsenlly ! 
.S(7'. .My iiiaiii i.~ drowned now - 

(|u;te drowne.i : all 1 led 
Is . . . i, at sw ift-recurring intervals, 
A !iurryin},'-dowii within me, as of 

Loosened tu smother up some ghastly 


1 M'PA ]'.\S!^!:S 

'I'licn; tiny l;ii wliiiK liuni .1 MiiL, 
lu'iy ;,i I I 
(>///'. \.i; 1,, inr, ( ,...1 — in liilil 1 .c 
nuicifiil I 

Jli/i- /'y/h,:u\ij\ ^viiilc I'UTA is pus- 
iiii; from tlu JLlIsiilc !o ihraiia. 
I'vi n\'it StUiL-ntsof P'tiiitingiui.i 
Sitt'ptur,;i> om I ',iii. ,\ assrniblcd 
off-osi/e I 'if lloiist' o!' Ji'i.KS, a 
young /■'/■. n.h S:nt!i,i'y. 

\sf Slu,i\iif. Aninlini ! mv uww 
1)||>L is I'Ciir.illi llii- NUiiildW, Imi llic 
|>ni)ict;raii;!i( cliiniji y< ndcr will lii'lc 
lliicc 01 fiiur iif you willi ;i linlc 
M|iiei;ziii_L;. ;i;nl S.|ii;niiiii ,11 .-i hi:, pijie 
must lie tlal iii liie iMlrony. 1 ,,ur, 
live — wlii/s a cii'Taiillrr ? \\'c \\;ui! 
cvcrylicidy, f.- Ju'o imi,-t imt I'f 
Miticred ti) hiirt"iii. hridc \\\\<^\\ the 
jest's found I lul. 

znd S;ii!. All hvi. : Only our 
pon's a-.\ay — in ver liavini; much 
nicinl to be ])resenl, moonNtrike him I 
The airs of ihat fellow, ihat C.iovac- 
ihino ! He was in violent love wiih 
hini-elf. .-ind a fiir prospect of 
ihrivini; in hi.s suit, so unmolested \va ^ 
il,— when suddenly a woman falls in 
love with him, too ; and out of pure 
jealousy he takes himself off to Trieste, 
imniortal i)oem and all— whereto i-, 
this projjhelical ejiilaph ap|)en.ied 
already, as IJluphocks r.ssures nir 
" //. ;•;• a iiianiinotii-poini lies,- -ioitlnl 
lo death hy /iiffer/li,:,." His own 
fault, the simpleton! In>tea<I of 
cram[) couplets, e.irh like a knife in 
>our entrails, he -hould write, sav, 
l>lu|)hocks, both classically and inl el li- 
^ihly. ~-.-Esail,i/-iiis, an Epic. Cala- 
io^tie of the a'r/i^'-s : Hdir s plaist,-r— 
Oin strip Cools your lip. rha'.!.: 
i-inlsion ~ Oiif ' iioltlo ('/,,i>\^ ivw- 
tlirottle. .\hr,ii'V' '.'iiu --OnJ ro\ 
Cures . . . 

yd Stu.i. Siil.Mde, my line fell.,w '. 
If the niarriai;c was over hv ten 
o'clock. Iule> will certainlv L>e here 
in a minute uiih his bride. ' 

znJ atud. Good :-Only, so should 

llir poei s niuic have been imiversHlly 
ac(r|)iable, s.i) .•> liluji'.' icks, f .' 1 <'///7'//,r 
i:'':.tris . . . and l)"lia not b<;ller 
i^nown to our literary doys ih.m the 
boy — Giovacchino ! 

\.d .Stud. To the point, now. 
^^ here's (Juitlieb, the new-comer? 
Oh, — listen, (ioiilieb, to wiial has 
called down lliis piece of friendl)' 
venj;eaju:e on Jules, of which we now 
assemble to witness the windinyiip. 
We a'e all agreed, all in a tale, ob- 
serve, when Jules .shall bur^t out on 
us ill a fuiy by-and-by : I am spoke>- 
man— the verges that aie to undeceive 
Jules niy name of Lutwycbc bui 
each professes himself alike insulted 
by ibis strutiini; slone-si|u,irer, who 
c.ime sin;;ly h' .m I'aris to .Munich, 
and thence with a crowil of us lo 
\ enice and l'ossai;no here, but pro- 
ceeds in a (lay or two alone a^ain — 
oh, alone, indubitably I — to l\omeand 
Florence. 1 le, forsooth, lake uj) hi, 
porii(jn witli ihese dissijlute, brutal- 
ised, lieartless bunL;lers I — So he was 
heard to call us all : now, i?, Schramm 
brutalised, I should like to know ? 
Am I heartless? 

Gott. Why, somewhat heartless ; 
lor, suppose Jules a co\c<rmb as much 
as you choose, still, for thi.-, mere cox- 
combry, you will have brushed off— 
uha! do folks .style il ? - the bloom of 
his life. Is il loo late to alter? 'I'hesc 
lovedctters, now, you call hi^ ... 1 
can"t lauj^'h at them. 

^tk .^titd. l'>Lcau^e you never read 
the .sham letters of our inditins; which 
drew forth these. 

G'ott. His discovery of the trulli 
will be fri,t;htful. 

^tli .Stud. Thai's the joke. Butyoii 
should have joined us at the begin- 
liint,' : ihere'-. 110 d.,ubl he h.ves the 
L;iri lo,-es a mode! he mit;ht hire b) 
the hour I 

Cott. See here 1 "He has been 
accustomed," he writes, "to have 

and the world's women beside him, in 
tlcsh ; these being as much bcluw, as 

ril'l'A TASSKS 


lliosc, ;il«)vc— his .soul's .isjiiialiuii : 
I'lil nnu- ho is to have the real."' . 
ilicrc you lauyii a^iim ] Isay, )<,u 
\M|)e <>({ ihc very di-w of his youth. 

is/ SO«/. .Schramm: (Take the 
pipe <jut of hi.s mouth, somehoMy) — 
will Jules lose the bloom of his youth ? 
>chrain>i!. Xoihiiii,' worth kccjiint^ 
i> ever lost in this world : look at a 
M'"-Mjm--it drops ure.^cntly, \\.x\\\\'^ 
done its service an(l iasti.'d its time; 
I'lit fruits succeed, and where wmld 
he the hlos.som's ]ilace could it con- 

As well aftirii) that vour (_> e 
IS no longer in your l«.dy, he'cause lis favourite, whatever it may 
have lirsl loved to look on, is dead 
and done with- as that any affection 
1- lost to the soul when its first ol.ject, 
uhalever happened tirst Icj satisfy it, 
i> superseded in due course. Keel) 
hut ever looking, whether with the 
body's eye (jr tlie niind'.s, and you wil! 
-oon fuid something to look on I lias 
anian done wondering at w omen ?— 
liiere fillow men, dead and alive, to 
wonder at. he done wondering 
at men ?— There's (lod to wonder atl 
^«id the faculty of wonder may he, at 
ilie same time, old and tired enousdi 
Hilh respect to its first ohjcet, m\(\ y'et 
yiing and fresh sufficiently, .so far as 
concerns its novel one. Thus . . 

\ >.' Stud. Put .Schrannu's jjipe into 
!n^ mouth again ! There, vou see : 
Well, this—Jules . . a wretched' 
tiil>i)le— oh, I watched his disportings 
at I'ossagno, the other day ! Canovi^s 
'gallery- you know : there he marclies 
iir>t resolvedly past great work.s hy the 
do/cn without vouchsafing an eye : all 
at once he stops full at the J'siche- 
!rr,iul!a—CA\\\\o\. pass that old ar- 
liuaintance without a nod ofencourape- 
I'l'iit — " III your new place, beauty? 
'I iu-a behave ycairself as well liere as 
.■■'• Munich— I see you!" Next he 
P''-ls himself deliberately before tiie 
unfinished Picta for half an hour 

■■•; !--,,.^, ..1. Uj.r i;c .staiLo ul a 

suoden, and thrusts his very nose into 
—I say, into — the group; by which ! 

ge-stuie you ar< pie- 
ci.^ely the .st.Je ] oim he liad not fully 
ma.-.tered in lanova's piaclicc was a 
certain method of using the drill in 
the articulation of the knee-joint- and 
that, likewise, has he mastered at 
length I Good-bye, theretore. to poor 
(anova— whose gallery no longer need 
detain his tuccessor Jules, the pre- 

destinated novel thinker in marble ! 

^th Sliid. led Ihiii about llu- 
women— go on to the women I 

I.>7 Stud. Why, on that matter he 
could never be supercilious enough. 
IIow should we bcother (he .said) tlian 
the poor devils ycai see, with those 
d.d^asing habits we ciit ri.-li ? I le was 
not to wallow in th:,! mire, nt hast : 
lie would wail, and love only at the 
proper time, and meanwhile put u]) 
with the IMih.-Jaiuiulla. N(,w I 
li.ipl>ened to hear of a young (]reek— 
real (ireek— girl at 5lalamocco ; a 
true Islander, do \ru see, with 
Alciphron's " liair like .sea-mess"— 
.Schramm kncjws !— white and (juiet 
as an apparition, and fourteen years 
('Id at farthest,— a daugh.ier of Natalia, 
So she .swears- that hag Natalia, who 
helps us toniodels at three //V^an hour. 
\Ve .selected this girl ff.r the heroine of 
our jest. So, first, Jules received a 
scented letter — somebody lad seen his 
Tydeus at the academy, and my picture 
was nothing to it- a profound admirer 
lade him [)cr.severe— would make her- 
self known to him ere long- (fV.olina, 
my little friend of the /iv//,'<.iian.scribes 
divinely . And in iVw: time, the mys- 
teriouscorrespondent gavecertain hints 
of her peculiar charms— the pale 
clieeks, the black hair— whatever, in 
short, had .struck us in our Malaniocco 
niodel : we retained her name, too — 
]'hene. which is by interpretation, sea- 
e.igie. N<,w, think o' Jules finding 
him.self distinguidud Itom the iierd of 
lis l;y such a creature ! In his very 
first answer he proposed marrying his 
niuiiiUes.-. ; and iaricy us over these 
letters, two, three times a day, to 
receive and dispatch ! I concocted 


T'lri'A r.\ssi:s 

llic main nf it : rclaliuIl^, were in the 
way ^c.iwy hiu^.! lie (il)>orvc<l-~in 
fine. WMild lie wed her oil Ini^t, and 
Diily ^I'e.ik III her when they were 
indi>-' ihiMy uniied? St -,1— Here 
they eonic .' 

bthS.'iil. I'.otlinftheiii I lleuveii'.s 
], >[)eak suflh' I speak witliin ymir- 
selves ! 

5/'/ Stu.l. I.ouk at the iiride,t,'ri)iim ! 
Il.iif his hair in Mm in, ami hall in 
cali'.i, panel dnwn (iver the Kit 
temple', like a fr.ithyeup mie Mows 
on tiiemil il ! and the same nM hluiiso 
that he murders the marhle in ! 

211/ S/u,l. N'ul a rich v. ^i like 
y, r.iis, Ilaimibal Srr.i'ehy I riili, t!iat 
ymir faee may the Ii- tier sc t it nit ! 

b/h Stud. And the hride ! ^■e-. 
sure civHit^h, our I'hene! Should )iiu 
liave known herin lurclothes? IIuw 
ma^nil'icently pale 1 

(.iol/. She does not also take it fir 
earnest, I hope? 

l.f/ SliiL Oh, Natalia's conrirn, 
that is ! We settle with Natalia. 

6ih SliiJ. She does not sjieak -has 
cvidiMitly let out no word. The onl\- 
thing is, will she ecjually rememher 
the rest of her lesson, and repeat 
correctly all those verses which are to 
break the secret to Jules? 

Gi'ft. How he tj;azes on her ! I'ity 
- pity ! 

\sf StiiJ. They l;o in -now, silence I 
\'A\ three, -not nearer the wiiidnw, 
mind, than that pomet;ran,atc just 
where the little j^irl, who a few- 
minutes ai;i) passed us sinking, is 
seated ! 

II.— Noon 

(Orrr Ori-ana. The House rf ]\\-VS. 

•i'lio cro<-f^ ifs fh'r^hr>h{ '<'itl! 
VwV'MV.—she is si't'ii', cit u'kich 

Do not die, riiene — I .nni )ours now 

II you'll not die -so, never dii ! Sit 
i here — 

I My work-room's sini.di' si .it : I over- 
This lcni;lh of liair and lustr'nis front 

they tvuii 
Like an entire tlowcr upward -eyes 

— lips— last 
\'our chin— no, last your throat turns 

— 'tis their scent 
I'ulls down my facevipmi you I Nay, 

Iciok ever 
This cine w.iy till I <-han!;e, j^row you 
i - I r.iuM 

I Change int'i yon, liehAcd ! 
I \'iA\ \\y me, 

.\nd I !')■ you tlii^ is your hand in 

.\nd side hy side we sit : all's true. 

Thank ( '.od ! 
I have spoken -speak, you I 

■ — ( I, my lite to come ! 
I My Tydeus must he carved, that's 

there in clay 

— you 
Are mine now — let fate reach me how 
she likes. 

! \'et how he carved, with you ahout 
! the chamber ? 

, Where must I place you? When I 
think that once 
This room-full of rouj;h block-work 
I seemed my heaven 

' Willniut you I Shall I ever work 
ai,'ain - 
(let faiily intn my old ways aijain - 
liid each conception stand while, trail 

by trait. 
My han<l transfers its lineaments to 
I slime? 

Will nu- mere fancies live near you, 

my truth — 
The live truth— passinj^ and rei)assini; 

me — 
Sittint^ beside me? 

Now sjieak ! 

Only, first, 
See, all youi letters! Was't not well 

contrived ? 
Their liidin;^'-]>lace is Psyche's lohe ; 

she keeps 
Vour letters next her skin : which 

drops out foremost? 
Ah, — this that swam down like r. first 


Into my \m.i1(1 

:.iiii il 

iiisc < yes r,)iiipletc 
Ilifir niolanrluily survey, .swct-t and 

Of nil my r " .ni lir.Id, ; |,, f^.^^^f 

II and 

On me. with pity, jvi s.inio wonder 


A- if (,iu\ i,ade sdnic spirit plague a 

So you coniinaiidid " 

I roiiic, 
"A (ir.ek, in A I 

fai\e, .''^;|sl 



icn., as oiir fisl 


'casting, hay-llllfied and il,i,i„k 

"Who rises 'nealh tlir lifie,! niyitle- 
liranch : 

I'raistlluxu- -.■ho si,-..- //if/r.n/ins,' 

An.I ,his_were the one tnon.ent of - ^ wC^J^X h.,/>lu- siu,^, 
\ \ 111 . , myrtle 7,'aTvs 

And^o,,,,wwh,le.he.ooU,ersta.ion, i .*...//... „,,.., ,,,, ,,„„^„,,. 

',:!:: d:!:^,:;fr'"""^^ ■-"j>^-M-Ai,o.,;ed,oe.p,e.,,,. 

^"'1lr:h;7:::;;; "^ ^^ '-''•-|>'...,en^,,;..,t.,ero, .hand, 

l.e- your(ir.twor,ltonu.,ejoi,vthen,. Icrinu'l in'aTl' sen.c all w.v- fron, 

all sides, O-'r.n, 

Only consentin;; at the l.raiiches' end 
I hey strain toward) .serves lor frame to 

a sole face — 
T\w l'iais<T's--in the eenire— who 

"i!h eyes 
•Sightless, so In-nd they hack to liVht 


JJisl.rain whcievisionary fomis ihron,' 
lip, '^ 

Sings, minding not that jialpitatin- 
arch •'" 

Of hands and arms, nor the (piiek drip 
of wine 

to.) ; 

Tliis minion, a Coluihus, writ in red 
l;isire and .-i/iire hy Itesarion's 

scrihe — 
lUid this line . . . no, shame— I lo- 

mer's he the (.reek 
first hreathed me from the lips of mv 

(•reek girl ! ' 

My ( )dyssey in coarse Mack vivid lyix; 
\^^h faded yelli>w blossoms 'iwixt 

page and jjage, 
1" mark great places with di-c trrati- 

tiide ; *' 

'■ //(■ >'«,(/, ami cii A III i nous (Uyerlcd 

' ' ":!:r:^:!:t': r ■ ■ -^"-<^rU..]v..u ,he drcn.:lK-d leaves oVrhead 


nor crowns cast oM, 

:.'n, upon your search? My statues. ! Xiole. and parsley crow,, to ,ra„,ple 
"l^illZk '"'"^ ^•--••-- "-M -'"^'pausing as the pa,ron-,hoM. 

'""KaiS ihu"""" " "' ^'■""^" ;>ev.nulnli^ir u„con,ueraI,le hv„,„ ! 
>..ut-green and gold, with truncheon '"' ":: "tu^V"' " ^"" " '" """ 
'"^"' "" ^'■•'- ' 'because you g.;.e-am I fanlas.ic, 

This, rather, turn to ! What, un- 

recognised ? 
I Ihouglit you woul.l have seen that 

lierc you sit 
A' I imagined you, I Iipp.,lyt.,, 
Naked upon her hrirht Nui.i.idi.o! 


sweet ? 
• iaze like my very lift ■s-.-nih, marhle 

l-A-en to the sih.,,,,- : \sh\ fiefore I 

Th.> rc'l >].-.], 


liuiieu ni\ 

IdTelief '•- ^''" • " ^■'''"■^ '" "T^ ^«- •f'^oughout all nature, varied 

hold relief 



I'iri'A i'Assi:s 

lu'.-, l.iitli l.y iiu-.iii^.if I I■lll^ll(■<i aii'l |L;l.'uii.L,- r.iaiaic and 

2 0f» 

liir iii.-Uci II nil 

all ; iii»\i-i 

Willi iiir, cull Mii.^aiiiL' UikIhI I') ; AImhU il.^traiK .■' 

,,ii,| riicni'? "Iial uliy I.-, llii^? 

Ofhcaiiiv-i'.iiKiiiniianArdiclype- 1 lial whitoniiig clicck, lli<i>e Mill- 
( )ii f\.'iv si'lc uivmrril s\iy-csiivi- <liI.'tiiiL,' eyes ! 

,,,i,ii'^ Ah, ynu will <ii'- I knew iliai y-ii 

( )f il'ia; ihc Ul>-. l!ie llowci -or lake j \v..ul«l die 1 

liie It nil. ^ I 

Sinue hi-y shape, eniuiiiuiii^ the: l'ili:Nl-, /',\ni , oil his lur'iiii^ !on_^' 

peaih, ! I tiHaiii,-ii client. 

Curved '..'-eui-e c'ei iu l/.nit;h ; a^ , , ,. ■ , 

,,,^,. ii„,i,,^ N.AV ihe end ■. i; - I" Le sure, it 

Depeiulnii;. ne-lled ill llie leaves .iii'l '"UsI • , ... , i 

' .^ Have eiide.i \ ludi why 

1m. .Ill a il. I: i..-.e -pi.'aeh llie wh..K- need I -peal. 

I)rj,,.l .i.i..ii:4: ■nieirr....lishspeeeh? I eaniiul Liin^ 

I'.ut ..f ih. >!u!i, .mecaii lie mastei ..r. t.iinind 

II,,w 1 diviM..l lli.-ir eapalHilies! ' 'i.e half ..f it. LeMde. ; and d.. nol 

I'r.iiii the .-.lit rinded siiio.ilhenin^ »"-iie 

lai- le chalk 1'" "''1 Xiit-dia H'lW, iv>r any «t 

That yields y.air outline to the air's llu-in. 

J„l,r^,,.,,, |()li. y"<i -what are you .^ -il I d.. n..t 

Ualf-soHened hy a lialu's jieariy : try , ^. , , 

,,],„,„, . ; To say the vv.irds Natalia made me 

l)i)wn til the irisi) inipeiiiiu. steel, so learn, ,. , . . , 

^^„.j^ To ].lease your friends, - it is to keep 

To eut its one eonllded thou-ht eleaii I mysell . ,.^ , , , 

,^m ] Where your voiec liUed me, l)y let- 

Of all the world: hut marhle ! -! tinj; it 

•,u.,ah my looU ; I'rocecd-hul ean it? Kven you, 

More plial.le than jelly -a., it v^ere i>erhaps, 

.-some clear prnii..rdial creature du- : Laiuiot lake up, now you have once 

from deinhs i l^'l W]' 

In the Karth's heait, where itself j The muvas life, and me along with 

breed, itst If, ! "'''i' ,,,,., ,,1 . .1 

And whence all hascr suh.laiice may i N", "r >■'>" «"iil<l • ^^ *-• " ^l-'X' '"^'"' 

hcwoiked: i asweaie 

Refmc it off to air, y"'i "'-ty con- j --Ahovc the world. 

^[^,ij^.j^ ! Vmu creature with the eyes . 

l)oun\o\i,e diam,.iid : -is not metal i If I could h-k A.r ever up to them, 

,1,^.,^. I As now you let me,— I believe, all siu, 

When ..'er the sudden specks my ! All memory of wron- done or suffer- 
ing borne. 
Would (hop <l.)wn, low .md lower, l.i 
the eartli 

ciine. irii 

—Not ilesh -.s tld.L- off tl.ike I scah-, 

I ,v in'cth.iseblueish veins of bluod Whence all that's low Comes, am 
.,,]j.^.pP I there touch and stay 

Lurks tlame in no strange windin-s [- -Never to overtake the rest of me 

By the switi iiniilemeni sent home al j Urawi hy those eyes I What rises is 
once, ■' '•■">-'''^"'> 


N"t so llic sli.iiiic .111(1 .siidiiiii-; lull 

lli'-y ■ ink, 
\'r l.ft, IriscalKActlicni— Kc,|) lue 

\h,,\c ilie \\,,iKi ! 

^ Jiiit yon >ink, fur ynir i-vv> 
Aic.ilicring-alUa.l ! May—" I l,,v,. 

ym, love yon ' . , . 
I M.iild pr.vcni ii i! I iiu.kTsh.M.l 
l"if "f your w..nU I,, j„e— was't i;, 
llic lone 
' »r I he words, y,ur povvcr ? 
., , . , '"r stay [ nil! nn,,n 

1-ir spcccli if that contenls \ , ,n : | 

< 'nly, chans^'c 
\onioix., and I'.shall (md ii pr, seiitly 
1 ar hark heti-, in the hiain \..ursilf 
/dlf(] up. 
\.ila]ia threatened niu tiiat 

would follow 
fnless I spoke their lesson to the (hd 
'■HI liarmtonie, I ihou^ht she meant. 
not you, 

^ 'ur friends,— Natalia said they were 

your friends 
And meant y„„ well, —, I 

<ioahted it, 

' 'i. serving (what very strange to 

"II every face, so diHerent in all else 
I lie same .smile ^drl.s like us are used 

lo hear, 
liil never men, men eaniiot stoop „, 

'"I your friends, speakin;^ of y(,u. 

nsed that smile, 
'I'll hateful smirk of 1 onndless s,.|f, 

•"■liiihseenis to i.ike possession of 

this World 
And make <<{ Cud their lame c-(,n. 

I'mveyor to their appetites . . . ym, 

know ! 
1^^'! no— Xaialia said ih.y v-ere your 

Ai.d they assenti'd whih- they smiled 
the more. 

''■"' '}" .<;-\""^ '■'^""'^ nie,— that thin 

^'>ith light, lank hair seemed leader 
tf the rest ; 


ll^-lKldapaper--'\\h.,t w>," 
said he, 

I'lulin- some e'.pl.,„,u,.,„ (,. ),,_ 

fr.ends — 

"Is somethin- sjo,,, ,„\„K,.,i .„„| 


"''" ';"'',' .'"''s Ion; i„ douhl. X,., 

talie his t^isle 
"And lurenimon, ,.o that, .,t innei- 

'• Where he seeks su,,i,„ss' s,,iil, l,r 
ni.iy (ind this ! 

■• -As in the apple's, -ore, the noi..ome 
II)- : 

-lor nisc.-ts on the rind ,„e .-,< ci, at 

"And l.nish,,!,, side .,s soon, :„„ tlii. 
Is foiinil 

■■""'>■ when ,,n the hps o,- loaihit... 

toULJUe. ■' '"^ 

And so he read «l„a i |,,,vc j-ot i.v 

heart— *^ ' 

I'll speak it, ••Do not ,li,., love' I 

am yours "... 
Stop— i, not th.ii, .t'IiI,,. i|,..i. ,,,,r, ,,f 

Vourself began l.y speakii,:; ? .^tran^e 

to lose "^ 

What cost ntuch paiiis lo Icmi : Is 
this more ri!;hl .■• 
/ aw apainh) :r/i.j . .,,nt,t hunt ■ 
III wy lijc^ a dcri/ rnlhu- than 
.'■a til/. 

In my brain, ,„ p,or a a calm c 

loo — 
A'o aid >o all / ,,;////(,/ ,/, / 
Wt do one t/tni^ al /<„.,/ / ,ai,~ 
I.i>7\- a man. or hale „ „,a,t 
Supremely: ihit, my !m; i,-.,,,. 
Ihroii,i;lithe lal/evoj l.ove I veid 
In ils loz'/iixe.^l t/o/ lo aHde, 
And ;iut on l/.e Ter^r 7. '/lere J til, hed 

my tent, 
I found Hate d'ceHin- Ihside. 
{Let tkr BriJ^-room a^l: icJutl (he 

/an.tcr meant, 
Of /lis Bride, cj the pen-less Bride!) 
-In./ Jurther, I traversed I/ale's 

In ils hale fullest nooh to dwell : 
Bill lo, u'!:ere I jlun^.,' myself f rone, 
touched Love 



(7/1, incuiiti: fli.-,t- hhiik /"I'll' 

Xot ihf p iiiilti' ' V.'> Ji'iii.',! til ') 

•' .Vml lurt-," ^aiil lie, "Jules prniiatih 

will a>k, 
" \'oii hart li'isrl; ,j,\i, ,0-.;;- you .ii,-, 

uire eiioii^'h, 
' \fv /(•(•/■/-Mf hii,it\--so lio yen lei., 

'« ll'/ial it,;ih sKiiii' e\ffaiiii/i<iii -,i<lhil 

incur; I hi ' " 
— And liiiii '" ^""11. wiiliiput a\VM|(l 
.S'(> / v'//7(' :■'/»< /• in I.oi'f aiii I Lit, , 
/•'■■»t ^iiup.'i-, that I Wit, i>t lal'. 
/■'or out,; 7c'i'-ii I /iT.if, I -„'oiii,l 

CilLi, r 
Breiut, n/iiil,,l'(i>iils. fcrt, foriuan.i 

Of )ii r I l(r:'''d, in on,' ,-nil>i;uc — 
As if I'V mor lore I could ! if f i»i- 

menuly t 
Ami 'ioh.n I Ihitcd, / -iVonlil fttnii;,'. 
.\/v s:,-onl, iUiil -oipc 'rit/i I'l," J:r.:t 

My fo,-\- whole life out, lik,- u 

As if ' y mere hale ! eotthl hale "'• 

Unse'y ! 
lutt niKi' I iiin 'ciser, ^iiow let/.r 

the fashion 
Jfo-,i' pa,sii'n seeks iiid front its of'- 

posile passii'ii, 
Attil if I see eatise to li^re nure, ,<r 

hitle nioie 
Thai I'ver man l,ired, ,Ter hate<l, I'C- 

/;./-,■ - 

\nd Siikin tlie Valley ,i l.o:,\ 
/'he slot, or the sfot in Hiites (Inve. 
Where inv sotil may the siiretiest 

7 he essence, >iotii,'hf less, of each, 
Tlie I/a-ee fall '/fates, i>r the Lore 
Of all / crc<. in it^ I'allev <'• 

/ ////,/ .'//,/'/ ///.■ very lui-di r: 
/\ach of the ellicr s bord, rs. 
/ /i.'re most, when is dis^nisci 
In Hate : ami when //ate is sur- 

/n Love, thill / hate most : as/: 

1 1, ,1V / <rc iini/cs th>ou:;h /Ai/.'i 

ir,,/ ,au/tie, 
//.lie f^rin, thioti^^h /o;e'i rose- 

/rallied mad-, — 
Anl ho:i\ /i,i7in.,' Iiat,d thee, 
/ oiii^ht lonti and f-ain/itlly 
/',) -.ooiind thee, and not /'rick 
/'he shin, hnl //, rcc to th-- ./«iVa-, - 
.-/v'!; this,my Jnle<, and he answereil 

i',y thy hrile - ha:,' lite painter /.lit 

wy,'ic eait hate! 

J I I i. ' ill/, ipos. s. 

I,uiMych(.' wh'i I'l-e? lull .ill i>l 
lliem, till il'Hili!, 
i I l.ited nil' : tlu y al \'i-uicc I'ltMiuly 
i Tlii-ir turn, hiissevui I \i>n I sli.ili ii'>l 

iiH'cl : 
\ If I (Ircaiiic'l. >>iyiii^; this wnuM wake 
I inc ! 

Whai's here, this ^i>l(l— wu canii' t 
iiKil ai^ain, 
i Consider- .111(1 the moiiey \Nas Inil 
: meant 

■ I'lirlwo yi'ars' travel, which isnvernow, 
All eli.ime, ■>{■ hi)[)e, nr, ot need 

This -and what comes from sellini; 

these, my easts 
And liooUs, and medals, except . . . 

let them gi< 
Ti v^ct her. so I he 1 ir( iduei' keeps y. lU sale. 
On', of Natalia's clutches l-lf hv 

(h'or all's chance here) I siiould survive 

the i^aiig 
Al_ X'enice, root out .ill lirtecn oftlRni, 
We mii^ht meet somewhere, since the 
world is wide 

( /'roni without is heard the 7'Ot c 
of I'li'i'A, sin.fn^- - 
dire her hut a least c\, use to loi'eme ! 
II',.: /I :,},.■. , 
//■'.■■■ ,an ihi- arm e,ta''lis/i h >' 

./kiT'c me, 
/f toi.'une fi.xed Iter a, my Uhty 

/'here already, to eternally reprove 
me .' 



'" ///if''— s, III/ A'itu ///,' .//,, „ 


«/,.,„,/••/ " "^'^ ! '•"•■'■■■'/I" "•■..->,! .„!,,, „ ,t;,v 

A. ^.- ...,.,. 7/ /;./,), .„.,./ 1 '''',,;;;,;,:■■ '■>•'"• '■' • 

Mv !,,,<,! ; 

'• '"■' /'■;" ^ a 'I'll .,'..'. // 'i; ,, 

^lyh.i It ,ioiii<H> .' \ I u 1},,,,", ■ ,. , , 

'\l'l I till' V i I'.n ii\ l.iiii, I ii. _ 

W.iilini; Ml) I,, cnln '.,,,,1 ,„,.! c 

.'.' /<!',' : 

all tilts II! I It li,r ; i ( )r i;,, I i 

/'.\</>', //</,- --A,,^ a;,A- M, ' ;;;;;■'• ^^•-''-•.-^'-HKn, ungainly, 

y//"7/ ; 

^J'Un,,yo„rliin,kstk.n-jrs..r-) \ X„w, i, „,I1 uakc, f;..-!. ),..• „. ,|.. 
{l'in'A/,/,r,r.) I attain ! 

Sliall to ]„,, (luce form . lii ..f lui ,Iian,.(J 
Jri.Ks rr.inii,',; .stiifi ' 

UH'furih? ""1^ M'l I ^lnm f,,mi. l,c nnth.n.i,'? Tlii, new 

K.i.< .' itu- Lonian,, (I.iuliilcs.s, will) ! 

•V A..,.,, nhcr. M,ll ,i.c pea>a„u AuretdK-ddaul^Jr. n.en „illh,„„u, 

''^.unyaT^r' ^""'^ "" '^^^ ' ^^■"ip'''- ^■- , ,a.„„u. : _ 
!i,u,lt,,/th....:^ - ^ ^ . Oh. lo hear 


'I'ui't n 

--.r ..,,.,,.,,. .,.,,,,,, ,.;-''\'rM,r-'''''-'-^'''-'i 

P"!'!', he sii'!H'(], 


I "r liiui to help her ' t \ ,. ' 

'-' I;- uo.i.l looks so. If w„oc.v..r : In An- ,h. .nly, i., ,o n.akc 
''""l!;;iiJ" """ "'"■ « --Thar;". .lo.s ,iU. ;, .,,,,01. ,.kes 

[■),,. 1,1 . , ' 1 , , liallis lo know. 

' " I'^-ssliit; or tiic liK'st one. mirrn -.,., .,,, .i,:. ,. , ,>, 

01 pare, ' / , v'' - "''^'^ ='"'^ 

^^'.>;l;;:u..l^we always choose .he ^ Who wha, is laUwyche - what 
' ■ i .\ alalia r^. friends, 


PIPPA PASSES ihc wlioi,' \\,,il.l i-\oe|)t our Invt" 

— my i)w n. 
Own I'li'i!.-? !!ut [ N.M y,,n. rli,] I 


V.\0. n'v^\]i \\r M.IVr-l f. .,■ y.iMl- 

S'Kllf lO • 
Willi tin' ■■■.!' il-ii. , :,,i ii .' Si i;i!' 

Ijl'> I'Ui i.|. .ik ll,.' V |p,iliiy lipid I- up 

Tl) |ir'_;ill .u: :ll|. ,ll. Sil;lll I 111, I ! 

And save him ln.m my sl;itui'"s \nvri 

ing him ^ 
Some iiiisiispcctrd \>]r in the fir .^lms '. 
Like a yoil _i;oin- [],r<>' his world tlK-rc 

One niouniain I'l.r a niomciU in ihe 

Whole of cedars on its 

hrow - 
And Volt are ever hy me while I i;,i/.e 
— Ar(> ill my anii^ as ii>w--;',s now — 

as now ! 
Some unsuspected isle in 'he far seas ! 
Some uns'ispectcd i.^le in fir off .,f\s : 

la>i I inelined to, was the Armenian 
— for- 1 have travelled, do you see, and 

at Koeni^^slier^;, Prussia Improper (so 
Ivied l)ec;ui>e there's a sort of Meak 
i'Mni^rysun there), you niiidii remark 
"M-ra\en'i.ililr hoii .e-porrll,a (•erl;>in 
' linldce in- ijplion; .md lirief as i, 
: , .1 liHs-' i;!.Mic.- .11 II u;^ed alK. .jiiicly 
'" (■h;ini;' til ■ niood ,,f every hi-irded 
I is^cn;4cr. In ili,\ 'iirii'd, one aii(i 
11; the yoimi^ and lii^hlsoine, with 
i;o irrexereni pause, ihe ai^ed and ile- 
erepi;. wi'h a sensible alacrity. — 'twas 
ihe drand I\.ii)lii's abode, in short. 
Struck wi;h cnriosiiy, I lost n.j t'nie 
in learniui; Syriac -(tliese are \owels, 
you doc;s, — follow my stick's end in 
ihe mud — r,7,7/-,'///, Darii. Fcrio '.] 
and one morning presentt.'d myself 
spellinir-hook in haml, a, h, c, — I 


Talk liy /he :i\/_r, ;.■/,./,;. I'h.j.a ■/,■ /■■<i.<. 
iii!^ from Oir.aia to the Tumt. 
Two or tiiiw. of liic Austrian 
Police /i'i/oriiix'' '«.'ilh I ! 1. 1 1' i 1 1 )i : k' s, 
an Eii-lis'! 7'<ZV'''V;/./, ju>/ in 
'iiit'iij of the Tnrrol. 

Bluf-ho /:s.* So. thai is your Pi;ipa. 
the little t;irl who^ed us singini;? 
Well, your I!L-.hop"s Iiitendant's money 
shall he honestly earned : — now, don't 
make me llial s nir I'aee hecause I hring 
the l!i>liop,'s name into the business - 
we know he I'an h.u'e nothing to do 
with sui'h horrir^ we l^no\v that he 
i- a saini and .ill iha! a lli-Iiop should 
he. who is a great man l.-ides. Oh! 
-.-■i-ie hu/ , ,■•,■. V -, V/-W ,j nui-eiot, /\7rry 
/!y a .'/vV. F.rrry /.'.'■,.-•/ ./ Chri-^fnis 
N:^i;ol, Errryttinr a ji,^! In fart. I 
have .iLjiin-d all religions; hut the 

f-Tf nrili»tti I>ic C11 

i-vil .md on th' 

on tho just .md . n die 

to ! 

, ked it out letter hy letter, and what 
vv.isthepurport ofthismiraculousp ^ ? 
1 Some cherishe.i h giaid of the pa'st 
! you'll say — '-//"re Moses hoeus-pceiat 
\ E,:^yf'fs land loith jly and loeusl,'"— 
j <Jr, " 'lo-o to Jonah so!in,led ''arshi^li. 
Gd Ihte np and i_v to Tarshish," x 
\"no'io the a-igel nieetini^ BaUia,.:, 
I S/raii^hthis ass returned a salaam ;" — 
I in no wise ! " Sh.:e!:abraeh— Roach — 
I ^oniehody or ot'icr -Isaach. A'c-'-ei-zer, 
Pnr-cha-^er and Ex-chan-^er of— 
Stolen j^'jodf .' '' .So talk to me of the 
religion ofa bishop : I have renounced 
all bisho]xs save Bishop Ileveridge — 
mean to live so — and die - .Is some 
Creek ilo'.;-sa-^e, dead and merry, llell- 
r, 'ardhonndin Charon's 'wherry — / / '///■ 
food for both 'oorl.fs under and iipt^, i . 
I.ut^>ne-':eed and Ifeiate's supper, an I 
ii.rer ar, ohoius . . . (Though thank- 
to you, or this IiUendant thro' you, o' 
this Bishop through his Intendant—I 
[lossess a burning pocket-full of ir.'A'- 
-'.^^'■s). . . To}av the Stvirian ferry! 
I >/ To!. Tlicre is t!u- girl, th-n ; go 
and deserve them the moment you 
have pointed to us Signor Luigi 
' and his mother. ( To the rest) I h:ive 
\ beetl tioticiuL' a liou'-t* vr*.nci:'r t!;;-- 

d, .and senuetli rain I long while— not a shutter unclosed 


-■ince mornm;' 


2>id PoL Olfi r.ura's. tiiat 
iiwns the silk-mills here : he doi-es hy 
Ihc h. i:i- -wakes up. si,i;lis deeply, says 
lii-shoi:;*] like hi he I'riiice Melternirh. 
and then dn/es a'^n'ii, afier haviiif' 
I'lddeli yniip.;.; S-l,;',),). ih.' f.,ioi-n,M^ 
-I his wife !<i pLi)ini; di.iu; liN : i," ^Jx 
"loleM H|,-h a huiiseh..M"th.y i,,.,ui 

I'Inf'. Only. raniL.t \,.m t,>Il ,,„■ 

■ ;nc:hin-nf th,s linh' Pip,,,,. 1 ii.;i ,i 
:,.ue to do \viih?-(ine eoiild ni.ike 
-■inethinLjof that name. I'ippa -tiiat 
:-, diort fir Felippa— rhvininj,^ to— 
f'mnix,: con suits Ilairif-.''a~r.clievs! 

■ :■>'!/. A7y/;.-./-/v//,?,^ S. 'inethiiioniii;lu 
f <l')ne wiih that name. 

2'!./ /'■/. i'ui into rhyme that your 
luad and a ripe niusk-nselon would 
n'>[ he dear at halfa r,-',T/;:/;rr.' Leave 
iiiis fooling, and look oiit'-^-ihe al'ter- 
'ii".n's over or nearly so. 

.5r,/ J\j/. Where in this passport of 
Si,'nor I-uiyi(loesour principal instruct 



lili.lrtJ.,: 7',i,;yf. \.\'\r.\,inj 
hi , Mc'lirr ni/ci in-. 

)' I to watcli him so narrowly ? There? 
v.!i.,t"s there beside a simple signature? 
( 1 .'.at fool'.s busy watching.) 
:n:i I'ol. Flourish all round -- " init 
all possible obstacles in way • "' 
"M'Uig dot at the end — " Detain hi'n. 
!!.! Iurtherad\ ices reach you ;" scratch. 
:U. bottom--" .send him back on pre- 
'.'■nre of some infirmaliiy in the 
.■'■"ve ; " ink-spirt on right-hand side, 
\vhi(h IS the case hcre^— " Arreft 
I'liii at once," why and wherefore, I 
■• :i t concern myself, but my instruc- 
■;'ns aninimt to this : if Signor Lui<d 
''■.iy,.s h,,i„e to-night for Vienna, we^l I 
■«': : g -od— the passport deposed with 
"- I'l- our 7- HI is really for liis own use, 
I ' y have misinformed liie ( )fllce. and 
lie means well : but let him slav over 
'"■ni.ght-there has been the pretence 
"e suspect— the accounts of his corre- 
':>T.ding and holding intelligence with 
ji;'-- ( arbonari are correct -we arrest 
inn at once— to-morrow conies Venire 
^ .iiid pivsently, _ Spielberg. Rhip- 
■■■ .-.-. la.:^cs the signal sure enough ! 
Hiat IS he. entering the turret uiili 
'■1- mother, no doubt. 

Moth,;. If there bl, w win.l. you'd 

! 'rheuMnoi hr;,\in(-.,oi music's heart. 
I /./-'/,,■/. lb;.- in ihf an-hway .' 
! .I/.'//).;-. ( )h n,>, n.> -in farther, 

; N\ here the echo is m.ade- on the rid 'e 
! ^ '■"•-'■ Heresurelv, then.' 

llow plain the taj) of my hul as I 
I le.'.ped up ! 

I Ilaik •■ LitaitsJ:.,,,!,^!'' Th-very 

gh..>i of a Voice, 
I Whoso b,.dy is caught and kepi by . . . 

wha.t are tho>e ? 
I Mere withered wall-Howers, wavin- 
i overhead } "" 

I They seem an eIvi^h group with thin 
I bleached hair 

Who lean out of their topmost fortress 

-Vnd listening, mountain m.'ii. 'o what 
we say. 

1 lands under chin of each grave earth)- 
face' : 
' I'p and show faces all of you !--" ■/ ; 

I 'bli;i!"s the king's dwarfwilh the scarlet 
I comb : now hark— 

i C'lnie down and meet vour fate' Hark 

j —'' Meet your fair I '■' 

Mo:J.a: Let him not meet it. my 

I I-"igi -do not 

< io to hi-, City ! putting crin,e aside. 
Half of these ills of Italy are feign. -d-l 

: N our I'ellicos a.nd writers foi effect 

! Write f,.r effect. 

I /./•'/,'/. I lush : snv A. writes. 

I and H. 

j M-^!hn: These .\'s and b's write 
! for effect. F ^av. 

j Then, evil is in its nature loud, while 
j go( id 

I Issilent - you hear each jx'tfy injury — 
j None of his daily virtues t lie is oh! 
j '.Hiiet, and kit.d, and d:-i.,ely sttir.Jd 
j —why 

Ho A. and'B. not kill him themselves' 




/.iit\i,'i. They teach 

(Jth'jrs to kill liiin — me — and, if I i.\\\, 
Others to succeed; imw, if A. tried 

and failed 
I Cfiidd li'it le.uli that : mine's the 

ie'^-cr t.; .1;. 
Mother, tlit-v visii niL;lit I'V nii;ht . . . 
.lAV/'.T. ' • \...r, Ini-l.-' 

All, will you lit MIC tell you what 

you .are ? 
Lui:;i. Why not? < )h, the one 

thiny; you fear to hint, 
Nou may assure yourself I say and say 
liver to myself ; at times — nay, even 

as now 
We sit, I think my mind is touched 

— sus[)ect 
All is not sound : hut is not knowing 

What constitutes one sane or otlier- 

wise ? 
I know I am thus— so all is rii^ln 

at;ain I 
I laiigli at myself as ihrou_L;h the town 

i walk, 
And see men merry as if no Italy 
Were suffering ; then I ponder -" I 

am rich, 
" N'oiuig, health}- ; why should this 

fact trouble nie, 
" More than it trouhles these ? '' But 

it does trouble me I 
Xo— trouble's a bad word — for as I 

There's springing and melody and 

And old (juaint turns and ])assages of 

my youth — 
Dreams long forgotten, little in them- 
selves - 
I\et\un to me — whatever may amuse 

And earih seems in a truce with me, 

and heaven 
Acciirds with me, all things suspend 

their strife, 
The very cicalas laugh '■ There goes 

he, and there I 
" Feast him, the time is short — he is 

nn his way 
■■' l-'or the world's sake -fea-t him 

this once, o\ir fiiend I " 

And in relurn for all ihi- I cari lri[> 
riieii fully up the scafTolu-stcps : I gu 
This evening, mother 1 

Molli, 1: Uut mistiust 

\ourjelf - 
Mi..tru:^t the judgment you pronounce 

on him. 
/ III ^i. I 'li, ill. re I li "l am :-urc 

that I am right 1 
Molher. .Mistrust your judgment, 

then, of the mere means 
(.)f this wild enterprise : say you are 

right, - 
How should one in your st.Ue e'er 

bring to [,ass 
What Would require a cool head, a 

cold heart, 
.\nd a calm hand? Vou never wil' 

escape.'i^i. llscape — to even wish that, 

would spoil all ! 
The dying is best part of it. Too nnich 
Have I enjoyed these lifleen years ol 

Toleave myselfexcuse for longer life - 
Was not life pressed down, running 

o'er with joy, 
That I might finish with it ere mv 

Who, sparelier feasted, make a hjnge! 

stay ? 
I was put at the board-head, helped 

to all 
At first ; I up liappy and content. 
(iod nuist be glad one loves his world 

so nmch — 
I can give news of earth t(j .dl the dead 
Who ask me : — last year's sunse'.s, 

and great stars 
That hacl a right to come lir-t ;;: 1 

see ebb 
The crimson wave that drifls the sm 

away — 
Those crescent moons with notched 

and burning rims 
That strengthened into sharp fire. 

and there stoml. 
Impatient of the azure— and eLiy 
In March, a double rainbow sloppnl 

the stt>r!ii — 
Mays warm, slow, yellou- moiiulil 

summer niidits — 

•I/<'///'V-. (fie will not,.,,') 

Mother. See iinu- ... , , 

... V^ >"" "'"St cn.s- 
iiis threshold— how > 


''"' SJ"^''^ not how the qitalities .e- 

^^•-;j I-Je.eadtne otherwise ^n- 

^'■1 prove of rarest merit here-here 
on])-. ^'^■ 

I'v^ry one knows for what his excel- 
lence ^-M-Cl 

Wiil^serve, hut no one ever will eon- 

'■'"■ ^^'''"^^ ^^\ worst defect nnVht 
serve ; and yet ^ I 

'fave you not seen „,e rani^e our ' 
coppice yonder ^ i 

in search of a .listorted ash :-_it | 
ii.ippens ' i 

' "7;:!:;:, tr-'«"' '""""- 

>our lite out ■ 

'^'■i'iiKlthicl walls - „,al.e friends 
nicrc to [)crray you ; 

" \i',"r".i,''' ■■",'''' "i^''''" cverythinL'. 
•warch straiirht — '^ 

"''>•"" ^"'"'"VkniA- t,; funiMe for- 


IT ^^^ 

rake the great gate, and walk (not 
' saunter) on ^ ' 

Thro- .uar,ls„„,lg„a„ls- J ,„,, 
'n -idc ilio 'rrii ,, 1 I 

''""' a-i. ih,. ,, ,,, , , 

n..,. oi;:.,,:'> '" "'""" >•"" 

"" S'doo^'^ '■'"-'■ "--^Hest is 

^Vi.^ 1. IS ,,o^, .„„ ,,.„ ,„ 

^\alk in -^straight up to hi,n_yot, 
nave no kmft— ■' ' 

IJepromp,, how should he scream ? 
T hen, out uithyou ! 
, 'faly, Italy, mv Italy ! 

p-u re free, you're free! Oh mother, 
I could dream 

'Ti,eygotahoutme-Andrea from his 

I •''''"'^'•'- V:"--!!. y.H. shall go. ^•,, 
! seems (h,s patriotism 

I he easie-t virtue for a sel/lsh man 

"S't "^'-- h-'-self-rnd 
' '■' "frld— 

! "'s'"«iyandthesunal,ove. But you 

I "l^tllTlJe-^'- ^"^'' '"""'"« "- 
M could not call you crtiel or unkind; 
I mm . — then go ' 

I /«/4v. Xow do yo„ ask me, or 

make sport of me > 
Low first the .Austrians gr., these 

provinces— "^ '^ 

(If.lm is all, I'll satis5-y„„ soon) 

ning,^for' ""''^'''^ ''"' 'O' cun- 
Tliat treaty wherehy 



r.iii^^i. (Sure 

lie's arrived, 
The lell-ialc euckoo — spring's his 

Ami he lets out lier April piir|ii'.>es 1) 
Or . . . bcitei l;'> mI imce to motlern 

limes — 
He has . . . they have ... in fact, I 

J{ut can't re-state the matter ; that's 

my boast ; 
Otliers ciiuld reason it out to you, 

and prove 
Thiiv^s thev tiave made me feel. 

Aloth,')-. ' Wli\- 

5^0 to-iii_L;iit ? 
Morn's for adventure. jui)iier i> now 
A morninj; star. I cannot hear you, 
LuiL;i ! 
Lii.^i- "I am the brij^ht and morn- 
ing-star," (iod saith - 
And, " t<5 such an one I give the 

morning-star I " 
The gift of the morning-star— have I 

(lod's gift 
Of the morning-star ? 

Mo'Jter. Chiara will love 

to see 

That Jupiteranevening-starnext June. 

/,«/>;. True, mother. Well for 

those who live through June 1 

Great noontides, thunder storms, all 

glaring pomps 
Which triumph at the heels of sove- 
reign June 
lx-a<ling his glorious revel thro' our 

Ves, Chiara will be here — 

Mother. In June 

— remember. 

Yourself appointed that iiionth for her 


Luici. Was low noise tlie echo? 

Mother. The night-wind. 

She must be grown— with her blue 

eyes upturned 
As if life were one long and sweet 

surprise : 
In June she comes. 

Litii^i. Vv e UL-ielo .-i_c 

The Titian a! Treviso— there, atjain ! 

(/•'roiii Ti'iihout is heard the voiee 
of I'lfi'A, sint^in^i:; — 

A kiiix //?'(••/ Ion:: 'l^'n, 

In the mortiini; of the vjorld. 

When earth tea )ii::;her heaven than 

now : 
An.i the hin^ii's /oeh eitr. ' 
D/spartini: o'er a jorehca, full 
As the i)ii:k--vhite spaee U; <ixt horn 

and horn 
Of some saerifieial hull — 
Only ealin as a babe iWiV-born : 
For he 7;'as i^of to a sleepy mood, 
.S",> safe f re III all dcerepitude, 
/■'rem age -.cith t.'s banc, so sure 

gone by, 
( The Gods so loved him -a'hile he 

That, having li-red thus long, there 

.\'o need the king should ever die. 

I.iii^i. No need that sort of king 
slii)uld ever die ! 

[From u'it'ioiit.] Among the rocks 

his city Teas : 
/before his talace, in the sun, 
lie s.ite to sec his ptople pass. 
And judge them every one 
From its threshold of smooth stone. 
'They haled him many a valley-thief 
Caught in the sheep-pens — robber- 
.'Swarthy and shameless — beggar- 

ehe;t — 
Spy-prowler — or rough pirate found 
On the sea-sand left aground ; 
And sometimes clung about hisjeet, 
li'ith bice. ling lip and burning 

.1 :eofntrn. bitterest ivreng to speal: 
Of one with sullen thickset brews : 
.-hid sometimes from the prison- 
'Fhc angry priests a pale 'wretch 

ll'ho through some chink had pushed 

and pressed. 
On knees and elbows, belly and 


IVorm-like into the tempi,;— caiirh! \ 
At last tline >,y the very God ' \ 
ll'lto fTci- in t/ir (iiirki'icsx stioile ' 
/.'..',/t,'.,;-,'' oinl /onranl, /v,////- I 

O'.riiis '>,■„:.,■„ /.nr/., sih/i /v:;,7, r I 
to CiUrh ! "I 

.liiii these, ai! iiml ,:-ery oi},\ 
Pic i:iit,^-Jii:li;Y,/, sittii,::^ in /),,- sun. 

Im^i. 'Ili.u kiiit,^ should slill incite 
'■"tins •" the siin ! 

(■/•)-««/ 7,7V//«//.] His councillors, en 

left and ri:;/tt. 
Looked anxious np,~hut no s/i/- 



Which weakness makes nie hesitate 

to reach? 
'Tn C.d's voice calls, li.,\v could I 

siny ? r.iri'w.'ll : 

Disltirhed the kinfs old 

Where the very /due had turned 1:^ 

' Tis said, a Python seared one day 
7 he hreathless city, till he eantc, 
II /th forky tons^ue and eves on 

Where the old kin::; sate to judi^e 

akvay ; 
Hut -chen he saiv the sioecpy hair 
Cirt 'oith a eroron of berries rare' 
ll'hieh the Cod '.oill hardly ^ire to 

To the maiden -rho singef), a'anein:- 

In t/:ealtar-si>!okehy the pine-torch 

At his -coudrous forest rites.— 
Bcholdin,^:; this, he did not dare, 
- l/proach t/iat threshold in the sun, 
Assault the old kino- sntilini- there. 
Such f^race had kint^s -.ohen the 

roorld begun I 

[V\vv\ passcs.'S 

r.iii-i. And such grace have iliev 
now tli:u tlie world ends ! 
riic I'ython in the city, on the throne. 
And l.rave men, God v.-ould crown 

f'T slayini,' him, 
r.inks in bye-corners lest ihcv fall his 

crowns yet to lie wi 

/.///■ ly the -cay, ^ohiie Vn-vx is 
fassing from the 7'urnt to the 
lUshofs brother's House, , lose 
■','. ''''"' ^^>'<-'>"0 .S'. Maria. ]Wr 
( lirls sitting en the steps. 

1st Girl. There i;oes a swallow In 
\ enice — ihe stout sea-farer ! 
Seeini,' those birds fly, makes' one 
wish for wini;s. 
! Let us all wish ; you. wish first • 
\ 2nd Girl. I? This sunset 

1 o tmish. 
yd Girl. That old . . . somebo.iy 
I know, 
(•reycr and older than my j;rand- 

To t^ive mc the same treat he £,rave 

last week — 
Feedini,' me on his knee with !].'- 
peckers, ^ 

Lampreys, and red Kregan/e-wine, 

and mumbling 
The while some folly about how well 

I fare. 
To bo let eat my supper quietly— 
Since had he not himself been late 

this morning 
Detained at— nevermind where,— had 
he not . . . 

" I-"h, baggage, had I not ' " 

2nd Girl. How she 

can lie ! 

yd Girl Look there— by the nails— 
2nd Girl \\i,.,t ,„;^,^^.^ 

your fingers red ? 
yd Girl. Dipping them into wine 
to write bad words with, 
' 'n (he bright table-how he laughed ' 
, ':• '.'"•'■ My turn : 

^[)ring s come and summer's coniin^ : 
I would wear ^ 

~i9.e f"^W51 .- 

and hands 

in this lale With plaits here, cl 
I throat, all day 

ose about the 




AikI all ni^ht lie. thccnol longnislits, 

in lied -- 
And liavo new mill, tu drink — api)lcs 

1 1 > cat , 
l»ru/.ii\^ .ind juni'liii;;-., IimiIh r-C(ial - 

. . . ;ili. i .sh'iilld .■ay, 
Till-, is .i\\a\ ill ill'' lirld- mill's ! 

3;,/ (//'/.' Say -M once 

^■ull■d 1)0 M lionu' slir'd always he 

at hmne ! 
Nuw i-nnies the st<iry cf the farm 

The cherry orchards, and In .w Ajiril 

White lilossonis nn licr as she ran : 

why, fool, 

They've ruhhed out the cl-.alk-niark day nor nex! 

"He thfit seduced me when I .vas a qirl 
Thus high— had eyes like yours, or 

hair like yours, 
I'niwn, red, white,"— as the case ii,ay 

1.,- -that |)l(a~>-s ! 
(See h.iw that licelle luiriii'la . in the 

There sparkle, he ahmi^ th.- dust ! 

and, then- - 
\'our joinncy to thai mai/e-tufl's spoili 

lit least !) 
isf (ill!. When I was youiiL;, they 

said if ymi killed one 
( )f th.i^e sunshiny beetles, that his 

I'p there, would shine no more that 

(if how tall you were. 
Twisted your slarlini;'s neck, 1-rokcn 

his ca_L;e, 
Made a diint:;liill ofyour i^aiden — 
\st Gil!. ' Tliey. (K'slroy 

iiidXHi!. When you were youn^? 

Nor are yo\i yoiini;, that's true I 
How your plump arms, that were, 

have dropiH'il away I 
Why, I can sjian them ! Cecco beats 

My cardeii sim'c I Icfl them? well- ! you still ? 

perhaps ! 'N" niatter, so you keep your curious 

I would ha^-e done so— s<i I hope hair. 

they have ! I wish they'd Imd a way to dye our 

A fi<:-trec curlei! out of our cottage I hair .... 

'„.,]!__ ; ^■our colour-any lighter tint, indeed. 

They called it mine. I have forgotten j Than Mack the men say they are sick 

It must have been there long ere I 

was born ; 
Crir— eric -I think I hear the wasps 

Pricking the papers strung to iUitter 

And keep off birds in fruit-time- 

coarse long papers. 
And the wasps eat them, jirirk them 

through and through. 
yd Gil!. How he month Iwitclies ! 

Wher..' was I ? — b^ ''re 
She broke in with her wishes and long 

Ar..r wasps— would I be such a fool ! 

—Oh, here ! 
This is my way— I answer every 

Who asks me why I make so much of 

liini - - 
(If you say you 'o'-e him— straight 

" he'll not be gulled") 

f black, 
Hlack eyes, black hair! 

4//; Giri. Sick of yours, like 

enough ! 
Do you pretend you ever tasted 

And ortolans? i '.iovila, of the palace, 
Kngaged (but there's no trusting him) 

to slice me 
I'olenta with a knife thai has cut up 
An ortolan. 

2nd Gil-!. Why, there ! is not that, 
We are to talk to. under the window, 

Where the lights are ? 

\st Gir!. No— or slie would sing ; 
—For the Intendant said . . . 

yd (!:'■!. Oh, you sing firsi — 

Then, if .she listens and comes close 
. . . I'll tell you. 

Sing that song the young English 
noble made. 


\VI,., i,,ol< y,,ii Cr ilic purest ..1 t|,c 

Ali'l In.MiU In I, ivo Ihcwurl.l U,C \,.u 

"li 'I lull ! 


y.ul lrA.M„cy,.t!-,i,KlU..,„uny 
\oiii lo\c^ (<,ictixi t;i()ujiuf 
.I'lti.t lewH that bunch of tlou.t. 

yoii carrv 
1 loni seedb of Apiil.: smviiif,-. 

f plant ill,,;,, (lull nou-.soiucsff.l 

■ \l leii-;t 1.-, Milt: to htnkr 

■\ii(i yi.-ld what voii'll not pluck 

N'ot !(.■>,■, l,iit, may l,..-, hkc I 

Vou'll look ,it Ica.-,lon Iovc'm cMnaiii-,, 
.\ K''ivf .s onr \ii,|et : 

Vour look/ that pay,,l 


\\hatb ileuth ?- You'll love ine yet ! 
,;"/ 07;/. [/b I'llTA 'u'/w op. 

.. '.././/6-y.) Oil, y,,ll „,.^y ,.,„„^. ^.,,^^^.^ 

uc .-^mll not cat y,,u! \\l,y, y„i, 

eciii the very |k>im,ii that the -reat 

li'ii handsome Kn-li.,hiiiaii has flillcn 

>') violently in love with ! m [, H 

\'U all about it. 

IV'.— Ni(;iiT 

/•;r r,ila.,- hy I he Jhioino. MoN- 
I'.NOi:, i/iminiiiii^r ,)ij Attendants. 

Y':" Th.inks, friends, many thanks. 
I ' I'letly desire life now, that I may 
>' i-ompense every one of y,,u. Most 
I luiow sometliini,' of a'ready. What 
I repast prepared.' B,-;ediclo l<au-- 

u","T^ ■ nK '''''^' ■ • • "S'l ! Where 
\'- 1 -. Oh, as you were remarkiiiL', 
I k"). the weather is mild, very unlike 
Mnter-weather,-butl am a Sicilian, 
"'1 know, and shiver in your Julys : Tn fv- =ure, wheii -twa. full 
■"niner .it Messina, as we priests 
!td to cross in procession the ijreat 
luare on Assumption Day, you might 

■"'■,,"";; ll'"l^'-M yellow l.,pr.,. |,vi,t 
-uddenly II, i«o, i,,, j, hi,, a l.illin- 
star, or sink (|.,wii on ilieii,,,!^ , in 'i 
«<.rc,,fxsa.x. |;„tt;o. my friend ,, hut 
«'). y<>inc Intendant.] \,,t y,,,,, 
I ,!4" : I 'I'll.- olhers /,a, v ///,• ,//,j/y.' 
///.///] I have lonir waiilcl to con- 
Verse \\ith y,,u, Ut;o ! 
liiUii. L'guccio — 

f '/""•,.• •,,• 'K'""" •Sl'fani, man! 

"I Ascoh, hermo, and ; 

—"hat I do need inMructiiig about, 
•Te I hese accounts .,f y,,„r admini,- 

ration of my poor brother's affair,. 

^-Kh. t siiall never t^ct throuyh a 
"""' I'^ft "f your accouiils: take 
some ..( liioe dainties before vxe 
■itlimpt ,1, however: are you basli/ul 
l"lhal,let,'rce,' lor me, a -jrust and 
water siiKice. 

lute,,. Doyou.h.M.-c thi,t.,|,ecial 
night to <|iicslion me? 

• Wv/. This night, r.;M. ^•,,:, i,.,vc 
manage.! my late broi tar's aflaiis. since 
ihe (ieaili of our elder brother— 
luurteeii years and a month, all but 
three (hiys. On the 3rd of December, 
i hnd him ... 

fiiLn. If y,,i, have so intimate an 
aajuaintance with your brother's 
affairs, you will be tender of turnintr 
so far hack-they will hardly bear 
looking into, so far back. 

-yo,;. Ay, ay. ugh, ugh.-nothi,,:; 
I'Ut disai.pointiiients here !,elow ' I 
remark a ci)nsiderable payment made 
to y"U.>,elf on this irdofDeccnd^er. 
I alk ol (h.s;ip|)ointments ! Tliere wa, 
a young fellow here, Jules, a foreign 
sculptor, I did my utmost to advance, 
that the church might be a gainer by 
lis both : he was going on 'hopefullv 
enough, and of a sudden he n.^tilies 
to me some marvellous rharurc. that 
has happened in his noti,,ns of art ■ 
heres his letter.-'-IJe never had a 
clearly conceived I.ieal within his 
brain till to-day. Vet since hi< V-.-.i 
coum manage a chisel, he has prac- 
tised expressing other men's Ideals— 
and, in the very perfection he has 
attaineii to, he foresees an ultimate 


riri'A i'.\s.>Ks 

lull. I \m1| 
\Mlli ;i l.ital 

lIlUKIll I\ I"-. \^ I ihc 

I > line on .1 I' III > 

|M. . i llicci ( , 
U III irjili illliCi 

lulllli i 
I III! -.lie il 

) I .It ~, .1111 

f'-IHtllR'.-.-, lllc 

hiivlI (1110 appcMi iicALi ,,n |).ii|i.ilily 
111 his -piiil : ilarc i, Init nuc iiiL'lli.i.l 
n( c.-<c.i))c -nuiliiliiiL; iIr' \ii;'jii l^po 
III a^ cbii-ic A liunii, lie will turn 
ILUiitor iii.Uii.l iif .si'ulpliir, iiiiil |).ui,i, 
iiiit iMlw, il-, ,," -strike 
I'lil, I (l.ui.- -ay, a ?(1i.h.1 lil.c ( \,[. 
rct:i;ii : Imw ihinl, y..ii, f-,, j 
int, II. I- (. iiiu_;;;i'i a p.imtci ? 
l/t'//. l-i>,i|i,!i Juk . ! and yd, alu-r 
.til. why luuli^li .■' ik-m.iy- pmliaMy 
\mI1, r.iil c-rc-i >u,ly ; Inil if llnrc 
■-hiiiilci aiivj a pcw p,iinlcr, will il in.i 
litj in >'iiiiL' Mich Way hy a timt, ii..\s, 
IT a luii-iciaii (>piiils wh 1 hivi imi- 
c-uivc'i .111(1 pi-'llcclcd an hUvil tl:iiii!;^'li 
oDiuc Dlhcr clianncl). lian;-,forrin^ it !n 
this, anil f,iM|)inL; luir cnnNcnli ;nal 
r()a(l> liypiirc iL;nni-,[nL-c Dnium : t!i, 
U^'o.'' Ifyouliavo no apix'liU'. talk 
al Icasl, Ul;.) ! 

liilcH. .Sir, I can Mihmit \\-i liini;cr 
U) Uii.s coui.'M-' (if yoiiis : fh>l. vdu 
.solccl the Ljiinip uf win h I firini.(l 
on-. — next you thin il j^radiiaily, — 
always retaining; ine wilh ymir smik-, 
— and SI) do )ou proceed till you have 
fairly i;iil mc alone with ymi lielwecu 
four stone walls: and now then? 
Let ihi, farce, this ehalter end now — is it you w.iiil with nic ? 

Men. U;; 

Ill/, It. from I he inilani ) ou arrived, 
I felt your smile on me as you 
ijuestioned nie alxuit this and the 
other article in those papers— why 
your brother should have i;iven me 
this villa, that/i;,/c;v,— and "your ncxl 
at the end meant, — what ? 

Man. l'os.-,ibly that I wished forno 
loud talk here: if once you set me 
coughing, IVo! — 

/'//''''/. I have your brother's hand 
and seal to all I possess . me 
what for! what service I did him — 
a^-k me i 
_ ^fo^l. I heller not.— I -.hould 
rip up old disj^races — let out my poor 

bl' ! 'Hi'., Ul.ll.lii . ,1. .. liy ihr w.iy, 
M.ill.-i I I 1 Mill (win, I,, I (,„;;..| II, 
I'biMe. is _\our true ii.iiin), w.i, the 
inleidirl ever lal.inotl >ou, f .i ii.Miing 
that clillii !i al I e.^eli.i ? 

/ii.'ni. \i', not me'l. be tor wlieii 
I miirdtied Mnii bfiihei':, hiend, I'as- 
(|U.ile, lor him . . . 

.i/iV/. All- he ( lnplii)i.d you in ih.ii 
bu-iin-,, (lid !i. z Well. I nuL,t li ! 
\ou keep, a^yousay, l!ii~. viil.i and 
/' 'i/.;-, fci 'he world slioiild find 
out my relali'in.- were of .so indilii reni 
.1 staiuj) 1 Milled, my fimily i> ihe 
ol lest ill Messin.i., and century aller 
ceiilury h.ive my pro,L;enilor-. j;one on 
|)olliiiiiig lliem>el\e- wilh evi r)' wiek- 
ediie>s under Ili.ixeii : m\- wwii lalhei 
. . . re4 his soul ! — I li.,ve, I know, 
.1 chapel to support thai it m.iy n st : 
my di ir iwo ( brotlm^ were, 
wli.ii you know tolerably well ; I, the 
\"aii-r->l. iiii^lil bieve risalled them in 
\iie, if iioi in weallh, but from my 
b'i)hood I came out from amon^lhein, 
and so am not parl,d<er of their [)Iagues. 
My glory springs from an .ther source : 
or if from tliis, by contrast only, — for 
I, the bi-hoj-). am the brolher of youi 
eniptoyeis. Tgn. I Impc to repair 
sonic ot their wrong. ho\\e\ir ; so fn 
as my broth, r's ill-^oHcn He.isure 
reverts to me. 1 can stay the cohm ■ 
(juences iif his crime; and iioi nin; 
.^fll'i'j shall escape mc. M.ifleo, the 
sword We (|uiet men sjuirii away, jmi 
shrewd knaves pick up and coniini' 
murders wilh ; what opportmiiuc.s th. 
virtuous forego, the villainous seize. 
Because, to pleasure myself, apart 
from other considerations, my food 
would be inillel-cake, my diess siick 
cloth, and my couch straw,— am I 
therefore to let you, the off-scouring 
of the earth, seduce the poor and 
ignorant, by apjjropriating a pomp 
these will be .sure to think lessens the 
abominations so unaccountably atid 
exclusively associated with it? Must 
1 let villas and f-oderes go to you, a 
murderer and thief, that you may 
beget by means of them other mur- 


'ICH'I . .111.1 |llU,\, < ;■ X,, 

I'l.ik ! 
Intiit. Wli.Ll aiii I !..c\i).,; .•' \ 
..ic ^;('iii^' t.) jHiiii.,li me ; 

Mon. Must puiu.h ywii, M.urru. 
cuiliot allurd tt, c.i.^t away a tljaiicc. 

il.lVC wllulc CClllUlicsof .sill t(l K-dcLIIl, 

■inii i.nly a moirli (,r [vmj ,,r \\w- [,, ,i,, 
'1 I-! How sh,,;]<l I ,!arc In .sav . .. 
///Av/. ••|-ia-ivM;-,(,uiiri.->,pa.sM'-," . 
.•'/t;«. My likiiii, il I, LciaiL^c [ 
.IV., w inysL-if .1 v^ry w,.rL,, anlul 
iHyuiid iin.'a.airc, [ rrji ci a linci.f 
i-iuliict ).m would ajiplaud, p, r!ia|),: 
-lull I prucot-d, ,u it were,,ii. 
"ij; -^ -I •■' -who h.ui' II. > syiiipiDiii i.f 
'•.I..U11 Uia.siUinc that au-iil k^, tiiaii 
my -lrciuuiu-,cst ctiurls uill keep my- 
- II -.III iif iiiurtal sill, iiuieli less, l.ei'p 
■ IIki., (HU. X.,-^I (1„ ire.p.iss, l,ul 
-Mil not d.julilc that by all. .win- y,,u 
t" lrijs[xiss. 

hucn. And siipnosc ilie vilhi.s are 
-"L yuur brother'., to j;ive, y(jui, 
!■« take? Oh, you arc lia.ty eriou-h 
j■l^t now ! '' j 

Mon I, 2— \„. 3 !_ay, can voii ! 
1 ■■ill the sulMtance- of a leti^r, X..'. ; 


I in- liLir, .iiid tli.ii'.s iiitii.inly ni- 
j stniiiieiit, and their . . iiij)l,.t'., ellcct, 
•lii.i llu- life ..f I, ar .111.1 l.i,!,e.-,. and 
: o"'l'i,.u> ,111, hii- ,iielue.'' Did yoii 
Ihrottlc or :,!.il, n,y l,i,,tl,cr'., infant? 
I t oiiie, iii.u I 

j ///.v-v. S., .,!,! a .story, and tc-ll ii 
I "o heller ? When did siicii an instru 
iiiciit ever pr..duLO such an cticLt ' 
I.llhcr the .l.ild sinik.sii, li.a f.,ei,-, or, 
m,,.st likely, he 1, iK,t foolcnou-ii to 
j'lil iimiscll in the «iiipl.,)er"., |,owcr 
.'.- lli.-roii-hly ^ll.e .'hild i., alw.^y, 
re.i.jy to prf,dure - ,i., ),,i. >ay--lan\- 
'oever, w here-.. -e\ er, and wlien.,ucvcr. 
• '/.'.'/. J.iarl 
Jnl.n. .^:,ike me? .\h, .,,, mj.^h; 
•i/allurcha,sli.-,c ! I ,>liall slecp.M.undiy 
'"-niL^ht at least. lh,.u-h the j^allow., 
.tuait nu: to-m.,rrow; tor what a life 
"Id I ( arlo of Cr.-e-na reminds 
mo of liis (-.>iiiii\aiice, every time I 
p.iy '"■■' annuity (whicli hajipciis coiii- 
iiK.nly tiiricc a year). If I rcm..n- 
slr.itc, he will confess all t., the t;o..,d 
bl.>hoi) you ! 

•'Kue received fr 

oil) k(jiiie, 


cci.seiy on the gruuiid there nieii- 
i' 'lied, of the .suspicion I have ijiat a 
"Ttam child uf my late ekler br(,ther, 
^^!.o would have succeeded to his 
I '..ues, was uuirdered in infancy by 
•■ 'il, .Matfeo, at tlie in.sti-ation of my 
kite brother— that the I'ontiff enjoins 
on me not merely the brinij;int; that 
Malleo t.) ..Miidi-n punishiiieiit, but 
V'le lakini; all pains, as guardian of 
!:iat infant's heritage for the Church, 
lo recver it parcel by parcel, how- 
-oevcr, \> iiensoever, and wlierooever. 
^'•liilc you arc now gnawing those 
'mger.s, the police are eiigaged in .scal- 
ing up your papers, M.ifieo. and the 
iiieie raising my voice brings my people 
iroiii the next room to di.spose of 
yourself But T want you to r.^.nfes'- 
'iiiietly. and .save me raising my V(jice j 
Hhy, man, do I not know the old I 
.story ? The heir bet we. 1 1 tlie succeed- i 

I Moil. I see thro' the trick, caitiff J 
' I would you spoke truth oi.ce ; all 
. sh.ill be sifted, however— .seven times 
I silled. 

; Intnl. And how my absuid riches 
' me: 1 dared not lay claim 

I ' above h.df my po.ssessi.;ns. Let 

I me but once unbosoni myself, gk^rify 

i Heaven, and die \ 

\ Sir, you arc no brutal, dastardly idiot 
h:.e your I mther I frightened to death 
- le' us understand one another. Sir, 
I will make away with her lor you— 
the girl— here close at hand ; not the 
stupid obvious kind of killing; do not 
.spe.ik— know nothing of heV o. me! 
I see h.r every dav— .saw her this 
mornmg : of course there is to be no 
killing ; but at Rome the courtesans 
peri-h otf every three years, and I 
can entice her thither— have, indeed, 
begun operatioiis already. There's a 

•-cria:Ii ;l;. L), .MUe-ejed, lloild-com- 

plexioned, Lnglish knave I and the 
Police employ occasionally. — \',,u 
assent, I perceive— no, that's not it— 


;i>Neiil I iIm ii'il s.iy I. ill \i.ii will 1(1 
nil" riiiuill III)' piosi 111 li.ixiii^^ and 
liu!(lin-s iiiiu I .i,h, ;itii1 !;ivc uk- timi 
In crM-,, liie Al|i^? 'Ti^ Inn a liitir 
iil.i.k 1 vimI, prcity -iiii^iiii; Ifiipjia, 
jviy >ilk-wiii(|ini; L;irl. 1 Iiuvc kcpl 
lui out III li. inn's w.iy \ip Id ilii> 
present; Tt I ahv.iv- iiiUmkil i 

I'lI'lA \ ( '■htiN/', ni-aiii. Sh, tntC)^ it. 

Till" lirr « nil lii , loiiih, 
Tho iiinilH- at liir (Ir.iy, 
I lie t;riili in ils luinli, 
\\ iU' \\ inter aw.iy ; 
lint llie lire-tly and lieil:^e>liti w and 
I'lli-worin, I Jiray, 

niaki'y.)iirIileapla^iif'iovim with lier! \ ll.u (,iio tlioy? 

Tisasuell sctikd imir and f .r cv.r : j Ihi, lia, U'Sl lliaiiks f.n ).,iir luini-el 

■^'ime vvniiien I liavc ptnciiied will pa-s | my /an/e- 

Ulupliin.ks, my liandsnmo M-mindrel, ' "least upmi lainpny-, ijiiift tin 

o(l liir soinelMidv; and unre l'ipi)aiii- i HriLan/i " 

t.inLded ! 

■ \ 1)11 I (inci'ive f 


licr sinj;iii:.; .■* I , it a barj^ain ? 

(/■',,• I ,ri/',,'tif :\ h,,,Jlh, :\-<iiC of 
I'll r.\, 'ir^iii^ " 

(''; (/■-//. <ul //),■ ti, , -,'.</•, Ill, , I 

I'lowii-s ,111,1 ^iw,,, sprin ■■ 'li,,ilh oiu's 

., ■''"' 
i'/urc -.CIS iii'if^iit iihi'Tc 1)1,, iind 

Hiiii^^lit /', hnc, 
.yyc'ii'i/Ziothi had net I, ani,;/ to /[•)/,'-<•.' 
I'or, vhat ,tir the 7m/,,.v of l>iy,{s 
—Ay, ani of h,ast:,—l,iit 'i\'n/s -- 

our -u,vc/s, 
ihily so mUi/i luoir s-vooi .' 
V'/ir /:)io:oU,/x,- ''/ thai -oith my liff 

I; :^i(ii ! 
I'll' I h,iii .H> //ear mad,- out tin 

Aiiil <,<!ii!l,;l r.uii- stars, tli, S- r, n an,/ 

( V/. . 
/ ilo the /. ur, IS of my han,! : 
.\'.'j', / foiild all hut un,iii.,tait,l 

riic sinimur nf Iife\ -d ea-.y |i 

Aiidi.iie for li<-iniitiiix\ .i simim pul 

.luay ! 
Hill winter Iialen^ al -uiMiiier's 


.\nd lirell). Ii(ili;e ^liiew. Icili-wuiiii, 

I liiw I. ire till y ? 

Nil hiddini; nic ihtii III . . . what did 

siie say ? 
" I'arc yuiir nails pcarhvisc, ^ct yinu 

.small feet .slincs 
" .Mnrc like . . . (what ^aid she? 

and less like rannes "' 
Hnw pert that girl wa.s ! - wmild I he 

ihnse ])ert 
Impudent starinj; women ! itliaddone 

However, .surely no such mij^hty 

To learn his name who passed that 

jest ii|)on iiK.' : 
No riireij;iier. that I cm recollect, 

■ ' "J % ' , fiit't till ,'iit tllltll I Miin'l I . ^ • f I' 'n-i^i n. I . I II. 1 1 I I .1 11 I LI I MIC CI, 

U h,-ii-f,)i; tiiK'iti^k It, (17; II t/t,' -,fliit< I * iinre, as she snvs, a ntonth since, to 

inoo'i 1,111^, f .• I ins[)ecl 

.///./ ///i/ ',v/i, n Old of her soft fij't\ 

Our silk-mills none with Mue eye^ 

and thick rini^s 
(.)ri;ni;lish-coloure(l hair, al , ill event.-,. 
Well— if old Luca keeps his ^ood 

We shall do better : see what next 
year hriiitjs ! 

Mou. \S'^rin:-iiig i/f.] My people \ I may buy 'shoes, niy Zanze, not 
one and all- -all - within there! appear 

I 'iiiiix 
.Vo uiifaniiliar j'aif iiif^hl overlook 

lilt — 
Swldeuly (iod took me .' 


( niLjthis \illain — tiehini li.indand foot! 
lie d;u-.-.s I k!:;r,v not r.aif he n.ircs 
— lait remove him— (juick ! Miserere 
met, Dominc '. ((uick, I say ! 

More destitute than yuu, perhaps, 
ric.\t year I 

Bluph . . . something ! I had caught 
the uncouth name 



Hut (or Mull .i;;ii<.r'.^ iieu|ilc;-. Midtk'H | W liilc ilic li .ivc:, .iml |i.iil . wiili 

ilMllcr nr,-, 

AImivc II' ImiuihI III s| sui h i'lli' Tin- <>l<l )irc|)nriiMn .uul tin ir Ihh.'ns 

•fi'ii'''' j Here remain, iiiuli.iiij^ril iiiiniMvcd 

A- i>ur> ; il were, iiHlctil, a striiiii> 'imw 

'"■''i<r I Si) call this |>.iiii|)ttiil ihiiii; iiii|iri>\('l 

If --illy l.tllc like Diiis sliiiuld [nit tn! now I 

^li.iiiic i Sii])])<ise llurr"> a kinj; ..| ilic (luuir. 

The i)iiiii> 111,111, ihc man devoid cf And a ^iri sImw held in l,i.> Lnwir. 

'''•"I". I " I.ouU )p, l.iid>, ilii> ^imMh (if our -," 

I''n' • • • •ill, t'lil-ah. hill, all (he Says h.e, •' /an/e frniii Iht l!ri nta, 

■ iiiu, 
\" mere lia-. a rij^lit 
I'll larry thai e\;dted air ; 
i'.e.l people aie tioi angels <|imi 

I have made her ^'"rf;e |H)lenta 
Till Inith cheeks are nrar as lomiciiiL; 
As her . , . name iheie . no jiro- 
iioiiiK-in.' ! 

While iiiil ihe wor-l of peopl.-'s .^ec ihis hei'^htciied rulour lo, 

dojii-, s'-arc 
riie devil-, ; so there's that proud h » tk 

to sjiaie I 
Wliiih is iiieie eounsel to myself, 

mind 1 for 
I have ju .1 Keen Ihc holy Moiisi^'- 

iior ! 
And 1 was you too, l.iiij^i'.s gentle 

And you loo, l.ui^i I — how that !-uigi 

• »iil of the Turret— douhtlessly de- 
< )n some t;ood errand or anoilicr, 
1 oi he past just now in a traveller's 

And the sullen r()m])any that prossled 
Alioiit his path, I noticed, scowled 
A. if they liad lost a prey in him. 
And I was Jules the sculptor'.-. 

I.ride. ' 

\rid I was ( )ttima hcside, 
Aiul now what am I .■'- tired of foul- 
in- ! 
I'.iv for folly, nii;hl fur schooling; ! 
New year's ilay is over and spent, 
111 or well. I must he eonlenl I 
l.\en my lily'.s asleei), I vow : 
\Vake up — here's a f^riend I've pluckt 

you I 
See -call this flower a lieart's-ease 

now ! 
And .souielhinij rare, let me instruct 

Is this— with petals triply swollen. 
Three times spotted, thrice the pollen. 

lor -hr swilled r.rej.;.in/e wine 

I ill her nose tinned 'li ep i. in. mie 

"I'was hut whilewheii wild she ,;rew ! 

And only l.y ihi- /an/e'. eye . 

Of which we could not elianf;e the 


The m.i^nilude of what's achieved 
Otherwise, may In- perceived I" 

Oh what a diiar, dark clo,c to my 

poor day I 
Unw rould that red sun dro[) .t 

bl.ick cloud : 
Ah, J'ip,i.i, niornini;'s rule is m., /ed 

I )isi)eiised 'aIiIi, never more to he 

I'ay's turn is o\er now arrivc.s the 

Oh, l.ark, In d.iy's a|w>stlc 
To mavis, narle ind throh Ic, 
IJid them tin ir lietters jn i le 
From day and its delij.'' is I 
l!ui at niL;lit, hrother Iiowlct, over 

the woe Is, 
Toll the world to thy chantry - 
.Sin^ to the hats' sleek sisterhoods 
Full complines with j;allanliy 
Then, owls and hats, cowls and twats, 
Monks and nuns, in a rloister's 

Adjourn to the uuk-stump jiantry I 

! .■///■(•/■ s/i,' has lii'^Hii to utidrcss 
' hciH-lf 
Now, one thinj.; I should like really 

to know : 


I'll'i'A I'AS-.I'.S 

lltiu lu.ii I CM r ini.;lii .i|i|)r'M,|i .ill 11,1. iiiMtmii;; . lijiini luiK |i|' iiiii .i.d 

I h' -r V, lifii I ri iiC ! 

I Miiiy liii' i' il liiitr.;, lln~ I'lii^ tl.iy - i TllU' in .mni. .-.i-li.-.c ii| i.iln i . | iijijn.,. , 

.\|i|ii' M' I;, I mc.iii, 'i.r, 1.1 Iniiil' j 'I'hcjii^li I pis^itl !)%• llicrii .ill, .iful 

'U: 111 •■ I fell, ii'i -i^n. 

A^. Ii> ... Ill ^iiiiic u.iy . . . iinAc [ l\ \'i, ■//,■< i/oir/r. 

ll.irii if \ 111 |i|i-,i-.t'. !(ii»l lilis, iiic I ii.iii pr.iy iin in 're 

I )ii ;mi. Ill f)r Lvil lo tlidii .siimc .^liJ;l)^ in-ni^iit. 

\'..iy. NimIiiIiIiI, suiii'' w.iy III iitlui, li)iii'".> 

I III ill i.inii, if I uiiid .s.iy ri^l I. 

Sill. l"-iii'irr I'A , my jjll; innv 'liiid .1..'.: riie t the dine :ri!h (,'.■, I 

\Sittiii^' :'n ihr i'<il>hi<-. ■ With <!,«!, 7i"/('j,' ////i/.Vs /'Ci/ mil 

.Villi ! .1(1. r ( )iiimi'^ d'lak'M hcin :,:<isl, 

,\li, nil n:iil luy impurtaiU |)art witli Are ti'c : ihdi h no last nor liryt. 

them, ( [She ihtfi. 






^^h,.l V..l.auc icnur.l 'M fri-.M rv nl ^s.Uu.ul , ..n... m"''"^" ' ■ '^'"^ 
,U,„,„.,. i, ,.,„f,..-,.. ,„1., :.U.,n,:.l, I (.,>m.. .•,..„.„ I- amvc 
^, ,!,.• iKlorvti.n, nu,:,l i cilo wcnild lli.u.k uu- lu. |,,u li.uUu i-ni'4 • 
'.:nc.- ,u.iu,unl.M, .s t w.l! hoi-c tlu;,n K. Lc, ih- duet nrcum.Um,..-, 
orVirrur\ i.-uMikililc i:nrol.r,ni c.u.vr n.,|- ,iuUr ,j;n<.r,nU "t t,>.: „v 
,,„l ,.,,"->:., r,u;- T, MM about i„ ,.,,n ■ Inc.. Uolerabl. a. ounl , ol 
nhid. a,.. I., be louiu!, to, In.lanee, ,n Abb.' . AV.v/, cm eseu t ... 
lifthMf I.oid'incrv'. I,eue,-,fr(..n Ilah i - F eaunot ..-.eel lliein f- I.e 
^a.e,i, nu, de.imu. ot l,ecom)„j4 .<., .nail t!>e .lelails of tl>e .wenioiu. 
eunr-pondenee, and relations of ib.c Fron> tbe.e only n.ay Ik-, 
obtained a knowied.'e „l the liery and audaeiou. , , unscrui.ulon. 
-Hi- hue,., piofounel di.,MinuUitioi' an<l .-ini;u'ar feitdiiv ni re.cmico., 

ut Victor tl Ntreni- and painful vendibility, prolon.i^ed unmaturHy 

of power., earne-t -400! pnrpo^e and vacillating' will, of ( harles -tlie 
noble and ri^ht v,c,n>an^-n,anlin...s of h;- wif-and the iil-consK ered 
ra^eahty and sub.eMU.'iit beltu-advise.l reetitiidc of DOrniea. W hen 
I .IV therefore, that I eannol but belieNC ,ny statement (eoinb.n.n<; as 
i, ,i:,c. what ai)pea,> correct m Voltuuv ,ind plany.ble in Condorcel) 
„„„e true ,., per.,.u and thin- than any it has hitherto lK;en my fortune 

10 „ t with, no doubt my \soid will be taken, and my evidence .paied 

as 1 caddy. 



\'h;tor Amaokts, I'irsi Kin>; of Sardinia 
CiiARi.r.s Kmmami-,1,. his Son, I'lincc uf riediiiuut. 
I'dLYXKNA, Wife of ( harks. 
I)'( )I<MKA, Minister. 

Sckm:.— The Council Chamlier of Kivoli I'alace, near Turin, roninnmi- 
lUiint; with a Hall at the back, an .Apariinent to the left and anotiier to ih<" 
rii;Iit of the siacje. 

TiMi;, 1730-1. 

I If^ST YE.\R 1730. — KINC. 
\l( TOR 


Ciui. You think so ? Well, I do not. 

J\.,'. My beloved, 

All must clear \\\-> — we sliall be happy 

yet : 
This cannot last for ever . . . oh, 

may change 
T' -day, or any day ! 

('.';..!. -~- May clian|.;e ? .\h yes — 
M;i\ ciian!j;e I 

/'','. Endure it. then. 


Like lliis drags on. 

nrnv worse ; 
Mv father niay • • 

o doubt, a life 
nv better and 

lake tr 

From you ! — n;e, close by you as il 

there gloomed 
No D'Ornieas, no .Sebastians on our 

At Rivoli or Turin, still at hand. 
Arch-counsellor, [niine conticiant . . 

force me I 
C/ia. liecause I fell as sure, as I 

feel .sure 
We clasp hands now, of being happy 

Young was I, (]uite neglected, nf>r 

By the world's business that engrossed 

so mucii 
My Hither and my brother : if I peered 
From out my privacy, - amid the 


And bla 

>.tlomineered th< 

loviiii/ me 

lav take, too, D'Ortnea closer In love wi 

izei.i! nation- 
two ; 
,as war, peace - 
now — England, friend — 


ce our toe. 

th Spi 

-at fi 

eud Willi 


Austria !— Well- 

o co^|^^el nnn 

lay even cast off, I wondered — laughed a moment's 
j laugh for pride 

i> ; In the chivalrous couple — then let 
I drop 

Oi, nil. rolyxcn.i. my only friend, ; My curtain— '• I am out nf it." I said — 

That bad Sebastian ; but he 



ma) lint torce you imm me 


force nu 

, have told me. (harl 


(^■t^^i_ lolyxeni— \ liow could I laii grow di//y la ihcir 

When .-.;i.!dcnly,~-a v..inii Maicli(i;iy, pent 

.„^^,ij,,L; Dim |)al.iie-ro<jins al lust? .>ly 
hi-t -c.umih sun-liiiic.i , ili'-cnuac;ci" . niuilirr';. look _ 

,.l,il,| ! A.~ iIk\ ih.cuxsc'l Miy m;-i>;iH!u;.uu;(; - 

i-.i.ks in (IHi-hu-.l, wlnU: ib.c cntia-r, I (Slic ami my lallRLiind I MUini;hy,) 

Takcsntri,i.iMmiK!,;L>luM-cM.c.\vo.k, : I l.o.o : I knew k.nw hraxr a sun 

To catch ill..' inon' of ii and it nui^i ! ihcy nn.-cd ; 

|-,^U 1 I'hilip had L;aily i.a>-cd 

Heavily .>;i my lirMihiT . . . had yii f o"cr, 

,,.;;„ I While Chailcs was spdhng al them 

jiain fully 1 
I'liii Vii-ior was my father >[)iie ii( 

'Iiilip — the lii)ii-lealured 1 — not lik 

Pof. I kiu.w - . . ,., , , 

Cha. And Philip"- m.uiih y<'l ; " Duke \ ictor s entire hie ha.-, lieen, 

fast tn mine, \ ^ ^•^'''' , , .. , 

His dead rheek on mv check, his arm " Innumerahle ctlorts to one end ; 

.•,till rovmd ' '" -^ii''- '"^ '^^ 1"""''- ""^'' "' "''^'^ ^ ^ 

My neck, tlicy hade me rise, ■ for 1 ^ succc>^. ^ 

' wa- "neir ' "Om' Ducal turning toaKmi;ly crown, 

To the i Mk.'." ihey s.iid. " the ^ .'.it ' " When.'^s lime to he reminded "tis hi. 

hand ol !he l^Juke ; ■' \ '-i'il'l , , , ,■ , 

Till Ihen he uas mv fnher, n.->t the "lle.-puin-? And so I suhered . . . 

Duke ! ■ I yfl >^^-"'-c^ suffered, 

So lei me fmidi . . . the whole I Since I had you at length . 

'intricate j ''',/. _ To serve ill place 

World's- hu dm -.- Iheir dead boy was ; (.)f monarch, minister and mistress. 

horii to. I Charles. 

Muslcoiuiuer. -ay. the hrilliant thing ; C-'ia. lUii, once that crownohtain. a, 

In; ^^-is ' I then was't not like 

I, of a siidden, must he: my fault>, ^ ( )ur lot would alter? - "When he rests. 

my follie>. l^i'-^'^ hx^:Mh , , , ,- 

— .\11 hitter truths were told me. all ••("dances ar.wnd, and .sees w hr) s leli 

at (jnce '" '"'"'^' , , , , 

To end the sooner. What 1 simply - Now that my mothers dead, sees 1 

<;.y]^.,l am lelt-- 

Their .'.verlookin- me, had been con- ' •■ D it i..:t_ like he'll love me at the 

temp! : '''-^l ? ' ^ r • ,i 

Iluwsiundd the 1 lake em['loylnm-rlf. Well: Savoy turns Sardinia — the 

forsooth, Duke's kmg ! 

With such a,i one while loidly i'hiiip , Could I- precisely then-could you 

I ode ''■ expect 

l;y him 'heir Turin through? J'.ut he i His lia.r.diness to redouble? These 

was panishe'. " j few monihs 

And must pu; up wi'h- me ! " | Have been . . . liave been . . 1 oly 

sad eiiou'di i -^cna. d.. yi: 

To learn myVuiure portion and .suS- ; .\.nd C,,.d conduct me, or I lose my- 

niii ' ' self! 

And then the wear and wor.v, blame ' What would he have ? What is'l ihey 

nil iilame 1 "vvani v.i.:; me .- 

— For,spring-M.m.< iiim wiih this mistress and tins 

^;mells about, minister. 


— Vou see me and you hear him ; judge 
us both ! 

I'roiiouiicewhallshould d'sT'oIyxcna I 
/'cl. Enduic, endure, liclnvcii ' S:iy 
)'()U ni>i 

Thill he's ynur 1 ailur :' AllV ,,.> inci- 

To novel sway ! Ik'sidc, our Hfe nui>i 
changL : 

' H you'll an]uire his kingcraft, or he'll 

Harshness n sorry way of tcaehing it. 

I liear this— not that there's so much 
lo hear — 
Cha. Your liear it ? don't I know- 
that you, tho' bound 

To silence for my sake, are perishing 

riecemeal beside me ? and how other- 
wise ? 

— Whjii every creephole from the 
hi''jous Court 

Is ; !. t ; the Minister to dog me, 
here — 

I'he Mistress posted to entrnp you, 
there ! 

And thus shall we grow old in such a 

Not careless, — never estranged, -but 
old : to alter 

Our life, there is so much to alter ! 
/''/. Come -^ 

K it agreed that we forego com])laints 

l.vcu at Turin, yet comi-ilain we here 

Ai Kivoli ? 'Twere wiser you an- 

• • ir {presence to t! • King. What's 
now a- foot, 

t wonder? — Not that anv more's to 

1 iiun '.•\ery day's embarrassment — but 

I "r me, why train so fast succeeded 

' ':i the high-road, each gayer still 
than each ; 

' II'. i iced your Archbishop's pursui- 

1 !ie sable cloak and silver cross ; 
such pomp 

liiidf'S . , Vllnt n,.\<- r'tn.-loc > ( 'o .^ 


)'o)i conceive? 

Xut I. 

f'oL A matter of sijnie moment - 
Cita. riK-rc's our life ! 

Whicli «if the group of loiterers that 

I I'lin llielime-,ivenue,(ii\iiies that i 
Abonl to tigtire jircsently, be thinks, 
III lace oi all assembled -am the 

Who knows precisely least ak'O'" ii ? 
/'"/• _ . u^h ! 

D'Drmea's contrivance ! 

Cha. _ Ay— h..w 

Should the young Prince serve for ihe 

old King's foil ? 
-So that the simplest courtier may 

remark , 
'Twere idle raising parties for a I'rince 
Cojitent lo linger D'Ormea's laughing- 
stock ! " 
Something, 'tis like, about that weary 

\I\nnli}r^ to faf-cis he has laid 
do:iii, aud -^vhirh roi.V\i;.\.\ 
- -Not that I comprehend three words. 

of course. 
After all last night's study. 

Z''^'''- The faint 

he.irt ! 
Why, as we rode ;iik1 you rehearsed 

just now 
lis substance . . . (that's the folded 

speech I mean. 
Concerning the Reduction of the 

Fiefs'. . .) 
— What would )ou have? — I fancied 

while you spoke. 
Some tones were just your father's. 
C^i'i- Tlatteryl 

/IV. I fancied so : — and here lurks, 

sure eninigh, 
My note upon the Spanish Claims ! 

Voii'\e ma.stered 
The lief- speech thoroughly — this 

other, mind, 
Is an opinion you deliver, — stay. 
I-iest read it slowly over once to me ; 
Read- there's bare time; vou read ii 

Sirmly— l-ud 
— Rather loud — looking in his face, 

— doti'i iink 



Cha. Deliver llie King's message, 

Mirquis 1 
D'V. \AHde.\ Ah - 

Ai yuu : '■ S,.> f-r lii, fate? \A!o>,d.\ A 

V„a'h;^c ■!'■.. on, say. n,.r>hall,n^ i H..n..c ym .cc your fa.h.r -ju.t one 

I wor'i 

vuiir troops ,11 

' - ' ■• ■' -'- ( Jl counsel ! 

Cha. <Jli. >'""■ counsel cci- 


Vour eye once- ay, thus ! " 11 Spain 

claims . . ."' begin 
- hisl a-, yoii look at me ! 
■< -ha. 

Oh, truly, 
1 have I . 
your trooi- . 
Dismissing louncils- or, ihrougli 

doors ajar. 
Head sunk on hand, devoured t>y 

slow chagrins 

I'olvxena, the Maniuis counsels us ! 
-ThirrSr;:. . ..... „., an ; Xvi^lr? He hrief. •— :^.,^^^^ 

?^;nCtS^l^hi.! ""if ;" I A. ri^^a- 1 . preceded me. mo. 

lu t^ssISt hrow, noug'.. could ; in kn:;;:;ledge ? So ! (Tis in h.s eye. 

Sav;':i5-trhkrs::hastian-s sh.n,e- \ U. :^ he know, it and his heart's 

, ■*,• I on llanie 

Or, wi^s^ "the dipt grey hair and Already!) V,.u surunse why you, 

Del Horgo, S[)ava, fifty nuhles moie. 
Arc sunnuoned thus? 

dead white face. 
And dwindling eye as if it ached 
with guile. 

Which D'Orniea wear,-, .. . i 

I As he kisses her, enter J, -om the used K. know 

KiNc/s afaytmait D'Ormka. ^' — ' '""'■ ""^ "' 
... I said he would divert 
My kisses from your brow ! 

D\). lAside.\ Here 1 .So Knig 
Victor , 

Si)oke truth for once : a.,d who s , 

At any time, the plea.sure of the King, 
ISefore hib minister ? -I'olyxcna, 
Stay here till I conclude my task— I 

feel , , , 

Vour presence -(smile not)— thro the 
walls, and take 
ordained, hut I, 1 Fresh heart. The King's withm that 

To make that memorable? Both m chamber. 


1)'0 [/'iissim; ihf table whereon 

A, „;; ;i;iu,»i : w... i..,. .,».„ .^_^^. ^/j, """"•::^;l •' 

1-1 I ,/',/! Whalshs what all- the mmisti.r.'' 

visit for? -n i 

suppose you fear him, else. ; »jut since 

IVouJ.] The Marquis bearsthe King s j not me ^^^^ ^ 

/>Yr n-'^i' lS:tly :-If I : i' [.- «..] Surely you will 

Wel^'* Ur:f S r^lmLment | -dS?: Th,.e .inger. crumpling 

Men'rf I promise punishment | ( '^;ri)eJ:itail ,o the very fingers' 
would come. ' ^-'^'''^ • 


D' (J. [ IV/io Mas ap/'-toai-hed tht-iii, 
conliiiufs to hold. \ 
My project tor the Kiefs ! As I sup- 
posed ! 
>ir, I must ^;ive you lij,'lit upon those 

- I(jr this is niine, and that I s[)ied 

of Spain. 
Mine too ! 
Ch.i. Release nie ! Do you 

i^loze on nie 
Who bear in the world's face (that i^, 

the world 
\ ou've made for nie at Turin) your 
contempt ? 
Vour measures ?— When was any 
hateful task 
\"t D'Ormea's imposition ? Leave 

my robe ! 
W'w.W post can I bestow, what grant 

concede ? ! 

I 'r do you take me for the Kinc ? | 
, "O. ]5o! . ! I 

N'lt yet for King,— not for, as yet, 

thank (lod, 
f)::e, whoin . . . shall I say a year 

a month ? 
Ay :— shall be wretcheder than eVr 

was slave ( 

III his Sardinia, -- Europe's spectacle. : 
And the world's bye-word : What? 

The I'rince aggrieved 
That I've excluded him our counsels ^ 
I lere • 

{Toiiihini^ thi- paper in CllARi.Ks's 
Accept a method of extorting gold \ 
Ii'iiii Sir oy's nobles, who niiist wring ' 

its worth 
111 silver first from tillers of the soil, 
^^ hose hinds again have to contribute 

bi make up the amount — there's 

couivsel, sir ! 
My coun cl, one year old ; and the 

fruit, this — 
Savoy's become a mass of misery 
And wrath, which one man has to 

meet — the Kmg : 
^ ou're not the King ! Another 
counsel, sir I 


Spain entertains a project (here it 

Which, gue.-sed, makes Austria ofler 
that same King 

Thus much to baffle S|)ain ; he \,xq. 
niises ; 

Then comes Spain, breathless lest she 
be forestalled. 

Her offer follows; and he promises . . . 
CV;./.— I'romises, sir. when he be- 
fore agreed 

i'o Austria's olfer ? 

'^ ^''' That's a counsel. 

Prince I 
Hut past our foresight. Spain and 

Austria (choosing 
To make their ouairel u[) between 

\N ithoul tlie intervention of a friend) 
Produce b ,th treaties, and both pro- 
mises . . . 
! Clui. II,m? 

j D'O. I'rince, a counsel !-- And 

I the fruit of that ? 

Poth parties covenant afresh, to 
I fall 

■ Together on their friend, blot out his 
Abolish him fiom Kurope. So take 
I note, 

: Here's Austria and here's Spain to 
light agaiiist, 

And what sustains the King but Savoy 

A miserable people mad with wrongs ? 
X'oii're not the King ! 

(^ha. Pohxcna, you said 

All would Icar up— .a'll does clear up 

to me : 

D'O. Clears up? 'Tis no .such 

thing to envy, then ? 

Vou see the King's stale in its length 

and breadth ? 
Vou blame me, now, for keeping you 

From counsels and the fruit of 

coimscls ? — Wail 
Till I've explained this mornings 
business ' 
Cha. \Asid'.\ No- 

Stoop to mv father, yes,— to D'Ormea, 
no : 


-The Kin-'s s.ii, ml to the Kini^'s ! C^a. U >\s ? yu fnil to calch 

cuM-llor ! I rheir clever pi i-i .■" I i ii^^rd it— .mt 

I will do soiiiethi'i^,-"lnit ill IlmsI cdvild you ? 

f(-.j,,ji, 'I'hr-c h^l two months of r.ire to m- 

The credit of mv dtod ! [.h'oii,/] cuk.ite 

Th.n, D'Onnc;-., this ; How dull I am,--uilh I) Ormcii's 

|)roMc:il visit 
To that, hciny dull, I ini-ht he 

Wrre 1 a kiiii;— as \vi--tchcd a". n'>\v 

Vou n iw c\iiii;-i^iy Collie lo ti.ll 

n'o. This 

To toll ! N'i'U aj)[irchen(l mr? 

C7i<i. I'orfectly. i dull — 

Aiul further, n't iimfa.youhave shown \'ou rc>-o'.;iii.>c i:i it no windiin:; u\) 

your-,c'lf, Ofa lonj^ i)Iol? 

Vorthc first ' ue these many weeks /W. ^\ hv should there l-e 

and monih>, a plot? 

Disposed to do mv hi'ldins;? ; C/ia. Tiic crown's secure now; I 

/)•". ' FroMi the heart! should shame the crow i; ■ 

C/ia. Acquaint my father, lirst, I An old complaint ; the point is, h.w 
wait his pleasure : to •j;ain 

Next . . . or, I'll tell you at a tiller . My place for one 111 m \ ictor >, 

time. j cyrs, _ 

Aaiuaint the l\ing ! 1 His mi^ire^s', the Sel.astian s child. 

D' (I [A </</<:] If I "scape Victor i /W. In truth ? 

y^.t ! j C/iii. They dare not (piite dethrone 

Kirst. to iirevenl this stroke at me -if , Sardinia's I'rince : 

mil, _ I Hut they may descanl on my dulne--^ 

Then, to avent;e it I \ /I' CilA.] 1 till 

Gracious sir, I yo. [OVf. They stint,' me into even I'raymi.; 

C/ia. God, I forbore ! Which more , theni 

offends -that man | I'or leave to hi.le my head, resign my 

Or that man's master? Is it come to state, 

tliis? And end the coil. Not see now? In 

Have they supposed (the sharpest a word, 

insult yet) They'd have me tender them myself 

I needed e'en his intervention ? , my rights 

Xo ! ' As one incapaiiU- : - some cause for 

No— dull am I, conceded, — Imt so , that, 

dull, .Since I delayed thus loni; to see thtir 

Scarcely ! Their step decides me. 

drift : 

(.yia. Vou would be free from 

How decides? I shall apprise the King he may re- 


D'Ormea's eye and hers ? ' Mv ris^hls this moment. 

—Could lly the court with me and live ! '/'■/■ _ Pause — I dare not think 

content? So ill of Victor. 

So— this it is for which the knights', C/ia. Think no ill of lum ' 

assemble ! i Pol. —Nor think him, then, so 

The whispers and the closeting of i shall')W as to suffer 

late, j His purpose he divined thus easily- 
nc :..r.aL;e:;c:>.> a::i; :ii=u;e::--- ui ^ .iiia ) r , — j-.-u^-,.- ■•■■ -:. 

old, I line ; 

—For this ! j There's a gn ' heritaL^; at stake ; new 

/'of. What mean vou - ' days 


Seemed to aw.iit this newest of the 

Of Eiiro(x-:-(:iiarles, you must with- 
stand ihis ! 

^.'-'^"'; Ah! 

^ou dare i..>t ih-n rrnouiice the 

si-iendid court 

lor (Mie wliom ;iil the world dosnises"-' 

S[)eak ! ' ■ ■ 

/'(•'/. ^ty i;eiille hush;m(l, speak [ 

will, and truth. 

Were I his as you l.elie\e, and I once 

\our duty lay in so renouncint^ rule, 
I >-ouI,l . . . could ? Oh, wiiat happ'i- 

liess it Were — ■ 
T'l live, my Charles, anil die alone 
with you ! 
C'//rt. Ij^rieve I asked )ou. To the ' 
Presence, then I | 

D'Orniea acquaints the Kini^r by this, ' 
no douht. ' ' ' ' 

Me fears lam to<j simple for mere 

And that no less will serve than 

\ ictor's mouth 
leaching me in full council what I 


I h.ive not breathed, I think, these 

many years ! 
/'.'/. Why— it maybe !— if lie de- 
sires to wed 
I hat woman and legitimate her 
child - 
''■//.I. ^'ou see as much? Oh, lei 
liis will have way ! 
\ lu'll not repent confidinc; in me 

love ? 
I here's many a brighter spot in Pied- 
mont, far, 
Tiian Rivoli. I'll seek him— or, 

^ ou hear first how I mean to speak 
my mind ? 
Loudly and firmly both, this time, 
be sure I 
I yet may see your Rhine-land— who 

can tell ? 
I'nce away, ever then awav ! I 
/V)/. And I loo breathe ! 
C/ia. Come, my Poiyxena ! 


p.AKT ir. 

/?>//fr KiNC. \ iCTOK, hrariti^^ the 

rcxa/ui oil a lusi'iioii froui /its 
apailmeiil. If,- nt//s loudly. 

D'OriiKM :— for [);itien':e fails me, 

treading thus 
Among the trains ih.u I have laid,— 

my knights, 
Safe in the' hall here— in that ante- 
My son,- and D'Ormea, where? ()| 
this, one touch — 

{[.ayhii; il loit flu- rrowtt. 
Ihis fireball to these mule, black, cold 

ir.iins — then ; 
Outbreak enough I 
[Coi,trmplati>i,i^^il.] To l,„e all, after 

all ! 
I his - glancing o'er my house for ages 

— shaped. 
Brave meteor, like the Crown of 

Cyprus now — 
Jerusalem, .Spain, England - -very 
: The braver,— and when I have 
I clutched a prize 

■ My ancestry died wan with watchin<' 
I . ''^''' '"" 

: To lose it 1— by a slip— a fault— a trick 
l.earni to advantage once, and not un- 
When past the use, — 'just this once 

^ more" .1 thought) 
•■ Cse it with Spain and Austria 

And tht'ii away with trick!"— An 

I d have repaired thrice over, any time 
These lifiy years, must happen now ! 

I here's ])eace 
.A.t length : and I, to make the most 

of peace, 
\ entured my project on our people 

As 11o»>#tlni-r n^f fVtAtv 1..^!^. ...U.*-!. 
Ij ,!ie,, ,::.f^! r, iJleil 

Europe knows. 
And means, cold-blooded, to dispose 




( s,.,„ f„.„, |,l,>,.:I.Min« "f «a.l If ,...l a ,|..i..s •"«■''"" »""l< »''""cl 

■'■"•■;;;;,V,S":- " "-" "'" m.. .:-' - ■■>- "«--"'■" -■■■'• 

I dt all was left • But sh,- <-.ui take, 1 wliirh ally 

„,.^'-'^"T' ,r . 1.1 i^^';v''"Aha! 

This crown, lu-rscll coiuc.IlmI ... . ', , .. 

'I'll it"s to irv I - tnilti 

Kind Furupc : Mvrarccr-s not closJ.l I Wason your lipa minute since Allies? 
iMiia i.uroiH , : i-vylirokenfaiihwithNcnico. lloUaua, 

as vet 1 Til 

This l".y was ever sul.ject to my 1 Kn-lan<!. 

""•^ ...\ i \s who knows if not you? 


His prime of paraMte- ? — Vet I delay ! 
D'Druie.i ; [As D'OkmI'.A w/cr., tlie_ 
A',' in' S'''f' 'liif/sc/f. 

Maniuis ijwas 
\t Mondovi -- a )ittle lawyer •. 

h:iii: SL-als 'iiinsi'i.r. 1 clerk . . .) 

Mvson thel'.incc-attcmlshe? P'O. . .. Therefore your sot>l , 
.,.'7 ' ' Sire I ally 1 -who l,rout;hl >ou throui;!, 

lle.l.K.s attend. The crown prepared ! ', ''''"'' ^\'^^Jl^^J;''^' "'" ''"'"• "' '""" 

Iha, vim'l^rlist in your resolve. ' Wh.^'l.nply e,-hoed you in these 

/-.-,' Who's come? attairs— 

The ci.ancellor ai>d the chamnerlain ^ | On wlunu you cannot, therefore, visU 

/rll^'Thif whole Annun/iata.- Ih ' At^ailJlMU f-rtune -whon, you'll trust 

Y , , to tniide 

N-ou"lorlune; had not lotlered worse ' ^'-^ j^^^f ^' '"^ '">' "'"'> '" ''''^' 

/ y ''Dei' Bfir^o' has drawn up the \ \ ^^^ ahout to nofce, had you 

My :l:'s"!::.V"l";:ilent : n„ly, ' Weve^d^..-, that since that ,rea, 

Of tlle'lea"^ Munder. or we look hut ^ \Vi,l!£!^ncine my D'Ormea's satchel 

hirst^'you rea.l tlu. Annulment of the And' D'oVmea's self suftlciently re- 

DelS'i^^ll-v^ • • • no, the Prince; lie missed a Mj,ht,-my naval arma- 

in'll <;i<ri • ' ment 

Then let iCl l'.or.o read t'ae In.tru- j When I burnt Toulon. How the sk,.t 

, .n wS: I etner.- ! l^P^^Y ^^^"'' '"'" "'" ' """ '' 

n-O. Sire, this may be truth ; ; '^'«''> . . , ,,.. „^„„^ „,ve 

\'ou, sire, may do us you aiieci — in.,y •- > cr.i;;;:, li e\r,. . -— 


Vour engine, me, to pieces: try at 

bursts — 

And hell-deep in the horrible p 




lUiries itself ihc t,Mlliot :->liall ilu> | 

skiff I l-.iiti-i C"nARl.K>. 

I'hinktocsr.ii.c the scaM.Iacklroujjh T.,. {Chan^iui; hi^ lcnf.\ Are y.m 

^ >nti"-;>'' I instructed?' Do 

Xj.ply this : y.m luive been my I My Mtdrr, twint hv [joint ! Alxnit it 

mini>.tcr | sir ! 

-Next me -ahnve me, |H..sil,Iy ; _ | //O. Vo.i so despise ll.e? yAud,^ 
,, ^■i^ll"'^l. . One last stay remains- 

■ luj,'e care, ahiin.lanl la.'l. ..f peace d i 'Ihe hoy's discretiuu there. 

mind ; 

\M)o would (k-ideralc the i-mi- 

[ 'Jo C'llAKl.KS. 
For your sake, I'rince, 
I l)Ie:ided — wholly in your interest — 

\ou{;ive your soul to j;el it— \,,uM To >ave yuu froni''this''fate I 

,. yik'iv.' ■ I , ha. (../-/,/,,] Must i heluld 

^ -ur soul to keep It, as I mean voi, ! The I'rince was supplicated for— by 

shall, ! i,j„, 1 ^ 

My DOnuoa! What if the wave : / Vr. | /L, D'O. ] Apprise Del 15,, rgo, 

eoi„d_withme? i Spava, and the u-.|. 

Whereas it cants )ou to another's Our son attends them; then return. 
, ^^'-■'- : D'O. One word. 

I :.>ss you t,) my son; rule out your Ch.i. \Aiuie.'] X moment's pause 

,,.''',■• and they would drive me hence, 

■ > V. All, y..u so nuirh desiuse nu' I do believe ! 

^.f'''^"'' ''n>. U^'d'--'] I.ct but the boy bo 

^. ' '.'• N'"U, D'Ormea? firm ! 

NM\Mse : and Ml inform you why. A \ Vic. Vou divibey? 

,, '-^'."''^' . . ' I Cha.{To\)'().\ Vou do not dis- 

>lust in Jus tune have many mini- j oljey 

, .^'.'•■'■^' I Me, D'Ormc.i? J )iil you promise that 

Mi<l 1 vc been rash eiu.ui,'h to i)art | or no ? 

with mine JYO. Sir. I am yours— what would 

\\ 1. rn I th .uijht proper. Of the tribe, you? \'ours am I ' 

""f ""« i ( 'ha. When I have said what I shall 

' . . Or wait, did f'iane/ze? . . . ah, • say, 'tis like 

just the same !) , \-,,ur fne will ne'er attain disf^-ust me. 

N >l one of them, ere his remor.stranrc (io! 

reached : Through you. as tlirough a breast of 

'■ le length of yours, but bas assure<l ; glass, I see. 

uie {commonly, \ And 'for your conduct, from my youth 

-■aii.ling much as you stand, — or i till now, 

nearer, say, : Take my contempt ! ^"ou miglit have 

t e door to make his e\it on hi> : spared mc much. 

^i'''7"|') \ secured me somewhat, norso harmed 

'1 -liould repent of what I did : now, yuurself— 

,,. l>''>""<'-i, ' Th.u's over nov 'Jo-ne'er to com,- 

ILL- candid— you ap|)idaohed it when' again! 

,, ^ '''"'e you /•>'<:>. As son, the fall, fr— father as, 

I "c;)are the schechiles ! l!ut you, the son ! 

stonocd in I imp I : M.. ...:■.- I \r,. ,..:._ i .-,- 

—Vou have not so assured me : how 

should I 
Despise yuu. then ? 

/ 'u. \_Si.-ated.\ And yoU; what meant 
you. pray, 
By .speaking thus to D'Ormea? 


* ^.^^ ^ ].,.( us n..t \Uxy have tl.u i«.wci uf l-vin^:. all ami 

Weary oursclvc. wi-h UUrnK..; •;;;;;;,,^. . j ^nul.t ^ 

'lllfl^O few words 1 ntii 

Haveb-df u..-tn.-.i what I came i- ^^ ;;;;;;: ^;';;;, .^u s-.u i.., au .i.y 

Ills jt!c-;cnrov.M--- very smiK , '^.;;"';i.,, ,,.,^,n, ih,. ehau, and 

,W. One ealle.1 to manage Wm^;- , I ''' ,, n. a, ( harY. I 

a,.,ns Charles heart , ^^^^ ^ ^^^^_ ^, ^^^,^.^.^,, ^hen, 

To hear up w\-Wr worse aun.,yai> '-■•"• 

' 1 i..i> Ml 'I'll \liU. , , 

Than DOimca seems i.. mc, ai ^ . ^ ^ ,^ ^ DOrnua has lol<l 

Hckeep, .f>etolliel..Mnl . IhenI" ^ ^,j,j„^.,„ ,„1 j,,u : u'u" all's sai.l. 
[.-/WrLastniuht.SireJ.rout;hl..u. ^^J-utake ^^^^.^^^^ ^^^ ^^^ ^^^.^^.^^ 

certain papers— llu-e - i,, v.,iul 

To be reported on. your way ol ,,^. /.^^ 'for h.sumce ? 

late. , , -, ■• , _ -Ih, ;;n(l ever (li<l 

K it last night's result that you de- ^^^^'^.^ ^ -,;>, he .ne,h,..iv.u pursue 

,-,;"'^V,rt;od'ssakc. whathasni^h. Iha. k"cvc> . ..^^^ ^^_ _ ,^ , ^ ^^ ^^^^ 
l.'ou^ht f,...h ? I'ronouacc ^ '- ■^^.^.,,,, 

''"'^,;-^^"^''^s-;e:t^arlld-;:ri — ^'-" 

Ouile worthy of your sneers, ... ^ .^S'^'bOrnua plies Ins trade 

douht i-afew betimes! 

Lame thov.ghts. regard f-r >ou .il ^ ^^^ ^ _ ^^^.^^^ ^^_^. ,.,.^,^,^ j,, ,„„. 

could wrni;4, . ' ., ■r,,„ic"'' 

Ume as they ar.. Irom l.ran.s, hke (^Aa. '"^^^^^ _;,, ^,,^^, ,,,,„„,.:r. 

mine, believe : ,, Vou resign 

\ ■ 'ii< v;ire 1 am sn.ired both toil and (-/i.i. 

.\s lis, sire, 1 am >i , .^.^^^ crown to nie i* 

sneer. i jy. Aivl time enougli. 

There are.he papers. ' ('harles sure? 

,r\ «;'/ ^v,„„> h». ..<„..■ A ;^^™^;> ';:;;;; „•;;:;;: j^,rs 

^rrealUiin,',s..r course Unt 

Bui ; . . oh. my t..!her, had you love.l ^}^\-^ j ,,,il speak : yo.i ever 

/^"boveir );•"? [--''"^f^J^'l 1 l,oIrU^-^h.;ve insulted me, bonic 
D'Ormea played me false, I I '"'i^ 'i' 

HwTwio-, Charles, a kings Now ^^.u ^insult yourself and I rc- 
M.y'U'S:*^- r,i::cC::ice, your pan ^1.^1 beheved yon, whal you really 
nurinonarchvisabs^luteslnow ! A..dJ^nnot Wr it. Whal 1 My hfe 

In Europe, -r my troubles tinuwn y^^^j^;= '„;,/ ^,,_ lormented as you 
awav ■• 

a«ii\ • , . 1 

I love, my mode, that subjects each 

and all 

know, — 
Your whole sagacilies, one ailet one, 


\i lc,,uic hi..., Ml 1.1 lilav nn n.o- to | ' IvM-rc vain t., h.-iK.- L. iluip^c ihi- 

pruvr .no ■ ■ : I c-.iii cn.l 11. 

A In',!, I ih,.u:h!,aiul I Milm.iia.l : N'.l that I rwsc fru.n Ivii ;; >..ui-, 

,i,,^^. wlifii sunk 

\-,,u,l ,„,,\.- . wliat Nvi.uld yoii Int.. ..hhcuriiy. I'll die- L.r yini. 

' I'.ut II. t iinnuy you with luy (.it-'-nc ■ 

I lii^ lo nic .- —Sire, 

1 lurdlyki-.ow>..u! ; Fiucudl I Tuvu.!!! 

Ch^i. Know UK / ( )'ii, iiMltiil i /w...'. r I)'f >''^tr\. 

[fi\ \ ',id',.\ lla.surL- 1il\c1i.iiil,c'1 

Means not io fall tlic cunning 

|,r'A .■ nil' 

\',,u do nor ! Wait till I loniplaiu 

nc\t tin-.c 
I )f my ^iniplii'ity ! - loi In i' ■* ii sa'^i' 
Knows the woild W' II i- not to !.. 

deceived - 

Vnd'hU^iricnro, aiul lii - Ma..Ui- 1 hon, \ ino,. I shall >^t e^rai.e you, 

;Y,-. \Sua'aen/v /-'ifinK ''" ^^'''''■'** 

upon I'u- 'i.,:u/ of*. HAKIKS.] 

1 )'( >rnn.a, your King '■ 
[ /;. liiAKi \s.\ My >on, oli<-y 
nic ! I harks, 
\out falhir, (:Karer-^i';hted than your- 
self. , , . 

Decides it must he so. 1-aith, thu 
looixs real ! 
.nt .>o, no r , My re^i^""^ nlter-reaM.n upon reax.n 

.„,. now-he polilh:- iuslouud the ! .\fter-!mt now, ol>ey n,e ! 1 rust m 

n.alently in the antechand.or . . . | ^'y ^'J| i>'"' ^^^^''^ Saulinia, you save 

Ihe varietvvl..di>poscd this prceiou.j Why the buy swoons! {To D'O.] 
trap [ l\^iiili,v^ A' the rnKcn i < ">"'■ 'his side ! 

His U'drmeas, teach hnn -what ?- 

tlial F, this while, 
I lave eiivii'd hiin his irowu ! lie h.i • 

not sn'.ileil. 
1 ^\arrant, — ha-^ not ealen, drunk, iior 

slept, . 

1 or I was pk.iu.ii; wiih my I'linces^ 

yonder I 
Who knows what we niii;ht do. or 

might no! do ? 

That wa'i to take ine—ask them it 

they think 
IheT own sons envy them their post;- '. 

— Know nie ! 

Come this side ! 
/rO. \.li tiDiisfiom him 

to Vl KiK.l 

Vou persist ? 
/'/,-. Ve> -I conceive the gesture's 

/■/,-. Hut you know me, it seeni-- 
,io learn in hricl 

This as.-.endily is coi 



lie almost seems to hale you— how is 

V pleasure. 


I'ha. Tell me, that wfunan put 

that ? 
"e re-assu 

in your 


red, mv Charles ! Is"t over 

Iheii, Martuiis, tell t!:e new Kir 

ere not sole contriver of th<. 

what remains 


A nionienl s wor 

k. Del 

\!v fither ! 

IJorgiJ reads 

( / 


)W observe me. sir 


Here. I sav, 

I jc-i The Act <if Alidication out, y. 

siL'n It, 

,oni — on 

lese p 

)ints. never. 

Then I si^'n ; after that, come 


to nie. 

! he Knii'hts assemble to see me c 

And you accept, Sardinia's en 



,n- D'O. Sire, for the last time, pause . 
("/,-. ii\e iniliii". 5 l(;rj;cr 

; I am your sovereign. Marquis, Hesi- 


Ami 111 V) lurii tli'»i- niiiiul. . l<. j /./,/, r 1 i'Okmi.A. 

■••""■ ■■"'"^ir,'To;::;,"ru... ' '■ "" ^::^^:"--^«-"«; 

l^, CnA,;,.,. »...•-„„. [.■..KM.A iK,. ........... 1- ^^^ 

to /•le.i-.U /tun. '' • , ,, ,• •,„,i ,,( 

/v!. A novel feature ... .l.c In.y, A,.l^lK.als^a M""'^ -•'^•■'' "-^'■'' 
lust'£''l learcl be ss.uUc.l n.M. T- l' ml"'.;^' l^wk. an,l leave v- 

T,n;;=^^^^^^ -''- 

U a,.^;:v.y ,n.nK.e : wuh U., < ■•-;,;'-|-:-V^:;;;'r.Sr So":: 

•'•'-'-;-•, l.''-^' '■"'" '■ ' ''^■^"' V. >^S, wl,ere .he Ireneh 1... 
,ne 'lpe::kV;., Spain.) "' .-r ever : y^u = an,! Uuke ^ ^^^^ ^^^^ ^.^^^^ ^_ 

(lrc;inie(l el Ini- i u-- i . 

•• \\,u j-how inc ; ihi^ I ironi my mhiI ■ Km-, ale ^,,..rr-,i Su- 

()f >avov. liedini'iil. M'lntlerrai, .1.11- 

regret , | " / 

.. But if n,y tathe. it, l-.-l not , ^^t ,,^ ,,t,le pla. es ( ount -- ^ 

"^^' , . , ,1 ' ;-/,- Proceed! 

.. l,i,h,.„ou. hnn-who ,avc n,e all. | / .-.^ ^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^^ ^^^ ^.,^,,^ ^^,,„ 

'•I'lHMi the Trince." Then come the you smce ; 

nobles trooping, : 
" I tjiieve at these exactions — I had 

"This hand olTcre impose them ; 1ml 

shall I 
" Undo my father's deed? "'-—And they 


Most pr'.'niRate to me, who outrai^efl 

And Man to serve yoii, and am mack- 
pay crimes 

I was Imt privy lo, l-y P^-ssi"? 'l'""- 

To your imbecile sou— who, well yu 

-IM^^ he was no party, after Mus-. (when the people here, an.l 
<l ! nations there. 

.. Givi the I'rince time ! - - \ ^-l-'---^ ^->'-' "'^^ '-i-l<^li-l'-"'' 

\v five tis time— Inu time ! 1 shpt , , , 

<Jnly,henu;sM,.',whenthedarkday|r-rom Km, to-C ount of any httle 

, . I place) , . 

K.fc":"r;,ie„*>„„»,„.U„„u,,,cL-S„^c,,dc^..K., .n k-t, .„1„„ U, 

l»s-"^^' . 1 .,- u:, .„,o. ;„ forilic moment . . • 

No ehaiies at each cross luiin-r.trca.- , luiji.n ;■•■.. •>•. ••■ • How? 

To t'ike^'hi''crown .fiain. Guard Trvist'in him ? (merely a prime-minister 
aiainsMhatr i This D'Ormea !) How trust in hnn ? 



Ill lii> loai 

lli>. Ir)Vc, — I'lii |)i;iy (li.covi'r lurynur Nly nwii tciiiii 

rcMiii, In --iiii' 

\\\).i\. ymi ;iie vscikcNi. innlin^; in 

/'('. riial\ liiilf jirrvciilcd iinvs 
Twill ii'' Imim lilt you'll lliui ; 
wiiMilr'':% Liuiini 

ItliUI llj|. 

My t)'()riii(M, II. .t a ^lin-wdtr scluiiif 'ii cKilr. i ,,is.r<flit vn: 'I he Alp^ 

•'ilk-iiiill- to watcli ■ Mill s a^kinj; V ij^i 

laiicc - 
i li>iiiuK<i|H II fi'Tllif sla^;— )<iiir hawk 

liravf ilays that the 1 mi.i, of tli. 

ymir rciiurlury ? \\,n know ol,i 

iin, cliolrru', inconstaiil, rasli- 




laikiMs who little tl)oiit;lit the Kiiij; 

so close; 

I i-lioitous, now, werc't not. to|irovokc 

I'ot-leaii for^'Ll, one iiiimile ..lUTwanl, 


Italy's [an 

/ /, . ■ 
Won't tell me that I --1 


o, I lie l.iwyer s cleil 

lis Solemn act- to eii 

1 tl 

If noiile-. 




Kill reiient 


III! le.i\e to iivk il \oii repent ? 

jjivc me 



leiic er. 

jiray them t^ive a^am the very ' Siifticieiu time's ela|ii 

I ic has abjurid '. —for 


-whal ? 

eance on vou 

\ eng 

siicli ai 
t oiin' Ten 

Only, till, 

you sa\ , 

the dear su 

No, D'Ormea 

( ouiit iiiivthi 

anie that did the thiny^ 

And, amoii^ otlier thins^s you say m 



for i! at, you 

v.'.v/i in. Id, 

/''O. Dc 




/■/<■. |. •//?(•/■ </ i.'i^/it /,tii e.] . . . 
I've kept them wailiiij;? \'es 
Come in — complete the AlHhc.ilion, 

■J A. 

rj i^O out. 

/\H/ir I'dl.VXIlNA. 

Poi'. A shout ? The syco]>hants ari 


free of Claries 

iiir finest fibre, mcaiKst muscle,— Oh, is not this like Italy ? No fr 

< )f his or my ilistenitxrtd fancv . th 


I used, and now, since you will lia\e 

it so, 
I rave to your fate -mere lumber m 

the niidsi, 
\ 'HI and vour \vork-)— Why. what on 

earth beside 
\rcyou made lor, you Sort of ministers? ' Ofason's rij;lit. ( >ur duty's [)a]pable. 

liut just an ordinaiy fact I iJeside, 

ilere they've set forms for such pro- 
ceedings— "v let or 

Im|irisoned hisow n mother — he should 
know , 

If any, how a son's to be dejirivcd 

/)'('. —Not left, thouL'h, t 
fate I \'our witless 

» e er was m 

y hi 

d lor the wi 

irc wit than to load himself ; And the unworthy subjects— be it 

with lumber : 
1 le foils you that way, and I follow y< 

Come you safe out of them, my 
Charles ! Our life 

-protect till (iruws not the broad and dazzlin;; life. 
I dreamed 
!'>'(>. Ay, be tossed to the [)eopIe I Might ])rove your lot— for strength 

'ii'. Stay w ith inv son 
weake, side 


e a rag, 





,_.!. .. i,:„i. 


Ml .lishing the record of your part 
In all this [jcrfrdy ! 

unt-immeled once, 

Had little shamed your vaunted an 
ceslry — 


Simplicity and uUlt Uulh!uln->-j /.,/'"v' w ^luo : ua. n-I this VicU.r, 

,;.,in.-u,.n-chin,,..„„n.„.. ^--^ I -^v;; >i;::v:!:! ' 

Chu-lcs , An.l t!:o Uukc spcir 

Uefiot? -thennhlc i.,it;ire'. Ilc-ii" ''■■ 

Like Iho Ilalians : 'li:- atltniuui M)ih. | ^ 

CiIAKi.r.s ,;.•/,/■■..■ :/V,.v/i</. 
Oil, wli.-rc's ilie Kiii'^'s !i'-ir?^ ('..iin-: 

Whvie's S.iv,.v? '(;..i;o: Sarlini i 

(loue !— I'.u' ( I'.irl > 
Is k'fl! And Nsli.'i, i.'.y Rhr.ic-Ui:.^! 

'iDWors arrive, 
If he lo.)kc(l ahnii.-.l h.iu'lMimo yc-Vcv ^ 

\s his ^rcv fvcs sernu'i widcnint; n;'. ■ 


iiu-.- ihcn. ju^i loui-anil-iiliy years i 
l',, l,e~-\slial? 
Ch.i. Kiiii;. 

/V/. Then why ur.kmg liimsci! 

( ',•:• 7. Thu-c years are cause enou-l 
. j /;,;_ 'I'he only caus- : 

I ": !. Soi.i'- ir \v [>Lrii!e\;".i -. 
y>,/^ Whirh you can solve. 

Ahh..uL;h lie ? 

I •/,,_' lie assures me s". 

/;/. And ihi- he means shall last ^ 

luiw Inni; ? 

1 Imw lonL' .' 

1 1 1 ^'^'•'- . r 

" . ,.. .1 1^,.. „;r I i.inl- vo'i I the periN I eonfront . 
U..U,.. 1 , nnn. :heuhovv ... ^ ; -f" V;.;.N ^^^^^ J,.,^^ ^,,^ j,^^,,,,,, 

lare^v'.'l,, vou -.iniH.e.l ami whiled ' faee— 

ninlherrv-tM-e^ , • '■ I ^ 1 .,., 

Kound eaeh to eaeii by kii-y ropes <4 ' /<'■• 

\ ; i u 
Now I'll leach you m) 

r. .p^lk'^dtn now, Charles? | My father, could I U--'' >- ^>"- 

's7,'.\ -■///,■ c;v'«v^l What islhis? ' you gamed, 

'vtwer mc-^vlu. has done this' Transmit as I reee.ved a,-all g 1 

iU : Would I surrender I 

y^,,' Ah, it oiiens tlie" 

hen he".- chan'^eil— gro\M 
khul, die King ? 
ly lanuuage-rn, . Where Can the trap l-e :>) ^ 

^ ~ " tV.w?. Heart and Mad I pledge , 

, ,so,.,, wor-t, u.a-t Heloreyou-all yondreaded Kamerly^ 
You are rejoiced to 1 a kmg, nn 

.Xii'^wer ! 
I am King now. 
/I-'. o\ 

oi all ! 
IMl „u- ^-what. Vietov? I (o ha ^ made 

you King? . 

\Vli:a\ he then? What - to loUow 
this? Von. Kin.g ■ 
(•/• I. ! 1 ivc 1 done wrong ? ^ c- 

for vou were n.'t by I 
/Ij/. 'ieil me' front ilrs! to last 
'.'.rightens hefore me; lie is movei 

--The dark form that eelipse<l it, ia 



lush ---a new world 

';::[i^:'s:^^. :;»/»;. ; t., sl^ ..»-•, ,„„.. 


C7/..'. So much to dare? 1 l" 
iKit.'i • much to dread ? 
The he!' o Til adventure tlio' ahme 
Iriumpii or die. there's \ietor still t- 

Who dies or tilumphs- eitiier way. 

aione ! 
r,}/. Once I had found my share m 
triumph, Charles, 
Or death. , 

C/ia. Hut you are I : But you I 

all , 

vows 1 

r:M He/ 

KiN'c; virroR Axn king 


A moiiieiU sinci . I wiUdc-crxc ilu: 

CI nun ! 
/v. Vou will, l.lsnfc'.] No dotiM 

it Were a ploiicus thiiv^' 
i or any pL-upu-, it a laMrt like lii> 
Jsuledover it. I would I the trap 1 

Hiiit^r Vn; roR. 

Tis he iiiUht show iiit. 

/'/,-. So the ni 1. i.iii- M" 

An old man's fo.ilish lo : nt la t ! 

.Spare llianks — 
1 know yoii, and I'olyxena ■ :...o\v. 
I iere's Charles — I am Ins ';i,^>l ;iou 

dues he bid nie 
I'e seated? And my lii;ia-haireil, 

blue-eyed child 
Nhist nit fort;et ll'.e old ni.m t;u 

At Chanilieiy, who do/es while >!ie 

/!'/. Most i;ralel'ul shall we now he, 

talkiui^r le;ist 
I if t^ratitude — iiuieed of anytliini; 
i'hat hinders what yourself niu-t have 

to s.iv 
To Charles. 

( 7ia. Pray spiak. .-ne ! 

I'll-. '1-aith, not uuu'h to >ay - 

' <n\y what shows itself, once in the 

' ''' sight. Vou are n(.AV the King: 

you'll comprehend 
Mjch you may oft have wondered at 

— the shifts, 
i ':>>inudation, wilinev^ I showed. 
i ir what's our po.,t ? Here's .Savoy 

and here's i'iedniont. 
Here's Montferrat- a breadth here, a 

space there^ — 
'1 > o'er-r>weep all these, what's one 

weapon worth ? 
1 'fien think of liow they foug'nt in 

( ireece 
• Ir Rome, which was it ? Vou're the 

scholar, Charles !) 
^ ou made a front-thrust ? IJut if }<)ur 

shield, loo, 
'Vere not adroitly planted — some 

shrewd knave 
Reached you behind ; and, him foiled, 

straight if thong 

And liandle of lh.''t .--hield \\ire not 

ca--t loose, 
.\r.d you enabled to outstrip the wiiid. 
h'resh foes assailed you, either side; 

'scape these, 
And reach your ]ilace oi refuj^e — e'en 
then, oilds 
I If lhega;e(.)i)enccl l{nlessbreath cnou-h 
i Was left in you to make its lord a 
< 'ii, " ou will sei' I 
! < 'hi. No : strai;.;ht on shall I ^o, 
i I'lr.Ji heljjing ; win with it or die 

with it. 
I /'.■. M'ailh, Charles, you're not 
I made; l'!urope's iiL;luini;-ni.ii\ I 

lis bariier-L^uarder, if you please. 

Vou hold. 
Not lake consolidate, with envious 

This side, with .\nstrians that, lhc>c 

I held — ay, and will hold . . . which 
' vou shall hold 

\ Desjiiie the couple! lUii I've surcl)' 
. earned 

lOxemption Irom these weary politics. 
— The ])rivilege to prattle with ;ny si.n 
.\nd daughter here, iho' Europe wait> 
the while. 
I /'oL Nay, Sire, -at Chambery, awa\ 
i for ever. 

I .Xs soon you 11 be, 'tis a fare\sell wc 
; 1 id \ou ! 

! Tuin these few fleeting moments to 
I ace lunt ! 

! 'Tis just as thoui-h il were a death. 
i ]'ii. ' Indeed! 

i Pol. [Aside.] Is th.e trap there ? 
i Cha. Ay, call this |>artir'g— death ! 
The sacreder your memory become^. 
If I mi^rule Sardinia, how bring b;;- : 
; My father? IS'o — that thought shal! 
I ever urge me. 

I l'i(-. I do not mean . . . 
I J'oL I ll'iio nati/ifsXvx OK nanvu/y 
this •chile. \ 

\'our does not mean 
That you are rulini; for your father'.-) 

sake : 
It is your [jeople must concern you 





■ I 


Instead of liiai. V.m meant ihi-, 

SiiL'? (III.' dnips 
My hand I) 

C7;./. Thai roojilt; is now ]iart of me. 

/V,-. Ab>,ut Uic People ! I took 

certain measv.tes 

VU. (iieiimes, indeed.) Xolnow, 
Charles. Vou ic<iuire 
A lios' of papers un il — 

!j' '. {Co'iiin^jorivai-d.'] liereUiey 

■ /;> CiiA.] I was the minister and 

So„>e short^time.,.e . . . Oh. Tn. I ., .--Jl^t;;!;;^ ,,.,,,,, tie, hin, 

Hut ;::»:; t:ures-.heseanect^ I served; on y.-u I have, to say eVn 
■n,e nobles-w.-ve resmned souk- less ^ ^^^^ ^^^^^^^^ ^,^ 

■ rants. iinposL-d ■^'' ^'-o'"- 
A tax or two; prepare yourself; m iupc: vv>,n uu 

, , 1 . J J tender \ ■ .ti niv otuie. 

l.-„r ?!'v.u s on thai srore : nu.rk \ Vic [Jlasn/y.j Keep hin,, Charle. ! 

1 „r ('.a.noii.s on inai Th-re's reason for it— many reasons: 
me : you yieM 

V,> \.i\ nf whit's en' runted vou 1 1 )'■'' ,. 

NojotolwnaisL, . ^,^^_^^, l)istru,l him. n-r are so wront; 

V- • n. i lhere,-hut , „, 

S Mv lather, .i,en I took .he ^ He's mixed up ut this matter-hell 

■ . ' i de.iire 

., . °' , ■ 1 > -,v- in vrireh ' To ruil VOU, for orca -ions knovvn to 

\l!!iou"h mv eve miL;lil sua> m searen i ' , "^ ; 

," ' ' I me : 

"'>'""'^' , , •. ;■..,! Do n ,t accei't •.ho-e reasons— have 

I lu'ard il, understood it, promised I 'o n ,i acee l 
, , lum Slav I 

T-ii f. „„ tin- /;,/. i^ >/,'/••. I I lis minister thrust on 
What you retpiire. Inl from tin., /...i-i- i 

eminence '; c}!^ Tjo \)\)km\..\.] Sir, believe. 

„, moves me, here I keep, nor shall ^^^;^^^JJ^,^ ,J, ^o not need 

.,,, ^'''™ f,„vrl.dits F.'en this commendin-: wdialsoe er 

Ihemeaiesto nn ':^^- , ^,„,, „,i^la be 

-^irri£': 'nn . lio, : l?,^vd..: ^ \ My feelings toward you as a private 

•r,..,,::v t^ s^^ls of rei,nin,-let to- ' The>';:;ml me in the vast and unlried 

,, '","■'■'"'.,, ;, . , i„ ,r. Of action. Though I shall, mysell, 

Be ready with iis Imt. rs. j ^^^^y.xw 

J-ji.'o- 1 )'( MOIKA. I In your oNs n hearing; I en|.;aged to do) 

■riiere's beside '' i 'reside o'er my Saniinia, yet your hcli. 

— .». u, „■» ,.»r..... , ■-— ^u-;:;;;;"/'-"-""-- 

instant, ^lre .'' . , I s;;^ , ' 

That Spani^hckuni, perchance? And. | ^-"1^^^^:^^^,^,,,,, . . . 

now y"U speak, i ''^ ' .' ' i^j,t 

-This mornint;, my opinion was. I n^^ ^ ^^ 

Whi^rW-lil- I -as bashful in ' At i;:i^^thc clead in my good 
' . ■■ (laughters pluar^c, 


To one. I neVr am like U., in j Before the^ Uvin, ! Help to house 
M,/r,;;it is formed upon that j Ere ^ou and D'Om.ea set the world 
'Siianish claim. ' ^-^'"P^ ' 

"•""'■"^" —"Til 



/Icro IS a pnprr--\\iil yciu uvriluok 
What I prci"'Mj rc!^(.■rvi^<; for in\- 

needs ? 
I !jet as far from \ u as pfissiblc. 
There's what I rer .;i my expenditure. 
C/iiu [Keau'ini; ^. A miserable filiy 

thousand crowns I 
I'ir. < )h, (jiiite enout;h for coimtry 
).;entleineii I 
liesides the eM'heijiU'r liap.i eiis . . . 

but find out 
All that, yourself! 

C/nr. [.SV/// r<\uiini;.] "Count 

Tende'" — wlint means this? 
/',<". Me: you \\ere bus an infant 
when 1 burst 
1 lironj^h the delile of Tende upon 

]• ranee. 
1 1.iii only my allies kept true to lue ! 
\o matter. Tendc's. then, a nmiir 

I take 
iV^l as . . . 
/''('. — The ^[ar^hinness .Se- 

bastian takes 
i 'if name of Spii^no. 
' '■}(?. I low, sir ? 

ric. [To IVOrmk.x.] Fool : 

All that 
■A'is for my own detailint;. ' 7'o 
riiARi.Ks.'l That anon ! 
i-'ltJ. [ /'I'D'OkMlA.] I'.xplainwhat 

you have said, sir ! 
/>' O. I supix'se'i 

I !• niarri:i_i;e of the Kint; lo her 1 

i'lof. lundly kept a secret these few 

'A .is not to be one, now he's Count. 

Pof. [ . /.fA.v. ] With Us 

I lie minister — with him the mistress I 

<":,!. [yi? Victor.] No — 

T-il me you have not taken her- ihat 

'i' 1 live \\ ilh. ])ast recall ! 

C/;-. And where".-^ 

the crime . . . 
Po.'. (Tl' Chakles.) True, sir, tlii> 
is a matter recall, 
Vp.d iiast your coj^nizance. A day 

.\nd you had been compelled to note — now 

Why note it? The Kin^ saved his 
TIoi;>'.' Iroui sh.uiic : 
I What the Count does, is n<i concern 
1 <jf)ours. 

I t7.,.'.'[./y/-7-,.- /,.'.', ,.] 'll.eSpani>h 
i business, !)'( )rmea ! 

I I '/r. Why, my sou, 

■ I toiik s(;me ill-advised . . . one'^ 
i aye, in fact. 

Spoils everythiiiL; : thou;^li I was over- 
I .V youni;er brain, we'll trust, nun 

, Sardinia readily. To-niortow, D'Oi- 
: inea, 

I Inform the Kini; I 

' /''('. \ U'i/hcKt r,x,:/;i/'!;^' \'ki i n;, 
; aiiii' /t'lsuftuy.] stands the 

case with Spain : 
\\'Iien fust the Infant Carlos claimed 

his proper 
SuccessiontothethroneofTuscany . . . 
/'.''(■. I tell you. that stands over I 
I Let that res! 1 

Th' re is llie po!ic\- I 

(■/;■;/. \7o\y()KM\::..\ Thusmuchl 
Ar.ti more — too much : the remei!\? 
/y(\ Of course! 

\o i^limpse of one — 

/ '/.■. No remedy at all ' 

It makes the remedy itself — tinu- 
makes it. 
/I'O. ['/;> CltAKir.s.] Ikit if . . . 
1'/.. [S.'i'i >iio>r /las/iiv.'] In fine, I 
shall take care of that — 
And with another proje. t tliat I 
have . . . 
/y I '. [ runiiiii; 0)1 liiin?^ Clh, sinct' 
Count Tende means to take 
a vain 
Kiii!^ \'ictor's crown ! — 

/ ol. [ 7'hra7vii!<; herself ot Victor's 
y<v/.] E'en now rc-take it. Sire ! 
Oh, speak ! We ■axk: your subjects 

both, once more ! 
Say it — a word effects it .' ^'ou meant 

Nor do mean now, to take it— but 
you must I 
! 'Tis in you — in your nature — and the 

chirr*<i c 



Not half the shan.c 'uv.ul.J ,row to ' /V. Why should he no, ? ^^^^ ^^^^ 

.;^^^"-;r7'' '■ , I no't? Moiiv.->, seek 

Cua. I ulyxcna .^ ^^ _^^ ^^^ ^^^^^ _^_^^ , ^. ^^ ^..^^^^^^ ^^^.^^^.^^ .,,.,;,, ,,, 

Sa^i!'"!^fcM™-i".-^'l -h.uV 1 C,„d irpacvi;'. hiddin,- ^ ul U> . 

S.v you a"' 'ill K,n, Vic.v ! I'm '^-'1 • "- ''-'I'l'^ ''-'^ '"■^" 

/' , ■ 1 ; ,-i I Reailv I know not Imw I - 

The- Count 1.1 u-i! ''^P' l;v truthfulness 

. ■;,, Wuh such a crin>c I ■ O. Exactly : Hal shows I ha.l 

n...„otd,ar,edyou,Sire!^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^ ^^^, .„. ,...i,n 

turns I'loiii nu- 


r\Kr I. 

/.«AV (^UKKN I'OI.YXENA <?'.v/ 

D'Okmi-.a— .//in^u'. 

Also cxccd my means I > slay: but 

'Tisotlierwisc, and my pride s puiued. 

Count Teiule 
Con>pleles a full year's absence : 

would you, madani, 
Have the old monarch hack, his 

mistress hack, 
1 lis measures i ^ack ? I pray you, act 

My coun.^el, or ihey will he. 

PoL .^\''.^'','' 

//(^_ I.el s think. 

Pol. And now, sir, what have you llome-mauers .settled- Victor's c.m- 

lyo Count Tende . . . | Let fJreign matters selile-\ ictor s 

rol. Attum not I betrayed you ; yot, | ^^ .^^ j ,.n,, Uti, 

resolve , j ■• ""-'' ' 

On u'terin" this siranire intelli'^encL- way. 

Vav post yourself To litul n-.e ere I PoL [A'- adn,^thepaprrhet,-esntA 
jeacfi • ._..■- 

Tiie capital, because you know Kin;. 

Charles . 

Tarries a day or iwo a' Evian baths 

you and Victor ? 
\'ou seek aimoyances to give him pre- 

lames a (lav or luu ai i-vicni ./i^.. ■ ■-■■- 

Behind me :ibut take warning, -here | .-or^what you say you fear^. ^^^ , 

?;:^!j;::">5....^/. /^. -.-/--'• ' I go for nothin,. (.my show Kin, 
1 li-ten, if I listen— not your friend. Charles 

ICxplicitly the statement, if you siiU 
['erbist to urge it on me, must proceed 
I am not made for aught else 


Count Tende . . . 
Pot. I, who mistrust you. shall rx- 
quaint King Charles, 
Wtii) even more mistrusts you 

That thus Count Tende purposes re- 

And style me his inviter, if you please. 
Good : I Pd. Half of your tale is true ; most 
like, the Count 

Seeks to return : but why stay you 
with us? 

To aid in such emerj^encies. 


Does he so ? i U' 

Keep s-ife 


I'b.ose papers : or, to sor\i; mt-, It'uve ' Hut tlwi [■>nk ]>]mv hcii;, was no cry- 

!•■ i>r"of insr slianu- : 

1 thus liuve counselled- wlien the All niusi he done alirond. — iflaliroad 
Cotint returns, Appeased the justiy-anperi^d Towers, 

And the Kiiit; ah(lieates, "iwill --le.ui (lestroye<l 

nie little The scandal, took down Motor's 

l\) have thus cijunseiled. name at last 

/'''/• The Kin;^' alidicale Fr.iina iiad entinenee. I then might 

And le-l : .\o ninne.'nt \\as to lo>e. 

Vi). He's j;ood, « c i^new Ion/ 
since — wise, we di-i-.<\er — 
linn, let lishope:— iiul rdhavei;i 

to work 
'A'ith him awav. \\'ell ! 

[t;nAi:i,i-;^ :r///<?,v/. I In the Conn- Agree to 

'1 lie proud result — a 'J'real)'. Austria, 

cii t'haniher ! 

/)'o. All's lost : 

/'('/• ( )h, surely not 

King Charles : He's ehanr'ed- 

//(;. \^ls/\A:] I shall merely stipu- 
I'lir an experienced liea(l>man. 

' '■'■'!. Not a soul 

1 hat's not this year's care-lnirtheiu -1 U c iUiproniised : the hl-.4ted last's a 

Voice and step : blank : 

lis last year's step — the I'rincr's liven l)'(.irniea will escape un- 
voice ! (|Uestioned. .See ! 
/''O. I know ! It readied me from \'ienna ; I re- 

/•vvrCiiARLi-.s— D'Okmka vz'tirin^ .. ,,".'''""' , , i ,, , . ,■ 
,.,^, '^ : At hvian to despatch the Ci'iuit las 

news ; 

C/i(7. Now wish me j.>y, I'ulyxena ! ■ Tis gone to C'liamhery a week ago— 

^Vish it me An'! here am I : do I deserve to'teel 

1 he old \\a}- 1 [.S7/.-- fntonurs him. \our warm white arms an.iuid me ? 

There was too nui.h 

cause for that 1 
'.;t I have found myself again! 

What's new s 
\\ Ttnin ? Oh. if you hut felt the load 
! I free of- -free 1 I >aicl this j-ear 

WDuKl e!id 
' 'r ii, or me— hut I am free, thank 

(hjd ! 
/;■/. How, C:harles? 
Cha. \'c)u do not guess 

the day I found 
"Sardinia's hide his coil, at home, 

And l)ow my father was involved in 

i\ — 
I if course, I v(jwed to rest or smile no 

' iilil I freed his name from obloquy. 
U e did the peojjle right — 'twas mucl: 

to gain 
I'hat point, redress our nobles' griev, too — 

I)'0. \Co!)uir^for7vai-i:.\ lie knows 

that ? 
Cha. What, in Heaven's name. 

means this ? 

D'O. He knows that i.iatters 

.\re settled at N'ienna ? Not too late ! 

I'lainiy. unless y<M p"st llii- very horn 

Some man you trusi (■-av, me) to 

And take precautions I'll acijuaint 

yoti with, 
\"our fither wiil rcUirn here. 

t'/;<r. Is he crazed, 

ThisD'Omiea? Here? I'orwhat? 

.\s well return 
To take his crown ! 

JfO. He will return for that. 

L'ha. [Ti> Toi.vXKNA.J Vou have 

not listeneii to this man ? 
/W. He spoke 

About your safety— ami I listened. 

[j/c (iisciv^ai^es kimsell from hei 

^o4 KINT; victor and KINCl CHARLES 

Chi. f /;> I)'i)i;MK.\.j What I I If Lis seven servants, livo have I 

\pi)risc'l ynu .'f the Cnuin's iiitoii- MihutiiL-il. 

ti,,,,^p 1 i'iia. Vuu hate my father ? 

/)•() Me ? ■ /'"( '. < 'h, just as you will ! 

llis h-ari, Sire: yuii niayiv-t l.e u.e/l {Lookiit.:; al I'OLYXi-.NA. 

(,, ,.,.,„i , A iiiiniue sinv-e, I loved him— liate 

Such evi.l.;u-e, however; therefore him, now ! _ 

f,.jj What matters? If y'lU 11 jionder just 

1 /','///////.•• /o I 'oI.VM-.NA's A'/Vv- one thinj^ ; 

Mv evidence. ' Has he that Tieaty?-He is seltlliK 

\'..t. ['/:> I'di.VXKNA.] <.)h, worthy firwird 

ihis'ofvou! : Aheady. Are your t; here ? 

And of your >i.eech I nev. r have for- i C/i,j. Well for yon 

^„,t,en, ' I'l'^'y art-" ""' ' I ^'' ' "'■ ! """ * '^"'-'^^' 

Tho' I professed forj^'et fulness ; whicii ' of old, hut yu - 

li_i„„is ine 'I'" iK-'ar that ])ickthank, further his 

As if" I did not know how false it designs I [/oD'O. 

^^.^^ . C.uards?— were they here. Id bid 

A'hich ma<lc me lull unconsciou.dy ihem, for your trouble. 

,hvH,' Arre>t yu. 

That there miL'lit he no lea.t occasion />'< '. (luarcU you shall not want. 

left ■ IVncd ^ 

For aUL;hl of its prediction coiuint;; The servant ot your choice, not ot 

tfj,n ' I your need. 

\nd now', when liicre i. leit no least \'oU never greatly needed me til! now 

occasion .That yu discard me. This is my 

To insti;'ate my father to such <aiaie : arr<-.-^t. 

When i iiiiL^ht venture to fori^et (I : At;ain I tender you my charge— us 

hoped)" j ''•">■ , , 

That speech and reco.i^nise I', .lyxena ■ Won Ibid me press you 

I )h worthv, to revive, and tenfold' documents. 

' worse' IIere,Sire \\Offn-w,i^lns Ihi.v^e cfcffir,-. 

Thai p!,it;ue now ! DOrme.i at y.-ur , Cha. [ /rt/fvT; ;■•//.] The papersalso '. 

ear, 1iis slanders ! Do you think 

Still in your hand '. Silenl ? i I dare not read them ? 

Pol. As the wronged are. I /'■/. Read them, sir ? 

Cha. And D'Ormea, prav, smce ' Cha. They prove, 

when have you presumed j My father, still a month within thr 

To spy upon my father ? (I conceive; year 

What that wise paper show.s, and | Since he so solemnly consigned it me. 
p,j,ilv.) ' Means to resume his crown? They 

Since when ? sl^^iH Pf^^'e '^at, 

D'O The when, and where, and Or my best dunijeon . . . 

how, belMUu; i D'O. Kven say, Chambery . 

To me. 'Tis sad work, but I deal in i 'Tis vacant, I surmise, by this. 

such. ; Cha. Vou prove 

V(.u ofttimcs serve vour'^eif— I'd serve Vour words or pay their forfeit, .sir. 

vou here : ' i\o there ! 

Use makes me not so s([ueaniish. In I'olyxena, one chance to rend the 

a word, i veil , . , . 

Since tlie first hour he went to Cham- ' Tiiickening and blackening twixt us 
bery, ' two ! Do say. 


N'.iril see I lie falsfhocid of !(,.■ charLri-s 1 1 

provL-fl ! 
I'o say, at least, you wis), t„ sec ihem ^ lint 

t-'^ fiom liis Capital ! ( )|i. ^' 






e cliari^cs— my heart's lo\e of i 

otlicr 1 


I^ ItKilh 

thus It i.s 


; ihe aj:;e of crafty n 
youth contrives toe a 

/''/. Ah. Charles , 
C/',/. [y;, I)'Oi;mi;a.1 IVerede me, 
-ir I 

''''<^'*- And I'm at Ien<,'ih 

A martyr for the truiii : \o cikI. 

they say, 
I )f miracles. My ^..nscious inno- 
cence ! 
{A- they ^v ot,t, („tey—/>y tin- 
initial( door—at lo/iii') he paine^ 
—Victor.) \ 

/'/,-. Sure I heard voices? No'! 
Well, I do best 
i o make at once for this, the heart o' ' 

the place. 
The old room : Nothing changed !- - 

.'^o near my seat, 
i'TJrt^ea? {Pushi,,^- aivay the s;ool\ 
■rhuh IS hy the Kinc's chair.] 

I want that meeting over first 
I know not why. Tush', D'Orniea 

won't he slow 
To hearten me, -he supple knave ! I 
That hurst \ 

Pf spite so eased him ! He'll inform ! 
me ... 

u-i T,.-, What?! 

W hy come I hither ? All's in roueh— I 
let all ^ j 

Kom-ain rough ; there's full time to i 
draw hack— nay. | 

There's nought to draw hack from, as i 

yet ; whereas, 
If reason should he, to arrest a cc.urse ' 
,)f error— reason good, to interpose 
And save, as I have saved so many 

•''ur I louse, admonish my son's giddy 

Iv'lieve him of a weight that proves 

too much — 
V'lw is the time,— or now, or never. 

This kind of step is pitiful— not due 
1 o Charles, this stealing hack— hither, 


^simulation ; we 

may intersperse 
j Extenuating pi;»ssages of strength. 
Ardour, vivacity, and wit- may mm 
K en guile into a voluniary grace - - 
Hut one's old age, when di, ,, 

And leave guile the pure staple of .,ui 
lives — 

Ah, loathsome ! 

Nut so— or why pause I ? Turin 
Is mine to have, were I so minded 

The asking; .all ;he Army's mine-- 
. I've witncs.sed 

' Kach private tight beneath me; all 
the Court's 
Mine tiw ; and, best of all mv 

l>'Ormea's still 
His D'Ormea; no! There's some 

grace clinging yet. 
I fad I decided on this step, ere mid- 
I'd take the crown. 

^'" •' Just this step to rise 
Lxhausts me! Here am I arrived : 

the rest 
Must be done for me. Would I could 
sit here 
j And let things right them.selves, the 
I masque unniasque 

j —Of the King, crownless, grey hairs 
I and hot blood, — 

i The young X ng, crowned, but calm 
before ! ;s time, 
They say,— the eager woman with her 
taunts, — 

And the sad earnest wife who motions 

Away— ay, there she knelt to me ! 

E'en yet 
I can return and Heep at Chambery 
\ dream out. leather shake it off at 


King Victor ! Is't to Turin— yes, or 
no ? 

1.- -..T .-.triiiicrss noonaay-hi-lited 



L„WMiU. 1.1.-, l-t sUcn, :. ,l, nU,.lu.c.M,:un,l 
"'f^-'- , „,.. Thrn- lu.Hl Some' I'.ri-ht mu, I,. li.Av luc-n crowd 
X,. ii:,;!: i;!" 'yi:;. = nu.u. . ..- ,;,.. n-arUcpl-u-, .hor.. ..kos the 

doors wide 

^rhov, IvvoiMC-.U doois whirli scniu- 

iii-,c in • now) 

,, Id kill'; breath 
l.rc ui:h hi< crutch ht- .■.tnkc tlir 

iii-,c in • now I \v„l,. ,,o.- ' 

\„d out I went '.nil crovs.isof nirn , NN Ht. I'.-i,- ^^^^j,,^ ,, „,_„r.K)? 

-^-iin-n tallniv,:. 

Men watchin:;il u'V lip Icll or\s A'-^y/^v- C'iiAi;t i- r, //A /./.Vr.c. 

^,."^;;:.^.. ...--,- .-I ":;;Js:l1:1 ''■''■ """'" 

Oh. a iMttk- don.ii. liad 1 ^_^^, ' 'jf,,^.^-,,^ f,, ,.„frandii>ciuciU ! 
-.-llann'ri.' 1-nl,-. thn-e ct.iK- ^.^^^^^ J;;;;^^,^. „„ ,, .,,, ,,. that 
,luhe;i;,d'.i.uh.rl,y>l-f"-l-d- ^.^^^Huuks. 

In Sp-iin, in AuMria. l.c-i of ah, m 

France - , ,i 

Spur:vl on ii^ horns or v.n<L-rncaih 

i;. ! 'VI. 
Wnen t;. snciit mo 

To [Ml aJid^pa^h the prostrate wrcl. h ^^.,^_^;:;^^';j;;^5 ^vhy do you rttt. t 
Sole U,|h.^o^sto;..l up a,ainsi Fran.o | ^^^ ^;:-_;;^V!r'ymu lluhcr; 
Uy h.chS'bra^vd to pieces Hnally C/:a. [. /./.'>•] 

r,y stinv \•a■^^ uniniagn.ablc t;''-";^;^' 

|-,, keep alive ii-^ divinity >''cr >l-i^'c^ 
p,v nKMii> that suii their natures 1 

[/'f'c;;-///;'- ///<■"/ 1 riuis 
they :-hake 
Mv laiih in Victor ! 

"-'^■^ S"e> "I-n ; ,-.|;;^;;:',.^>,,3,-.|No,a.Kvian, 

\t1vin" hell of horse and toot and '^uns 

i )vJr .1^--. an 1 airs lost, for ever loM. 

There's no more \"icior \vhen llie 

world NNakes up! , . ,, 

Then silence, .as of a raw lutile-tieUk 

rhrou-hout the w..rld. Thea a.tter 

fas whole days 
After, voii catch at intervals faint noi^' 

Not hi> voice 
\Vhal"would I give for one imperioii- 

tone . , 

Of the old sort! Thais eoile for 

ever. .^, 

77,. ^1"^' 

1 ask once more ... . ^ 

Chd. No— i concede it, sir . 

Vuu are returned for . . . true, your 

n.,..yo. catch at in,en-alskuntno,-e : .^^2"^;^^: , ,,,..1. unkindly 
Thro- the stilf crn^t of frozen blood) - , 1 •"^' ^);;'.^" ^ 
there creej.s 

there creep.s . , , ; ,-„^^. f„ier lor your tnial 

A rumour forth, so famt. all, , ^ -u en 
Thata>tran^eoldt.,an,with(aceout- ^ J^-_^^ Moncai;lier-ay, that's 

worn for wounds ^ | , 

7s s'umblin- on from fronner town to close, 

IS >,.uni Min,, ^^^^ J concede it. 

town, 1,1- }•;■ I received advices 

Bejigins ^ipitlat>ce that may help hm,,^^^/|^.^ conclusion of the Spanisl, 

ii:. Tn'.;,-, oni : what scorn and lauizh- i niatter , ,, _ 

^ \'{x .u' i i->ali;o IioiVi .-.via:: •-v.-.;i= . • - 

ler loUoW 


Ami you 


Tu visit iiu" at I.viaii. satisfied 
The work I had to do would fully 

The little wit I li.tvc, and that your 

Would only disconcert me — 

Ta. Charles? 

tha. -Me— set 

I'cir ever in a foreii^n oair>e to your>, 
And ... 

Sir, this way of wile wen- 
good to catch, 
But I have not the sleit^iit of it. The 

truth ! 
Ihouj^h 1 sink under il ! What hrini;^ 
you lure ? 

I ga\e it i^rant, I uould lesuiiic il — 

well ? 

Cha. I should say simply- leavint; 

()\it the why 
And how — you uiaiJe nie swear to 

keep that crf)Wn : 
And as you tiien ir'eniled . . . 

/•/,. 1'''>"1 ! 

W hat way 
Could I intend (jr not intend? .\-- 

With a nian'> liiV, wh'.n I say "' 1 

I can intend up to a certain point, 
\o hir'.her. I intended to preserve 
The Crown of S..\oy ami Sardinia 

whole : 
.\nd if events .irise <ienionsiratinf^ 

/■/<■. Xot hope of this reception, j The way I took to keep it. rather s 

To lose it . . . 

Cha. Kti'p within your 

sphere and mine ! 
It is Cod's juoviiK e we Usurp imi. eKe. 
Here, blindfold thro' the nia/c of 

things we valk 
Hy a sli;^'ht thread of fake. true, ri-hi 

and wronp ; 
All else is ram! lini; and presump- 
tion. I 
Have sworn to keep this kingdom : 

there's my truth. 
Vir. Truth, boy, is here — within 

my breast : .in<l in 
Your recotjnition of it, truth is, too : 
And in the etiert of all this tortuous 

With falsehood, used to carry out the 

— In its success, this falsehood turns, 

Truth for the world ! hut you are 

right : these themes 
Are over-subtle. I should rather say 
In such a case, frankly, — il fails, niy 

scheme : 
I hoped to see you bring about, your- 
What I must bring about : I interpose 
On your behalf— with my son's good 

in sight — 
To hold what he is nearly letting go — 

from one whod vrarce assunc; al 

stranger n.ode 
< if sjjeech, did I return to brini'! 

>onie awfulest cakimiiy I 

(7/7. — \'ou mean, 

l;id vou reijuire your crown agai;. '. 

()h yes, 
I sliouid speak otherwise ! liut turn 

not that 
To jesting ! Sir, the truth I Vour 

health declines? 
Is aught deluieni in your equipage? 
Wisely you seek myself to make 

And foil tlie malice of the w<irld w hich 

Ai petty discontent' ; but I shall care 
1 hat not a soul knows f this visit. 
Speak ! 
lie. [.;,/(/<•.] Here i, the grateful, 
much-professing son 
\\ iio was to worship me, and for 

whose sake 
1 to waive my plans of public 

I'ood ! 
\Mo'ud.'\ Nay, Charles, if I did seek 

to take once more 
^ly crown, were so disposed to plague 

myself — 
What would be warrant for this 
bitterness ? 


KlSr. VK-rOK A\I) KI\(; CHARIJ'.S 

<"nl.rm l.i> ti.lo-a.i.l ., .war,, per- | l!y liu-n, : >... 
•i-i • ' ■ , loruk' . . . 

Ihcrcs Mnly. loi iiHl.iii.c.-ijraiUcd I /Vr. x^ , 

^-'i-.'-i^- M--i.... J ''''^:::;e£:,:ir^^'^^'''- >■''''•'■ 

(-//./. wurs.iki's ari! .>in- -ami th.ii, | sircnc'h 

yoUo.ul,l,„,t say, j ,,i,„, hari l!,„UL'hl i, vtv,-.. 

•■'vause^my nn.w.r u,.„l,l |„.,,|_^ Chanih.-ry ^ ' '^^ 

l-urlhwith • •> v, .. ) . '"" '"'"-''' "' ''"liiaiil Turin. Kivdi 

I "ruiwiui . a ).Mr has «r<Hi^'ht an here, 

TI,l<"M.''"?r'""^''"'. . i AndSiisa'an.l'i - 

Ilns_pe<^.K-sn.„ ,hc,u.„,,!e n,nv.y..n I'n.e.l lor ,hc pleasant placcs'hXi 

1 huilt 

('iiulfi lienelil ; is niy p,.licv 
\'<n\r policy. 

/'/;-. [IfWi „>.■ ,;i!h„rl.\ \ 'k,|,,vv 
II ! \'nil un.l.) 
.\11 I have (loue^Miy hfe of ! and 

care ! 
I left you this the ah.ohitesr nilc 
In l-an-ope— do you ijiink I v\ill sit 

U hen he was fi^rtunate and young 

' ?''• My i'.'tiuT ! 

/ /<■. Slay yet-an<i if he smA he 

(•■'wVX not die 

l)e|)rive<l of luuLles he had put aside, 

He (i.enied, fur ever- -o/ the Crown 

lliat hinds 
N'"in- hrain up, wliole, sound, and ini 

A,t.lseeyou>hrow ail power o,f,o,he : (Ve. .^[S'SJlines. -- the Sceptre, too. 

\Nhose mere svind, should you vvave 

it, hark would heat 
Iiivaders-and the golden Uall which 

As jf you ^'rasped the ,.al|)itating heart 
Inueed o' the realm, to mould as you 

may choose ! 
— If I niusi totter up and down the 

-My faiies huilt, where myself have 

And fostered laws and letters, sciences, 
The civil and the military arts- 
Stay, Charles- I see vou letting nu- 

To live my former self once more-- 

King \'ictor, 
The venturous yet politic— they style 

me ■ 

Again, the Father of the Prince- 
friends wink 

See my Sardinia, that has stood apart. 
Join in the mad and democratic whirl. 
Whereto I see all p:urope h,i~te full' 

tide ? ca,ts off her kings — France 

mimics lai^^l.ind — 
This realm i hoped was safe ! \"ei 

here I, 
\Vhen I can save it , not by f.rce alone, 
•ut hidding plagues, which follow 
sons like you. 
Fasten upon my di.sobedient . . 

{l\ecollfcti)ii^ himself.^ Surely 

I could .say this— if minded so— mv 

son ? 

Cha. Voii could not ! Bitterer 

curses tli.m your curse 

Have I long since denounced upon 

If I misused my power. In fear of 

. ( iood-hnmoiirndl-. ot 1 1. .. ,I„I.,-; .. 

I o^c.^ ,„. ,i,,e .neasures-will I So sedulously gi^ud'fVom'^rrough 
""^'- I truths ^ 

Ki\(; \I(:tor anii kixc; ciiAkM.s .500 

•IlKit else ^^,,ulll l.r,-al. „!>..,, i!,,. l|.,v.- j,,u fultllkMl y.iur ,,11,,-, • h„t 

i]nUuy '. \<ni -^ {,,f y,„,_ 

Whom now I see pr.v.nui.- iuvm,! The .Ad ( ,,unt mit^hl have drawn 

shaiiu' - suinc k-w livrcs 

I lull no!. p,,inl l,y cnu-l p. int, niv lo >wi'll his iri'-inc ! I lad \ 

'■''•■■- Lady, ini,>-' 


lor Is I nol HI vour ln-tast tny l.rou 

is liid : 
Is not \oiir IkukI lAlcndcd ? Sav 

yoii not ... 

/l>/:,r I )'(_)!, MI. A. l,;i,iiii^' ill 

/' /. \_Ad:\uiiiu,i; and rr////</';</,-.7//;' 
<'1IAKI,KS— A' \'l( loK.I 

Tlie inonii lit, a pcrnii -.ion had hern 

To liiiild a('ii--h my ruinous old pil,- — 
Hut ffnifinhfri'd pro[)ci:y tlicli-i 
' 'f ui-^c iirecaiilions f look when I 

.\>ari\ a- iiuicli away- lo reap tlio 

I dioiild l.avf looked ,,,r : 


111 lliis ronjuncturc, l-vch, he would I r/,,,_ 

.... ^'^- '~ . I '■'I" : <li-L,'radi- uic. 

'III'. Willi a;ciifd cyi- aiul ,>.. you remain voursrlf. Adi-u ' 

iiic siipphanl is i„y fath.-i-^ I must | Ioik''' il f<-r the lulure, n..r presume 

. ■''■'^^'-' , , . : •'^''"*' ''"'"-■ '" ^lik'ht sueli iioienl 

A ^'reat man from him>elt, iior see i ilors ' 

,,. 'l'"\"i>'t^ , Ila.! [ hrst moved th.^m l.oili ,o 

Mh well-cariud fame awav: theie inlerredc not follow ■ I ,„i.!u ),„;. i,,„, ,, dumher in 

Kum so utter, a lireak-down of worth Monca-lier 

>o absolute : no enemy shall learn, : ^-Who knows ? 
lie thrust liis child "iwixt dan^'cr and ,' ( ■;,,,. Adieu ' 

himself. \ I v ' \- , ; ■ I 

And, when that cluld somehow stood : this adieu 

danyer out. With tlie old spiril f 

^l"Ie l)ack wiih serpent wiles lo ruin C'ui. \dien ' 

, "-"'''"■'^■\ ''''■ ' Charle. 

liody, ihat's much,- and soul, that',- - Charles — 

more- and realm, j ( ■//„. \^l■^^^^ . 

I hat's most of all ! X,, ,neiny shall ^ [X'li TdK ^w...' 

, ^'''^}' ' ' ' I '''''• ^ oil were mislaken. .Marquis, 

/' ('. ]>.. you repent, sir .■' | as vou hear ! 

/ /_<. f A',.7.w/;/.^///w:,.-.7:i D'Ormea? ' 'Twas f^r another purpose the Count 
Ihisisweli: caiii... 

\\ nrlhily done, Kini,' Charles, eraflilv 1 he Count desires Monca.dier. (Jiv, 
, ..•'""^•' ' , theor.ier : 

.ludiciously you llu-.'. lo o'erhear ^ //(>. [/.,/s„>Y/y.] \ow minister has 
I lie little your imporluuale lather lost your eonfidence, 

,,. ''"■''-'- Asserting' late, f..r his own purix)se>, 

llniiself on yoii lo s;iy '. Ay, they'll Count Tende would . . . 

I he aimat.le hlind facility | still our minister ! 

1 OU Showeil jn •OWMr..r;i-..r 1 , 1 ,■ ..n^.l.X, 


suit : 

U can lie nee<l lo sue for ? iJravely, 


.\:i- ; ^: -. c a luosc loytiuf insUitiiig jOy— 

It irks me more thus stifled than ex 


:)<o KIX(. \'f(T()R AND KINC ClfAKiJcs 


ala, : I s(. 
I never .mi lo rii.' .i 

r!ii. ir',-, lu l.i(i,c, I I 

I viitiu- (.1 ih.a iii^i >,|)r,MU ki-ei) liitir 
'>t\ If 

,., ■ V . , ^l.•^rl.•^! 11,11,1,1 t tin t,, surely L.'t 1..M,.,. I 

-no jiLiisc ! 


/.rV/ /; 

' 'h I It c \ivii!niii :. 

riii^ ai iho l.i.i clkcts it : tiu.v, Kill' 

Or.-lM- Km;; \ i,i,,r iliai'>u ,■ : 

III i\V 

F'lr 1)1 iniuM 111,. atcli-cul|)n:, ciiIht 

(-)' iliL" si-.ile, ■ ili:it\ Mire cn..u^li. A 

(joint I.I MiK •, 

My iiia>lcrs-— iii,,rali,l, - whalc'tT's 

your siylo : 
Wh.M,,r,,v,-r«l,v I push nivscll 
Into :i |,ilf,ill youii |u-, sil.-ly l.y, 
lni|.,irl I,, III,, anion- the n'Vi ;' ' \,, 

iii.itl, r. 

''i""il't ."0 the ri-iilc,,u> ever «iili 
tlu'n- uil,. 

To us t!„. uiikc.J I,ss,.n them (his 

once ! 
l-'or .sale anions the ui.le.l .,re v n 

Ol'l I)-<)ni„.n. We h,„„.„t ]i,^.., 


Ami hi.iiiKJ u|, r,,r ||,,. hurnin^'. Ni,w 
(or it ! 

/.///<' Cll AKl,l,,,.-/„/I-,,| VM \A J.-//// 

J>0. |AV-.,..] .Sire, in il,,- ,luo <li •>;c ()( this my dth,.,- 
Ilii. Cnfiirced siinminns ,,f juirsiH' 

lioin Turin, 
And the "iisclosiire I aui !„„iihI I,, 

lo ni-hl, - there mtivi alr..,;,lv h,- I 

fe,l. •* ' 

■'^o mil, h ihai w.nmds 

V^'- " " Well, sir? 

/ ''• --'I'hai I. pfivluna-, 

May niter, also, wh.ii, another nine, 
^^oulduk iiiu,-li,-it may |)rovc Ics, 
irksome nou, 
Ch^t. What «,,uld y,,u niter? 
. {' '^^- Th.a J iroiii my soul 

'.neve at to-iii^;la's event: (,,r yon I 

(,'neve — 
1- en grieve for . . . 

Chit. "l-u..,!,, n,„,iher time foi 

talk ! 
My kini^doin i.s in imminent <lan"er ' 

.... l.el 

llic Loiinl eommimic.uo w,tli 1 r.mre 

its Kiiil;, 

His fjramlson; will have J-lenry"s .lid 

(or thi>, 

Vet ,,„,,r,er e'en the threes..ore years '"'c';^f' ' '^ "" ""l^; ^f „ , • 
and ten. !,..,. I irst lor the levies 

Xor stick t,,call tiu- ,|uarter romidlv 

■• life. 

D'Ormea was wi,ked. sav, some 
twenty years ; 

.Vi'''^^.^".'""■" "•'■'* ^'"'""^•'l ; iiftcrward. 
What il 11 ijrew, continued "rowini' 
till -"'' 

_ No fell,,w ,.fthe firest e,jualled it? 
Twas a shrill, tiien— a .shrnh it still 
must he : 

While forward saplniys, at the outset 

\\ hat forces can I muster iiresciilly ? 
[!)'< >KMi:.\ ,/,//,-'<vy/,:/,7-j 7,v'//,7; 
C.'iiakm;s ins/et/s.] 
Cha. (iood - veryt,'ood. .Montoriu 
. . . how is this? 
— i:.)uips me doahle the ol-l .;oinple- 

Of soldiers? 

J^'O. .Siuct; his la„,i has l)een 


l.'i-...,, .i,...i 1., : . , ., • , 

■ '"•■- ""i-"'">, '•■;!; ne uiaiiaiics; 

Hilt under the late monarch . . 

' ^'^'^- Tcace. I know. 

KIN'(; \ kkjr \xi) ki.\(. ( II Aki i: 

I ( 

una .Sp.iv.i h.i. 


'"'W IS t.i il 

iiij!li;<l I1UIUI..IU11- '[/,;( I, A. I Hat. 

lest- t ri > 

/>o. (■ 

'imt >p;iV.I IIKMt 

III. Ironps llllil-,flt. 

'ilifi:ini^'s|,,rii.lil il.r I 

1|)S |.| 


Im ).,iir !■ 
Kluliiihicr, — 

lilt vMiiii- yciti.lav 
•• CliifC. 
iiiaiic III lu If - 

ys hi 
L'ndir ilic S 

' WIki. 

klicl.ilhl.t lie'-,. ,1 all, h Im(mh1 

In ir 

L'l-C ? 

1 luit all 

'V<T<-i^;ii's laliier 

h u.iil. 

h'o. 1 

NCC'MMii^; a r.,fiLsaI,— > 

')■ 1 


li'Uir-, alii r. 

lilt calktiiii I)(l ji 

I I'o I'l.i ', \:i N.v 

< iiAki i;s 


Tj.;'' '" <li • 

I Tin- A. I ,,fA! 

//////,, to iiisp,,t tlh- faf; /.f.] 

■.on- Or 1 


t 'i,l. 

iK. ratlin 

1 : 111' rflUMiiL 

l.iLc' V 

A toil 

liters 1 


iiiy luaii I.I 

|Hi O'O. At iiiidrii-lit. 


it insiiiMJ '• 

Mint, a! Tiiiii 

f'llh IVMi (|i,ii( 

lie It 

I iotid 1,1 u-^tniiii ; I 

it--s iiu-ii aial liu-y laii imt (.tl'; Witt 

f r">iif 111 |ici-M,n lull 

If I II, ait.! 


«' .'o all : 
«illi the silent 

^1. i( idraint 

1 "lie aiiciidatii, 111 the S. 



'■irclt; rmiiid linn 

■^iich svN.iy. ( Hir Kin<''s I 

All. I ha.lf il 


Admit hini 

It-- ^;><v(.rn>.r, San Ueini 

L-ly th 

Kleins jirc- 


r a luriM 


I di 

ur |.i sill 

;g<-'-l, iiliinl, and srt 


tlltte \\( !<■ lallhlul. 

I InMl 

^ (juiic anoiiicr funct 


In time nf peac-c, the 
'i"iii;lit thfiii ix'ucc : 

ii.n. M 

III war, 


than fear. 
1 iiey liivo ymi. Sin I 
Vlui. \'lo AltendaiiK.] \\ 

Kt-'ijalia (. irlii. 
.'uit the rtioin. And nn'.\ , \\ 

en niav 


ril: • liif 


And r— 

Cha. .^!,,^! lailhlul — 

it) t.ikl II aie 


.■11 i! 

ytai ui 

uiiretjver, ff niy own . it, 

h tl 
'11 hf 



've lidL inUri 


\\\\\ 1 It- 
L'|i<)ii hi, i,,,.,l I,, Fran,-,. |,,, 

Cw/. ^_ 

N'"u d , \,,ur duty, n.nv, to me )Jur 


uiswer me — 


Why sh.iuld the Kiiu' of 1- 

vaiie inv rca 


ranee in- 

lully, I uai 

liUlt .^— 

nue, Iliai IS 

no. Why? Did r 

your .Majesty 

nut acquaiii 

ir .savmi' IkuI 


1 lit i,s di-"r,i 



ui hour a^'fi,.* 

I'O. 1 

lave my roundel. -and tl 





at tli.'ii r !,ear(! 

liviose to h-ar aL^uiu i A 

lUi'l'fh. Ml! 



Vcause, Sire, as \ >aid, I I- 



<'>oiii;lu \oa tf) em- 

nir tattler is re 


to iuive tl 

\e.sir.ii:it.s w; i. h had iiuveiiled a 

a pan 

\; any ri^k 
These f. ireii 

l-'or savinu this ? 

I, as I jiuJi'e, call 


nei . to aid hmi 

pang : 
Wvx now the liar^h.-r c 

lany must 


vonr r<Ti t 

pur, lied. 

These papers, for the emerf^encv, 

lyo. \Audi.\ Ay, just his father's ' Of th 




ttji:, is a 

merely- -men lo 


I i 

Tlii.s-,,f tl„. few ,,: ,i,e C'uiinl's vcrv 

\ ■)ii must, licwevcr leluctaiitly, arret ; 
While hero's a nictlicd of reiuunstranrc 

.V.)t stronger than the case demands' 

to take 
With tlie Count's self 

/o,. [ //• //,/M ' 1 1 A K l.i.s ,„.yAer/s them 

—to I)'(J|;mi;a ) 
^ inir measures are not over-harsh, sir : 

Will hardly he deterred from comin!' 

hither '^ 

Hy these. 

D'O. What 5,'uod of my pronosin- 
Witiiout a chance of their success' 

I', en ihe-e, 
Hear what lu.'ll say at my presenting. 
Uia. \U hohas,ig„edthe»i.-\ There' 
Aliout the warrants I You've my si.'- I 
nature. ^ 

What turns you pale ."^ I do my duty 

oy you • ! 

In acting boldly thus on your advice. I 
JJ O. {Rftidtiii^r them separate I v. Y 
Arrest the people I suspected ! 
merely ? 
Cka. Did )()u suspect them ' ' 

D'a Douhtless: Imt-lmt-Sire. 
lhisl-ur.ju,eristj,,vernor.,f Turin; 
And Kivarol and he liaveinthience over 
Half of the capital.-Kahella, too? 
Why, Sire— 

n^'i.' , , .^''' '«^'^- tl'^' ("ear to m... ! 

DO. {Still read hrr.-\ V,„, hid me 
Incarcerate the people on this list ? ! 
Sire — I 

Cha Why, you never hade an est I 
those men, { 

So close related to iny father too. I 

t'n trifling grounds? | 

lyp. Oh. as for that. SI. George, ' 
resident of Chaml.ery's senators 
Is hatching treason -luu — 
{Slill more trouhl-d.^ Sire, Count 
Is hrother to y.n.r father's wife! 

Arrest the wife herself? 

<^ ''"'•. ^'ou seem to think it 

•A venial crmie to pl„t mc. 
\< ell ? 
jyO. [ // 1,0 has read the last paper. \ 
Wherefore am I thus ruined? 
W hy not take 
My life at ,nce? This poor for. 

Is, let me say, uiiw orthv you ! Pre- 
vent it, 

^■'11, madam ! I have served you, am 

1-or all disgraces-only, let disgrace 

iie plain, be proper-proper for tlie 

l"o pass its judgment on 'twixt voii 

and nie ! 
Take back your warrant— I will none 
of it. 

Cha. Here is a man to talk of fickle- 
ness ! 
He Slakes his life upon my father's 
I lalsehcjod ; 

I I bid him — 

; Jyp Not }Gu ! Were he trebly 
I _ false, 

Vt)u do not bid me — 
j \'"^- I'^'t not written there? 

I thou^duso: give I'll set it right. 

ni , , ■ Is it there? 

Uti, yes— and I)lain— arrest him— now 
—drag here 

^■our father I And were all six times 
as plain, 

I>o you sup])ose I'd trust it? 

V ^^';'' . , . J "-St one word ! 

^ou bring him, taken in the act of 

• >r else your life is forfeit. 

r 1 ■ u- s . , ^>' '" Turin 

! I bring him? And to-morrow' 

i.,.,^^'"- , Here and now ! 

the whole thing is a lie— a hateful 

he — 

-Vs I believed and as iny father said. 
I Knew It from the hrst. but was com- 
To circumvent you; and the crafty 

IJ Ormea, 
That baffled Alberoni and tricked 

The miserable sower of such discord 


Twixt^sireand .on. .s in ,l,c toil, an A A.lcr ,ha. In.nsdf^-lnu, AuL^ 

LA; DOKMEA.] Now, Sir,ah„ul the 

Then out you ferret papers, his 

I" lonely hours of lassilu.le-exa.nine 
Ihe (iay-hy-ilay report of v,,„r paid 

creatures — 

And hack you come-all was not ri.x.-, 

you find, 
And. as you hope, may keep from 

npeninj,' ) ct — 
iUit you were in bare time ' Onlv, 

'twere best 
I never .saw my father-these old men 
Are potent in excuses— and, meantime 
I'Ormea's the man I cannot dj 
withoi t. 
/■<'/. Charles— 

C/ia. Ah, no (juestioii ! You're f.r 
D'Ormea too ! 
^ <'u"d have me cat and drink, and 

sleep, live, (He 
\\'itli this lie coil'd about me, chokint- 
me ! *' 

No, no— he's caught '. [7i? D'Or.mka.] 
\ou venture life, you say, 
pon my fathers perfidy ; and T I 

Have, on the whole, no right to dis- 
regard I 
llic chains of testimony you thus wind 

work . 

To save your king and country ! Take 
the warrant ! 
/^O. {Boldly lo I'KKl-cu.v] ^-ou 
h ar the -Sovereign's mandate. 

., '• '^ ■"■'"""i;' >uii uius wm( 

About me ; though I do— do from m\ 


iscredit them : still I must authorise 
1 liesc measures— and I will. Perugia' 
\Mauy Ofticers<>;//tr.] Count — 

Count iVrugia? 
Obey me ! As your diligence, expect 
Keward ! All follow to iMontcaglier ! 
< lia. [In^i;,; al aui;uish:\ I )(Jrniea ! 
,, ,. [I^Ormka nes. 

lie goes, lit up with that aiipallintr 
smile ! ' t fa 

VJ'oVo\.\\y.y\ after a pause. 
-\l least you understand all this? 

,-,r , ^ 'These means 

^t our defence— these measures of 

precaution ? 
Cha. It must be the best way. I 

should have else 
Withered beneath his scorn. 

^n!' -.,., ^^'''" ^V"i''fl yoii say .? 

L/w. ^^hy, you don't think I mean 
to keep the crown, 

J'ol. ^•olI then believe the storv 

Iii spue of all -That Victor's cominc? 
, 'r""- , , Believe it ? 

1 know that he is coming— feel the 

That has upheld me leave me at his 

coming ! mine, and now he takes his 
own a<'ain 

■■;■•■-' ^•"^"-•■■"^""'-. J «„ount— own a<'ain 

^ 'u anci Solar, with all the force you Some kindi^.f strength arewel, enou, 

to have ; *" 

I!ut who's to have that strength ? Let 

my crown go ! 
I meant to keep it— but I cannot— 

cannot I 

i.eck " "i -;■•■ -"^" f^-"- "''!••!; mc,— he tiie 

ra_ full hour; he undertakes t- See if he ;;;,uld not be the firs, to taunt 
•' me 

\ieat the Marquis' orders : wliat he 

'niplicitly perform .' Vou are to bring 
\ traitor here; the man that's likest one 
\i present, fronts me ; vou are at hi'^ 



Willi huyint,' Idt hi, kingdom at a ilic hL-.uiS crow,, lu the 

.... .'V . , foot's >,olc, false: 

\\ itn l.ttin,!^u ho conquered without The hest is, that I k:;.-w it in my heart 

\y,i^^""^'^~ , . '■'r"niihel)e;^innin^'. 'ndexpectcdthis, 

\vitn . . . I'.o— no -lis no worse than And hated, I'ohxena. be.-ause 

when li^' Icit !1, Vou saw thro' him.'thouirh I too saw 
1 veju t t.) bid hiin tak.> it, and, that thro' him, 

\y..-u'T' „ r T , , . ■''•'''' '''^^ ^'^ ""-'^"": 'I'is ^^hile he 

\\ e 11 liy aw.ay— lly-f„r I loathe thl^ ' crowned me, while 

Thi- I>T-"V- ,i.-i , , , I He prayed for me,— nay, while he 

IhisKivoli, all titles loathe, and state. kissed my hmw, 

Wed best j;o f . your cotmtry— unless ' I saw— 

<:.„}\'"l , \ ^'■''- Hut if your measures take 

^end I die now ! effect 

Pol. Charles, hear me ! { And D'Ormea's true to you? 

cK ,, ■ 1 o, —And again I Cha. Then worst of all I 

.Shall you be my I , .ly.xena-you'll take , I shall have loosed 1 hat callous wretch 
^ , ^Tx ■ '• "1 him ! 

Out of tins woe ! W-s, dospeak-and Well may the wom.m taunu him with 

keepspeakm-! ' his child -- 

1 would not lei you speak just n.;w, I, eatin- here his bread, clothed in 
.. If^''-^'' , his clothes, 

\oud coun^el me against him: but Seated upon his seat, give D'Ormea 

talk, nnu, : ^^^^.^ 

As we two used to talk in blessed To outrage him! We talk— per- 

iri """'',' „,_• . ' rhance they tear 

d me endure all h,s caprices ; takeme ; My faiher from hi. bed-the old hands 
rrom thi^ mad post above hnn ! , feel 

xJy'' , , ^ ^ ''i-'icve b'or one who is not, but who .should 

We are undone, but from a dihereni \ he there— 

A „ „"'!"'"'■• , , And he hnrls irormea: D'Ormea 

All vour resources, down to the least \ too. finds him ! 

.\r*. ^,"^!."'', rvo • . , .,., ~'^^^ cr.)wded chamber wiien the 

Are now at I) Ormea s beck. What lights go out- 

1 fo .', ; "!m ' ■■ . • , r , '^'°'''' f'""rs-the horrid sculile in the 

lie acts m c-nrert with y..ur father? d.irk— 

r„,l„ ,1^' , ,^, . ^"he accursed promptings of the 

Indeed were lo.t. Fins lonely! minute! Mv guards" 

\vu„,. |- , 1 1 . ,- , ' ' '""■''*- •^"•<' ■'''I'-"'', With me— and 

Wheie Imd a better place lor them? , prevent' 

rna.VIWingiherooni^ An.d why ! Pot. {Sdzu,^ hh h.n,d.^ King 
Does \,ctor come? To umlo all I Charles I Pause here upon th<t 

that s done! | strip of time ' 

Keslore the pasl -prevent the future ! i Allutled you out of eternitv ! 

ir;^ ^,''1'^' • , , '■''"wns are from Cod— iii his name 

Ills mistre-s ni your .seat, and place j vui h,,l,l v.nirs, 

'" """"-" ■ Vour life's no' least thing, were it fit 

. . Oh, my own people, whom will 
you find there 

T, -, ^ , , .ju<juiu ue ai 

lo ask ot. torons)ilf \M\tU t, ,,.....,, r-,« i , 

T..l,.,i.l ..'...;. 1- .'■"", '■■■',■'' '.'''-'■■': __ '^Ul now, 

your life 
Should be abjured along with rule 

To hold up with your hands? Whom? 

One tii.u's laLse 

Keep both ! Vour duly is to live and 



Vou, who would vulgarly look tiiic 

la tile world's eye, desertint^ your 

soul's cliarj^'c, — 
Ay, you «(>ul(l have men's praise — 

this Kivoli 
Would he illumined : while, as 'ii>, 

no douht, 
Something of stain will ever rest on 

you ; 
No one will rightly know why you 

I'o abdicate ; tliey'li talk of deeds you 

Have done, no doubt, — nor do I 

much expert 
Future achievements will blot out the 

I'.nvelop it in haze — nor shall wc two 
lie happy any more ; 'twill be, I feel, 
' >nly in moments that ihe duty's seen 
As palpably as now— the months, the 

' >f painful iiidi>tinctncss are to omc, 
While daily mu.-t we tread these palace 

Pregnant with memories of the past : 

your eye 
May turn to mine and find no comfort 

Through fancies that beset me, as 

' K nther cour-e.,, with far other issues. 
"v\e might have taken this great night 

— such bear 
.\> I will bear I What matters happi- I 

ness ? ' 

Duty! There's man's one mcjment — 

this is yours I 
[Piiri/ii^'- the ifo-dit on his head, 

and the iccptre in his hand, she 
phtits him on his scut : a loni^ 

pause and silent e. 1 ' 


Eiitci- D'Okmi.a and \"i( tok. 


It''. At last I speak ; !)ut once — ' 

that once, to you ! 

lisyou I ask. not these your varletrv, \ 

Who's King of us? ' | 

Ciij. [J"io//i ins scat.} Count i 

Tende ... I 

' '<^' What your spies i 

' -Assert I ponder in my m>u1, I .s<iy 
Here to your face, amid your guards ! 

I choose 
Totake again thecrown wh( -.eshadovv 

I gave - 
I or still it^ potency surrounds the 

White locks their felon hands have 

<Jr, I'll not ask who's King, but 

simply, who 
Withholds the crow n I claim ? De- 
liver it I 
I have no friend in the wide wurld : 

nor h'rance 
X<ir I'ngland cares for me : you see 

the sum 
Of what I can avail. Deliver it I 
Cha. Take il, my father ! 

And now say in turn, 
Was it done well, my father— sure not 

To try me thus ! I might have seen 

nuich cause 
For keeping it— too .■a>ily seen cause ! 
But, from that moment, e'en more 

My life had pined away, than pine 

it will. 
.Already you have much to answer for. 
My life to pine is nothing,— her sunk 

Were happy once ! No doubt, my 

people think 
That I'm their King still . . . but I 

cannot strive I 
Take it ! 

/'/<-. [One hand on ihe i->-o-<rn 

CliAKLi s ojTo's. tiie other on his 

;/6</'.] .So few yiars give it quietly, 

.My son I It will dro[) from me. See 

you not ? 
A crown's unlike a sword to give 

away — 
Tiiat, let a strong haiul to a WTak 

hand give ! 
I!ut crowns should slip f>-(jni palsied 

brows to heads, 
Voung as this liead — yet mine is weak 

E'en weaker than I knew. I seek for 


To vindicate my right. "Tis of a I Pol. Charles 

l"^''-'^' ' ' Has never cua>c(l to be your i-uhiecl, 

All IS alike yone hy with me — who Sire ! 

( )nce D'l )rlean.s in his lines— his \ciy 

lines I 
To have been Eugene's comrade, 

Louis' rival, 
And now . . . 

Cha. [J'li/lii!^ ill,' C) own on him, 

to the >rst.\ The King speaks, 

yet none kneels, I think I 
I'u. I am then King! A> I iic- 

came a King 
Despite the nations— kepi nuself a 

King - 
Sol die King,wiih Kingship dying too 
Around mc I I have lasted Europe's 

time ! 
What wants my storv <if completion ? 

Must needs tile ilamiiing break show 1 

A\ ho mistrusts ■ Because the time fur using them is 

My children here— tell they of any past. 

.I'reak ' ' if 'twere to do again! Thai's idly 

Twixt my day s sunrise and it> fiery wished. 

'^'" •'' Truthfidness might prove policy as 

lie reigned at first through selling up 

As pattern: if he e'er seemed harsh 

to you, 
Twas from a loo intense appreciation 
( )f your own character : he acted 

you — 
Xe'er for an instant did I think it 

real , 
Or look for any other than this end. 
1 hold him worlds the on that 

account ; 
l!ut so it was. 

C/i,i. [7;>l'oi,Y.\.] I love you, now, 

indeed ! 
I yj' \'icT<)K.j You never knew me ! 

r/,. Hardly till this moment, 

\\ hen I seem learning many other 



.\nd who were i)y me when I died 

but they? 1 As guile. Is this my daughter's fore- 

\\ ho ? — D Ormea there ! head ? Yes— 

^'''"- What means he ? ■ I've made it filler now to be a (^)ueen's 

J'^"'- J'^ver there !! Ilian formerly— I've ploughed the 

Charles— how to save your story.'! deep lines there 

Mine must go! | Which keep too well a crown from 

^y — say that you refused the crown slipping i.>{i\ 

U) me — 
Charles, yours shall be my story ! 

\o\\ inmuued 
Me. say, at Kivoli. A single year 
I spend without a sight of you, then 

die — 
That will serve every purpose— tell 

that lale 
The world I 

C/ia. Mistniil nu ? Ilelji ! 

^'•'<'- Past help, past reach 

No matter, (iuile has made me King 

/.oins—'t7c.'as in King I'iitor^s time — 

/o/i,i^ since, 
U hfn Louis teign'd — and, a/sc, I 'iilor 

reign d — 
1 low the world talks already of us two! 
( io(i of eclipse and each discolour'd 

Why do I linger then? 

lla! Where lurks he? 

"Tis in the heart—you cannot reach | D'Ormea! Come nearer to your 

the heart : 
This broke mine, that I dit] believe, 

you, Cliarlcs, 
Would have denied and so disgraced 


King t \ow stand ! 
\Cc!lecti)tg Itis stienglli as 1)'(_)k\ika 
But you lied, D'Ormea ! I do not 
lepenl. \Dies. 


usueJ u. Dnimattc Roma>u,^ a>ul Lyrics- 
ZH Poems uy Robkrt Broun.nt, i,, ,849 j 








R. li. 



Then, God for King Charles ! I'ym 
and his snails 

To the Devil thai pricks on such pesti- 
lent calks ! 

Hold by the right, you douMe your 

inighl ; i r 

So, onuar.l to Xnttint;h:un, liesh lor 

the fight, 
[Cho ) Mar,-hu'ealori}:Jifty^core strong, 
Crcat-hcarted i:enllni!en, .unx'»i; 

n._r,ivK A KorsK. 


(•AVAl.n:K Tl'XKS 
I._MAKCMINl-. AI.()N<;- 


Kr.NTisii Sir Byng stood for his King, 
Uiddin- the crop-!>eaded rarhainenl 

swing : 
And. prc's-ing a Iro.ip unable to stoop 
And see the rogues flourish and honest 

folk droop, 
Marchcdthcmalong, fifty-score strong. 

C.reat -hearted gentlemen, singing tins 


Till ynu're (C7/^r//.0 viarchuKK ah^iv^. King Charles ! 

)lfh'-sroiY strong; ..,,■'' ,i 

...... ! Who gave me the goods thai xvenl 

I since ? , 

III. j ^Yho raised me the house that sank 

1 ianipden to Hell, and his obsequies' j once ? 

l[,i(.ll I Who helped me to gold I spent s nee i- 

Serve llazelrig, liennes, and young ^ -\vho found me in wine you drank 

llarrv as well 1 . ! once? 

i:ngland.' good cheer ! Kupert is ; ^ ^^^ ^ a-//^ CAa; A-. .'"■/ "■^"'''^«''' ^'« 

near '. 1/ >,>/;/ ,u,-v f , . , 

Keinish nn.l loyidi^ls, keep we not | j^'i„„ Charles, nnd ■:vho ^ ripe for 

here I fight no'.^' .' , „ ,r 

1 ^-.'.^ ..„ /,<..-yc ;« hells 

(Clw.)^,:!^!!,,,^ along, fitty^'^r^-'-'!'-^".^' ""'de^p'iU ncnv, 

ihii iong! '• * 




To wlioni iNfd my Ixty CcDrj^e (jiiaft' 

liy the old fool's side that hcjjot 

him ? 
I''or wlioiu ilid he cheer ami laii^'h 

Wliile N'oll's damned troo[)ers shot 

him ? 

[Cho. i K'iiii; ( harlrf, and who'll do him 
rii>ht n ro .^ 
/iing Chaiifi, ,,v/,/ rc/zi/., ripe for 

f.}^ht •lonif 
dive u roi/(e: hfre's. in //;-,V, 

despite ihn 
tCi'ii; Charles . 


Boot, saddle, to horse, and away ! 
Rescue my Caslle, liefore the liot 



TJrightens to uliie from its silvery 

(Cho.) Boot, Middle, to horse, und an\7v.' 

Ride past the suburbs, asleep as you'd 

say ; 
Niany's the frien<l there, will listen 

and pray 
" ( I'kI's luck to i^allants that strike up 

the lay, 

{Cho.) " Hoot, saddle, to horse, oud 
•may/ " 

Forty miles off, like a roebuck at bay, 
Flouts CV.stle Hrancepeth the Round- 
heads' array : 
Who laughs, " C'.ood fellows ere this, 
by my fay, 

(Cho.) "■Boot, saddle, to horse, and 
atviiy ! '' 


Who? My wife Gertrude; that, 

honest and ^'ay. 
Laughs when you talk of surrendering, 

" Xay ! 
" Fve hettercounsellors- what counsel 

they ? 

(Cho.) "Boot, saddle, to horse, and 
away /" 



Ihat's iny last Duchess painted on I'or rallinj,' up that spot of joy. She 

the wall, had 

Luoking as if she were alive ; I call A heart . . . how shall I say? . . . 
I'hat i)iece a wonder, now : I'la I'an- too soon made ^dad, 

dolfs hands Too easily impressed; she li Iced wluU- 
\Vorkcd husily a day, and there she e'er 

^'^nds. She looked on, and her KK)ks went 
Wiirt please you sit and look at her ? everywhere. 

I S'lid Sir, 'twas all one I My favour at her 
■ Kra I'andolf" hy desii^n, for never hreast, 

re;id The dro])pini; of the da}lit;ht in the 
Siran;.;erslikeyouihat piriuredcoiinte- West. 

ii:iiice, The hough of cherries some ofTicious 
riie depth and passion of its earnest fool 

glance, liroke in the orchard for her. the white 
l:iil lo myself they turned (since imne mule 

jiuts liy She rode wiih round the terrace — all 
The curtain I have drawn foryuii. hut and each 

I) Wi-uld draw from her alike the a[)- 
Aiid seemed as they\\ould ask me. if piovinp; s])eech. 

ihey durst, ( )r Mu:,h, at least. She thanked men, 
li'iA such a glance came there; so, — good; but thanked 

not the first Somehow ... I know not how . '. . 
Arc you to turn and ask thus. Sir, as if she ranked 

'twas not My gift of a nine hundred years old 
Her husband's ])resence oidy, called name 

that spot With anybody's gift. Who'd st(K>p 
Ofjoy into the 1 Hichcss' check: per- to Mame 


This sort of trifling? l'!ven had you 

Ira I'andolf chanced to s.ay "Her skill 

mantle laps In speech — (which I have i ot)— to 

"Over niv I,adj''s wrist loo mucli," make your will 

or " I'aini Oiiite clear t(j such an one, and say 

''Must never hope to reproduce the "Just this 

faint "Or that in you disf^usts me; here 

"Half-tlush that dies along her you miss, 

*!:r'V!' ;" rueli slufi" "Or there exceed the n.ark " — and if 

Was courtesy, she thought, and cause she let 

enough Herself he lessoned so, nor plainly set 

3^' X 



llcr wii, I'l yoiii-., fnrMKitli, and made . The Count y"ur MusUr's knuwn 

t'Xi'iiM', j inuniliiv'iire 

- r.'eii (hen woiilil l.c smiiL' slonpini;, ' Is aniplf warrant tliat 110 jii^t pre- 

and I cluise { ivwcc 

Xi-vcr to stoop, ( )li, Sir, she smiled, Of mine f( v dowry will l.c dis- 

110 douiit, allowed ; 

Whene'er I |)ass(d her; Ijiit who ; Tiiouijli liis fiii dauLjIiter's self, as I 

passed without i iivowed 

Muih the same smile? This t;rew ; At slartins,', !•. my ol.jci. Nay, 

I j;ave (onmuindi ; we'll p) 

Then ail smiles stopped to.,;etlier. Toj^eiher down, Sir ! Not iie Neptune, 

There she stands tho', 

As if alive. Will'i please you ri-.e? Taming a seadiorse, thoUL;ht a rarity. 

We'll meet Which Clans of Innsbruck cast in 

rile company below, then. I repeat, bronze for me. 




I. V. 

Christ Clod, who s;iVL^t men, s.ive But iio : tluy let inc l:iuj,'li, and sing 

My tiirlluluy sonj; (iiiilo tluoui^li, 
The lust rose in my ^^Lirlaiul, lling 
A last look on tlie niirt.)r, trust 
My arms to each an arm of theirs, 
And so descend the casile-stuirs — 

( )f men Count Gismoml who sa\eii 
me ! 
I'ount Ciaulhier, when lie chose liis 


Chose linu- and jilace and coni|>any 
I'. I suit it ; when he struci^ at lei)_i;ih 
\ly lionour 'twas witii all his stienyth. 

And doubtlessly ere he could draw 


And come out on the morninj^ troop 
Of merry friends who kissed my 

All points to one, he must have And called me (Jueeii, and made nu- 

sclienied ! miserable morning saw 

i cw half so happy a> I seemed, 
W.'iile beini; dresseil in t Hieen's array 
I'u ;^ive our Tourney prize away. 


I tli>>UL;ht they loved me, did me grace 

To please themselves ; "iwas all 

their deed ; 

'i'ld makes, or fair or foul, our face : 

If showing mine so caused to bleed 

My cousins' hearts, they should h.ave 

A word, and straight the play had 


They, too. so beauteous! Eachaqueen Theirs down; 'twas time I should 

By virtue of her brow and breast ; present 

X<jt needing to be crowned, I mean, The victor's crown, but , . there, 

.\:. 1 CO. r. eii w:;c:; i was aic;i;-eii, twii! i.-.--^-. 

Had either of them spoke, instead No long time . . . thf^ ^ mist apiin 

Of ijlancing sideways with still head ! Blinds me as then it did. How vain ! 



Cnder the catio|)y - (a streak 
That pierced it, of the outside sun, 
I'owdered with gold its gloom's soft 
dun) — 


.\nd they could let me take my state 
.Vnd foolish throne amid a[)[)lause 

Of all come there to celebrate 

My (Queen's day — Oh, 1 think the 

Of much was, ih-'y forg<jt no crowd 

Makes up for parents in their shroud ! 


Howe'er that be, all eyes were bent 
Upon me, when my cottsins cast 

'-■■«.. -^; 


I v. 

See J (;i,m<>ti.l's at the j,mi<', in talk 


Tlii^, i,'la(l< inc most, th.ii I cnjovc*! 

W II . "-'^ = ,' ' •'" l""<-^-''<>- ; The h.-.„i ,.f the j.,y with .„v cm 

\Vcll..uth.itmunH„i,wh...h..iiI<l-,t.ilk I tent ". i„) urn 

••SUv'''' " 'l"i>"l-re.l! liyanv ,lnuht..rthcevf.>f' 
And a'l stayed. " Hnn^ no in.un,, 



" Hrlii!,' torches ! Win-l the penance 

" Alx)lll her : Let her shim th> 
"Or lay her.eU 1,^ (ure their feet ! 

(iod tiHik that on him I \\a-, l,i<l 
NVatch (iisniond iiu p.ui : I did. 


Did I imi «.iirh him wlnh lu let 
lli^ armourer just hia.e hi,(.;i< .i\ <-s, 

Ivivet his hauljork. on the fi. t 

The while! His f,„,i . . iiiy 
niemory leaves 

"Sli.'dl she. whoseUid) ieml)r.ire<l '< ?"'" '^■•'"' '''■""1' '""• ""f '"'" iH""" 
I A ni-ht lohj,.. ,|ueen 1; mi ihe day f j " •"'"'"' '"^ ""«'"« k'^uintlei .„. 

"For Ifimour's .sake n.> crowns, I 
s.iy : 


I ? What I .".nswered ? As I live, 
I never fancied such a ihinij 

.\s answer p)ssiljie to {^-ive. 

\\ halsays thelxKiy when theysprint; 


.\n<l e'en lieforc the trumpet's sound 
Was finished, prone l.iv ihc faK,. 
I'roiic as his lie. upon dn. f^'rouiul : 
(lismond (lew at liim, used 110 

Sonie monstrous torture - eni^ine's . )f,lu;swor,l. I,u, ,.p.a-l,reasted drov 

Streni,'th on it? No more .says the 



Cieavinj,' till <,ut the truth he clov. 


Which done, he diai,'-ed him to mv 
I ill (lut strode Cisinond; then I knew ' f^-et 

That I was.s,ived. I never met •^'"1 --'i'l " Here die, Init end thv 

His face helorc, Init, at lirst view, hrcalh 

I felt quite sure that Cixl had set j '' '" <""" fonfession. lest thou lleet 
Himself to Satan; who would spen.l i "From my lisi, 1,, (;o<i's second 
A minute s mistrust on the eiul ? I death ! 

"Say, hast th<.u lie<i:-'" .And, "I 

have lied 
"ToGodiind her." he said, and died. 


He strode to (Jauthier, in his throat 
(.ave him the lie, then struck his 
Wit h ,ne hack-handed hlow that wnjte 
lu hlood men'.s verdict there. 
North, South 


Then Gismond, kneelias,' to me. asked 
— \N'iuU .safe my hc-irt liolds, tho' 
no word 

Fast, West. I looked. The lie was I ^'uv ^ ''^''''' '">''' i^ tasked 
,1,.„1 *- "^ '"'^^ I -^'y powers for ever, to a third 

And damned, and truth .stood up in- ^''^'J'" ""^ >'^" '''-■ ^'■^'^^ the 
stead. ' ,, ,.,, , 

L ntil I sunk upon his breast. 

col NT (.ISMOND 


I vfvcil then), f ■laiilhirr's dwrlliny- 

(iotl liRhU'i) I May hi?, soul find 


XI v. 

Over my lii>. ,iriii he lliiiij; 

Against ilic \vorl<i ; .tivl xarcc I 
lli'^ sw(ird, ill. a ilri|>[K'(l ],y mc iiiul j \\i. 

. ";'^'!"^'V-i- , • • , . "'"■ <''''<■!' '"'V •'■'■^ i,'"l 'he clear 
A hti e sh.fu.l m .ts hclt.- , .r,.,^ i,,,,^" . ,,„,' when hi. l.rother\ 

'cr lu- Lc'^an to Niy the while hlaek 

II..U S.mrh our h.. ,„.•!, ynuny a mile. F,,!! eye sho\\s seorii, ii . .(iismon.l 

here .' 
'^^^ j .\ii(i liave you lirouj^hi mv tercel 

^o 'mid Ihe .houtini; mullihuie ? 

We two walked forth to never more I just tellintj .\dela 

l^>;'i'r"- My 'uii,iRs have purxued How many I irds it struck since 
Their life, untroubled a> heforc May. 


Vov know, wc 1-ieiich sioriiiLd 
Kutisl).)!! : 

A mile or so away 
(Jii a little mound, Napoleon 

Stood on our storuiing-day ; 
With neck out - thrust, you fancy 

Ia\l;.s wide, arms j.K-ked behind. 
As if to balance the |)rone brow 

O] pressive with its mind. 


Just as pertiaps he mused " My 

"That soar, to earth may fall, 
'• once my anny-leader Lannes, 

'■ Waver at yonder wall,"-- 
< )ut "twiM the lalterv-smokes there 

A rider, bound on bound 
FuU-ijallopini; ; nor bridle drew 

Until he reached the mound. 


Then off there riuntj in smilinii; joy, 

.\nd held himself erect 
l>y just his horse's mane, ,i boy : 

Vou hardly could suspect — 

(.So lit;ht he kept his lip. compies>ed 
Scarce any blood came thro") 

\ ou lc)oked twice ere you saw hi 
\Vas all but shot in two. 


he, " Kmperor, by 

"Well.'' cried 
(iod's t;race 

" We've 5,'ot you Ratisbon ! 
" The -Marshal's in the market-place, 

"And you'll be there .anon 
'■ To see your Hag-bird Hap hi-, vans 

" Where I, to heart's desire, 
" Perched him ! " The Chiefs eye 
flashed ; his jilans 

Scmred vp again like fire. 

The Chiefs eye flashed ; but jMosently 

Softened itself, as sheathes 
A film the mother eagle's eye 

When her bruised eaglet brcn:hes : 
"You're wounded!" "Nay,' his 
soldier's pride 

Touched to the (|uick, he .said : 
" I'm killed, Sire ! " And, his Chief 

Smiling the kiy fell dead. 


'•*f7. ^-MSi ^ 



|>R-K-H — iliure <^o, my heari's abhor- 
rence I 

Water your damned tlo\ver-pots,do I 
It hate killed men, lirother Lawrence, 

(iod's blood, woidd not mine kill you I 
What? your myrtle-lnish wants trim- 
minj^ ? 

Oh, that roNe has prior claims — 
Needs its leatien vase tilled brimming ? 

Ili'll dry yuu up with its Hauies 1 

At the meal we sit toi^ether : 

Sa/7-e ti/ii .' i nuist hear 
Wise talk of the kind of weather, 

Sort r)f season, lime of year : 
.\'()/ a plenteous coik-irop : saircely 

Dare we hope oa! Is, 1 doubt : 
1 1 'hat's the Latin na. ./or ' ' parsley"? 

What's the Greek natiie for Swine's 
Snout ? 

Whew I We'll have our platter bur- 

Laid witli care on our own shelf ! 
\N'ith a fire-new spoon we're furnished. 

And a t;oblet for ourself. 
Rinsed like something; sacrificial 

Ere 'tis fit 1(3 toucli our chaps — • 
Marked with L. foi our initial ! 

(He, he 1 There his lily snaps .') 


.Ti;////, forsooth ! While brown Dolores 

Squats outside the Convent bank, 
W ith Sanchicha, telling stories, 

Steeping tresses in the tank, 
I'.Iue-black, lustrous, thick like horse- 

— Can't I see his dead eye glow 
nriu;ht, as 'twere a liarbary corsiur's? 

I That is, if he'd let it show !) 

When he finishes refection. 
Knife and fork he never lays 

Cross-wise, to my recoiled ion. 

As do L in Jesu's praise. 
\, the Trinity ilhistraU', 

Drinking watered oiange-puli) — 
In three sips the Arian frustrate ; 

While he drains hi^ at one gul[) ! 

( )h, those melons ! If he's able 

We're to have a feast ; so nice ! 
< )ne goes to the Abbot's talle, 

All of us get each a slice. 
Howgoonyour flowers? N'oncdouble? 

Not one fruit-sort can you spy? 
Strange !— And L too, at such trouble, 

Keep 'em close-nipjKjd on the sly! 


There's a great text in Galatians, 

(Jnce you trip on it, entails 
Twenty-nine distinct damnations, 

One sure, if another fails. 
If I trip him just a-dying, 

Sure of Heaven as sure can be. 
Spin him round and send him flying 

OfH to Hell, a Manichce? 


Or. my scrofulou-, I'rench novel, 

< )n grey paper with blunt type! 
Simply glance at it, you grovel 

Hand and fo<>t in I'.elial's gripe : 
If I double down its pages 

At the woeful sixteenth print. 
When he gathers his greengages. 

Ope a sieve and slip it in't? 


Or, there's Satan I— one might venture 
I'ledge one's soul to him, yet leave 
Such a flaw in the indenture 

.\s he'd miss till, past retrieve, 

HIasted lay that rose-acacia 

j We're so proud of! Hy. Zy, 

Hint . .'. 

'St, there's \'espers ! /'le.'ui j^rutiii 

I Azif, Virgo! Gr-r-r — you swine ! 




//c sings. 
lie;in up to ilice, 

all my 

ai.d the sea 

I si:\D my 
In this iny sin^'iny I 
I'ur the stars help me 

hears part ; 
_ The very mghi is clin^'iiiy 
Closer to Venice' streets to leave one 
Aliove me, whence thy face 
.May li;,'ht my joyous heart to thee its 

S/ie s/'caks. 
Say after me, and try to say 
My very words, as if each word 
Came from you of your own accord, 
In your own voice, in your own way : 
"This woman's heart, and soul, and 

" Are mine as much as tliis jrold chain 
"She bids me wear; which" (say 

" I choose to make by cherishin;,' 
" A precious thin^', or choose to flin^' 
" Over the boat-side, ling by ring." "^ 
And yet once more .say . . . no word 

more I 
Since w<irds are only words. (;ive | 

o'er ! 
Unless you call me, all the sanie. 
Familiarly by my pet-name 
Which, if the Three should hear you 

call, ' 

And me reply to. would proclaim 
At once our secret to them all : 
As!< (if me, too. command me, blame — 

* '■■■^ -f-V!, :;:e (;-jrilllt;;i.u;ui 

'Twixt U.S, the daylight world t)eholds 
Curtained in dusk and splendid folds. 


What's left but— all of me to take? 
I am the Three's; prevent them, slake 
\ our thirst ! 'Tis said, the Arab sage 
l\ practising with gems can loose 
Their .subtle spirit in his cruce 
And leave but ashes : .so, sweet mage. 
Leave thein my ashes when thy' 
Sucks out my soul, thy heritage ! 

^le siii^gs. 
Past we_ glide, and past, and past I 

What's that })oor Agnese doing 
Where they make the shutters fast } 

Grey Zanobi's just a-wooing 
To his couch the purchased bride : 
Past we glide ! 

1 ast we glide, and past, and past ! 

^Vhy's the I'ucci Palace llaring 
Like a beacon to the blast ? 

Guests by hundreds— not one caring 
If the dear host's neck were wried : 

Past we glide ! 

iifie SI//OS. 
The Moth's kiss, first ! 
kiss me .is if you made believe 
Vou were not sure, this eve, 
How my face, your flower, had pursed 
Its petals up ; so. here and there 
Vou brush it, till I grow aware 
Who wants me, and wide open Ijurst. 

The Bee's kiss, now I 
Kiss me as if you entered gay 
My heart at somt noonday: 



A l)ud that dares not disallow 
The claim, so all is rendered U[), 
And i)a.ssively its shattered cup 
Over your head to sleep I bow. 

lie sings. 


What arc we two ? 

I am a Jew, 

And carry thee, farther than friends 

can pursue, 
T 1) a feast of our triijc, 
Where they need ibee to lirihe 
The devil that blasts them unless he 

Thy . . . Shatter thc^i.■^ion fur ever ! 

And now. 
As of old, I am I, Thou art Thou I 


Say again, what we are? 

Tlie sprite of a star, 

I lure thee above where the Destinies 

My plumes their full play 
Till a ruddier ray 
Than my pale one announce there is 

withering away 
S(jme . . . Shatter the vision for ever ! 

And now. 
As of old, I am I, Thou art Thou ! 

He 1)1 uses. 

^Mi, which were best, to roam or rest ? 
riie land's lap or the water's breast ? 
To sleep on yellow millet-sheaves, 
"r swim ill lucid shallows, just 
I'.Uuling water-lily leaves, 
An inch from Death's black fingeis, 

To lock you, whom rel'^ase he must ; 
\\ liich life were l<est on Summer eves ? 

f/e sp'aks, tinising. 

Tie back ; coidd thought of mine im- 
prove yo'i ? 

I.Vrt... .1,:^ ,1- ..,1-1 1 t .1 

• •■•^11 :ii!3 5,: unUer let there .spring 
A wing ; frc m this, another wing ; 
\Vings, not legs and feet, shall move 
you ! 

Snow-white must they spring, to blend 
With your tlesh, but I intend 
They shall deepen to the end, 
liroader, into burning gold. 
Till both wings crescent-wise enfold 
Vour perfect self, from 'neath ymr feet 
To o'er your head, where, lo, they meet 
As if a million sword-blades hurled 
Defiance from you to the world I 
Rescue me thou, the only real 1 
And scare away this mad Ideal 
That came, nor notions to depart I 
Thanks ! Now, stay ever as thou art : 

Still he fiiuses. 


What if the Three should catch at last 
Thy serenader? While there's cast 
Paul's cloak about my heatl, and fast 
(lian pinions me, Himself has past 
His stylet thro' my back ; I reel ; 
And ... is it Thou I feel ? 

these three godless 

They trail me, 


I'ast every church that sains and saves, 
Nor stop till, where the cold sea raves 
By Lido's wet accursed graves. 
They scoop mine, roll me to its brink, 
And . . .on Thy breast I sink ! 

She replies, musing. 

Dip your arm o'er the boat-side, 

As I do : thus : were IX'ath so unlike 

Caught this way ? Death's to fear from 

flame, or steel. 
Or poison doubtless ; but fnjm water 


( 'to find the bottom ! Would ) ou stay 

me ? There ! 
Now pluck a great blade of that 

To plait in wheie the loolish jewel was, 
I flung away : since you have praised 

my hair, 
'Tis proper to be choice in what I wear. 

M^. "Tit 





Rinv^ lioiiK- .■' niiist wo row liome ? 

Tim .surely 
Know I whore its front's demurely 
< )ver tlie (liudecca pileil ; 
Window just with window nialiiic;. 
Door on door exactly \\ ailing, 
All's the set face of a child : 
Hut hehind it, where't-- a trace 
Of the slu ilne'-s and reserve, 
And forajal lines without a curve, 
In the sanie child's playinj^-face .■' 
Xo two windows look one way 
(/er the small sea- water thr ad 
IJelow them. Ah, the autumn day 
I, passini;, saw you overhead ! 
First, out a cloud of curtain hlew, 
Then, a sweet cry, and last, came you— 
To catch your loory that tnu-^ needs 
llscape just then, of all times ihen, 
To peck a tall plant's lleecy seeds. ; 
.Vnd make nie happiest of men. j 

I scarce could breathe to see you reach 
So far hack o'er the balcony, ■ 

(Tocitch him ere he climbed too hii;h 
AlK)ve you in the Smyrna peach) 
That ijuick the round smooth cord of 

This coiled hair on your head, un- 
Fell down you like a t;or^feous snake 
The Roman yirls were wont, of oil, 
When Rome there was, for coolness' 

To let lie curling o'er their bosoms. 
Dear loory, may his beak retain 
Ever iis delicate rose stain 
As if the wounded lotus-blossoms 
Had marked their thief to know again '. 
Stay longer yet, for others' sake' 
Than mine ! what should your cham- 
ber do? 
— With all its rarities that ache 
In silence while day lasts, b.:l wake 
At night-time and their life renew. 
Suspended just to pleasure you 
— T!;;it brought against their uiil to- j 

These objects, and, while day lasts, i 

Around them such a magic tether 
That they look dumb : your harp, 

With all the .sensitive tight strings 
That dare not speak, now to itself 
I5reathes slumbrously as if some elf 
Went in and out the chords, his wing-, 
Make murmur wliere.soe'er they graze, 
.\i an angel may, between the ma/e 
Of midnight palace-pillars, on 
And on, to sow Clod's plagues have 

Through guilty glorious I'.abylon. 
And while such murmurs How, the 

Hends o'er the harp-top from her shell, 
-Vs the dry lim[)et for the lymph 
Come with a tune he knows so well. 
And how your statues' hearts nnist 
! swell ! 

.\nd how your pictures nuist dt -cend 
To .see each other, friend with friend ! 
Oh, rould you take them by surprise, 
Vou'd find Schidone's e.ager 1 )uke 
Doing therpiainlest courtesies 
To that prim Saint by Ilaste-lhee- 

Luke : 
.\nd, deej)er into her rock den, 
Hold Caslehranco's .Magdalen 
N'ou'd lind retreated from the ken 
Of that robed counsel-keeping Ser- 
-Vs if the Tizian thinks of her, 
And is not, rather, gravely bent 
On .seeing for himself what toys 
.\rc these, his progeny invent. 
What litter now the board employs 
\yhereon he signed a document 
That got liim murdered ! Each en- 
Its night so well, you cannot break 
The sport up, so, indeed nmst make 
.More stay with, me, for others' sake. 


To-morrow, if a harp-string, say, 
Is u.sed lo tie the jasmine back 
i iiat overiloods my room \Mth sweets. 
Contrive your Zorzi somehow meets 
My Zan/e : if the ribbon's black. 
The Three are watching ; keep away. 



33 » 

Vour gondola- 

:t /( 


A mesh of water-weeds about 

lis prow, 
Had struck 

if he 



stair ; 

That I may throw a paper out 
As j'ou and he go underneath. 

There's Zanze"s vi<;ilanl taper ; safe 

are we I 
< )uly one minute more to-night with 

Resume your past r.elf of a month 

ago ! 
He you the lashful gallant, I will be 

And say, All thanks, Siora I — 

Heart to heart, 
And lips to lips ! ^'et once more, ere 

we part. 
Clasp me, and make me thine, as 

mine thou art ! 

//e is surprised, and stal'htd. 

It was ordained to be so. Sweet, — 

and best 
Comes now, beneath thine eyes, and 

on thy l)reasl. 
Still kiss me ! Care not for the 

cowards ! Care 
Only to put aside thy beauteous 


The lady with the colder breast than My blood will hurt ! The Three, I 

snow : do not scorn 

\ow lx>w you, as becomes, nor touch I'o death, because they never live<i : 

my hand but I 

More than I touch yours when I step Have lived indeed, and so — (yet one 

lo ' 'i*i. i more kiss) — can die ! 


I AM^a (l.Kl.loss of the aml,r.,sial The son ul" Tlicscus ^rcat absent 
^' ' spouse. 

Ilil)|>olutos exclaimiii!^ in his rage 
.\j,'ainst the iniscrahle (Jucen, she 

And .save \,y 1 Krc, (Jucen of I'ride, 

Jiy none whose temples whiten this 

the uiirld. 
Thro' Heaven I rull my lucid moon 

along ; 
I shed in Hell o'er my pale i)eople 

peace ; 
On Earth, I, caring for the creatures, 

Hach piegnant yellow wolfand fox- 

liitch sleek, 
And every feathered mother's callow 


And all that love green haunts and 

Of men, the chasteadore nie, hangin<' 

crowns " 

Of poppies red i,) blackness, bell and 

Upon my image at Alhenai here ; 
And this dead, Asclepios bends 

Was dearest to me. I le my buskined 


'™ thro the wild-wood leafy .\nd this he imprecated straight-alive 
v., I f^''' ,, . : -May ne'er Ilippolutos reach other 

And chase the pantmg stag, or swift i lands' 

Mop the swift ounce, or lay the leo- , the prince 

\Vf.Wt,ir' ■ ,, , ! "'i^l stepped into the fixed boots of 

JNeglected homage to another God : i the car 

Whence AphrrKlite, by no midnight That give the feet a stay against the 

Of. ^""''''-'„ , . strength 

Of tapers lulled, in jealousy dispatched Of the Ilenetian- horses, and around 

.V noisome lusf thnt ic (K ii„., ir; 1 ' i3 • <■■•■'•'> ^^'-'""^ ^ 

J.,:" ' "^ ""- b-'^'-^e iiis bouy Hung tne icius, and urged 

I. He insu[)portable, and, pricked at 

An Amazonian stranger's race should 

To scorn her, perished by the mur- 
derous cord : 

\ et, ere she perished, blasted in a 

The fame of him her swerving made 
not swerve. 

Which Theseus read, returning, ami 

So, exiled in the blindness of his 

The man without a crime, who, last 
as first, 

Loyal, divulged not to his sire the 

Xow Theseus from Poseidon had ob- 

That of his wishes should be granted 


Possessed his sleixiame Phaidra for 

their speed 
Along the rocks and shingles of the 




When from the tjapin^' \vn\c a mon- 
ster flung 
His ubscene body in the coursers' 

IJ.ith ! 
These, mad with tenor as thesealmll 

Wullowint,' al)oui their feel, lost care 

of hitn 
Tiiat reared tlieni ; ami tiie master- 

Snappint; beneath their phmi,'es like a 

lli[)I>)lutos, \vlio>e feet were traiu- 

nielled ftsl, 
Was yet dragi,'ed forward by the 

circliiijj; rein 
Which either hand directed; nor was 

The fren/y of that lli^hl before eacli 

Wheel-spoke and sj)linter of the woe- 
ful car, 
Mach boulder-stone, shar]) stub, ami 

spiny shell, 
1 lu^e fish-bone w recked and wreathed 

amid the sands 
' til that detested beach, was britjhl 

with blo(xl 
And morsels of his flesh : then fell 

the steeds 
i lead - foremost, crashing in their 

mooned fronts, 
Shivering with sweat, each white eye 

His people who had witnessed all 

i; ire back the ruins of IIi|7]OTlutos. 
bit when his sire, too swoln with 

pride, rejoiced, 
i bidomitable as a man firedoomed) 
riiat vast Poseidon had fulfilled his 

I, in a flood of tjlory visible, 
Stood o'er my dying votary, and deed i 
by deed revealed, as all took place, ' 

the truth. 
Then Theseus lay the woefullest of ' 

men, j 

And uoithily ; i)ut ere the death-veils i 

hid ' 

His face, the murdered prince full 

pardon breathed 

To hi> rash .sire. Whereat Athena! 

So I, who ne'er forsake my votaries, 
I.e^t in the cro>s-\\ay none the honey- 
.Should tender, iKjr pcur out the dog's 

hot life ; 
Lest at my fane ilie priests discon- 
Should dress my image with some 

fided poor 
few Clowns, made favours (jf. nor dare 

.Such slackness to my worshippers who 

The trusting luart and loaded hand 

.\s they had climbed Oulumjios lo 

f)f Artemis and nowhere found her 

throne — 
I interposed : and, tliis eventful night. 
While round the hmeral pyre tlie 

Stood with herce light on their black 

robes that blind 
Kacli Sobbing, while yet their 

hair they clipped 
O'er the dead body of their withered 

And, in his palace, Theseus j)ros- 

t rated 
On the cold hearth, his brow cold as 

the .slab 
'Twas brui.sed on, groaned away the 

heavy grief — 
As the pyre fell, and down the cross 

logs crashed. 
Sending a crow d of sparkles thro' the 

And the gay fire, elate wnth mastery. 
Towered like a .serpent o'er the clotted 

Of wine, dissolving oils and frankin- 
And splendid gums, like gold, — my 

Conveyed the {X-rished man lo my 

In the thrice venerable forest here. 
And this white-bearded Sage who 
squeezes now 



i'he licriicd plant, is I'lioiljos' son nl 
Asck'[)ii)s, whom my radiant lirnilu r 

The (loririiie of iMch hcrh and fli)W<i 

and iiiot, 
To know ihcir scL-rct'st virtue and 

The savi!!^' >oiil nf idl — who so li,i> 

With lavors the torn hrow and nun- 

dered cheeks, 
Com[H>sed the hair and hrouj^ht ils 

f^loss aL'ain, 
And called the red bluom to the |)ale 

skin hack. 
And laid llic strips and jat;i;ed eniK 

of flesh 
I'ven once more, and slacked the 

sinew's knot 

Of every lurturcd limh — that now he 

As if mere sleep jiossessed him under- 

'1 iiese interwoven oaks and pines. 

' *h, cheer, 
Divine presenter of the healing' riHl 
'I'liy snake, with ardent throat and 

lullinjj eye, 
Twines his lithe s])ires aiDund I I 

say, much cheer ! 
I'roieed thou with thy wiest phar- 
macies ! 
And yc, white crowd of woodland 

I'ly. as the SiL;e directs, the.-e InuN 

and leaves 
That strew the lurfaround the 'I'wainl 

While I 
Await, in fittin^j silence, the event. 


\Viiat's heroine (if Waiinj^ 
^iiice lie ^lae us uU the slip, 

< liiise land-lravel nr sealariiii^, 
H()(,!s and client, or slalt' andscrij), 
kalher lliaii pace up and down 
Any lotigcr Li.ndon-luvvn ? 


U'ho'd have j^iie.ssed it from his iip, 
' »r hi-, hrow's accusioined hearing;, 
' >n liie ni^jht he thus touk '^liiii, 

< )i started landward ^ litiie i-arint,' 

I i«r US, it seems, wiio siip[)ed lof^'ether, 
I Iriends of his too, I remember) 
AikI walked home thro' the merry 

weat her. 
The snowiest in all December; 
I Icfi his anil that night myself 
I 'i- what'shis-name's, the new prose- 

Ihat wrote the book there, on the 

How, forsooth, was I to know it 
If Warinij meant to i^lide away 
l-il;<- a t;host at break of day? 
^i-vcr looked he half so gay ! 


He was prouder than the Devil : 
llow lie must have cursed our revel ! 
Ay, and many other meetings, 
Indoor vigils, outdoor greetings. 
As up and down he paced thisLondon, 
•or,:: lu) wuik dune, but great works 

Where scarce twenty knew his name. 
Why not, then, have earlier spoken. 


Written, bustled ? Who's to blame 
If your silence kept unbroken ? 

True, but there wire sinulry jottings, 
"Str:iy-Ieavcs, fr:i-mcnts, blurrs and 

■Ttrlain lirst steps were achieved 
"Already w hich " ^^ (i- ih:it your 

" 11:1(1 well borne out whoe'er believed 
"In more to come ! " But who goes 

Hedge-side chance-blade., while full- 
Siaiid^ cornfields by him? Pride, 

o'er weci ling 
I'lide alone, jiuls forth such claims 
< »'er the day"s distinguished names. 

' IV. 


; Meantime, how much I loved him, 
I find out now I've lost him : 
I, who cared not if I moved him. 
Who could so ciirelcssly accost him. 
Henceforth never shall get free 
Of his ghostly company, 
1 lis eyes th:ii jusi a little wink 
As deep 1 go into the merit 
Ol this and that distinguished spirit — 
His cheeks' raised colour, soon to sink, 
.-\s long I dwell on some stuf)endous 
And tremendous (Heaven defend us !) 

Monstr -inform'-ingens-horrend-ous 


Penman's latest jjiece of graphic. 

^'ay. >"y very wrist grows warm 

With his dragging weight of arm ! 

I*, en so, swimmingly a'l'yjars. 

Thro' one's after-supper musings, 

S()me lust I .ady of old years. 

With her beauteous vain endeavour, 

And goodness unrepaid as ever ; 



Tlio fac:o, iii'customiMl !•> riTiisin^N, 
Wf, puppies that we win-. . 

Oil never 
Surely, nirt' nf cuiisciein'e, .st'rii[)Uil 
IJcin;^' aiij^lit lilvf faKc, forxiuili, t.i? 
Telling; nuj^tit Iml honest tiiilh to? 
W'liat a sin, liad wc ciiitupleii 
III pci>sessor'>< ^r.iee an<i sweetness ! 
No I she hearij in ii-, completeness 
Trulh, for truth's a weighty mailer, 
Ami, truth at issue, we'l llaller ! 
Well, 'lis (lone with : she's exempt 
From (laniiiin^ us Ihro' such a sally ; 
And so slie glides, as down a valley, 
T:ikinL; up «ilh her conlenipt. 
I'asl our reach ; and in. llie llower-^ 
.Shut her uiireg.irded hour-. 


Oh, Could I have him hack once more. 
This \V'arin<^, hut one half-day more 1 
I'ack, with the c|uiet face of yore, 
So himL;ry for acknowleJt^mcnt 
Like mine ! I'll fool him to iiis hent 1 
I'eed, should not he, to heart's 

content ? 
I'd say, " to only have conceived 
" \'our threat work>, llm' ihey ne'er 

make proi;ress, 
"Surpasses all we've yet achieved ! '' 
I'd lie so, I sh.iuld he believed. 
I'd make such havoc of the claims 
Of the day's distinguished names 
To feast him with, as feasts an o<^ress 
Her sharp-toothed goldeii-criwned 

child ! 
Or, as one feasts a creature rarely 
Captured here, urrcconciled 
To capture ; and completely Ljives 
Its pettish humours licence, harely 
Requiring that it lives. 


Ichahod, Ichabod, 
The fjlory is departed ! 
Travels Waring l*"ast a\Na\- ? 
Who, of knowicdgc, i.y he.iis.iy, 
Reports a man upstarted 
Somewhere as a ( iod. 
Hordes grown I-.urojjean-hearted, 

.Millions of the wild m.ide l.imc 
( >n a sudden at his Lime.' 
I In \'i-.hnu-land what Avatar? 
I Or wh'i, in Moscow, toward the Czar, 
' Willi tlie (lemure-l of footfalls 
! Over tlie Kremlin's ]i:i\emenl, luiglii 
Willi sir|ii mine and syiiiite, 
Steps, \\itli live other ( lenerals. 
That simultaneously lake snuff. 
I'lir e.ich to li.i\e Jiielext enough 
To kerchiefwise unfurl his sash 
Which, sofliK- V self, is yet the Mulf 
To hold fist where a stetl chain snaps, 
And li.ui' the grand while neck no 

' Waring, in Moscow, to those rough 
(^)ld iiorlliern natures horin-. |H.-rliaps, 
Like the l,imli«hite maiden dear 
I'rom the circle of mule kings, 
I'nalile to rejiress the tear. 
Lull as his sce|)lre down he ilings, 
To Diai.'s fane at Taurica, 
Where now a ca[)li\e prieslcss, she 

al way 
.Mingles her lender grave Hellenic 

With theirs, tuned to the hailstone- 

heateii beach, 
As [xnirs some pigeon, from the 

myrrhy lands 
Uapt by the whirlblast to fierce 

Scythian strands 
Where breed the swallows, her melo- 
dious cry 
.Vmid their harbare)us twitter ! 
In Kussia? Never! Spain were fitter I 
.\y, most likely 'tis in Spain 
That we and Waring meet again — 
Now, while he uirns (k)wn that cool 

narrow lane 
Into the blackness, out of grave Madrid 
.\1! hre and shine — abrupt as when 

there's slid 
Its stiff gold bl.azing pall 
From some black cotlin-lid. 
Or. best of all, 
I love to think 

The leaving us was just a feint ; 
liack here lo London lini lie siiiik ; 
.\nd now works on without a wink 
Of sleep, and we are on the brink 
Of something trreat in freseo-|jainl : 

m^ jilMI^' 


fir (lie g:irrct's rcilinj.% wiills and lie,, 
L'li iind (li)\in md ner and o'tr 
lie splasju-. .IS iiDiif splashed In Njir 
Since tjreiit Caldarii I'olidoie : 
Or Music means this land ut'oiirs 
Some favour yet, to pity won 
By F'urcell from his Ro-y Howers,— 
■'(ji\e me tny so Ion;,' |)r(..■l!^ed son, 
" Let Waring end what I le-m ! " 
Then down he creeps and oui he steaK 
Only wIri! liie iii:;lii c..nceni^ 
His face in Ki-nt "lis i hen ■, time. 
Or, hops are pickiiii; ; or, at prime 
Of March, he wanders as, too happy, 
\ears a'^o when he was yonnt^, 
Some mild eve when vocxK gr^-w 


And tiie early moths had spninu 
To life from many a tremhliiij; sheath 
WoMii tiie warm liou^hs l)enealh ; 
While small hirds said to themselves 
What should soi.n ho ;>i-tual sont,', 
And yoimt,' i^Miats, by tens and twelves, 
Made as if they were the throng 
J'liat crowd around ana carry aloft 
The sound they have nursed, so sweet 

and pure, 
Out of a myriad noises soft, 
Into a tone that can endure 
Anud the noise of a July noon, 
When all God's creatures crave their 

All at once and all in tune, 
And get it, happy as Warin- then, 
Having first wiiliin his ken ' 
Wh a a man mighi do with men, 
And far too, in the even-glow, 
To mix with your world he meant to 

Into his hand, he told you, so— 
Aiid out of it his world to make, 
To contract and to expand 
As he shut or oped his hand. 

< >!i. Waring, what's to really be ? 

A clear stage and a crowd to see ! I 
Some Oarrick— say— out sliall not he ' 
1 he heart of Hamlet's mystery pluck ? 

< V. wliere most unclean bpn^ts are rilt>, : 
>onie Junius-am I right?— shall tuck I 
His sleeve, and out with tlaying-knife '. , 
Some Chatterton shall have the luck • 
Of calling Rowley into hfe ! , 

Some on.' shall somehow run a niuel. 
U iili till .Id world, for w.iiit ol >trile 
Si 'Und asleep : contrive, eontrivi- 
To rouse . , Warirg I Who's alive? 
Our njen scarce seem in earnest now : 
I)istmgui-he<l name-. !— but 'tis, some- 
As if till y [.layed at bt inr names 
Si ill niore<ii^iini;uished, li'ki' the game- 
Oi children. Turn our sp. .il loeariie-.: 
W.h a vi-age of llie sternest ! 
liring the reil limes back, confessed 
Still Utter than our very best ! 


"Wiip.N I l.Lsi saw Wariii" . . ." 

(IIow ill turned to him u! 


\<>n saw Waring? Truth ..r joke? 
Ill land-travel, or sea-faring?) 

■• We were sailing by Triest, 
■• Where a day or two we h.u .oured : 
" A sunset was in the West, 
"When, looking over the vessel's side, 
" One of our company espied 
•'A sudden speck to larlioard. 
" -And, as a .sea-duck Hies and sw is 
"At once, so came the ligiu crah up, 
"With its sole lateen .sail that trima 
"And turns (the water round it:.; rims 
" Dancing, as round a sinking tup) 
" And by us like a it curled, 
" And drew itself up close beside, 
" Its great sail t)n the instant furled 
"And o'er its planks, a shrill voice 

'(.•\ neck as biunzed .n> a I.a.scar's) 
' ' Buy wine of us, you Knglish Brig ? 
' 'Or fruit, tobacco and cigars? 
' ' A I'ilof for you I,, Tiiest? 
' ' NVithoiit one, look you la "er so bi . 
They'll n^ • er let you up tiie bay I 
' ' We native hould know be-' ' ' 
'T turned, ar-d 'ju:,i thn,. flii^ws' 

'Our capt.un said, 'The 'long-shore 

' 'Are laughing at us in their sleeves.* 




" liito the wc.iilii r, cut soiiuliow 
" llir -iMikliii^ jMlli Ih.ik-.ii1i our 
"In truili, ih<- lioy leaned I.iu;.;liin):; U.vv; 

'"•ifl^ ; "Ami ^11 Acnl off, a, wiili a IkhiikI, 

" And iim; li,ilfliiijii<ii liy liis side '• Iniu llie ri>-,i' and jjoldtMi Ijalf 

" I'lidfr !lic furk-d s.ill. s.m.m I s|)u-il, ''Of tlic >ky, lu DVcrlaive the sun. 
" Witli ^;rcal ^;r.i>s hal, and keri-liief 'And uacii itie slum; like llie scu- 

I'Uk. calf 

"Who louked ii|), wiili Ills kinj;ly " Its singing cave ; yei I caught une 

'l'f">'l- "Glatue ere away the Ixiai (|iiite 

"Said somewhat, while ihe oilier |>assed, 

sho'^k •• And neither lime nor toil could mar 

" !Iis hair I>ack from lii-i ( \es to look ••Those features : so 1 saw the last 
••Their loiiL;ist at us ; thin the l.'Ml. •" Of Waring I "— Vou ? Oli, never 
" I know not how, turned sharply star 

r';>ii><l. , Was lost here, Imt it rose afar I 

" I.a)ing liir wliole ^idr on the sea Look Kast, wiierc whole new llioH- 

' As a U'aping li>h does; from the sands are ! 

lee , In Vishnu-iand what Avatar? 


I KNOW ;i MiHinl, llic |^r:\ii()iis Sun 


lirst when lit' vi-,ii-i, ].m, lno, wlicn 

In- Icuvis 
The vMirld ; and, vcinly l.ivuiired, it 

re nays 
I lie daydiin^^' i;l<)ry <>l liis sttadfiist : 

lly no ch.xnt^o of its l;ir;;e calni front 

<if SIIMH. 

And undcrntMlh the Mi'unl.a Mower 

I knnw, 
1 Iccaniiot liave|H.'rciivLd,thatchant;c> 

Ai his approach ; and, in the lost eii- 

To live his Hfc, lias parted, otic \>y one, 
Willi all a (lower's true j^races, for the 

i;raee | 

(H liein^' l)nt a foolish niiniic sun, | 

Willi raydike florets round a diskdike i 

face. ' 

Men nobly call by niaiiy a ii une the 

As over many a land of theirs its lars^e j 
< ';din front of snow like a trimnphal | 

tari;e , 

I- reared, and still with old names, ' 

fresh ones vie, 
1- !ai li to its proper praise anil own j 

arcoant : ! 

Men call th- I'luwer, the Sunflower. ! 


Dh, .An'^il of the ivisi, one, one gold 

Across the waters to this I wdi(:ht nook, 
—The far sad waters, An^^el, lo this 

nook ! 


I)car ri!i;riin, art tliou lor the l^ 

intleed ? 
tiol Sa)in,' ever as thou do.-t pro- 
That I, 1 lencli Kudel, choose for my 

.\ >.unflo'\ir Oiilsjiread lik.' a sacrifice 
liefore its id(j|. .See! These ine.xpeii 
.An»l hurried lingers could not fail to 

The woven picture ; 'tis a woman s 

Indeed ; hut nothint; batlk-d nie, so, 

Ur well, the work is tlnishcd. Say, 

men feed 
On .sonys I sing, and theu'fore bask 

the l)ees 
Un my flower's breast as on a platform 

h.rond : 
Hut, as the flower's concern is not for 

l!ut solely for the ^un, so men applaud 
In vain this Kudel, he not looking here 
Hut to the Kast- the Kast ' Co, say 

this, I'ilirrim dear ! 





SuF. should never luve lof.kcd at me, 

If she nioaiil I should not love her ! 

Thercarc plenty . . . ii-icn. you (mII such, 

I sup|)ii-,c . . she iiuiy discover 
All her soul to, if she pleases. 

And yet leave imieh as she found 
thcui : 
Ihit I'u) uot so, and she knew it 
When she fixed nie, jjlancini^ round 

What? To fix mclhusnieint noihin^;? 
Hut I can't tell . . . there's my 
weakness . . . 
What her look said.'— novile cant, sure, 
.About "need to strew the bleakness 
'■Ofsonic lone six ire wiihitspearl-seed, 
"That tile .Sea feels'' -no "strange 
" Tliat sucli .souls hive, most to lavish 
" Where there's chance of least re- 

Oh, we're sunk enough here, Cod 
knows ! 
I!ut not quite so sunk that moments, 
Sure tho' seldom, are denied us, 

When tlie si^irii's true endowments 
Stand out plainly from ii, fiike ones, 

And apprise it if puisuiTij^ 
f )r the right way or the wrong way. 
To its triumph or undoing. 


There are flashes struck from mid- 
There are (ire -(lames noondays 
Whereby |)iled-up honours ])erish, 

Whereby swoln ambitions dwindle, 
While just this or lh;it poor impulse. 


Doubt you if, in some such moment. 

As she fixed me, she felt clearly, 
.\ges past the soul existed. 

Here an age 'tis reeling merely. 
And hence, (leets again for ages : 

While I lie true end, sole and single 
It stops here for is, this love-way. 

With some other soul t<f mingle ? 


Else it loses what it lived for, 

.\nd eternally must lose it ; 
lietter ends may be in prosi)ect, 

Deeper blisses, if you choo>e it. 
Hut tliis life's end and this love- 

Have been lost Iiere. Doubt you 
This she felt, as, looking at me. 

.Mine and her souls ruslu<l together? 

Oh, observe ! Of course, next moment, 

I he worM's h(jnours, in derision. 
Trampled out the light for ever : 

Never fear but there's provision 
Of the Devil's to (juench knowle<ige 
Lest we walk the earth in rapture I 
— Making those who catch (icKl's secret 
Just so much more prize their cap 


Such am I : the secret's 
.She ha.> lost me — I 

mine now 1 
have gaiiie<l 

and, thus, grown 


Which for once had play unstitlcd, .And th 

Her soul's mine 

I shall pass my lile's remainder, 
Life will just hold out the proving 
lioth our powers, alone and 
'ilended — 

ms the Sole work of a life-tin 


away the rest li.ive trilled. 

nd then, come the next life quickly 
This world's use will have been 





above, and night 

Tiikkk's Heaven 
hy niyht, 

I IcKjk right through its gorgeous 
roof ; 

Xo sun and moons though e'er so 

Avail to stop me ; splendour-jiroof 
I keep the broods of stars aloof: 
For 1 intend to get to (iod, 

1-or 'tis to (iod I speed so fast, 
I'ur in (lod's breast, my own abode, 

II lose shcals of dazzling glory pas;, 
I l.iy my spirit down at last. 

I lie where I have always lain, 

< iudsmiksaslle hasalways smiled ; suns and moons could wax and 


Kre stars were thundergirt. or piled 

The Heavens, ("hkI thoui^ht on me 

His child ; 
< )r(luined a life for me, arrayed 

Its circumstances, every one | 

To the minutest ; ay, God said 

I iiishead this hand should rest upon 
1 hus, eie He fashioned star or sun. 
And having thus created me. 

Thus rooted me. He hade me grow, 
<iuiltless for ever, like a tree 
That buds and blooms, nor seeks j 
to know I 

The law by which it prospers so : i 
iJut sure tiiat thought and word and 
deed ; 

All go to swell His love for me, I 
Me, made because that love had need 

Of something irrevocably i 

I'ltdged solely its content to l)e. 


\ es, yes, a tree which must ascend, — 
No poison -gourd foredoomed to 
stoop ! 
I have (iod's warrant, could I blend 

All hideous sins, as in a cup, 
To drink the niingled venoms up, 
Secure my nature will convert 

The draught to blossoming gladness 
While sweet dews turn to the gourd's 
And bloat, and while they bloat ii, 
As from the first its lot was cast. 
For as I lie, smileil on, full fed 

I!y luiexhau.-ted [lower to bless, 
I gaze below on Hell's fierce bed. 
And thijse its waves of flame op- 
Swarming i.i ghastly wretchedness ; 
Whose life on earth asjiired to Ik; 

One altar-smoke, so pure I— to win 
If not love like CkjcI's love to me, 

At least to keep His anger in, 
And all their striving turned to sin ! 
Priest, doctor, hermit, nKjnk grown 
With prayer, the broken-hearted nun, 

The martyr, the wan acolyte, 
The incense-swinging child, — undone 
Hefore (}od fashioned star or sun ! 
God, whom I praise ; how c( uld I 
If such as I might understand. 
Make out, and reckon on, His ways, 
Andljargain for His love, and stand, 
Paying a price, at His right hand? 






TilK rain set early in to-ni^ht, 

The sullen wind was soon awake, 
II tore llie elm-tops down for spile, 
And did its wor>t to vex the lake, 
I listened with hi.>art fit to break ; 
When t;li<led in I'Dijihyria : straic;lit 

Shesinil lliecold on! and ihestiirni. 

And kneeled and made the cheerless 


1lh\/c np. and all the cottatje warm ; 

Which done, she ro^c, and from her 

Withdrew the drippinj^ cloak and 
shaw 1, 
And laid her soiled j^loves 1)\', un- 
Ilcr hat and let the damp hair fall, 

An<l. last, she sate (low 11 hy my side 
And called me. When no voice re- 
She put my arm about her waist, 
And ma<ie litr smooth white shoul- 
der li.ire. 
And all her yellow hair displaced, 
And, stoojiini;, made my cheek lie 
And spread o'er all her yellow hair, 
.Murmurint; how she loved me ; she 
Too weak, for all her heart's eti- 
To set its strugglini:; jjassion free 

I'rom pride, and vainer tie^dissever, 
And t;ive herself to me for ever: 
JJut passion sometimes would prevail. 
\or could to-nii^ht's f;ay feast re- 
.\ sudden thought of one .so pale 

I'or love of her, and all in vain ; 
So. she was come through wind and 

Be sure I looked up at her eyes 

I'roud, very proud ; at last I knew 
Porphyria worshipped inc ; surprise 
Made my heart swell, and still it 
While [ dehateil what to do. 
That n\oment she was mine, mine, 
rerfe<-lly pure and j.;ood : I found 
.V ihiiiL; to do, and all her hair 

In one lons^ yellow strintj I wound 
Three times her little throat around. 
And strani;led her. >i'o pain fell 
she ; 
I am (piile sure she felt no pain. 
As a shut hud that holds a I>ee 

I warily oped her lids ; ai;ain 
Laughed the blue eyes without a 

.\nd I untightened next the tress 
About her neck ; lier cheek once 
Blushed bright beneath my burning; : 
I propped her head up as before, 
<')nly, this time //n- shoulder bore 
Her head, which druojjs upjn it 
still : 
The smiling rosy little head, 
So it has its utmost will, 

That all it scorned at once is fled, 
.\nd I, its love, am gained instead ! 
I'orphyria's love: she guessed not 
Her darling one wish would be 
.Vnd thus we sit together now. 

.\nd all night long we have not 
And yet (iod has not said a word ! 




A.-, 1 lidc, a.-, I ride, 

With a full heart for my L;ui(lc, 

So it; tide rocks my side. 

As I ride, as I ride, 

Thai, a.-^ I were d()u!)ie-ey(d, 

He, ill whom our Trifn/s conlidc, 

I>. descried, ways untried 

As I ride, as I ride. 


As I ride, as I ride 

To our Chief and iiis Aihed, 

Wlio dares chide my heart's pride 

As I I ide, as I ride ? 

Or are witnesses denied — 

Through the desert wa.ite and wide 

I)o I j^hde unespied 

A^ I ride, as I ride ? 


\> I ride, as I ride. 
When an inner voice ha.^ cried, 
TJH- sands shde, nor aliidc 
(.\> I ride, as I ride) 

O'er cacli visioned Homicide 
That came vaimtinj^ (has lie lied .') 
'l"o reside — where lie died, 
As I ride, as I ride. 

As I ride, as I ride. 

Ne'er has spur my swift horso ])lied, 

Vet his hide, streaked and pied, 

As I ride, as I ride, 

.Shows where sweat has spruiu; and 

— Zebra- fiK)tcd, ostrich-tiiij^hed — 

How has vied stride with stride 
i As I ride, as I ride I 
■ V. 

I .\s I I ide. as I rije. 

I Could I loose what Fate li.i> tied, 

: Kre I pried, she should hide 

i As I ride, as I ride, 

I .Ml that's meant me : satisfied 

i When the Prophet and the Bride 

! Slop veins I'd hav^• siitiside 

I As I ride, as I ride ! 



A C-Iin,li's MORV 
(UKirriN iOK, AM, INSCKIHKI, To, W . M. n,K Vdf.Srjl.K 


Ha.MI.I IN Towns ill Iiiii:;M\ ick, 

I'}' faiiioiis Haiiovcr cily ; 

The river Wcser, (ic(,|, and wide, 
^^a^!le^ ils wall on ine M.utherii 

side ; 
A plensanter spot youiieverspied; 

I'-ut, when l)ei;ins my diiiy, 

Almost live hun(Iie<l year, a^o, 

To se.,- ihe townsfolk sutler so ' 

Iruni vermin, was a pity. 



Tlicy f'>ui;ht the d,,^;s, and killed the 
And hit the hahies in the cradles, 
And ate the cheeses out of the vats, 
Andlieked the soup from the cook's 
own ladles, 
Split o)>en the keus of salted sprats, 
■Maile nests inside men's Sunday 

And even s|X)iled the women's chats 
Hy drownini; their sj^Mkiiii^' 
With shriekinj,' and s<|ueakin^^ 
In fifty <iifferent sharps and ilats. ' 

At last the people in a l.ody 

To the Town Hall came Hocking' : 
'"Tis clear,'' cried th.y, -our Mayor's 
a noddy ; 
"And as for our Corporation — 


"To think we luiy i;owns lined with 

'■ I'or dolts that't or won't dc- 

" NVhal's hest to rid lis of our vermin ! 
"\ou liope, hecause )ou'ie old and 

" To find in the Airry civi.- roi.e ease ? 
•• Rouse up. Sirs ! 'dive \our hraiiis 

a rarkin;^ 
" To find llie remedy we're l.tekiii^', 
"Or, sure ,ns fate, we'll send yJu 

packing; I " 
At this the Mayor and Corporation 
ijuaked with a mighty consternation. 


An liour they sate in council, 
^ At length the .Mayor hroke silence : 
"I'or a guilder Id my ermine gown 

Sell ; 
"I wish I were a nn'ie hence ! 
"It's easy lo hid one rack one's 

hrain — 
" I'm sure my po,,r head ai lies again 
'' I've scratched it so. and all in vain. 
" < )h for a trap, a uap, a trap '. " 
Just as he said this, what should haj) 
At ihechamlier door hut a gentle tap? 
" Bless us," cried the Mayor, - what's 

(With the Corporation as lie sal. 
Looking little though wondrous fat: 
N'or brighter was his eye, nor nioister 
1 han a too-long-opened oyster, 


Save when at ikkjh lii-, paunch (^rew 

1 or a plate nf turtlt.- jjreen and i^'lutin- 

" Only a scrapitig of shoos on the mat? 
•' An3thing like the sound of a rat 
■■ .Makes my heart go pit-a-pat!" 


"( ome in !" -the Mayor cried, look- 
ing bigger : 
At.d m did conit; the strangest figure ! 
I lis (|ucer long coat from lieel to head 
Was half nf yellow and half of red : 
And ne himself was tall and thin, 
N\ ith sharp hlue eyes, each like a'jiin. 
And light loose hair, yet swarthy skin, 
N) nut on check nor beard on chin, 
I. lit lip-, where suiilesweiit out andin— 
riu-re was no guessing his kith and 

kin I 
And noixMly rouM enough admire 
I he iull man and his cpiaint attire : 
ijuoth one : " It's as my great -grand 

" Starting u[) at the Trump of Doom"-- 

"Had walked ihis way from his 

painted londistone ! "' 

\ I. 

n.- advanced to the council-table : 
'\tid, " riease your honours," said he, 

" I'm able, 
"];y nieans<.f a secret charm, todi.w 
"All crcanires !i\ ing beneath lie sun, 
" 'I'liiit . reep, or swim, or tly, or run, 
'■ Al'cr iiie so :is ynu never saw ! 
■'A.iid 1 chiclly use my charm 
■■' >n cic.ilurrs that do people haiu!. 
Ilie mole, and •.<ad, and newt, and 
\ ipi r ; 
• And people call mc the I'ied I'iper."' 
And here they noticed round his neck 
A M-arf of red and yellow stripe, 
lo match with his coat of tlie self- 
same cheque ; 
And at the scarfs end liung a pipe : ; 
.\nd his fingers, they noticed, were j 

ever straying 
-V^ il impatient to be pla)ing I 

I'pon this pipe, as low it dangled 

Over Ills vesture so old-fangled.) 

'• Vet;' said he, " poor piper a.s I am, 

■^ In Tartary I freed the Ch.ani, 

" Last June, from his huge swarms of 

" I ea.sed in Asia the Nizam 
"Of a monstrous brood of vanipyre- 

bats : 
".\nd, as fur what your brain bc- 

, wilders, 

" If I can rid your town of rats 

I " Will you give me a thousand 

i guilders ? " 

"One? fifty thousand ; "-was the 

: exclamation 

I Ofthe astonished Mavor and Q)riX)ra- 

j lion. 


Into the .street the I'iper stept, 

Smiling first a little smile. 
As if he knew what magic slept 

In his (|uiet ]i\\>c the while; 
Then, like a musical adept. 
To blow the pipe his lips he wrinkled, 
And green and blue his sharp eyes 

Like a candle flame where salt is 

sprinkled ; 
.\nd ere three shrill notes the pipe 

\ou heard as if an army muttered ; 
-Vnd the imiitering grew to a grum- 

l)ling ; 
.\nd the gnmibling grew to a mighty 

rumbling ; 
And out of ihe houses the rats came 

Creat rats, small rats, lean rats, brawny 

ISrown rats, black rats, grey rats, tawny 

(irave old plodders, gay young friskers. 

I'alliers, n.others, uncles, cousins. 
Cocking tails and piicking whiskers, 

I'amilies by tens and dozens, 
Brothers, sisters, huslxands. wives — 
hollowed the I'iper for their lives. 
I-rom street to street he piped advanc- 

-And step for vlep they followed dancing, 



Until llioy i.inif tu iho riwr Wcvr 
Wherein ;ill pluiiL^cd and pci i^licd 
— S;ivcone who, stMiil as Julius C'wsar, 
Sw.itn across and lived to carry 
(As he the m.inuscript ho cherished) 
T(j homo his coniniontary, 
Which was, " At llio first shrill notes 

of the I'ipo, 
" I heurcj a ^dund as of scra])iiiL; Iriiio, 
"And ]iuniiii,' applos, svondrnus ri|)(;, 
" Into a ciilor-pross's erijie : 
" And a niovinj^ away of i)ickle-tul)- 

"And a loavin,; a ar of consorvo- 

"And a drawing; the corks "f Irain- 

"And a'.iroakin:; ihi; hucp. of Initfcr- 

''asks ; 
" ' 1 it sooniod as if a voire 
" .vector lar than liy harp or hy 

psa' ry 

lu . 1 called <nil, ( )h rat-. 

-rid is L;ro\\n to one vas! 
U-ry ! 

v< ,. on. '•I'lncli on, take yom- 

-t. Riip]X'r, dinner, luncheon 1 
as a liulky svi^;ar-|)uncheon, 
y stavc'i like a ^roac sun 

•arc , inch liof'TC nio, 

a-tii<- It it said Come, 
e ! 
th r rollint;o'er me." 

Von si: ulil heard the Hamelin 

Kint^inr; the hells til! iht-y rocked the 

steeple ; 
"do," cried the May<ir, "and get 

lonj; ]ioles ! 
" I'oke out the ne.-ts aixl lilock up 

tlie holes ! 
"Consult wIllicarjKiUcisandl.ailder.-.. 
"And leave in our town not even a 

"Of the ran!" — when suddenly iij) 

the face 


, h, 

c ■ 












Of the i'iper perked in the market- 

With a, " First, if you please, my 
thousand t^uilders ! " 


A thousand ruildors ! The Mayor 

looked blue ; 
.So did the ("or,xiration too. 
I'or council dinners made rare liavock 
With (Jlaret, Moselle, Vin-de-(Jrave, 

And half the money would replenish 
'I'heir cellar's biy^ butt with Rhcn- 
To pay this sum to a wanderin.; fellow 
With a L;ipsy of red and yellow I 
"Ik'side," (|Uoih the Mayor with a 

knowini; wink, 
'■ Our business was done at the river's 

brink : 
'• We .saw with otir eyes the vermin 

" And what's dead can't come to life, 

I think. 
••.So, friend, we're not the folks to 

■' I'r m the duly of i;ivini,' you some- 

tliliii; for drink, 
'•And .1 matter of money to put in 

V'lur poke ", 
" Hut, as for the guilders, what we 

"Of them, as you very well know, 

was in joke. 
" Heside, our losses have made us 

thrifty ; 
"A thousand (guilders! Come, take 


The pijier's face fell, and he cried, 
" N'o trifling I I can't wait, beside I 
'' I've promised to visit i)y dinner time 
" i;ai;dat, and accept the prime 
"()f the Head Cook's pottage, all 

he's rich in, 
•' l'\:Y having left, in the Caliph's 

'• Of a nest of scorpions no survivor — 
"^V'iih him I proved no bargain- 




■'With you, (ion't think I'll l)atc a 

stiver I 
'• And l()lls> will) put nie in a iiassinn 
" May liiid idc pipe to another 



"llow?" cried the .layor, "d'ye 

thiiilc I'll liook 
" IkiiiL; worx' trualcd than a Cook ? 
" Insiiliid l)y a lazy rih.ild 
" With idle pipe and vesture piehald ? 
"N'ou threaten us, felUnv ! Do )uur 

" l!li)\v your pi])e there till you Inirsl !" 


Once more he ste|)t into the street ; 

And to his hps a^ain 
Laid iii> liiii^' pipe of smooth straight 
r.iiie ; 
And ere lie hiew three notes (suili 
Soft notes as yet musician's cunnini,' 

Never ^'ave the enraptured air) 
There was a rusthn^', liial seemed lik<' 
a liustlini; 

< )l nurry crowils jusllin;; at pitciiiny 

and Imsthn^', 
Miiall feet were l«tterin}^, wooden 

shoes ckitterinj;, 
l-itilehandsciapping,aiid liuletongues 

I haltering, 
And, like fowls in a farm-yard when 

Irarley is srallering, 

< Jut cunie the chililren running. 
All the little lK>ys and girls, 

W ith ro>y cheeks and flaxen curls, 
And s))arkling eyes and teeth like 

pearls, i 

'rii]i])ing and skipping, ran merrily 1 

after | 

The wonderful nmsic with shouting ': 

and laughter. 


The Mayor was dumb, and the Council 

.\s if they were changed into Llock.- 

oi wood. 

I'nahle to move a step, or ciy 
To the children merrily ski|)ping by — 
.\nd could only follow with the eye joyous crowd at the I'i[Kr's hark. 
Hut how the Mayor was on tlie rack, 
And the wretched Council's lH)som.s 

As the riper turned from the High 

To where the Weser rolled its waters 
Right in the way of their sons aixl 

daughters ! 
However he turned from South to 

.Vnd to KopjH'ltwrg Hill his steps 

.And after him the children pressed ; 
Creat was the jo)' in every breast. 
"He never can that mighty top ! 
■' He's forcL-d to let the piping drop, 
•■And we shall see our children stf)p !" 
When, lo. as they reached the moun- 
tain's side, 
A wondrous {>orlaI o|-)ened wide, 
.As ifa cavern was suddenly hollowed ; 
And the I'iinjr .idvanced and thecliil- 

dren f ■Ilowcd. 
And when all were in > the very last, 
The doOr in the mouiUaiti side shut 

Did I say, all ? No ! One was lame. 
And cciuld not dance the whole of the 

w ay : 
-And in after years, if yf)u would blame 
His sadness, he was used to say, — 
" It's dull in our town since my play- 
mates left I 
" I can't forget that I'm bereft 
"Of all the ple.xsant sights they see, 
" ^Vhich the Piper also promi-ed me; 
" lor he led u> he .said, to a joyous 

"Joining the t<iwn and just z: hand. 
•' Where waters gushcfl and Eruit-tree-. 

'' And flowers put forth a fairer hue, 

** \rn^ t^yf*r\'th\f^rr ^f"-.- ff r-ir-'-.-. ...-.1 
- J t» ......jjV. oaivx 

new ; 
"The sparrows were brighter than 

peac(5cks here, 
"And their dogs outran uur fallow 




•' Aii(lli(»ricy-l)fc.slui(l losttheir stints, 
" And liurscs were Ijorii with tables" 

wing:, ; 
" And jiisi as I liecame assured 
" My lanm funt would Ijo speedily 

"Tlie music stup|«(land I stood still, 
'• And found myself outside the Hill, 
" Kelt alone aj^ainst my will, 
" 'I'o j^o now limpinj^ as liefore, 
" And never hear of that country 

more ! " 

Ala->, alas for I lanielin I 

There came into many a Imri^her's 

A text which says, that lleaven'> 

Opes to the Rich at as easy rate 
As I lie needle's e"e takes a camel in ! 
The M.iyor sent Mast. West, North. 

and .Soutli 
To otllr the ri()er liy word of month. 
Wherever it was men's lot to lind 
.'-Silver and j^old to his heart's content, i 
If he'd only return the w.iy he went. 
And l)rin;^'the children In-hind him. 
liut when they saw l was a lo-t endea- 
.Vnd riper and (Lmcers were j^one for 

They made a decree lawyers 
ShouM think their records dated 
If, after the day of the month and 

yeai . 
These words did not as well apjjcar. 
"And So loni; after what happene<l 
"On the Twenly-.second of July. 
" Thirteenhundredand Sevciity-si\ : " 
.Vnd the better in memory to tix j 

The place of the Children's List 

They called it, the Tied Piper's 

Where any one [il.iying on pipe or 

Was sure for the future to lose his 

Nor suffered they Hostelry or Tavern 
To shock with mirth a street .so 

solemn ; 
Hut op|)()>ite the place of the cavern 
They wrote the story on a cohnnn, 
.\nd on the (ireat Church Window 

The same, to make the world ac- 

I low their children were stolen away ; 
And there it stands to this very 

.\nd I must not omit to s.iy 
'["hat in Transylvania there's a tribe 
< )f alien pco|)|e tliat ascribe 
The outlandish ways and dress 
On which their ncii^hbours lay such 

To their fathers and mothers liavinj; 

Out <it some sublerr.ineous prison 
Into which they were trepanned 
Lont; time ayo in a mii^hty band 
Out of Hamelin town in lirunswick 

Hut how or why, they don't under 



So, Willy, let you and me be wipers 
Ol scores out with all men — esf)eci- 

ally pipers : 
And. whether they pi()c us free, from 

rats or from mice. 
If we've promised them au^ht, let in 

keep our promise. 

H^ - -13 ,-- ._.# Jfct_; 





I siKAN-r, to the siirrup, and Joris, At Acrschot, up Icaixvl „f a siul.len 

I t;a lo,K-<l p.rck gallopc.I. wc gal- ! And against him the callle stood Mack 

loufd all three; I everyone. 

G.kkI speed ! " cried the watch, as ' To stare ihr..' the mist at usgallnpinK 

tlie gate-lKjlts undrew ; j past, ' ^ 

'•Sp-cl ! " echoed the wall to us gal- ' And I'sa'w my stout galloper Roland through ; ^ at last, ^ 

!.ehind shut the postern, the lights Will, roolute shoulders, each 1 ullinii 

sank to rest, awav 

■^'"'Ju.'y.A'''-" "'''^"'Bht we galloped The 'haze, as some Muff river head- 

land its spray. 

Not a word to each other; we kept And hi. low head and crc^t, just one 

the great pace i sharp far bent I«c'k 

Aeck by neck, stride by stride, never For my voice, and ,Le oil> ^r oricked 

changing our phcc ; ! out on his track ; 

1 turned in my saddle and ni.ule ii-, j And one eye's black inielligence.- 

girths tight. ^.v,.r iluii glance 

Ihensh.riened e.achstiuup, and set I (3'er iis white edge at me, his own 

l!>epi<jue right. I master, ! 

Iv-bucKled the cheek-strap, chained And the thick spume-flakes 

sUckei the bit, uhicha\e and anon 

Aor gallofx.'rl less ste.adily Koland a His fierce 'lips .hook upwards in 


galloping on. 


By riasselt, Dirck groaned; and cried 

Joris, " Stay spur ! 
■ \ our Roos galloped bravely, ihe 

fault's not in her. 

'Twas moonset at starting ; but while 

We drew near 
I.Mkcren, the cocks crew ami twilight 

dawned clear ; 
■\t Hoom, a great yellow star canu; ' \Ve'n''rememl')'er''a't' A.^ '-fur one 

(mt to see ; heard the quick vshee.e 

-\i Uutfeldj iwas morning as pkiin as Qf h-.-r chest, saw the slretchcd neck 
, , V*"'" }f '' ami staggering knees 

.■\iul Ironi A echeln church-steeple we And sunk tail, and h,.nil)le heave of 

lieard the half-chime, the flank, 

-- loris broke silence with, "Vet As down on her haunches she shud- 

there is Ume ! Jered and sank. 




So we were UTt tjallopiiit^, Joris 
:ind I, 

I'ast l-oozand |);ist T<)iu;res, no cloud 
in the .^ky ; 

The I iron d ^nn al«>ve l:uii;!icd a piti- 
less laugh, 

'Neath our T- a Iiroke the lirittlel)ri^ht 
stuhhle like cliaff ; 

Till over hy Dalhem a dome-spirL' 
spraiiL; wiiite. 

All 1 "( iillop," gasped J(jris, " fcir Ai\ 
is ill sight ! " 


Thru I cast loose rny huffcoat, earh 

holster let fall, 
Shook otl'lHJth my jack-lxK)ts, let go 

l)elt and all, 
Sl'vwl \}p in the stirrup, leaned, patted 
I his ear, 

Calletl my Roland hi- iK;t-nume, my 
horse without |hi i ; 
kipix-d my hands, kuighed and >^ang, 
any noise, liail or g'Hxl, 
i Till at lengtli into Ai\ i\uland gal- 
j loiK'd and stujd. 


" I low they'll greet us ! " — and all in 
a moment his roan 

Rolled neck and croup over, lay dead 
as a stone ; 

And lliere w - my Roland to hear tlie 
\\hole \' I'^ht 

Of the new-, which alone could save 
Aix from her fate. 

With his nostrils like pits full of M.haI 
to the hrini, 

And with circles of ,l-<1 for his eye- 
sockets' rim. 

And all I rcmenil)er i^, friends (lock- 
ing round 

As I sate with hi^ heail 'twixt my 
knees on the ground, 

\nd no Voice l>ut was praising this 
Roland of mine, 

A-; I poured down hi^^ throat our last 
measui-e of wine. 

Which (tlu Imrges^e^ voted hy com- 
mon consent) 

Was no moie than his due who 
brought gocKl nev. from Ghent. 


[klokknck, 15 — ] 

I roL'l.D have painti'il pictures like | 
thai )t;ulh\ 
N'e [jiaisc so. How my soul springs 
ui) 1 No l)ar I 

Sta>x'd me — ah, tlioiighl which 
saddens w iiile it sootiies ! — 
Never <lid fate forl»id me, star 1))- 
To out hurst on yaur night with all my 
Of tires from (jod : nor would my 
flesh have shrunk 
From seconding my soul, with eyes 
And wide to Heaven, or, straight 
like thunder, sunk 
I o the centre, of an instant ; or 
Turned calmly and inquisitive, to 
Tlie liciiise and the limit, space and 
Allovs t(l to Truth made visihle in 
And, like that youth ye praise so, all 
\ saw, 
<),er the canvass could my hand 
have tlunij, 
i..ich face ohedient to its passion's 
I'ach passion clear proclaimed with- 
out a tonn;ue ; 
Whether IIoix; rose at once in all the 
A-liptoe for the blessing of embrace. 
( )r Rapture drooped the eyes, as when 
her brood 
I'ull down the neMlni; dove'- head 
to its place. 

Or Confidence lit swift the forelu- d 
And locked the niouili fast, like a 
castle braved, — 
O Ilunia'i fares, hath it spill, my cup? 
What did ye give me that 1 iiave not 
s;iv-ed ? 
Nor will I say I have not (ireamed 
(how well !) 
Of going—I, in each new picture, 
— forth. 
As, making new hearts I)eat and 
lM)M)ms swell, 
To l*o|)e or Kaiser, l',;ist, West, 
South or North, 
I{ound for the calmly satisfieti great 
(Jr glad a-spirin^' little Inirgh, it 
Mowers cast \i\Mm the c:ir which I)ore 
the freight, 
Throu;;h old streets named afre>h 
from its event, 
Till it reached home, where learned 
Age ;hould greet 
My face, and Youth, tlie star not 
yet distinct 
Above his hair, lie learning at my 
feet !— 
Oh, thus to live, I and my picture, 
With love abou', and praise, till life 
should end, 
And then not go to Heaven, but 
lingrr here. 
Here on niy earth, earili's every man 
my friend.- 
' The thoui^ht grew fri;;htful, 'twas so 
i wildly dear ! 







1^ mil 2.8 


ii m 

?^ 3 40 


II 2.5 





'653 Eqsi Men Street 

Rocfesler, Ne« -ck 14609 uSA 

'^'f 482 - 1)300 - Phone 

;"i(" 288 - 5989 - fat 



But a voice cliaiit;i_-l it ! i;iiiiij).-.e-. of 
such si[;lit> ] 

Have scared me, like tlie revels I 
thro' a door 
Of some .strange House of Idols at its | 
rites ; | 

This world seemed not the world it ' 
was before ! | 

Mixed with my lovinLj tru>iini; ones 
there trooped 
. . . Who smnmoned those rnld 
faces that hei^iin 
To press on me and judj^emc? Thu' 
I stooped 
Shrinking:;, as from the soldiery a 
They drew me forth, and spite of ine 
. . . enoui^h I 
These buy and sell our pictures, 
take and give. 
Oiunl them for yarniiure and house- 
hok' stuff. 
And wlu^re they live our piriures 
needs must live. 
And see their faces, listen to their 
Partakers of their daily pettiness. 
Discussed of, — "This I love, or this I 
"This liki's me more, and tliis 
affects me less ! " i 

Wherefore I chose my portion. If at 
My heart sinks, as monotonous I 
These endless cloistets and eternal 
With the same series, \'ir<;in, Babe, 
and Saint, 
With the same cold, calm, beautiful 
.\t least no mere hant traflies in my 
heart ; 
The sanctuary's j^louni at lea-t shall 
\'ain loiitjues from where my pic- 
tures stand apart ; 
Only prayer tireaks the silence of the 
While, blackening; in the daily 
They moulder on the damp wall's 
'Mid echoes the lii;ht fijfitstcp never 
.Sodie, my pictures ; surely, t;ently die ! 
Oh, y(juth. men praise so, -holds 
their praise its worth? 
lilown hnrslily, keeps tiie truinj) its 
ijolden cry ? 
Tastes sweet the water with such 
specks of e.irth ? 

"" --—-'"• - 


That second time iliey luintcd ine I 
i-ruin hill to pLuii, lium shore to sea, 
And Austria, houndiiij^ far and wide ' 
ller ijiood-hounds tluc/ the countrv- 

lireathedhot and instant on my trace, — 
I made .six days a hi<Hn^-|)lace 
<)l that dry yreeti old ai(uediict 
Where I and Charles, uluii boys, have 

plucked I 

The fire-llies from the mof ahove, | 

lUif^hl eree|)in^ tluo' the m.;ss they | 

— llow lony it seems since Charles ; 

was lost ! 
Six days the soldiers crossed and 

crosse<l I 

The country in my very sit;ht ; | 

And when that peril ceased at night, i 
The sky i)roke out in red dismay 
With signal-fires ; well, there I'lay j 
Close covered o'er in my recess, 
Up to I he neck in ferns and cress, '■ 

Thinking onMetternich our friend, | 
And (Jliarles's nn'serahle end, ' 

And much beside, two days; the third, I 
Hunger o'ercanie nie when I heard ' 
The [x^asants from the village go 
To work among the inai/e ; 'you know. 
With us, in Lombardy, they bring 
I'nivisions packed on nudes, a stiing 
With little bells that cheer their task. 
And casks, and ;,oughs on every cask 
To keep the sun's heat from the wine; 
'I'liese I let pass in jingling line, ! 

And, close on them, dear noisy crew, ' 
The peasants from the village, to.. ; 
l-^ir at the very rear would troop 
Their wives and sisters in a group 
To l-.elp, I knew ; when these had 

I threw my to strike the last, 
Taking the chance : she did not start. 
Much less cry out, but stooped n]iart 


One instant, rapidl) glanced round, 
And saw me beckon fii>m the ground: 
A wild bush grows and hides my ciypt; 
She picked my glove up while she 

A branch oft', then rejoiiiuc; ihc rest 
With that ; my glove lay in her breast : 
1 hen I drew brcalh: they disap- 
peared : 
It was for Italy I feared. 

An hour, and .die returned alone 
l-.\actly where my glove was ihrow,, 
-Meanwhile came many thoughts; on me 
Rested the hopes of Italy ; 
I had lievised a certain tale 
Which, when 'twas told her, could not 

Persuade a p-eas^Tnt lA its truth ; 
I meant to call a funk of youth 
This hiding, and give hopes of pay. 
And no tcmplaiiun to betray. 
l>ut when J saw that wi man's face, 
Its calm sinij-licity of grace, 
Our Italy's (jwn attitude 
In which she walked thus far. and 

Planting each naked foot so firm. 
To crush the snake and spare the 

worm — 
At hist sight (filer eyes, I said, 
" I am that man upon whose head 
" They fi\ the price, 1 ecause I hale 
" 'I he ,\uslrians over us : the Slate 
''Will give you gold— (,h, gold s.) 

" If you betray me to ihcir clutch ! 
" And beyour death, for aunht I know 
" If once they find you saved I heir toe. 
"Now. you must bring me f(.od and 

" And also paper, pen, and ink, 
" And carry safe what I shall write 
" Ti I r idun, which you'll reach at night 


" IJcfoic llie DudiiKi shiils ; s^o in, 
"And wail till Tcnebr^L' hcgin : 
" Walk Id tlie Third ( "nnfl'ssinnal, 
" Hctvvi-'c-n tiie pillar aiui the wall, 
" And kneeling whisfxr 7.'//f«i,' <w«cj 

peace ! 
" Say it a second time ; then cease ; 
" And if the vuico inside returns, 
'■'■From C/irhf and Free Jo m ; -what 

" 'J'ke faitse of Peace?— {ot answer, slip 
" My letter where yciii jilaced ynurlip; 
" Then come hack happy we have done 
"Our mother service — I, the son, 
" As you the daughter of our land ! " 

Three mornings more, she took her 
In the same place, with the same eyes : 
I was no surer of sim-rise 
Than of her coming : we conferred 
Of her own prospects, and I heard 
She had a lover— stnut and tall, 
She said —then let her e)clids fall, 
"He could do much"' — as if Sdinc 

doulit j 

Kntered her heart, — then, passing out, j 
' She could not speak for others — who ■ 
"Had other thouidits ; herself she 

knew : " " 

And so she hrought me drink and food. 
After fc>ur days, the scouts jnirsued ' 
Another i)ath : at last arrived 
The help my I'aduan friends contrived 
To furnish me : she hrought the news : 
l-'or the first tin-e I could not choose : 
l!ut kiss her hand and lay my own i 
U()on her head— "This faith was ^ 
shown I 

"To Itah', our mother ; — she j 

" Tses niy hand and hlesses thee ! " i 
.She followed down to the sea-shore ; ■ 
I left and never saw ber more. 

How very long since I have thouglit 
Concerning — much less wished for — 

_ aught" 
lieside the good of Italy 
For which I live and mean to die ! 
I never was in love ; anci since 
Charles proved false, nothing could 

My inmost heart I liad a friend ; 

However, if I jileased to spend 

Real wishes on myself — say, Three — 

I know al least what one should he ; 

1 wuidtl gra.Np Metternich imtil 

I felt his red wet throat distil 

In hlcMid thro' these two hands: an<' 

— Xor much for that am I perplexed — 
Charles, jicrjured traitor, for his part. 
Shoidd die sluw of a hrnken heart 
Under his new enijiloyeis : last 
— Ah, there, what should I wish ; 

I-'or fast 
Do I grow old and out of strength - 
If I resolved to seek at length 
My father's house again, how scared 
; They all would look, and unprepared ! 
; My brothers live in Austria's pay 
i — nisDwned me long ago, men say ; 
! And all my early mates who used 
To praise me so — perhaps induced 
Mure than one early step of mint 
Are turning wise ; while some opine 
, " Freedom grows Licence," .some 
I suspect 

I " Haste breeds Delay," and recollect 
They always said, such premature 
Heginnings never coidd endure ! 
So, with a sullen " All's for best," 
The land seems settling to its rest. 
' I think, then, I sliould wish to stanil 
This evening in that dear, lost land, 
< >v(r the sea the thousand miles, 
.Vnd kniiw if yet that woman smiles 
With the calm smile ; some little farm 
.She lives in there, no doubt ; what 

If I sate on the door-side bench, 
.\nd, while her spindle made a trench 
l''antastically in the dust, 
Inquired of all her fortunes— just 
Her children's ages and their names. 
And what may be the husband's aims 
For each of them — I'd talk this out. 
And sit there, for an horn- aliout. 
Then kiss her liand once mcjre, and 

Mine on her head, and go my way. 

.So much for idle wishing — how 
It s'eals the time ! To business now .' 

[piano di sorrento] 

I'oRTr, r-'ortii, my bclovt'd ono, 

Sit here by my side, 
On my knees |)ut up Ixitli li'lle feet ! 

I was sine, if I tried, 
I could make you lau[;h spite of 
Scirocco : 

Now, open your eyes — me keep you amused till he vanish 

In Mack from the skies, 
\\'ith telling my memories over 

As you tell your Leads ; 
All the memories i>hu-ked at Sorrento 

— The flowers, or the weeds. 

Time for rain ! for your lont; hot dry 
Had net-worked with brown 
The white skin of eaeh L;rape on the 
Marked like a quail's crown, 
Those creatures you make such ac- 
count of, 
Whose heads, — s|)ecked with while 
Over brown like a tjreat spider's 1 ack. 

As I told you last night, - 
N'our mother bites off for her supjKir ; 

Red-ripe as could be, 
I'omet^ranates were chappint^ and 
In halves on the tree : 
And lietwixt the loose walls of great 
Or in th: thick dust 
On the path, or straight out of the 
rock side. 
Wherever could thrust 
Some burnt sprig of bold hardy rock- 
Its vellow face up. 


I'or the prize were great butterflies 
Some fi\e for one cup. 
So, I guessed, ere I s;ol up this nn •ru- 
What change was in store, 
Hy the <juick rusile-down of the quail- 
Which woke me before 
I could open my shutter, made fast 

With a bough r.iul a stone, 
And look thro' the twisted dead vine- 
Sole lattice that's known ! 
<Juick and shar[) rang the rings down 
the net-i)oles. 
While, bii>y beneath, 
\"our priest and his brother tugged a! 
The rain in their teeih : 
And out upon all the flat house-roofs 

Where split figs lay drying, 
I'he girls took the frails under cover : 

Nor use seemed in trying 
To get out the boats and go fishing, 

For, under the cliff, 
Fierce the black water frothed o'er the 
\o seeing our skiflf 
Arrive about noon from Amalti, 

- Our fisher arrive. 
And pitch down his basket before us. 

All trembling alive 
With pink and grey jellies, your sea- 
— I ■"".! toucii tile strai'ige lumps, 
And mouths gape there, eyes open, 
all manner 
Of horns and of humps, 


Which Miily iIk; |i-,hcr li,,]^> j^iavc al. 

While louiid him likt- imps, 
Chn;^' scriMiniiii^ the rliildrcii as iialu-<l 

Aii'l lirown as his shrimps ; 
! limscir loo as l)aic to the middle — 

\'( 111 scr iouihI his nrcl< 
The ^Iriiii,' and lis lira^s (-oin -ii-- 
That saves Iiim from wreck. 
I>ul to-day not a h lat reached Salerno, 

So ha<"k to a man 
Came our friends, witli whose help in 
the vineyards 
(ira]ie-harvesl hes^an : 
In the \al, half-uav tip in our house- 
Like lilood ihe juice spins. 
W'hih' your hrolher all liarc.--legL;eil i^ 
Till breathless he t;rins 
I)( .-id-liealen, in ellort on effort 

'r<i ki rp the i;rapes under, 
Since si ill when he seeni-> all hul 
In pours the fresh plunder 
I'loin Ljirls who keep cmninL; ami 


With basket on shoul(h>r. 
And eyes shut at^ainst the rain's 
\'our Ljirls that are older, — 
I'or under the hedges of aloe. 

And wliere, on its bed 
Of the orchard's black mould, the 
Lies ptdpy and red, 
All the yo\nii^ ones are kneelint; and 
Their laps with llie snails 
Tem|)Ied out !iy lliis lirsl raiiu' 
weather. — 
\'our best of lepdes. 
As to-nit;hl will be pr<ived to m\ 
sorrow , 
When, suppini; in state. 
We shall fea^l our i^rape-Ldeaners (Iwn 
Three over one plate) 
Willi l:\sn<J!ie so tcinnlinLT 'o svvallow 

In sli])pery ropes. 
And tjoiirds trie<l in threat ))ur]ile slico. 
That colour of jiopes. 

.M cant inn , .-leellu- i;rapediuncti they've 
brouL;ht you, — 
The rain-water slips 
<J"cr the hea\y blue bloom on each 
W hich the wasp to your lip-. 
Still fillows wilh fretful per-i~lcnre - 

Nay, la->le, while .iwake, 
This half of a curd-while sm(«)th 
Thai peels, ll.ike by (lake, 
Like an onion's, each smoother and 
Next, sip this weak wine 
I-'rom the thin ^reeii t;lass tiask, with 
its stopper, 
A leaf of the vine, — 
And enil wilh the prickl) -pi'ar's red 
That leaves thro' its jui.e 
The stony black seeds on your [)earl- 
. . . Scirocco is loose I 
I lark ! the (juick, w histlini; |>ell of the 
Which, thick in one's Hack, 
Tempt the sirany;er to pick u]) and 
bile them, 
Tho' not yet half black ! 
How the old twisted olivt' trunks 
shudder ! 
The medlars let fall 
Their hard fruit, and the briitle great 
Snap off. figs and all. — 
For here comes the wlioK- of the 
tempest ! 
No refuge, Inil creep 
Hack again to ni\- side and my 
And listen or sK-ep. 

O how will your coiuitry show next 

When all tln' vine-boughs 
Have been slri])ped of their foliage to 

The mules and the cows ? 
Last evOi I rode (iver ih.e nioiuitains; 

\'our brother, my guide, 
Soon left me, to feast on ihe myrtles 

That offered, each side, 





Their fniit-l)a!ls, hbck, ^lussy and 
luscious, — 
Or striii Irum the suihs 

A I 

reasurc. so rosy and uoiulioi 

Of haiiy Ljold orl 
Hut my mule picked his suic, si.Ijci 
path mil. 
just stopping,' |c. iici^h 
When he recognised down in the valley 

I lis mates on iheir way 
Wiiiiihe lii^'^'ots, and harrelsol" water ; 

Anil soon we einerj^ed 
From the plain, wliere the womk 
Could scarce follow ; 
And still as we urj^ed 
Our way. ihe woods wnndeii'd, and 

left us, 
As up still we trudi^ed 
Thou^;h the wild jjath i^iew wilder 
each instant, 
And jjlace was e\ 11 L;rudt;e<l 

Oil heaven, and the teinhle crystal '. 
No ranipari e\i hules 

Diir eye from the life to he lived 

In tlie 



lilu'les ! 


I, thiise mountaiii>, tneir inhnile 

movemefil I 
Still inovini; with you— 
lor, ever some new head and hreast 
of iheni 
TliiusN into view 
1 1> oli,-,erve the intruder— you see it 

If quickly yiiu turn 
And, Ix'fore they escajie you, surprise 
them — 
They grudj^e you should Lam 
How the soft plains iliey look on, 
lean over. 
And love (they pieleiid) 
Cower beneath them : the flat sea- 

[)ine crouches, 
'i'he wild fruit-trees bend 

'Mid the Mick-chasms, and jiiles ..f; l.'en the myrtle-leaves curl, shrink 

loose stones 
(Like the ln( ,e broken teeth 
Of some monsier, which clinil)c'd there 
to die 
From the ocean beneath) 
Place was grudjjed to the silvcr-gre) 
That clung to the path. 
And <lark rosemary, ever a dying. 

That, 'spite the wiiurs wiath. 
So loves the salt rock's face to sea- 
And lentisks as staunch 
To the stone w here they rcKJt and bear 
berries, — 
And . . . what shows a branch 
Coral-coloured, transparent, with cir- 
Of pale seagreen leaves — 
Over all trod my mule with ihecautiun 

Of gleaners o'er snea\es, 
Slill, foot after foi't like a kuK 

So, rouiiil allei oinul, 
I le cliiiibi-d to llle up i>t ( ;d\ah ., 

And ( iod's own (jnilnund 
Was above me, and ruund ine the 
And under, the sea, 
And within me, my heart to bear w ilne-ss 
\\ hat wua and shall be 1 

md shut- 
All is silent and grave — 
'Tis a sensual and timorous I)eauiy— 

How fair, but a slave ! 
So, I turned to the sea,- -and there 
As greenly as ever 
Those isles of the siren, your Galli ; 

No ages can sever. 
The Three, nor enable their sister 

To join them, — half-way 
On the voyage, she looked at 
No farther to-day ; 
Tho' the small one, just launched in 
the wave. 
Watches breast-high and steady 
I'rom under the rock, her bold 
Swum half-way already, 
lorlii, shall we sail ihere logelher 

And see from llu' sides 
\Mii!e luu i.pck^ vli(,\v iheir lace? - 
new hauiils 
\\ here liie >iien abides y 
>hall we sail rnund and rouml them, 
ci(rse 1 iver 
The rocks, tlui' unseen, 
That rutlle the grey glassy water 
I u i;iorioUb green ? 



Tlica scramhlo Inim spliiiiL-r Ui 

l\eacli l.iMil .mil oxplDrt', 
Oil the^'csl, tlic strange sijii.irc 
l>l:ick nil 111 

With iicvtr .1 (liKir, 
Just a loi'ptii adiuit thci|uick li/ards; 

Then, stand tlicTc and h<.ar 
The \)ir(W (juiet siIl^in^^ that tell, ih 

\Vhat lile is, so clear I 
The secret liiey san^ to Ul\sse.s, 

When, ages a<j;n, 
lie heard and he knew this life's 

I hear and I kiiciw I 

All, see 1 The >ini lueaks u'er Cal- 
vano — 
lie strikes the threat i^looin 
And tlulters il <)"er the inminl's 
In airy L;old fume ! 
All isover I Look out, see lheg)-|)^}-, 

( )ur tinker and smith, 
lias arrived, set up hellowsand f )rt;v. 

And d(>\vn-S(|uatted forthwith 
To his hammerin;^, under the wall 
there ; 
One eye keeps aloof 
The urcliins that itch to he |nitlin^ 

His jews'-harps to proof, 
While the oilier, ihro' locks of 
curled wire, 
Is watchiiii; how sleek 
Shines the hoi;, come to share in the 
— An abbot's own cheek ! 
All is over I Wake u[) and come out 
And (low II let us go, 
.\nd see l" 

At Church lor the show 
( )f the Sacrament, set forth this even- 
, ing ; 
T. .-miirrow's the l-'ea-t 
Ofihc l\.)vary"s X'iigin. by no means 

Uf \ irgins the K-ast - 
As )iiu"ll hear in ihe otl-hand dis- 

C- 'lif'-c 

Which i,all nature, no arl^ 

The D.iiiiinicaii brother, these three 
Was gelling by heart. 
\ot a post nor a hut's dizened 

With red and blue pajK'rs ; 
.\11 the roof waves with riblxms, eaili 
.\-blaze with long tajxirs ; 
Hut the great masterpiece is the 

Kigged glorious to hold 
.VI 1 the tiddlers and fifers and drum- 
And tr\im|)elers bold, 
Xot afraid ot Uelliiii nor Aiiber, 

Who. when the ])riest's hoarse. 
Will strike us up something that's 
I'or the feasfs second course. 
.\ntl then will the tlaxen-wigged 
lie carried in jiomp 
Thro" the pl.iin, while in gallant pro- 
The priests mean to stomp. 
And all round the glad church lie old 
Willi gunpowder stojiped, 
Wh! h will be, when lite Image re- 
Religiously [jopped. 
And at night from the crest o( 
(Ireat bonfires will hang, 
< )ii the [)lain will ihe trumpets join 
And more po|)pers bang ! 
At all events, come — to the garden, 

As far as the wall, 
See me tap with a hoe on the plaster 

Till out there shall fall 
.\ scorpion with wide angry nipi)ers i 

. . . " Such trilles '"—you s;iy i" 
lortii, in my l^ngkind at home, 

Men meet graveiy to da) 
And debate, if abolishing ( •nn laws 

Is righteous and wise 
— If til pripper, Scirocco should 
III black from the skies ! 


Just fur a handful of silver he 
left us, 
Just for a riband to stick in fiis 
coat — 
I'ound the one gi*'t of uhich foruinc 
bereft us, 
Lost all the others she lets us 
devote ; 
They, with the f^old to give, doled 
him out silver, i 

So much was their's who so little 
allowed : 
How all our copper had gone for his 
service ! ! 

Kags — were ihcy purple, liis lieart 
had l)een [jroud ! 
We that hud loved him so, followed 
him, honoured him. 
Lived in his mild and magnificent 
Learned his great language, cauglit 
his clcpr accents. 
Made him our pattern to live anfl 
to die ! 
Shakespeare was of us, Milton was 
for us, 
lUirns, Shelley, were with us. — 
they watch from their graves ! 
He alone breaks from the van and 
the freemen. 
He alone sinks to the rear and the 
slaves ! 


We shall march prospering, — not 
tliro' his jiresence ; 
Songs may in-^iiirit us, — n<it from 
his lyre ; 
Deeds will be done, — wiiile he boasts 
his ciiiiescence. 
Still bidding croiich whonj the rest 
bade a>pire : 
lilot out his name, then, - record one 
lost soul more. 
One task more declined, one more 
foot[)ath uutrod. 
One more triumph fur devils, and 
sorrow for angels, 
One wrong more to man, one more 
insult to (iod ! 
Life's night begins : let him never 
come back to us ! 
There would be duubt, hesitation 
and pain. 
Forced praise on our part — the 
glimmer of twilight. 
Never glad cumiden' morning 
again ! 
Rest fight on well, for we taught him, 
— strike gallantly, 
Aitn at our heart ere we pierce 
through his own ; 
Then let him receive the new know- 
ledge and wait us, 
I'ardoned in Heaven, the first by 
the throne ! 


il »:, .■ 


Ai.i.'s over, then - d. iln innli .sound 
As one at rii>L l>clic\e-. ? 
Il.irk, 'lis the sparrow's go(Ml-nii;ht 
Alxjut yi>iir cottage cavc.i I 

AimI ilio Ic.if-lmils on the vine are 

I noticed that, to-day ; 
Une da) nicjre bursts tluni open fully 

— \'<n know the red turns gray. 


Mere friends are we,— well, friends 

the merest 
Keep nuich that I'll resign : 


lor each glance of tliat eye so lirigiit, 
and lilack, 
Though I keep uiili heart's ende.i- 
vour, — 
Vour voice, wlieii you wi^h the snow- 
drops hack, 
Though it stays in my soul for 
ever ! — 


— Vet I will hut s;iy what mere 
friend 1 say. 
Or only a thought stionger ; 

To-morrow we meet the same tlien, \ I will Iiold your hand but as long as 
'icaresl .■' | ,^]\ ,„ay, 

May I take your hand in mine ? j Or so very little longer .' 



Hark ! where my blossomed [Kar-tree 

in the hed^e 
Leans to the lieUl and scatters on the 

r.lo.ssoms anil dcwdrops-at the t)cnt 

1 hat's the wi^c ihriish : hesins^s each 

son;^ t\\ ice iivti. 
I.est you bhoiilil think he never could 

The first tine careless rapture I 
! And lhoUf;h the tieldb look rough with 

hoary dew. 
All will be (^ay when iir>onlide wake.s 
I anew 

• Jr.-,,, I '^"^ l)uttercup.s, the little children'^ 

And after April, when May follows, | dower, 

And the whitethr.,al build.s, and ail —Far bri}.'htcr than this .-audy melon- 
thc swallows — llower. 

OiT, to he in T:ni,'lan<l 

Now that April's tiicre. 

And whoever waives in Ijii^land 

Sees, some iiioriiin}^. unaware, 

That the lowest boughs and 'he biusli- 

WMod sheaf 
Round the elniliec bole are in tin\ 

While the rhaflinch sings on the 

orchard bough 
In England- now ! 



NoBiY, nobly raj.e Saint \ incent to ,' "Here and here did F.nrl ml heli. 

»ln, t\rirl li tf^.ct A',., A i • . . . L*. . . • 

the north-west died awav ; 
Sunset ran, one glorious biond-red, 

reeking into Cadi/ liav ; 
Bluish mid the burning water, full in 

fare Trafilsjar lav : 

inc. — how can I litlp Kiigla 
uhoso turns as I, this evening, 
turn to (lod to pruse and 

In the (bnnne-t norlh-easi distance. While fove's planet rises yonder, 
(iawned(.;ibraltargrandandgra} ; .silent over Airica. 



[k,,mi,, 15—] 

Vami V, viiih the prcach.-r, vanity ! \cl still my niche i^ not su crainiKd 
Draw r..ui),| my hfii . in Aii>ehn kcc])- but thence 

in^' luck .•' ( ),,,, sees the iiul|iit n' the cpistle-side, 

.Nephew, -s.Mis mme . . . ah CI.hI. And snmewiiat ..f the, those 

Iknuwii,,t! Well- silent scuts, 

Mie, men wniM liave to l,e y.,ar Arui up int.) the aery dome where live 

mothrr once, JU^. ;i|,^, a,„l ;i ^unl.eam's sure t.. 
( ilil (1. mil, 41 en\ie(l nie, sn fair ^\u- lurk: 

.... ";•'',• . , And I shall till my slahufhasah there, 

What s done is d.,ne, and she i-, <K.h1 And 'neath my tahernacle lakcmy rest, 

,, '^■'•''li-'- With those nine columns lound me, 
Dead 1 01,)^ a^o, an.! I am lii^hop tw,. and two, 


And as she tiled so niust we die our- 
And thfiue ye may perceive the 

worlil's a dream. 
Life, !iow and what is it ? As heir I 

In ihis slate-chamhcr, dyini^ hy dc- 

Hours and loiii; hours in the- dead 

nit;hl, I a-,k 
"Do I live, am I dead?" IVace. 

peace seems ail. 
St. I'raxed's ever was the church !or 

peace ; 
And .0. ,il„,iil (hi-. I, null <.;' mine. j 

With tooiji aiid II lil lo save my ni.hc 

ye kn..u : 
- Old «Mnd.>lt" cc./in.ii 111.-, dr. pile 
111', c.iie : 

The odd <;ncal my feel where .Xnsehn 

stands : 
Peach-blossom marlile all, the rare. 

the ri|)e. 
As fresh]ionred red wine of a mighty 

— Old (iandolf with his paltry onion- 
I'lit me where I may look at him ! 

True- peach, 
K<',y ;ind (lawless : how I earned the 

pri/e ! 
Draw cl,i.-,e: that Conilagration of my 

chun h 
What then? .So much wa^, saved 

if aught wrre mi>seii I 
My sons, ye would not l,r my death? 

( !o dig 
'i he wiiilegrapr \ iiiry ud \\ lirre the 

oil-pies-, slooil, 
>rop watei rcntly till the sm lacesinks. 

Miicwcl w.c that s'aleh from out ih,- \n,l li" . .. 1;,, 1 m, < 1 11., 

niur S.iuth 

not. I 

lie graced his cirioii with, Cod Heddcd in ,'ovenf rotten lloKaves s.,ft 
cur:=c the same ! And cordc<l up in a light olive-frail, 


'nil. I:ISII()1"S 'IT)Mit 



uiiiri, ;ih 

< iinl, "f /i7/*/i lazuli. 

llij^ a-. .1 lew ^ In .111 (111 lift at iIh: ii:i[>c 
llie Miuii'iina': 


as a Villi '«ci 
• II h; 

S'Mi^, all liavi- I III Miii-atiK-i! \uw, villa 


( )MC Mm k, |illU \\l 

It h .1 a in 



plflil\ ja-jK 

nil u (u re 111 

llic Will III 

Ami li i\c 

llnrvis li 

I liut.'^l. Irav 

ar li 

That liravp l''ra-.i aii villa wiih ii •. Iiaih, 
Si>, let till.' blue lump jmiIno IkI'aicii 

my knees, 
I.iLc <ii)<l like lalhtr's I'luU- on imih 

his haiuls 
\r wnrsliip in the Jf>ii Cluirrli su 

lurOandult ^liall \v'\ iliniisc' IkU st-i- 

and j.iirst I 
^'■wift as a wiaM'r's sliultli- (Kfl mir 

)i.'ars : 
Man i^iX'th I') the ^'rivf, and wIhh' is 

I)i(l I SI)- I a^ali Inr my slali, sons? 

' I'was ever antiijiie-lilark I meant ! 

1 low else 
>hall ye contrast my frieze to come 

beneath ? 
The has-reliel in iiri>n/e ye ])riimised 

Those Pans and Nymphs ye wot of, 

and perchance 
Some trijxid, thyrsus, \\ it h a vase or so, 
riio Saviour al his sermon on the 

St. I'raxed in a ^'lory. and uiie I'aii 
Ke.ady lo twitch the Xyiiiph's last 

tjarnient ntf, ; 

And Moses with the tallies . . . hut i 

I know 
\'e mark nic nui ! \\ hat do tlu-y 

whisper thee, 
Child of my Imwels, An-elni? Ah, 

ye hope 
To revel down my villas while I L,'a-|) 
Ihicked o'er with in't^t^ar'-. inoulily 

Which (landoll liiini hi. Iniuliiiip 

chuckles al ' 
Xay, Imys, ye love iik -all of j.i pi i, 

then ! 
'Tis jasper ye sianii pJedL^eU to, ic4 1 

My Uith must needs be left behind, 

ala;3 1 


r ye, ;iiid brown (iicck 

maniisi rip!-. 

And niistress.'s with t;ii.ii siiinolh 

iiuiibly limbs i 

That's if \e carxe my epitaph ari^iil, 

{'hoice I-atiii, picked phrase, Tuily's 

evi-ry word. 
No L;aiidy ware like (iaiidolfs hccoiid 

line- - 
Tuily, my iiLisiersi* llpian selves 

his lu I'd ! 
And then hnw I sh.ill lie ihiou^h ci n- 

llllic ., 

And hear the iilcsscd imilli r nf the 

.\nd SIT (iiKl m.iije and eaten all da\ 

And licltiie siiad) i aiuile-liame, ami 

(ioiiil sIroiiL; thick sliipi fyinj4 incense- 

siiioke I 
I'lr as I lie hcK , houis of the dead 

l>)in}; in si.iie ami by such blow 

1 lold my amis as il they clasped a 

And stretch my feet forth straight as 

slone can [xiint, 
.\nil kl ihe bedclothes for a inortcloth 

Into j^reat laps and folds df sculptor's- 

work : 
And as) on tapers dwind'e, and slraiige 

(irow. Willi aieilain hiiiiin.i'ii; in niv 

Almiit ihe life beloir I li\i'' this life. 
And lliis life too, I'o|k's, ( aMlinals and 

St. Praxed al hi^ m 1111011 on the iiioiint. 
\'iiiil tall pale liiolht 1 w iih hi-r t.'ilking 

t \es, 
.Ami iiew-fiund aL;ate iiin^ as Iresh as 

And marble's lanj;uaye, Latin puic, 



— Aha, Ki.iu Ksci:i!.\r (jiiotli our 

friend ? 
No Tiilly, said I, inpiaii at the l.isl ! 
Kvil and \nkf liatli I icon my |)ili;rim- 

All /„//\-, all, .>ons : l':i>e 1 -ivc the 

My villa-, : will ye ever eat iviy heart? 
F.ver your e\es were as a lizard's 

They <;litter like your mother's tor my 

Oryewould heighten myim|)overished 

Piece out its starved desii^n, and till 

my vase 
With grapes, and add a vizor and a 

And to the tripod ye would tie a 

That inliisstnigglc throws the thyrsus 

'l"o comfort me on my entahl.Uure 
Wheyeon t am 'o lie till I must ask 

I .,■ 

'"Do I live, am I dead ? ' There, 
I lea\e me, there I 

, i'or ye have stahhed me with ingrati- 
To death yewi^h it— (lod, yc wish 

it 1 Stone - 
(jritstoiie,a-cruml)lel C'lanniiys(|uares 

\\hit:h sweat 
As if the corpse I hey keep were oozinL' 

And no more /u_,Vs to delight the 

world I 
Well, go ! I l.los yv. Fewer tajK-rs 

lUit in a row : and, going, turn your 
Ay, like departing allar-ministrants. 
And leave me in my cluirch, the 
church for ])eace, 
i That I may watch at ki-,ure if he 

leers — 
I Old (iandolf, at me, Aum his onion- 
j stone, 

I *\s still he envied lue, so fair she was ' 



THE FI.OWKr's name 

I. I Till she pave inc, wilii pride to e 

ilF.RF.'s the garden she walked across. ' no slip, 

Ann in my arm, such a short while , „.,''^ '^"" meandenni; Spanisli name. 
j.j^Pj. . 1 What a iianie ! was ii love ur 

Hark, now I pu-h its wicket, thenioss ; , i"''''^>' • 

I Under, the hinL;cs and mpkes them ' "'l'^'^''''' l>alf-a'-leep, or son- half-! ■ I ^ ^^^^■^'^'^? ^ ., 

She must have reachc.l this shnil) ere i ' '"";'' ''-■^'"'^ Spanish, one of these 

she turiv d. 
As hack with thai murnuir the « ickel 
s\\ uni^ ; 
I"or she laid the poor snail, my chance 
foot spurned. 
To feed and firt^et it the leaves 


Down this side of the c; ravel -walk- 
She went while her rohe's cdL;e 
brushed the liox : 
And here she ])aused in her cjracious 
To point me a mulh on the milk- 
wliiie l1o\. 
knse,, rani^ed in valiant row, 

1 will never think that siie ])asscd 
you hy ! 
She loves you nohle roses, I know ; 

1 1 ays. 
Only for that blow sweet name's 


Roses, if I live and do well, 

I may bring her. one of these 

To fix you fast with as fine a spell, 
t'it yoii each with his Spanish 
phrase ! 
Hut do not detain me now ; for :-Iie 
There, like sun-hine over the 
And ever I see her soft white fmi^ers 
Searchini' after the bud --he f.iund. 

liut yonder, see, where he rock- t,-, ,„ . . c • i i i .i . 

, •' ,. ', ' Hower, you Spaniard, look that \du 

plants he i . 

* i urow not. 


.Stay as yuu are and be hived fi>r 

This flower she stopped at, fnis^er on Hud. if I kiss you 'lis tlinl ym! blow 
lip, not. 

Stooped over, in doubt, as settling Min<i, the shut pink mouth f)j)ens 
its claim ; i ivver ! 




I'oi' u 1 ilc lliiis ii |)i)uis, licr ringer> 

Twinkling; llio aiid.icioiis leaves l)e- 

Till round lluy turn and down they 

nestle — 
Is not thedenrniarl< ^till to he scon? 

Where I find her nui, heauties vanish ; 
Whitiier i follow her, hcaulics 
ile<; ; 

Is tliere no niciho<i to tell her iri 
June's twice Juiie since she breathed 
it with me ? 
Come, biul, show me tlie least of her 
Treasure my lady's liL;htest foot- 
— Ah, you may tloui and turn up 
your faces 
Koses, you are not '-o fair after 



I. [ Joins to a lip of qum, pure amber ; 

riac^ne take all your ])pdants, say I ! i When he'd be private, there mi!;ht 
lie who wrote what I hold in my 
Centuries hark was so rrood as to die, 

Leavint; this rubbish to cumber the 
land ; 

This, that was a book in its time, 
Printed on paper and bo\md in 
bast month in the white of a matin- 
Just when the birds san^; all to- 

Into tlio [garden I brought it to read, 
And under t!ie arbule and laurustine 
i\ead it, so ' 

I he spen<l 

Hours alone in his lady's chamber: 
Into this crevice I dropped our 


Splasli. went he, as imder he <lucked, 
— I knew at the bottom rain-drip- 
pini;s stai^iiate ; 
Next a handful (if blossoms I plucked 
To bury him with, my bookshelfs 
magnate ; 
Then I went in dof)rs, brought out a 
Half a cheese, and a bottle of 
t:hablis ; 

1 it, so hel[) me grace in my need, ' Lay on the grass and firgot the <]af 

l''rom title-page to closing hne 
('liai)ter on chapter did I count, 

As a curious traveller counts .Stone 
heiige ; 
Added up the mortal amount ; 

And then proceeded to my revenge 


\ onder's a plum-tree, with a crevice 

Over a jolly chapter of Rabelais. 


Now, this morning, betwixt the moss 
And gum that locked our friend in 
A spider had spun his web across, 
And sate in the niitlst with arms 
a-kimbo : 

An owl would build in, were he So, I took pity, for learning's sake. 
l)Ut sage ; And. de profundis, aiceutihus littis, 

For a lap of moss, like a fnie [)nnt-levis j Cantati; ! (juoth I, as I got a rake, 
"'1 a castle of the middle age, ! Andup Ifishedhisdelectablelreatise. 




Here you have it, dry in the sun, 
With all the liinding all of a 
And great blue spots where 'he ink 
has run, 
And reddish streaks that wink and 
O'er the pa;^e so beautifully yelhjw — 
Oh, well have tlie drojipings j)layed 
their tricks ! 
Did he guess how toadstools grow, 
this fellow ? 
Here's one stuck in liis chapter six ! 


How did he like it, when the live 
Tickled and lnused and browsed 
him all over. 
And worm, slug, eft, with serious 
Came in, each one, for his right of 
trover ; 
V.'hen the water-beetle with great 
blind deaf face 
Made of her eggs the stately de- 
And the newt borrowed just so much 
of the preface 
As tiled in the top of his black 
wife's closet. 


All that life, and fun. and romping, 
All that frisking, and twisting, and 
c upling. 
While slowly our poor friend's leaves 
were swam[)ing, 
And clasps were craCKing. and 
rovers suppling ! 
As if you had carried sour b'hn K'^tx 
To the play-!i(jvHe at I'an-. X'ier.n.t, 
or Munich, 
Fastened him into a fronl-row box. 
And danced off the 15allel with 
trousers and tunic. 


Come, old martyr ! What, torment 
enough i- it ? 
Hack to my room shall you take 
your sweet sell I 
(lood-bye, niotlier-beetk' ; husband- 
eft, jv////, -/.'.' 
See the snug niche I have made on 
my shelf: 
A.'s book shall prop you up, I5.'sshall 
cover yoii, 
Here's ('. to be gra\x- \\ith, or D. 
to be gay, 
And with i;. on each side, and F. 
right over you, 
I)ry-rot at lase till the [udgment- 
day ! 


[a.n'cikn rkcimkJ 

Now ihal T. 




iyin'j; iliy glass mask ' Had I 1 

111 all cf tliem, ihf^f and {hy 

y ga/c thri)' ih, 
ciirlini' whiiclv, 



As ihnn plicsi i!iy in this dcviTs T 


Wliich i 


I rc.i^un 
lal a uilil cr, ,\m1 

pleasures ! 
carry pun' deaih in 

s the 


|"iis(in to poisini lu I . 



an carnnrr. a 

signet, a fan-ni.ninl 
iiaskci ! 




L- is with her; and they know that 


I 1 


ere they are, what they d.i : ihey 

Soon, at the K 
to pive 

mere jozenee 


ieve my tears (lo,\ 

And I'auline should hav( 

While they ]:w^h. iauidi at nu-. at 


o llie drear 


lied t 

ty cliiiri h, to pray Cod in, fo 

them !--I am here. 

mnuites to li\e I 
lint tolit^ht a pastille, an.l ]• 

just tliir'y 

iise, with 

And her hre 
her hand> 

ast, and her arms, 
slioiild drop de:uj 



< Irind away. 


'listen and mash up thy 


()nick— is it finished ? The ml 

IVnin<l at thy powder, - I 

am n<ii m 

tofj t^rim ! 


i-llir -it il 


an<l oliseue lli 

straiii;e tiinis. 

Why not softlikf the phial's;, enti 

and dim ? 
Let it hri'diU-n hiT ilrink 

lian ijo uhere ni 
1 Ih 

len wail me and 

It and stir. 

-nil e al 111- l\u 


And try ii a 
pre I' 

ii'l la-te, ere 

et her turn 

she 11 



Ah, the lir 

m the moriar— you lall it a What a drop! S! 


million like nu 

■t 1 

iille. Ill) 

ave tree whence sueh gold 1 hat's why -| 

oo/niL's eoni( 

le ensnared him : thi 

nd yonder soft DJiial. llie evouisit 


lie\er will fre( 

,1 c. 

sun- to la 

-le sweetly,— is that [ 

-say. "no 

'.s' gf 

loison To that pulse's magniliceiii come-and- 





IX. XT. 

Foronlyl;i^,i tliey wliispered, Is it (l<nv? Tiikc my iiinsk off! 

' Itrou^lil Xay, 1,(- iiMi nicrnM', 

My own eyes lo .m li.r .■,.., ii,,tl Ii kills her. ;in'l \\u- (ii..vciit:, seeinj; 

I lhuiij:^lil it ,-!,,„• : 

< oukl I keep iIkiu one h.ilf iiiiiuiio 'I'lie deli' ,ile ci|-i.|ilel, my whole foi- 

fixed, she \v.>ul<l fill, tune's fee- 
Shrivelled ; she fell nut ; yet lliis If it huiis ii.r, l.e-ide. e;ui it ever 

d<;es it all ! ' l,,irl nic? 


Xosv, take all ni\- jewel-, j^'ort^e Ljold 

Not that I hid ymi sjiare lier the to yfiur till, 

P'l'n ! \'()ii may ki^s me, old man, on my 

Let death lie felt and the proof mouth if you will ! 

remain : Hut hrush this dnst off me, lest horror 

1-irand, hum up. hite into its grace— it hrings 

He is sure lo rememher lier dyint,' Kre I know it ne\lniomini I danee 

liii'e ! ' al the Kini^'s ! 

» A 



IT is a lie— their r'ricsts, their I'upe, ! Hut wlien I faulter Heh 


ir .•..uiits, tlieir . . . all they fear " Ha? 

ran s name, 

nr nolle 


md lies — there ! tl 


ith the fatiicr ; " miirh I 





ing, there ! 

e sin ; yet svheref.>re idly cjrieve ? 

espair not, — strenuously retrieve! 

walls and " Xay, I will turn this love rif il 

There, lies, they lie, shall still he 

Till s|)ite of them I reach the World ! 


You think I'riests just and hoi 
Before tliey put me in this den', 

l\' men 


was a lii.mari creature ton 

With lie 

nd hlooi] 1 

Ike one o( vmi. 

\ t^irl thai lauf^hed in heauty's p; 


ni your world outsidi 



ive, almost divine. 


e is yount;, and Icil astray. 


This Beltran, and h 

'l"o chan<;e the laws of 

state ; 
So, thine shall ! 

e scnenies, men 

uirch and 
I's fate 

le an ani'i 

o, ere ih.* thunder hreai, 

Its cl 

ou(i away and save lus sou 



I h.-id a lover shame avaimt ! 


us poor wreiu 

■hed 1, 

«iv. L'nm and 

Was kissed all 

I'A- 1 

over till 1 

1 1 



y lips the truest, 

'Vt- t- ir tmii 

IS iK-art s own Imt : one iMi^^ht 

My soul inu in a luuniii'' mis 


' For, when he lies upon thy lireast 
Thou mayst demand and h.- pos 

■Of all his plans, and next day st.a 
To me, anti all those plans reveal. 
That I and fv-.-ry ]jrie>t, to j 



s Soul, may ta-^l and u>e the 


next d;iy v.hen ih 


Of I) 
" T!>: 


iini,'s i^Ti-w round mv sense a"ai 
downcast eyes to church f '.'o, 

pass to the confessjon-chalr, 

And tell the old mild father tl 


Thai father's ht-ard was long ,^ud 

With love and trulh his hrow seemed 

hrit^ht ; 
I went hac'k. ail on ine wiih 
And. t!iat same even 


And. that same tvenini^, hade the hoy, 
Tell me. as lovers should, heart-free, 

lere. Somethiiu; to iiroM,- his love of i 




He told mc wltat lie would not till 
Ftn hope of llr.ivin or fear of Ffell ; 
And I lay li^ttiani; in siicli pridi-, 
And, .soon as lie had left my side. 
Tripped to the church hy morninj^- 

To save his soid in his despite. 


I told the father all his schemes. 
Who were his comrades, what their 

dreams ; 
"And now make haste," 1 said, " to 

" The one spot from his soid away ; 
"To-night he comes. l)\it not the 

"Will look!" At night he never 



Nor next night : on the after- 

I Went forth with a strength new - 
horn : 

The cluircli was en)pty ; something 

^^y steps into the street ; I knew 
It led me to the market-place- 
Where, lo. — on high — the father's 

face ! 


That horrible black scaffold d>est — 
The stapled block . . . Cod smk the 

rest ! 
That head strapped back, that blind- 
ing vest. 
Those knotleil liands and naked 

breast — 
Till near one busy liangman pressed — 
And— on the nerk these arms car- 
essed. . . . 


No part in aught they hope or fear I 
Xo Heaven with them, no Hell. ■ 

and here. 
Ni> Karth. not so m\ich space as pens 
My body in their worst of dens 
But sliall bear (lod and Man my cry — 
Lies- -lies, again ~ and slill, they lie ! 


Voit'rf, my friuiKi : 

I w;!s the mail llii- l>iiko spoke In ; 

I 1r'1[k(1 the I)uciu-> lo cast oil' his, l(M) ; 
S.i, liorc's the talc licijinnin^ lo 

.Mv friend ! 


Ours is a great wild country : 
If )i>\\ cliiul) to our castle's Inp, 
I <liiiri see where your eye can stop; 
l''nr when you've pa-^ed the i-orn-liehi 

Wiierc vineyanis leave off, Hocks are 

And sheep-ra;.ge leads to caltle-traci, 
Anc] cattle tract to opon-chase. 
And open-chase to th.- vcr)' hase 
<)f the mountain, where, at a funeral 

Kouni! alxnit, -.Mlenui and sImw. 
< )iie li\- (ine. ruNs al"ler row, 
I'p ;ind ii|) the pine-trees go. 
So, like Mack priests up, and so 
Down the other side again 
To another greater, wilder C(Uinlr\', 
I hat's one vast red drear hiniu-up 

I5ranched thro' and thm" with nianv 

a \ein 
Whence ir< ui's dug, and c >) .jier's dealt : 
I.ook right, look left, Link straisjlii 

Hene.ith they mine, ahove they smelt, 
r,,pp:-r-Hv- ;ind inov-'ir, 
And lorgc and furniK e mould atid 

And sn uii, mure and eVi-r mule, 

'nil. at the last, f..r a ixmnding l>clt. 
('nines the sail sand hoar of i lie great 

sea shore, 
-And the whole is wiir Duke's 

country ! 


I was horn the day this present Duke 

was — 
(And ( >, says the song, ere I was old I) 
In the castle where the other Duke 

was — 
(Wlien I was hoi)eful and young, not 

old !) 
I in the Kennel, lie in the liower : 
We are of like age to an hour. 
My father was Huntsman in that day ; 
Who has not heard my father say 
That, w hen a hoar was brought to hay, 
Three times, four times out of five, 
With his hunts])ear he'd contrive 
To get the killing-jilace transfixed, 
And pin liim true, lioth eyes hetwixt ? 
And that's why the old Duke liad 

Have lost a salt-pit than my father, 
And loved to have him ever in call ; 
That's why my father stood in llu- hall 
When the old Duke hmuglit his infant 


To show the people, and while they 

The wniidrniis hantling mund ahoiit. 
Was first tn start at the niitMde Mast 
As the Kaiser's cninier Mewliis Imrn. 
j'lsl anionth after the liahe was Ijorn. 
■•Aiu'r i|ii(jlii the Kaiser's courier, 

" since 
"The Duke has got an Heir, uur 


L"-a::. ' ' i li 'i n ii T^-f^ . 



'•Needs ilic hiiko'.s s( If .n hi.> side : '' 
'I'hc Duke liM.Li.(l iluwn and soinuil 

lo wince, 
lliit lit- tlimi^lit of war-, o'er tlie \mii1i1 

\s ide, 
I .islles a -file, iiRii en their nuiicli, 
I'lii: ti'[)i)ii!i- '.iwi-r, till- (i.ivliin^ 

arch ; 
Aiul up he lookeil, and awhile he eyed 
I he row of crests and shields and 

I "fall aihievciueiUs alter all inaiiiieis, 
And "'ay," said ihe I )uke with a 

-uriy pride. 
I he more was his cuinUirl wlieii he 

At n( si \rar"s end, in a velvet suil, 
Willi a L;ilt ,L;li)ve ui. his hand, ami 

his loot 

111 a silken shoe for a leather hoot, 
I'etticoaled hie a her.dil. 
In a chainlier ne\t lo an anlc-rooui. 
Where he Irealhed the hreath of pai^e 

and j^room. I 

Whi.l he called s'.ink, and they, 

[)erfume : 
— They should have set liiui on red | 

Jlerojil, i 

Mad with pride, like lire to man 'i',e I 
They should have ^ot his cheek liesh 

Such a day a-^ to-day in the merry 

sunshine ! 
Had they stuck on his li,->t a roiij^h- 

fool merlin I 
--Hark, the wind's on the heath ;a 

its t^anie ! 
Oh fur a noble fali-on-lanner 
To rlap each t)road winr; like a hanner, 
Aiul turn in the wind, and dance like 

llanie :) 
Had they liroached a cask of white 

heer from 15eriiii 1 
--Or if you incline lu prescril'c mere 

wine — 
I'utto his li[)s when they saw him 

A c'.'.'i of '..".ir own M'-'Idiivia fine 
("oinar, for instance, i^reen as May 

And ropy w ith sweet,— we shall nut 



u 1 

o, at li.iiiie, llie su 
I )uche->s 

Was left with the inhrr cluti'hes, 
Sheluiii^ the d.iin'hter of < 'lOil l,no\\.> 

.\iid ii"W \\,is the lime loii\iMt licr 

So, aliroad .md .ila. I hey \\m\, tin 

And let our people r,iil and ;^il.e 
At the empty Hall and i. uin;.;liidu '1 

A-; loud as we liki d, Inil e\er in vain, 
Till after lon^ yia.M we had our desire. 
And li.ick came the Duke and liia 

mother a^ain. 

And hecaine hack the perlcsl little ape 
Thai e\er allronted Imman sh.ipe : 
I'ull of his travel. slrii,-k at him.-.ell 
\ im'd s,iy, he despised our hliill old 

---Not lie I lor in I'aris they told 

the elf 
That e'lir rou;;h Norih land the 

Land of Lays, 
The one ^o<k1 thini; left in evil d.iy-, ; 
Since the .Mid-.\i;e was I he Heroic 

.\nd only in wild riooks like ours 
( 'ould you t.'istc of it yet a^ in its piime. 
And see true casiles, with proper 

\'ouni;-hearled wnmen, old-minded 

And manners now as manners were 

So, all that the old Dukes had been, 

without knowini^ it, 
This Duke woidd fain know he wa>, 

without liein^ it ; 
Twas not for tlie joy's self, but the 

joy of his showing it, 
Nor for the pride's self, but the pride 

He revived all usages thoroughly 

The souls of them f'unied-forth, the 

hearts of them torn-out : 


Aii'l rhicf in 

fh:iv 1 

(h\ a l.illiy Ii,,im; ,.1I k 


I llll 

mmI I.i|- 



11^ neck h._- j Said, ik. \,\f\ ll. 
! ijuircd 

nijili, ' W'liat its iruo i 
NCftiK'd tireil- 

~l 1 

m! she cii 

<I I, 

spfcd. 11.1 

laiiiL' WHS. nor ever 

y sli.iiilci have M'l liini ..n ,,■,{ '< |ft| 


Wit li the led 

If Ihal Was ; 

')v si 

If --aw lloViT,-- 

And the tl 
s|)irc ! 

v\c >\in\ Cdiisimiin^ in 


c (41 cell and j;ray \n\i 
was the plover. 
>uddeii!y appeared the I>ii 

111 tlic ticld 


^nd as (town 

nn -til 

itie s[)run;;, il)e sma 


foot |)ointed 
On to my liand,- as with a 
And as if his hackl 


xiiie were not 



-mil a- he was, he iiui->t niarr) . rhe Diik 

ui- lieaid 


e stepped rather aside ih.m 

\nd out (,f a eonycnt. at the word. Ami welcoin'ed 1 

('aino llie I. adv. in I 


line ot sunii: 

ns ur-iiH 


-Oh, old tlioiic;hts tjiey cli 
cliiii; ! 

n<^. ihe\ And, mind \,ju. his mother all the 

rhat day, Ik.h.u with a do/en o,,ih.: (hilled in ti.e rear, like a wind 

I ikul iuv--elf i 

I'it for il 

n thick hiintiiii;-clotlie 

le ehave ol uro\ or ijiillle 

11 winter-iiine whc-n you need 

Nor'u.ird : 
And up. like 

a wear)- )a\Mi, wi 

ill il- 


l:ul the 1)1 



cut a tit^ure 
so we saw 

ikc had a mind we should And, 1 

t. in a shriek, the nisi\ 

the I. 


]>orlculhs : 

L;la(l sky tlie north- wind 

Ui)' arrive 

.My friend, I hav 

liitji^er ! 

She was the smallest lady .ilive, 
M.ide, in .i piece of Nat 

e seen a wlntc eruiu 


u small, ahiiost, for ihe lift 

lire s madness 

e and 

The Lafly's face stopjM-d its play, 
.\s if her first luiir had i^iown {;ray 
I'or such things must het;in some one 
day ! 


In a day or two sh 

c was wel 

ivcr-fiUcd her. 

.some hive 

\s wllo sll 

Out of the 1-ear.s' rt.ich on the hii^h 

nild say. " \'ou lal ; 
Kjur in 

Is crowded uiih i 

In truth, si 


ts sate nierr 

y bees 

lis IS all a 

jest againrt ( iod, wl 

1, slie no 

t hard to |)le.ise 

I should ever li. 

)wn she 

Up she looked, d. 

round at the in 
Straight .it the castle, that's hest 

To look at from outside the walls : 
As for us, styled the ".serfs uiid ! She was active, si i 

IV. as I am. content 

looked, "-^'nl yl'«l ill lii^ sight: therefore, 
,ukid I will he ! •' 
I, smiliu'' as at first went ihe. 





Could not rest. 

ni^. all (ire — 

could not tiro 

le as much thanked me a-, if .she had . To a stone .she had "iven lilt 

.said it 

(With her eyes, do yi,u understand ? 
o-aiise I patted her horse while I 

(I myself loved once. 



ir a Shepherd's, Mi 

in my dav,) 


•<I il 

man s wi 

And Max, wli 

T had a wife, I k 
) rode oil her other Never in all tht 

now I say.) 
e world such an one 

And here was plenty to be done. 



And sill- that (uiild i['i it, {;rcat ur 

Slie was Id (1.1 iioiliin^ ai .ill. 
There was alrc.uly thii tii iii in liis 


This in his .elation, and that in his 

And the Duke's i^lan admitted a wife. 

at mci4, 
Til meet his eye with the other 

.\'(iw DUtside the II. dl. now in it. 
Ti) sit thus, .stand thus, see ami lie 

At the prii|Kr |)hue in the proper 

.\nd die aw.iy ihe life lietween. 
i\nd it was aniiisini; enuugh, each in- 
fract iun 
Of rule (iiiu fur .•iftcr-sadness that 

raiiie) — 
To hoar the cnnsuniniale self-s.uis- 

With which the youiii; I)uke and the 

old Uaine 
Would let her advice, and criticise. 
And, heiiiL; a fool, instruct the wise, 
And, childdike, out or 

blame : 
They bore it all in ci'Uipl.iccnt tjuise. 
As tho' an artiticir, alter contrivin;^ 
A wheel-work image as if it were 

Should find with delight it could 

motion to strike him ! 
So found the l)uke, and his mother 

lil e him,— 
The Lady hardly got a rebuff — 
That had not been contemptuous 

With hi.s cursed smirk, as he nodded 

And kept off the old mother-cat's 



So, the little Lady grew silent and 
I'aling and ever paling. 
As the wny is with a hiil chagrin ; 
And the Duke perceived that she 
was ailing, 

And sidil in hi-* heart, " 'Tis «ione to 

spile me. 
" Hut I shall lind in iny jxiwer to 

riglu nie ! " 
Don't swear, friend- the Old ( mc, 

many .i year. 
Is in Hell, and the liuke's .self . . . 

you shall hear. 

Well, early in autunni. at lii>t wintci- 

When the stag Ii.kI to break with lii~ 

foot. <if a morning, 
A drinking hole out of the fresh 

tender u;- 
That covered the pond till the sun. in 

a trice. 
Loosening it, let out a ripple <if gold, 
.Viul another, and another, and taster 

and faster. 
Till, dimpling to blinchus,, the wide 

water rolled : 
Tl'.en it so chanced that tli.: 1 )uke our 

.\sked himself what Were the pleasures 

in season. 
And found, since the calendar bade 

him be hearty, 
lie should do the .Middle Age no 

In resolving on a hiuiting-party. 
-Mways provided, old lioi ks sh<iwe<l 

the way of it ! 
What meant old pnets ly their 

And when old poets had .s;iid their 

say of it. 
How ta'>;ght old jainte s in iheir 

pictures ? 
We must revert to theprop'-rchannels, 
Woi kings in tapestry, p; intings on 

.And gather up Woodcraft's authentic 

traditions : 
Here was food for various 

As on ca.cli case, exactly s'ated. 
— To encourage your doj;, now, the 

properest chirrup. 
Or Iiest jirayer to St. Huliert on 

mounting your stirrup — 


Wo ..r ihc li..u.iMi 'I'l I. Mil, llp.iiijhl "111 

III > \\< r VMtli .1 l.ilr ;'iw<'lii 

I .1 I 

1' I I'll ~i 

If al llir ■liNfllllxiWC'l- 

nil -.scd u.i, lie wlii^i' li:iik .icliiil 
\s nil ihf jrll.ill 

Ills MIC WKllt Id ill) !• lit il -Willi, 

111 : 
lUc.-cdcl he who imlily :,iink "nhs" 



while lie Ul;^i;c(l '>li hii 

Now. my liuml, it vmi had so liulo 

li. li^imi 
A-i to I'.itch ;i h.i«k, -nine t.iKnn- 

l.iiiiii I. 
And iliru^i lit r lii' wiiiL'^ like a 

ui.iU'l-iio > lrtinl.-liM>e 
Win! siLMiilicd if till 

I .1 III' ip |i ii .1 \ uIl;.!! 


And if day hy da), and week liy \\vi\ 


I'..i( h skniilnn ; It!', itr ,ind he hind hi i N'mi i m hi i cl.iws, and '«e.d-d h< 

ihr ■.■.illi)|i. 
\Md .ilili- 111 ■.fise .il <\\ |iir .1 hi 111 

And i'n|i|«d hei VMiii;-. .iiid lud hi r 

Loaded will l.ii-(|uir and |ii(i|)ed wilh WuliM il (.iu>e )iiu any ^ sui|iii 

Sij th.U the deei ii' iw. 1. > iii.ikt- a ^.Ir ill 

rhyme mi I, 

Whal Wit 

1 inir \ eiifiers. 


and \ eiderei-i. 

MiL;iit hii|ic |iir leiv_:lh. 

and mil nuirdereii. 
Ami i)li. iIk Diike'x tailor — he liad ,i 

hot lime mi't ! 


\iiw ymi niu .1 know, ih.n when tin; 

III -t di//ini>., 
HI" (Lip hats and hiiH-en.Us andj.iek- 

1 11 11 its Miiisided. 
The l)iiki' iiut llii- i|ue-liiin. "'Th'' 

1 )ulu'-. pail |iiiivided. 
" I lad iin! li.e l)iuhe--s smiie >li.ile in 

ihe li;i,-iness >" 
liir (lul ill the iiMiilh ul iwn nr lliiir 

Did he e-t.ililish .ill lil-nr-iinlilnes-i , : 
.\nii. alter niucli l.iyin^ uf heads 

Sumehiidy's cip j^nl a nntaiije liMiher 
r>y tlie anm iiinrement wilh piiper 

That he discovered the lady'.-, 

functinii : 
.Since ancient authors lield this tenet, 
''When horns wind a iiiori and ihc 

di'cr is at sifj^n-, 
■• 1 .el liic (i.'inc ol" tile t aslli; prick 

loiih oil her jennel, 
"And with water tu wash the liaiids 

uf her iiejj'o 

II when )i Ul derided l'i^;i\e hir .r.i 

\ nil foundsheiieidedaliitlcpiep.iiin^? 
yiiu lie Midi a ciiriiind- 




!l she I lun^ to the pen li, a.i In l.iLe 

it in dudj^i nn r' 
N el when the 1 >iike to hi, lady si^'ni. 
' lied, 

j Jiist a day helme, a^ lu' judged iiii.l 
I dii;nilied, 

In what a lileasiiie • he lo pall |i i- 

l«le, - 
And, insttad ol le.ipinj; wide in 

lli-r eyes jiist lifuil their loin; la.shes, 
As if pressed hy kui^iie even he could 

not (lissipale. 
.\lid duly ackiiowled,i;ed llie I >iike's 

i'.iit spola- of her health, if her he.tllh 

weie Will ill .iiiL;hl, 
<)rihe weii^'ht hy d.i)' and the w.ilch 
I hy iiii;hl. 

And niucli wroii;; now iised lohe 

.'s'l. lli.iiikin_:; him, declined the liiinl- 

WascoiidiKI e^el more allroiilini; .•■ 
Willi all the eeieinony settled-- 
W'ith llie lowel ready, ;iiid the sewer 
I'olishiiiL,' lip hi, oldest ewer, 
And 1 Ik- jennel pi lei led upon, a piel 1.1 id, 
; lihick-h.iired, cream-coated and pink 
\() wonder if the Duke was ncltled ! 
And when she persiblednevortheless, — 

'I''ll. 1I.1«.UI' .)l IHK ,77 

Well, I .ii|.|....,- |„.,c-, ih,. nmr I,. An.i i,,., inakn - inr l;,.|K.ii ., ilu-u i.u, l,.,H i.„in.i .,,1,'> l.ikrl.i„i„r..r\,,'r.M,r-.i,,ai.S.,I.,.|ii, 
, ''•""'"■'• , Sl.llUni lUr |)uL.\ >dl will, il„. 

A biilLMiiy iiiicc 1. 1 liic li,ir<lf-l I,, I .111.1. H IT.' H- 

. /■•I'""'"' ; _ 1 (H.m.wnt l,r,u,„ ,„..: M,|..,l,„l,„. 

An.! Ihui 1,1, >i, 111 ihr tn..vx,,ii,,,n, j J„„h .].... i In >i,ui,-.i- , -,,),, v,„ I, .i 

"■■"ly II' "■•1III1-. ] ,s.,u.|iiii 

.M.iyi.l ill .-..11 nia>i,lr, ui,,.i I,,,,, I ,,| i r„|K.„iin^ ,Ii1k- \i-riLl.i..l ,.,|,un.i • 

ril.iiiiiL; .■* j 

Airl MUM- i:ii_vi,lii \sa^ III,.. ;i Jiui. I >•"■ 

I"-'', why, .1 knciil i IlnuiVii, .u ■-iiiiii .in . ..iii|i,iii\ 

.\'i'.iir 1. 1 j.iisiilli, 1,1 t,.ui,t., V.I, iir.i.icKii 

>..lli .<i\.inl; j AikI lirn: \\.,> i|„: IninNlii.iii hiddlii'; 

^|'<I il 'lie Ii.mI ill'- |.i |.ii|i! iinki'iiiu 1, 

lliruii^li llif (.1 .( nil lit. .\iii| ihcio 'iif.illi III. l.MiincI tin 
IImvv (Miild I |,ij, .,1 .my \ 1st (li,. j piii kcr lilii.u rt-d, 

'•II'.' I' 1* ; \\ rli l( iihci (kiiilv .1^ .1 I., m-li ul wii 

.\imI .... .is I .' (.11 tl„. J..,dy\ |iir (I'lliicl ; 

'i'li'li''-'. I l'"r llir ii.llll y.iii', |,,ui « dU Ui rr 

'I'lir I >ul,f,diiiiil]>lii. kcii wiiluiiiiLi/f. lillid willi'l.-- 

N nil 1111^1,1 , III ,1,, ;||| ,1 ,e' Cllnj),, .1 l,,i.. 

I '.c M, 11111, Il «., .j I,. I , ,,l,,iir .iiid 

■ 'idkiiK-1 ; 
A niil mile llir I hil.c in .1 |ii rktil 


>iii.c l.ffnrc hn.ikl.i,!, .t ni.iii k,;!, 
' 111 ([iirasily, 

SlDud |ur a while in ;i sulliy >iii.iilici. 
And linn, wiih .i .smile p.irtnnk 

n| ihc .i« (ill. 
TllllKd IhI n\t I In III , \cllnu- lllnlll, | 

In Km III «!kiI w.t, nil, an. I l.iu- 

liil ; 
And llie liinlher smell Lin...] wjih ., ! And .i .sinking; .u tli.- Inwer al>d..meii 

lat-like ili.sliii.l, | He^iiis ihe day w illl ili.liHi teiil niii.l, : 

As her cheek i|iiiek whileii.-.l ihr.i'all j -^'i'l 1". .is he Innked .ii.-imd uiu.t.,i|y, 

ils <iiiinc''-liiut j The >iin (il..u-h.(l ihe 1..^ up ami 

< "il. lull Ihe heanl llie mIi.>|,. ' di .ve il .iMir,.k r 

Irulh at (MH-e ! i 'I'his \s,iy ami I i ilie \,dley 

Wli,''. mcanl sli. .•■ \\ hn ua^ slu-?-- j lUi.lei ; 

I ler duly and slali.iii, , An.l, lonkine tin,,' lh..-.iuil-\.ti.l aieh. 

The uisdnni nf ai;e anil ihe l..lly nf j 1 >n\\ n in the valley, w h.ii .sh'oiild mcei 

yniilh, at iiiiCL-, him 

I Jul a U.xipnl (iyp.sies ..ii lln-jr march. 
N.Mlniihi with the anmial^iftsl.igieel 

Its decent regard ami iis hiiin^' rel.i- 

tinn — 
In hrief, my (lieiid. .set all the devils 

in hell I'ree 


And I urn then, mit t.Mai.aiM- in a I N..w. in v.ur lan.i. ( .yn^ie, re.ich v,.ii 
And Ire., the pru Ms l.,a lilly-part ' Alter rciehin- .nil l.nids hesi-Ie : 

. <"•""'"• I North th..y i^n, .sniiili ilu v ■<„, u,„,n. 

And then y. .ii may !.;iu-ss Ih.nv that int; ..r h.nely, ' 

InllllUe nC hels l.n, ,,|, I | .\,„j ^.In ^^ ill...-.' ! ••::•.-■! I'ir ":-..•' v^'- 

Well, snlilellnw or nihcl 

And, licking' her whiskerj, out she 
passed ; 

I il ended al Catch llieyan i 'k.-.-pi,.,« alia.-.'lifi,'. 
a trace there. 
That piitsyoM in min.l.if apLicehere, 
a place there : 

37« l>I< 




IJui willi us, I believe ilicy 

rise oul of 1 Siieii are the 

Works ihcy 



the ijrouii 


liand \<>. 

And iiDwheic 

■]Ne, I take it 

, are fcniiid | And tlie uses t 

ley turn and 


t 'roil 

With the euui 

-tiiU yet so 1 

lo^hly em- ■ and sand t 

< t. 

liiiiw riLcl 

■ And these iiia( 

e the troop whic 

1 our 

)rr., no doui 

<e injects wliirn 


e saw sallv 

Dri'Lii nil 

Towards liis ca.-,ile 

)m ou 

I of ti 

The Very iiiiit tiiey are meant to feed i 
For tile eirtli — not a use to whi 
they don"i turn it. 



Men and wt 

like nt'W-hali:hei 


The ore that throws in the moiinlain'.> Come out with tli' 

woml>. I our riders ; 

( >r the sainl in the pil-> like a honey- And up they wound till tlie\- reaehed 

fomli, I the ditch, 

They ~ift and soften it, hake it and W hereal all slo]ij 

led >ave one, a wi 

liurn It ■ 

Whether they we'd you, for in^tanee, 

a -iiallle' 
With -ide-liar.-, never a 



7.1e of 

vitliin wards 

That I krie-w,as she holihled from the 

lly her i;a t, directly, and her stoop, 
I. whom |ac\'iilh was used to imjior- 

To let that same witch tell us our for- 

Or, if \(iiir coifs forefoot iiicliiies to i The oldest (iypsy then above t^round : 

curve' iiuvanls, 
Horseshoes tlirv'il hammer whieh 

turn on a swivel 
And won't allow the hoof to :,hrivel ; 

And. so sure as the autumn se 

came r- .nut 


e pain u.- 

a visit for profit or pas 


leii they 

st he!' 

s iii^e ini. 


.•11 of Arid every time, as .she swore, forth' 
I last time. 

That keep a stout heart in liie ram j .And presently she was seen to sidle 

e winkle 


ith their tinkle 
I>ul the sand the\'